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 The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983

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PostSubject: Re: The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983   Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:32 am

“I’m fine, Nikita,” Mikael replied. “I’m just worried about you.”

That and I failed you, and Nicholai, he thought, angry with himself.

Looking at Nicholai, he realized that he had fallen hard for him. He wanted to keep them all safe, but he couldn’t even do that. I’m not good enough for him. He deserves better.

Looking at Jacques, he realized that even in sleep, he had his fingers entwined with Nikita’s. This made his heart hurt. He was certain that Nicholai would never feel that way about him.

“I’ll be back in a bit guys, I’m gonna go for a walk to clear my head,” said Mikael, already halfway out the door.


The doctor, having returned back to the reception desk, reread the notes of the injuries that Miss Franchot had obtained. Shaking her head, she knew that the President would not be a happy man. She almost felt sorry for whoever had caused this.

She knew his temperament and was sure there would be hell to pay. Taking the papers, she faxed them off to the Presidential Palace.
Shaking her head as she got the confirmation printout, she prayed for the soul of whichever man was going to pay for that.


To say Jakob Vasilyev was mad was an understatement. He was fucking pissed. His guard had deliberately disobeyed his orders. And now his ‘toy’ was in the hospital. He saw the injuries, and he was actually worried. He still needed to ‘play’. With her like that, he wasn’t sure if it would be possible.

Pacing back and forth in front of the detained guard, he was trying to reign in his temper, to no avail. Jakob then grabbed the guard and shackled his arms above his head. Stripping the clothes off the man, he was left devoid of all articles of his clothing.

“You fucking worthless piece of shit,” he yelled, punching the fucker in the face with all his might. He smiled with unbridled glee when he heard the bone in his nose break. “Why in the hell didn’t you listen to me? I said I wanted her unharmed!”

“I’m sorry, sir, but she’s just a worthless peasant,” replied the guard. “She’s nothing.”

Jakob spit on the guard. “She’s worth more than you,” he growled. “You’re the one who is worthless. Or you will be, after I’m done with you.”

The guard shook in fear. Jakob heard a trickling noise and looked down. Rolling his eyes, he barked out a laugh. “Pissing yourself in fear? What are you, a fucking child?”

“No sir,” the guard replied, voice shaking.

“You’re lucky. Normally this would be an offense I would kill you for. But workers are so hard to come by.”

“So, I’ll still be a guard?”

“Oh hell no, fucker. Part of the report I got stated that you tried to take advantage of my property. Don’t think I don’t know about you trying to have your way with her.”

“I didn’t. I swear I didn’t.”

“Bullshit! Don’t pull that crap with me!” yelled Vasilyev, pulling a knife from his pocket.

“Kill me! I deserve it.”

“You’re not getting off that easily. Besides, I already told you, I would keep you alive,” Jakob stated. “No this is the best punishment for the crime.”

Vasilyev grabbed the head of the guard’s member, and put the blade of the knife at the base. Looking into the eyes of one of his, once most trusted guards, he began sawing the blade into the flesh. After about 20 minutes of sawing and listening to the guard’s bloodcurdling screams, the member was finally detached. Looking up he saw the guard had passed out.

Walking over to the window, he decided to dispose of the offending piece of flesh. Throwing it out the window, he watched as a wolf ran to it, and downed it in one gulp.

Walking back over to the former guard, he slapped him in the face. The guard jerked conscious, and looked at Jakob with red rimmed eyes.
“You will no longer be a guard. You’re just a janitor now. I’ll send someone up to clean you and sow you up.”

With that he turned on his heel and strode out the door. He headed to the showers to watch the offensive substances off his person.


Mikael walked back into the hospital room. He was trying to be quiet as it was late now. He didn't check to see if Nikita was awake, because he felt she needed her rest.

He noticed that Nicholai was still awake, however. Walking over Mikael grabbed Nicholai's hand. He loved the weight of their hands together, and for someone who made weapons, his hands were quite soft.

Hugging Nicholai tightly, Mikael kissed Nicholai's forehead gently. Looking into Nicholai's captivating green eyes, he was at a loss for words for a moment.

Clearing his throat, he found his voice. "Any change in Nikita's condition? And how are you holding up? Is there anything I can do for you?"

Like kiss you? Mikael's brain supplied.

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PostSubject: Re: The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983   Sun Feb 10, 2013 4:10 am

Nicholai looked at his sister whom now slept with a hospital gown than with the awful dress she had on before. He held it in his hand, examining it; it wasn't even a fabric Nikita would use to make her clothes, and she hardly had any black fabric either. He already reached a conclusion as to why she changed, she'd probably started feeling too hot in all that wool. But who gave her the dress?

His thoughts were interrupted when Mikael entered the room, he put the dress away and pulled a chair closer to him so Mikael could sit there, but he was surprised that Mikael instead took hold of his hand.

