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 Stones, Basilisks, and... THE GRIM?! [HP 3rdYear, Closed to LadyShalott]

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PostSubject: Stones, Basilisks, and... THE GRIM?! [HP 3rdYear, Closed to LadyShalott]   Sat Sep 20, 2014 1:48 pm

The Dark Lord came two years ago disguised as a professor, last year he was hiding in a diary and nearly killed Ginny Weasley, not to mention that he opened the Chamber of Secrets. This year Isabella's parents almost made her transfer to Beauxbattons.

"I don't want to transfer, Hogwarts is my home!" Isabella insisted.

"We just don't want you to leave this place just to have you never return, love." Her mother voiced.

"Just... let me go this year, if You-Know-Who returns, then I'll go wherever you want me to go." Isabella smiled.

Her parents finally gave up and sent her on her way to London so she could stay at the Leaky Cauldron. She lied there on her bed, looking up at the ceiling unable to get out of her comfortable spot. What if Voldemort returned this year? What if she was next? She was pureblood, yes, but what if he tried to reclute her? She knew Draco Malfoy was being pushed by his father to become a Death Eater, and Draco was scared to do it even though he didn't want to admit it.

Voldemort still hadn't approached her family, but she knew it was only a matter of time. But just like the Weasleys, her family was pro-muggle, which could spell danger for all of them.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the train going past the building, making everything in the room shake violently.

"Guess that's my cue to get up then..." She muttered to herself before getting off the bed, making a small creaking sound.

She looked out the window, the day was sunny, she could feel the heat through the glass. The street was busy with muggles, but every once in a while she would spot a wizard in obvious robes. Her cat, Minha, meowed and rubbed against her leg. Isabella looked down and petted her, smiling.

She practiced her usual morning routine and she looked at herself the mirror. She knew the Weasley's would be in the Leaky Cauldron today getting back from their trip in Egypt, which meant she could finally see Fred after a long summer break.

She fixed her lips and her hair before walking out the door, the place was quiet, aside from the knocks from housekeeping. She looked at her pocket watch and saw it was only 7:30am, people were still sleeping and here she was wide awake, not knowing what to do with herself.

"Guess I should buy my school stuff..." She said to herself as she walked to the back exit of the Leaky Cauldron. She tapped the wall and it opened up to Diagon Alley, which was full and busy of what looked like first year students and their parents scrambling to get everything off their lists.

Memories flooded back to Isabella from four years ago, getting her wand, her cat, all of her textbooks, feeling nervous for her sorting. She smiled, taking her first steps into the alley, she heard the wall close back up behind her.

Her first destination would be Gringotts, she scrambled her pockets for the key so she wouldn't keep the impatient goblins waiting.

"I would like to make a withdrawal," she stated shyly, she always found them intimidating.

The goblin nodded and took the key from her.
"Follow me," his raspy voice said, and follow she did.

She always hated riding the mine carts, specially the part with the waterfall, but she knew it was necessary to avoid people using polyjuice to go into other people's vaults to go into other people's vaults.

They made it to hers, number 3835, the goblin stepped down and opened the door. Isabella went inside and took as many galleons as she could fit in her sack and stepped out, allowing the goblin to close it, and the ride process began all over again.

She felt like she wanted to throw up, but the feeling went away as soon as she went outside.

Her next stop was Flourish & Blotts, as soon as she stepped in she heard a familiar voice that made her stop in her tracks. Lucius Malfoy, talking to his son.

"As soon as you find out who your Defense Against the Dark Arts professor is, you are to let me know," he said in a hushed tone, he was about to continue until he saw Isabella. he smiled and motioned for her to come to him, she bit her lip and approached him. "Miss Stratton how lovely to see you again!"

"Likewise, Mr. Malfoy," she smiled half heartedly, knowing all too well who Lucius was outside the Ministry.

"You look nice, who are you getting pretty for?" Draco asked, "Weasley?"

Isabella blushed.
"Yes, actually."

Lucius shook his head.
"You can do so much better, Bella."

"Like your son?"

He smirked.
"Not necessarily Draco, I won't deny he would be a fine match though.

"The Mind does not choose who you fall for, Mr. Malfoy, the heart does."

"Who has time to play the dating game when you have to think of your status in society?" Lucius put a hand on her shoulder. "You belong to the upper class, Isabella, don't let a little crush take that from you."

She nodded.
"I'll keep that in mind, sir."

"Come, I'll get your books." He smiled.

"Oh no, sir, I can--"

"Consider it a belated birthday present," with that he dragged her off to find them.

After about an hour of shopping for her books, Isabella managed to escape from Lucius. She sighed, slinging her bag over her shoulder and going through the different shops getting everything she would need for the school year. She looked at her watch and smiled, it was 11 o’clock, surely everyone would be awake now.

She headed back to the Leaky Cauldron and looked around, there they all were, sitting around a table talking about their trip. Well, mostly Ron.

“Hey guys!” She said running over to hug Fred. “How was the trip?”

“It was loads of fun,” George smiled. “Got to go into pyramids, saw the mummies. Not the best smell but it sure gave me an idea for dung bombs.”

“You’re disgusting,” Isabella laughed.

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PostSubject: Re: Stones, Basilisks, and... THE GRIM?! [HP 3rdYear, Closed to LadyShalott]   Thu Sep 25, 2014 9:14 pm

