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 My Mallichite Series, Tempting Nightmare (Book1)

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My Mallichite Series, Tempting Nightmare (Book1) Empty
PostSubject: My Mallichite Series, Tempting Nightmare (Book1)   My Mallichite Series, Tempting Nightmare (Book1) I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 07, 2010 7:28 pm

Okay, I started this series out of absolutely NOWHERE. I was seriously sitting in class, bored as hell and wanting to write something so badly, but I didn't know what to write. All my other stories, and I have started many, have never really made it past me trying to figure out the plot, but for some reason, on this particular day I was able to create a plot for EIGHT books. And write I did..... (Seriously, it was insane! All of this I wrote in three days. That's more than I've written in all my other stories combined! And this is only the first two chapters!)

These are the books....

The Mallichite Series

‬Tempting Nightmare‭ (Miles/Naomi, ‬Raiener/Ava‭)
Dark Love‭ (‬Luke/Jezebel‭)
Trial of the Heart‭ (‬Micheal/Riley‭)
Stolen Kiss‭ (‬Kane/Maxine‭)
Love and War‭ (‬Tristan/Alaina‭)
‬Impossible Love‭ (‬Madeliene/Bryce‭)
Enchanted Devotion‭ (‬Gabriel/Alex‭)
Passions Flame‭ (‬Jackson/Elizabeth‭)

Also, this story is in its first stages and lacks A LOT of detail, but it had to be done, otherwise, I never would have been able to get so far. Any way, I will go back and rewrite this story once I have the basics of it down. Any way, tell me what you think and please give your opinion on things, as Aredhel knows, I love to get criticism and try to work through it for a better solution.


A small island rested in the middle of the Bermuda triangle, hidden in the sea where no human today would dare try to find it. Any that did died or mysteriously disappeared.

On the island though, people lived. A small group of witches took residence there, living in a village at the heart of the island, in dense forest. Not even they knew how their ancestors where able to find and inhabit the small land mass, but no time was spent trying to understand the mystery of it.

The witches and wizards that lived in the small villages dotting the island were happy where they were, away from people who would persecute them.

Deep in the heart of the forest the large, old tree's trunks didn't move an inch, their gnarled and knotted bark dark with age, but above the canopy of leaves their branches danced on the wind.

The leaves rustled, creating a beautiful melody that only the oldest of the witches could hear and understand. The food was plentiful, the animals wild and untamed, yet at peace with the people who shared their home.

To them, Karpaten Island was paradise.The forest was so thick barely any light escaped through, and yet, at the beaches, where tree's couldn't grow, the light was so blinding that barely anything could be seen.

Beyond the beaches miles of ocean stretched out in every direction. Anyone who looked out would need a spy glass to be able to make out even the smallest dot of land in the distance.

None looked though, the elders wouldn't allow it for fear that if their people knew other places existed they might try to leave. So only the elders even knew that other land masses floated just a few hundred miles away.


Karpaten Island

A flash of movement disturbed the quiet serenity of the forest and startled a group of deer milling around in the forest but in the blink of an eye it was gone again.

Frightened, the deer bounded away, their large eyes wary and fearful of the sound they couldn't place or see. They ran quickly through the tree's on gracefully long legs, their hooves silent as they nearly flew over the moss covered ground.

The deers long ears were pricked forward as they weaved through the dense sea of trunks, their young struggling to keep up with the speed their parents were moving at.

The young woman that startled the deer ran in the opposite direction, not even noticing the disturbance she'd caused. Her small, lean body was as agile and graceful looking as the deer.

Her slender legs easily lifted her over a fallen trunk as she leaped instinctively, looking as wild as the deer. Long tendrils of her auburn hair fell out of the messy bun she'd wrapped it in this morning, the curls sticking to the light sheen of sweat that covered her cheeks and neck.

Light filtering through the dense branches of the tree's flashed across her face as she ran into a village built among the trunks of the tree's, her light green eyes burning with an angry fire.

The quiet village was nearly empty, all the residents still sleeping in the early morning hours, but the few who were up and outside looked at the woman with worried curiosity as she ran past them.

Naomi sat on her bed, her head in her hands, her body tensed as she held back her horror and fear, trying to force herself to feel the conviction she'd had earlier, but it wouldn't come as she stared bleakly at the door opposite her. She could hear her son's playing on the other side of the door and her face twisted with mixed emotions.

Her heart clenched as doubt wormed it's way into her mind. What if she was wrong? What if what she had done ended up hurting them instead of having the effect she'd wanted? She shook her head, refusing to think that way. She stiffened when she heard steps running towards her hut. She steeled herself for what was about to happen next.

The woman payed no attention to the villagers as she burst through the door of a small hut nestled in between two giant oak tree trunks. Naomi feinged fright as she jumped up and widened her eyes.

"Petra? What are you doing here? You moved to the western village with you husband." She said as she nervously wrapped her arms around her middle.

The woman, Petra, nearly fell to the floor, instead she fell heavily against the wall closest to her, her breathing labored from the long run, but she had enough strength to glare at Naomi.

"You know exactly why I'm here," Petra spat at her.

"I saw it in the crystal, I saw what you did to them. What you created. You know it's against the law! You know it!" She nearly screamed, her eyes wild with anger and fright.

Naomi straightened, her face becoming hard as stone as she dropped her earlier facade and glared back at her childhood friend.

"I do know it, but that fact wont change what I've done. I can't take it back now." She said, not even trying to feign innocence anymore. Petra was the best reader in their village and she knew the other villagers wouldn't doubt her reading if she decided to tell them what Naomi had done.

Petra would tell too, Naomi knew it with every fiber of her being, and she didn't care. Not anymore, not with all that was at stake.

Petra's gaze widened, her face reddening with rage and fear, but she didn't move.

"You'll be hanged for this Naomi." She said, her voice nearly shrill.

"Get out of my hut Petra." Naomi answered, pointing to the still open front door.

Petra went rigid, her face going impossibly redder. Naomi hated what she was doing, that she had to destroy the strong bond between herself and her best friend, but she knew she had to. It was too late for her to go back and change what she'd done, and she knew she would never be forgiven by any of them for it.

Naomi couldn't breath as her chest tightened with fear. With the knowledge that Petra was right. The elders would punish her horribly for this. She swallowed hard and told herself and that what she'd done was right, that what she had created would change the future for the better.

Petra straightened and looked around the room with a fevered gaze, bringing Naomi back to the present. The small hut had only a few items, a bed on one wall, a stove at the other, and a tiny wooden table in the middle. An old, worn deer skin rug covered the dirt floor and small nick knacks lined the hard dirt walls.

"Where are they?" Petra asked, her voice breaking as she grabbed a book and slammed it to the ground.

"Where are you hiding them?!" She shrieked, walking farther into the small hut, her fingers twitching and curling into claws. She saw Naomi's gaze flicker to a closed door on the opposite wall and moved towards it.

Naomi cried out and ran to block her way, pushing Petra back so she stumbled.

"Leave my home! Now Petra, you have no right!" Naomi yelled angrily, her face reddening as a small whimper came from behind the door. Petra's lips curled up cruelly as she looked from the door to Naomi, obviously having heard the sound as well.

"I have every right. We all have the right to see what you've done!"

