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 The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983

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Kaez Alexandrov
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PostSubject: The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983   Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:10 am

For our honor, for our families, for our present, for our future. We are the resistance.

Date: September 26th, 2130
Name: Nikita Franchot
Log: A year and a month has gone by without much progress, people are still dying and the government still stands firm. The population is almost out of food and our crops refuse to grow due to the massive contamination the president has left upon us in hopes to extinguish us all. The army hasn't been called down from protecting the palace.

Outside countries refuse to lend us a hand, or perhaps they haven't gotten our cries for help. Either way, the citizens of Alexandria stand alone.

"Care to add anything to your log, Nicholai?" Nikita asked holding out the very old tablet to her brother, in which she logged every morning and every night in hopes that it would prove itself to be a very valuable item either to serve as proof to the other countries, or to write down in the history books if the people ever won the war.

"No," he sighed as he polished his gun, apparently having been deep in thought before his sister interrupted. "Do you really think we can win this war?"

The question caught Nikita off guard, so much it took her a few seconds to get her thoughts together. She gently placed the tablet on the table before fixing all her attention on Nicholai.
"Why wouldn't we?"

"Typical, you answer one question with another," he put the gun in his pocket, "it's been a year, a year of a war that began with a stupid argument. It's gone from the people protesting against the money that was meant to be used for our healthcare and now we have nothing. The government has taken everything from us because we're 'ungrateful' and we 'deserve nothing', it started with healthcare, now it's food, clothing, our homes; everything we need to survive is being taken away from us."

"Well isn't that an even bigger reason to fight? To take back what's ours and make the government realize that without us they're nothing?" Nikita frowned and put on her goggles, "come on, we're going to be late."

She put on her utility belt and stuffed her weapons into it and she put on her gas mask, her brother followed suit.

They both stood at the door of their home and made sure that their gas masks were tightly secured before storming out so they could close the door quickly, trying to prevent the outside air from going inside.

It was a very cold morning, Nikita looked up at the sky to try to see the sun but everything looked brown. She could hear birds above but she could not see them either,she could also hear airplanes, which were likely to be throwing more contaminants into the air as the president had ordered every morning.

She took out her gun and listened carefully once the plane left, listening for any chirps that seemed to be remotely close and she fired, a dove fell to the ground a few feet away, singed by the laser. She took the animal and stuffed it in her bag.
"Breakfast," she smiled at Nicholai though he couldn't see with the mask.

Nicholai gave his little sister a thumbs up before looking around.
"He should be here by now, it's not common for him to take so long."

Nikita shrugged.
"Maybe he's getting breakfast too."

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PostSubject: Re: The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983   Sun Jan 13, 2013 2:38 am

Looking down at his watch, Mikael Drayloch realized that he was late for his meeting with Nikita and Nicholai. He was never late, so he knew they’d be worried about him. In these days of war, it was common for people to leave home only to never return. He’d already gone through that. He lost his own twin brother, Jamison, shortly after contaminates started being dropped daily. His brother’s gas mask hadn’t been tightly secured, and being the smaller, sicklier of the two, had died in agony. He’d died a few days after being exposed.

Shaking the guilty feeling that he felt daily for surviving, Mikael secured his gas mask tightly. Running out the door, he was happy he’d installed that self-shutting door. He didn’t want that crap getting in the only place he had left. It had been left to him and his brother, but it was only his now. Checking his holster, he felt the cool steel of his gun. He’d hoped to never have to use it, but he knew the time was coming, he just wasn’t sure when.

Hopping onto the motorcycle that had been Jamison’s, he revved the motor, and took off. Heading towards Nikita and Nicholai’s house, he started worrying again. Would this war ever be over? Would he ever be able to avenge his brother’s death, and rid himself of the guilt?

So many questions, but none of them he knew the answer to. He needed to get to Nicholai and Nikita before they began worrying. Stopping the motorcycle, he’d realized the sound he’d been hearing since leaving, was his stomach rumbling. Hopping off, he listened quietly for any sounds of life. Hearing something off to his side, he took his gun out of his holster quite slowly, as not to scare whatever he’d heard. Taking the safety off, he aimed at the source of the noise. Seeing a squirrel running off to a tree in the distance, he shot as quickly as he could.

The squirrel dropped to the ground and Mikael ran quickly to it, and grabbed it up. Examining it, he saw no signs that it had been damaged by the gasses. He shoved the carcass in his rucksack, and hightailed back to his mode of transportation.

Hopping back on the seat, he gunned it towards the only friends he had left in this war-torn world.
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Kaez Alexandrov
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Kaez Alexandrov

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PostSubject: Re: The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983   Tue Jan 15, 2013 11:22 pm

Two. Three. Four. Five and Six. The birds kept falling with each shot Nikita blasted to the skies in search of food. She was about to send another shot into the air but noticed another noise. Nicholai noticed it too, so he dragged his sister to a dark alley.

"What do you figure that is?" Nikita whispered, clutching on to her brother's shirt.

Nicholai listened as the sound got closer.
"It sounds like a... motorcycle..." He smacked his forehead and chuckled at his momentary stupidity. It wasn't someone from the capitol, it was Mikael going to meet them. He could breathe easier now though, his best friend was safe.

They both walked out of the alley and smiled at the sight, Mikael was alive and well, he was not another victim.

"Just a second." Nicholai gave a nod of his head before turning around to open the garage door, he didn't want to risk taking their motorcycle out before Mikael got there in fear that the army might come and confiscate it even though he knew it wasn't likely. The president hadn't been sending any of his men out here in fear that they might perish like his civilians.

He looked both ways before pushing out the vehicle to make sure there was no one around, Nikita closed the garage door before hopping on behind her brother.
"Full speed!" She shouted with a giggle, Nicholai chuckled before he revved the engine towards their destination.

It was about an hour before they reached it, and they could tell they were late by the short line at the entrance. Quickly they parked the motorcycles and ran to the door. One by one the civilians entered until it was their turn.

"ID please." The guard said and Nikita showed her identification badge. "You know the drill."

Nikita nodded and stepped inside through the clear glass doors and stood infront of another, the door shut tightly and she was sprayed from head to toe with a sanitizing spray. A minute passed before the door in front of her opened and she was able to proceed to the underground base.

The same procedure was done with Nicholai and Mikael.

"Finally!" Nikita shouted taking off her goggles and her gas mask, thankful now that she could breathe the clearest air she could since last week. She ran over to the kitchen and threw her bag on the counter. "Six doves was the best I could do for today, please make sure to completely boil them before cooking them, okay?"

The chef nodded before taking the bag and emptying it.
"You keep singeing your food, I told you to use the BB gun for hunting."

"Last time I did that I swallowed the BB and I was in the hospital for a week, is that what you want, Jaques?" Nikita raised an eyebrow.

"Of course not," Jaques sighed before smiling at her, "sorry, it's just that you know it takes me longer to cook them in this condition and I have many people to cook for and..." he trailed off as Nikita went over to him, she kissed his cheek and his face went red causing her to giggle. "I'll do my best."

"Thank you," she smiled before running off to the conference room.

"I thought something happened to you," Nicholai sighed, putting an arm around Mikael's shoulders, "I was starting to worry, I wouldn't know what I'd do if I lost you too, you know..."

Nikita was about to tackle her brother but she noticed something, something she had been noticing for a while now. Nicholai seemed to be more attached to Mikael than ever, and it was a bit odd. So out of character for Nicholai to show so much emotion for someone ever since their parents were killed for breaking into the supermarket that was ordered to be closed down by the president so the people would starve. That was before the citizens began to grow their own crops.

She bit her bottom lip and backed away as quietly as she could, not wanting to interrupt them.

"Five minutes until the town meeting." Said a man over the speakers, people began to take their seats.

"Why were you late?" Nicholai asked in a whisper to his best friend, "did anyone try to hold you up?"

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PostSubject: Re: The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983   Wed Jan 16, 2013 10:44 pm

As Mikael approached Nikita and Nicholai’s house, he heard gunfire. He chuckled silently to himself. Sounds like Nikita found breakfast. I wonder if she got anything good, cause the squirrel I found sure doesn’t sound very appetizing. As Mikael rounded the corner, he saw them walking out of the darkened alleyway. Flashing a brilliant smile at the pair, he noticed they both smiled at him in relief.

Waiting for the duo to get their own motorcycle out, he smiled at the antics of the pair. Nikita and Nicholai were closer than most siblings he knew. The only ones he knew closer were Jamison and he. He had a sister too, named Lorelai. She’d joined the governmental forces. She was going out of her way to try to find Mikael and end his pitiful life.

After arriving at the building, and being sanitized, Mikael felt so much better. He and Nicholai headed off to the conference room.

“Don’t worry Nicholai,” reliped Mikael. “No one tried to hold me up, I got up late. You know how I am. I’m sorry I worried you,” Mikael said sheepishly.

