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 The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]

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Kaez Alexandrov
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 28, 2016 7:49 pm

Dion, Isabela, Régine, Sinclair and now Katriane observed as Godric's family made fun of Sinclair's name. Dion leaned over to Isabela while all of this happened and muttered.
"Je suppose que les premières impressions peuvent être trompeuses, il semblait être un bon garçon, mais sa famille prouve le genre d'homme qu'il pourrait être..."

Isabela looked at Régine and muttered to her as well.
"Il semble Julien avait raison, ils sont arrogants. Je ne vais pas avoir ce genre de personnes dans notre famille."

"Ils semblaient bonnes personnes..." Katriane whispered, "pourquoi sont-ils cons?"

Régine stood there, embarrassed hearing her family's negative comments about Godric's family; her face was red and she didn't know what to say. Perhaps it was a bad idea to tell him to bring 'is family, they seemed so proper at zhe dinner...

Morgan slapped Kol upside the head and gave a low growl, as much as she hated the fact that Godric liked Régine, she wanted him to be happy; and so far Kol and the rest of them were ruining everything. She pushed past them and walked towards Dion and Isabela after Sinclair left to the backyard and smiled at them.
"It is a pleasure to meet you, I'm--"

"Morgan Alexandrov," Isabela smiled and shook her hand, "I 'ave 'eard of you, it is a pleasure to meet you as well."

Morgan got closer to Isabela and whispered in her ear.
"I can assure you that Godric is not like his sibblings, you need not to worry."

"Do you see him being good to my little girl?" Isabela whispered back.

Morgan took a step back and looked into her eyes, she smiled.
"He will take care of her."

Isabela smiled, a bit more relaxed.

Dion looked at Morgan and nodded, giving her a small smile.

Julien had overheard everything, at first he was jealous at the acceptance of Godric as Régine's consort; but then when Kol opened his mouth he knew there was no way that the Zaeri's would let that slide, specially not with their comments. But then Morgan had to come in and save the day... I think I'm going to have to get rid of her... he said eyeing her.

Morgan turned her head to look at him, knowing he had his eyes on her, she closed her eyes and when she opened them Julien began to choke; blood began to come from his mouth. And just as quick as it began it ended, Morgan didn't want to draw attention after all.

Julien got up and went to the bathroom.
I'm going to kill her... he thought on his way.

Morgan turned her attention back to Isabela and Dion.
"Excuse us, I shall go join my daughter in the backyard." She gave a small nod and followed by Cressida she went out the back door.

Dion eyed the Mikaelsons, and without saying a word he took Isabela's hand and took her outside as well. Katriane and Régine stood there, looking at them, silent.

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 30, 2016 8:57 pm

After his siblings had finished insulting Sinclair embarrassed and frustrated exited toward the backyard. Godric was trying his hardest not to laugh but then he heard Regine’s parents whispering they did not appreciate that their son was being mocked by his siblings and as he turned to look at Regine he could see how sad and embarrassed her was. Regine was embarrassed that was something Godric could not allow he turned to his siblings and calmly said “enough” but he said it with such firmness that they all silenced and looked down except for Klaus who stared at him slightly annoyed. As Godric turned around he saw Morgie slap Kol upside the head. “Ah damn that’s not good” Godric quickly walked over and stopped his brother from escalating the situation. “I said enough you can settle that later” Kol looked at him angrily wanting to say something but Godric look silenced him he brushed his brother off and said later.

Godric watched as Morgie walked into the kitchen after Regine’s parents and listened as she compelled them she told them how he was not like his family and that he was good for Regine and should be given a chance. This took Godric by surprise and he had to smile “Morgie helping me with Regine never would have thought”. As the three of them walked back into the living room Godric’s gaze met Morgie’s and he mouthed the words “thank you”. Godric then walked over to where Regine was standing and took her hands “I’m so sorry about that but I will fix it I promise” he then walked over to Isabella and Dion he looked them in the eyes and spoke “excuse me but you we talk privately” they both nodded in a daze and followed him to a corner near the fence he continued to speak “I must apologize for the way my siblings acted that was uncalled for and inappropriate I’m sure they meant no offense and I feel it would be in everyone’s best interest if we just forgot about and started over wouldn’t you agree”? Dion replied first “oh yes of course that vould be best” his wife agreeing with him smiling “ve vould love to start over.” Godric clapped his hands together and smiled “wonderful now shall we rejoin the party. They both nodded smiling brightly and left the corner to rejoin the festivities.

“Good now that that’s taken care of I have to go find her brother” he looked around and spotted Sinclair over by the drinks table sipping on something, he walked over and stopped in front of him causing Sinclair to look up and glare at him “have you come to mock me too” he said angrily Godric smiled “no mate I came to apologize what happened was awful and I’m sorry it happened” Sinclair sat there quietly for a moment then poured Godric a drink and offered him a seat Godric tilted his head confused “really just like that you’re over it” Sinclair nodded smiling “it’s not that big a deal”. Godric sat down and joined Sinclair for a drink it was bourbon “maybe this kid isn’t so bad after all”. After the drink they both shook hands and Godric walked off to have a word with his siblings.
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Kaez Alexandrov
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Kaez Alexandrov

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 02, 2016 3:27 am

Sinclair observed Godric as he walked over to his siblings and sipped on his bourbon. Perhaps he's not such a bad guy after all... he thought, he was decent enough to come apologize for the actions of his family, and he did it with class, unlike... his eyes shifted to Julien whom was inside the house, Godric seems like a better choice for my sister than Julien, hopefully she makes the right decision...

He saw that Morgan had gone up the stairs, followed by Julien; a few minutes later he saw Alessandra walk up the stairs no longer in sight, he thought this odd, but he decided that after Alessandra's smooth rejection, it was best for him to stay away for a while; so he went to his family.

Music played as the guests danced, mostly people that also flew from France, like producers, managers, lawyers, PR teams, etc. All here for the official return of Belle Morte in the festival the next week.

A while later Julien walked out to the backyard with his forehead and nose bleeding, avoiding eye contact with the Mikaelsons; Régine looked at him and her eyes widened, she ran to him and cupped his face between her hands.
"Julien, are you alright? Vhat 'appened?"

"Nothing," Julien wiped his nose, "I... tripped down the stairs."

"Let me look at you," Régine examined his wounds and frowned, "Julien you need stitches, are you sure zhis vas from falling down the stairs?"

"I'm fine, Régine, I promise," Julien scowled, why am I not healing, and why does this hurt so bad? What the bloody hell was that dagger she used..., "I don't need stitches."

Sinclair walked over and looked at Julien's injuries.
"Na he doesn't need stitches, just let him bleed out and he'll be fine," he grinned before walking inside the house.

Julien tried his best not to growl at Sinclair and smiled at Régine.
"I will heal, don't worry about it."

"Okay, but if I see it get vorse I vill not 'essitate to take you to zhe 'ospital," Régine took a napkin from her pocket and wiped his blood, "come on, let's go inside and get you cleaned up, oui?"

Julien rolled his eyes and gave a small laugh.

When Sinclair walked into the house he saw Alessandra, Cressida, and Morgan sitting on the couch, he noticed that Alessandra's white shirt was stained with red; he looked at the stairs, there was no blood. He pretended not to notice this and walked over to the kitchen pretending to get some things, trying to overhear their conversation.

"M'lady I should have never left your side," Cressida whispered, her eyes watered.

"Cressida, dearie," Morgan's words sounded weak, "I'm fine, he didn't manage to get much in, plus Lessy got there just in time."

"The nerve of him trying to poison you," Alessandra shook with anger, "I should have killed him."

Sinclair, saw from the corner of his eye that Morgan was looking at him, but he pretended not to notice this as he got some ice from the fridge.

"He is Régine's friend," Morgan took her eyes off Sinclair and back to her daughter, "we cannot cause a scene, like we are doing now."

Both Cressida and Alessandra looked at Sinclair whom attempted to casually walk to the front porch.

"He heard us," Cressida whispered.

"He is not bothered by it," Morgan looked at the front door, "I have a feeling he's not fond of Julien," she looked at Cressida and smiled, "Cressida, dear, would you mind coming outside with me? It seems he is waiting for the opportune moment to speak with Lessy."

"What?" Alessandra's eyes widened, "you can't be serious?"

"How do you kids say now a day? 'Deadass'?" Morgan tried not to laugh.

"Mom, please don't," Alessandra rolled her eyes, "you're 500 years too old to be talking like that."

Morgan chuckled and slowly stood, holding on to Cressida for support, and they walked out to the backyard.

A few minutes later Sinclair came inside.
"Your shirt, it has blood on it," he pointed to the stain, "I could lend you a shirt if you'd like."

Alessandra looked down, not having noticed the stain. Ugh, uncle Ric needs to show me how to do a clean job... she thought and looked at Sinclair.
"Uhm, yeah, sure," she looked around making sure Julien was with Régine, and nodded, "lead the way."

Sinclair smirked and motioned for her to follow him, and she did, over to Régine's room where all the luggage was being kept for the time being.
"So.. what happened?" Sinclair asked casually as he opened up his suitcase, looking for a shirt similar to the one Alessandra was wearing.

"What do you mean?" Lessy asked coolly.

"Well obviously you attacked Julien," Sinclair smirked, "what did he do to warrant that aside from being an annoying toe rag?" Alessandra eyed Sinclair as he handed her a shirt. "What?"

"Nothing," Lessy took the shirt and looked at him, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, uhm, right..." Sinclair scratched the back of his head and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Alessandra took off her stained shirt and put on the new one before walking out of the room, she saw Sinclair sat on the living room couch, he waved at her and gave her a small smile.
Why is this dude so insistent in talking to me? she asked herself before walking over to him. "Thanks for the shirt," she smirked.

"No problem," Sinclair nodded, "anyone who beats up Julien is a friend of mine," he chuckled.

Lessy eyed him and sat on the armchair.
"Why don't you like him?"

"I believe you haven't answered my question first," Sinclair chuckled. Lessy raised an eyebrow and shrugged before getting up and walking to the backyard, this confused Sinclair as he watched her go. Why is she being so difficult?

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 02, 2016 11:16 pm

Godric walked over to his siblings “the way you behaved was unacceptable, what were you thinking insulting the poor boy like that”. Klaus looking rather annoyed was the first to respond “where do you get off giving orders to me I only agreed to this because I thought it would be amusing but you keep on making all these bloody demands and my patience is at an end “. “What patience the hour of tolerance you’ve acquired over the centuries that you’ve been alive any longer than that and you result to disrupting the peace like a bloody five year old. ” Rebekah chimed in “come now Ric we were only joking” “yes and your joking nearly ruined everything dear sister the entire party watched as you insulted the host’s brother have you any idea what they’ve said about you what they think”. “It’s thanks to Morgie that I was able to make an attempt to salvage our first impression.” “Have you any idea how embarrassed Regine was she vouched for us painted us out to be good people and you made her and yourselves look like fools I cannot allow that to stand.”

Klaus trying to keep his voice level “I don’t give a damn about your stupid human girlfriend”. And with the lack of amusement at this party I think it’s time… Elijah stepped in trying to defuse the tension “Niklaus wasn’t it you who wanted to meet Godric’s girlfriend”? “If I remember correctly you wanted to meet the girl that he killed for, you insisted upon a dinner and Godric reluctantly agreed”. “So you see brother you do give a damn.” “The noble Elijah always trying to prevent a squabble, it just so happens that you’re right.” “Of course brother I always am” Klaus smirked fixed his shirt and went over to the drink table. “Well at least he’s calmed down a bit thanks Elijah.” Elijah nodded not a problem “I’ve been dealing with you lot for 1000 years I know how to sufficiently restrain you lot”. Godric smiled that’s a good thing he thought to himself. Now to deal with Kol. “who does that bloody witch think she is slapping me” Don’t act like you didn’t deserve it you’re the one who started the insults Morgie’s the one who stepped in and stopped it before it went too far. “AH yes your precious little witch the one you care so deeply about and yet after 400 years have never tried to fix your relationship” Kol said glaring angrily.

Godric blinked “what the hell did you just say”? “You heard me you claim that you no longer want a relationship with her and yet she’s constantly following you around its quite pathetic really and the way she thinks she can just do whatever she wants because you to shagged Godric punched Kol in the stomach causing him to gasp and everyone around them to step back in shock. Elijah tried to stop what happened next “Godric think about this we just solved one problem do not create another” “DO NOT EVER TALK BAD ABOUT MORGIE IN FRONT OF ME UNDERSTAND” Kol angry threw a punch and hit Godric in the jaw before it could escalate any further Godric grabbed his and ran like a blur to the front of the yard leaving a gust of wind. They both fought angrily Kol was holding his own Godric was trying very hard not to arouse suspicion he needed to end the fight quickly before anyone came to the front. Kol enough stop this and I’ll forget everything.” “Well what about me I don’t feel like forgetting anything.” Godric dodged his punched by grabbed his arm and put him in a headlock “you’re acting like a child what would Davina think”? Kol suddenly stopped struggling and Godric let go of him “If she were here brother would she approve of this”. Kol replied “I suppose not as much as she hates you the reason for us fighting is no excuse. But the next time your witch thinks she can just do as she pleases around me I will not hesitate understand. Godric nodded fine I’ll have a talk with her just control yourself for the time being. The two shook hands dusted themselves off and headed back to the party Godric looked around and saw Klaus by the fence talking to Katriane.

Oh my god what the hell is he doing. Just then Godric smelled something blood? How the hell could this get any worse…
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 04, 2016 12:09 am

Morgan, Cressida and Alessandra observed as Godric spoke to his siblings, when Kol began to speak of Morgan, she felt a pang to her stomach; and when Godric got defensive about her she felt a mixture of pride and guilt, and then when Godric punched him in the stomach she knew shit was about to go down.

Everyone around them gasped and moved away from them, when Kol punched Godric Alessandra took out her dagger and was about to lunge herself at him but Morgan caught her too quick.
"Do not interfere, Kol would not hesitate to harm or kill you," she whispered into her daughter's ear, "Godric can handle this on his own."

Just then they 'vanished', leaving everyone puzzled looking around, Morgan sighed and rolled her eyes.
"Well at least Régine didn't see any of this..." She moved over to Cressida and whispered in her ear, "alright, damage control, let's make all of these people forget that happened."

Cressida nodded.
"Yes, your majesty," she whispered back and she began to speak to the guests.

Morgan looked at Alessandra and smirked.
"Try to stay out of trouble," she winked before speaking to the other guests.

"No promises," Alessandra smirked before putting the dagger back in her holster and looking at the window of Régine's room where she could see her with Julien, "git."

Régine continued to clean his wounds.
"You should lay down," she spoke gently to him.

"I'm fine," he said weakly, feeling his legs tremble slightly, and the room spin, "I'll be fine."

"Julien, you are not fine," she looked into his eyes, "are you sure you don't want to go to zhe 'ospital?"

Julien wrapped his arms around her and held her close.
"I don't need a doctor, I need you."

Régine blushed slightly and led him to her bed.
"Lay down," she insisted, and with a sigh he let go of her and lay down on the bed; Régine continued to put pressure on his wounds, the worried look never leaving her face. "You need to rest, I don't want you to fall again."

"Stay with me?" Julien looked into her eyes, "stay with me while I rest?"

Régine looked at him for a moment and shook her head.
"Julien, you know I can't stay, I'm zhe 'ost, I need to be with my guests."

"Katriane can handle it," he pulled her onto him and began to stroke her cheek, "please don't leave me." She sighed and nodded, laying on the bed with him, stroking his hair as he held her. She continued to stroke his hair until she was sure he fell asleep, then she carefully attempted to get out of the bed without waking him, but as soon as she shifted he held her tight. "Where are you going?" He whispered.

"Back to zhe party, where I belong," Régine tried to get out of his grip but he held on too tight, "Julien, let me go."