Petra spat into Naomi's shocked face, making her stumble backwards and fall into the door. A cry sounded from behind it, along with scuffling and another whimper. Petra's gaze hardened with disgust and Naomi could practically feel the snap as the thread holding their friendship snapped, leaving behind it a cold feeling of loss. She hardened her heart against the pain of knowing she'd just lost the only person she'd thought she could really trust.

"You won't get away with this Naomi, the elders will have you hanged for what you've done." Petra accused in an almost sing song voice, her eyes showing her insanity. Naomi wanted to cry, wanted to turn away so she didn't have to see her friend like this, but she was supposed to be strong, she needed to now.

Despite knowing she needed to be strong, Naomi paled at the idea of being hanged and clenched her jaw as she struggled to hide her fear.

"Your lying." She said, but her voice was weaker, sounded smaller.

In her heart she knew the other witch was telling the truth. The elders would never accept what she'd done, they'd view it as a corruption that should be destroyed.

Her chin trembled as she raised it defiantly, her mind already set despite that fact. Petra's face contorted into an ugly sneer as she tried to walk forward again, her gaze on the door just behind Naomi.

By now the other villagers that had noticed Petra earlier where beginning to crowd around the hut, peeking in curiously. One of the villagers in the crowd was Naomi's brother, Rolan. He frowned, his broad shoulders straight as he pushed his way into his sisters hut. His blue eyes cut from Naomi to Petra, who trembled under his unforgiving stare but made no move to back down and leave.

He looked back at Naomi, noting the tears in her eyes and the way she stood defiantly blocking Petra from entering the second room.

"What is going on Naomi?" He asked, his deep voice rumbling menacingly in the small space. Petra flinched at the sound and looked at the ground, but Rolan paid no attention to her. His gaze set on his sister.

Naomi glared at him, unfazed as she kept her feet planted in front of the door.

"Nothing." She stated, her voice emotionless.

Petra stared at her in disbelief and then shrieked and lurched forward to claw at Naomi's face. Naomi cried out and stumbled back, instinctively trying to protect her face from Petra's sharp nails. Petra made a mad dash for the door, opening it before Naomi could stop her. She stilled, her jaw going slack as she stared down at the two small boys sitting huddled together in a corner.

For a moment there was only silence as the twins simultaneously raised their eyes to stare at Petra with fear. She stumbled back again, looking away from the children and shaking her head, muttering charms under her breath.

Rolan strode forward and looked into the room at the two small boys and then back to Naomi, his gaze as blank as his sisters. He, like the rest of the villagers, had known that Naomi had two sons, but only the other day they had been different. Petra was crying now as she looked back at Naomi, still backing away.

"You did it. You actually did it!" She shrieked, her eyes wild.

Naomi flinched at the hysterical sound of her voice but wouldn't meet any of their gazes. Another villager stepped forward and this time Naomi couldn't hold back her tears.

Johnathon looked at Petra and then Naomi, his gaze confused as he and the other villagers crowded into the small hut. Naomi stared at him pleadingly as he walked up beside Rolan and looked into the room.

He stiffened when he saw the twins, looked into their silver eyes and then he whirled around to look at Naomi again, his face etched with accusation and disbelief. His lips, the same one's that she'd kissed passionately not a night ago, were now nearly white as he pressed them together.

Naomi stared at him mutely as tears spilled silently down her cheeks, her gaze going blank once more when she realized even the man she loved was now against her. She hadn't expected that, she'd hoped that he would understand. It seemed she'd thought wrong.

"What have you done?" Johnathon murmured, his voice bereft of all emotion.

Naomi looked at the ground, her hand going up to her mouth as she shook and trembled, the tears flowing faster down her face and dripping from her chin. Naomi looked down at the wet splatters as her tears fell into the dirt. She wouldn't look at any of them, not even when the smaller of the two boys stood up shakily and went to her, his small hand clutching at her skirt.

"Momma?" He whimpered, his silver eyes filled with fear. Naomi sobbed and bent down to pick the boy up, holding him tightly to her chest.

Johnathon continued to stare at her. "What have you done?" He asked again, and this time, she looked at him, her face grief stricken as she reached out to her other son, who ran to her side.

She raised her chin again, but this time half heartedly as she faced her people, most of them now looking at her with the same accusation in their eyes. Rolan's face remained blank, his arms crossed over his chest as he looked at her. She felt so alone, the feeling a tangible thing that was choking her.

Naomi took a deep breath and looked away from Johnathon, her heart breaking with the knowledge that he would never look at her with love again, that in his eyes she'd committed the ultimate sin. That in all their eyes she was no longer one of them.

Naomi looked down at her two son's, into their eyes, the surest give away that they were no longer witches or even human.

"Rainer and Johan are Mallichites." She said, her voice unwavering with her conviction as she looked each of them in the eye defiantly.

"I read The Book and turned them."

The villagers gasped collectively, Petra glared at her and Johnathon snarled angrily.

"Do you not realize what you've done? If Miles finds out about this he could punish all of us for your stupidity." He accused her, his face twisting into something gruesome and wholly unfamiliar to her.

Naomi lifted her chin and glared at him.

"I don't care."

Johnathon clenched his jaw and pulled back his hand then brought it back, slamming it into Naomi's cheek with such a force that she spun and fell to the floor.

Chaos ensued as Rolan yelled and punched Johnathon hard, snapping his head back with the force of his blow. Petra screamed and backed into the wall, pressing herself against the dirt. Naomi fell to the ground and put a hand to her mouth only to pull it away again and stare in shock at the ruby red blood that dripped down her palm and trickled from her lip to her chin.

Both her sons started crying as the villagers rushed around yelling at each other and at her. Rolan and Johnathon began swinging fists at each other and Rolan pushed Johnathon over her bed, making him fall onto his back.

Rolan followed him down, his hands curling around Johnathon's neck, choking him.

"Stop." Naomi cried out, her voice strangled. Petra ran forward and tried to pull her sons from her and Naomi slapped her hard across the cheek.

"Stop!" She said again, screaming it this time as Petra fell backward, her expression shocked as she clapped a hand over her reddening cheek. The yelling and pushing continued as though she wasn't even there. Naomi grabbed her son's and picked them up, holding them tightly in her arms as she stood.

"STOP!!!" She said again, shrieking it at the top of her lungs as she made a sign of death in the air. This time everyone went quiet and stopped what they where doing. She turned to Rolan and Johnathon, who's face was turning blue, his eyes rolling back into his head.

"Let go of him Rolan, your killing him!" She yelled, her eyes flashing fire. Her heart lurched as she watched him gasp and try to gulp down air, her feelings for him still strong even if he didn't feel the same for her anymore. Rolan jumped off of Johnathon, who gagged and coughed, holding his throat. Johnathon snarled and glared at Naomi, spitting at her feet.

Rolan made as though he was going to hit him again and Johnathon flinched. Naomi clenched her jaw and looked away from them, turning to everyone else.

"All of you, out of my house right now or so help me I'll kill you all." She said with deadly calm, knowing she would do it to save her son's lives.

Outside the hut another person was making his way towards them.
A man walked silently through the tree's, his silvery gaze sharp as he walked unnoticed into the village and immediately caught sight of the small group of villagers huddling around and inside the hut till it was fuller than it should have been able to be.

A hush fell over them all. Petra was the first to stand and speak.

"The elders, you need to go to the elders. You have to be punished for this." She said, her face filled with hate. Naomi met her look with one of detachment. She opened her mouth to say she'd die before she did that.


