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 Night of the Cannibals

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PostSubject: Night of the Cannibals   Night of the Cannibals I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 13, 2010 6:07 am

Night of the Cannibals

This is my Story thta im writing in this post im going to post chapter inro and one So here it is Smile

Morgue looked like a ghost town to any passerby. The grass was long and overcut and the buildings were all worn, broken and the bricks falling out. The roads were deserted and dust covered them like a blanket and if you saw any person in the street they were always rushing. Getting to the nearest inside building that creaked and swayed in the cold wind that flew through the place. In the air the smell of rotting body’s and dead lingered and clung onto you as you walked through. No one dared to stay on the street for long. It was too dangerous especially at night. Nobody went out at night if they knew what was good for them. At night morgue was a different world than it was in the day.

Chapter 1:
I had been sitting in our cold cramp car for about two hours now. My legs were numb and stiff from staying in the same position for too long. I had put my IPod earphones in so that I wouldn’t have to listen to my parents constant arguing and them telling me that this was a new start. I didn’t want a new start. I wanted to go home but apparently where we heading was my ‘home’ now.
Overhead I looked out the windscreen, that had dirt and other substances on from us getting lost a few miles back, to see a small town. Was that where we were going? It looked a dump and like nobody had been there in years. Of course I would be staying here; my parents weren’t all for spending a lot of money on somewhere that I wouldn’t last very long. I was moving here to go to college; I had been kicked out of my last one but I promised my Dad that I would try this time. I was going to living without my parents with four other people. Freedom, even if it was in a town that looked like it had been part of massacre.
I looked down again at my feet. I was a little nervous about all this because I had never lived on my own before and also in a new town people might think I was a bit weird. I wasn’t a normal person , the way I acted , the way I looked , at my old school new people thought I was scary . Today I had on my Favourite outfit. It was a long red strappy top with a smaller black top on the top of this. I had black leggings on underneath this and my shoes were black boots that had buckled all over them. They were heavy and made a sound when I walked. I was not a person to dress like everybody else, actually I hated being like everybody else, I liked being different. I looked in my compact mirror to check my hair because my hair was the most important thing in how I looked. My hair was jet and coal black with pink and blue streaks that were braided. It was still neat but as soon as I found a bigger mirror I would brush out my hair.

The town was getting closer and closer now. It looked worse the further you got into it. Did people really live here? Ahead there was old stone arch that could only fit one person at a time through it. There were stones that had been picked at and some of them had been written in with a knife. It was in a strange language so I could not tell what it said and on the left side of the arch had a red substances scraped along the side where it looked somebody had clung on it. There was an old iron hook that was all rusty and bent on top of the arch; on the iron old hook hung an unvarnished, scrap piece of wood that had some sort of writing on it.
‘Welcome to Morgue, Please be careful and watch your back’ the sign had written on.

I looked at the sign one more time just to check that I had read it correctly. What a strange sign to have? However I did not know anything about this town so I couldn’t question anything about it. Whoever wrote that sign might have been trying to warn people? Well it didn’t work with my Parents. It was too turn back and go home now. I had promised I would try.
The car suddenly came to an abrupt halt. The brakes screeched like a whining cat and everything in the back shook like a small earthquake had hit our car. My Dad hit the steering wheel and I didn’t realise what had happened until I looked in front of me. There was a Man standing in front of the car with a Cane and a top Hat on. His face was stern and he was making an action to wind down the window. I pressed a small button on the side of the surface of my door, which was all scratched up, and all the windows in the car slid down.

“What is your Business here in Morgue?” the grumpy man said waving his Cane at the area around him.
As the windows were fully open now a smell hit me like a slap in my face. The smell was disgusting and it was hard for me to breathe properly. Why did this town smell like that? Morgue. Certainly smelled like one and looked like one to. I held my breath so the smell wouldn’t be so wrenching but if I was going to living here I would have to get used to it.
“We are here to help my daughter move in, Charlotte is starting at the college next week” My Mum said enthusiastically because obviously my dad was too stressed to talk and the smell was also getting to him.
I saw the man look into the back of the car at me. A crooked smile appeared on his face as he saw me and then he turned back to my parents and placed his cane down on the floor to steady him. There was something strange about this man. His eyes looked tired like had had a busy night and they way he was so protective of the town. What could be so bad that they needed to protect people from coming in? Or was it to protect people from getting out?