Nicholai stood up and was once again surprised, Mikael had embraced him in a hug, which Nicholai immediately returned. He blushed when he kissed his forehead, and smiled. He felt so comfortable in this embrace, he wondered if there would ever be a time in which this could mean something more, but he knew this was an improbably possibility.
"Her vision is blurry now, the doctor put some drops in her eyes which seem to be helping quite a lot, says that she'll be able to see again but that her eyes might be a little more sensitive. Nothing to worry about though..." He sighed and rested his head on Mikael's shoulder, "just... stay here with me..."

Nicholai let go of Mikael before sitting down, taking his hand he made his best friend sit down too. He attempted to suppress a yawn but it was impossible, it had been a very long and testing day.

He saw that Jacques was waking up and cleared his throat.
"Hey there, sleeping beauty," he joked, "mind watching Nikita while we catch some shut eye?"

"No," Jacques replied as he stretched, "you go right ahead, I don't have to work tomorrow so I'm good."

"Thanks," Nicholai gave a slight nod before resting his head on Mikael's shoulder once more, "we should really try to sleep, there isn't much use in being completely exhausted for your rounds tomorrow."

"You're lucky Jakob seems to value you," the doctor said as she moved her finger for Nikita to follow.

"How so?" If only she knew...

"Most of the medicine we gave you we can only get from the Capitol for emergencies, and they usually cost a fortune, all your treatment was payed by him."

"Whoop-de-fuckin'-do," Nikita rolled her eyes, causing the doctor to laugh.

"I know working at the Capitol sucks, but it grants your entire household immunity if you behave," she handed Nikita a small box, "this is your new best friend."

Nikita opened the box and almost wanted to laugh at the sadness of it.
"An inhaler?"

"Yes, use it twice a day for two weeks so your lungs can finish healing," she smiled, "now get dressed, President Nial is holding a meeting in fifteen." And with that she walked out the door.

Nikita scoffed.
"An inhaler, that's fuckin' awesome," she sighed before giving herself a dose, immediately she felt her lungs ease up allowing her to breathe better. She got dressed and headed to the conference room.

Nicholai carted in all the clothes Nikita had made before the incident, which was quite a lot, on to the stage with the help of Jacques and Mikael.

"This is pretty awesome," Jacques pulled out a top hat and tried it on, "how does it look?"

"Like you need to pay five bucks if you want it," Nicholai chuckled.

"Come on, you gotta shoot me a better price than that!" Jacques smirked, "two bucks."

"Three and you cook our dinner tonight," Nicholai grinned.

"Deal," they shook hands and Jacques went to find a seat, wearing his brand new top hat. He hoped that Nikita would be happy to see him wearing one of her creations, after the hell he put her through he thought he had a lot of work to make it up to her.

Nicholai carted the last bunch of clothes and took Mikael's hand.
"Meeting's about to start," he smiled, the simple act of taking his hand was enough to cheer him up.

He sat down a chair away from Jacques so Nikita could sit between them and took out his notepad and pen as the anthem began to play. And as if she hadn't suffered anything, Nikita jumped on to her chair just when the lights turned off.

"I like your hat," Nikita whispered with a giggle to Jacques, causing him to chuckle before pointing at the president.

"Welcome all to the 57th meeting of the Resistance, may peace be with you!" She chimed with a smile.

"And with you as well," they all replied.

"We almost had a casualty this week, our dear designer, Nikita Franchot, was gravely ill after being exposed to the contaminants of the outside. But now a week later she is still here with us, looking rather energetic!"

The spotlight was aimed at her, she stood up and bowed, then sat back down.

"Nikita is also the newest member of the Resistance's spy alliance, now, I will not tell you what her job is in case you are ever submitted for questioning by Jakob, but let's just say she is the closest spy to Vasilyev yet!"

There were murmurs of 'that's great!' and 'that's amazing!' and all Nikita could do was cross her arms and close her eyes. She tried to keep all the negative thoughts from her head but it was useless, that was until Jacques took hold of her hand and laced his fingers with hers, that seemed to calm her down.

"Mikael Drayloch and Nicholai Franchot have been successful in clearing the town of any soldiers, holding two army men captive and bringing them to us for questioning. So far they've revealed the schedules in exchange for their freedom, but of course we all know that's not going to happen," she chuckled.

"Seems like the butchers are gonna have some fun," Nicholai joked with Mikael.

"New clothing is now currently available and will be sold after the meeting is over," Nial shifted through her papers and began to talk to each of the workers in charge of creating new weapons and new food sources and then the meeting was over.

The lights turned on and Nikita closed her eyes, the sudden brightness almost blinding her again. She put on her goggles and everything was better.
"I really hope I get to have my revenge on those assholes," she sighed.

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PostSubject: Re: The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983   Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:08 am

Mikael hugged Nicholai tighter when he realized that Nikita wasn’t going to lose her sight. He wasn’t sure how her lungs were, as it looked like she had gotten a bit of the rancid air before she had passed out.