He looked up, and noticed Nikita backing away slowly whilst biting her lip. Why does she have a look like that? What did I do wrong?

“Come on Nicholai, let’s catch up to Nikita, and find seats,” said Mikael, dragging Nicholai with him.

Mikael noticed that Nicholai seemed to stick to him more, but he didn’t care. Mikael seemed to cling to Nicholai more too. They were best friends, and Nicholai was Mikael’s rock. They seemed to need each other close. Mikael was contemplating moving closer to Nikita and Nicholai. At least this way, Lorelai wouldn’t have any idea where he lived.

Catching up with Nikita, he was overcome with shyness about asking them. He didn’t want to overstep his bounds, so he bit his tongue.
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Kaez Alexandrov
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PostSubject: Re: The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983   Sat Jan 19, 2013 12:12 am

Nicholai sighed, in all honesty he wanted to sit alone with Mikael. He loved his sister to death, but in times like these he had no privacy, he wanted to be able to talk with Mikael and catch up in the week's events. But, if he didn't sit with his sister then she would suspect something from him, and he didn't want that either.

He sat between Mikael and Nikita and twiddled his thumbs as he waited anxiously for the meeting to begin.

"What's wrong with you?" Nikita whispered to Nicholai as she took her notepad and pen out, "you'd think you would be more relaxed down here than back at home."

"just... take notes." Nicholai cleared his throat and put his hands in his pockets.

Nikita raised an eyebrow, but decided to shrug off her brother's weirdness.

The Resistance's theme played over the speakers as President Nial walked to the stage to take her place at the podium. Once the theme ended she smiled at the civilians of Alexandria.
"Welcome all to the 56th meeting of the Resistance, may peace be with you!"

"And with you as well." The room echoed.

"I come bearing great news, everyone who attended the 55th meeting is here today, meaning there have been no casualties!" The room applauded, "and whom do we have to thank? Miss Nikita Franchot for designing our clothing and her excellent use of brown tones that allow us to blend in with the fog that surrounds us."

More applause, Nikita turned red as she stood up to bow at the others.
"I thank you for your acknowledgement, dear president. But I come with a request as well, I am out of fabric and dye."

"This was expected," the president motioned for someone out of the stage to come forward, and in came a man dragging a big cart full of blood stained clothes, "no use for the dead, are they? In times of need we must work with what we've got, and this is what you must work with."

Nikita bit her bottom lip, thinking the idea was completely repulsive, but she sighed and nodded.
"Thank you, president Nial."

Nial gave a nod and smiled.
"This load and more will be waiting in front of your house for you, I expect at least three dozen articles of clothing for the next meeting."

"Yes, ma'am." Nikita sat down and wrote everything down on her notepad.

"Right, now to the next order of business..." Nial looked at the list in front of her, "Mikael Drayloch, our watchman. Have we had any visitors from the capitol?"

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PostSubject: Re: The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983   Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:51 pm

Clearing his throat, Mikael stood up. “Thank you, President Nial. There has only been one visitor from the capital. But it has been her sole mission to kill me and only me. I don’t even think she knows that I am part of the Resistance.”

Looking around, Mikael sighed heavily. “You all know this person as Lorelai Polssman, wife to the head of the government. But unfortunately she is my sister. She knows where I currently reside, and has no qualms about killing me.”

Looking at Nikita and Nicholai, he realized that being a part of the Resistance made them more of a target than he’d realized. But since she knew where his current residence was, he was going to have to go underground if Lorelai ever found out that he was part of the Resistance.

“President, I know that this may not be possible, but because Lorelai knows where I live,” Mikael paused, taking a deep breath, “I feel I may need to move if at all possible.”

Sitting down, Mikael sighed heavily. He usually didn’t like people to know his personal business, but this directly involved everyone in the Resistance. He felt he should be forthcoming, as he was the watchman. Looking up, at the president, Mikael tried to calm his breathing.

Breathe slowly, if you breathe slowly, you won’t cry. No one here needs to see you cry. You are the watchman, no need to be a sniveling baby.

Steeling himself, Mikael stood back up. “I’m sorry about that President Nial. I have an idea if I was able to move. We need to find a way to destroy my current home. That way the Government thinks that I am a mere casualty of war.”

Sitting down, Mikael resolved that no matter what they agreed to, he’d not hold it against anyone. As it was his own stupidity that had gotten him into this mess.

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Kaez Alexandrov
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PostSubject: Re: The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983   Mon Jan 21, 2013 12:28 am

Murmurs filled the room at the recent confession, everyone knew what this meant: if Mikael was discovered, they would all pay the consequences. The murmuring got louder and louder until the president pounded her gavel, gaining everyone's attention.

"Quiet, everyone!" Nial said calmly as she looked through her papers, "there are no empty homes at this moment, so I'm afra--"

"We'll take him in," Nicholai got up, holding Nikita's hand so she would stand up too, he bit his lip realizing he had interrupted the president, "sorry, ma'am, but seeing as this is an important matter I felt it was imperative that I get my voice heard. We have an extra room in our house, Mikael can stay with us."

"Nicholai, what the--"

"Your house is not even remotely close to the entrance of the city, who is going to stand watch?" Nial raised an eyebrow.

"I am more than willing to take the risk, to go there with him and stand watch out in the open."

Nial observed Nicholai, noting his serious expression. She wrote on her papers and crossed on it as well before looking at Mikael.
"Mr. Drayloch, you have been re-positioned to the Franchot household, you have five hours to collect your things before we deliver a bomb to your residence. Please make sure to collect everything you need otherwise you'll lose them forever."

Nicholai sat down and smiled at Mikael.
"You know you can always count on us," he ruffled Mikael's hair.

Nikita was a bit puzzled but didn't question anything, she sat down and kept her mouth shut not wanting to interrupt the president any longer. She was a little saddened though, because the extra room used to belong to their parents, she guessed she would move that room and give Mikael her room.

The meeting continued for another hour discussing the crops that for some miracle had managed to grow and speaking with the scientists as to how they could make our way of life easier. Their latest achievement is a stronger air purifier, but it would be more expensive. Even in times of war, we had to pay for our things. Then the president spoke with Nicholai and the rest of his team about weapons needed to be beta tested and if they had managed to create new guns.

Nicholai and Nikita were pretty important. She made the clothes and he made the guns, it made for an easier life, getting clothing and weapons for free. Perhaps they could get Mikael in some sort of business too.

The meeting ended and they all headed to the lunch room where Jaques greeted them with the six doves Nikita had shot.

"This smells amazing!" Nikita said in awe, "probably your best work yet," she winked at him, causing him to blush.

"Only the best for you, hon." He smiled, "I'll see you later, I have to get back to the kitchen."

Nikita waved him off before serving herself two doves, she sensed someone was looking at her and it was her brother with a raised eyebrow.
"What?" She asked before taking a bite.

"What's up with you and Jaques?"

Nikita almost choked on her food with laughter, once she managed to breathe and swallow she shook her head.
"I need him on my side, dear brother. How else would we get better treatment than the others?"

"So you're using him?" Nicholai crossed his arms in disapproval.

"It sounds so evil when you say it..." Nikita sighed, but then shrugged and ate her food happily.

Nicholai served himself two doves as well and pushed the remaining two over to Mikael.
"You really should uninstall that self shutting door from your house and bring it to ours," he said to his best friend, "wouldn't serve you any in a blown up house, now, would it?"

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PostSubject: Re: The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983   Tue Jan 22, 2013 11:45 pm

Mikael was happy. He was finally going to be out of that house. The house had nothing but bad memories for him now. Ever since his brother had passed away in it, the happiness seemed to have been sucked out. With President Nial destroying it so that witch Lorelai would have no way to find him, hopefully.

He started making a checklist of everything he needed from the house. Family pictures and Jamison’s artwork were musts. He wasn’t going to bother with trivial things like the furniture, unless there were items that Nikita and Nicholai needed to accommodate him. If not for Nicholai, he would have left the self-shutting door still attached to his home.

Smiling at the doves, Mikael inhaled deeply, the tantalizing aroma making his mouth water. Digging in, he remembered he needed to eat regularly. He hadn’t eaten since his breakfast yesterday. After eating the delectable birds sat in front of him, he sat back, sated.

“Well. I have four hours to get my stuff together. I’ll meet up with you guys at your place,” said Mikael standing up, stretching. He groaned softly when his back cracked.

Turning and walking towards the entrance, he got his gas mask readied. Making sure it was tightly secured; he walked back out into the brownish fog. Finding his way to his precious motorcycle, Mikael hopped on it, and let the engine purr beneath him. Kicking it into gear, he sped off towards his soon to be demolished home.

Racing towards his house, he realized that it was like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders. He actually felt happy for the first time in a very long time. About an hour later, he pulled into his driveway. Jumping off the motorcycle, he rushed to his garage. Opening the garage door, he ran inside, not caring the acrid air was infiltrating the indoors. He grabbed his travel trailer and dragged it outside.