They all turned at the sound, their gazes widening. A whisper went through the crowd of villagers and they all parted so a tall man could walk forward, his expression one of great wisdom. He barely looked to be thirty and yet they all knew he was much older. His frame was long and muscular, his face easily comparable to that of an angels.

Naomi paled again and held her sons even tighter to her chest as Miles stepped up to her. He was the only Mallichite on their island, the only living one that they knew of. He was the one who had banned the practice of creating more of his kind. The elders decision on her life meant nothing compared to his word.

Miles looked at Naomi, unable to believe this little slip of a woman could cause such a disturbance, and yet it seemed that she'd done a fine job of it. He looked her over slowly, knowing that he had all the time in the world if he wanted. She was small and slender, her body almost fragile looking.

She had dark brown hair that fell all the way to her waist and framed her small, pixie like face. She looked at him with wide blue eyes, her full lips almost white with fear. He looked away from her to the man sitting on her bed, still gasping for air, his hand over his bruised neck and Miles arched a brow.

Naomi had known that Miles would catch word of what was happening in her hut, she just hadn't expected him to show up so soon. Miles didn't live in any of the villages, preferring to live alone on the only mountain on the Island.

Naomi licked her dry lips nervously as Miles looked down at her son's, into their eyes, which matched his perfectly. He couldn't believe what he was seeing, even with them right in front of him. The moment he'd heard the villagers uproarious thoughts he'd zoned in on the chaos and found out from multiple people's minds that a villager had created more of his kind he'd come down from his home to see if the claim was real.

Looking into the two small children's eyes he knew for certain that it was. There was no mistaking the power that cloaked these two boys. He wouldn't be surprised if the twins could already read minds.

"Why?" He asked her simply.

Naomi swallowed hard and forced herself to meet his gaze, knowing what she said would determine whether she lived or died.

"I-I don't think it's right to let the Mallichites die out like you wanted them to." She said, her voice barely a whisper, but she knew he would hear her.

Miles looked at her for a long moment, completely silent. He listened in on her thoughts, hearing the truth in them, but also that there was more to her reasoning. He restrained himself from asking her and instead he took another breath and then looked around at the villagers in the hut.

"Everyone leave, go back to your respective homes." He said and immediately all of the villagers left. Johnathon, Petra and Rolan were the last to leave.

Johnathon didn't look at her, acting as though she didn't exist and Miles felt a frown settle on his face as he watched him leave. Petra's face contorted with pain and she spat at Naomi's feet again before stumbling out of her hut. Naomi watched her go, her heart breaking all over again, not even noticing that Miles had stiffened and watched Petra with a lethal look.

Miles didn't know why he felt so protective of Naomi, but he was and he found himself stiffening further as he watched the last man staring at her. Something about him didn't feel right, a darkness seemed to be settled around him, poisoning the very air. Rolan looked at Naomi for a long moment, his look calculating. He glanced at Miles, who tilted his head to him and indicated the door. Finally Rolan left, leaving the hut feeling empty and cold.

Naomi shivered and looked back at Miles, who was looking at her son's again, an expression in his eyes that she couldn't place, which scared her even more. She didn't regret her decision though, she knew what she'd done was right.

"What are their names?" Miles asked suddenly, making Naomi jump even though he'd spoken in a low murmur. Everything about him spoke of power, even his voice, which was low and melodic. Everything in her screamed that she was in danger near this man.

Miles watched her struggle but stayed silent, waiting for her to calm down, for her heart to stop beating so wildly. He hadn't meant to frighten her, but he could feel that any sudden movements or words would probably stress her. The young woman seemed to be running on nothing but adrenaline at the moment.

She swallowed hard, feeling exhaustion begin to take hold of her. Her whole body seemed to throb painfully and her face was beginning to hurt horribly from where Johnathon had slapped her. She didn't dare say anything about it though, afraid that he might get in trouble for it.

"Rainer and Johan." She said quietly.

Her son's looked up at her when she said their names, their gazes terrified and confused, but they stayed silent, comprehending the danger they were in. She hated that they were so aware, that they would remember this, but there was no way around it now.

Miles nodded and looked at her again, frowning as he noticed the blood on her lip and chin, the dark circular bruise beginning to form on her cheek. His anger flared when he realized that the man who'd ignored her was probably the one to blame for the bruises.

He mentally kicked himself for not arriving earlier. If he had he might have been able to save her from this unnecessary pain. In that moment, looking down into her frightened blue eyes, Miles made a decision.

"You are coming with me to the mountain and you will live there." He said, his voice commanding. He read her thoughts when she looked at him with wide, disbelieving eyes, sucking in a shocked breath. He could feel the almost numbing shock that filled her at his command.

Naomi couldn't comprehend what was happening, not when she had been so certain that she would die.

"Why?" She spluttered, unable to help asking the question.

A slight smile curved Miles' lips at her surprise. "You are no longer safe here and I cannot undo what you have done to these boys, so the only thing left for me to do is take all of you with me. I must teach these two," he said, looking down at the twins, "How to be Mallichites."

Naomi felt like crying again, her heart nearly exploding with relief. She nodded and grabbed a bag, filling it with clothes and other small things, her hands shaking as she did.

Miles waited silently until she was done, taking the bag for her, which she was struggling to hold while holding onto her two sons as well. He was relieved that she wasn't trying to fight his command, he hadn't wanted to force her, but now that he was here and had seen the reaction of the villagers he knew that living with them was no longer an option for her. She would be in too much danger here and the only safe place left for her was with him at his home where he could protect her.

Naomi looked up at him, her eyes filled with gratitude and he gave her a small nod before escorting her out the door. The villagers watched her as she walked with Miles through the village, fully believing that she was walking to her death. She didn't look at any of them, her lips twitching slightly as she walked.

She didn't pay attention to anything around them as she followed Miles through the forest. After a few moments of silence she glanced at him, her gaze curious now that she was certain she was no longer in danger.

"Why are you doing this?"

Miles glanced down at her, his gaze questioning.

"What do you mean?" He asked her.

She looked at him again for a long moment, her throat closing up and blocking her speech.

"This." She said, indicating herself and her two sons, who were clinging to her and looking at him with the same curious stare.

"Helping me," she added, elaborating. "Why aren't you punishing me?" She said the last part quietly.

Miles' gaze softened even more. "Did you expect to die? If you truly did then why would you have made your son's Mallichites? Why take the risk knowing all three of you would die instead of just leaving them human so that they would live?" He countered.

Naomi tilted her head to the side and looked at him silently for a long moment, her gaze searching his.

"I knew that I would most likely die, but if I hadn't I would have taken what ever punishment the elders might have decided on." She said truthfully.

"If I was to die then I was going to at least make sure that my son's survived." She added.

Miles looked down at her as they continued to walk and then glanced away again. "But why? Why create more Mallichites?" He asked, wanting to understand her reasoning.

She looked down at Raiener and Johan, her gaze filled with love. "I wanted them to be strong, to live longer than they would as humans or witches." She said, looking back at Miles. "I wanted them to be more."

Miles didn't know what to say, so he said nothing. When he'd asked her the question he hadn't expected the answer she gave him. Possibly world domination, maybe she could have wanted to experiment on the boys to try and figure out what gave them their powers.