“I’ll always stay with you Nicholai,” said Mikael.

When Nicholai took Mikael’s hand, his heart sang, and his body hummed. Seeing him yawn, made him yawn as well. Giving Jacques a small smile, at his acceptance of watching Nikita, Mikael held Nicholai’s hand. Scooting down a bit, so they were a bit more comfortable, he fell asleep with a smile on his face at how right it felt to be so close to him.


Waking up the next morning, Mikael yawned and smiled slightly at the weight of Nicholai on his body. Easing him off, he went to find the bathroom, to release the pressure on his bladder.

I don’t know if anything would ever come out of this, he thought, but I really want to tell him how I feel.

Walking back into the room, he noticed that everyone was still asleep. He gathered up his stuff, and put his gas mask and goggles on. After they were secured, he headed outside, and hopped on his motorcycle. Rushing back to their house, he threw his stuff in his room. He was running late for his rounds. Shaking his head, he grabbed his gun, and his notepad and pencil. Shoving those in his pockets, he rushed back out the door, locking it tightly.

Jumping back on the bike, he sped off on the roads to do his duties. Taking notes as he drove along, he was happy. Everything seemed to be normal for once. He was glad that he hadn’t woken Nicholai to come with him. He needed to stay with his sister, as she needed all the comfort she could get. He was happy she was alive; he didn’t want her to end up like Jamison.

Speeding back to the hospital, he noticed a strange vehicle coming towards him on the road. Pulling quickly off to the side, he realized it was Lorelai’s car. She was coming to a stop, and running out of her car. She got so close to him, he was sure she could see him, but she seemed to be too busy emptying the content of her stomach into the bushes.

Shaking his head, his blood ran cold, as he heard what she was muttering to herself.

“Well. I hope he’s happy, I’m finally going to continue his blood-line.”

She’s pregnant, already? People like her shouldn’t be allowed to breed! his mind screamed.

After Lorelai was back on his way, he made sure to add that to his notes. Hopping on his motorcycle, he continued the rest of the way to the hospital.

After getting back to the hospital, he heard that everyone was going to the Meeting. He rushed to the conference room. Silently cursing his bitch of a sister.


Helping Nicholai and Jacques cart stuff on the stage was actually fun. Laughing at the antics between Jacques and Nicholai made him happy, albeit slightly jealous. He had to admit Nikita outdid herself with the amount of clothing.

Taking their seats, Mikael’s heart felt like it stopped when Nicholai took his hand.

“I’m sorry I went on patrol without you, Nicholai, but I felt that Nikita needed you more,” said Mikael, softly. “I hope you’re not mad.”

The Meeting started and everything was normal, except for the fact that Nikita has almost been a casualty of war. After the meeting was over and the lights came on, Mikael ran to President Nial.

“Madam President, I did find something out on my patrol, but I didn’t want to speak out of turn,” said Mikael. “It seems that Lorelai is indeed pregnant, as I witnessed her vomiting into some bushes on my patrol.”

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PostSubject: Re: The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983   Fri Feb 15, 2013 4:04 pm

President Nial felt herself freeze, the papers she was organizing clutched tightly in her hands. Slowly, her gaze lifted over to Mikael, and with a bit of effort she let her documents go.
"Lorelai Vasilyev is... pregnant?" She cleared her throat, not wanting anybody to notice she was acting unusual, "not even a month since their wedding and she's already pregnant, this was much sooner than expected. To think the heir of the presidency will come to the world in nine months, we must prepare..." She lowered her gaze, deep in thought, "someone has to die, Mikael, I hope you realize this," she looked up at him again, "it's either your sister or the baby, and it will not be easy, we might have many casualties in the event..."
She looked around to make sure no one was listening to their conversation.
"You've done your job well, let's keep this to ourselves for now though, until I can think up a solid plan." She half smiled at Mikael before putting everything in her briefcase and walking back to her office.

"What's up, Mikael?" Nicholai asked walking over to his best friend, "come on, it's time we celebrate Nikita's recovery with that feast we were talking about." He smiled before taking hold of Mikael's hand.

The ride home was relatively short than the ones before, probably because they were so excited to get back to the house. Jacques came along for the ride too, offering to cook the meal himself.

Once inside, Nikita rushed to get her tablet so she could write her log.

Date: September 28th, 2130
Name: Nikita Franchot
Log: I was chosen to be the president's "assitant" two days ago and suffered an attack yesterday. I seem to be recovering but my eyesight is still very sensitive. President Nial moved up next weeks meeting to today, in which I've been made an official spy for the Resistance.

Still no sign from outside countries, we're in the dark.

She saved her log and decided she needed a good shower, so she took one. She put on a bustiere, not wanting any unnecessary pressure on her ribs, and a pair of pants before walking to the living room where Mikael and Nicholai sat waiting for Jacques to finish cooking.