“Video log, day three hundred and two, Penelope Lu-Cassandra Piper, detective and journalist. It is precisely 9:55 on the dot, and the morning is dusty and foul, near the raining point. It smell’s like…” Penelope Piper’s nose scrunched up as she took a big, disgusted whiff of the air around her, “Putrid. Like… Burning motors and… Muggles and dirty diaper-“
“Penelope Lucas Piper!” another voice interrupted her own- similar to her soft, rebellious tones; aged a few years beyond hers. Penelope’s face twisted in pure innocence and teenaged humor at the scolding tone she received.
“Yes, mother?” the red-head started innocently. She was aware of the laughter that was hidden in her mother’s voice. Being friends with the Weasley’s and growing up with the Snape’s, Mordred Piper was just as sneaky and easily amused as her daughter; something that the young witch frequently took advantage of. It was a couple moments later, when she realized the full name that was stated, that Penelope’s face scrunched up in disgust, however; “And it’s not Lucas. I changed it. Lucas is such a sharp name, so… Masculine. I think Lu~” she added particular emphasis to ‘Lu’, “~Cassandra is much, much more lovely, don’t you think?” she stated brightly. Mordred just gave her daughter the ‘Uh-huh’ look.
“Penelope Lucas Piper, I understand that your father’s business at the Hospice makes his natural smell particularly…” the camera was turned to the woman, cradling a child of no more than age two, who looked to be a splitting image of Penelope- just with far more freckles (Especially considering that Penelope, in a literal sense, had little to no freckles at all). Mordred shuddered- a rather silly grin on her lips as she looked over towards the driver’s seat- the driver, which she could not aim the camera at, being the side of the car she was on, gave the most dramatic sigh. Peter Piper (sadistically named by his equally sadistic parents) had been in this witchcraft and wizardry mess for seventeen years now. He knew just what to expect. “More muggle-like, than he already is, darling. But you really mustn’t tease your sister. She’s only two.”
“Okay, mum, I’m sorry,” she laughed, before turning the camera to the other, final person in the vehicle; a brown-haired, blue-eyed ten year old who was waving around a birch-colored wand. It wasn’t a real wand; just an enchanted toy. Last year, with the help of a few devilish friends of hers, she managed to make a concoction that she filled the hand-made wand with. It doesn’t act like a proper wand- just tossing about a couple fire-free sparks and sparkles here and there as one waved it, but Lucy loved the hell out of it. “Look at you. So, how do you feel about your wizardry prowess, Lucy? Ready to defeat the Dark Lord and overthrow the amazing Harry Potter?” she asked her sister. Lucy just beamed and pointed the wand at their father, as if he was the Dark Lord or Harry Potter- Penelope couldn’t tell- and thrusting sparkles and sparks towards him.
Peter just gave off another sigh. “Not only am I the only man in this family…” he grumbled, in that fatherly ‘I’m outnumbered and tormented’ fashion. We all knew what was coming next. “But I still don’t understand all this spell casting mumbo-jumbo… Seriously. What are you guys trying to do to me? Expelliakus me? Flatingo? Flamingo? One of those means ‘torment your poor ol’ dad’, right?”
“Oh, dear ol’ dad,” Penelope laughed, and just continued to laugh. Seventeen years of being married to a witch. Obviously, he was a very slow learner. At least he got that they were tormenting him.
Expelliarmus, darling,” Mordred laughed, resting her gloved hand on his shoulder, “And Flipendo. And no, my love. That is not the result of either of those spells. Severus would be very disappointed in you, darling.” Peter just gave another dramatic sigh, but didn’t answer that. Instead, in his ‘I’m never going to win this conversation’ fit, he just turned the radio on low, listening to the monotonous voices talk about roundabout traffic and weather conditions and other boring stuff. Penelope and Mordred, however, just continued to laugh and laugh.

The car ride continued on much like that- but as they neared closer and closer to the Leaky Cauldron, the more and more Mordred and Peter started to get this nervous jitters. Yeah, Mordred was a full-fledged witch- she had been working at St. Mungos for fourteen years now, and met Peter when she was still working at the muggle hospital that Penelope was born at, fresh out of Hogwarts. She knew the ins and outs of the great school of magic. She knew Severus and Dumbledore and so many others- Penelope was safe there. But she, like Peter (who was still awfully confused by anything to do with magic and this ‘Molded-shorts’ fellow), was just as worried about all of the rising drama with Voldemort and what not. Peter was also worried because, well, magic. It was frankly terrifying.
Poor muggle Peter. Poor, poor Peter.
This was also the first year they wouldn’t be able to see her off on the train. Mordred had to get back to the hospital, and he had to get to the hospice, so they were leaving Penelope in Molly and Arthur Weasley’s care to see her off. They were kind of freaking out.
“We’re here,” Peter huffed out, momentarily infuriated by a particularly rude driver taking the parking spot he had decided on. It was a good spot, too; shaded and everything. He mumbled some particularly unpretty words as he moved on to the next, slightly-less-shaded spot in on the curb. They didn’t need that spot. He was the one who had to wait on his wife to get back. That spot was nicer. Y’know, that sort of thing. “You’re sure they’re here, darling?” his gaze turned to Mordred as she carefully got out of the car, Amelia in a deep slumber against her breast, gripping tight to the fabric of her mother’s shirt.
“Don’t be so worried, dear. They made it in late last night,” she then who looked to Penelope, who was embracing the last few minutes of Muggle technology in the form of music. The red-head, catching her mother’s gaze, promptly decided to lip-sync out the last of her song in a very passionate manner- dancing and fist-pumping and what-not; all while keeping unwavering eye contact. By the end of it, Lucy was unable to hide her sound-less bouts of laughter, which was quickly placed on Penelope’s shoulder as the sisters embraced in a tight, ‘see-you-at-christmas’ hug.
“Alright, alright. Don’t give me that look. I’m coming,” she laughed, packing away all muggle technology into the pocket of the car-seat before practically bouncing from the vehicle and shutting the door, just as her father stood from his seat to look at her expectantly. She looked at him expectantly in return, and they both just stood there… Looking at each other. It was priceless a minute and thirty seconds before one of them gave in.
“Oh, for the love of… Come here, you,” he exclaimed, immediately embracing his daughter in the biggest hug her could manage- who laughed and returned this same hug. “I’m gonna miss you, girl. Don’t get in trouble… Well, more trouble than you mother ever did, got it?” he told the girl, chuckling.
“Hey! I was a doll, I have you know!” Mordred exclaimed- a comment that made both her husband and daughter bust out laughing. She was almost as bad as James and his group when she was in school- they all knew that.
“I’m going to miss you too. Love you!” Penelope smiled, pulling from him and turning to her youngest sister as she was handed off to their father. “I’ll see you later, Amelia,” she lightly ruffled the girl’s full head of strawberry blonde, who gently reach out to her, before cuddling into her father’s arms and immediately falling back to sleep. “I’ll see you guys at Christmas, okay? And I’ll send an owl as soon as I can.”
With these words, Mordred and Penelope both grabbed her stuff (which consisted of a couple backpacks and a trunk, full of supplies for her fifth year, provided from her visit last week with her mother and Snape), and made their way towards the magically hidden pub.