"No, stay here," he frowned.

"I can't, I--" There was a knock on the door, Alessandra opened it; Régine blinked and looked at her. "Yes?"

Alessandra gave her most polite smile and tried to keep all acid from her tone of voice.
"Sorry to barge in, but your family is looking for you and I told them I'd come get you."

Julien scowled and let go of Régine, Lessy just smiled sweetly at him. Régine got up and straightened herself out before nodding at Alessandra.
"Okay, thank you," she smiled and walked out the door.

Alessandra raised an eyebrow at Julien and glared at him before closing the door behind her and catching up with Régine.
"Uhm, your family wasn't actually looking for you."

Régine looked at her confused.
"Then why would--"

"Listen, I know Julien is your friend or whatever," Lessy interrupted, "but he was being a total creep and basically keeping you there against your will."

"How did you know?" Régine blinked.

"The curtains to your room were open," Lessy shrugged before patting her shoulder and going over to Morgan and the rest

Régine looked at Alessandra as she walked away, she looked back in direction of her room and then at Alessandra once more.
"Merci..." She whispered, knowing Lessy could not hear her. Things with Julien are getting out of 'and, everyone is noticing it... I'm going to have to set him straight when he feels better...

"Well this evening sure is turning out interesting," Morgan said to Godric as she looked at Alessandra walk towards them, "where had you gone, darling."

"Saving Régine from the clutches of a sociopath," Alessandra whispered, "Julien has a knack for keeping people trapped, but as soon as he saw me he let go of her," she smirked.

The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 Ba3b88b72b81b7156cc7fcfa0fdd658c-d5tto6f
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 04, 2016 7:58 pm

“I should have never let any of this happen I know my siblings and what they’re capable of and yet I still brought them here.” Godric was shaking his head “at least everything is under control at the moment”. “You can’t blame yourself” Morgie said as she walked over and stood next Godric. “With all your powers you fail to see that can’t control everything” she said smiling. “But there are things that I can control” he replied “yes perhaps but your siblings are not on that list”. Godric sighed and looked and Morgie he saw that she looked different did…did something happen to you he looked over and saw that Lessy was wearing a different shirt. “Morgie what the hell happened.” “Well she said I may have gotten into a little altercation with Julien.” Godric tilted his head “an altercation you mean he attacked you.” Yes something like that she responded Godric’s eyes were glowing now “and Lessy he attacked Lessy” his voice was a quiet rage “Morgie tried to calm him down no no Lessy attacked him she defended me with her dagger she kicked his ass you would have been proud.” This information didn’t seem to calm Godric his eyes stopped glowing but he was still fuming “that smug cocky little shit I’m gonna end him”... “No you’re not” Morgie grabbed him by the arm he looked at her annoyed. “Why the hell do you keep defending this stupid git he attacked you he would have killed you given the chance and Lessy what if he had hurt her.” But he didn’t we were better than him we are better than him we don’t have to kill him. The hell we don’t he’s a parasitic manipulative bastard and the world will be a better place when I rip his heart from his chest.” You are not the one who is destined to kill him my visions have made that quite clear.” You know how much I hate your damn visions right always inconveniencing me.” “Yes I know but their always right” she smirked.

Godric agreed not to kill Julien at this moment. “So little Lessy kicked that bastard ass he said smiling. “Yes she did she must’ve had a great teacher” Morgie said smirking “Damn right she did taught her everything she knows.” Godric was thinking about how badly Lessy beat Julien when he remembered something that snapped him out of it wait oh crap I saw Klaus he was talking to Katriane.” Godric walked toward the drinks table where his brother and Katriane stood talking, he listened closely to their conversation and heard them talking about something.
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 05, 2016 11:30 pm

Katriane stood by the drinks table, pouring some vodka into her punch, when Klaus walked over to the table as well. She closed her eyes and felt every hair on her body stand; she looked at Klaus from head to toe and raised an eyebrow.
"Vhy do all of you 'ave such bad energy around you?"

Klaus's brow furrowed at the question, caught off guard by it; slowly he turned to look at Katriane.
"What ever do you mean?"

Katriane took a sip from her drink and set it on the table.
"It's like you're all 'iding some big dark secret, and you're trying so 'ard to hide it zhat zhe energy just radiates from you."

Klaus rolled his eyes and looked at Katriane, his eyes changing as he spoke.
"Me and my family are not hiding anything, do you understand?"

Katriane's eyes widened.
"Vhat is wrong vith your eyes?" She said getting closer, but Klaus took a step back and his eyes were back to normal, making Katriane relax, "must 'ave been a trick vith zhe lighting, but anyways I don't know vhat it is about all of you but it gives me zhe creeps every single time; luckily zhe vervain helps." Klaus's body tensed and he tried his best to not do anything stupid, so without saying a word he walked back to his family, making Katriane raise an eyebrow. "Zhey're all so weird..."

Régine walked over to Godric and smiled.
"Sorry I 'avent been around much, this night is too crazy," she laughed, "I wasn't expecting my family to bring all these people with zhem, it was supposed to be a small gather but, well..." She looked around at all the press and public relations people, "I suppose we needed all the coverage we could before zhe music festival."

Morgan observed Régine and Godric and sighed.
"I need a moment," she said to Alessandra and Cressida, "you two stay here and enjoy the party; I'll be back in a moment."

"Your highness," Cressida frowned, "us leaving you alone was the reason you were attacked."

"I'll be fine," Morgan smiled, "go to Aimé, he keeps looking at you."

The three of them looked at Aimé and he waved at them, causing Cressida to blush.
"Are you sure?"

"Of course, go," Morgan winked and Cressida gave a small giggle before going over to Aimé.

"Mom, seriously?" Alessandra raised an eyebrow.

"I can handle myself," Morgan insisted.

"You're weak now, maybe if you were in your normal state you'd be able to but--"

"Alessandra, dearie," Morgan took her hands, "I thank you for worrying about your old mother, but you are young, go enjoy the party; I'll be back in a few minutes."

"Fine, but the moment I see something fishy I'm going to you," Lessy hugged her mother and kissed her forehead.

Morgan smiled and ruffled Lessy's hair before walking into the house and out the front door.

The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 Ba3b88b72b81b7156cc7fcfa0fdd658c-d5tto6f
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 06, 2016 5:16 pm

Kol watched as Morgie went into the house by herself now was his chance. “I’ll teach that bloody wench to learn her place” as he quietly walked toward the door and into the house without arousing suspicion. Godric was busy talking to Regine so he didn’t notice the two of them leave. He followed her through the house and out the front door then he hid himself in the shadows. “Morgan what are you doing out here all alone”? Morgie rather annoyed turned around “what is it” “well little witch I’m here to teach you some bloody manners can’t have you running around believing you can do whatever you please” "well you were fucking everything up, as per usual, I wasn't about to let your childish antics ruin Godric's opportunities." Kol stopped moving near a tree he broke off a branch and held it in his hand “What I do is none of your concern and my brother has made it quite clear that he wants nothing to do with you” Morgie getting angrier at this remark sent a blast of force to where Kol’s voice was coming from but missed him by inches he began to move again.

"It does become my concern when you mess with the people I love, and though he may not want anything to do with me I want him to be happy, which is more than I can say for you." Kol starts laughing “How pathetic, you're so delusional that you'd help my brother win the affections of another woman you really are a hopeless cause don't worry though I'll put you out of your misery. Morgan laughs and says "go on then, try me". then we start Kol threw a branch from the shadows Morgie stops with a spell and sends it fling back he dodges it and runs toward her punching her in the stomach. She gasps out and launches Kol into a tree "really Kol is that the best you can do?" Kol got to his feet grinning “not at all luv I'm just getting started” Morgie lets loose with a volley of blasts and Kol moves out of the way she then throws herself at him but he catches her expecting this she head butts him yelling this is all your “fault you’re the reason we’re not together” Kol regains his senses and they knock head at the same time then Kol throws her ten feet away as they both scramble to regain their composure.

“I hate you” Morgie screams Kol just smiles Morgie has never allowed herself to lose it like this Kol found it quite amusing “Don’t go blaming anything on me luv I had no idea who you were but you knew exactly what you were doing even if you didn’t know who you were doing it with you have only yourself to blame.” Upon hearing this rage swelled in Morgie head as she set the entire lawn on fire Kol managed to roll to safety. Lessy who was enjoying the party noticed a bright light coming from the front “Mama” she whispered as she quickly ran to her mother’s aid she sprinted through the house her dagger in hand sand busted through the front door. She saw her mother and Kol fighting she needed to help so she ran at Kol attempting to stab him. Morgie saw her and her rage was replaced with fear “what the hell is she doing” she ran toward Lessy and pushed her out of harm’s way. Kol saw his chance and took it he tackled Morgie to the ground and shoved his hand through her chest causing her to scream out in pain. Godric heard her screams and without a second thought ran through the house and saw what was happening through the window.

Rage rang through his ears as he kicked the door open and without a moment’s hesitation broke Kol’s neck ending the fight. Kol dropped to the ground unconscious and Godric held Morgie in his arms and fed her his blood she slowly regained her strength enough to stutter “thank you” he smiled down at her it’s all right you’re okay now Lessy ran over and knelt by her mother crying Morgie held her hand before a vision took over…
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 06, 2016 5:52 pm

He cares... Morgan thought as she healed in Godric's arms, even if his heart is not mine, he cares...

Her eyes watered as Lessy cried, she held her hand to comfort her but before she could speak a vision came to her; and suddenly she was no longer in front of Régine's house being held by Godric, she was in a room.

She saw Katriane stumble in, by the looks of it she was very drunk, and someone followed her and in an expert motion they snapped her neck. As Katriane fell to the ground she could see Klaus's face decorated by a twisted grin and Katriane on the floor.

With a heavy gasp Morgan came back to her senses, with eyes wide she stared at Godric, but before he could ask what was wrong she ran full speed into the house, up the stairs and over to Katriane's room where indeed Katriane lay on the floor, dead.

Morgan covered her mouth in shock, she shook her head as her eyes watered.
"I was too late," she whispered, "Kol distracted me from my vision and I got here too late." She kneeled on the floor and looked at the other side of the room where Klaus stood. "Why?"

"She could have exposed us," Klaus said simply.

"There were better ways of taking care of that!" Morgan shouted at him.

"Listen, Morgan," Klaus growled, "just because you and my brother had a thing, does not mean you can stroll about and tell us how to handle our business."

Morgan looked at him and took a deep breath, not wanting another fight. She looked at Katriane for a few moments before looking at Klaus once more.
"I think you made a big mistake."

Klaus ran to Morgan and pinned her against the wall by her neck.
"You are wearing out the little patience I have left Alexandov," he tightened his grip, causing Morgan to struggle for air, "I'll tell you one last time to not interfere."

Just then they heard a murmur and they both looked at Katriane whom was starting to move, Klaus let go of Morgan and she dropped to the ground coughing as she held on to her neck, she looked at him and raised her eyebrows.
"I told you," she managed to say, her voice slightly raspy.

"Who the--"

"Julien," Morgan stood up, "Régine's psycho friend, he feeds them blood."

"Why the bloody hell would he do that?!" Klaus growled.

"He has anger issues and fears killing them in a rampage," Morgan smirked, "you'd know all about that wouldn't you?"

Just when Klaus was about to launch himself at her, Godric walked in and looked at Katriane on the floor.
"What happened?" He tried to remain calm, but with all that was happening tonight he was about to snap.

"I don't know, why don't you ask your precious bother?" Morgan said as she moved to the bed and sat on it.

Katriane sat up on the floor, rubbing her neck and flexing it.
"Oh, Je sens que je suis tombé par un camion..." Katriane looked at Klaus, Godric and Morgan and slowly stood up, "vhat are--" she held her neck, feeling like her throat was on fire. "Qu'est-ce que c'est?"

Morgan patted the bed.
"Sit, I'll help you with that," she said and ran down the stairs, coming back up in less than a minute with the injured Julien and his supply of blood.

"Fuck," Julien muttered as Morgan dragged him to the corner of the room.

Morgan opened one of the bottles and handed it to Katriane, whim immediately began to swallow greedily.
"More, sil te plait..." she urged, and Morgan gave her another bottle.

"You just have yourself a little collection, don't you?" Morgan grabbed Julien by the back of the neck and made him sit on a small couch, with a snap of her fingers she froze him in place, he tried to speak but he couldn't.

"Vhat is going on?" Katriane asked, scared, "also vhat is zhis?"

"Blood," Morgan smirked.

Katriane's eyes widened.

"Don't question it, just drink." Morgan said giving her a small nod.

Katriane looked at the bottle and gingerly continued to drink, then she looked at Klaus and Godric.
"Vhy are you all here?"

And before Morgan could answer she had to duck, avoiding getting hit in the head with one of Katriane's drawers.

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 06, 2016 6:34 pm

Godric held Morgie in his arms when suddenly she sprang to her feet and ran into the house and up the stairs. Umm okay he said confused he checked on Kol and muttered “bloody idiot I’ll deal with you later” then he followed her up into the house and up the stairs he had never been upstairs before but he heard voices and then a banging noise he walked to one of the rooms and stood in the door way he saw Klaus Morgie and someone lying on the floor it was Katriane. "What happened?" He tried to remain calm, but with all that was happening tonight he was about to snap. "I don't know, why don't you ask your precious bother?" Morgan said as she moved to the bed and sat on it. Godric looked at his brother rage boiling “I’ll ask again what happened.” What do you think happened brother I killed her”. Godric breathed heavily trying to level himself “why did you kill her. I don’t have to explain myself to- why the fuck did you kill her you idiot Godric slammed into Klaus and pinned him up against the wall. One night he yelled one night you couldn’t just give me that Klaus eyes shifted as he broke his brother’s grip and punched him in the face causing Godric to step back careful brother remember what happened the last time we fought. I don’t care Godric yelled as he ripped apart Katrine’s dresser and threw one of the draws at him he missed Klaus as it went sailing past where his head was Morgie had to dodge as well or risk getting hit. All my planning Godric yelled everything I’ve done ruined because of you he rushed at his brother but Klaus dodged it and punched toward Godric’s back Godric anticipating this turned and caught Klaus’s arm slamming him into the mirror shattering it. Klaus angry now picked up the shard of glass and threw them at Godric he dodged most of them but a few cut him. He was bleeding but the wounds healed at once leaving small cuts in his clothing the both of them fought with such speed and ferocity that the on lockers were amazed

Klaus rammed into Godric picking up a nearby chair he broke it across his back Godric gasped in pain picking up one of the legs he threw it at Klaus who caught it but not before Godric punched him in the face Klaus yelled “you’re acting like a child” Godric stared at him angrily “look at the pot calling the kettle black brother everything you’ve ever done has resembled that of a 5 year olds whim” Godric had snapped he didn’t care anymore all his plans had been ruined with the death of Katriane it’s been a while since he let his rage take control and there was nothing to stop him. Godric and Klaus were destroying Katrine’s room the furniture the walls the floor everything there’d be no explaining this Klaus and Godric kept fighting throwing punches kicks desk draws they were evenly matched suddenly Lessy appeared in the door way she ran over to Morgie and asked “what the hell is going on what’s wrong with Uncle Ric”?
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 06, 2016 7:17 pm

Morgan saw Lessy and urged her to run to her side, not wanting her to get tangled in the fight.
"What th hell is going on?" She asked frightened, looking at them, "what's wrong with uncle Ric?"

"Klaus thought that Katriane would expose us, so he killed her," Morgan rolled her eyes.

"Well if he didn't want to be exposed he's doing a terrible job with all the damn noise they're making," Lessy scowled, and just then Klaus was about to attack her but Godric launched him to the other side of the room, cracking the wall.

"Darling, I think you'd best go downstairs and bring the rest of his family up here," Morgan stroked her cheek, "also instruct Cressida to compel guests to not go inside the house."