"That's a nasty bruise you got there," Nicholai frowned, "does it hurt badly?"

Nikita shrugged.
"Nothing I can't handle on my own, of course touching it is excruciating," she sighed, "could we not talk about me, though? I'm starting to feel like some kind of victim."

"Well, aren't you a victim?" Nicholai raised an eyebrow.

"I brought this on myself, I'm no victim," said Nikita as she sat down, "change of topic, please?"

"Fine," Nicholai rolled his eyes, "Mikael's going to be an uncle."

Nikita's eyes widened, if Lorelai was pregnant, that meant more 'work' for her.
"I feel like I might vomit..." She muttered.

"You're not the only one who's sick in the stomach," Nicholai sighed, "don't tell anyone though, we're not supposed to know any of this."

"Got it," Nikita bit her lower lip, but her thoughts were interrupted by an unfamiliar knock on the door.

"Mikael, hide with Jacques," Nicholai said as he walked over to the window to see who it was, it was fuckin' President Vasilyev.

"Should I hide?" Nikita said, unknowing who the knocker was.

"No, we don't want our house to get destroyed," Nicholai took a deep breath before opening the door.

Nikita almost let out a gasp of fear when Jakob stepped inside, the door closing behind him. Immediately she stood up, not wanting to feel cornered into her seat.

"Evening, Mr. President," Nicholai said moving closer to his sister, "what can we help you with?"

"It's nice to see the savages haven't lost their manners," Jakob grinned, "I just wanted to check up on Nikita, wanted to make sure she was alright to come to work tomorrow." He got closer to her, biting his lip as he took in her outfit, how he wished her brother wasn't in the room right now... But something interrupted his perverted thoughts, the bruise atop Nikita's ribs, caused by the damn guard. "I'll let you know, I took care of the worker who gave you that, he won't be bothering you anymore."

"Th-thank you, sir," Nikkita stuttered, realizing how nude she was, wearing a fancy bra and pants. She wished she could run, but doing so could have disastrous effects.

Jakob walked closer to her and eyed Nicholai to make sure he wouldn't come near him. Gently putting his hands on her arms, he kissed her cheek before whispering to her.
"You better be wearing something like this for tomorrow," with a grin he stepped back and gave a nod, then he left.

"What the fuck was that all about!?" Jacques asked, full of fury, walking out from the hallway "he has no right to touch you!"

"Just drop it and get back to cooking, Jacques, I can take care of myself," Nikita realized she seemed a bit too harsh, so she sighed and hugged him, "I'm sorry, I'm just a little on edge."

"I know," Jacques kissed Nikita's shoulder before letting go of her and making his way to the kitchen.

"Mikael," Nikita turned to face him, "I just want to let you know, this isn't your fault," she smiled before hugging him, "I could tell you felt guilty, I'll have you know I was on that list of workers for quite some time."

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PostSubject: Re: The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983   Sat Feb 16, 2013 7:38 pm

Mikael walked out behind Jacques. He saw red. He had often wondered why Jakob had chosen Nikita when anyone could have been his assistant. He saw the look of pure lust in his eyes, and the way his pupils had dilated. Please tell me that being his “assistant” isn’t what I think it means , thought Mikael, utterly pissed at that man for touching the woman he felt of as a sister.

“You say it’s not my fault, Nikita,” started Mikael, “but if I would have just let her kill me after Jamison died, they never would have gone after you.”

“Nicholai, I am so sorry that I let your family down. I’m not worthy to be your friend,” said Mikael, full of guilt.

Hugging Nikita, he tried to be mindful of her injuries. Letting go, he turned and spotted Jacques, looking at him with a pissed off look in his eyes. “Don’t worry Jacques, she’s not my type. I’m kind of gay,” he said.

Paling, he realized what he said. Way to let the fucking cat out of the bag. Now they will think I’m a disgusting freak like Lorelai always told me I was.

“I’ve got to run for a bit, I need some air” said Mikael, paling more with each passing second. He then grabbed his gas mask and goggles and secured them. He ran out the door and was never happier that they’d installed his old self-shutting door.

He went to jump on the motorcycle, and paused. You need to stop running from your problems, you’ll keep running and running until there’s nowhere left to run to. Steeling himself, he turned back and went back into the house that he’d just vacated.

“I’m sorry about my outburst; I just blurted something very explosive to you all. If you want me to I’ll leave.”

Mikael sat down in an empty chair, his head in his hands, feeling useless.


After leaving the Franchot house, Jakob climbed into the limo. Removing the mask and goggles, he sighed as the nice clean air of the limo poured into his lungs. Thinking of Nikita in that bra and pants had a certain part of his anatomy reacting. Raising the partition so the driver couldn’t see him, he undid his pants, and lowered his boxers. His hard member sprang free. Grasping it, he gasped in pleasure.

