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 .Roxius.&.Lutora. [closed]

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.Roxius.&.Lutora. [closed] Empty
PostSubject: .Roxius.&.Lutora. [closed]   .Roxius.&.Lutora. [closed] I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 12, 2014 5:21 pm

Katora Nikawa sat outside by the lake in the pouring rain, holding a crumpled and now soggy piece of parchment. She had been out there for hours, staring at the raindrops hit the water and in the distance, watching the giant squid pop in and out of the water, as if enjoying the gloomy weather.

"You'll get sick," her mother would have warned, if she were still alive.

The parchment Katora gripped so tightly to was an owl from the Ministry of Magic; letting her know that the parents, her adoptive parents, the Snapes had been murdered the day before by a rogue band that called themselves "Death Eaters", the reason why wasn't clear to anyone but they all guessed it was because her father was a muggle.

To make matters worse, Severus didn't seem to mind the news. Mostly because Tobias and Eileen didn't particularly care for him, and completely tossed him aside when they adopted Katora. She was their princess, the girl they never had. But to Katora the whole situation was simply devastating.

Night dawned upon her and the rain did not cease, instead it got harsher and colder. She tilted her head back to feel the sharp drops of icy water hit her puffed up face, cooling her hot skin and sore eyes. She knew she wouldn't be able to be here for much longer, enjoying the solitude, for prefects patrolled the grounds to make sure every student was inside the castle by nightfall. But Katora didn't care, she would just brush them off if they confronted them... Unless it was Remus Lupin.

She had a lot of respect for Remus, hell, she even fancied him; he was probably one of two people who would be able to get here to go back to the castle.

"Why did this have to happen to me?" Katora whispered to herself, opening her eyes, her voice struggling to come out after being silent for so long. "Orphaned again." In the distance she saw a lightning bolt strike a tree, the clap was almost instant and loud. "Maybe lightning will strike closer," she teared up again. "Maybe it would strike me."

A twig snapped and it caused her to slowly turn around, she made no effort to wipe away the running mascara that covered her cheeks, accentuating her now red and green eyes. When she saw who it was she sighed.
"You didn't have to come for me."

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.Roxius.&.Lutora. [closed]
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