“Ronald, please, keep that… Beast, away! Crookshanks has done absolutely nothing wrong.” By this point, Ron and Hermione were once again in a rather great debate. Particularly, because Crookshanks tried to jump into his arms to get at Scabbers in a rather lust-for-blood like fashion.
“Beast? Beast?!” Ron exclaimed. “I have you know, that bloody thing of yours just tried to murder my precious Scabbers! It was you that needs to keep your beast away!” he exclaimed, before clearing his throat, shaking his head, and continuing on with his magnificent, glorious tale about their trip.
“Hey, Izzy,” Fred was laughing at his brother, when Isabella came into the building. He barely spared a glance to her at first, almost in a fit. “Oh, get off it. You were not that awesome!” he exclaimed, finally turning his full attention to the dark-haired girl as he moved to hug her, just as she him. His laughter, however, was immediately cut off- the smallest pink tracing his already red face. She looked beautiful.
Well, not to say that she didn’t already look beautiful. She, in general, as far as Isabella Stratton could go (which, Fred cannot stress enough, is very, very far; and he stresses this very frequently, within the very depths of his vastly devilish mind), was generally a very beautiful girl. That wasn’t the case at all; it was that, on this particular day, on this very particular morning, she looked to be in the midst of her most beautiful moments. This was not the first time, and most certainly will not be the last, that she catches the poor Weasley twin off guard, blushing and stumbling over his typically easily-caught, witty speech. Although, it was in these moments that this particular crush of his tends to render him self-loathing and stupid, as it took an awful lot of forever for him to regain himself- and surely that was enough time for her to discover the very depths of his mind.
In reality; aka, meaning, to everyone in the room but Fred, this entire thought-process had only taken but a second or two before he caught his composure; as soon as he did (although surely yelling at himself for looking stupid in front of her, again), he beamed at her. “You look rather lovely today. Any particular reason?” he joked, finally pulling from the hug, albeit reluctantly. He didn’t want to seem suspicious. “Let me guess. Finally seducing the great Malfoy, love of your life, right?” he proceeded to laugh, before moving on to the proper subject of interest.
“It was right fun,” Fred stuck his tongue at her, “And in no way disgusting. Watch it, or it may just slither into your dorm when we make it,” he joked, giving her his evil grin. “Isn’t that right, George?” he added on, nudging his brother with that planning look of his. “Forget us, though. We’ve heard enough of the trip, and we were there!” he gave Ron a look, before looking back to his secret crush, “How was the summer of the great Isabella Stratton? Anything specific happen?” he questioned, poking her forehead in a rather silly manner.
It was then, almost immediately preceding this question, that the doors opened, and in came the lovely Mordred Piper, gowned in a lovely long white skirt and blue, wench-like blouse. Followed closely behind her was a strangely quiet Penelope, much less fancily-dressed. Converse, jeans, off-the-shoulder, although as well wench-like, brown shirt, and a plain black choker. “Molly, Arthur~!” Mordred immediately grinned, happy to see her childhood friends again, “It’s been quite a time. How was the trip?” and she was off, engaged in conversation with the couple.
Penelope just sort of, stood there. Yeah, in a sense of her mother’s great friendship, she was close to the family. But in terms of people in particular, she’s always flocked off to Charlie and Bill. Neither of which were there at the time. She was rather… Lost. She’s never been particularly close to Percy- she thinks that he’s always been mildly jealous that she’s on Snape’s ‘good’ side (whatever side that is. It’s completely subjective, especially considering that his ‘good’ side seems to be the side that receives the less offensive comment, or the slightly-less venomous Gryffindor-hate). Ron and Ginny, she’s never really shared a good, long word with, and while the twins were off doing everything she did on her own, she was restricted to her mother’s side. By the time she was allowed to venture off whenever with the family, she was already too infatuated with George to do anything but avoid them like they were the plague.
Not to mention Isabella. She had absolutely nothing against the Slytherin- after all, she knew from decent observation (and Snape’s retorts about her hanging around with the mischievious twins) that she was a decent person. But again, while they were off goofing around, Penelope stayed at the side of Charlie, and then he left, and… She still avoided them like the plague. That, and Isabella was super pretty, and Penelope, in personal opinion, was far less pretty, and needless to say, she was shy.
So, she just sort of stood there, fiddling with the backpack on her arm and avoiding their gazes, until Percy came up to her. “Hey, mum told me to bring your bags up to the room,” he said politely, to which she just as politely nodded.
“Thank you, Perce,” she grinned shyly at him, giving him a two-finger salute and pawning her trunk on him. The backpack on her, the one covered in sharpie stars and magically-imprinted images, stayed on her. It always stayed on her. Percy just nodded and left. That pretty much summed up their regular conversations.
“Okay, darling. I’ve got to go,” Mordred moved to the girl, embracing her tightly. “Owl me, soon as you get there and soon as you can. I love you, and I’ll see you first chance we get. Be safe, and if anything, anything happens,” she pulled from the hug, giving her a pointed look, “Stay with Severus. He may be stubborn, and he may be an ass, but-“
Penelope proceeded to join in unison with her mother, “He will keep you safe.”
She paused, and smiled, giving her daughter one last hug. “I love you, Penelope Lu-Cassandra Piper,” she joked.
“Love you too, mum,” Penelope laughed, pulling from the hug. “I’ll see you at Christmas, and I promise I’ll write.”
“You better!” Mordred grinned, “Or I’ll sick Lucy on your ass. She’s turning out to be quite the fiddler with that wand!”
“As if she could beat her sister in a duel!”
With those words, Mordred was out the door, and Penelope… She was kind of alone. But that was okay. After exchanging thank-you’s to Molly and Arthur for letting her stay with them to see her off, she moved to the very end of the table- the end that no one was at yet, and sat; pulling out a sketchbook from her bag, a pencil, and getting to work on something that, to the untrained eye, looked like a right big jot of scribbles.


"I'm far too tired to stay here anymore... And I don't care what you think anyway.... What if I'm a snowstorm burning, what if I'm a world unturning? What if I'm the kindest Demon... Something you may not believe in.... What if I'm an angel, without wings to take me home?" Geetar. Futar. Clatar. <3 Bafflemarf. Rainbow Apatomus!
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PostSubject: Re: Stones, Basilisks, and... THE GRIM?! [HP 3rdYear, Closed to LadyShalott]   Thu Sep 25, 2014 11:36 pm

Isabella was about to answer Fred until George spoke.
"Oh look, it's Penelope."

Slowly Isabella took her gaze off Fred to look at George.
"Who?" She blinked before she looked where George was facing, "oh."
She put a hand to her cheek as she observed.
"Wasn't that Charlie's friend?"

George nodded.
"Yeah, she was," he sighed, thinking of how hard it must be for her not having his brother around.

"She's nervous," Isabella pointed out, being Clairvoyant she had an inkling as to people's feelings.

"Maybe we should try to befriend her?" George smiled and waved at Penelope.

Isabella raised an eyebrow.
"You mean I have to share my boys?" She later laughed, though she half meant it.

George rolled his eyes and laughed at Isabella.
"Yes." He replied with a wink.


Isabella looked around to the familiar call and turned to the source of it, she saw Minha jump on the table and onto Penelope's paper. She gasped and ran over, picking the cat up.
"Naughty Minha!" She tapped her cat's nose, "So sorry, Piper, I've told her time and time again to mind her business." With that she turned around and went back to the rest of the people.

"Isabella!" Arthur Weasley smiled and hugged her, "I hadn't noticed you were here!"

She smiled.
"Hello Mr. Weasley."

"Oh Izzy, so good to see you again!" Molly kissed both her cheeks, "are you ready for this term? I heard your parents didn't want you to go to Hogwarts, glad to see they changed their minds!"

