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PostSubject: Drabelle.&.Lutora :: Revamped :: Closed   Drabelle.&.Lutora :: Revamped :: Closed I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 12, 2015 1:38 am

-My dear Katora,

Before you read today's Prophet, I want to remind you of who your uncle is. He is a murderer, a traitor; he left our entire family to go live with mudbloods. Now I know that you are close to Potter, so think about this too, your uncle went to live with his family and BLEW them up. Don't think he isn't capable of doing the same to you. Do NOT approach him.

Stay safe, I hope to hear from you soon, send Draco my love and keep an eye on him.

Narcissa Malfoy.-

Katora Nikawa sat alone at the Slytherin table, wondering why her aunt would bring up the topic of her uncle. She didn't have many memories of Sirius, most of them she was so little that she didn't know if they were real or constructs of her imagination; but being raised by Narcissa and the rest of the Black family after her parents died, they forced the idea that Sirius was ruthless and evil, and that they were good and right even though they had tidings to the Dark Lord.

"It's for the good of the wizarding world," they would say, "magic should belong to those who are pure enough, mudbloods belong in the muggle world." And they would finish with, "The Dark Lord only wants a bright future for you and Draco."

Katora didn't believe in all they said about Voldemort, but it seemed to make sense so she'd go along with it.

Putting away memories of her uncle, she sipped her pumpkin juice as she read, her eyebrow raising various times as she scrolled down the parchment. The headline read Sirius Black At Large. She put her goblet down, her eyes widened reaching the end of he article. She gripped the paper right and her brows furrowed, hunching in her seat to read.

-Sources say Black has been spotted in Hogsmeade Village, killing  anybody who dared step in his path.-

"He's rubbish, I'd kill him if I knew more advanced magic..." Katora muttered, she took another gulp of her juice.

-Investigators assume Sirius Black was in search of his godson, Harry Potter, 13; it is also rumored that he is looking for his niece, Katora Nikawa, 15. Both are currently studying at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, not far from where he was last spotted.-

Katora spit out her pumpkin juice in surprise.
"What?!" She shrieked, everyone turned to look at her, she hid behind her soaked Prophet.

"We are sending our best men in search of Sirius Black," said Minister Cornelius Fudge yesterday at the press conference, "I am personally heading to Hogsmeade Village first thing tomorrow morning to investigate the situation, I promise you there is nothing to worry about. Dementors are roaming the grounds, he will be caught at any moment."

She put the paper down and scanned the Gryffindor table in search of Harry, but he wasn't there.
He must be at Hogsmeade, unaware of the danger he's running... She thought.

Katora felt someone was watching her, she looked at the person siting next to her and sighed with relief; it was her best friend.
"Have you read the Prophet?!" She said taking a clean one from Draco.

"Oi, I was reading that!" He scowled.

"Is your life in danger?" Katora raised an eyebrow, "didn't think so, hush."

Katora gave the Daily Prophet to her best friend.
"Read that!" She tried to keep her voice down, "he's probably on his way now to kill me!"

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Drabelle.&.Lutora :: Revamped :: Closed
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