He could almost see Nikita lowering herself on it, this vision caused him to explode violently into his hand. Cleaning himself up, he pulled up is boxers, and refastened his pants.

Lowering the partition, he couldn’t help but smirk at the horrified look on his driver’s face.

“Just keep your eyes on the road, if you know what’s good for you.”


Raising his red rimmed eyes Mikael looked at everyone, trying to gauge their thoughts.

Shit, you did it now Mikael, they all hate you just like Lorelai.
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PostSubject: Re: The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983   Sat Feb 16, 2013 9:01 pm

The three of them just stood there watching the door, analyzing what they've just heard. It was incredibly silent in the house right now, until Mikael opened the door again and apologized.

Jacques chuckled and went back to the kitchen, Nicholai was incredibly relieved of Mikael's confession, that is until he noticed that Nikita's hand was covering her mouth.
Oh no, if she can't accept Mikael, how could she accept me? He raised an eyebrow though, when Nikita started to laugh, to the point it seemed her ribs hurt.

"Oh, God! Mikael!" She laughed til her legs gave out, forcing her to sit down, "oh, honey... I mean, it's amazing that you're able to confess this, but we kind of already knew!" She smiled and hugged Mikael, "we're not Lorelai, we don't--"

"I'm gay too," Nicholai blurted out, after all, he had nothing to lose now that he knew Nikita wouldn't think any less than him.

But he didn't get the response he expected, all eyes were on him, kind of in shock.

"Weren't you dating Jolie a few months back?" Jacques asked, returning from the kitchen upon hearing Nicholai.

"She was my cover, we decided to stop since she'd found a guy she really liked..." Nicholai could feel his face turning red.

"Well, I wasn't expecting that from you," Nikita said and shrugged, "but either way, you're still my brother, and Mikael is still my friend. So let's eat because I'm starving!"

Nikita set the table and Jacques served the food, and while they did all that Nicholai couldn't help but steal looks at Mikael. Now that the people that mattered knew they were gay, what was the next step? Should Nicholai tell Mikael how he felt or wait it out to see if he even had a chance of being something more than best friends? What if he was stuck in the friend zone, never to escape?

"This looks and smells great, Jacques," Nikita smiled as she served herself, "we should have you cook for us more often."

"I do what I can to please you," Jacques smiled, and blushed when Nikita kissed his cheek, "bon appetit."

"Merci," Nikita winked before looking at Mikael and Nicholai, "alright, what's going on?"

"What's going on with what?" Nicholai asked, taken by surprise.

"Fine, if you won't tell me I'm sure Mikael will," she looked at him, "what's going on between you two? You've been acting completely weird for a while and now you two are going to the extremes of the awkwardness radar. What gives?"

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PostSubject: Re: The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983   Sun Feb 17, 2013 10:42 pm

Mikael gulped silently, “What do you mean, Nikita. We haven’t been awkward.”

I really don’t want to creep Nicholai out. I mean how creepy would that seem? thought Mikael.

Eating the rest of his dinner, he kept glancing at Nicholai out of the corner of his eye. He couldn’t read Nicholai’s face. He knew he wasn’t disgusted, but he probably just felt like a brother to him.

Looking up, Mikael exclaimed, “Jacques, dinner was delicious. Thank you so much.”

He then got up from his chair, and grabbed the dirty dishes. “You cooked the meal; it’s only fitting that someone else clean up. Why don’t you all just go into the Living Room while I get these dishes all done, I’ll be with you in a bit?”

Sliding out of the room, he started the dishes. Sighing as he did the washing, he couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to have Nicholai’s hands on him whilst being domestic. Shaking his head, he realized he was trying to rush things again. He was actually sort of glad that no one saw him during this train of thought. Mainly cause his body was starting to react to it. He still was afraid that Nicholai thought of him as a brother.

Finishing up with the dishes, he dried his hands off on his pants. Turning around and walking back to the dining room, he wiped the table and everything down. Walking off to where he’d shooed everyone else to, he decided to sit on the floor and get comfy. Wiggling around to get comfy, he then sat cross legged, and put elbows on his knees. Putting, his head in his palms, he breathed a sigh of relief at the pop he felt from his back.

“So what did I miss while I was cleaning?” asked Mikael playfully.

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PostSubject: Re: The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983   Sun Feb 17, 2013 11:34 pm

"Nothing much," Nikita laughed, "just that Jacques really sucks at playing Uno."

"I let you win, hun," Jacques laughed as well as he picked up the cards to shuffle them again.

"And that he's a sore loser," Nicholai joked, relaxing on the couch, before looking out the window and glancing at his watch, "I didn't realize it was so late, nearly seven..." He got up and started turning on candles so they could save on electricity for the purifying system and the central air.

"I should hit the road, usually Jakob sends some of his men to do rounds at eight," Jacques stood up and stretched, about to get his things until Nikita took hold of his hand.