"Yeah it took a bit of convincing, surely they're still not 100% keen on the whole thing," She sighed petting Minha.

"I promised them I'd see you getting to Hogwarts safely," Arthur chimed, he was about to say something else but Harry Potter walked down the stairs. "Harry! May I have a word?" And with that he took him off to a corner.

Isabella looked at Harry, there was something odd about him. Sure, he was the chosen one and was known all over the wizarding world, but there was something hidden in him she just couldn't put her finger on.

"Izzy, are you listening?" George raised an eyebrow.

"Huh?" She turned around to meet his gaze.

"I said let's go join Penelope," he said in a hushed tone.

Isabella sighed.
"I'm sure she has other friends, George," She looked at Penelope again, "I think our group of friends is fine the way it is. Why are you so insistent anyways? Do you fancy her?"

George's cheeks turned a light pink.
"Well she isn't bad to look at." He grinned scratching the back of his head, "I'm just trying to be nice, that's all."

"Well I'm gonna go put my bag in my room while you try to be 'nice' to her," Isabella turned towards the stairs, "see you guys in a bit!" And with that she left.

He rolled his eyes.
"It's times like these when I remember why she's a Slytherin," he gave Fred a light shove, "you've got your work cut out for you with that one." He laughed before going over to Penelope. "Hey-o, Pen! What'cha got there?" He glanced at the paper.

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PostSubject: Re: Stones, Basilisks, and... THE GRIM?! [HP 3rdYear, Closed to LadyShalott]   Sun Sep 28, 2014 2:07 am