Even possibly making all the other witches Mallichites was something he would have thought would be her answer, but wanting them to be more than they already were? How could he answer that? He had no idea how to react to that and didn't like that she had so easily unsettled him with that one answer. He couldn't meet her gaze as he walked on.

Miles led her into a small tunnel at the base of the mountain and they walked for another hour in the darkness. With his exceptional sight Miles could see every detail in the cave as though it was lighted and was certain that Raiener and Johan could as well from the way they focused and pointed at certain things in the tunnel. Naomi couldn't though and he gently took her arm to help guide her. He was glad when she didn't jump at his touch.

Naomi's heart pounded out a fearful rhythm the whole way and it wasn't until they stepped out of the tunnel and into light at the top of the mountain again that she began to calm down and her heart rate returned to normal.

Her gaze widened though when she saw the huge cabin settled among the tree's, realizing that this was Miles' home. He led her up to it without a word and opened the door, gesturing for her to enter.

Naomi took a deep breath and looked inside, gaping at the beautiful home. Everything looked to be made out of hand carved richly dark wood. Halls led away from the main room and plush fur rugs covered the dirt floor. There weren't very many personal things in the rooms that she could see, but the furniture and walls had amazing detail that took her breath away.

It was beautiful and cautiously she stepped into the warm room, drawn like a moth to light. Miles followed behind her and closed the door behind him, the door thudding slightly with finality. Naomi felt fine though, safe even in this high ceilinged castle.

Raiener and Johan looked around with wide eyes, wiggling to get out of her arms. Naomi looked at Miles warily, her motherly instincts kicking in. She wasn't certain about what Miles had in mind for them.

"You are all safe here. This is your home now." He said and she relaxed again. With no more hesitation she let go of her son's and watched as they cautiously walked around the large room, keeping close to each other. They were grinning happily though, their eerie eyes bright with the innocent joy of children.

She watched them for a long moment and then looked back at Miles again as he walked past her and into the large kitchen to her right. She felt her exhaustion take hold of her again as the last of her adrenaline melted away and finally she allowed herself to rest, sitting on the couch in the room adjacent to the kitchen where she could watch both Miles and her sons.

She hadn't realized exactly how tired she was though until the moment she sat down on the soft fabric. Her head began to feel too heavy for her to keep up and within seconds she let her head fall back against the back of the couch and the room faded to black.

Miles glanced at Naomi, his eyebrows lifting when he realized that she had fallen asleep. He couldn't blame her though, he thought as he walked over to her and noted the dark circles under eyes, the bruises. He shook his head angrily, hating that she had been hurt at all.

She certainly didn't deserve it. Of course he wasn't happy about what she'd done either, but he couldn't help feeling a bit awed by her strength. It took great power to do what she achieved.

To create a Mallichite took great skill and practice and often it left the person who was being turned with strange side effects if it wasn't done correctly but both her sons looked perfectly whole and healthy.

He glanced at the small boys, guessing that they were around the age of five and watched them silently for a moment. They were laughing and sitting cross legged on the floor, running their small hands through the soft fur on the floor.

Miles' lips curved up as he watched them silently. He hadn't been around children in so long. It was refreshing to watch them now and they left him feeling warm in places that had long since been cold.
He heard a rustling and looked back at Naomi, watching her sleeping restlessly.

He reached out with his mind and calmed her thoughts so that she slept fitfully and then stood again and looked at her thoughtfully. He'd read Naomi's thoughts and knew that she had wanted to change things on the island, that she'd thought that changing her son's would do just that. She was absolutely right. Life was about to change for all of them, he could feel it, he only hoped that the changes would be good.
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PostSubject: Re: My Mallichite Series, Tempting Nightmare (Book1)   My Mallichite Series, Tempting Nightmare (Book1) I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 07, 2010 7:28 pm

(Lol, I couldn't fit it all in one post....)

Chapter 1

"Mom! Look what Johan and I can do!"

Naomi glanced up from her spot underneath a large oak tree and smiled broadly as she watched Raiener running toward her, his face lit with excitement while Johan walked just behind him and Miles followed right behind him.

"And what is it that you two can do?" She asked them playfully, laughing as Raiener puffed out his chest importantly and stepped forward, a silly grin on his young face. The twins were only fifteen and yet they were already beginning to look like young men. Raiener, who had been the smaller of the two boys, now towered over Johan, his muscular frame more like that of an eighteen year old. Over the past few years Miles had been teaching the boys how to use their powers and Naomi couldn't help noticing that Raiener seemed to be having an easier time of it.

When given an obstacle it took him only a few hours, a day or two at most, to have the challenge mastered, while Johan on the other hand struggled constantly with all aspects of his powers. Naomi had been worried at first that it was her own fault, that when she'd turned him she'd done something wrong, but Miles assured her that both boys were perfectly healthy and that Johan would soon become better.

"We can shift into wolves now." Raiener said, drawing Naomi back to the present as he held out his hand to show her. She watched with pride as first his hand began to grow smaller and then fur sprouted on it. Soon enough she was looking down at a paw instead of a hand.

Naomi laughed with delight and clapped her hands together as Miles came up beside her and wrapped his arm around her waist. "That's wonderful Raiener." She said, smiling brightly. Raiener's grin broadened and he nodded.

"Yeah, I can shift all the way to a wolf too if I wanted." He said proudly, encouraged to add more by her praise.

Naomi smiled and nodded again as she looked at her other, quieter son. "Johan? How are you doing at it?" She asked kindly, hoping that he had done as well as Raiener. She wanted more than anything for her shy son to grow strong, to be able to hold his own.

Johan, who had been studying the ground while Raiener spoke, lifted his head to look at her with his large silver eyes. He shrugged slightly and stuck his hands in his pockets as he scuffed his foot over the dirt, looking back down at the ground. "I'm okay at it." He said a bit grudgingly, his voice quiet and yet it held the same power that Miles and Raiener's did.

Naomi worked hard to hold onto her smile when she really wanted to cry for her son. She nodded again instead, staying as strong as always. "That's good for both of you." She added, glancing up at Miles for help. He nodded and looked back at the boys with pride.

"Your mothers right. Your both doing great." He said, trying to help the awkward moment pass. It didn't seem to do any good. Both boys looked away, Raiener finally feeling the awkwardness of the situation. His face flushed slightly as he peeked at Johan through his lashes. For a moment they all just stood there, none really looking at each other.

Miles stood just behind Naomi, his hand drawing idle circles on her hip as he looked from one boy to the other. He understood why Naomi was so upset and unable to say anything more. He tried to hide it, but he too was worried about Johan. The boy just didn't seem able to learn as well as Raiener did and he worried that if Johan didn't start to get better at being a Mallichite he could turn bitter, or worse, end up getting hurt. That was the last thing he wanted for any of them. Over the last few years he'd grown to see the boys as his own sons.

Naomi had told him a few weeks after they joined him in the mountains, that the boys father had been a childhood friend that she'd thought she'd loved. After she found out she was pregnant he had gone into the forest and never returned. Simply disappeared. It had broken her heart and took her four more years to open up to anyone else.

Johnathon had been there when she finally began looking again and he immediately swept her off her feet. She'd thought she'd finally met the one who would always stand by her side. How horribly wrong she'd been. The moment he found out that she'd turned her son's into Mallichites he'd turned on her, had even raised his hand to her in his fear of being punished along side her.