“Welcome but I’m afraid only people who are living here may go any further than this, I will walk her to her new house, and I will send somebody else to get the luggage” The man stared at my parents for a few seconds with a strange look in his eyes . Surprisingly my parents nodded at him with a dazed look upon on their normally business like face. They looked like they had just woken up from a deep sleep actually. What had just happened? I open the Car door and put my bag over my shoulder. The smell hit me then, and I felt like I was going to pass out. This place needed an air freshener.

“Excellent!” the man said happily and then joined me at my t side and walked through the stone, old mucky arch that I had seen before. I followed him silently dragging my feet behind me. I looked back as my parents drove off without another word and I sighed. The walked seem long and the man didn’t seem to talk anymore. This was getting stranger and stranger.
When we walked through the town there was nobody else walking around it was completely deserted. We passed many closed up shops; they all had wooden boards over all the doors. Some of the windows were cracked and there was dust everywhere. As we got further through the town the smell of the rotting and the dead got thicker and thicker as we stepped through town. The old man didn’t seem to notice anything. He had probably lived here a long time and got used to it.

I looked to my left as the rotting smell was overrun by the fresh smell of warm and delicious smell of coffee running in the air. There were two shops’ that were open in the whole town. One was a Small supermarket which had no one running the checkout but the lights were on and the shelves weren’t high either. Obviously somebody and bought something. The shop next to that wasn’t exactly what you could call a shop. It was a small wooden shack with an youngish man who was dressed like a hippie behind the counter. This shack wasn’t run down like all the other things in this town. This shop was shiny and it smelled nice. There was also a strange, middle aged person pouring Coffee down there throat like it was going to be rationed.
“Coffee?” the Man asked behind the desk with an innocent look on his face,
The man that I was following swung around quick, for a person with a Cane, and stared at the man who had offered me Coffee and then waved his Cane in front of the Coffee man’s face. The Man dressed like a Hippie gave a low snarling sound at the man. Well that’s what if thought it sounded like and then he smiled.

“Now, Mr Mortimer I was only being polite” the Man behind the coffee counter said with a voice of authority. “I was just welcoming the new resident, you must me Charlotte, I am James, I run this town and that there...” he said pointing to the Man with the Cane “is Mortimer“

I looked at the guy, who seemed to be called James, and study him for a while and then smiled at him. However This Mortimer guy began to hurry me along and as we got further from the Coffee shop the rotting smell returned and I swear I could hear James laughing from the distance. We stopped outside a rough old house with a scratched door. This was attached to several other houses that look in the same condition. All of these houses looked abandoned but they all had lights on inside, so they were clearly not abandoned. The funny thing was each house on this row all had some red substance on and looked like it had been clung onto just like the arch that I had walked through to get into this ghost like town. Was I dreaming?

The Mortimer guy then looked down at me as I study the houses around me. For once during the entire walk he actually spoke to me. The man seemed worried about what just happened and that James guy. Clearly the did not like each other. Something was very wrong about this town but I just did not know what it was. Did I really want to find out?
“Whatever you do don’t drink the coffee” Mortimer whispered in my ear. That was an out of the ordinary thing to say. What was wrong with Coffee? Did it just not taste that good?

I watched as Mortimer pointed towards the door with the most of the red substance on. He smiled at me at last and then began to walk off the way we came. Probably back to the gate. Did he want to stop people from entering this town? I had so many questions about this place; I didn’t know where to start.

I walked up some cold wooden steps that had mountains of woodlice eating away at them. They creaked under my foot. One of the rotting pieces of wood flew from under my foot as I stepped on it. I grabbed hold on the metal pole quickly, near me to keep my balance but unfortunately I smacked my chin on the step below me and it hurt. I Bit my lip to stop myself crying because otherwise I would ruin my makeup .I placed my hand up to my chin and felt warm thick, dark red blood flow from my chin. This was not a good first impression.