"Right," Lessy said, looking at Klaus, for the first time actually fearing for her life. She looked at Katriane for a moment before running down the stairs.

"'Ow are zhey fighting like zhis?" Katriane stood behind Morgan, feeling safer there.

"They're vampire/werewolf hybrids," Morgan said simply.

Katriane blinked.
"And you are?"

"Vampire/Witch hybrid," Morgan smirked.

"And I'm?"

"A vampire."

"But..." Katriane looked at Julien, "you 'ad told me vampires didn't exist... right when I 'ad found your blood, and you told me to not go near your room and for years I didn't... You..."

"He compelled you because he's a little bitch," Morgan looked at Julien and again at the fighting brothers.

Katriane glared at Julien.
"You kept this from me knowing 'ow fascinating zhe supernatural is for me, you are not a very good friend."

"You don't know the half of it," Morgan made Katriane sit down next to Julien, "now keep quiet before you make things worse."

Just then Alessandra had returned with Godric's siblings, Lessy quickly returned to her mother's side.
"Régine is busy with interviews, everyone else has been compelled, except for..."

And as if on queue Sinclair walked into the room, startled.
"What the hell is going on!?" Morgan ran to him and sat him next to Katriane.

"Don't make a sound," she instructed him and she looked at Alessandra, "he drank vervain?"

"When he went to the kitchen when we were downstairs, he drank one of Katriane's vervain solutions..." Alessandra looked at him and gave him a small smile.

"What's happening?" Sinclair whispered to Katriane.

"I'm not entirely sure myself..." She whispered back, "apparently I'm dead."

Sinclair raised an eyebrow.

"I don't know!" Katriane whispered harshly, "I'm waiting for zhe two of zhem to stop fi--"

"Shut it," Morgan warned.

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 06, 2016 7:51 pm

As Lessy left the room to fetch the rest of Godric and Klaus siblings the pair kept fighting there seemed to be no end in sight. Morgie was talking to Katriane explaining what was happening what she was what Godric and Klaus were when suddenly Lessy returned followed by Elijah Rebekah and Hayley. “Oh for god’s sake Rebekah sighed the three of them walked over to where the others were sitting and stood there watching. Sinclair followed them into the room and saw Godric and Klaus fighting "What the hell is going on!?" Morgan ran to him and sat him next to Katriane. "Don't make a sound," she instructed him and she looked at Alessandra, "he drank vervain?" "When he went to the kitchen when we were downstairs, he drank one of Katriane's vervain solutions. Lessy looked at Elijah and Rebekah confused and whispered to them umm aren’t you going to do anything maybe try to stop them. Rebekah focused on the fight looked over to her and simply said no it tends to get a bit messy whenever we try and separate them best to just let them sort this out themselves. Lessy looked at her dumbfounded “unbelievable not even the originals can stop them.”

Godric Elijah said calmly “if you keep this up Regine is sure to notice and come up here.” “I don’t care” he yelled dodging Klaus punch and throwing him against the wall all my plans being nice taking it slow not doing anything reckless ruined all because of this bastard. Klaus sidestepped Godric and punched him so hard in the gut all the air was knocked out of him. He gasped for break while Klaus got ready to break his neck. Not this time as Klaus put his hand on Godric’s neck he bared his fangs and bit into his brother causing Klaus to yell out and throw Godric against the wall. You sneaky little git that isn’t fair. You wanna talk about fair Godric said getting up how about telling someone before you go and kill the host’s sister especially when I’m trying to date her. Klaus rolled his eyes and darted for his brother both rolled in the floor and continued to struggle. Elijah watched them for a few more minutes then decided it was time to break up the fight. He turned to Rebekah when I say so you jump in front of Godric I’ll handle Klaus understood Rebekah sighed but nodded. They waited until Godric and Klaus broke apart NOW Elijah yelled Rebekah tackled Godric into a corner and Elijah rushed Klaus to the other end of the room. Godric didn’t want to hurt Rebekah so he just stopped and looked at her. You shouldn’t have done that you know he said brushing himself off. Yeah I know but you shouldn’t have been fighting in the first place. He looked at her head tilted I didn’t want to fight you know that I just…lost it he can be such an ass sometimes. Rebekah smiled believe me I know. Klaus still struggling with Elijah took more convincing to stop but eventually he sat down and glared angrily at Elijah. Elijah looked back really brother fighting at a party in this poor woman’s room you’ve destroyed it. Klaus stared at him I don’t give a damn about her stupid room she was just supposed to die quick and easy and I didn’t want to fight he came at me. Of course he came at you when you act so recklessly you left him with no choice.

Once the fighting stopped the questions started up again Katriane and Sinclair wanted answers what the hell just happened what’s going on why did they destroy my room.
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 06, 2016 11:30 pm

Just as Morgan was about to begin explaining everything to Katriane, Sébastiene walked in and his eyes widened looking at the complete destruction.
"What the 'ell 'appened 'ere?" He looked at everyone, "what is everyone doing in my girlfriend's room?"

Morgan looked at Klaus and pointed at Sébastiene.
"You didn't want to be exposed? Look at what a great job you're doing," she went over to Sébastiene and sat him down on the couch on the other side of Julien. "I don't even know where to begin to explain this mess..." Katriane raised her hand, looking like a child in school, "yes?"

"Vhy did 'e kill me?"

"Kill you?" Sébastiene was confused.

"Please, dear," Morgan said to Sébastiene, "wait your turn," she looked at Katriane. "Every one in this room except for Sin, Séb, and Alessandra are vampires; the two bone heads you witnessed fighting are hybrids, vampire and werewolf, I as I said before am a vampire and witch hybrid; but more on the history of the Mikaelsons later. Klaus for whatever reason thought that you were a danger to our kind, and that you would expose what we were to society and therefore end our peaceful lives."

"Whatever 'peaceful' is..." Alessandra rolled her eyes.

"Okay," Katriane nodded, "I see 'ow 'e could 'ave gotten zhat impression, but vhy did I not just die? Vhy am I a vampire?"

Morgan snapped her fingers and looked at Julien.
"Would you be so kind as to explain that one?"

All eyes were now on Julien, if he would have been able to move he would have fidgeted uncomfortably in his seat. He took a deep breath and looked at Katriane.
"I... sneak blood into your food, my blood..."

"But... vhy?" Katriane was shocked, as was Sébastiene.

"Because I feared killing you all in a fit of rage," Julien looked down, not wanting to make eye contact, "so I ensured that if that were to happen, that you would come back to life."

"So if something 'appened to me right now, I'd be a vampire?" Sébastiene raised an eyebrow.

"Oui, only after drinking human blood to complete the transition."

Sébastiene looked at Katriane.
"And... you drank human blood?" Katriane nodded and showed him the bottle. "This is madness..."

Sinclair just sat there, taking it all in; then out of nowhere he punched Julien in the jaw with such force that his neck snapped, everyone looked at him. He looked at Klaus and glared at him.
"I'd punch you too but I rather not die tonight," he muttered, causing Klaus to chuckle, "I knew there was a reason I hated Julien I just didn't know why, turns out I hate him cause he's a supernatural creep."

"'Is cause was noble," Katriane said standing up, "if 'e 'adn't done vhat 'e did, I would be dead, so I think 'e deserves to be cut some slack."

"Slack?!" Sinclair shouted, "for him taking precautions in case he killed you lot?! Are you out of your mind?" He looked at Klaus, "I mean yeah sure I kinda understand why you did what you did even though I really want to beat the merde out of you," he looked at Julien, "but this little prick made sure you wouldn't die because he couldn't control his temper! Are you kidding me?!"

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 12, 2016 8:08 pm

Godric sat back and smirked Sinclair had just punched Julien in his smug little prick face and felt a twinge of affection toward the boy. Strong willed violent outburst bold this kid reminds me of me. “Okay now that everybody’s caught up we need to come up with a reason as to why Katriane’s room looks like a tornado hit it” Godric said rubbing his hands together standing. Everyone looked around and nodded Sinclair was still furious but let it go for now seeing as there were more pressing matters to attend to. “So we’ll need to take you with us” Godric said looking at Katriane. Katriane looked confused but it was Sébastiene who spoke first “take her why do you need to take her where are you going” he said standing in front of her defensively. Relax dear Morgie said calmly smiling slightly we need to take her away before the sun comes up. And where exactly are you taking me Katriane asked nervously “My house” Morgie said cheerfully “and I have a surprise waiting for you when we get there.”

Katriane looked confused she didn’t like the idea of anymore surprises but she nodded. Hold on I’m coming too Sébastiene said. Godric rolled his eyes “no we don’t need any more people tagging along.” Sébastiene walked up to Godric trying not to shake and said firmly “I’m coming too”. Godric looked at him and smiled before lifting him into the air by his throat wanna say that again Godric’s eyes were glowing and Sébastiene was gasping for air Katriane shrieked and covered her mouth with her hands. Morgie walked over and whispered to Godric “let him come and then tomorrow when the vervain is out of his system you can compel him to forget” Godric sighed and dropped Sébastiene on the ground who coughed and dry heaved hurry up we need to get moving. Katriane helped Sébastiene to his feet and they followed Godric and the other out of Katriane’s room.

“Hold on how the hell are we gonna explain what happened to the room Sinclair asked”. Godric turned around and smiled he looked over toward Morgie who smirked slightly and nodded. Just follow me it’ll be taken care of. Sinclair stared for a moment but continued to walk. “Um excuse me but aren’t you forgetting something” Julien said. They all looked at him spelled to not move then with a flick of her wrist Morgie silenced him and left the room trying not to laugh. As Julien struggled the other laughed and followed Godric and Morgie out of the room except for Katriane and Sébastiene who stared at him but realizing there was nothing they could do they left the room closing the door behind them. They were all off to Morgie’s house but they had to get past Regine first.
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 14, 2016 4:23 pm

Régine snuck away from the backyard, feeling exhausted after all those interviews. I don't know 'ow Lucienne did zhis, dealing vith zhe media is so exhausting... She looked around the house and raised an eyebrow. Vhere is everyone? she wondered.

She looked in every room, trying not to stumble as she felt dizzy from all the drinks she had, but she couldn't find anyone anywhere. She carefully walked up the stairs and looked around, they weren't in the rehearsal room, they weren't in Aimé's room, the only other place they could be at was Katriane's room. She knocked on the door in case Katriane and Sébastiene were getting cozy with each other, but she heard no response, so she opened the door and gasped at the sight.

Everything was broken, even the walls had cracks.
"Zut alors!" She exclaimed as she walked deeper into the room, she looked around and saw Julien sitting on the couch; he looked at her but didn't say anything, Régine put her hands on her hips and began to shout at him. "'Ave you gone mad?!" Her face was red with anger, "vhy vould you do zhis?! 'Ow dare you come into Katriane's room and trash everything?!" Upon receiving no response from Julien her anger grew. "Answer me you connard! What could 'ave possibly overcome you to do zhis?!" She looked around and took a deep breath. "You're paying for all of zhe damages, I am tired of your childish ways!" And with that she stormed out of the room, leaving Julien behind.

She stomped down the stairs and gave a frustrated sigh, it was then that she saw everyone sitting in the living room.

"Something wrong, dear?" Morgan asked calmly, smiling.

"Julien completely destroyed Katriane's room," Régine crossed her arms and looked at Katriane, "did you know?"

Katriane gave an exaggerated gasp of surprise.
"Mon Dieu! 'Ow bad is it?"

"We'll 'ave to throw everything out..." Régine sighed, "but zhat is a matter for tomorrow, zhe party is almost over."

"I'll be more than happy to help in any way I can," Morgan gave a nod.

"Merci, Morgan," Régine gave a small smile and looked at Godric, "do you think I could 'ave a moment vith you in private?"

Godric nodded and smirked.
"Of course," he said as he stood and straightened his clothes, before walking away with Régine.

Morgan looked at them and suddenly all of her emotions came crashing down on to her, every thought she had to suppress while she dealed with all of the stress of keeping Godric's night perfect filled her head. She got off the sofa without saying a word and headed towards the downstairs bathroom where she sat on the floor and began to hyperventalate as she cried. She snapped her fingers and the room became sound proof from the inside, nobody could hear her sobbing.

There was a knock on the door and a familiar voice got Morgan's attention.
"Your highness, may I come in?"

Morgan crawled over to the door and unlocked it, allowing Cressida to come inside; she then locked it once more and lay infront of it as she cried. Without saying a word Cressida sat on the floor as well and cradled Morgan on her lap as if she was a child; she stroked her hair and rocked her back and forth, keeping her close; she began to sing in a soft tone.
"I see the moon, the moon sees me
shining through the leaves of the old oak tree
Oh, let the light that shines on me
shine on the one I love.

Over the mountain, over the sea,
back where my heart is longing to be
Oh, let the light that shines on me
shine on the one I love.

I hear the lark, the lark hears me
singing from the leaves of the old oak tree
Oh, let the lark that sings to me
sing to the one I love,

Over the mountains, over the sea
back where my heart is longing to be
Oh, let the lark that sings to me
sing to the one I love."

Morgan looked up at Cressida and wiped her tears.
"I remember that," she said, her voice shaky, "you sang that to me when I was a child, whenever I woke from a nightmare."

Cressida smiled and nodded.
"I know tonight has not been easy for you, my darling, but you are strong and I know you will be able to push through this."

Morgan nodded.
"Can we stay here a moment longer?"

Cressida kissed Morgan's forehead and nodded.
"Of course."

After a few minutes of silence Morgan looked into Cressida's eyes.
"Thank you for always being there for me when nobody else was."

Cressida held her tight.
"You know you are, and always will be, my little girl."

Alessandra looked down the hall where her mother went and sighed, knowing that her mother was not well; but she knew that Cressida would be able to help her like she always managed to do. She looked at Katriane, whom was being cradled by Sébastiene, she looked at Godric's family who seemed too deep into their conversation to notice anything, and then looked at Sinclair before standing up.
"Come, follow me," she said to him.

"Oh, okay," Sinclair stood and followed Alessandra.

They went up to the attic and opened a window to climb onto the roof; it was a pleasant starry night, not a single cloud could be seen, and the moon was shining brightly on them. Lessy lay down and Sinclair did too, they both looked up at the sky and enjoyed the view.
"Now that you know our major secret," Alessandra began, "I suppose I should stop being so hard on you and tell you what happened."

"Earlier when your shirt was stained with blood?" Sinclair looked at her.

"Yes," she nodded, "Julien is not a good man, he has done many things, earlier he tried to poison my mother with oil from an herb called vervain."

"You mean the one Katriane goes crazy for?"

"That's the one," Lessy smirked, "though Katriane won't be able to use it anymore unless she develops an immunity to it like Julien; vervain is toxic to vampires. So he tried to poison her but before he could make her drink all of it she blasted him away with her magic, and before he could attack her while she was weak I took my special dagger and stabbed him a few times, leaving him too weak to fight back."

"What is your special dagger?" He turned to face her.

Alessandra reached for her holster and took the dagger out, showing it to him.
"It's made out of human bone and iron, and is laced with dark magic. If I were to harm you with this, even a small cut, would drain your life away because you're human. But to vampires and other beings, it makes them human-like as they heal, and the pain never goes away until the wounds close."

"Remind me to never get on your bad side," Sinclair laughed.

"You'd to well to remember not to," Alessandra winked and put her dagger away.

"So how old is your mother really?" Sinclair raised an eyebrow, "she says she's 25, but you're 21, it wouldn't make sense for someone so close to your age to adopt you."

She laughed and nodded.
"I suppose it doesn't," she looked up at the moon. "My mother is 525."

"Woah," Sinclair's eyes widened, "she's old," he chuckled.

"Do not ever tell her that," Lessy laughed.

"Oh I don't think I'd ever be as dumb as to offend her, she looks like she packs a nasty punch," Sin smirked.

"You have no idea..."