She hadn't seen nor heard from any of the villagers since. Of course, the last time she'd seen them they'd all thought that she was going to die for her crime. Still, it hurt a bit that not even her brother seemed to care enough to seek her out or at least find out what had happened to her. Years had passed since that day though, ten to be exact, and she wasn't upset about it anymore.

Naomi glanced up at Miles, smiling to herself as she watched him, tracing his features with easy familiarity. She wasn't looking anymore for a lover, she no longer felt alone or in need. He had done more than taken them in and protected them from the wrath of the elders and other villagers, Miles had loved them. It hadn't taken her long to realize that she loved him back either.

Miles looked at both the boys, memorizing their features with a fatherly tenderness. Both were wiry and tall, nearly as tall as Miles was and they hadn't even hit their growth spurt yet. He could tell that they would fill out as they grew older by their broad shoulders and square jaws. They were both already extremely good looking though and that only added to Miles' pride towards them.

Raiener's hair was short, barely grown past his ears, the long brown waves often falling into his eyes at the worst moments. Johan on the other hand, had grown his hair down to the middle of his back, tying it away from his face with a leather strip. They both looked so much like their mother that it often took Miles' breath away to see all three of them together. Their eyes though, were their most distinguishing feature. The sure fire proof that they weren't human. Silver, nearly mirror like in the way they seemed to glow. The twins had the silvery white eyes that all Mallichites had.

Naomi cleared her throat, unable to let the silence stretch any longer and Miles blinked and straightened. He didn't even have to look at her to know that Naomi was ready for the boys to go off again. He worked hard for a second to had a grin as he looked back at the boys. "Right then, both of you go practice some more. I want to be able to run with the two of you tonight with no problems." He said in a commanding tone and immediately both boys took off running to practice shifting in the forest. They had learned early on not to cross Miles and instinctively did as they were told.

Naomi sighed and leaned back into Miles' arms. "What would I do without you?" She said ruefully, tilting her head back so she could look up at him. Miles chuckled and bent down to kiss her nose. "I don't know, what would you do without me?" He murmured as he raised her hand to kiss the star on her palm.

Naomi watched him silently, her gaze filled with love as he straightened to look at her again, unable to say anything as she looked into his eyes. He smiled down at her and turned her around so he could pull her chest against him and kiss her passionately. She wrapped her arm around his neck and entwined their other hands together as her body flared to life. He groaned and pulled back, "I'll tell you what I'd be doing. Not a damned thing." He said with a shake of his head as every part of his body lit like a live wire at the feel of her soft, small body melting against him.

Naomi laughed and looked up at him, "Well now, we can't let that happen." She said, her lips twitching as she tried to fight a smile. Miles took her hand again and laid his palm against hers, pressing the star on his palm to the one on hers. He shook his head again.

"It's hard to believe that I never knew you before that day in the village. All this time, you were hiding just below in that valley, barely out of sight." He murmured and she squeezed his hand gently. A few days after Naomi first began to live with Miles she found that she could read his thoughts if she tried. It had been a shock to both of them and immediately Miles had turned her palm over to see the birthmark on it. She'd had the star shape on her hand all her life, but she'd never known that it meant anything, not until she met Miles.

He'd stared at her in shock for a long moment and then explained that for Mallichites the star meant they had a mate and the only one meant for them was the person who had the same mark. If they were meant to be together then when they pressed their hands together the marks would turn white.

Naomi had yelped as he pressed his hand against hers for the first time, a searing hot pain having raced up her arm, but another moment and it was gone again, a feeling of completeness left in it's place. She'd started crying all over again, except this time she'd cried with joy. They'd loved each other ever since and their bond had only grown stronger. It was like magic, she thought as she looked into his eyes again and smiled.

"You found me, that's all that matters." She murmured and he nodded, his hold on her tightening slightly as he bent to nibble at the base of her neck. She shivered at the feel of his warm lips against her skin and sighed happily.

Miles growled low in his throat as his hands roamed over her, memorizing every curve and dip in her velvet smooth skin. Naomi laughed and pushed at his wide chest halfheartedly. "Stop Miles," she said. Her strength was nothing compared to his though, even if by bonding with him she now shared some of his powers. She couldn't even be certain that he felt the push as he continued to kiss up and down her neck, leaving trails of fire on her skin. "The boys," she gasped breathlessly as he nipped at the skin just beneath her ear, making her whole body pound out a rhythm.

Miles grumbled but pulled away from her, grinning when she whimpered a protest and tried to draw him back. "Make up you mind woman." He said with mock severity, pretending to flinch when she flicked him on the forehead.

"Your pure evil." She grumbled under her breath, only succeeding in making him laugh harder. He kissed the corner of her mouth and picked her up to carry her back to the house.

"I am, but admit it, you like the bad boy in me, your drawn to it." He said and she rolled her eyes, muttering under her breath about men and their egos as he stepped inside their house and closed the door with his foot. He didn't let her down, instead he went straight to their bedroom. Naomi frowned and opened her mouth to protest, only to be cut off by his wicked lips.

"We'll make it quick, the boys are busy enough," he murmured against her lips, nearly purring the words. Naomi laughed and nipped at his bottom lip. "Quick, I'd like to see that." She said sarcastically and he grinned devilishly at her.

"Why Naomi, is that a challenge?" He asked, his eyes sparkling and she felt a slow smile spread across her face. "Only if you think you can beat it." She answered.

Miles raised an eyebrow at her as he placed her gently on the bed and went to close the door. "Well then, lets just see about that." He countered as he closed it and turned around to stalk back to the bed, his eyes holding promises that had Naomi shivering.

~ ~ ~

Raiener glanced at his brother as he stretched, digging his claws into the dirt. The wolf beside him was slightly smaller, his thick brown fur dull and shaggy while his own was healthy and shining. Raiener felt a twinge of bitterness towards himself that everything about him always seemed to outshine his twin, even when he didn't mean for it to. He'd shifted fully four times in the last two hours and Johan had barely managed to shift twice, both times Raiener had to help him by mind merging with him and giving him the slight push he needed to fully make the change.

Johan had his back to him as he sniffed at a bush, his tail limp and his ears flattened with irritation. He hadn't spoken to Raiener during most of their practice and anything he had said had been sarcastic or down right insulting to the point that Raiener was bristling and itching to bite at his brothers hind quarters, but he restrained himself. He in no way wanted to invoke Miles' wrath, and his brother coming home with a limp would do just that. Even if he did deserve it.

Raiener straightened and looked away from his brother, moving through the tree's with his tail high and swishing from side to side. His ears pricked forward as he heard a rabbit dart through the brush and saw a white streak as it bounded away. He whined and tensed, wanting to give chase but knowing that he couldn't, not while his brother was still trying to get the hang of being in another form. He snorted unhappily and looked back at Johan, who was still ignoring him.

Raiener often found himself wishing that he was an only child and the thought unsettled him. He'd always loved his brother, and these new thoughts seemed wrong, and yet, he couldn't help them. Not when his brother refused to even make an effort anymore. With a slight hesitation and a huff he finally walked back over to where Johan was now sitting under a tree sulking.

"Come on J, we have to practice running." He said with exasperation, using their ability to talk through a mind link. Johan snarled and curled his lip at his brother, but made no move to get up. Raiener growled and nipped sharply at his ear. "I'm not playing this game with you, get up." He said more forcefully.