Hooking it up to the back of the cycle, he made sure that the filtration system was operable. Couldn’t have the few meager belongings he was taking with him be damaged by the governmental poisons. He then rushed in his house, and disabled the self-shutting door. Making sure it was propped open, he grabbed all the photos and clothes he could. He made sure that he put those in the trailer, and then went back to get a few more things.

He grabbed a couple of twin sized beds to put in the trailer. Can’t be too sure they even have an extra bed for me, thought Mikael. Then he grabbed the writing desk that used to be Jamison’s. I don’t care if they don’t have room for this, but this is the last thing I have of his. I can’t give it up.

After packing that up, he jumped back on his motorcycle, and listened to the engine rev. Mikael then gunned it, and headed off. A few minutes later, he heard a loud noise behind him.

Turning his head, he saw the homestead decimated by a bomb. Turning back, he had a lone tear slide down his cheek, and he was off to live with Nicholai and Nikita. He started worrying about their safety. How would he keep everyone safe now?
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Kaez Alexandrov
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PostSubject: Re: The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983   Fri Jan 25, 2013 8:25 pm

"Alright, Nikita and I will be going home soon after we take care of some things here," Nicholai smiled and waved Mikael off before continuing with his meal, about to take a bite he noticed his sister was looking at him with a raised eyebrow. He sighed and put the meat down, "what now?"

"What's up with you and Mikael?" She blurted out, her head resting on her hand as she observed Nicholai.

"W-what do you mean?" He asked, keeping a straight face even though he stuttered.

"You get really worried and protective over him lately, you say he can move into our home without consulting me f--"

"Do you mind that he's moving in with us?" Nicholai interrupted.

"No, but--"

"Then what's the issue?" He interrupted again, "he's our best friend, and we've already lost enough friends, haven't we?"

"Yes," Nikita sighed, "we have, you're right..."

"Of course I'm right, I'm the oldest," Nicholai chuckled before messing up his sister's hair, "c'mon let's finish up here so we can meet up with Mikael."

Nikita nodded and they both stood from the table, taking their plates with them as they walked so they could finish their meal. Nikita got new scissors, thread, needles and other things she needed to get to work on the new clothes she had to make while Nicholai got more bullets with some of the money he had left from the week.

Walking to the exit, they put on their gas masks and goggles and walked out of the building, both sets of glass doors shutting tightly behind them.

"I've got a surprise for you," Nicholai said to Nikita, "follow me."

Nikita, a little puzzled, followed Nicholai to the parking lot where they walked over to a black motorcycle.

"Tada!" Nicholai said as he gave his sister a little push closer to the bike, "I know your birthday isn't for a few more weeks, but... I wanted to give you this in case anything happened to either one of us before then..."

There was a small awkward silence between them, it was true, in these times you never knew which day would be your last, for all they knew they could die right there. Nikita hugged her brother tightly.
"Thank you so much..." She was about to wipe her eyes until she remembered she had her goggles on, "but how did you afford it?"

"Nial gave me a hefty discount after presenting the new weapons I made, plus she n=knew your birthday is coming up and you do design her clothes." Nicholai chuckled, "hop on and let's get going, Mikael will be waiting for us."

"Right," Nikita did as told and once Nicholai reached his bike they sped off back to their house.

An hour later they reached their residence, just in time to hear the loud BOOM in the distance, and the faint ember-y glow from the explosion. The fog couldn't let them see much, but they were pretty sure Nial had taken care of Mikael's house. Observing the faint glow, they waited for their best friend to come to his new home.

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PostSubject: Re: The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983   Sun Jan 27, 2013 7:19 pm

Mikael was thankful that he’d gotten out of the house and slightly down the road just in time. Seeing a vehicle speeding towards him, he pulled over to the side of the road behind some dried out shrubbery. Killing the engine, he jumped off the motorcycle, and knelt down beside it. The vehicle, apparently not seeing him, kept driving towards the demolished house.

He stood up and went slightly more to the road, and watched the vehicle. His breath caught in his throat when he realized who it was. The long blonde hair and the god awful pink gasmask gave it away. Lorelai, his mind screamed, that vulture! Mikael strained to hear if she’d said anything, but the gasmask made it impossible to hear at such a distance. He then saw Lorelai get back in her vehicle and drive back towards him slowly. Lying down behind his cycle, he watched carefully. He strained to see if he could hear her talking, and silently cheered when he’d heard finally.

“His house is completely gone, vaporized, sweetie, no signs of life. I’m pretty sure he’s dead.” said Lorelai. “I can devote my time to starting a family.”

Mikael inwardly cringed. That cow starting a family with him? Those are gonna be some ugly kids. Good way to find out your wife had major plastic surgery because she was hideous.

Waiting until the vehicle was completely out of site, Mikael jumped on his own motorcycle. Revving the engine, he started back towards Nikita and Nicholai’s house. He wanted to say it was his house as well, but he was truly just a guest in their house. He knew he had to keep them and everyone else safe. Today proved that Lorelai would have stopped at nothing to kill him.

Slowly, he realized he was approaching the house where he would be staying. Looking fondly at the house, he couldn’t wait to hug Nicholai and Nikita and make sure they were kept safe.

Turning off his motorcycle, he climbed off and approached his friends who were waiting for him.

"Well, I got everything of value. Including the self-shutting door," Mikael said, winking at Nicholai.

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PostSubject: Re: The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983   Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:25 pm

"Brilliant!" Nicholai smiled, patting Mikael's back, "let's get you settled in, shall we?"

He opened the door, and in a matter of seconds the living room was filled with the brown fog that surrounded the town, one by one they unloaded everything inside, being specially careful with the artwork, and lastly they installed the self shutting door.

"Nikita, turn on the generator!" Nicholai shouted to his sister.

"Alright!" She shouted from the outside and turned on the generator, which in turn triggered the air purifying system. In minutes the house was free of fog once more. She waited a bit so the house could get cooled off inside and turned it off, she looked around to make sure no one was looking and opened the garage to put away the motorcycles, once down she closed the door and went inside the house. Nikita looked around at all the items Mikael brought, took off her mask and goggles, and sighed, "I'm not sure all of this is gonna fit in my ro-"

"We'll make it fit," Nicholai interrupted, before smiling at Mikael, "well, this is your home now, mate, feel free to look around if you want, considering you've never actually been here before."

Nikita frowned but shook her negative emotions out, Mikael was in trouble and it was her duty to make sure Alexandria didn't lose any more civilians, she did the right thing. Though she couldn't help but feel a little left out.

"I'll go move my stuff to mom and dad's room..." She bit her bottom lip before going down the hallway and reached the door that hadn't been opened in months.

She turned the knob and the door opened with a slight squeak. Everything remained the same, the bed, the items on the dresser, the towels in the bathroom. It still smelled of the perfume her mother always used to wear, her father's suit still hung on the closet door. Tears ran down Nikita's face as she took everything in, standing there unwilling to move from the door frame.

"I miss them too, you know," Nicholai said, placing a gentle hand on his sister's shoulder, "they'd be proud of us for making it this far on our own, and they'd be proud of us for helping a person in need."

Nikita nodded and wiped her tears away.
"Yeah, I know... just... try not to forget that I'm your sister and he's our friend. Regardless of anything that happens, family is priority."

He felt a pang of guilt, he had to admit. It was true that he was pushing his sister aside for Mikael lately, but what could he do? He couldn't limit himself to socializing only with his sister, he'd go completely mad! It was time to move on, to be strong, to start a new life, he couldn't let himself stay stuck in the past...
"I won't forget," he smiled and kissed the top of his sister's head before leaving to the living room.

Nikita smiled too, before moving everything she had in her old room to the new one. Her sowing machine and kit, her mannequins, her desk, her clothes, everything, was now neatly stored in her new room.
"Well, there's more space here, that's a plus..." She said to herself with a smiled before looking at herself in the mirror, "damn, I'm gonna need more dye..." She said as she observed the blonde roots that creeped over her silvery purple hair.

"Nikita! The supplies are here!" Nicholai called.

"Coming!" She ran out of the room to the living room, she peeked through the window and saw the truck with the huge boxes full of fabrics and dye, "that is... a lot..." She put on her gas mask and goggles before walking outside. "To the garage!" She opened the door and the workers unloaded all the boxes in it.

"Make sure you make me a snappy outfit!" One of them said.

"Don't worry, my next designs will he awesome!" She laughed before closing the garage door, waving them off and walking back inside. She took her equipment off and set them on the table before scratching her head, "I've got one week to make 36 articles of clothing..."

"Better get started then, eh?" Nicholai winked, picking up one of Mikael's boxes to take it to his new room. When he came back he was about to pick another up but the doorbell rang, stopping him.

His stomach churned, people from the Resistance didn't ring doorbells, they knocked in morse code.
"Nikita, take Mikael to the basement and hide, it's Lorelai."

Nikita's heart raced.
"Fuck," she muttered before taking Mikael's hand and leading him underground, "I've got to get back, I'm not leaving my brother alone."