Régine closed the door to her room and looked at Godric who sat on her bed.
"I am so sorry I haven't been able to spend time vith you," she said and sighed, "I really was not expecting this night to be so hectic."

"I know what you mean," Godric sighed.

"But we 'ave time now," Régine sat down next to him, "I hope everything was to your liking tonight."

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 14, 2016 9:32 pm

Godric followed Regine into her room and as he looked around he felt odd this was the first time he had been in her room. He loved around and was impressed he smiled at how nice it was it was far different from Katriane’s room and it had a lot of windows it was also very big.He walked across the room and chose to sit on her bed. Régine closed the door to her room and looked at Godric. "I am so sorry I haven't been able to spend time vith you," she said and sighed, "I really was not expecting this night to be so hectic." "I know what you mean," Godric sighed. "But we 'ave time now," Régine sat down next to him, "I hope everything was to your liking tonight." He thought about that “nothing about this night was likable” everything that could have gone wrong did and it was even worse than he could have imagined. The worst of it all was that her sister died and now she;s a vampire.

Godric closed his eyes and tried to clear his mind when he opened them he saw Regine staring at him smiling waiting patiently for his response. “Well love I can honestly say I’ve never had a night quite like this at least not in a while”. She relaxed “oh vell that’s good to hear” she sat down next to him and stared into his eyes. “I’m really looking forvard to our date”. Godric blinked “oh yes me too I can’t wait.” “Crap, he thought “I completely forgot about our date, no matter I’ll “come up with something”. Suddenly a thought occurred which made him smile internally So what happed with Julien you mentioned he trashed Katriane’s room” "I zont know, vhen I asked 'im 'e didn't respond. I think 'e threw a fit like 'e usually does, but I 'ave never seen 'im do zhat before. Sometimes 'e gets on my damn nerves...". Godric smiled at this but another thought entered his mind which made his smile disappear. “Has he ever hurt or threatened you”? he asked solemnly Regine thought quietly for a moment before responding  "A few times, but I forgive 'im because I know 'e can't control 'imself when angry. Which is vhy I refuse to date 'im."

Godric sat there glaring at the floor so you remain friends with a man you occasionally threatens your life and hurts you a man who completely destroyed your sister’s room because he lost his bloody temper. Regine also stared at the floor now "'E is not 'imself when 'e's angry, when 'e calms down he comes back to 'is senses and is sorry." Godric looked at her “it sounds like he is himself when he's angry and he just fakes it when he's calm so you'll feel sorry and won't leave.” Regine shook her head "No, Julien vould never do zhat."  Godric tilted his head “How do you know he seems like a very violent and manipulative person. ”Because 'e is my friend and vould never lie to me." Regine sounded so sure. “Sometimes it’s the ones closest to us that tell the most lies. ”I completely trust Julien." She said firmly.  Without thinking Godric responded “he must've compelled you to feel that way then”. Regine blinked sounding confused she repeated “compelled me”?

Godric realizing what he said cleared his throat “I mean he must have been very compelling to make you believe that so wholeheartedly”. "Vell I've known him for a long time, I know him." Godric sighed “you know the person he wants you to know the person he is when he’s angry is the real Julien”. Regine was determined ti defend Julien no matter ehat "'e tries to control 'is anger, it's not easy for 'im..." Godric becoming slightly annoyed at this “he controls himself so well that he destroys a room completely and when confronted just sits there and doesn't say anything”. "Per'aps 'e vas ashamed for vhat 'e did. "  Godric shakes his head “that doesn't matter a balanced man no a man takes responsibility for what he’s done”. "Godric, 'e is my friend, I know 'e 'as 'is problems but 'e's like family to me." Godric closes his eyes and sighs deeply “fine I'll drop this for now but if I find out that he's hurt or threatened you again I'll become one of his problems “.

Régine blushes and nods. "I von't get in the way between you two, vhatever goes on between zhe two of you is not my business." Godric notices that she blushes at this and that makes him smile. “Well now that that’s done with do you have anything else you wanna talk about”? “No not anything I can think of Regine responded at least not right now. Good Godric responded then I think it would be best if we rejoined the others, Regine nodded and they both left her room and joined the others…
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 20, 2016 12:55 am

Régine followed Godric over to the living room where his family set, serious expressions on all oftheir faces. She raised an eyebrow looking at Klaus and Godric and she noticed something, their clothes were torn.
"Vhat 'appened to zhe two of you?" She blinked.

"We got into a small altercation with your friend Julien," Klaus smirked, "but it was all taken care of."

"It does not seem small..." Régine crossed her arms, "vhy vas zhere a need for fighting?"

"Oh he went barking mad," Klaus explained, "threatened to kill us and he began to throw punches, we had to defend ourselves. Surely you understand?"

Régine gave a frustrated sigh and nodded.
"Oui, Julien 'as been acting out more zhan usual... I'm sorry you two 'ad to go through zhat, I'll give him a stern talking to."

Klaus chuckled and nodded.
"Much appreciated," he looked at Godric and rolled his eyes.

"Sissy," Katriane said from the other couch, "I'm going to Madame Alexandrov's house tonight, I'll be staying over."

Régine looked at Katriane, puzzled.
"Vhy are you staying over?"

"Vell, she told me to come over so she can show me all of her divination artifacts and--"

"Say no more," Régine shook her head, thinking divination was utter nonesense, "vill you be back tomorrow?"

"Erm..." Katriane thought for a moment, "maybe, depends on how much she has to show me, I'm taking Sébastiene too."

Régine found this odd.
"Are you sure she vould not mind?"

"Wouldn't mind at all," Morgan said walking over to them, "there's enough room in my house for them, I'd tell you to come too but I'm sure you wouldn't be interested in ancient tea leaves reading and the such."

"Non, you 'ave fun," Régine chuckled, "plus someone 'as to keep an eye on Julien."

"Too right," Morgan nodded and winked, she looked around and raised an eyebrow, "where is my daughter?"

"She went upstairs vith Sinclair," Katriane answered, causing Kol to snicker, she glared at him.

"Hm..." Morgan smirked, "Cressida dear could you go get her? I think it would be better if you went instead of me."

Cressida smiled.
"Of course, m'lady," she gave a small nod and went upstairs, she looked around and thought for a moment before whistling, right away she heard the same whistle back from the attic; so she went up and looked out the open window and saw Alessandra and Sinclair sitting on the roof looking up at the sky. "Lessy," she said softly with a smile.

Lessy looked at Cressida and smiled back.
"What's up, grandmama?"

"Wait, grandmama?" Sinclair raised an eyebrow, "how old are you?"

"540," Cressida chuckled and looked at Alessandra, "have you told him everything?"

"Mostly," Alessandra sprang to her feet, Sinclair tried doing the same but would have fallen off the roof if Lessy hadn't caught him. "I guess I could tell him more when we go home."

Sinclair looked down at how high they were and gulped before standing straight.
"Thanks for the catch."

"No problem," Lessy smiled.

"Her highness says we must go," Cressida said and walked back down stairs.

"Her highness?" Sinclair blinked.

"There is so much you need to catch up on..." Lessy laughed before jumping into the attic.

This girl is amazing... Sinclair thought before following Alessandra back down the stairs.

"Mother, is it alright if Sinclair stays over too?" Lessy asked once they reached the group.

"It is going to be an empty 'ouse," Régine gave a soft chuckle.

"You could take advantage to catch up on your vork," Katriane smiled, "you haven't been able to concentrate much on it vith us here."

Régine nodded.
"Oui, I just 'ope mama and papa vill let me concentrate."

"Vill you be okay handling the party by yourself?"

Régine looked outside at the guests and then at Katriane.
"Of course, you all 'ave fun vith your leaves and cards," she laughed, "I'll be fine."

"That settles it, let's go then," Morgan gave a nod, Cressida put a hand on her shoulder. "Yes?"

"May I go say goodbye, m'lady?" She asked shyly.

Morgan looked at her and smiled.
"Of course."

Cressida smiled like a school girl before walking out to the backyard to say goodbye to Aimé. Morgan observed her and smiled before looking at Godric.
"Hopefully you don't kill this one," she whispered to him.

Godric rolled his eyes.
"It was one time..." Morgan patted his head and he gave a small growl, "don't do that."

She shook her head and chuckled.
"Alright children, let's go into the car," she said to Lessy and Sinclair, she looked at Régine and kissed both her cheeks. "Merci beaucoup for inviting us to your party, miss Zaery."

"It vas my pleasure 'aving you," Régine smiled, "'opefully ve can do it again vith less chaos."

"One could only dream," Morgan laughed before walking out the door.

They all said their goodbyes and walked to the cars, then sped off to Morgan's house.

Right when they got there, Morgan could sense something was wrong; her brow furrowed as she looked at her home.
"Stay in the car..." She said to Cressida, Lessy and Sinclair as she got out and closed the car door.

"What is it?" Godric asked getting out of his car.

"Stay here," Morgan said to him, "don't let Katriane and Sébastiene get out of the car."

"If you sense danger perhaps it would be best if I went in first," Godric said closing the car door and running inside, Morgan followed him and gasped at the blood stained living room.

She looked around and spotted Lucienne covered in blood, a few feet away was Desdemona's body torn open. Morgan's eyes watered at the sight, she blasted Godric outside of the house and snapped her fingers to form a barrier; nobody could go in or out.

Godric ran to the door and felt the force field.
"Well this is familiar..." He said as he observed Morgan, "Morgie, let me in," he said softly.

But Morgan didn't listen to him, she locked eyes with Lucienne.
"You have three seconds to start telling me why I shouldn't kill you right now."


Morgan ran to her and tackled her against the wall, blowing all of the air in Lucienne's lungs out, Morgan grabbed her by the neck and began to slam her head against the wall while growling, her eyes black and her fangs bared.
"Why. Did. You. Do. This?!" She slammed her head between each word.

"Je suis desolé!" Lucienne cried out in pain.

"That's not good enough!" Morgan growled, throwing Lucienne across the room, she fell against one of the bookshelves which fell onto her, Morgan lifted it and pulled Lucienne by her long blonde hair onto the center of the room. "WHY DID YOU KILL HER?!"

"IT VAS AN ACCIDENT!" Lucienne cried.

"If that's the case I suppose this was an accident too," Morgan was about to pull on Lucienne's head to rip it from her body, but Godric's voice distracted her.

"Morgie!" He called out, "Alessandra is hurt!"

The shock from those words distracted her long enough for the force field to weaken, Godric ran in and pulled her off Lucienne, she tried to fight him but in one easy motion he snapped her neck and the force field vanished.

Everyone walked in, Katriane with Alessandra's permission, they were all horrified by the corpse in the room, but they went into shock upon seeing Lucienne before their eyes.

Katriane blinked.

"Katriane! Sébastiene!" Lucienne ran to them and embraced them in a tight hug.

"Can't breathe," Sébastiene coughed.

"Oh, désolé," she said letting go of him.

"Vhat did you do?" Katriane said looking at Desdemona's body.

"She attacked me, I vas only defending myself," Lucienne cried.

Cressida and Alessandra looked at each other, knowing full well Desdemona wouldn't attack her without being provoked, Lessy walked over to her uncle and wispered.
"Do you remember what I said to you over the phone about her?"

Godric nodded.
"I think you're on to something." It seems like Régine is surrounded by psychopaths...

Alessandra looked at Sinclair and noticed he was looking paler than usual, she looked into his eyes and grabbed his hand.
"Come on, let's get you away from all this." Sin didn't speak, he simply moved to where Alessandra led him.

Cressida looked at Morgan and her eyes watered, she stood next to Godric as she cried silently waiting for her little girl to wake; she looked at Lucienne, Katriane and Sébastiene as they spoke and bit her lip.
"I never get used to seeing her like this," she said in a broken whisper, "whenever you snap her neck it... it feels like she's not going to wake; of course I know she will always wake but..." She shook her head, realizing she was rambling. "When Régine and Katriane went to Madame Laveau's for their appointment with her majesty, she had told them that they were both running with danger... I think we best be on our toes, hm?"

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 20, 2016 7:35 pm

Godric looked down at an unconscious Morgie then over at a sobbing Cressida and shook his head sighing “I haven’t had a night this bad in decades” he muttered to himself. He looked around at the blood covered walls and floors and noticed that Katriane was acting fidgety. Godric needed to straighten everything out but first he carried Morgie over to the couch and set her down Cressida followed and sat next to her watching tears still streaming down her cheeks. He then he moved over to Katriane and spoke to her “you need to get used to this feeling, to the hunger you can’t lose yourself at the mere sight of blood do you understand” Katriane tried to focus but couldn’t the blood she had art the party could only tide her over for so long and as a newborn she’s gonna want more. Katriane tried to focus but it was very difficult to the large amounts of fresh blood everywhere. Katriane looks at Desdemona's body and gulps as her hands tremble. "I am afraid, monsieur Godric... I-I do not know if I can control myself." Sébastiene tried to comfort Katriane but he could hear his heart beat feel his pulse she tried to resist but couldn’t She bared her fangs and attempted to bite into his neck Godric saw this and ran over he threw Sébastiene across the room and held Katriane who struggled to get free Godric looked into her eyes and calmly said “relax you don’t want to hurt him” Katriane ceased her struggling and stood there she began to cry. "I almost hurt him," she said in a broken whisper, she looked into Godric's eyes and held onto his shoulders, "help me, sil te plait, I could not live vith myself if anything happened to him."

Godric closed his eyes and thought for a moment when he opened them again he looked at Katriane and spoke I’m going to train you but in order for that to happen I’m gonna need to do a few things first I’m going to compel Sébastiene to forget about what we are and what happened here he’ll have no memory of you being a vampire of you attacking him none of it. Secondly I’m going to take you somewhere to learn control and how to fight it won’t be easy and it won’t be fun but if you’re successful you’ll be able to see him again. Sébastiene tried to walk over and protest, “please monsieur do not make me forget I can ‘elp I can”- but Godric ran over and grabbed him by the throat “you’re one ballsy bastard I’ll give you that but if you interfere again your girlfriend won’t have to worry about hurting you because I’ll kill you myself”. Sébastiene’s eyes were full of fear as he choked on his words Katriane wanted to say something but deep down she knew it was better this way. Godric dropped Sébastiene in one of the seats and he watched quietly from there not daring to speak. Katriane looked over at him tears still rolling down her cheek.

Godric now turned his attention to Lucienne “Alright now that that’s taken care of time to deal with the messy eater so, Lucienne care to tell me why Morgie’s assistant is a bloodless husk and why she attacked you?” "She vas complaining about Madame Alexandrov, saying 'ow unfair she vas making 'er do all zhe 'ard vork, she said vampires should not exist and zhat she vas going to exterminate us all; zhen she said she vould start vith me and attacked me, I 'ad to defend myself!" Godric raised an eyebrow “okay let me tell you why that’s bull Morgie would have seen or sensed any disloyalty in her assistant and by the way she reacted to Desdemona’s death Morgie obviously cared about her”. “Morgie would not employ anyone who complains about work of any sort and she trusted Desdemona enough to leaver he alone in her house with you so you wanna try a different story or should I just start ripping off your limbs until you feel like telling me the truth” "But I am telling you zhe truth, I 'ave no reason to lie!" Godric looked down at Lucienne and tilted his head “you have every reason to lie the only other person who can tell us what happened is lying in a pool of her own blood and while I see no signs of a struggle that leaves only one conclusion you killed her” Godric lifts her into the air by her throat I saved you from Morgie but no one's here to save you from me so I want to know why you did what you did”. "I stick by my story," she screamed trying to break Godric's hand, "it vas self-defense, it vas either me or 'er!"Godric tightens his grip and brings her closer to his eyes “tell me what happened or I will break you.” "I already told you!" Godric thinks a moment there’s no way she could be lying to me not under compulsion unless… no she’s still a new born no way she could ingest vervain but still Godric set her down and asked “do you know what happens to those who betray my trust?” "Vhat?" She said rubbing her neck. They die Godric proceeds to break her neck and she falls to the floor Godric rubs his head as he turns to “Cressida and Morgie I think that went well”. Morgan looks at Lucienne, then at Godric; pain and anger in her face. "I don't understand how Desdemona could do that, it wasn't like her, she was my friend...". Godric shook his head “I don't believe her she had to have been lying it didn't feel right”

"How could she have possibly been lying under compulsion?" Godric thinks for a moment “maybe a spell or...she could have had vervain on her that bastard Julien loves the stuff might've told her what it does”. "Do you think that little prick would have told her the tricks of his trade if he killed her like she said?" Godric responds “she must have been lying then too wouldn't surprise me”. Morgan's brow furrowed. "What do we do, then?" Godric pacing the floor “we search her for any vervain then bleed her to make sure she hasn't ingested any then I question her again.” "You better do it, because if she lies to me again I'll do to her what she did to Des..." Godric smiles “Don't worry I'll make sure she can never lie to me again then after I have a special treat for her” Morgan raised an eyebrow. "What would that be?" Godric shakes his head “now that would ruin the surprise now wouldn't it” looks over at Desdemona's body “I suppose we should clean that up”. Morgan shakes her head. "I don't have the strength to do it, I can't..." Cressida rubs Morgan's arms and kisses her forehead. "Go rest, your highness, I'll clean it up." Morgan hugs Cressida and nods, she pets Godric and goes up to her room.

