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 I'm a what? (HP Spinoff with OCs) *Author notes and introduction chapter*

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PostSubject: I'm a what? (HP Spinoff with OCs) *Author notes and introduction chapter*   Tue Sep 28, 2010 7:38 pm

So this is a fanfiction that I started writing about five years ago on Quizilla, but I never got very far with it. And I've grown as a writer since then, so I'm going to be rewriting what I posted on there, and then adding more. So the first few updates may not take long, just long enough for me to rewrite them. And I have more written in a notebook, but I'm sure it needs to me redone as well. But I'm hoping that people will like this and I'm planning on finishing it now.

And here's a little but about it. It's set in the HP world as we know it, but with a few changes. First, I wrote this before the last couple of books. So Dumbledore is still alive, and the trio is returning to school for their last year. Second, the two main characters in this story are original characters, but the HP characters will show up plenty in the RP though I'm not going to reveal why just yet. You'll find out in the second or third chapter. Third, dear Voldie will show up, but that's all I'm going to say on that. And fourth, I hope you like it and the slightly alternate world I've created.

Thanks for reading. And without further ado, here's the introduction chapter Very Happy

Ten year old Anna was confused. Her best friend of the past six years, Nick, had just told her that he was not going to be returning to school with her the following fall. His father was sending him to a private school that she had never heard of called Hogwarts. She’d laughed when he’d told her the name, thinking that he must be kidding with a name like that. But she had soon realized that he wasn’t kidding. Anna had become even more confused when she’d said that his dad couldn’t send him away, he didn’t deserve that and she’d just go talk to him and Nick had told her not to. He’d said that this wasn’t punishment of any kind, it was a privilege. So Anna had said that she’d tell her parents that she wanted to go too. She had thought that Nick would be all for this idea, but he’d told her that she couldn’t go with him, that only certain people were allowed into this school. Anna had gotten mad at him at this and stormed away, refusing to talk to him. If he wanted to leave her, then he could, she didn’t care. She’d find a new best friend. She’d show him. Going away to some school without her.

Anna stormed into her house and ignored her mothers stern Anastasia, stomping up to her room without talking to anyone. So what if she and Nick had been best friends since they had met when they were both five. A guy and his son had moved in next-door one day, but it had been a few days before Anna met Nick. Anna’s mother had upset her one day and she’d gone out into the backyard and started to cry. Nick had been in his own backyard and had heard her and had come over to see what was wrong. He had listened and told Anna that everything would be okay, and that she shouldn’t stay mad at her mom because she was still there for Anna, unlike his own mom who had died. Anna stopped crying eventually, and they were finally able to introduce themselves and they’d been almost inseparable ever since.

Remembering this, Anna’s anger faded and she decided that she’d make as much of the time she had left with Nick before he left that she could. But she’d make him think she was still mad at him for the rest of the day. It’d serve him right. He was the one leaving after all. Her mind made up, Anna went back down stairs for dinner happier than when she had come home.

What Anna hadn’t known then was that it was going to get harder and harder each year for her to let Nick leave for school without her.

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PostSubject: Re: I'm a what? (HP Spinoff with OCs) *Author notes and introduction chapter*   Fri Jun 10, 2016 5:34 pm

It's been 6 years, damn its! cherry

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I'm a what? (HP Spinoff with OCs) *Author notes and introduction chapter*
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