"You can't stay the night?" She asked, getting up with his help, "I wouldn't, well, we wouldn't want something happening to you on your way home, and after the days I've had I could really use some company."

Jacques couldn't help but smile at how cute Nikita was, and embraced her in a hug, minding her injuries.
"I wish I could, but if the escorts see me here, word's bound to get over to Vasilyev," he pulled away to look into her eyes, "you wouldn't want that, do you?"

She shook her head.
"Be careful."

"Always am," he said with a wink before putting on his gas mask and goggles, he waved goodbye before going out the door.

Nikita sighed and turned to face Mikael and Nicholai.
"I'm going to take a shower and head right to bed, I can sense I've got a long day ahead of me tomorrow." She hugged them both before heading to the bathroom.

"Goodnight," Nicholai said before sitting down on the couch, realizing that he was now alone with Mikael. He bit his lower lip, thinking of their confessions not too long ago. They were both gay, that was out in the open, but would Mikael feel the same thing about him?

"You must have been scared shitless, the way you told Jacques that you're gay," he smiled at his friend, motioning for him to sit next to him, "another thing we have in common." He couldn't help but laugh at his conclusion, it seem kind of juvenile, "Is there anyone you particularly have your eyes on?"

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PostSubject: Re: The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983   Mon Feb 18, 2013 12:01 am

Watching Jacques leave, he hoped that he stayed safe. He had a feeling, that Jacques liked Nikita, and he didn’t want to see his little sister broken, again.

“I was scared shitless; I really thought he was going to wring my neck. The war didn’t scare me as much as Jacques,” laughed Mikael.

Thinking how to word the answer to Nicholai’s second question was a bit difficult for him.

“Well, Nicholai, there is this one guy. He’s slightly older than I am. He’s sweet, sensitive, nice, and an all-around good guy. I’m just not sure if he likes me too. And I sure as hell am too shy to just come out and tell him. With my luck he doesn’t even like me much anyways.”

I just can’t get the courage to come out and tell him that I’ve fallen for him. I’m such a loser.

“So anyone you’ve had your eye on?” queried Mikael, almost dreading the answer.

While waiting for the answer, Mikael went and got a couple of blankets for him and Nicholai. No use being uncomfortable and cold. Coming back in the room, he handed over one of the blankets. He laid down and wrapped himself in the other one, trying to get comfortable.
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Listening to Mikael, Nicholai couldn't help but smile to himself. The description of the guy Mikael liked was kind of vague, but he didn't say anything that would exclude him from the list of possibilities. But then again there were a lot of guys who wouldn't be excluded.

He tried to stay positive, there was a chance Mikael did indeed like him.

He took a while to phrase how to answer his question as Mikael went to get the blankets.
"Thank you," he said, taking one and putting it over him before looking at Mikael, "I have my eye on someone too, and just like you I have no idea if he likes me back. Always been there for me when I need him, he's understanding and pretty mature for his age. Been through a lot, just like me," he smiled, "he and I just click."

He attepted to supress a yawn but wasn't able to, he didn't get too much sleep at the hospital so he was pretty beat. Laying his head on Mikael's shoulder he slowly drifted to sleep, feeling incredibly comfortable with him.

Looking in the mirror, Nikita didn't know if she felt like a gipsy or a an exotic dancer. A green bra ruffled at the top with two chains underneath with golden coins dangling from it and a matching green skirt with ruffles that was short at the front and floor length in the back. To keep from feeling too naked, she put on some brown boots that rached her knees.

It was an outfit she'd made up in the middle of the night after waking up from a nightmare in which Nicholai suffered a horrible death, so she figured she had to dress the way Jakob wanted her to dress in order to keep him safe.

She walked out of her room and was on her way to the kitchen until she saw Mikael and Nicholai sleeping on the couch, basically cuddling each other.
"Morning," she grinned, thinking it was just adorable.

Nicholai opened his eyes and blushed realizing that he had fallen sleep with Mikael.
"Morning," he yawned before gently getting up, not wanting to wake up his best friend, "I like your outfit, much better than that God awful hot dress you wore last time, at least you won't die of heat with this one." He hugged his little sister and began to make coffee, stealing glances at her. She seemed a little nervous, constantly looking at the clock. "Hey, I know that what happened last time probably has you a bit freaked out, but you heard what Jakob said, he took care of the asshole who hit you and pushed you out of the limo."

Nikita half smiled at her brother and nodded.
"Yes, I know," but it's not that I'm worried about, she sighed and sat down, taking her goggles and cleaning them with a napkin, "I know I'll come back in one piece, I'm just afraid that others might get the same idea, you know? I mean, I tried defending myself and all it did was land me in the hospital..."

Nicholai frowned as he served his sister the hot coffee and set it in front of her.
"Just... be strong, I'm sure Nial is planning our attack on the Capitol as we speak, and Jacques can keep an eye on you..."