Fred was waiting, very curiously, for Isabella’s answer- so much that he didn’t even notice Mordred come and go, let alone Penelope sit at the very end of their table. He was genuinely curious for her summer- he hadn’t heard much from her, being rather unable to owl at most points. He wanted to know every detail- who to praise, who to kill, where she went, what mischief she got up into… That sort of thing. He and George had gotten some ideas for new pranks and gadgets- what kind of ideas did she have, and how did she get them? These were very important questions, okay.
"Oh look, it's Penelope."
Being as curious as he, well, was, George answering caught him rather off guard. Penelope? Charlie’s friend? What did she have to do with anything? But more importantly, why the hell was his brother interrupting Isabella? She was far more important.
These thoughts in mind, his gaze slowly followed Isabella’s, and then proceeded to Penelope- sitting and sketching, seemingly mumbling under her breath. When did she get there? And, though he had nothing against the girl (though he didn’t understand why she was so shy. He didn’t much care, anyways), why was she distracting George? It’s not like he was interested in her. He’s never expressed interest in her before.
"Wasn't that Charlie's friend?"
Fred frowned, sharing a quick look with his brother, before looking back to the red-headed girl.
“Yeah, she was.”
That was right. She had always been hip-to-hip with Charlie. In fact, it was to the point that he and George teased their brother about it. She was never more than a sister to him- and a brother to her, they knew that well- but they were almost as close to each other, as Fred was to George. “Yeah,” he started, “This is the first time, outside of Hogwarts, that he hasn’t been here when she was here, isn’t it?”
“She’s nervous.”
His gaze immediately went back to Isabella’s as the girl spoke. Admittedly- although he wouldn’t admit it, his expression and posture softened when looking back to her. God, that girl was gorgeous. “I’m sure she’ll be okay, though,” he spoke, when George spoke up, almost entranced. He, honestly, just wanted the Slytherin girl to answer him. He did look up, though, as his brother waved to the girl- who looked up just briefly to see it.
Penelope, being entranced into her work, was taken off guard when the twin waved at her- and the three were watching just long enough to see the girl flush red, shyly give a salute and a smile back, before quickly dipping her nose back into her notes. (What they didn’t see, however, was the girl stealing glances back at them a few times.)
Fred raised an eyebrow at her actions, but shook his head after a few moments. She was kind of odd, thinking about it. Not the kind of odd that Lucy was- although Lucy’s trait was biological, and the girl couldn’t help being mute. Penelope, though- Penelope was simply odd. Like the, ‘I seem nice enough, but I may plan to kill you in your sleep later’ odd. Although, thinking about it, it could be purely because of Snape. He didn’t understand how anyone, let alone Mordred, could be friends would that old grump.
When Isabella spoke, though, about sharing her boys, Fred laughed. “Pah!” he said dramatically, once again poking the girl’s face- only on the tip of her darling, lovely nose this time. “I’m sorry, Izzy, but I’ll always have a second love for mischief and mayhem. You can never break us up!” he exclaimed, feigning drama by resting his head in his hands. “How will you ever forgive me?” he sighed, attempting to properly express true, genuine remorse.
It was a few moments later that, when a lovely meow was heard, the group saw Minha jump unto Penelope’s book, and Isabella took off towards the cat. During this time, Fred took it upon himself to give his brother a ‘look’.
“Mate, what’s with you?” he proceeded to ask. “You’ve never wanted to befriend her before. What’s changed? She’s pretty and all,” although, never as pretty as Izzy, “but…” he sighed, his gaze moving towards the girl, sitting in her lonesome.
“Okay, I give,” he finally said, after a moment or two of observing her, “If you want to befriend her, then it’s cool with me,” he looked to his brother, “But don’t get your hopes up, okay? She seems pretty shy. I don’t know if she’s our type of rebel,” he laughed. It was a couple moments later that Izzy returned, and George suggested joining the Piper.
"I'm sure she has other friends, George. I think our group of friends is fine the way it is. Why are you so insistent anyways? Do you fancy her?"
"Well she isn't bad to look at."
Fred watched his brother as he blushed slightly, grinned, and scratched his head sheepishly. "I'm just trying to be nice, that's all."
"Well I'm gonna go put my bag in my room while you try to be 'nice' to her, see you guys in a bit!"
Fred, however, wasn’t ready for the girl to leave when, and as, she did. He frowned, watching her leave, before his gaze quickly flushed and went to George when his brother nudged him, glaring at him. “I… I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he laughed sheepishly, before shaking his head. “Hey, I’m already halfway there. Anyways. You go on. I’m going to go help Izzy, okay?” He didn’t give his brother a chance to answer. With those words, he was off, chasing after the girl.
“Isabella, wait up!” he exclaimed, quickly catching up to her and catching his stride, putting his hands in his pockets and keeping pace aside her. “Don’t think you’re getting off that easily. You never answered my questions,” he told her, giving her a pointed look. “I’m not going to stand for that, okay!” he also decided, laughing.
He watched as she walked on, both her bag and Minha in tow. He still wasn’t over how beautiful she looked that day. If it was perfectly advisable, he’d get a photograph of her. That would be beautiful. It was a couple moments later, though, after silence and after a bit of thinking on her loveliness, that he spoke again.
“I don’t think adding Penelope to our group would be a terrible idea,” he stated after a few moments. “She’s pretty cool. Besides,” he added on thoughtfully, “If Georgey is falling for her, we might have a prank or two there,” he laughed, thinking up all sorts of ideas. His gaze then went to the ground ahead of him, still keeping step with Isabella. “Would you like me to carry your bag? Or Minha? I could carry you. Y’know what, how about I just do that? What room number is yours?” he proceeded to lift Isabella up bridal-style, grinning brightly and bounding off in the direction he thought was her room. In reality, he was lightly going in the opposite direction from what he needed to be heading. He didn’t much care at the moment, though. He felt that his heart was about to beat from his chest.
If someone told you that Penelope was a potions geek,, no matter how honest, or observant they proclaimed themselves to be, they would be only be half right. ‘Geek’, as subjective as that word was, wasn’t even a fraction of the subject matter at hand. Penelope was a potions geek, nerd, addict, and self-proclaimed prodigy- at least, compared to those in her year. She was a good year or two ahead, with a good instructor to thank. Most of her days, especially at Hogwarts, were spent thinking up potion formulas and ideas, both way out the window, and inside the circle.
Due to this immense love of anything potion, she had a tendency to spend most of her time sitting in her room; curled up against the window with this any particular sketchbook in lap, pencil in hand, theorizing and coming up with potential concoction mixes. In her years since she began at Hogwarts, this was the fifteenth sketchbook she was on- and it was already halfway filled.
Don’t get her wrong- she’s not just a potions geek. She, like Charlie, was immensely fond of Care of Magical Creatures, and dragons in particular. She also was quite good at Herbology, as well as magical trickery, such as the twins’ delve in. Magical talents aside, she wasn’t quite bad with her voice, and she was pretty dang decent at physical labor- having helped her uncle build a house for their Great Dane. Potions, though; potions was her thing. It was her connection to her godfather, and her life blood.
Knowing this, most people would pretty much assume that she, currently in the process of making up a formula to aid in strengthening dragon scales and bones (intended as a Christmas gift for Charlie), would have been absolutely horrified when Minha jumped unto the page, causing her ingredient sketch to go a wee bit hay-wire. In fact, most people would have chewed Minha and Isabella out, both, when such a thing occurred.
However, in truth, Penelope was already used to animals jumping all over her pages- after all, Keratine, her father’s Russian Blue, was quite fond of the girl’s sketches; so, when the lovely kitty jumped all over her pages, Penelope only jumped in shock for a brief moment. “Oh… Hey, you,” she laughed quickly, lightly ruffling the cat’s fur, before Isabella quickly came to retrieve her cat.
“So sorry, Piper, I've told her time and time again to mind her business.” Isabella had quickly apologized, to which Penelope, just as quickly, shook her head.
“It’s okay. A little paw-prints didn’t hurt-“ before she had finished, though, Isabella was already off, “-…anyone…” she sighed. Her gaze remained on the three for a few seconds more. Charlie left three years ago, and, due to her other friends having been seventh years the term previous, they were all graduated by this point. She could take this opportunity to try and befriend the three- but, she’s never had a good history of getting on with those her age (such as the teens in her neighborhood. They were all rather awful), and then there was… Well…
Her gaze lingered on George for a couple moments, her mind lost in thought- until he caught her gaze,, that is; at this, she quickly looked back to her sketchbook, red-faced and shy. Nope. She was just going to continue avoiding them like the plague. It was easier that way. With that thought, she was back to work- and was quickly entranced by her sketching. She’d have to ask Snape for a couple extra dragon scales and teeth, and then she’d have to figure out how to get human bones legally, as well as her hands on a couple Cornish Pixie dust…
"Hey-o, Pen! What'cha got there?"
By this point, she was so entranced into her work, that she didn’t notice who, in particular, had asked her the question. So, Penelope, being her excitable self as she, responded just as enthusiastically. “Nothing much, really. I owled Charlie, before summer, and he said that he was having some issues with newborn Dragon’s scales and teeth chipping too easily. So, I’m working up a formula to aid in newborn development, preferably to be ingested, that will keep their scales and teeth, and just generally, strong and healthy; although there’s still quite a bit of flaws, seeing as human bones are illegal, and Cornish Pixies are demons, but I think that, using the same principles as when I made the dummy wand for Lucy last year, I could easily substitute-“ it was at this point, in her grinning and sketching and enthusiasm, that she finally glanced up- and immediately shut down. There, looking down over her shoulder, was one of the twins- George, in particular- awfully interested in what she was saying and doing. He’d never been interested in her before- especially her sketches. So, she immediately blushed and looked back down, starting to go quiet with her speech. Her demeanor lowered, and her hair- as short as it was- proceeded to hide her from his curious stare.
“-I could, uh,” she stammered, moving the pencil from the sketchbook and slowly starting to close it, “Substitute the dust with, uh…” she proceeded to move it into her lap, hugging the book tightly to her. “I’m sorry. I get carried away sometimes. You don’t care about that silly no..nonsense, I’m sure. D-do you need me to owl mum about something? Where’s Miss… Uh, Ms. Stratton, or Fred?” she had properly retreated into her bashful shell of complete and total shyness. She thought it was Arthur or Ron. She could handle those two. Not George. Never George.
“D-did you have another question? I’m sorry, George. I do-don’t know Ms. Stratton, and for that matter, I-I don’t think she likes me much, so I ca-cannot aid in romance advice. O-or, I d-don’t know… Well… A-any other classmates o-of our year, personally, so generally, I a-am rather hopeless at ro-romance, so... And n-no, just because I can make a damn good love po-potion, I w-will not aid in the pranking of my g-godfather. That is es-essentially date rape, and I do-do not support the makings of it. But u-uh, if you wanted th-the end of the table, or if you w-want me to cover for you guys or something, I can. Slip a bit of Pixie Juice i-into their morning juice, they’d b-believe anything. I’m sorry. I-I’m not quite sure what you’d like me to do.” Needless to say, she was rambling. Bad. She couldn’t help it. George did that to her- and in this instance, she couldn’t exactly escape.
“I-I have a good f-formula for a b-bloating potion. It w-wears off after a we-week or two, though. G-gas, too. I-I’d fully support causing Snape to pass g-gas every class, loudly. T-that is a prank I would h-happily supply y-you three with.”


"I'm far too tired to stay here anymore... And I don't care what you think anyway.... What if I'm a snowstorm burning, what if I'm a world unturning? What if I'm the kindest Demon... Something you may not believe in.... What if I'm an angel, without wings to take me home?" Geetar. Futar. Clatar. <3 Bafflemarf. Rainbow Apatomus!
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PostSubject: Re: Stones, Basilisks, and... THE GRIM?! [HP 3rdYear, Closed to LadyShalott]   Sun Sep 28, 2014 4:01 am

Isabella shook her head as she pet Minha, making her way to the stairs. To be honest, she wasn't keen on the idea of another girl joining them. It felt good to be the only female, to be one of the boys; though she would be the girliest 'boy' that had ever been. It had been five years of them being inseparable, and suddenly George wanted to add her.