She bit her lip before running upstairs.

"Where is Nikita Franchot?" Lorelai questioned.

"Depends on why you're looking for her," Nicholai replied.

"Where is Nikita Franchot?" She repeated.

"No idea," He shrugged.

Nikita stopped at the hallway, they were looking for her. But why? She hadn't set one foot in Foma since the Resistance began, she didn't break any laws that they would be aware of...

"Give us Nikita or we will come in and search for her," a male voice said.

"You don't have a search warrant," Nikita could hear Nicholai chuckle.

"No, but we have guns," Lorelai spoke again before firing at a lamp, pulverizing it, "you could be next."

"No!" Nikita ran out to the living room, "I'm here, I'm Nikita."

"Excellent," Lorelai grinned, "it has come to the President's attention that you are about to turn 21, is that correct?"

"In three weeks, yes," Nikita answered, her voice a bit shaky.

"Then you are eligible to work back at the Capitol," She smiled, "the President is looking for an assistant and he wants you."

"And if I refuse?" Nikita crossed her arms.

"I'm afraid it's not optional, darling," Lorelai sneered, "if you refuse, your brother dies."

"Bullshit!" Nicholai shouted, taking his gun out and pointing it at Lorelai. He received five guns pointing back at him by Lorelai's escorts.

"Nicholai, no!" Nikita ran to her brother and lowered his gun, "I'll go, I'll work for him."

"Great, come with us."

"Now?" Nikita's eyes widened.

"Now," Lorelai walked out of the door and two of her escorts forcefully held Nikita by the arms, while another put on her gear before stepping out.

"Fuck!" Nicholai shouted once they were gone, throwing a vase against the wall, causing it to shatter in many pieces, "fucking hell!" He pulled at his hair, "why couldn't they fucking come for me instead of her!?" He shouted once more. Trying to calm down, he went over to the basement to get Mikael. "Lorelai took Nikita to work at Foma for the President." Tears rolled down his eyes now, "who knows how they'll treat her over there? Who knows if she'll come back every day? What if they kill her, Mikael!?"


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PostSubject: Re: The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983   Sat Feb 02, 2013 8:47 pm

Mikael’s blood ran cold when Nicholai had said Lorelai was outside the door. If Lorelai is here, it can’t be good. After Nikita had put him in the basement, he realized, that by moving here, he’d put them all in danger.

Sitting down on the basement floor, Mikael brought his knees up to his chest. He couldn’t hear anything from upstairs, and the tears were gathering in his eyes. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, Mikael , he thought. Standing up, he straightened up his shirt. When he heard the door to the basement open, he crouched down, ready to attack.

Seeing the look on Nicholai’s face, Mikael’s heart shattered. Pulling him in an embrace, he kissed Nicholai’s forehead, and held on to him, as the sobs wracked his body.

Pulling away, Mikael looked into Nicholai’s eyes. “Nicholai, I will not let her get killed. I would rather die myself, than let anything happen to you or Nikita,” stated Mikael, the tears glistening in his own eyes.

Grabbing Nicholai’s hand, Mikael pulled him upstairs. Haphazardly throwing his belongings into his new room, he turned and spied the broken vase on the floor. Mikael then realized if he would have stayed home, Lorelai would have gone after him, and not Nikita. Seeing nothing but red, he started punching the nearby wall until he heard, rather than felt something crack.

Looking down at his hand, he noticed that his knuckles were bleeding, and starting to hurt. Looking at Nicholai, he sniffled, “I think I made your wall bloody. I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you.”

With that, his knees buckled and he fell to the floor, sobbing.

“I didn’t do my duty, I’m a complete and utter fucking failure,” yelled Mikael. “I don’t deserve to be your friend.”

Mikael ran into his new room, and grabbed a simple suitcase. He began throwing some of his clothes into it. Shutting the suitcase, and locking it tight, he glanced up on the table beside his bed. There, gleaming in the light, was a single piece of glass. Grabbing it, he reveled at the feel of it in his hand. [i]If I do this, it will all be over. No more guilt over Jamison’s death, or Nikita’s capture. Holding the cool piece of glass to his wrist, the tears started flowing.

Throwing the shard across the room he realized he would have taken the coward’s way out. He couldn’t leave Nicholai alone with Nikita taken.

Walking out of his room, he looked at Nicholai, “Nicholai, I am so sorry. I will do everything in my power to get Nikita back. Even if I have to give myself over to Lorelai.”
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118, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5..., ...119, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5..., ...120 Nikita counted the minutes it took her to reach Foma, an exact two hours from the time she was taken til now when they were entering through the gate to reach the Presidential House. The cold air from the limousine causing her to shiver, being used to the how temperatures they were forced to endure back at Vitaly Pavel.

"Cold?" Asked one of the escorts whom had a gun pointed at Nikita for the entire ride.

"No, I'm dancing with joy," Nikita glared, causing the man to chuckle.

"Maybe if you didn't dress like a slut you'd be warmer," the rest of the escorts laughed, Lorelai couldn't hide her smirk.

Nikita lowered her gaze, it was no use getting into an argument with him, she could get herself killed, or worse get her brother and Mikael killed due to her snaps.

They opened the doors of the limo and Nikita instantly held her breath, until she noticed that nobody else was wearing gas masks. She took a small breath to test the environment and then she sighed. The air was so fresh and crisp here, perhaps all the trees in the Antiko Forest prevented the contaminants to reach the Capitol.

"If your people weren't so ungrateful, you could enjoy all of this," Lorelai motioned to all the greenery around them, the birds chirping, the clean air.

"You say 'my people' like we're of a different race than you," Nikita rolled her eyes.

"That's because you are, by defying us you're no longer Alexandrians, you're savages," Lorelai chuckled.

"Bitch," muttered Nikita, sure Lorelai couldn't hear her over her giant ego.

"Is this the new meat?" A security guard asked as he opened the door for them.

"Fresh from the factory," An escort joked.

"I'm gonna get myself a piece of that later!" The guard guffawed.

If Nikita wasn't being held by the escorts, she would have round house kicked him in the face.

Savages... Nikita thought, this is what we've been reduced to, fuckin' savages...

The elevator 'dinged' and opened it's doors, they all crammed themselves in there like sardines. Lorelai pressed the button for floor 50 and in less than three minutes they were already there.

"That was... fast..." Nikita mused, accidentally out loud.

"Only the best for the Alexandrians, right?" Lorelai smirked.

Nikita sighed, she knew now why Mikael hated her so much, she was such a fucking ass.

They went through three more doors before reaching the president's office, Nikita bit her lip,now more nervous than ever. This was her enemy she was going to meet, the one person all the "Savages" wanted to kill with their bare hands, and she was going to work for him.

"Mr. President," Lorelai said in a sexual tone that made Nikita want to gag, "we've brought the new slave."

"Slave?" Nikita scoffed, "I've been reduced to a slave now?!"

One of the escorts punched Nikita's mouth, causing her lower lip to bleed. But she didn't flinch, she didn't cry, her head remained high. Undefeated.

"Strong little bitch, huh?" The escort chuckled, "don't worry, I'll be getting you later."

"Leave us," The president said, "I want to evaluate her on my own."

Lorelai nodded.
"We'll be right outside if you need us."

The escorts forced Nikita to sir down on a chair in front of the desk and left. She sat there frozen, not knowing what to do. If she weren't handcuffed she would have risked killing the president herself, but with the cuffs it would be useless. She waited for him to speak, afraid of how he would 'evaluate' her, and what would happen if she failed said evaluation.

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“Ah, Nikita. I’m glad you decided to join us,” the president of Alexandria, Jakob Vasilyev, drawled. His voice sickeningly sweet. “Not that you really had much of a choice.”

He slinked towards Nikita, much like a tiger would stalk its prey. “You aren’t dressed much, are you, my dear?” This outfit seemed to have an immediate effect on his libido. It was hard not to squirm as it had become almost painful.

Grabbing her, Jakob pulled her out of the chair. He started running his hands down her body and carded his fingers through her hair. “Hmm…you’ll do nicely. Lorelai will soon be bearing my child, and I need someone to keep my happy and occupied. Yes, you’ll work wonders.”
Pulling Nikita towards him, he began groping her ass and grinding against her front. “See what you do to me? Even Lorelai doesn’t have this effect on me anymore.”

Grabbing her head, he forced his lips upon hers and forced his tongue inside her warm mouth. Panting hard, he stopped the brutal assault on her mouth. Pulling away, he shook his head. “I can’t do too much here. Not with her outside the door. But you pretty much know your place now.”

Straightening his askew outfit, he motioned to Nikita. “You’d better set yourself to rights. I mean I’m sure if Lorelai were to find out, she wouldn’t hesitate to kill your precious brother. But if you fail to keep me happy, hell, I wouldn’t care about killing your brother. Nothing would fucking stop me,” Jakob growled.