Godric looks over at Cressida I’ll compel some blokes to come and deal with this you go up and watch over her alright this night has been shit especially for her. See if you can find Lessy and Sin send them here I need a word. Cressida nods and gives Godric a hug. "It has not been easy for you either master Godric, rest when you can." She goes upstairs to look for Lessy and Sin, a few minutes later they walk to the living room. "Mon Dieu..." Sin said weakly, feeling like he was about to throw up again. Lessy pats his back and looks at Godric. "What's up, uncle Ric?" Godric looks over at them +
you were right she's not who she says she is she was lying to me even after I compelled her I wanna use your knife to get some answers out of her when she wakes up I also need you to search her for any vervain. "Oh, yeah, sure thing," Lessy said taking out her dagger and carefully handing it to Godric. She then walked over to Lucienne and began to search her, a minute later she pulls out a glass vial from her pocket and chuckled. "She took this from my dresser," she said showing her uncle the vial, "little sneak." Godric nodded she’s been busy since we’ve been away now that she has no protection let’s see if she’ll be a little more cooperative. Godric makes a small cut into Lucienne arm which causes her to wake and scream out in pain Godric puts a hand over her mouth good now that you’re back we can resume the questioning Lessy hands him the vial I assume you’ll be more truthful without this he said as he made another cut this time longer causing Lucienne to scream which was muffled by Godric’s hand. Now I’m gonna ask you again not compel ask why did you kill Desdemona.

Lucienne looks at the vial in fear and looks into Godric's eyes. "I..." she begins to tear up, "she 'ad accidentally cut 'erself, zhe smell of zhe blood, it... I vasn't myself, I'm sorry!" Godric smiled sadistically there that wasn't so hard now was it he cut into her again causing her to scream out why did you feel the need to lie "Please, stop!" Lucienne cried, "zhis 'urts too much, sil te plait, non!" hurry up and tell me before I get mad. "I vas afraid you'd kill me because I could not control myself!" I wouldn't have kill you for that you're young you're still learning it was an accident accidents happen what's happening now is because you lied and you had vervain Godric lifts her off the floor and sets her on the couch now keep in mind this pain this is because you lied to me remember that the next time you're feeling less then truthful he cut a huge line down her arm then gave the dagger back to Lessy be a dear and rinse that off for me would you then come right back. Lessy took the dagger and left to the kitchen to clean it, Sinclair looked at Lucienne and gulped. "Don't you think is enough?" He asked Godric. "I..." He shut up with the look he received. Lessy came back and showed the clean dagger. "What now?" Godric thought for a moment well I guess Lucienne’s learned her lesson he turned to her isn’t that right she nodded quickly pain and tears in her eyes “alright then I suppose we could all just try and relax he looked at Katriane who sat on the couch you must still be hungry right”.

Katriane looked at her best friend laying on the couch, she then looked at Godric. "You are a monster." Godric starts laughing where did that come from miss boyfriend attacker. "She is my best friend, and you are 'urting 'er." Godric tilted his head she killed someone then lied about it. Katriane bit her lip and nodded. "You are right..." Lucienne sobbed on the couch. "Je suis désolé..." she said weakly. don't cry it's not the worst thing anybody’s ever done I could tell you stories that would give you nightmares for the rest of your immortal life now I ask again are you hungry. Katriane nods. "Oui, it is driving me crazy..." alright then Godric walks over to the counter and pull out some blood bags walks back and hands two to Katriane drink slow you'll feel better. Katriane takes the bag and tries her best to drink slow, but the thirst overpowers her and drinks the first bag in a few quick gulps. Sébastiene took the second bag and made her look into his eyes. "My love, try to drink slow, oui? Pour moi?" Katriane blushes and nods, drinking from Sébastiene's hands, doing her best to drink slow. "Aww," Lessy smiled, "I hope to have that someday." Godric looks over at Lessy confused really you want that why "I think it's sweet, though of course I wouldn’t settle for anything less than a vampire," Lessy smiled, making Sinclair gulp. Godric chuckles there is no one on this earth good enough for you never forget that understand.

"Understood, uncle Ric," Lessy chuckled and hugged Godric. Sinclair looked at the two and sighed, this was going to be harder than he thought. Godric looked over at Sinclair you feeling any better or you still wanna puke? Sinclair stood up straight and shook his head. "Never been better... Godric smiled good, so how do you feel about all of this Sinclair scratched the back of his head. "I don't think I'll ever get used to it." Is that so Godric mused perhaps I should just compel you as well if that's the case. Sinclair raised an eyebrow. "Compel me to what?" Compel you to forget about everything you've learned about your sister's death about vampires about everything supernatural Godric replied. Sinclair shook his head. "I think I should know, being his brother and all, I could keep an eye on her...: Hmm perhaps you could be useful but that's means you can't tell anyone especially Regine and you need to get used to this type of life Sinclair nodded. "Your secret is safe with me." Lessy looked at him and smirked. "Good." Alright now does anybody have any questions

Sébastiene raised his hand. Godric looked over yes. "'Ow often does she need to feed?" Two to three times a day minimum. Sébastiene thought for a moment. "Does it 'ave to be 'uman blood?" No it could be animal but it's not as good she'll be weaker her powers won't work as well she'll be vulnerable "Where are we supposed to get so much blood?" I have my resources don't worry. Katriane finished drinking the blood and looked at Godric. "Could I 'ave more?" Godric thought for a moment no two bags is enough for the night wouldn't want you to end up a ripper. "Vhat is a ripper?" She blinked. A Ripper is a nickname given to sadistic vampires who enjoy abusing, dispatching, and/or mutilating their victims. They usually have turned off their humanity, therefore simply not caring about their actions. They thrive on overindulging on blood once you learn better control you can have more blood. Katriane's eyes widened. "Vouldn't vant zhat to 'appen..." No probably not although it would be quite entertaining smiles. Lessy nudged him and laughed. "Come on, uncle Ric, don't scare her." what it's not scary I've met a few rippers most entertaining people I've ever met.

"Because they share your passion for death?" Lessy smirked Not just death torture pain and my sadistic nature they even taught me a few new methods wanna hear. Lessy's smile widened. "Yes!" Katriane looked at Lessy in shock. "Zhese are not conversations a lady should be 'aving." "Good thing I'm not a lady then," Lessy winked at her. Well it was back in the 1920's Klaus Bekah and I were in Chicago it was during prohibition we were in a speakeasy. we met a bloke named Stefan Salvatore really sadistic bugger so he'd been drinking with this woman turns out she was married her husband found out and confronted Stefan all pissed off Stefan compels him to sit down and have a drink with us. He then took out a knife cuts the wife's finger takes the blood in a cup and compels the husband to drink his wife's blood poor bastard nearly shit himself it was hilarious. "The Salvatore's have always had class," Lessy joked. "Zhat's barbaric..." Katriane muttered. Not barbaric love theatrical Damon has his own brand of sadism as well. "I'd get with Damon in a heartbeat," Lessy gave a dreamy sigh. "What's so special about Damon?" Sinclair raised an eyebrow. Well he doesn't need to turn off his humanity to torture people he's part of my brother's sire-line he's dating the doppelganger and he's just.... Damon. Wait a minute Godric starts to smile are you...jealous. Sinclair blinks and scoffs. "Me? Jealous? Non."
Are you sure Godric smiled there's no shame in it he is superior to you in every way Lessy sure seems to think so Lessy blushed and tried to hide her smile. "Even when he tried to kill me he was still do darn attractive." "He tried to kill you?" Sinclair blinked, "and you still like him?" Lessy laughed. "Damon is just... hard to explain." Damon and his brother Stefan are two of the few people that I just can't kill. "And that makes them so much more dreamy," Lessy smiled like a little girl. "Oh," Sinclair said with an air of disappointment. Cheer up mate if you want I'll turn you right now then at least you'd stand more of a chance even if it's only a little. Sinclair's eyes widened. "I-I..." "Don't be silly, uncle Ric," Lessy smirked, "the Salvatore's have no competition." Perhaps you're right wouldn't wanna get the boy's hopes up for no reason "Turn me then," Sinclair was serious now. Godric blinked really you sure "Non!" Katriane stood, "as your older sister I forbid you to do something so foolish! You barely know her and you're already villing to die for her?!" "She has a point," Lessy chuckled. "I have never met a more amazing woman like you," Sinclair looked into Lessy's eyes, "and if by dying is the only way I stand a chance to be with you so be it." "God, so corny..." Lessy chuckled, "calm down, being turned is something you shouldn't take lightly." Godric bites his wrist and pours the blood into a cup sets the cup on the table go on then if it mean that much just tell me how you'd like to die before you drink it.

"Uncle Ric, you can't be serious?" Alessandra asked, eyebrows raised. I don't know the kids reckless and brash but he's ready to die for you to become a vampire for you I don’t mind helping for that you know how much I love killing besides he's make a good training partner for Katriane. "We all have to die at some point anyways," Sinclair said stepping up to Godric, "I don't care how you do it, just make it interesting, eh? Interesting let me think oh I'll drop you from the roof I don't think I've done that in a while I usually just breaks necks. Sinclair whispered into Godric's ear. "Come on, I want her to be impressed, think of something more dramatic." um...okay Godric goes to the kitchen comes back with a knife Lessy let me see your dagger please. Lessy rolled her eyes. "No, I refuse to be involved." "Anything?" Lessy raised an eyebrow. You know me I give you my word. Lessy hands Godric her dagger. "Just remember your word is your bond.” Of course sweetheart of course hands dagger to Sinclair now I'm gonna use this knife against that dagger let's see how long you last. "Wait, what?" Sinclair blinked. "Stop this!" Katriane protested. Godric looks over what's wrong Kitty Kat I can't stop now I gave my word. "You can break it!" Katriane crossed her arms. When I give my word it cannot be broken my word is my bond I always honor it Which is why I don't give it out so lightly Katriane scowled. "Zhis is merde..." Try convincing your brother "Sinclair!" Katriane growled. "Hush," Sinclair didn't take his eyes of Godric. Godric picks the cup of blood off the table and hands it to Sinclair drink. Sinclair took the cup and winked at Alessandra, without a second thought he downed the blood and slammed the cup on the table. Good man Godric raised the Knife and waited for Sinclair to make the first move. Sinclair charged at Godric slashing wildly Godric smiled widely and dodged him easily cutting Sinclair’s arm as he moved “come on mate you’ll have to do better than that” Sinclair winced in pain and turned around to face Godric. Godric bowed arms opened and waited. Come on lets go. Godric chuckled and rant at Sinclair cutting him up and down so that stream of blood fell from him. Ah that’s not fair he yelled struggling to stand.

Godric stopped yeah it is you wanna die I’m killing you. Sinclair was trembling his hand was shaking so bad he almost dropped the dagger Godric stood there watching him. Katriane couldn’t bear to watch this she was about to intervene but Lessy tackled and pinned her if you try to stop this you’ll wound your brother’s pride screw ‘is pride what about ‘is life ‘is ‘umanity this is cruel Godric is a monster. Oi Lessy said it was your crazy brother who asked for this he’s getting what he asked for. Katriane closed her eyes sobbing and waited for it to be over. Godric stared at Sinclair blood dripping from him alright mate I’ve had my fun time to end this Godric rushed Sinclair and impaled him through the stomach which caused him to gasp out hmm not very impressive Sinclair attempted to cut at Godric but failed he dropped to the floor now to make sure you die properly snap Godric broke his neck and took the knife out of his stomach. Sinclair laid there in a pool of his own blood waiting for the transition to wake him…
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 28, 2016 3:05 am

Alessandra looked back, making sure it was all done before getting off of Katriane, she looked at Sinclair's body, then at her uncle and sighed.
"I can't believe you actually turned him."

"I told him I would," Godric said cleaning the blade of the knife, "and you know I always keep my word, now all we need is the blood, could you go get it?"

Lessy looked at the knife and took it from Godric's hand, she cut her hand and let her blood drip onto the cup.
"There," she said once enough was dripped, she took the vial of Morgan's blood she kept around her neck and poured it on her wound, sealing it. "He died for me, might as well complete the transition with my blood."

"Fair enough," Godric shrugged, he looked at Katriane who seemed to be trembling, her eyes black. "You, into Morgan's office and stay there," he said looking at her in the eyes and pointing at the door. Katriane got up, sniffling, and did as told, Godric closed the door and was about to speak when he heard footsteps approaching, he saw Morgan at the foot of the stairs.
"If you're here to stop me from turning him, you're too late."

Morgan looked at Godric, slight annoyance in her yes, and shook her head.
"At this point I don't care about the boy," she looked at Lessy, "I have come down because I smelled my daughter's blood and I wanted to make sure she was alright."

"I'm fine, mother," Alessandra said softly and went to hug her mother, "you look tired, you need rest, forget about us for the night, will you?"

"What if something goes wrong and I'm not here to stop it?" Morgan hugged Lessy back.

"Uncle Ric is more than capable of handling anything that might happen," Lessy pulled away from the hug to look into her mother's eyes. "Sunt sidera vocans."

Morgan nodded and kissed Lessy's forehead before silently walking up the stairs.

"What did you say to her?" Godric raised an eyebrow.

"The stars are calling," Lessy said looking at him, "she always says that when we sleep, the stars communicate with us, and that's where dreams and visions come; part of this story she wrote to me when I was little before bed; every time she finished the story she would kiss my forehead and said 'sunt sidera vocans', and I drifted to sleep."

Just then they could hear Sinclair groan, they both got closer to see how he was doing, he turned around onto his back and looked up to Lessy and Godric.
"The worst part is over, right?" His voice was raspy.

"Oh no," Alessandra shook her head, "this is the part where you shed all of your skin to reveal the new you, hurts like you've been dipped in acid but by the end of it your skin will sparkle, just like Twilight!"

"WHAT?!" Sinclair looked horrified.

"I'm just kidding you goof," Lessy reached for the cup and gave it to him, "here, drink this."

Sinclair took the cup and looked at Lessy, she gave him a nod and he drank it; sighing in relief.
"That is much better..." He looked at the empty cup, "could I have more?" He licked his lips, feeling thirsty still.

"I'll go fetch some," Lessy smiled and walked over to the kitchen.

"How are you feeling?" Godric asked helping him up.

"Considering I died, I feel great," Sin gave a weak chuckle, "you made it interesting though, good man."