She had nothing against Penelope, not really, she knew Penelope was an okay girl. Always doodling away, very good at Potions... but always kept to herself.

That was something that would definitely clash with them. Isabella was outgoing, always ready to take whatever was given to her and make the most of it. She didn't have time for shy people mostly because she was always wanting to move to the next thing at the snap of her fingers.

"Isabella, wait up!"

She froze and turned around, her thoughts interrupted. She smiled seeing Fred, handsome, charming and funny Fred, running over to her instead of staying with Penelope, like George had.

"That's true, I was about to answer before mister George interrupted me," She held her chin up and 'hmph'-ed before laughing. "My summer was... stressful. Mom and dad were begging me not to return to Hogwarts because of You-Know-Who, but I told them that if he came back this year then I would transfer to Beauxbatons like they wanted. Obviously they agreed, but as you heard they contacted your parents to make sure I'm safe and whatever..." She smiled at him. "Now my biggest worry is being replaced by Piper."

They walked in silence, the only sounds were their footsteps and Minha purring. It was a few seconds until Fred spoke.

"I don't think adding Penelope to our group would be a terrible idea. She's pretty cool. Besides, if Georgey is falling for her, we ming have a prank or two there."

Isabella laughed and nodded.
"Oh Freddy-boy, always a step ahead, huh?" She messed up his hair, "if it's for the sake of scientific pranking I'm all for it." She thought for a moment, I just hope she doesn't confuse the two.

" “Would you like me to carry your bag? Or Minha? I could carry you. Y’know what, how about I just do that? What room number is yours?”

Isabella gave a small shriek as he lifted her off the ground.
"Dear lord, Fred!" She laughed, and Minha jumped ship, staring at her owner confused as she got smaller in the distance. "Freddy you're going the wrong way!" She wrapped her arms around his neck so she wouldn't fall, not that she'd think Fred would dare drop her. She looked at his face, smiling, carefree, these small moments of impulse is what made her fall for him. He was unpredictable, much like she tended to be. "The room is 103," she giggled, resting her head on his shoulder as he ran, unable to wipe the smile off her face.

George grinned as Penelope began to explain what she was doing, immediately he could tell why her and his brother were such good friends. She was enthusiastic about the same things he was. Caring for dragons? George thought it was pretty badass. She was so smart too, coming up with these potions right off the bat, though the whole human bones part was a bit disturbing. When they made eye contact he smiled and was about to say something before he noticed her expression change.

It was then he could do nothing but stare as she rambled, she spoke too fast leaving no room for him to try to interrupt her. It seemed she was under the impression that he wanted her help with his pranks, which was not the case, until she began to say things she could help them with. Having Snape expelling noisy gas in his classes? Brillaint.

He put his arm around her shoulder in an effort to calm her down.
"You are absolutely brilliant," he smiled, "though this is not the reason I came over to talk to you."
George then sat on the seat next to her.
"I know it's been tough without Charlie around, so I thought I should come here and try to be your friend. That is, if you'd accept my friendship. You seem like an awesome girl, and such awesomeness should not go unnoticed! And you, my friend, have been noticed." He extended his hand to shake hers, "formal introduction, I am George Weasley, professional prankster and fireworks extraordinaire! I'm also the handsome twin." He grinned. "Also," he glanced to make sure Isabella wasnt at the stairs, "Don't worry about Izzy, her hiss is worse than her bite." He winked.

He thought back to Penelope's ramblings, and chuckled.
"And I have no interest in the great Isabella Stratton, so I don't need a love potion," he tried to contain his laughter, "and yes, you're right. It is essentially date rape, and I don't approve of it." He smiled at Penelope.

Examining her flushing face, she really wasn't bad to look at. Actually, she was quite pretty. There was once a time when he was younger in which he felt kind of jealous of Charlie always having a girl to hang out with, although he knew they never had an interest in each other aside from trying out new things and inventing potions together. But George had never really looked at her, and when Isabella came around he didn't feel jealous of Charlie anymore, he had a new best friend. But then Fred started falling for her, and well, things started to get a bit awkward.

Maybe now he could finally befriend Penelope, specially now that Charlie was so far away tending to dragons. Surely she felt lonely, right? He thought she could be a nice fit to the group, even if Isabella didn't want to expand the circle. And maybe, just maybe, something else could flourish.

He stopped looking at her face, knowing maybe she would feel awkward and instead focused on the book which she held close.
"If you were to accept my friendship, I'd love to know more about your potions and how they might aid us in our mischief." He grinned.

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PostSubject: Re: Stones, Basilisks, and... THE GRIM?! [HP 3rdYear, Closed to LadyShalott]   Fri Oct 03, 2014 2:19 am