"Nikita, since you now know your duties, you are dismissed. Lorelai and the guards will take you back to your pathetic home."

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If her hands wouldn't have been bounded by those infernal handcuffs, Nikita would have punched him right at the nose by the way he grabbed her.
"Can't really dress much when the bloody temperature is in the 100's," She glared at him, and felt herself give a low growl when he ignored her. "Could you not!?" Nikita tried to get away from him, but the grip he had on her was too firm. Her eyes widened and her heart raced as he grind against her, his hands forcefully grabbing on to her ass so she couldn't escape.

"I am not your--" She was cut off when President Jakob forced his tongue into her mouth, she tried to scream but he wouldn't let her, keeping his hand behind her head. When he pulled away, Nikita felt frozen, unable to move due to the shock of how this man was handling her like some sort of cheap whore.

She wanted to run away, spit in his face, do something. But his words stopped her from moving, he threatened to kill Nicholai.
"I... I'll do as you say," She said, her voice broken. She tried to compose herself, she couldn't cry, not here, not in front of him. Not in front of that bitch Lorelai either.

Lorelai and the escorts went through the door, Lorelai looking quite satisfied with the fear on Nikita's face, unknowing what caused said fear.
"Alright, let's go. The president is a busy man," She winked at her husband, before snapping her fingers.

The escorts once again took her by the arms and got her out of the room, through the three doors and down the elevator. The security guard at the door wolf whistled at Nikita, making her flinch, before the escorts got her into the limousine.

The two hour ride seemed longer than before, she really needed to cry, but if she cried in front of the escorts she would earn quite a few laughs and mocks. She looked at them and noticed one of them looked very familiar, he looked away. The others were staring at her like hungry wolves, she fidgeted uncomfortably, the cuffs giving her major pain on her wrists.

The one that looked familiar began to hum, and Nikita recognized the tune immediately. It was the Resistance's anthem, he looked at her, into her eyes, and Nikita recognized him immediately. It was Jaques.

She wanted to smile, but if she did it would be a dead giveaway, so she lowered her head once again. She knew Jaques was one of the spies for the Resistance, but never did she imagine that he would be so close to the president. Maybe this is the job they picked him for when he turned 21, which made Nikita realize something. She was a spy now too.

Suddenly the horror she went through two hours ago didn't seem so bad, she would be one of the people closest to the man in charge of the war, she would have the most valuable information for the Resistance. But still, the price was too high for that information...

She still felt used, she still felt worthless in the eyes of the 'Alexandrians'. What if the president wanted more than to simply touch her? She had never been with another man before... Suddenly her happiness vanished and was exchanged with worry.

"Here is your schedule," Jaques put a paper inside Nikita's bag, "if you are not waiting out the door by that time, we will go inside your house and destroy anything get gets in the way of getting you, understood?"

Nikita nodded, it was so odd to hear Jaques talk to her like this. She knew it was an act, but it hurt all the same.

Jaques put on Nikita's goggles and gas mask before un-cuffing her. She stepped out of the limo and ran to her house. She could finally cry, she could finally let go all the stress she endured in the hour she spent at Foma.

"Nikita?" Nicholai said walking to the living room, "what did they do? Why are you crying?" He hugged his little sister, "you're alright, you're here now, you're safe." He took off Nikita's equipment so she could be comfortable and cradled her as she sobbed.

"It was horrible," she said, her voice very broken. She looked at Mikael whom was standing in the hallway, "your sisters a real bitch, you know that!?"

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Seeing Nikita looking so broken, made Mikael’s heart shatter. He quickly turned away to give she and Nicholai time together. He mainly turned because he didn’t want anyone to see the tears that had gathered in his own eyes.

Steeling himself, and making sure that his voice was steady, he told Nikita, “You aren’t telling me anything new. I’ve always known she was a bitch.”

Walking slowly to his new bedroom, he couldn’t believe how tiring this day had been. Shaking his head, he decided to make a map for his duties. Since he was so far away from where his old house was located, he needed to make himself a new watch map.

He started drawing the routes that he needed to take. Routes that would let him still maintain watch, but to where Lorelai and Jakob wouldn’t know that he was alive. He had never been so happy that he’d joined the Resistance. He needed to keep Nicholai and Nikita safe.

You failed on keeping Nikita safe, just like you failed on keeping Jamison safe. You’re a failure and you fucking know it! The nagging voice in Mikael’s head just would not let him live that down.

About an hour later, Mikael had his map finished to the specifications that he’d wanted. Standing up, he stretched, groaning in relief when his back popped. His body seemed to just want to collapse from exhaustion. But he had things to do before bed. Gathering up his stuff, he headed into the bathroom.

Shutting the door behind him, he stripped out of his dirty clothes. Opening the shower door, he turned on the water and climbed in. Sighing as the hot water hit him, he began to wash the remnants of the outside world off his person. After he was good and clean, he turned off the water and stepped out of the shower.

Grabbing a towel he dried himself, and then wrapped it around his waist. He began searching for a pair of pajamas in the pile of stuff he’d brought into the bathroom with him. Damn, I must have left it back in my bedroom. Gathering up his stuff again, he made sure that his towel was tucked tightly to where it wouldn’t fall off of him.

Opening the door to the bathroom, he looked down the hallway and sighed in relief that neither Nicholai nor Nikita were anywhere near the bathroom. Hurrying to his room, he dropped his stuff in the corner, and began rifling through all of his drawers and even his haphazardly packed suitcase. He found not a single pair of pajamas, not even pajama pants. Oh shit, thought Mikael, I must have left them back at the house. Well, all of them are decimated now.

Readjusting, his towel wrapping it even tighter around himself, he opened his door a bit and looked towards Nicholai’s room, and noticed that the light was still on and the door was cracked. Gathering up his resolve, he tiptoed toward’s the other bedroom.

Knocking on the door, Mikael called out, quietly, “Hey, Nicholai, do you have a pair of pajamas I can borrow? I guess I forgot to bring them with me.”

He then quietly returned to his room, mortified of his predicament.
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Nicholai chucked at Mikael's question, it was so unlike him for forget anything and here he was asking him for pajamas. There was a problem though, Nicholai didn't wear pajamas. He thought for a moment and looked through his drawers, the most similar thing to pajamas he had were his gym clothes. He wasn't planning on working out tomorrow so he could let Mikael wear them until Nikita could make him some decent sleepwear.

He looked at himself in the mirror, and bit his lower lip. He was so used to parading around in boxers every night, he didn't think about what he would have to wear when Mikael moved in. If Mikael was the kind of person to wear pajamas, would he feel awkward seeing Nicholai in his underwear?
"Guess Nikita has more work on her hands..." He said, making a mental note to ask his sister for sleepwear.

He walked out of his room and listened through Nikita's door to make sure she was no longer crying, but all he could hear was her sowing machine. He opened the door and saw the clothing Nikita had made, six skirts in one hour, she was working hard.
"Do you need anything?" He asked gently.

"No, I'm fine..." Nikita said, not taking her concentration off from her work.

"I'm right next door if you need me," smiled Nicholai before closing the door and going over to Mikael's room.

He knocked twice and opened the door.
"I don't have pajamas, but you can--" He was cut off when he saw Mikael, with a towel wrapped around his waist and nothing more. His eyes fixated on his abs, and trailed down to where the towel began, the perfect 'V' shape that his muscles formed that led to a place he could only imagine.

He cleared this throat and scratched the back of his head, afraid that his boxer shorts might betray him.
"Here, I'll have Nikita make some clothes for you in the morning." He smiled at his best friend, "if you need anything , you know where to find me." He smirked before going back to his own room.

He shut the door and sighed, there they were in the middle of a war, and he was getting the hots for his best friend. There were more important things to focus on, and yet he could only focus on him. He should have said something when he had a chance, when everything was right and their lives weren't at stake.

Nicholai turned off the light and lay on his bed, trying to fall asleep but he could only focus on Mikael, and even when he managed to drift off Mikael joined him in his dreams.

Click, click, click, click, click... Nikita's machine had been going all night, Nicholai was a bit worried, he knew Nikita had been up all night sowing, which is what she usually did when she was very stressed out. He put on some pants and went over to his sister's room.

Nikita's bed was full of skirts, pants, shirts and underwear she had made in the eight hours Nicholai slept.
"I think you've reached your week's quota, sis, don't you think you should go to sleep?"

Nikita looked at Nicholai and then at her watch.
"Holy cow, it's seven a-m?" Her eyes widened, she got up and ran to her bag where she had her schedule. "Fuck, they'll be here in half an hour!" Her eyes watered as she scrambled around to find her towel and the clothes she would wear today.

"Nikita, calm down!" Nicholai said grabbing her by the shoulders, "everything will be fine, just... keep your mouth shut so they won't have reason to punish you, alright? As long as you behave they'll let you come back home, so don't stress."