I must have made quite a lot of noise because the front door of the house that I was going to swiped open and there stood a girl. This girl was wearing a wizard hat and she had a wand of some sort in her hand. Was I living with her? She looked down at me strangely at what I was wearing and she looked a little scared. There was fear in her eyes that she was trying to keep back.

“Hey you Okay?” The girl asked me she had brown hair and she had it in to plaits at the side of her hair. She offered me her hand and I pulled myself up on it and then leant against the wall. It was cold. “You must be Charlotte, I’m Abi” The girl smiled at me and I walked inside.
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PostSubject: Chapter 2    Night of the Cannibals I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 16, 2010 2:41 pm

Chapter 2

Chapter 2
The inside of the house was very different that the outside or even the rest of the town. It was like I had just stepped into another place compared to the outside of the building. The walls were all newly painted because I could smell the paint in the air. There was still the rotting smell in here but it wasn’t as bad. To the left of the hallway was a living room where two other people sat in. One had their head in a book and the second had a red substance round there mouth and was laughing (well actually cackling) her head off at nothing.

Abi walked into the living room and sat next to the person reading the book. It looked like Abi and the other girl were avoiding the girl that was cackling. I couldn’t blame them but maybe they knew more that I did. I wonder what was on her chin; it looked like what was on the doors. Why did they have that stuff on the door? The girl reading the book looked up and smiled at me and then out of her pocket she passed me a purple and pink tissue that smelled of flowers. I dabbed my chin that was throbbing because blood spilling from it and then nodded at her.

“I’m Abi as you know, this is Molly” she said pointing to the girl who had gone back to reading her book “and over there THAT is Holly” She said pointing to the cackling girl. It looked like Abi didn’t like Holly much
The girl reading the book stood up. She had green glasses and long hair with a fringe that was light brown. She put the book on the table and I saw that she was reading Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban. I had never been into the Harry Potter stuff but it looked Like Abi and Molly was. The girl, holly, had dark brown shoulder length hair and quite allot of makeup on and she had a bit of mascara or her upper eyelid but I was just drawn to the red on her chin.

I looked around me there was a warm fireplace in the centre of them room that glowed to my skin and it felt the loveliest thing I had felt since entering this broken town. There was a warm sensation to this house but there was a cold and weary atmosphere in this room that could not be ignored. It bought chills to my spine and an awkward silence in the room. Then I had a sudden thought that people were staring at me (even the cackling girl), I didn’t like it when that happened it made me feel paranoid because the way I looked wasn’t something you see every day. The cackling girl, Holly, had her head on a side and was staring at me with her deep brown eyes but the red substance on her chin was too distracting and I couldn’t help but look at it even if that did seem a little rude .

Holly brought her head up straight as I think she noticed that I was staring at her chin. She placed her hand to her chin like a cat would do to groom itself and then looked down at her hand. Holly face went ghostly white and her pupils were large as she stared at her hand and the red substance on it.

“Oh my gosh!” she screamed and looked at Molly and Abi who were giving her a ‘we told you so look.’ “I did it again last night didn’t I?” She paused and looked at the other to who seemed to give one nod of their heads. I watched as Holly placed her head in her hands and started to sob quietly to herself. “I don’t want to be one ... I don’t want to be one” she cried in amongst her sobs and snorting for breath.

I was so confused right now. Why weren’t the other comforting her? What didn’t Holly want to be? This place was getting weirder and weirder and I didn’t understand anything that was going on. I was to scared ask afraid of what it might be or they might chuck me out for asking too many questions. Yes. I think it was best to stay quite. For now. However I was curious and I needed to find out sometime. Maybe I could ask Mortimer although he did seem to be quite scared of this town like the people in the house. James Maybe?

“I told you not to do Holly, but you don’t listen to me so ...” Abi snapped at Holly which I thought was a bit harsh considering she was crying. However it did seem that Abi didn’t like Holly that much maybe she just didn’t want Holly to be in the house. Would she be like that with me?