Fred was so awfully enticed into Isabella’s words, about her summer, that he felt personally hurt by her having had a stressful summer. Not the kind of hurt that involves him being upset with her- but he was hoping she had had a fun summer, as well, is all. That, and he really did not want her to transfer to Beauxbatons. He wanted her to stay at Hogwarts, with him. He really didn’t like the idea of her leaving, and he would do whatever he could to prevent that. If that meant that he had to stay at her side more frequently, to protect her, then so be it. He would happily do so.
When she expressed her concern over being replaced by Penelope, however, he gasped. “Dragon girl? Replace you? The amazing, assertive, beautiful Isabella Stratton? Never!” he was being dramatic, yes. He meant every word, though. Penelope could never replace Isabella. He wouldn’t stand for it. If that even started to be the case, he would make George drop Piper right then and there. They may have grown up with Penelope, but Izzy was there first.
                          Not to mention, her shrieks were bloody adorable.
He couldn’t help but laugh and Cheshire grin as he carried her in his arms- deliberately running amok. “103?!” he exclaimed- the room that happened to be on the other side of the building. “Ah, no matter. I can get there!” he laughed, stealing a glance at her from the corner of his eye. His cheeks were ever so slightly pink- after all, she was curled up pretty close to him right now. This was why he wanted to carry her. He didn’t want this feeling to end.
“Hold on tight, Izzy,” he inhaled a large breath, tightening his grip on the girl and starting to slow his run. This was mostly for suspense- half, though, because he wanted her to hold unto him. Gathering himself, Fred then let out a great, laughing exhale and sharply spun around; when he faced the correct way, he started running again, this time towards the right side of the building. “Okay, you’re okay now,” he told her, giving her his signature devil-grin. He didn’t loosen his grip on her, however; he wanted to keep that as it was.
It wasn’t much longer of him running, however, did he start getting closer to her room. As he did, though, he started slowing his pace- he wasn’t ready to let her go, not yet, not now. It was too soon. Despite his desire to keep her in his arms, he had to let her go- much sooner than he liked- when they made it to her door; and he did, but as gently as he could. “You have been escorted to your palace, your highness,” he joked, his arm tucking against his stomach as he bowed to the girl, his Cheshire grin still bright on his lips.
After a moment, he straightened back to his original position, waiting for the dark-haired girl to open up the room, with every intention to follow. He still had her bag, after all. When she did open the door, he came in after her, carefully setting the bag on the floor beside him. “So, Isabella,” he suddenly felt shy. Yeah, he’s been alone with Izzy before, being friends with her for as long as he has been; this was the first time he hadn’t seen her during the summer, though, and his heart was pounding. What if something had changed since they’ve been apart? What if she… Returned his feelings?
He gulped, and just offered her a smile. “So, are you excited for this year?”
Penelope, caught in her stammers and heart-pattering rambles, was just about to continue on when George put his arm around her. Immediately, her voice shut off and her eyes widened, her cheeks slowly starting to flush red. George Weasley- George Weasley, of all people, had his arm around her shoulder. The twin that she was unfathomably infatuated with. She cursed her heart; surely he could hear it.
"You are absolutely brilliant," he smiled at Penelope- a smile that made her heart jump again, "though this is not the reason I came over to talk to you."
She couldn’t help but feel disappointed when his arm left her shoulders. It felt so nice- and although, to him, it was platonic, it felt far lovelier than what she was expecting and had been dreaming. He was lovely. However, his question caught her off guard- if he wasn’t there about a potion or a prank, why else would he come talk to her? It’s not like they were friends. “T-Then, if you don’t mind m-my asking,” she started, attempting to work up a bit more courage, “Why are you over here?”
"I know it's been tough without Charlie around, so I thought I should come here and try to be your friend. That is, if you'd accept my friendship. You seem like an awesome girl, and such awesomeness should not go unnoticed! And you, my friend, have been noticed."
The moment he mentioned Charlie, her gaze softened and lowered to the table. She was no longer looking at him. Charlie was gone; yeah, he went to Egypt with his family, but she hasn’t seen him in over a year. She didn’t get to see him last Christmas due to family things, and she wasn’t looking forward to going at this year alone. The moment he offered his friendship, however, her gaze immediately jolted back up to his just in time to see him extend his hand.
"Formal introduction, I am George Weasley, professional prankster and fireworks extraordinaire! I'm also the handsome twin."
She sort of just went silent, watching him and waiting. This wasn’t some kind of joke, was it? She looked around for a brief moment, wondering when Fred and Isabella were going to come out and laugh at her for her obvious crush on George. Heck, she was waiting for Malfoy, even, to announce her efforts in vain. But… Nothing. There was nothing, no one to reveal their great plot. She looked back to George, studying him carefully. He was okay, she decided. He wasn’t trying to be cruel. She smiled shyly at him, taking his hand in much the same manner.
“P-Penelope Lucas P-Piper,” she started, laughing a bit at his joke. “Novice prankster, potions m-master, and the beautiful sibling,” she joked, “I mean, look at C-charlie, and look at me. I’m far prettier, I think,” she added on, giving him that silly grin of hers, eyes locked on his. He was so kind. He was right, too, he’s definitely the handsome twin.
She stayed like this a moment longer, until she realized that she still had his hand. Burning bright red, her hand quickly moved from his as she ‘recovered’ by moving her hair from her eyes, listening to him speak about Izzy, “I-I know,” she stammered. “I don-don’t know how while she likes me, th-though,” she added on, looking away from him and back to the table.
"And I have no interest in the great Isabella Stratton, so I don't need a love potion, and yes, you're right. It is essentially date rape, and I don't approve of it."
At this comment, she smiled, brightly. In fact, it was very obvious that she couldn’t contain her smile- he wasn’t interested in Isabella. It was just Fred. She was so deeply relieved by that; no, she didn’t have a chance, that was true- but she had more of a chance than if he was already interested in a friend. “Although, if you wanted me to spice up Snape’s morning tea, I betcha watching him fawn over a broom might be nice for a while,” she told him, giving him a silly grin and finally meeting his eyes again.
She tilted her head to the side, as she watched him watch her. She couldn’t tell what he was thinking- not that he was that good at it anyways- or looking at. Well, it was at her, but he seemed to be deep in thought, and spacing out; after all, there wasn’t really any other reason for him to watch her like that, right? She was about to speak, however, when he beat her to the punch.
"If you were to accept my friendship, I'd love to know more about your potions and how they might aid us in our mischief."
She blushed again, looking down to the book in her hands. She was just thinking about befriending them, right? And here George was, openly offering his friendship. She didn’t want to be alone this year. She was never really good at being completely alone. In fact, she was downright awful at it; if someone wasn’t home, or someone she was close to wasn’t around… Well, it got bad sometimes. Besides that fact, if George wanted to befriend her, of all people, maybe that would mean…
She looked up, looked down, looked back up, smiled, then looked down and pulled out her notebook, flipping through until she got to the page she wanted. It looked mostly like a bunch of doodles- but in actuality, it was quite the elaborate design. “Remember your prank, last year, when you and Fred and Ms. Stratton set off a great stink bomb into the prefect’s bathroom to get at Percy? Well, see, that gas-potion I was talking about. This is it. It’s combined of Cornish seeds and Trash bugs, among quite a few others, to make it deadly. It’s to be ingested, and it’s not harmful to anything but the senses, but this would be guaranteed to send the entire class either laughing, or fainting. Whichever would work.”
She then pointed to the page beside it, “This one isn’t really a pranking potion. It’s actually not really of my design. Just a weaker, homemade salve for Poison Ivy. Lucy got a pretty bad case of it during the summer, and I had to figure out a quick remedy. It didn’t help the burn much, but it made it quit itching pretty well. I may try and come up with stronger version later.” She was grinning. She was obviously very into potion making- it definitely put her at ease.


"I'm far too tired to stay here anymore... And I don't care what you think anyway.... What if I'm a snowstorm burning, what if I'm a world unturning? What if I'm the kindest Demon... Something you may not believe in.... What if I'm an angel, without wings to take me home?" Geetar. Futar. Clatar. <3 Bafflemarf. Rainbow Apatomus!
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PostSubject: Re: Stones, Basilisks, and... THE GRIM?! [HP 3rdYear, Closed to LadyShalott]   Fri Oct 03, 2014 4:10 am

She held on, wanting to be as close to him as possible. She looked at his face and blushed at how cute he looked, it was sort of mesmerizing to be honest. She bit her lip and laughed, when he spoke.
"Okay you're okay now."
She softly pinched his nose and grinned.
"I am more than okay in the arms of the handsome and strong Fred Weasley!" She exclaimed, kicking a leg to the air for drama.  She looked at his arms for a moment, toned from all the Quidditch, he knew he was strong by the way he would hit bludgers with the bat, injuring whomever came across it.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard Minha meow in the distance, still sitting where she had jumped off her.
"Run, Minha!" Isabella laughed, and run Minha did. She struggled to keep up, as she was starting to get a bit old, but she kept a steady pace behind Fred.