Lessy came back with two bags of blood and handed them to Sin.
"Drink it slow, don't want uncle Ric kicking your ass again," she smirks.

Sin rips open one of the bags and begins to drink, stopping half way.
"It doesn't taste as amazing as the one you gave me from the cup, why?"

Lessy blinked.
"Well," she said blushing slightly, "the one from the cup was my blood."

Sinclair looked at her for a moment and smiled before continuing to drink it.

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 04, 2016 5:31 pm

Godric watched Sin drink the last of the blood ”alright now that you’ve completed the transition you’re going to need a daylight ring.” Looks at Katriane and so are you Looks at Lucienne and thanks to you we no longer have a witch that can make them Lucienne looks at the ground ashamed “Je suis désolé I did not mean to” Godric starts pacing “yes I know you didn’t mean to but it still happened and the sun’s gonna be up in a few hours so we need a witch and Morgie’s not in the helping mood right now so”… wait  Godric takes out his cellphone and calls Stella hey how’s my favorite little witch doing.

Stella starts screaming through the phone “how the hell do you think I am I get all dressed up to go to a cookout and nobody ever showed up. Godric closes his eyes “yes about that we’ve got a bit of a problem if you would be so kind as to meet me…I’m not meeting you anywhere she screamed through the phone Godric getting slightly annoyed responded not even if it were at Morgie’s house Stella paused for a moment and grumbled “tell me where and I’ll be there as soon as I can” Godric smiled and sent a cab to go and pick her up. She arrived at Morgie’s house 15 minutes later looking slightly annoyed but once she came in her jaw dropped seeing all the amazing things even though she’s been here before she didn’t get the chance to appreciate all the wonders. Godric walked up to her “hello little witch” Stella glared at him “what’s so damn Important that I had to come all the way here”. Godric smiled “don’t tell me you’re not exited to be back here your face lit up when you walked into the room” Stella responded “that’s beside the point now what did you want.” “Well I called you over to see your progress I wanted to test your magic on a rather difficult spell to see how far you’ve come do you think you’re up to it.” Stella stood there quietly for a moment thinking “what would I have to do” Godric brought over two rings I need you to make some daylight rings for me. Stella looked at him “daylight rings you mean the things that vampires wear so that they can go out in the sun why the hell would I make you something like that”. Godric smiled because I asked you nicely and you’d really be helping me out plus it would make Morgie happy.

“Why would me making you daylight rings make Madame Alexandrov happy” Stella said crossing her arms. ”Well because she’s really tired right now so she can’t do it herself so by you making the rings you’d be proving  yourself and  helping her out. Stella thought about this I’d be helping her out. Godric smiled and nodded yes you would. Alright then I’ll help you Stella said but I’m not that goo so it’ll take so e time. Its fine Godric replied take all the time you need they’re in no rush. Alright then it’s time you met the people you’re making the rings for Godric took Stella into the other room where Kat Sin Lucie and Lessy were sitting. Sinclair looks over to see Godric walking into the room with Stella. Sin looks at Stella and waves “Bonjour, I assume you are the one who will stop us from turning into tiki torches”. Stella smiles and nods nice to meet you I'm Stella she looks around at Kat Lucie and Lessy. Lessy: Sinclair, Kat, Lucie; this is my nemesis Stella she proceeds to wink Stella waves to them “it's nice to meet you all” Kat looks up “vhy did you call her your nemesis.

Lessy smiles she managed to take down uncle Ric and I'm peeved at her for it because I've never been able to. Katriane's eyes widen and Lucie lifts her head you took down Monsieur Godric. Godric smiles” yes she did so you lot better not piss her off or she'll do worse to you” Stella blushes slightly “it was nothing really.” Lessy laughs see how casual she is about it Infuriating. *smirks*. The others stare at her in awe how did you do it Sin asked Godric walks over “there will be time for question’s later we need to get you rings now before the sun gets to high otherwise you two will fry, now Stella if you would be so kind”. Godric hands Stella the ring meant for Katriane and walks over to open the curtain.

Sin and Kat both run for the shadows and stand there watching. Stella takes the ring and starts reciting the spell after the stone glowed bright blue Godric picked it up and gave it to Katriane Stella then did the same for Sin’s ring. They both looked the rings Sin asked :how do we know if they work: Godric smiled and pushed him in front of the curtain he yelped and shielded himself but there was no need he was fine and the rings worked. Sin looked over at him and started laughing you’re a damn psychopath you know that Godric smiled if I had a dollar for every time somebody called me that. Katriane slowly put her hand in the sunlight and once she saw that it was safe she basked in the warmth, Godric looked over “now remember you two if you go out without those you’ll be nothing but a pile of ash. They both nodded. Godric turned back to Stella and smiled seems like all that training with Davina had been paying off you’re a bloody natural. Stella smiled and looked at her handy work. Thanks Sin said walking over to Stella Kat walked over as well Oui Merci. Glad I could help you all out. Just then Morgie woke up and headed down the stairs…
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 04, 2016 7:44 pm

Alessandra looked at Sinclair as he freaked out and couldn't help but giggle, he was starting to grow a bit on her; showing himself to be more of a goof than the cocky idiot she thought he was at the party. She looked at him as he spoke to Godric, still not wrapping her head around the fact that he quite literally died for her; something about his determination was getting her attention, which worried her a bit, she'd never paid attention to any man before.

She prided herself on being independent, something Godric had instilled on to her from an early age, so she always minded her own business and focused on her own happiness. The fact that her focus was on someone else felt dangerous to her, and quite foreign. She supposed there was a part of her that didn't want to end up like her mother, thought she knew Morgan had her reasons to be the way she was, the thought of depending on someone else for happiness brought a pang to her stomach.

But she saw Sinclair's smile, and the way he looked at her, and suddenly that all didn't seem so bad...

Footsteps coming from the stairs made everyone pause and look at the entryway, from it came Morgan looking much better than she had a few hours ago; her eyes were no longer puffy and her nose no longer red, she looked ready to take on the day putting her stress from the night before behind her. As she walked her long fur trimmed robe swayed gracefully with the movement of her hips, her hair up in a messy bun gave her an air of youthful energy, looking regal as ever, followed closely by her loyal assistant.

That is, until...

"I see you still have the army of dead chinchillas," Godric smirked as he observed her, this earned him a serious yet pleading look from Cressida, which made his smirk fall slightly and his stance relax.

Morgan looked at Godric for a moment, before flashing a small and nearly convincing smile at everyone.
"Good morning," she said in her calmest tone of voice, she saw Stella and gave her a nod of acknowledgement. "Thank you for coming to the aid of my guests, Crozier, we had a bit of a rough night and I simply could not muster the power to perform any sort of magic."

Stella blushed and nodded.
"It is my pleasure, Madame Alexandrov, always willing to help," she smiled shyly.

Morgan observed her and smiled, thinking that Stella reminded her of Desdemona; so youthful and eager to learn, her eyes watered but her smile did not leave her face.
"Thank you," she nodded, "excuse me..." Without letting a tear drop she made her way to the kitchen, followed by Cressida.

Lucienne looked at her as she left, and sighed.
"She saves me and I repay 'er by killing 'er best friend..."

"Yeah, you basically added the cherry on top of her shitty sundae," Alessandra sighed, "but mom is strong, and she'll forgive you eventually... I think."

Stella looked at the lot and raised an eyebrow.
"What exactly happened?"

"Oh, you know, mom nearly died, a psycho tried to poison her, and she decided to carry the weight of everything that went wrong at the party on her shoulders, the usual," Lessy sat back on the couch, arms crossed.

"It actually sounds good that I wasn't there," Stella thought.

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2016 9:52 pm

Godric noticed that Morgie was looking odd. He couldn’t quite put his finger in it but he knew something wasn’t right. He thought for a moment before speaking. “Oi Morgie go and get dressed we’re going out” Morgie blinks “um okay where are we going”? Godric smiles “you’ll see just hurry.” Confused Morgie smiles slightly and turns to go and get changed. Cressida eyes Godric “water you planning master Godric” Again Godric smiled but this time he answered I have no bloody idea I plan to make it up as I go along This caused Lessy who was listening in to burst out laughing and Cressida stifled a laugh. Well she replied I’m sure it will be amazing. Lessy yelled from across the room but not too amazing we don’t want any accident now do we Godric smiled no we have plenty of those on the couch already Lessy laughed but the others looked at each other before yelling in unison hey. Godric laughs and starts to pace Cressida *looks him, and tilts her head* you haven't taken Morgan out anywhere in ages yes which is why I’m overdue.

Cressida speaks up right, well I'll look after the children, and you two have fun. She pats Godric’s arm and smiles before walking out to the living room. Morgan comes downstairs in a short white dress and looks at Godric I'm ready, I think. Godric looks up at her and Smiles you look... pretty. Morgan tilts her head, smiling in amusement was that a compliment? Godric looks at her slyly yes it was. Morgan blushes and moves a strand of her hair behind her ear well, thank you. Less yells from the couch Have fun, but not too much fun and chuckles. Godric turns to look at Morgie alright luv ready for a day of fun”? Morgie still puzzled by the way you're acting, nods, Yes I suppose I am and giggles slightly. Godric takes her hand smiling and leads her out the door to his car opens the door and motions for her to get in. Morgie takes one last look at Godric before getting into the car, she looks at him as he makes his way to the driver's seat, unable to hide her smile.  He looks to her and asks are you ready she smiles nodding and replies as I’ll ever be.

Good Godric replies as he drives across town... first we're gonna go get some breakfast. Oh good, I'm famished you must be too, we didn't really get a chance to eat. Godric replies “no we didn't which is why we're going to a Buffet” pulls into a parking lot gets out and open the door for her. She laughs “thank lord and looks at Godric as he walks over to her door and gets out thanks. He replies you're welcome and walks over to the entrance and opens the door for her he follows behind and asks the hostess for a booth. Then they go over to get food. Morgie serves herself an unapologetic amount of food, feeling like she could eat a horse; she stops for a moment to look at you but looks away once you look at her, a small smile on her face. Godric smiles when he see her smile walks back to the table and sit down watches him while he eats. Morgie begins to eat but feels Godric’s gaze on her, blushing she looks up at him and giggles what? Nothing just admiring the view he smiles how do you feel? Worried, she responds chuckling you’re acting rather peculiar, not that I mind but one can't help but wonder what is going on in your head. Godric tilts his head What I can't be nice to you She smiles Of course you can, it's just not common Godric responds well I should probably work on improving that. Morgie props her head up on her hand as she looks at you what exactly brought this change?

Godric smiles you've looked sad recently and I wanted to change that. Morgie looks into his eyes and smiles before nodding and getting back to eating I needed some time to get away from it all, I'm glad you've given that to me. Godric replies It's my pleasure but I have more planned. Sir Mikaelson has plans? Morgie chuckles do tell. No no that's a surprise just enjoy your food and relax. She smiles and nods, actually liking the feeling of not knowing anything for once. She eats her food, occasionally sneaking glances at him, and smiles when she's done* that was very much needed. He looks at her So are you ready to go. Morgie nods and replies I am. Alright then Godric pays for the food gets up and walks back to his car “let's go”. Morgie stands and follows God to the car, feeling a bit like none of this is real and she'll wake up any moment. They both get into the car and Godric drives to the French quarter, they get out and Godric starts walking looking at all the stores. Morgie follows him, keeping her gaze on him wondering where he’s going. Godric keeps walking until they get to an abandoned distillery walks around back and motions for Morgie to follow. She looks around, slightly confused, and follows him.

Godric stops and smiles once he’s in the center of the building he speaks calmly “this is where Klaus and I fought Mikael. Morgie looks around and notices small details from the vision she had 500 years ago, she looks at him why are we here?  Godric continues to speak calmly not looking at her this is one of the three places where I almost died. Morgie frowns slightly as she observes him. Mikael  lured Klaus here to kill him and as he was about to use the white oak stake on him I pushed him out of the way and was stabbed myself right through the heart. Morgie’s brow furrows, picturing the scene vividly in her mind. He continues to speak “I should have died and I would have if not for Davina who took away the stakes power but do you know what ran through my head when I thought I was gonna die”? Morgie shakes her head to wipe the sight of it from her third eye, looks at you* what? Godric turns to look at Morgie “I thought of you how because of my stupid mistake I'd die you'd die and I'd never see you again all I could think about in my moment of death...was you” Morgie blinks, taken aback w-why me? I thought of you how because of my stupid mistake I'd die you'd die and I'd never see you again. Morgie looks at him out of everyone else you could have worried about, you thought of me her eyes water slightly. Godric starts to walk over to her out of everyone else at that moment you were the most important to me.

Morgie looks into his eyes, trying not to let a single tear escape even after what I did to you. Godric: At that moment it didn't matter all I could think about was how I let YOU down and that hurt me more than anything. Tears begin to silently run down her cheeks as she takes it all in, she hugs Godric tight not saying a word, feeling his pain as though it was her own. Godric: I love you Morgan and I'm sorry if I ever made you feel as though I didn't because I always have and I always will kisses the top of your head and holds you tight. Morgie in a slightly broken voice* I love you too, Godric, I don't think I'll ever stop loving you. Morgie stays in the embrace for a few moments more, pulls away a bit to look up at him* that's why I'm trying so hard for you to be happy, because as long as you are I can be happy too. I don’t want me to be the only reason for you to be happy that’s not good that’s not healthy you need to find something else to make you happy I don't want your life to revolve around me I don't deserve that you don't deserve that. *Morgie nods, looking down; knowing your words are the, also knowing that it's easier said than done* I've lived for you for 500 years, it's hard to stop doing so... Godric: then live for someone else live for yourself be the Morgie you were when I met you. Morgie: I suppose I'll have to get in touch with my roots then... *takes a deep breath* I'll schedule a trip to England and see if that helps. Godric blinks you're gonna go back to England for how long? Morgie replies As long as it takes me to remember who I was, a month, maybe two...Godric thinks for a moment Hmm well I hope you can find what you're looking for. Morgie nods and sniffles* I hope so too Godric looks at her “come on let’s go” Morgie wipes her tears and tries her best at a smile lets Walks outside and back to my car…
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 20, 2016 7:45 am

Once in the car Morgan took her phone out and began to schedule her trip to England, she was about to pick her departure date when she froze up and started to stare at her phone blankly.
"I know that look," Godric said as he observed her, "what are you seeing?"

Morgan didn't reply, focusing on what she was seeing in her vision.
Lessy was in the shop, walking to a woman that Morgan recognized from her past, the woman set down a newspaper on the counter, but she couldn't see what the article was.
"Do you know him?" The woman asked, a smile on her face.

Lessy looked at the newspaper and then back at the woman and shook her head.
"No, I don't."

"You're a terrible liar, sweetheart," the woman chuckled, "why don't you give him a call, I'm sure he'll be happy to see me..."

And then Morgan was back, looking at her phone screen; she sighed and rubbed her head, she felt Godric's hand on her shoulder.
"Morgie, what was it?"

"Nothing," Morgan shook her head, "just a ghost from my past come back to haunt me."

Godric chuckled.
"Seer, fortune teller, and now medium; the list never stops growing does it?"

Morgan laughed and shook her head.
"I am a woman of many talents," she smiled at Godric before booking her flight.

"So where do you want to go now?" Godric smiled at her.

Morgan looked at the time, it was 1pm.
"How about we go to Rousseau's? Never too early for a good drink."

Godric nodded and smiles.
"Alright, Rousseau's it is then," he said as he began to drive.

Morgan looked up a contact on her phone and dialed the number, it rang a few times before someone answered.
"Your highness!" Said the unmistakable voice of queen Elizabeth, "how are you dear, so nice to hear from you!"

Morgan chuckled.
"I am well, Elizabeth, and you?"

"Oh I'm doing grand, just finished having tea with the grandchildren, to what do I owe this call?"

"I'm just calling to inform you that I shall be arriving on the 15th of February."