Johan snapped at him with razor sharp teeth, barely missing his leg. "What's the point? I'll never be good at any of this." He said bitterly, still not getting up. Raiener bristled momentarily but as he watched his brother he felt his anger melt away. He couldn't stay angry at Johan, he'd never been able to do it. He sighed as he looked down at his brother, his tail falling and shoulders slumping. "That doesn't mean you should give up." He countered gently, but as always Johan didn't listen to him. Instead he growled and shifted clumsily back into his human form.

Johan glared at him and bared his teeth animalistically. "I won't do it anymore Raiener, there's no point and I'm tired of not being good enough." He said and then whipped around and stalked away, deep into the forest. Raiener watched him go with sad eyes, but didn't follow. Over the last few years he and his brother had grown more and more distant till they barely even seemed to know each other anymore.

Raiener sighed and turned his back on his brothers retreating figure, making his way back home knowing that Johan would come back when he was ready.

Johan muttered angrily to himself as he walked with his hands shoved deep into his pockets, his thoughts full of jealousy and despair. He kept seeing Raiener in front of him in everything, always shining brighter, always being better. He could never live up to his perfect brother, never, and that angered him most of all. Because his brother was perfect, he'd seen enough into his mind to know that Raiener's thoughts had always been pure.

He'd always tried to do the right thing, was always wanting to be helpful or better at something. He hated that he wasn't like his brother in that, that he wasn't willing to try and instead was ready to give up and just be mean. He glared at the ground, letting the bitterness inside him fester. He never wanted to go back home, never wanted to see his mother smiling brightly at Raiener. Never wanted to see her smile become strained when she looked at him.

He snarled under his breath as his anger welled up, grew stronger, and he became so intent on his hate that he didn't even realize that he had left the mountain far behind and was now back in the valley, where his life as a witch had begun and ended. He didn't notice the man hiding behind a tree, watching him with a disturbingly calculating look. The man stepped forward when Johan still didn't notice him and spoke in a low voice that only added to the over all deadliness of his look and attitude.

"You are not human, nor a witch." The man said bluntly from a few feet behind him. Johan whirled around, his eyes growing wide with shock and fright. The man in front of him was tall and broad shouldered, but something about his face was familiar. He licked his lips nervously and took a wary step back as the man took another step towards him.

"And how would you know what I am?" He asked, trying to look brave when on the inside all he wanted to do was run. He had a sinking feeling though that the man saw right through his act, his piercing blue eye cutting right to the core of him and strangling his very soul.

The man smiled, but the expression wasn't warm. "I know quite a lot about you actually." He murmured, his voice like silk, a purr.

Every danger alert in Johan was going off now, but he couldn't move, he wouldn't. This was his chance to show his family that he could be strong. Johan straightened even more and glared at the man. "Oh yeah? Like what?" He quipped, shuddering inwardly when the man grinned at him.

"I know that you are desperately trying to find a way to outshine your perfect twin brother Raiener. Isn't that right Johan?" He said silkily and Johan had to fight to keep his jaw from going slack. The color drained from his face as he stood motionless, unable to speak or move. He felt like the wind had been knocked out of him.

The man walked closer to him and a bit of light flashed across his face. Johan sucked in a breath as he realized why the man looked familiar. He looked just like Johan's mother, Naomi. The man's smile broadened even more as he caught the recognition in Johan's eyes.

"So you know it now? I am Naomi's brother, Rolan. Your uncle." He said as he circled Johan, a thoughtful expression on his face. "I've been watching you in the crystal for quite some time now." He murmured as he looked Johan up and down.

"Me? Why?" Johan asked, hating that his voice was higher with his fright. Rolan's cold eyes speared him as he glanced back at him and flashed his perfectly white teeth. "Why, because I think you have great potential...if properly trained." He said, his voice a hiss of temptation.

Johan felt his stomach drop and he licked his lips again as his gaze turned hungry. "You want to train me?" He asked Rolan, watching the man carefully as hope began to filter into his heart.

Rolan nodded, "Of course I do, your family after all." He said and then smiled. "It's easy really, what you have to do, and the pay off is so much better than anything Miles has to offer." Rolan added, his voice mesmerizing as he casually picked at a fingernail.

Johan swallowed hard, his while body seeming to break into a cold sweat. A part of him was still sending him warning signals, but with every word Rolan spoke that feeling of danger seemed less and less. "What do I have to do?" He asked, wanting to get right to the point. Rolan tsked and stepped up to him, ruffling his hair in an affectionate manner, and yet the touch left a cold shiver of dread running up Johan's spine.

"Not yet nephew, I want to make sure your ready. After all, one of the many powers you'll gain is immortailty. A hefty thing that." He murmured, carefully hiding his smile when Johan stared at him with a hunger so strong that he knew he already had the boy in the palm of his hand.

Johan opened his mouth to protest but stopped when Rolan raised a hand to quiet him. "Not yet, come back to this same place in three days and I will be ready to teach you." He said, giving Johans shoulder a pat and then he turned and began to walk away, leaving Johan feeling confused and excited all at the same time. He didn't try to stop Rolan as he disappeared in the tree's, merely he stood there for another long moment, going over in his mind everything that had just happened.

He'd never felt so happy and excited and a silly grin stretched across Johan's face as he gave a whoop and began to run back through the valley. He felt the hope inside himself grow so strong that he was nearly choking from it as he jogged into the tunnel at the base of the mountain that led up to Miles' cabin. As he went though his pace began to slow.

He realized that he couldn't let his feelings show, there was no way he was going to tell Raiener what Rolan had told him. He wanted this all for himself and he was sure that his twin would want immortality too if he could get it. With that last thought he spent the remaining time he had getting ready to hide what he'd just learned from every body. It would be a little hard since Miles was so much older and stronger than both him and Raiener, but it was only for a few days.

Johan was sure he could hide this from both Miles and Raiener for three days. He had to if he ever wanted to be more than the twin who could never be anything on his own.He knew he would do anything to be more than that. He walked out of the tunnel and up to the cabin with a look devoid of emotion. He could easily remember how he'd felt only a half hour before and it was easy to play off of those emotions as he greeted him mom and Miles. Raiener was standing in the kitchen and when they made eye contact he saw Raiener stiffen and look at him with confusion, but Johan kept the charade going as he continued on to his room, separate from Raieners.

When he was alone he clenched his jaw, worried that he hadn't acted well enough and that Raiener had seen something in his look, but for the rest of the night Raiener didn't make a move to call him out and after a few more hours Johan felt comfortable that no one could see through his ruse.

Raiener watched his brother all night long, all his instincts on alert. Something about his brother seemed off, not right, but he couldn't place it and he didn't want to make a scene. Especially if it was all inside his head. But the look in Johan's eyes left him with a cold shiver up his spine. Johans eyes were shining with a strange light and when Raiener tried to sift through his brothers thoughts he found that he couldn't access everything, like Johan was hiding something.

But what was there to hide? Johan had just gone into the forest to fume. What could possibly have happened to change him? Raiener couldn't answer any of those questions and neither his mother, nor Miles seemed to notice the change in Johan, so by the time Miles gave the order that it was time for bed Raiener just shook his head and went to his room, pushing the feeling of dread out of his immediate thoughts.