Nikita looked into her brother's eyes and sighed, if only he knew what she would be going through, he would understand. But she couldn't tell him, he'd go crazy and get himself killed.
"Alright..." She tried to smile before going to the bathroom and got herself ready.

Once she was done she went over to the kitchen were Nicholai was making breakfast, he looked at her and raised his eyebrows.
"Aren't you going to suffocate in that thing?" He asked, looking at the dress Nikita was wearing. It covered everything from her knees up and from her wrists, not quite the right clothing to wear in 100+ weather.

"I... I've got to look professional for the job, right?" She half smiled, not wanting to reveal the truth of her outfit, she didn't want Jakob to be all up on her like last time.

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Mikael sighed in relief after closing his bedroom door once Nicholai left. He wasn’t sure if his towel was going to conceal enough. When Nicholai walked in his room in only boxers, Mikael felt like his whole body was on fire. Calm down. Damn your hormones are crazy anymore. You know they will think you’re a freak if you start lusting after your best friend.

Sighing Mikael took the towel off. He shivered a bit, remembering the feeling of Nicholai’s eyes on him. Slowly, he tried to control his breathing as it had become a bit erratic. Grabbing the pajamas that were lent to him, he noticed that they were just a bit tighter than what he was used to.

Oh well, I can deal with this. Hell, it was nice of Nicholai to lend me a pair, Mikael thought.

Turning down his sheets, he slid between the cool fabrics. As his breathing evened out, he finally fell asleep. Tossing and turning in his sleep, he was assaulted all night by dreams. This in itself was odd, since Mikael hadn’t had a single dream since Jamison had passed away.

Waking up the next morning, Mikael stretched his back popping. He hurriedly changed out of Nicholai’s pajamas and put on his everyday clothes. Opening up his door, he smelled a wonderful aroma. He figured someone was cooking breakfast, he just wasn’t sure if it was Nicholai or Nikita. His stomach let out a huge growl.

Walking into the kitchen, he noticed that Nikita was in a dress that he hadn’t seen her in before. And Nicholai was cooking breakfast.

"Hey Nikita, you interesting today. Please tell me my bitch of a sister didn't tell you to dress like that."

Shaking his head he silently cursed Lorelai. How dare she put his family at risk. He hoped Nikita would come to her senses and not suffer from heatstroke or anything. He felt responsible for the fact that Lorelai had come for Nikita. He would give his own life to keep them both safe.

Looking at Nikita, he noticed her eyes.

"Nikita, sweetie," said Mikael, "I heard your sowing machine a lot last night. Did you get any sleep at all?"

Whilst waiting for her answer, Mikael couldn’t help but keep stealing looks at Nicholai whenever he thought no one was looking. After last night, it was forefront on his mind. He wondered if Nikita would hate him for falling for Nicholai.
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PostSubject: Re: The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983   Fri Feb 08, 2013 8:31 pm

"No, she didn't," Nikita cleared her throat to keep her urges to cry down, "and no, I did not get any sleep last night, I was too busy making the clothes for President Nial, if I'm going to start working for that ass Jakob, I won't have time for focus on my duties for the resistance, so I want to get everything done before I--"

There was a honk outside and Nikita jumped with a shriek. Her heart raced, her eyes were wide open.
"Fuck me, they're here." And she couldn't help it, the tears began to flow.

Nicholai was immediately by her side, cupping her face between his hands.
"Nikita, it's okay. You'll be okay, they'll bring you back just like yesterday. Just... try to behave, we all want a piece of that bastard, but you have to try to control yourself."

The problem is that bastard wants a piece of me... She thought as she nodded.
"I'll try to behave, for you," She attempted to smile, but what little she accomplished was destroyed when someone knocked at the door.

"Nikita Franchot, report!" A man said as he knocked.

"I love you, Nicholai," She hugged her brother tightly, just in case she wouldn't come back, and she hugged Mikael as well before putting on her goggles and mask and heading out the door.

"Nikita, wait!" Nicholai said as he ran to his burning squirrel, "damn it, she didn't sleep and now she didn't eat..." He gave a frustrated sigh, "she's gonna shut down if she keeps this up, and if she doesn't do a proper job, who knows what they might do to her?" He looked at Mikael and went over to him. Without being able to resist, he hugged his best friend tightly, "I'm so thankful you're here, Mikael, otherwise I would be a wreck..." He let go and smiled, confident that he could get his sister in shape, and knowing that Mikael would be there to help him.

He walked over to the stove and served Mikael a plate of -slightly burned- squirrel and boiled nuts before serving himself, he sat at the table and began to eat, trying to keep his sister out of his mind and focus on the bigger picture: stopping the guy who's cause all of them pain.

But how could he focus on that when Mikael was in front of him? All he could think about was Mikael with his towel wrapped around his waist, causing him to blush like an idiot. He didn't even know if it were possible for them to be together, so why was he imagining it so much lately?

And then he realized, he'd stopped eating and was staring at his best friend, whom was quickly becoming a huge crush. He blushed a deeper shade of red and began to eat again. But he found himself staring at Mikael once more.

"Hey, you wanna go to the forest today? Get some actual fresh air?" He smiled, "I doubt they'll have any security around since they're all focused on protecting the president's house, and we can hang out without having to worry about our masks or anything..." He felt himself rambling, but he couldn't control it.

Jaques wasn't in the limo this time, which only made Nikita more nervous. Did the escorts know about the Resistance's anthem and killed him? She felt tears gather up, the thought of Jaques being murdered because of her was too much to handle right now.

"What, you're gonna cry now, peasant?" One of the escorts, the same one that called her a whore the day before, smirked, "if you weren't so fuckin' dumb you wouldn't be in this mess, your family could be living in the lap of luxury but you decide to go against the man who gave you everything."

Nikita glared at him, and tried her best to keep quiet. That only made the escort growl with frustration.

"Tryin' to be strong and silent, huh?" He grinned, "I like that, a woman who knows when to shut the fuck up when a man is talking" he ran his hand up Nikita's thigh, earning him a kick to the face.

Immediately the other escorts pinned her down, but she didn't struggle. She simply smirked at him as he got up from the floor. Unable to control himself and his anger, he punched her in the ribs causing her to lose her breath.
"I'll teach you not to be a bitch!" He was about to throw himself on her when someone tapped on the limo's window.

They had already reached the presidential house.

"I'll get you next time." He wiped the blood from his bruised lip before pushing her out of the vehicle.

"Pig," she muttered when she heard the door close.

"Right?" She heard a man whisper, whom took her arm to lead her.

Nikita looked up and tried her best not to smile at the sight of Jaques. If she smiled she could easily give him away, so she kept her face serious.
"They're horrid," She whispered to him, "they've been trying to manhandle me and I just..." She could see the frown in Jaques face, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't be telling you this now..."

"Why so covered up, sweetheart?" The security guard grinned, "you ain't tryin' to tease me, are you? I'm tapping that no matter what you wear." He winked.

"Not if I tap it first," Jaques said with a chuckle as he showed his ID, once they were at the elevator he sighed, "sorry about that, it's kind of a rule to be a fucking douche to everyone who comes from Vitaly, specially towards women."

The elevator chimed and once they stepped in and the doors closed, he hugged Nikita tightly.

"I'm so sorry you're in this mess," He kissed the top of her head, "I'll try my best to look after you, although we're not supposed to defend any 'savages', you know I'd risk my --"

"Don't," Nikita sighed as she hugged him back, "I don't want any more people dying for me, I'll be fine I swear."

Jaques nodded and let go just before the doors opened, he took her arm once more and lead her through the three doors.
"Mr. President, your assistant."

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PostSubject: Re: The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983   Fri Feb 08, 2013 11:01 pm

Gulping, Mikael mentally shook his head. Alone, in the woods with Nicholai? His heart, thudded so loudly in his chest that he was sure that Nicholai could hear it.

I know what you want to say, but don’t say it.

“Yeah, Nicholai, the woods sounds great. It’ll be nice to get some fresh air for once.”

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! That was the mantra in Mikael’s head.

Mikael knew he wasn’t thinking with his brain, he ended up thinking with another part of his anatomy.


Jakob watched as Nikita was lead through the doors. He mentally shook his head. This new look would never do. It wasn’t getting him excited at all. Standing up, he crossed the room to the door. Looking at his security, he said “You may leave. Lock the door on your way out.”

After the door was shut and locked. He grabbed Nikita’s upper arm with force. “I thought I told you your job. This outfit,” he indicated with his hand, “is not going to do.”

Grabbing her dress, he ripped a slit in it. After some of her glorious skin was shown to him, he sighed in pleasure. He felt warmth spread through his body.

“I know that I told you to pleasure me. Remember what will happen to your precious brother if you fail.”

Grabbing the back of Nikita’s neck, he crashed their lips together in a bruising kiss. Thrusting his tongue in her warm mouth made him groan in pleasure. He felt his pants getting tight, and needed to relieve the pressure. Letting go of Nikita with one hand, he quickly unsnapped his pants, and pushed them down over his hips. His hardening member slipped free, and he groaned as the cold air hit his heated skin.