"Will Alessandra be coming? My son never stops asking about her."

Morgan raised her eyebrows in surprise and chuckled.
"I don't think she'll want to go, but I'll try to convince her."

Elizabeth sighed.
"This is her kingdom too, she needs to visit and do her job as princess."

"Unfortunately the colony has changed her perspective on being a princess," Morgan eyed Godric, causing him to smirk, "but not to worry Elizabeth I don't plan on dying any time soon."

"Good!" Elizabeth chuckled, "and what about Sir Godric, will he be coming?"

Morgan looked at Godric, 'no' he mouthed, looking serious.
"No, only Cressida and I, Godric has business to attend to here."

"Always a busy man," Elizabeth's smile could be heard in her tone, "well I'll begin the preparations, your majesty, see you soon!"

"See you," Morgan smiled and hung up, she then looked at Godric, "how come you never want to go?"

"Same reason Lessy doesn't go," he said as he parked in front of the bar, "it's boring; besides it won't help if I tag along this time around, you need time to yourself."

"You're right," Morgan nodded and sighed before getting ot of the car and walking to the bar, she looked around and then at Godric, "where do you fancy a seat?"

Godric thought for a moment.
"At the counter, or would you like a table?"

Morgan smiled.
"Counter's fine," she gave a nod and they both walked over to the counter and sat down.

Godric signaled for the waitress to come over.
"I'll have a glass of bourbon," he looked at Morgan, "what would you like?"

Morgan thought for a moment.
"I'll have a rum and coke."

"Really?" Godric laughed and looked at the waitress, "one rum and coke please."

"What's so funny?" Morgan tried to hide her amusement.

"That's just so generic, I'd expect you to want something more," Godric smirked.

"Well," Morgan chuckled, "I'm a fan of the modern classics."

"I see," Godric smiled, observing as the waitress came back with their drinks, they sat quietly enjoying them for a moment. Morgan slowly stirred her drink with her straw, looking at the ice swirl as she was deep in thought, Godric noticed this. "Water you thinking about?"

Morgan snapped out of her thoughts.
"Oh, uhm..." she said as she tried to think of what to say, "nothing, it's just that Alessandra won't want to come to England."

Godric laughed and nodded.
"No, I suppose she wouldn't, it's never been her style; she can just stay here, I'll look after her."

Morgan sighed.
"So many little girls dying to be princesses, and there she is an actual princess and she doesn't want to come to the palace," she chuckled, "I blame this on you."

Godric grinned.
"And I'll take all the blame, she wasn't meant for the princess life."

Morgan nodded in agreement, smiling.
"She was born a warrior, fighting since she was born."

"Like me," Godric smiled.

"Precisely," Morgan smiled at him, "I was so afraid she wouldn't survive; the doctors told me that her mother had used so many drugs that Lessy was having withdrawal symptoms; told me she might not make it past the first week... yet she lives."

"Because she's strong like us, and she fought to be here like us," Godric's smile was warm as he thought back to Lessy's infancy, "she earned life."

"Yes she did," Morgan smiled brightly, "our little Lessy."

"Our little warrior," Godric nodded.

Morgan bit her lip and looked at Godric.
"You turn her, you know, I've seen it..." she took a deep breath, "angers the fuck out of me, but it's what she wants."

Godric raised an eyebrow, a bit shocked, then smiled.
"Of course I do, if anyone would make a good vampire it's her; so does that mean you wont'attack me when I make it happen?" He smirked.

Morgan shook her head and smirked.
"I won't, she's basically perfect as a vampire, so disciplined, in control, and knows exactly what she's capable of... too perfect for me to intervene."

Godric laughed.
"Vampire Lessy, the perfect breed immortal and all powerful, has a nice ring to it."

Morgan nodded.
"Swells me up with pride, that's for sure," Morgan grinned, "I only ask that you do it when you're absolutely sure she's ready."

"Of course," Godric nodded, "and not a moment sooner, I'll make absolutely certain she's ready."

"I wager she'll give you a run for your money on a match once she's turned," she took a sip of her drink looking smug.

"I doubt it," Godric smiled, "since I'll stop holding back."

"You underestimate her."

"You underestimate me," Godric's expression turned serious, "I've been training her since she was a child and have never used more than five percent of my actual power when training her."

"I've seen you fight without holding back," Morgan smirked, "I think she has a chance."

"The only people I don't hold back against are my siblings, because they don't hold back so it looks like a normal fight, if I were to fight any normal vampire they wouldn't stand a chance," he smirked and took a swig of his drink.

"We shall see when the time comes," Morgan winked.

"Yes, we shall."

Morgan looked at the waitress and signaled for her to bring another drink, she then looked at Godric.
"You know, it's a shame you aren't coming with me; I'm sure the islanders miss their Gods."

"Ah, yes..." Godric said thinking back to the indigenous people of Virtus Dei Est, an island Morgan had gotten for them 500 years ago, "well, maybe next time."

"What to bring them this time..."

"Hmm..." Godric mused, "bring them something from your shop, or a Jazz record," he laughed.

"Jazz? Really?" Morgan laughed, "I can picture their awkward tribal dances to the tunes of New Orleans."

Godirc chuckled.
"Perhaps it'll be their next step to advancing their civilization."

"Doubt it," Morgan shook her head, "poor blokes haven't changed much in centuries."

"Yeah, it must be difficult being cut off from the outside world."

"I tried giving them electricity," Morgan thought back, "they weren't too fond of it, kept getting shocked."

Godric laughed.
"Did you try explaining it to them?"

"I tried, but they didn't want to hear it," she chuckled, "I've considered bringing one with me, let it explore 'the other side', what do you think?"

"I think that would be a very entertaining idea," Godric nodded and smiled at her, "so what would you like to do now?"

"I think we should go back to the house," Morgan said after careful thought, "don't want to overwhelm Cressida with three newborns."

"Perhaps you're right," Godric said putting the money on the counter, "let's go."

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 01, 2016 7:19 pm

Godric drives to Morgie’s house and as they pull up in front they see a familiar looking car. As they walk inside they see Regine sitting on the couch. Godric smiles wide when he sees Regine sitting on the couch he walks over and hugs her. While Morgie stands in the doorway frowning she starts thinking “there he goes again giving her all his damn attention what’s so special about her anyway. “Water you doing here luv he says smiling we weren’t expecting you”. Regine smiles “vell vhen I voke up zhis morning I noticed that everyone who is supposed to be staying at my house is gone so I thought I’d see what you all are up to”. Godric looks around “oh yeah I suppose everyone is here how did that happen”? Morgie chimes in “perhaps my house is more fun.” Regine looks over smiling “vell it sure seems like it” she looks at everyone sitting on the couch when she stops on Kat.
“Sissy you look awful are you okay. “Katriane still trying to adjust to the bloodlust nods slightly “Of course I’m alright just a bit tired ve didn’t sleep much last night. Regine walks over and feels Katriane’s forehead causing Kat to shake and her eyes to twitch “Oh sissy you feel very varm I think ve should go to the ospital.” Sinclair walks over “nonsense all she needs is some sleep.” ”Morgan do you have a guestroom where she could take a nap”? Oh yes of course it’s on the second floor, on the right wing”. Cressida be a dear and escort her there please” “Yes m’lady at once” Cressida takes Katriane by the arm and leads her upstairs to the guestroom. Regine stares at Sinclair “you look different Sin Sinclair looks at her what do you mean different I feel the same. Regine stares I can’t quite put my finger in it she steps closer but you seem off. Godric interrupts “so how is Julien, is he feeling any better after that nasty fall”. Regine scowls “I have no Idea he refuses to speak or move from Katriane’s room he just sits there staring at the wall its infuriating” Godric smiles. “Maybe its penance he’s trying to make up for what he did by taking a vow of silence and not moving.” Regine thinks for a moment “vell that is a very stupid way to apologize.”

I agree it is very odd but then again he is an odd guy isn’t he Regine nods yes he can be sometimes. Lessy speaks up changing the subject “so what do you two crazy kids have planned for today mothing inappropriate I hope” she says winking Regine blushing stutters “no ve ‘ave not made plans yet zhat is partly why I came over”. Godric smiles “since you’re a journalist it’s clear that you love to write so would you like to go to the bookstore with me”. Regine smiles “zhat sounds like a vonderful idea I’d love to”. Godric replies “good I know of a great one in the quarter all the famous poets have been there”. Regine smiles I can’t wait should we go now. Yes now is actually a great time. Regine stops suddenly then turns to Sin but I vanted to spend time with Sin and Kat now that they’re both here. Lessy thinks for a moment then speaks “I have an idea why don’t we have a dinner party here that way you two can go out and when you get back Kat will be rested and you can spend time with her and Sin”. Godric tilts his head and looks at Morgie I don’t know I think we’ve imposed on Morgie enough for today perhaps we should… “Dinner sounds like a great idea” Morgie forces a smile “it would give everyone a chance to relax and get to know each other more I’d be happy to host it” Godric hesitates for a moment but eventually agrees. “Alright we’ll be back in a couple of hours try not to burn the house down” Morgie laughs “come on Ric that was one time and it wasn’t my fault” Regine’s looks at them eyes wide I’m kidding only kidding come on lets  go.

Godric drives them to the bookstore and when they get in Regine’s jaw drops it’s huge books of all sorts of all genre’s line the walls  she runs to the horror literature sections and starts to grab every book she sees Godric watches with a huge smile he walk over to her. “Find anything you like” Godric said walking up to her. She runs over holding up an old looking book. “I found this and it’s signed by the author can you believe it.” Godric takes the book from her and flips it over Dracula hmm I thought you didn’t believe in the supernatural. Regine smiles “I love the classics and even though they aren't real vampires are incredible”. Godric smirks yes, yes they are. So you wanna look around some more? Regine nods and they walk around the store for hours looking at hundreds of books. Godric then asks a question earlier you said vampires are incredible why do you think that. Regine stands there a moment then responds “zhey have incredible speed sight hearing strength zhey are the perfect immortal being” Godric smiles I know of a being more perfect then a vampire. Regine looks at him oh and what vould zhat be a hybrid. Regine blinks zhose stupid ugly looking cars. Godric laughs no not the stupid car a hybrid is a creature who is half vampire and half werewolf which means the sun won’t burn him and the full moon doesn’t affect him Regine sits there in wonder I’ve never ‘eard of such a creature but you’re right it does sound much better than a vampire. Godric grins “yeah I thought you’d agree.” “He looks at his watch dinner is in 2 hours we should go get some wine it would be rude to show up empty handed” Godric says smirking. Yes ve should she said grabbing his hand and holding him close but vhat kind should we get. Godric thinks for a moment “how about red can’t go wrong with a classic.” Regine smiles red vine is my favorite. Smiles that’s because you have good taste mmhmm she responds and being French doesn’t hurt either.

Godric follows Regine to the counter and pays for the books. They then drive to a nearby store and pick up a bottle of wine. You ready to go back Regine nods oui this vas fun ve should do it more often”. I agree Godric said smiling they pull up in front of Morgie’s house and knock on the door…
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 4 I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 03, 2016 2:29 am

Alessandra looked at her mother quizzically, not expecting her to agree without hesitation, but she smiled, thinking perhaps her mother was adjusting to the fact that he was now with Régine. Though she wondered what this would mean for her and her relationship with her uncle; she felt a pang in her stomach, what if Godric would no longer visit? She shook her head, pushing away those thoughts; of course he would visit, she was his little Lessy.
"Well I must say I'm surprised, mother," she said once Godric and Régine left, "I would have thought you'd give me one of your death stares and made up an excuse not to host a dinner party."

Morgan stood there, staring at the door. She took a deep breath and looked at her daughter, smiling.
"Well it's been a few years since I've hosted a dinner party, thought it might be a good idea for everyone to settle into this new environment... And it's best to let Godric enjoy this little romantic adventure while he still can, Régine won't last forever, you know? Besides, I owe Godric a dinner party after the one I crashed."

Lessy blinked, for once questioning her mother's thoughts.
"Mum, you're... twisted."

"400 years of hell will do that to you, dearie; now go, set the table with the things on the golden cupboard," Morgan smiled before walking into the kitchen.

Alessandra looked at her mother as she walked away, and moved towards the cupboard where Morgan kept all her finest dinnerware; things from the 1550s that Alessandra was never allowed to touch up until now.
"I worry about her..."

"I do too," Sinclair said walking over to her, "here, let me help," he said taking the gold lined tablecloth.

"You don't need to help," Alessandra smiled at him, "this dinner party is for you too, you know."

"Yeah," Sinclair shrugged as he put the cloth on the table, "but it wouldn't be right to stand there and watch while you do all the work, would it?" He smiled at her.

Alessandra looked at him and smiled.
"No, I suppose not," she picked up a stack of gold plates and began to put them around the table, "so how does it feel being a vampire?"

Sinclair smirked as he went to grab the goblets.
"It's taking everything in my power not to attack you right now," he said as he set them down, "luckily I have more willpower than Katriane, and I had an appropriate fill of blood, so you should be safe."

Alessandra laughs as she goes to grab more goblets.
"I'd be safe even if you hadn't, I can easily take down a vampire."

"Is that so?" Sin said and lunged himself at her.

Lessy quickly grabbed him by the neck and shifted her weight to slam him to the ground, she held his head just inches away from it's snapping point. She looked down at him and chuckled.
"Yes, yes it is."

"Noted," Sinclair said, in pain, "now let me go, sil te plait."

Lessy let go of his head and helped him up, dusting him off, she smiled at him blushing slightly as he looked into her eyes.
"Come on, we need to get everything ready."

"Right," Sin nodded and proceeded to take more things from the cupboard.

"Vhat's going on around 'ere?" Lucienne said walking out to the dining room.

"Mother is hosting a dinner party," Alessandra said folding some napkins, "Régine will be here, so that means you can't be seen."

Lucienne tensed a bit.
"R-Régine? 'Ere?"

"Oui," Sin said, eyeing Lucie, "ça va?"

Lucienne nodded.
"Ça va, it is just zhat I 'aven't seen 'er in so long..." She bit her lip, "I vould 'ave vanted to see 'er."

Lessy shrugged.
"Well, if you want you can talk to mum, but I doubt she'd allow you to stay."

"Vhere is she?"

Alessandra pointed to the kitchen door.
"In the kitchen."

Lucienne nodded and looked at them.
"Zhe table is coming together nicely," she gave a small smile before heading to the kitchen, she saw Morgan peeling potatoes over the sink, "vell zhis is new, I've never seen you cook before."

Morgan smirked.
"Yes, it's not something queens usually do but I learned a thing or two over the centuries," Morgan turned her attention from the potatoes to Lucienne. "If you've come to ask me if you can join us for dinner, you know of course my answer is no."

Lucienne's jaw tensed and nodded.
"Of course, I only vanted to give it a shot..."

Morgan looked into Lucienne's eyes, and her expression turned serious.
"Yes, well, perhaps some day you'll be able to see her," Morgan smiled, "but tonight is not the night."

Lucienne nodded.
"So vhat am I to do vhile she's 'ere?"

Morgan thought for a moment.
"You'll stay in your room until she leaves, you'll have a few bags of blood to keep you satisfied."

"Right," Lucienne nodded once more and walked away, just then Cressida waked in.

She looked at Morgan and smiled.
"Good to see I'll have help," she said as she put on her apron.

"Yeah," Morgan said as she watched Lucienne leave, "mother, are you a believer that things happen for a reason."

Cressida nodded as she took some ingredients from the refrigerator.
"Of course I do, learned that since I was fifteen," she smiled, "why?"

Morgan went back to peeling the potatoes and shrugged.
"I just think that me rescuing Lucienne was an act of destiny at work."

Cressida's brow furrowed as she began to grind some garlic, after some careful thought she looked at Morgan.
"And what exactly do you mean with that?"