"Yeah..." She sighed before downing her coffee, just in time for the knock at the door. "I love you, I'll be back soon."

She hugged her brother before putting on her mask and goggles and walking out the door. This time Jacques rode in the limousine too, and the escort that pushed her out wasn't riding with them.
"What happened to whats-his-face?" She asked, and didn't receive a response from any of them, causing her to grin, "what? Afraid Jakob might give you a booboo?"

Again, no reply. But she could see Jacques trying not to laugh.

"Wake up, sleepy!" Nicholai smiled as he put the cup of coffee under Mikael's nose so the smell could wake him up, "we have to do your rounds, and go hunt for more food. We best get going as fast as we can if we wanna be able to relax before Nikita gets back."

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Mikael moaned at the delectable smell of coffee. Sitting up slowly, he wiped the sleep from his eyes.

“That smells so good, Nicholai. Thank you,” he said. Looking at the clock, he realized he'd missed Nikita leaving. "Hey Nicholai, how's Nikita today? I hope she dressed a bit more comfortably today. I mean, that dress she had on the other day was just ridiculous. She's lucky she didn't end up with heat stroke on top of everything else."

Drinking the coffee, he felt it warm his body, and slowly wake him up. “I’ll be right back after I get dressed.”

Standing slowly, he stretched again. Trudging off to his room, he shut the door, and grabbed his clothes. Changing, his mind wandered. He couldn’t believe that he fell asleep with Nicholai. He was so happy when he woke up, it was possibly the best sleep he’d had in a long time. I actually felt safe, and cared for, though Mikael.

After changing into his clean clothes, he walked back out into the Living Room. “Well…better get headed out for patrol. Hopefully, we don’t see anything noteworthy. I just want an easy day for once. And afterwards, I guess we should get some hunting done. I mean, it's got to be nice for Nikita to come home to a nice meal after a hard day of work."

Making sure his mask and goggles were secure, he waited for Nicholai to do the same. Grabbing, his hand once they were all set up, he dragged him out the door. Jumping on his motorcycle, he felt Nicholai climb on behind him, and grab onto his waist. To the untrained eye, they would just look like a couple of friends out for a drive.

A few hours on patrol, and there was nothing to report. Sighing in relief, he was happy that it was all quiet, at least for today. Speeding off in another direction, he smiled as Nicholai clung tighter to him. He remembered that clearing that Nicholai had taken him to before.

After they arrived, Mikael turned off the motorcycle. Climbing off, he took his mask and goggles off and took a deep breath of the fresh, crisp, clean air. Turning around, he pulled Nicholai off the bike and removed his goggles and mask as well.

Looking in Nicholai’s eyes, Mikael found his breath caught in his throat. Turning his head, he squeaked, “Well, I guess we’d better hunt for some dinner."

Turning around, he tried to control his racing heart and over excited libido.


The guards arrived at the palace with Nikita in tow. They were terrified to even lay a hand on her, lest they suffer the same fate as the other. They led her up to Jakob's office. Opeining the door, they led her in, and turned tail and practically bolted in fear.

Jakob Vasilyev, who was seated at his desk, watched as Nikita was brought into the room. He tried to hide the glee in his eyes at how uncomfortable the guards were with touching his property. I guess the threat worked, and the fact that it's not an empty threat made a difference I'm sure.

Looking up from his thoughts, he saw what his Nikita was wearing. His mouth went dry, his pupils dilated, and his breathing got heavier. Standing up, he headed first for the door, to make sure it was locked tight, then to Nikita, to examine her outfit a bit more.

"Oh god, Nikita, you look exquisite in that. The skin you're showing. You have no idea what in the hell you do to me," Jakob stated, already grinding his rapidly hardening member against her.

He had seen the readout of her injuries and saw the bruises for himself. Normally, being the ruthless asshole he was, he would have just taken her then and there, but he couldn't. He didn't know what was happening to him. He wasn't even this gentle with Lorelai. Of course Lorelai had always been a bitch, and tried to take the lead in bed. Something he hated.

"Come Nikita," he said, taking her hand and leading her to the chair. "Don't be afraid, I just want you to be comfortable. I know all of the savages think I'm a ruthless tyrant, but I occasionally do have a heart."

Kissing her neck tenderly, he stroked her hair. Moving to her mouth, he kissed her tongue gently prying her mouth open. Moaning at the feel of the moist heat of Nikita's mouth, he felt his member start to harden yet again. Tearing his mouth away from hers, he held his forehead against hers.

Feeling his resolve lessening, he assaulted her slender neck. Nipping where her neck met her collarbone, he tried not to make a mark, but was afraid he was failing. Her scent was intoxicating, her body was more slender than his wife's. He felt that he was starting to fall for her, but he daren't let anyone know yet. He could only imagine what Lorelai would think if she knew that he wasn't really attracted to her, that he'd never really been. Jakob mentally shrugged, Lorelai is a good fuck and that's about it, at least Nikita hasn't given in yet. That shows her will, and she will make a better consort than Lorelai.