“Sorry...” I murmured. I need to talk sometime if I was going to live here and I need to go sleep I felt like I had been travelling for a long time. “But what is it that was on her chin?” I asked curiously I could not hold it back anymore; I needed to know because they were all making a lot of fuss over this.

The room came to a stop and silence drove through the room like a race car on a track. They all turned to look at me and placed smiles on their faces but clearly they didn’t want to be interrupted. I looked down at my feet and twiddled with my thumbs. I did not like being looked at I was as if I was some sort of freak show but compared to this town I thought I was pretty normal. I looked up towards the fire so I would not have to make contact with them.

“I was just wondering, what was on her chin? I whispered. Cold breeze hovered over my thin neck and my black hair stood on edge. I looked around me, Molly, Abi and Holly all exchanged looks. This was clearly something they didn’t want me to know. After a long dreary silence of them looking at each other Molly coughed in order to get someone to speak up.
“Ketchup!” They all chorused together.

“Holly cares a lot about how she looks and she went out like that “Abi said in a soft tone. She looked around at Molly and Holly who seem too had gone all quite and were just staring at the ground.

“Right!” Abi Exclaimed “Your room, follow me” Abi said trying to change the subject. I knew it wasn’t ketchup but thought it was better to make them believe that I did believe it so they would not chuck me out on the street or something. That would be bad.
I headed towards the stairs where Abi was walking. These stares were grand, wooden oak, Victorian staircase that went straight through the middle of the house. The stairs were high and I was panting when I reached the top. I held onto the banister on the landing to catch my breath and then stared round in amazement.

The upstairs of the house was like a magical wonderland. The whole upstairs sang to as you walked through it. Well It did to me anyway I had never seen anything like it. The downstairs of the house wall modern freshly painted and it look new but the upstairs was nothing to compare to it. The walls were Victorian style paint with wooden beams that matched the tiresome staircase. The doors were a soft oak wood with a golden door knob that reflected your face.

I followed Abi to the very end of the hall. Some of the doors on the way had scratch marks and dents in like the outside of this house and the whole town. There was one door the end that was perfectly polished and painted with no marks on at all and surprisingly Abi opened this door and waited for me. This was my room? It was beautiful. I had never described a room as beautiful before but that was what it was and there was no other word that would fit.

The room was big; it was about the same size as the living room downstairs and much bigger than my old room at college or my own room. IT had a blank and white chequered pattern on the main feature wall and the rest of the walls were black. There was a double bed right in the middle of the room and another door which must have led to a bathroom. On the left side of the room was a TV and a Laptop. Were these people rich?

“Can I use them?” I said my voice high pitched and my jaw dropping the floor.
Abi Nodded and laughed. It was nice, kind, friendly laugh. “Yeah as long as you pay for how much you use but be careful what you put on the internet and stuff though people around here don’t like to get word out about this town “ she paused and looked around again and stared at something that I could not see .

“Thanks” I said sweetly putting a smile on my face. I barely ever did this I had worked on a mask to stop people from seeing what I actually felt. It was better that way because sometimes what I actually felt would freak people out a little.
“You’re welcome if you need anything come see us we will be downstairs, enjoy we’ll explain some things later” She smiled at me and then began to walk out the door. I took a step back to sit on the bed but jumped half a mile when Abi popped her head round the door.

“Sorry, by the way the door opposite you is Joe’s room, He will be back from work in a couple of hours he owns this house” Abi smiled and then walked away .

I nodded at her and then laid back into the bed. I had slept in a while. I hadn’t started college yet but even though this town was very strange I felt at home here. I felt like I had fitted into something at last. I would need to find out why this town smell so bad though, it was a health hazard. I was too tired to think about it now I yawned and I began to fall into the blackness of my normal sleep. A few seconds before my left eye closed I spotted my luggage in the right corner of the room. That wasn’t there when I entered I was pretty sure of that. I must be pretty tired! Did Fairy’s live here?
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Night of the Cannibals
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