The numbers on the doors kept going up, now in the 80s. Isabella felt Fred slow down and she rested her head in the space between his neck and his shoulder, not wanting to be put down. It felt amazing when Fred treated her like a princess, her face was still pink from everything. It took every ounce of her being to not kiss his jaw, she didn't want Fred to feel awkward if she did. They were best friends, and she didn't think Fred liked her as anything more than that, perhaps maybe a sister, but that's a far as she thought it would go. At times she thought Fred complimented her and treated her like he did because he liked her, but she knew it was because  of how close they were. After all, she did come second to mischief and mayhem, and they were best friends because of their partnership in such things.

But at least he promised Penelope wouldn't replace her, and she was content with that alone.

They reached the room's door and she bit her lip, not wanting to be put down, but he put her down carefully.  It took her about two seconds to reluctantly take her arms back to her side.
"You have been escorted to your palace, your highness."
Isabella smiled and gave a nod.
"Thank you, oh brave knight, how would I have survived this long trek without you?"

She fiddled in her pocket for the room key, still smiling like an idiot, and once she found it she opened the door. Minha darted inside before she was able to take a step.
"How rude, kitty." She smiled and walked in.

Isabella took off her coat and threw it on her bed, she untied her hair and let it fall and then proceeded to take off her shoes, her feet a bit achy from the long morning.
"So, Isabella."
She turned around and looked at Fred, who was putting her bag down.
"Yes?" She smiled as she examined him, feeling his emotion which made her heart skip a beat, it seemed everyone was nervous today. But his was a good kind of nervous, it made her stomach release a flurry of butterflies.
"So, are you excited for this year?"

She grinned.
"Heck yeah I'm excited!" She gave a small jump. "Reunited with my boys! And if Penelope joins us, oh the pranks we could pull..." She felt her Slytherin come out and cleared her throat. "Of course, nothing too mean, maybe some burp powder or something simple, we wouldn't want George to get peeved at us, right? Which reminds me, we get to see good ol' Peevesie!"

Peeves was her favorite spirit in Hogwarts castle. At first he made her life hell, but he noticed her potential in mischief, it also helped that the Bloody Baron was the Slytherin ghost, and he was terrified of him, so he didn't push Isabella too far. Now they were partners in crime along with the twins.

"Plus, we get to explore more of the castle with the Map, two years with it and still so many secret passageways to discover..." She sat down on her bed, "I also can't wait what else happens this year, how Harry Potter will save the day this time." Isabella laughed, "I have to admit, the last two years were full of suspense and adventure, although the whole Ginny thing had me about to throw up with worry, it's been quite exciting..."

She was rambling now, she was just so happy to see Fred again and to actually have communication with him. Going without any owls all summer was torture, she was starting to worry he might have gotten killed by a mummy back in Egypt.

"What about you, are you excited?" Isabella patted the bed so Fred could sit down as well.
"Penelope Lucas Piper," George tested her name on his lips, "strong and pretty name!" He smiled. "Oh yes, you're far more beautiful than Charlie could ever aspire to be," He chuckled and looked at their hands, blushing slightly; his smile fell a bit when she retrieved her hand. But of course he couldn't expect to hold her hand forever, right? That would be a bit creepy considering they just had their first actual interaction. He grinned when she blushed, thinking the shade of pink looked quite pretty on her, specially with her red hair. It was the perfect compliment to her beauty.

"Isabella can be pretty stubborn, being a Slytherin at all," he said to her after she mentioned not knowing how well Izzy would like her, "she takes a while to warm up to people, specially when the other person is quiet, she tends to steer clear of the type, always wants to jump to the next thing." He shook his head as he chuckled. "To be honest it gets a bit hard to keep up with her, sure makes for exhilarating times though. I'll introduce you two, I'll remind her to behave."

They spoke about pranking Snape and he smiled as she mentioned spicing up Snape's morning tea.
"I can picture it now, in the table with the rest of the professors in the morning, he takes a sip of his tea and gets up, his eyes fixated on a broom at the Hufflepuff table, because of course the broom would belong to a Hufflepuff, he takes it and strokes the bristles and leans in for the kiss..." He couldn't stop laughing as he described it, the image vivid in his head.

George observed her as she looked from her notebook and to him, before she finally opened it up to a page she looked for.

“Remember your prank, last year, when you and Fred and Ms. Stratton set off a great stink bomb into the prefect’s bathroom to get at Percy?

His eyebrows raised in surprise. She noticed and remembered that prank, he felt proud that she remembered his greatest achievement to piss off Percy to date. He took pride in pissing him off, after all. He listened intently, taking in every word she spoke. This girl really was a genius, he guessed being close to Snape had its perks, like being a potions master. His head reeled with all the ideas that bounced around his head, things he could achieve with Penelope's help.

She's just the same kind of rebel as Isabella is, I don't know what Fred is on about... He thought, definitely my kind of rebel.

He blushed as he noticed he was staring at her again, he didn't want her to feel uncomfortable so he looked once more at her notebook.
"Oh yeah, we could have used that when Ron was about five years old..."

"Don't you dare," Ron chimed, turning as soon as he heard his name spew from George's mouth, "not a single word about that."

"He was running around naked in the yard, running away from mum because he didn't want a bath, and fell into a small poison ivy bush," George laughed, Ron threw a piece of crumpled paper at him and went up the stairs, drenched in embarrassment. "Long story short, he looked like a walking, bumpy tomato for two weeks."

Hermione laughed from the other side of the table, overhearing the story. George laughed as well. He turned his attention back to Penelope.
"How's about we go find them, Fred and Isabella, and introduce you. Eh?"

He grinned and got up, he walked over to the front desk where a bored wizard sat reading a book.
"Excuse me, could you tell me which room Isabella Stratton is staying in?"

The wizard looked up from his book and looked at George for a few seconds before flipping through a notepad.
"Isabella Stratton..." He mused as he searched her name, "room 103." He returned to his book.

"Brilliant!" George turned to Penelope, smiling. "So how about it?"

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PostSubject: Re: Stones, Basilisks, and... THE GRIM?! [HP 3rdYear, Closed to LadyShalott]   

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Stones, Basilisks, and... THE GRIM?! [HP 3rdYear, Closed to LadyShalott]
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