Deciding that she had decidedly too many clothes on, he pulled her clothes off, noting to keep them intact so as not to arise any suspicions, should his wretch of a wife be waiting outside the door, as she had been wont to do. Eying the grotesque bruise on the otherwise unmarked flesh, pissed him off. I never should have let that bastard live, but how else would they know that I meant business?

Taking his fingertips, Jakob gently traced the bruise, "I'm sorry that he did this to you Nikita. I will let you know, he's been dealt with accordingly, and will not be coming near you, ever again."

Standing, he stretched. He handed Nikita her clothes. "You'd better hurry and get dressed. I'm gonna let you go for the day. Go home, rest up a bit more, and I'll see you tomorrow. And please wear something like that again tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have a meeting that I can't reschedule."

Waiting for her to redress, he stared at her glorious flesh. After she had re donned her ensemble, he ushered her out the door where a guard was waiting to escort her back to the car. Shutting the door after Nikita left, he locked it. His back against the wall, he ran his fingers through his hair. Why in the fuck does she make me feel like that when my own wife doesn't?

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PostSubject: Re: The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983   Sat Mar 09, 2013 10:41 pm

It was a bit awkward for Nicholai to get on the same bike with Mikael after their confessions yesterday, sure, now he stood a better chance with him, but what if Mikael wasn't even remotely interested in something more than being best friends?

Deep in thought he held on tightly to Mikael's waist and rested his head on his large and toned back, taking in the scent of the one who only used to be his best friend since childhood and now developed to be his romantic interest. How did things like this happen? Why did things have to get so complicated?

He decided to push his thought aside and focus on the now, smiling as he saw that Mikael had remembered where the clearing was. Reluctantly he let go of Mikael and got off the bike, he stretched, being in the same position for an hour was a little hard on his back, but immediately he found relief when his spine made a cracking sound.

He took off his mask and goggles and breathed in deeply, as he always did when he got the chance at clean air and smiled a Mikael, inspecting his features, getting lost in his eyes; that is until Mikael turned away, which made Nicholai frown before he reached for his gun.

How much longer was he willing to live like this? He could die at this very moment, was he really going to let fear prevent him from telling Mikael how he truly felt? He left his gun in his pocket and went over to him and with a gentle hand he made Mikael face him.
"Mikael, I..." He trailed off, lost in Mikael's eyes once more, he could felt himself blush, something that didn't happen too often. But it was now or never, he wasn't about to let his opportunity pass, "I have something to tell you," he cleared his throat and tried his best to keep eye contact without letting the fear get to him, "I am..."

Why couldn't he just let it out? Why was it so fucking hard?
"I am glad to have you here with me," he smiled, but then he frowned, "no, that's not what I wanted to say at all..." He scratched the back of his head and shook it, thinking he was quite stupid for not saying what he truly felt, "fuck it, you know what? I like you, and not just in a friendly way, I'm attracted to you and honestly I just had to tell you before something happened to the both of us," he turned and crossed his arms, "I understand if this is awkward for you, and I understand if you no longer want to live at my house, just..." He turned to face Mikael again, "I hope you don't let my feelings towards you spoil our friendship."

His eyes glistened with tears that threatened to escape, afraid that his best friend wouldn't want anything to do with him anymore.

Nikita stood there looking towards the floor once the guards left, the fun she was having mocking their fear was quickly replaced with fear of her own. Jakob got right to business, not missing a beat, her cheeks turned red in embarrassment as she felt his member pressed against her. But she looked up when he stepped away from her and used such a gentle tone of voice, she looked into his eyes, trying to find any malice or sarcasm in them, but there was nothing. This man was being genuinely nice to her, or at least as nice as he could be. His desires were still there, very obvious in both his face and his pants.

But Nikita didn't say no as he led her to the chair, even though she really didn't have a choice and sat down, incredibly surprised that he wanted her to be comfortable. But the comfort ended when he began to kiss her neck, his moans brought tears to Nikita's eyes but she tried her best to stay strong and just went with it, not wanting to upset him. The nip at her neck brought an involuntary moan which she immediately regretted, since he began to take off her clothes.

Her breath got harder and she held on tightly to the chair to avoid any urges to push him off, but then she was surprised once again when Jakob was gentle with her for the second time, this time trailing his fingers around her bruise, the feeling gave her goosebumps.

"Th-thank you," Nikita stuttered, surprised that he let her go so easy, though of course this must have been one of those 'once in a lifetime' things. After all, he wasn't letting her go because he wanted to, he had a meeting; probably to decide when to bomb Vitaly Pavel again.

She left with the guard and got to the limo, where the escorts and Jacques were waiting to take her back to her home. The ride was quiet, Nikita kept wondering what had gotten into Vasilyev...

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The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983
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