He figured Nikita didn’t like this, but he didn’t give a fuck. All he knew was before the month was over, he would have her. Grabbing her, Jakob pushed Nikita into a chair and climbed on top of her, his knees trapping her on both sides. He thrust his tongue in her mouth once more, whilst grinding against her.

He jumped off of Nikita when he felt his release approaching. No use in soiling her yet. He wanted to deflower her at the right time. Stepping to the side of the room he looked at Nikita.

“Don’t go getting any ideas to leave until I give you permission. I’ll be right back.”

Going out of a side door to his office bathroom, he gave himself the release he so desperately ached for. He didn’t try to muffle his sound of completion, as he wanted Nikita to hear it. After cleaning up the evidence, he walked back to the main room.

Grabbing his pants and putting everything to rights, he sighed.

“I’m done with you for today. You’re dismissed. Oh and here, this is for you.”

With that he threw a new outfit at Nikita.

“We can’t have you going out there with ripped clothing, at least not with Lorelai somewhere around. Just change here in front of me, I'd prefer it. If you don't, I'll consider it not following your orders. And we both know what happens with that," Jakob growled.

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PostSubject: Re: The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983   Sat Feb 09, 2013 12:41 am

"Great!" Nicholai smiled and finished his breakfast. He took his and Mikael's plate and washed them before getting his gear; goggles, gas masks and his prized possession, the latest laser gun he developed, along with a dozen of it's tiny cartridges. "We'll take my motorcycle, no use wasting more gas, right?" He grinned before securing his head gear.

They walked out of the house and made sure the door was locked before opening the garage and taking Nicholai's motorcycle out. They looked around to make sure there was no one looking and he closed the door.

He mounted his motorcycle and tapped the back seat so Mikael would sit behind him. He got goosebumps when he felt Mikael's body against him, grinning to himself he revved the engine.
"You better hold on tight!"

And they sped off, reaching the forest in an hour thanks to Nicholai's speedy driving. He turned off the motorcycle and got off, and kept going on foot just in case there were any guards there.

Reaching the middle of the forest, there was a small clearing where the sun shined freely, with no brown fog to get in it's way. He took off his goggles and gas mask and took a deep breath.
"Damn, I missed that..." He smiled before taking Mikael's mask off, "go ahead, take a nice deep breath, it's like nothing can penetrate the trees, it's so pure."

Nikita let out a gasp when Jakob forcefully and painfully took hold of her arm. It was so odd, how she feared this man, so out of character for her. But she guessed when the life of the only family she had left was on the line, there was nothing to do but fear. She was powerless here if she wanted her life at home to stay intact.

When he ripped her dress, which she'd spent part of the night sowing, she could feel her eyes water. Not just because of her hard work, but because his man was trying to make her his and it infuriated her. And what was worse, she could see him getting excited.

About to complain about his harsh manhandling, he pushed his tongue into her mouth once more, with more force than he had yesterday, causing her lips to ache. She closed her eyes as he groaned, trying her best to hold back the tears. And then, when he unsnapped his pants, she thought for half a second about hitting him in the head with a nearby lamp, but when she was about to grab it, it was too late.

He had her pinned and there was nothing she could do but choke down the screams she so desperately wanted to let out, but even if she did scream, nobody would go to her rescue. Jaques couldn't even help her, and he was the only one who cared.
"Please, st--" His tongue took over her once more, shutting her up. It was now that she allowed her tears to escape, she couldn't handle what was happening right now. It was so foreign to her, so personal, dirty even.

She covered her mouth so he wouldn't hear her sobs when he got off her, he told her not to leave, and even if she hadn't she couldn't. She was frozen in place, in complete disbelief that this was happening to her.

The bathroom door locked and she could hear him releasing himself, she tried to drown out the noise by covering her ears but it was no use. The sound was there, deafening to her, the sounds of the sick pleasure that Nikita offered him.

She heard the lock open and wiped away all her tears, her heart raced, hoping he didn't have any brilliant ideas up his sleeve. He threw her an outfit, and Nikita was horrified at his request.

Other than her brother when they were little, no other man had seen her body uncovered. She could feel herself trembling as she unfolded the outfit. A tight little back dress with a very revealing cleavage.

She stared at Jakob for a few seconds before taking off the dress she had on, leaving her breasts exposed to him before she quickly put on the dress he'd given her. Her face scarlet, her eyes filled with tears once more.

With her head down she walked out of his office.

"Change of clothing?" Lorelai asked suspiciously.

"I..." What on earth was Nikita going to say to the president's wife? "I... uhm..." She looked at the woman sitting on the front desk and her eyes widened. There was President Nial posing as Jakob's secretary.

"Lie," she mouthed, before attending a phone call.

"I spilled some coffee on my dress while I was preparing it for Mr. Vasilyev, he did not want me running around his house with a disgusting stain so he gave me this," her voice was a bit shaky, but she was convincing enough.

"Savages," Lorelai chuckled, and looked at Nial, "right, Sacha?"

"Peasants at best," Nial gave a half-hearted chuckle before looking at Nikita, "go," she mouthed.

Nikita nodded and went over to Jaques whom was waiting for her, he took hold of her arm, causing Nikita to wince, and they got into the elevator.

"Alright, I don't buy none of this whole coffee bullshit you pulled over there, what really happened?" He asked, a bit to serious for Nikita's taste.

"It's best if you don't know," She sighed, "don't worry about m--"

"Don't tell me not to worry, Nikita!" He shouted angrily, having a bit of an idea what the fuck Jakob was up to, "he's hurting you! Do you expect me to--"

"I expect you to let it go until the resistance can take him down!" Nikita shouted, aiming all her anger and frustration at Jaques, "the more I spend with him, the more info I can get from him in the long run," the elevator door opened, "so just drop it, okay!"

People were staring at them, more at Jaques than at her. He had no choice, otherwise he would be found out.

He slapped Nikita and forcefully took her arm.
"Don't forget your place, whore!" He said, earning approval from the rest of Jakob's followers. Once they were out of the building he sighed. "I'm sorry," he whispered before pushing Nikita into the limo.

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Mikael’s brain went into overdrive. Nicholai and I on the same motorcycle? Please stop my libido from going crazy.

He gulped and climbed behind Nicholai. He accidently brushed Nicholai’s body with his own. He felt the goosebumps, and thought, Great, he’s disgusted by me. Well at least my crush will stay to myself. Holding tight onto Nicholai, they sped off towards the forest.

Arriving at their destination, Mikael sighed, missing the weight of Nicholai once he disembarked. Climbing off the motorcycle, he hiked to keep up. After they reached the middle of the clearing, Mikael gasped when Nicholai grabbed his mask.

He tried to not let his body react to the jolt of electricity that shot straight to his groin, but it was a losing battle. After Nicholai had removed Mikael’s mask, he took a deep breath. The crisp air felt so good in his lungs.

Staring into Nicholai’s dark green eyes, Mikael felt at peace. He felt like, even though there was a war on, he was happy for once. He wanted to kiss Nicholai, but he refrained from doing so.

He could only hope that Nicholai would one day fall for him, as Mikael had fallen for him.


After they had loaded Nikita in the limo, the driver started the car, and they were on their way.

“So sweetie,” drawled guard number 2, “What’s with the change of clothes?”

“She probably pissed herself in fear, I mean she was crying on the way to the Capital,” sneered guard #1.

The other guard was silent, stewing, wanting to hurt the bitch that kicked him in the fucking face. He’d had to go to the infirmary, and get stitches for it. He also had gotten ridiculed the whole damn day for getting bested by a fucking peasant.

His anger getting the better of him, he leaned over towards her. He grabbed her by the hair and tried to rip her dress off.

Guard number 2, looked at him. “Dude, you’d better not. She is Vasilyev’s assistant. I know you want to hurt her for what she did to you, but if you hurt her, he will probably kill you. That’s what he did to the last person who damaged his property.”

Arriving at the hovel, they all but pushed Nikita out of the limo. “Get lost bitch. We’ll come back for you next time.”

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Nicholai smiled as the sun gently warmed them up as the cold breeze floated through the leaves, rattling the branches ever so slightly. It was so different here than in Vitaly Pavel, it was colder, pure, and so full of life.

Looking into Mikael's eyes he was sort of in a trance, calm and fulfilled, as if Mikael completed his being. Slowly he got closer to him, his lips inching closer and closer to Drayloch's, his heart beating faster and his breath quickening.

A twig snapped.

Nicholai quickly got away and took out his gun, ready to pulverize the attacker. But there was no attacker, just rabbits. Scratching the back of his head, he chuckled nervously, feeling somewhat like a fool.
"Now that we're here we should probably hunt, huh?" He smiled at Mikael before handing him a gun. "We're gonna have a grand dinner tonight!"

