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PostSubject: [.Roxius.&.Lutora.] :: 4th Thread :: Graduated :: 18+   [.Roxius.&.Lutora.] :: 4th Thread :: Graduated :: 18+ I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 18, 2013 3:36 pm

The Birth

Katora had been staying over at the Black Manor for the past few days, staying vigilant for when Kassy's water might break. It was a moment she wouldn't miss for anything in the world. She fumbled with her thumbs and sighed looking at the clock.

It had been long nights without Remus by her side, he'd been staying back at the house taking care of Victoria. Katora felt lucky to have him as her fiancé and father of her child, Remus was kind and considerate, unlike other guys Katora had dated in the past.

Her mind then wondered to her ex, the guy she hated with passion, the one who turned her into what she was today. A vampire. She took a deep breath trying to forget the awful memories. The fight, the rape, the bite.

She cleared her throat and was annoyed that time passed so slowly. Never sleeping gave her too much time to think about things she wished she could forget. Like the deed she had to go through with.

Murdering the Potters, that wasn't something she was looking forward to. She touched the back of her neck out of impulse and wished the mark would vanish, it was a constant reminder that she and her family were constantly in danger if she didn't obey the Dark Lord. The only comfort was she wasn't in this alone.

The sound of the clock annoyed Katora, it went too slow just like her heartbeat, it irritated her, she was used to the rapid heartbeat of her precious family.

Her eyes closed for a few seconds. Maybe if she forced herself she could accomplish sleep. It was useless.
"I hate you so much, Christopher." A lone tear escaped her eyes and she didn't bother to wipe it away, there'd be no use. She'd just keep on crying.

Katora walked over to the window and observed the entrance to the manor, it was beautiful. She was glad that her best friend also had a great man, one she considered to be her second brother. She knew Kassy would be in good hands, at least for now. She bit her bottom lip as she remembered her second task, one her sister had owled her a few days back. Frame Sirius Black for murdering Peter and get him sent to Azkaban.

Her thoughts were broken by a gasp coming from Kassy's room, and the unmistakable smell of water breaking. She ran over to her sister.
"Has it happened?" She asked, just to make sure.

Kassy got off the bed slowly clenching her pillow with one hand and the other hand over her stomach "We need to..." Her words where cut off by the staggering pain coming from her abdomen. It was time to give birth to her first child. "Mother said it was nice ans easy!" She said between clenched teeth. Kassy got up and place her hand on the night stand next to the bed and started taking long, heavy breaths.

Kassy was sweating and panicking. She had this planned with Katora a while back, but when the night actual came by she felt she didn't know what to do. She took a couple more deep breaths and looked at Katora. "Call mother and father sis, and..." Kassy looked over her shoulder and saw Sirius still sleeping like a dead man. "How can you sleep through all this!?"" She grabbed the nightstands small clock and hit Sirius with it, right on the head. Of course Kassy would never do this, in normal situations but this time I think there's a exception. Kassy realized what she did by impulse of rage and pain "I am so sorry ba..." again her words where cut off by the pain.

"We'll have to owl them when we get to the hospital." Katora said to her and motioned towards her sissy, but stopped when she saw Kassy grab the clock.

The clock hit Sirius cleanly on the forehead, causing him to wake up in an instant complaining about the pain.
"What the bloody hell is wrong with you!?" He shouted at Kassy, but then noticed she was in pain. "Is it time?"

Katora rolled her eyes.
"Yes, Sirius, it's time. Didn't you hear your wife screaming in pain?"


"Father of the year award will not be going to you this year." Katora giggled as she grabbed the suitcase she had packed a while back for Kassy and handed it to Sirius. "You take this, I'll take her."

And with that Katora lifted Kassy and cradled her before running full vampire speed to the car.
"Sorry if I made you dizzy." I said as I sat her in the front seat.

Sirius reached them about 5 minutes after.
"Hurry up, slowpoke!" Katora said to him.

"Sorry I'm not a supernatural freak!" Sirius said out of plain frustration as he put the bag in the trunk and got in.

"Hold on!" Katora said and stepped on the gas full speed to St. Mungo's.

"Breath, just Brea....Ahhhhh can we speed this a little more hun...just a tiny bit" Kassy said does last words through clenched teeth. She kept breathing and the way to the hospital with of course many complains.

They reached the hospital and Kassy was ready to kick the door out. "Easy, mother said it was easy!" She said while clenching the car seat "Liar! the hell with the easy!" Kassy screamed. She motioned to put her hand on her husbands shoulder and grasp it tightly "This is all your bloody fault Sirius!" She tried to keep calm but the pain was unbearable she looked outside the car window and begged to get out, just waiting for Katora's next move.

"Nothing in life is easy, sissy. Nothing." Katora seemed to be deep in thought as she drove to St. Mungos. When they finally got there Katora carried Kassy out of the car and Sirius grabbed their bags.

The nurse at the registration eyed Katora with suspicious eyes, probably because her eyes were red after not feeding for days looking after her best friend.
"Are you--"

"My sister is in labor." Katora interrupted. "She needs to be delivered, now!"

The nurse got startled but nodded and called the healers, they guided Sirius and Katora to the delivery room.
"One of you two has to leave." One of the healers said.

"No, we both stay." Katora sounded menacing, almost over protective.

"Kat, are you--"

"I'm fine, Sirius." She said and sighed. "I'm not leaving my sister alone, and you're definitelly not leaving."

The healers all looked at each other.
"Well, Mrs. Black, are you ready to have your first child?" He sounded so annoying to Kat.

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[.Roxius.&.Lutora.] :: 4th Thread :: Graduated :: 18+
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