Over the next few day's Raiener kept an eye on his brother, but Johan seemed to be back to his normal, shy self and Raiener still couldn't access all of his brothers thoughts. That more than anything worried him the most. He didn't like that his brother was keeping something from him, he never had before, but Raiener couldn't just go up to him and say that Johan had to tell him what ever it was that he was hiding.

As much as Raiener didn't want to admit it he knew that Johan had a right to his privacy. Miles didn't even allow them to see everything he thought about and Raiener had never given it a second thought, but the moment his brother started censoring his thoughts he was on high alert. Raiener knew that wasn't fair so he finally forced himself to relax again. A part of him still worried though.

Johan was grateful when his brother finally let down his guard again. He had been worried that he wouldn't be able to meet with Rolan if his brother was constantly watching him, waiting for him to do something. He felt unease and nervousness begin to over take him as the last day stretched on and on and he often found himself staring towards the forest. He couldn't believe his luck, couldn't believe that Miles and Naomi had never introduced him and Raiener to Rolan and yet at the same time he was glad for it.

For the first time Johan had something all to himself. He would finally get to be better than his brother at something. A fierce joy filled him at that thought, and he held onto that joy as the night dragged on into early morning and he was finally able to slip away from the cabin to go to Rolan.

As he walked he hoped and prayed that Rolan would be there, that the man hadn't lied to him. Johan wanted more than anything to be something of his own. To be able to shine just as brightly as his brother and this training that Rolan had mentioned to him seemed like exactly what he needed. A small voice in the back of his mind asked a question he couldn't answer though. Why hadn't Miles told them they could become immortal? Why would he keep something like that from them? He'd explained everything else to them in complete detail, making sure that they knew every aspect of their species.

Not once though did he mention other powers, and that worried him. With a shake of his head though Johan pushed the nagging feeling away, unwilling to think on it when he was so close to what he wanted.

When he arrived in the valley Rolan was waiting for him, a smile already on his darkly handsome face. "I see you decided to come. I take it that means your serious about wanting this?" He asked smoothly, and Johan nodded enthusiastically, his eyes feverishly bright. Once again the worry nagged at him, but this time he pushed it away completely.

"Yes, I'll do anything." He said, meaning it. Rolan's smile grew and he nodded. "Good. Come with me then." He added, and then he walked into the forest again, gesturing for Johan to follow, although he needn't have bothered. By then Johan would have followed him any where, and done anything he asked.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chapter 2

Naomi ran an idle hand over Miles' sculpted chest, her fingers lightly tracing the well defined muscles, marveling over his quiet strength. His skin was velvet warmth under her cheek as she glanced up at him, smiling softly as she watched him, his chiseled face almost childlike while asleep. He looked so innocent, fragile even, but she knew that was no where near the case. Miles was stronger than anyone else she knew.

He could carry the weight of the world on his shoulders, see someone else struggling and take on their load for them as well without even blinking. Never in the years they've been together had he raised his voice or his hand to her. She watched him silently, listening to his quiet breathing, the even rise and fall of his chest.

She glanced around at their spacious room, just as extravagant as the rest of the house. She still felt awed when ever she walked around looking at all the detail and time it must have taken for Miles to make everything. And he did make it all by hand. None of the things he owned was bought, it couldn't be, not when they lived here on this Island. Before Naomi had come to live with Miles she hadn't even known what 'bought' meant. She'd had no clue that there was anything beyond their small world.

Miles had though, and he'd told her everything. She would sit with him on the bed, wearing one of his t-shirts and staring at him in awe as he spun tales for her of a world just beyond their reach, out in the middle of the ocean. He'd explained to her what a store was, horses, normal humans and how they lived. It all seemed like a fairy tale to her sometimes, but she knew he could never lie to her in such detail about something like that. She had no choice but to believe. Part of her wanted so badly to go visit the places he described, but another, just as strong part of her wanted nothing to do with something she knew nothing about. Miles had promised her though that someday he would take her from here and show her the world.She was terrified and excited about the prospect all at the same time.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Miles as he murmured something in his sleep and frowned. She bit her lip to keep from laughing. He had his arms wrapped around her so that her head lay on his chest, her body curled around him perfectly. She still couldn't believe her luck, how she came to be with this man. He was her whole world now. His grip on her tightened and she tilted her head up, her gaze meeting his sleepy silver one. He smiled a slow, lazy smile that sent shivers up her spine, which only made his grin widen even more.

Miles groaned inwardly as he looked down at Naomi, unable to believe that he still wanted her again, even though he'd already had her so many times. His body should have been too sore to even move, but that was no where near the case. He felt like he could run a marathon and then do it again just for shits and giggles. Of course, he could think of a few other things to do instead of running. All of those things having to do with a very delectable little woman.

"Did you sleep well?" He murmured as he played with a strand of her hair. Naomi flashed a grin at him that had his heart racing and other parts of him hardening unbearably. "Sleep? I don't think we had enough time last night to do anything short of a work out." She said sarcastically.

He tugged at her hair and frowned playfully. "Come now Naomi, you don't have to be so mean to me all the time. Besides, working out is a good thing. Keeps you fit." He said with a grin. Naomi laughed and ran her hand down his chest slowly, delighting when he shuddered and sucked in a low breath, his eyes
darkening dramatically.

"You like it when I'm mean, and I think I really like you being fit." She purred, giving him a seductive look and he swallowed as his whole body seemed to heat up another hundred degree's.

"Damn, your killing me Naomi." He groaned and she grinned widely in return but her stomach chose that exact moment to rumble loudly. She flushed as Miles laughed and slowly disentangled himself from her and the sheets.

Naomi rolled over and watched him with a raised eyebrow. "What are you doing?" She finally asked as he looked towards the door and then thought better about walking out of the room butt-ass naked. He gave her a droll look as he picked up his pants and slid them on. "I'm getting the wife breakfast. Have to keep her happy you know." He drawled.

Naomi held back her laughter and nodded with all seriousness. "Wise move. The wife must always be kept happy." She said as she slid off the bed and pulled on a t-shirt and shorts, tying her hair back with a leather strip.

Miles cracked a grin and walked with her out of the room to head for the kitchen, fully intending to make a huge meal, knowing that once the boys smelled the food cooking it would be a race to even get any food for themselves. With their Mallichite metabolism mixed with regular teenager eating habits Raiener and Johan could eat enough food for an army and still be hungry for more.

~ ~ ~

Johan glanced at Rolan as they walked through the trees. He was beginning to get a horrible feeling, but that might have just been from the sinister look of the tree's. Rolan was leading him farther into the valley, closer to the villages and the witches and wizards that lived there.

He could vaguely remember the day that they left their own village. The fear that had been those early morning hours. He could clearly remember the hate and anger that had bombarded him and his brother, still too young to channel their powers. The feelings of the villagers had nearly overwhelmed them but their mothers pain and horror had had the greatest toll on them.

Just remembering how she'd felt, the complete conviction to save her son's lives even if it meant giving up her own, still made him shudder at night when his nightmares where fresh in his mind. He and Raiener had both had nightmares on and off over the years. The dreams weren't as often as they had been when they were younger, but they still took their toll on the boys.

A twig snapping got Johan's attention and his gaze shot back to Rolan, who was stepping over a log and looking back at him with a strange look in his eyes. The man hadn't said a word to Johan since they started walking and Johan couldn't read his thoughts. Rolan was an expert at hiding his thoughts and he'd built up a practically impenetrable wall that Johan couldn't find any way around.