He had intended for this to be a bit romantic, but Mikael didn't seem too into it. Perhaps Mikael only saw him as a brother? With a sigh he shot squirrels and rabbits, doves and owls that rested in the deepest branches of the trees. Then he proceeded to pick berries and nuts, all contaminant free.
"If it weren't got the gas I'd come hunting here every day..." He smirked, "boiling meat really sucks, doesn't it?"

He realized this kind of conversation wasn't too exciting.

He began to get nervous, afraid that he was boring Mikael, which was the total opposite of what he wanted to do. But how could he tell Mikael the truth without their friendship getting all awkward?
"I think we're all set to..." He trailed off, seeing a limousine in the far off road, "that's probably Nikita."

He put on his goggles and gas mask before putting the food in a sack attached to the motorcycle before getting on, he waited for Mikael to get on and get ready as well before going off full speed behind the limo.

Peasant, whore, savage, Nikita thought in disgust.

She almost let out a shriek when the escort grabbed her hair, attempting to rip her dress. She was thankful to the other guard until...

Property. It was that last one that got to her the most. She wasn't an item, a trophy, something you could simply use and put away later. She was no one's property. But for the safety of her brother, she had to pretend she was.

She wanted to spit in that asshole's face, but doing so would only get her in more trouble. The guard still had her by her hair when they reached her house, he opened the door and threw her out of the limo without her gas mask or her goggles and they sped off.

The gasp of fear she took and her eyes widening were enough to fill her lungs and eyes with intense burning pain. She gasped for air when she put her mask on but it was no use, the fog had already infiltrated her body. She struggled to get up and open the door so she could enter the safety of her home, but she was weakening.

"Nikita!" She heard someone shout, before she blacked out.

She opened her eyes and for a few seconds she saw nothing but white. Nothing was coming into focus, the brightness of everything made her eyes ache. She tried to take a deep break but it felt like her lungs were still on fire.

"Nikita?" The same voice called, "are you alright?"

"Peachy," she said, her voice hoarse, "where am I? Who are you?"

Nicholai's stomach sank, his sister couldn't see. Which was sort of a plus right now because he wouldn't want his sister to see him crying.
"It's me, Nicholai. You're at the hospital."

"Fucking pricks," Nikita was in the verge of tears too.

"Jaques has been worried sick," Nicholai took hold of Nikita's hand, "he said something about not being able to make things right again."

"Yeah, he's a prick too," she coughed, blood spattered over the white sheets, "fuck."

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As Nicholai’s lips neared Mikael’s, he fought the urge to crash their lips together. His breathing was getting faster, and his heart was pounding hard in his chest. Then the twig snapped, and the trance was broken.

Damn! I was really hoping that he was gonna kiss me.

Hearing Nicholai’s nervous chuckling; he followed the line of sight and sighed when he spied the rabbit.

“Yeah,” Mikael replied, “we should get some hunting done. Nikita would probably love a nice dinner.”

Hunting side by side with Nicholai, he felt at home. He felt very domestic. He knew he should do something romantic, but what? He wasn’t exactly the romantic type, as these feelings were new to him. He’d always thought he’d end up being asexual, not falling in love with his best friend.

Wait? What did he say? Something about meat I think. I need to stop rambling in my head and talk to him, thought Mikael.

Helping bag the freshly killed carcasses, he gave them to Nicholai, who in turn put them in the sack. Putting back on his gas mask and his goggles, they climbed on board and headed home.


After one of the escorts pushed Nikita out of the Limo, Jacques turned around looking in the back from the front seat.

“Please tell me you had the presence of mind to at least put her gas mask and goggles on her.”

“Why do you care, she’s just a whore, and a peasant,” the guard replied. “Not like she’s not replaceable.”

Jacques shook his head, making sure to keep his true alliances hidden. “That doesn’t matter, she is Jakob’s assistant. And I’m sure that if you’ve harmed her in any way, he will have a nice punishment befitting you.”

The guard gulped, as the limo sped off. Out of the corner of his eye, Jacques watched Nikita fall to the ground, limp. Thankful, that no one was looking at him, he let the tears come.


Arriving at the house, just after the limo sped off, the pure anguish when Nicholai had screamed his sister’s name, broke his heart. Running at full speed, towards the fallen woman, he got there mere seconds after Franchot.

“We’ve got to get her to the hospital,” said Mikael.

Mikael stood up and helped Nicholai to his feet. He then hoisted Nikita and frowned as he noticed that she was wearing a different dress from this morning. He wasn’t about to mention this to Nicholai, he didn’t want him to worry any more that he already was.

Climbing on the motorcycle, he made sure that Nikita’s mask was securely fastened, and that Nicholai had a hold of him and on Nikita. Driving as fast as he could, safely, he thought, Please let Nikita be alright. Nicholai can’t take this. And I can’t have another person dying because of me.

Arriving at the hospital a short while later, he made sure that Nikita was safely taken by the doctors. Hugging Nicholai tightly he allowed his own tears to fall.

“Go to her, Nicholai. I’ll be alright out here.”

After he went to the desk, Mikael slipped into the waiting room. After a while, he heard that Nikita was awake, and he went to the room. Standing outside the door, he heard Nikita ask who Nicholai was. His heart stopped. No! It can’t be. You were supposed to make sure she was ok.

Peeking into the room, he saw Nikita cough blood onto the white sheets. He started sobbing silently. I’ve let everyone down, I mean I can’t do the simple task of keeping people safe.


Running into the hospital, Jacques ripped off his mask and stormed to the desk. "Nikita Franchot, which room is she in?"

Looking at Jacques red rimmed eyes, the receptionist took pity on his obvious anguish. "Room 113."

Not even bothering to thank her, he rushed off to locate the room. After finding it, he opened the door quietly.

Slipping in, he went up to Nikita. "I am so sorry they did that to you. If I would have realized they didn't put your mask on you when they threw you out of the limo, I'd have put it on you myself. I've failed you, and for that I'm sorry."

He then pulled up a chair and sat down. Taking her hand in his, he entwined their fingers and fell asleep.

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Nikita wondered who was talking to her until he mentioned the limo, then she knew it could only be Jacques.
"If I were a real bitch I could cough up all of this nasty stuff in my mouth on you, but I understand why you did what you did so you have my forgiveness this time..." She felt his hand slip onto hers and couldn't help but frown.

Not because of what he had done to her, but because of the way she treated him before she worked for the president. He truly cared about her, perhaps was even in love with her, and there she was only teasing him so she could get the best cooked meals.

"I am a real bitch..." She said with a sigh. Feeling Jacques hand go limp, she could only imagined he fell asleep, with a slight smile she gently stroked his hand with her thumb and sighed. I deserved that slap, and perhaps even more...

"Excuse me, Mr. Drayloch," she heard someone say as they entered the door, it was a female voice, which was comforting. "Ms. Franchot, how are we feeling?"

"Like shit, but it's not your fault," Nikita tried to chuckle, but it only resulted in her coughing up more blood. Nikita could hear her writing on clipboard, it wasn't standard procedure to write a patient's symptoms, usually they used a tape recorder. Nikita's stomach churned. "This isn't being sent to the Capitol, is it?"

The scribbling stopped.

"Since you are an official worker to the president, we are obligated to send in your medical records if we want to keep Vitaly Pavel safe. If you were to skip work without any warning, they could go to your house and look for you, if no one gives word on where you are it is highly possible that they would stop at nothing to find you, even killing innocent people." She could hear the doctor get closer. "How's your sight?"

"White," Nikita sighed, "all I see is white."

More scribbling.

"You seem to have some bruising on your lips, were you attacked?"

She gulped.
"No, must have been when they pushed me out of the limousine..."

The doctor began to examine Nikita's body with her hands, trying to find any bones or muscles that might have been damaged. When she got to Nikita's ribs she couldn't control her wince.

"I need you to take off your dress, is there anyone who should leave the room?" The doctor put her clipboard down.

"Is Jacques still asleep?"

"Yeah," Nicholai answered, "must have been a rough day."

Not more than mine...

"No then, it's fine." Nikita struggled to sit up so she could take the dress off, and once she did the room got very quiet. "What?"

"You seem to have a serious bruise on top of your left ribs, I must ask once again, were you attacked?"

"Yes," admitting that the douche bag escort attacked her would only harm him, after all, she was Jakob's 'property', "one of the escorts punched me there because I kicked his face for being a pervert."

"What the fuck did he do?" Nicholai asked.

"Fucking tried to run his hand up my dress," Nikita closed her eyes and sighed, "he got what he deserved anyways, nothing to stress over."

A few more scribbles and the doctor put away her pen.
"I'll have these sent to the Capitol first thing, but before I leave, would you like some morphine?"

"No," Nikita shook her head, "I'm good."

"Alright then, I'll be back in a few hours to check up on you," Her footsteps got farther and farther until Nikita could hear them no more.

"Mikael, you're awfully quiet, wouldn't even know you were there before she mentioned you. Are you alright?"

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The Resistance :: Closed to Michael1983
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