Rolan smiled as Johan stepped over the log and looked at him, waiting for him to move and lead the way again, but he didn't budge. instead he crossed his arms and looked Johan over carefully, his icy eyes nothing like his sisters. Which were warm and full of love and light.
"I was thinking of starting you off with a weaker specimen," he said vaguely as he turned and began walking again. "But the more I thought about it the more I realized that giving you something that held little to no meaning may not have been the best choice. After all, the goal here is for you to succeed. To become better than your perfect brother. Big shoes to fill I should say." He added, his voice quiet and yet with his Mallichite senses Johan could easily hear every word.

He felt bitterness and indignation rise up in him at Rolans words. "I can take what ever you want me to do." He said, straightening and giving Rolan his most courageous look. "I already said I'll do what ever it takes." He added, angry that Rolan had doubted him at all.

"I believe that to be the truth. It must be so. If you want immortality and powers way beyond anything Miles can teach you, you must be willing to do certain things though, and part of me wonders if you have the......stomach for it." Rolan said as he ducked under a low branch.

Johan had stopped focusing in his surroundings awhile ago and didn't even notice that they had entered the Elliptical Valley. A dark, frightening part of the forest that was filled with dread and foreboding. Few things lived here and many of the elders and witches believed the place to be cursed.

"I can do it." He said again through clenched teeth, glaring at Rolan with white hot anger. He felt hate rising up in him that once again he was being thought of as too weak. He never wanted to be thought of that way again. He as completely sick of it. For once he wanted to be looked at with awe, even fear if that was all he could get. He'd take either joyfully.

Rolan looked back at him and took a moment to look into his eyes as though searching for something. He evidently found it for a moment later he nodded, satisfied. "We will see." He said mysteriously, effectively only adding to Johan's anger.

Rolan smiled to himself as they walked through and abandoned village that stood alone in the middle of the Elliptical Valley. The place hadn't been touched by life in centuries and could have easily been mistaken for a graveyard. Mist covered the ground and a foul smell filled the air, leaving it stale and hard to breath. Despite the darkness inside him, even Rolan was disturbed by this place, but this was where he needed to be if he was going to convince Johan to do what he wanted.

The boy was too weak minded for his own good. His need to be good at something would end up being his downfall and Rolan's glory if he had anything to do with it. Rolan had known from the beginning that Naomi was alive, he'd watched her and Miles take care of the boys through his crystal. He didn't care to go visit her though, no, he had plans to make. Over the last years he'd been studiously looking through ancient text, searching for something that his sister had been to dim witted to care about.

In her stupidity Naomi had completely over looked the most important part of the book, the one thing that would make the Mallichites even better than they already were. They could become Kapitullites. Immortals. Just thinking about the possibilities that thought lent had Rolan's toes curling with excitement.
To be immortal, so powerful that none could ever try to tell you what to do. That was the goal that all people should be trying to reach. Rolan certainly was. Even before Naomi had turned her sons Rolan had been searching for a way to make himself invincible. Now he was so close, all he needed was to make sure that the books were correct, that what he was about to have Johan do could truly make one immortal.

Johan turned to Rolan impatiently, about to ask him why they were in this horrible place, beginning to feel a little too uncomfortable, but Rolan held up a hand and effectively silenced him. "We are almost there, hold your questions." Rolan murmured.
He led Johan to a small hut at the very back of the village, his steps quickening the closer they came to the hut. His eyes almost glowed as he glanced back at Johan and then opened the door and gestured for him to step inside. Johan did so without thinking or looking in, he was too excited about becoming immortal to care about anything else.

He heard a muffled groan and whipped around to see a tall man crumpled on the floor, bound and gagged. He seemed to be out cold except for the occasional moan. Johan's eyes widened and he stiffened when Rolan came up behind him and clapped him on the shoulder, holding him firmly in place. Being a Mallichite Johan could have broken the hold, but he was too frightened to do anything other than stare at the man on the floor.

Rolan looked down at the man and then back to Johan. "Do you recognize him?" He asked Johan curiously. He began to shake his head no but stopped and squinted at the man on the floor as he realized that he was a bit familiar. How could that be? Johan didn't know anyone from any of the villages. But he did, he thought as he sucked in a sharp breath and felt a new anger rising in him. Johnathon. Johan had seen the man many times in Naomi's thoughts earlier in their lives, when his betrayal had still been a fresh pain to her.

Now that Naomi had Miles she no longer thought of the man that had abused and turned away from her, but Johan still remembered him clearly. He even felt the sting of the slap the same as he had when he'd been a child, so close to his mother in mind that he shared her pain along with his brother. He could still hear her cry of pain, the thud as she hit the ground.

Hate curled in the pit of Johan's stomach and he spat at Johnathon before lurching forward, fully intending to cause the unconscious man as much pain as possible. Rolan held him back easily, tsking.

"Now, now Johan, we don't want to damage him that way." He said quietly, his voice a hiss in Johan's ear. He glanced back at the tall man, his eyes filled with anger that was slowly shifting to curiosity. "How then?" He asked through clenched teeth, wanting to make Johnathon pay for what he'd done to Naomi.

Rolan almost wanted to sing with joy. This was easier than he had thought it would be. Johan was already so riled up that it wouldn't take much more goading to get him to do what Rolan wanted him to. He smiled consipatorily and patted Johan's shoulder.

"This man has so kindly volunteered to help you reach immortality." He purred and Johan frowned.

"I want nothing to do with that creature." He said, turning to spit at Johnathon for emphasis. Rolan's grip tightened on him slightly. "Oh, but you do. You see, I have found that immortality comes at a small price." He murmured.

Johan glanced back at him, his frown deepening as he tried to understand what Rolan was edging towards. "A price? What kind of price?" He asked suspiciously and Rolan smiled again. "Miles has taught you how to drink blood, has he not?"

Johan nodded. "Yeah, he did. He said that we were to only use it to heal ourselves if we were close to death or when we were bonding our mates to us." He said, remembering the day clearly. Miles had brought Naomi out for the lesson and had shown them the identical mark that they each had on their hands, telling the boys everything about mates and what to do if they found theirs.

Rolan widened his eyes. "Did he not say anything else?" He asked, feigning surprise. Johan shook his head and Rolan widened his eyes more.

"Oh my," he murmured and tapped his chin with his finger thoughtfully. "I had thought he, I suppose that's not something he would tell you." He said, peeking at Johan to see that he had the boys complete attention.

Johan wasn't liking the sound of this. What did Rolan know, a mere wizard, that Miles had kept from Johan and Raiener, maybe even Naomi? He couldn't stop himself now.

"What are you talking about?" He asked, his eyes wary as he tried to grasp the full situation. Rolan sighed and shook his head pityingly.

"It would seem that Miles has kept a vital piece of information from you." He said, "He didn't mention that there was one other thing that you could get by drinking blood."

Johan's eyes widened as it finally clicked, and his jaw went slack. "Drinking blood can make you immortal?" He asked, bewildered, and Rolan nodded. Johan felt like he'd just been punched in the gut. He couldn't find the air to breath as he stared at Rolan. Why would Miles keep something so simple and so wonderful from them all? Why wouldn't he want them all to be immortal? To be able to live happily together forever in a literal sense?
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