Morgan shrugged as she filled a pot with water.
"Nothing, I just believe she's a key part of our ongoing story is all."

Cressida put everything down and had Morgan turn to ace her by the shoulders, she looked into Morgan's eyes.
"Love, there is something you're not telling me, what is it?"

Morgan gulped under Cressida's gaze, the only person who actually managed to intimidate her.

"Table's set," Alessandra said and looked at her mother and grandmother. "What's going on?"

Cressida let go of Morgan and smiled.
"Nothing, dearie," she turned back to finish with the garlic, "did you put the utensils in order?"

Alessandra thought for a moment.
"I think I did, forks go to the right... right?"

Morgan shook her head.
"Come, my little moon, I'll help," she wrapped her arm around Lessy's shoulder and walked out of the kitchen, relieved to be away from Cressida for the time being. "Look," she said as she organized the silverware, "forks go to the left, next to the napkin goes the bigger fork, then the little one next to the plate," she took a smaller fork, "this one goes on top because it is for dessert."

"Right," Lessy said as she began to fix the order, "so what was going on  with you and grandma?"

Morgan shrugged.
"Whatever do you mean, love?"

Lessy looked at Morgan.
"She looked... serious, too serious."

Morgan shook her head and ruffled her hair.
"Nothing, we were just having a conversation about a vision I had, nothing for you to worry about."

"What was the vision?" Lessy pressed.

Morgan smiled at her daughter.
"Perhaps I'll tell you after dinner," she looked at her watch, "for now I need to take care of Katriane, excuse me." She said and walked up the stairs to Katriane's room and knocked the door.

"Is she gone?" Katriane said from behind it.

"Yes, she left with Godric, we must get you ready for when she comes back, we're having a dinner party," Morgan said opening the door. Katriane sat on her bed, teary eyed, Morgan frowned and sat next to her, rubbing her back. "What's wrong?"

Katriane leaned against Morgan, sobbing.
"I vanted to kill 'er," she sniffled, "my own sister, I could barely control myself."

Morgan hugged her tight.
"You did so well, darling," she pulled away to smile at her, "and you know nobody would have let you lay a finger on her; we're all protecting Régine, you know this."

Katriane nodded.
"I just feel so dangerous, Madame Alexandrov, vhat if some day nobody is zhere to stop me? Vhat if I'm not ready for zhe concert?"

Morgan shook her head.
"Godric will compel you that day if you're not ready, as for other days you need not worry; I'll always keep an eye on you. You're getting better, even if you don't feel you are, I can see it; and soon you'll be able to control yourself just fine."

"You really zhink so?" Katriane wiped her tears.

Morgan smiled.
"I know so, I've seen it."

Katriane smiled and gave a chuckle of relief.
"Good, because I don't like zhe vay I am now."

Morgan stood and walked over to Katriane's closet, which contains clothes belonging to her that she doesn't have room for in her own closet.
"I used to be like you, you know," she said as she took out a few dresses, "unable to resist the thirst for the first few days, though of course I took that out on the enemies of my kingdom so I actually had a reason to kill people, but..." She turned around and placed the dresses on the bed, "eventually I was able to control myself, and if I could control myself having the liberty of killing whomever I wanted then I'm sure you'll be able to even faster, if you understand what I'm trying to say."

"Oui," Katriane nodded, "not being able to kill anybody would 'elp, I suppose."

"Of course," Morgan smiled, "I'll make sure of it, and so will Godric considering it's Niklaus's fault you're in this mess."

Katriane scowled.
"'E's not a very nice man."

Morgan laughed.
"Niklaus is an acquired taste, if I'm perfectly honest I'm not exactly fond of him either."

"And yet you stay close to zhem?" Katriane looked at Morgan.

"Godric is my daughter's uncle," Morgan sighed, "for her sake, I try to be civil with the rest of the Mikaelsons," she lied, and smiled at Katriane. "But enough of that, get yourself cleaned up, I expect Godric and Régine will be on their way over soon and we need to give you a proper fill of blood before they get here, put on whichever dress you like best."

"Merci, Madame Alexandrov," Katriane smiled, "for everything."

Morgan looked at her for a moment and nodded.
"It's my pleasure," she winked and walked out of the room, closing the door behind her. She stood there in the hall way for a moment thinking about everything and sighed. "Why do I get myself into these messes..." She walked down the hall and entered another room, the one she kept empty for Godric though she new there was no need for it and opened up the closet, took out a suit and brought it down stairs for Sinclair. Sin looked at the suit, a bit confused. "I suspect it's going to be a little big on you, but nothing Alessandra can't fix in a tick." She looked at her daughter.

"Oh," Lessy said looking at it and looking at Sin, "yeah, no problem."

"Brilliant," Morgan smiled, "off you go."

Alessandra stood and pointed up the stairs.
"Come on, we'll do the fitting in my room."

Sin blinked and nodded.
"Okay, sure..." He looked at Morgan and gave her a small smile before walking up the stairs, followed by Lessy.

Morgan looked around and saw Sébastiene, and blink.
"I'd forgotten you were here."

Sébastiene nodded.
"I don't really know vhat to do in a house filled with vampires..."

Morgan smirked.
"Are you going to stay for dinner?"

Sébastiene blinked.
"I vould like that very much, yes."

Morgan looked towards the kitchen where Cressida was preparing the meal, then she looked at Sébastiene.
"How's about I drive you home so you can get ready, we can bring Aimé over as well."

"Aimé?" Lucienne asked walking down the stairs, "Aimé is coming?"

Morgan looked at her and nodded.
"You can't see him, I'm barely letting this one go with his memory intact I will not have any more humans knowing about us."

Lucienne looked at Morgan with her teared up eyes and nodded.
"Right, of course..." She bit her lip.

Morgan looked at Lucienne and then went to the kitchen for a moment, she opened the secret door on the floor and went down to grab the bags of blood, she went back over to Lucienne.
"Come on, time to go upstairs." Lucienne stared at Morgan or a moment before walking up the stairs without saying a word, they reached her room and Morgan set the three bags of blood on the desk, she waved her hand over each of them and they began to glow faintly. "Alright, I know you have better control than Katriane but still you're a newborn; what I've done is I've made each bag indestructible for a set time, so you don't drink them all at once," Lucienne nodded, "I'm going to shield the room so you're not tempted to go downstairs until--"

"I don't need a shield, I'm perfectly capable of restraining myself," Lucienne looked sad.

"Right..." Morgan gave her a small smile, "but I know Godric would be angry at me if something were to happen, and you've already experienced him when he's angry."

Lucienne wrapped her arms around herself.

"The shield will be sound proof, so you can listen to music or watch television if you want," Morgan smiled, "is there anything you need that I can bring you?"

Lucienne thought for a moment.
"Vould you 'appen to 'ave a spare journal? I vould like to begin to write."

Morgan smiled and nodded.
"I'll bring you one, be back in a tick." She said and walked out of the room, she waved her hand and cast the shield on the room, Lucienne wouldn't be able to walk out now. She walked down the stairs over to her study and pulled out one of the empty leather bound journals she had, and a pen, she walked back to Lucienne's room and slid them under the door before walking downstairs once more and looking at Sébastiene. "Alright, let's go."

Sébastiene gave her a small smile.
"Is Katriane okay?" He asked as he stood up.

"She was a bit distraught about nearly killing her sister, but I managed to cheer her up," Morgan said taking her keys, "don't worry, we'll fix her."

Sébastiene nodded.
"I 'ave no doubt that you will."

"Good," Morgan smiled and got into the car, once Sébastiene was in they drove off to Régine's house. She walked in and look at Sébastiene, "you get yourself and Aimé ready, I'm going to check up on Julien."

"Right," Sébastiene nodded and walked to Aimé's room.

Morgan walked up to Katriane's room which  remained destroyed, and saw Julien right on the couch where she left him, she smiled at him and snapped her fingers, allowing him to talk.
"Bonsoir, Julien."

"I'm going to kill you," he muttered.

"You tried that once before, didn't work out quite like you expect it, did it?" Morgan chuckled.

"You're lucky I can't move or else--" Morgan snapped her fingers and Julien was allowed to move once more.

"Or else what?" Morgan asked with her eyebrow raised. Julien simply looked at her, a bit shocked, "you're all bark and no bite, Blasco."

Julien straightened his suit, glaring at Morgan.
"I'll get you for this."

"I'll be waiting," Morgan smirked, "but until you're ready for your revenge, I suggest you feed and clean up this mess, after all Régine is angry at you for it."

"I didn't make this mess, why should I clean it?" Julien raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, but you did," Morgan chuckled, "see, if you hadn't given Katriane your blood, she wouldn't be a vampire right now and this mess around here perhaps would not have been so bad, but you did, and she is, and that is why Godric got so angry. So get to cleaning or I will hex you to clean it." Morgan patted his back, "oh, and one more thing... you don't stand a chance against me, luv." She winked and walked out the door. "Aimé, Sébastiene, are you ready?" She called out.

"Oui," Aimé said walking out of his room, "'ow do I look?"

Morgan smiled.
"I'm sure Cressida will think you look quite dashing."

"Well," he gave a smug grin, "of course."

Morgan chuckled and shook her head.
"Get to the car," she smiled at him and looked around, "Sébastiene, they're bound to get there at any moment!"

"Right, I'm ready," he said buttoning his sleeve.

"Great," Morgan looked back at Katriane's room and heard the sound of wood being moved around, she smirked and walked over to the car and drove back to her manor. Morgan looked around and was relieved that Godric's car wasn't there yet, she parked and walked inside.

The smell of food filled the air, Morgan looked around to see if there were any last minute details she needed to fix but it seemed like everything was perfect. She looked at the table and was reminded of a simpler time, a time in which she was completely happy, a time in which her only worry was her kingdom and Godric...

"Oh good, you're back," Alessandra smiled seeing her mother, "Cressida is giving Katriane the blood, and--" She blinked, "are you alright?"

"Yes," Morgan took a deep breath and turned to look at Alessandra, "I'm fine, dearie," she smiled, "you look beautiful, as per usual. Did you fix Sinclair's suit?"

"Yeah, just needed minor adjustments at the arms and legs, he's not as muscular as uncle Ric, so..." She smiled at her mother, "I'll take are of anything that may be missing, you go get ready, yeah?"

Morgan nodded.
"Thank you, sweetie," she smiled, "could you call the pianist and ask him if he can get here as soon as possible?"

"Already done, he said he was on his way," Lessy smiled.

Morgan chuckled.
"What would I do without you?" She kissed her daughter on the forehead before heading upstairs.

Katriane walked down the stairs with Cressida, Sinclair looked at her and smiled.
"Ça va?" He asked, stroking her hair.

"Je me sens bien à ce jour," Katriane gave a small smile, "vous asseoir à côté de moi?"

"Oui," Sin nodded.

Cressida looked at Aimé and blushed, not expecting him to be there; she eyed him from head to toe thinking he looked absolutely handsome.
"Salut, monsieur," she said shyly.

"Bonsoir, ma beauté," he smiled and kissed her hand, "so glad to see you once more."

Cressida giggled.
"After the wonderful time we had last night there was no doubt we would meet again."

Alessandra smirked looking at them.
"Look," she said to Sinclair, "grandma looks like a little girl, so adorable."

"Oui, but the fact that you call her grandma is kinda weird now," Sinclair chuckled.

Alessandra looked at Sébastiene and Katriane who stood holding each other close, she could see that though Katriane had fed she still showed restraint on her face; she then looked at Sinclair who seemed to be under control even with three humans in the room.
"How are you holding up?" She whispered to him.

"I don't foresee any accidents on my part," he smiled at her, "if anything I'm sure you could supply me with more blood before I lose control."

"Of course," Lessy smiled, she thought for a moment as she looked at him, this boy who literally gave his life for her.

"See anything you like?" He winked at her.

She rolled her eyes and gave a small laugh, shaking her head. Just then the doorbell rang and she went over to open it, it was the pianist.
"Oh hey Jean, you're here."

"Last time your mother called me it was ten years ago for a fundraising event," he smiled as he walked in, "what's the special occasion this year?"

"Dinner party for my uncle and his girlfriend," Lessy closed the door.

He smirked and shook his head.
"She still holds on to hope?"

"You know it," Lessy said leading him to the piano.

"So what mood am I going to set tonight?" Jean smiled.

"Give us that cheesy fancy restaurant vibe," Lessy smirked.

"You got it," he said as he began to play.

Morgan walked down the stairs, dressed in one of her best dresses, right when the door knocked. She walked over to it and opened it, smiling.
"Welcome back," she said to Godric and Régine.

"Merci," Régine looked around, once more feeling terribly under dressed.

"Don't worry, dear," Morgan said taking her hand, "I have something for you."

"'Ow did--"

Morgan tsked.
"You still doubt my powers," she chuckled and looked at Godric, "I'll be back in a moment with her."

Godric eyed Morgan for a notice.
"Right, well, don't keep her long, I'm sure she's quite hungry."

Morgan rolled her eyes.
"There are suits for you upstairs if you want to change."

"What's wrong with what I'm wearing now?" He smirked.

"Nothing, just giving you options," Morgan smiled before leading Régine upstairs.

Godric looked at himself in the hallway mirror and rolled his eyes before going upstairs to change.

"I zhink I'm going to 'ave to keep a stock of fancy dresses if I'm going to be 'anging vith you lot," Régine laughed, "you are all very formal."

Morgan chuckled as she opened the door to her room.
"It happens when you're English, or a Mikaelson," she opened her closet and stepped inside, "you'll get used to it I'm sure."

Régine looked around Morgan's room with eyebrows raised.
"Your 'ome feels a lot like a palace," she smiled, "I really like it."

"Well you have good taste," Morgan said coming out with a black and gold dress, "do you like it?"

"Oui, it is lovely," Régine smiled.

"I think you and I are about the same size," Morgan smiled, "you can keep it if you like it on," she handed Régine the dress and pointed to the bathroom door, "you can change in there."

"Thank you," Régine smiled taking the dress and walking to the bathroom, once again taken aback by the size and decor, she looked in the mirror and began to undress, folding each piece of clothing neatly and putting it on the bathroom counter. She slipped on the dress and zipped up the side with little difficulty, she put her hair up in a bun and walked out of the bathroom. "'Ow do I look?"

Morgan looked at her and smiled.
"Beautiful," she motioned towards the door, "let's not keep Godric waiting."

Régine nodded and walked down the stairs, Godric turned to look at her and smiled; he walked over to her and kissed her cheek.
"You look radiant," he whispered to her.

Régine blushed.
"Vous regardez très beau vous."

Morgan looked at them and took a deep breath.
"Let's eat," she smiled, walking to the table.

Godric took Régine's hand and led her to the table, he pulled out her chair for her to sit, and once she sat he pushed it in.
"Merci," she smiled at him.

"Mon plaisir," he smiled taking his seat.

Morgan sat down on the oposite side of the table from them, wanting to be as far from them as possible. Once everyone sat, they lifted the covers from their plates and placed them in the middle of the table, and they began to eat. Morgan looked around, and chuckled to herself, noticing everyone but her were in pairs. How quaint... She thought sarcastically to herself.
"So," she said, trying to form conversation, "are you all ready for the music festival next week? The locals take their festivals quite seriously."

"Oui," Régine nodded, "ve decided zhat ve vill use the same routines ve did in our last concert, of course Aimé is going to 'ave to improvise vithout Lucienne."

Aimé shook his head.
"Don't vorry about zhat, I have a plan already," he smiled.

"Really, what would that be?" Cressida smiled.

"Zhat is a surprise," he winked.

"Our parents brought all of our outfits from France," Katriane spoke, her voice trembling slightly, "everything is set, or nearly everything." She looked at Godric to see if he caught her drift.

Godric looked at her and gave her a slight nod.
"I'm sure everything will be perfect," he smiled and took a sip from his wine, "after all, this is Belle Morte we're talking about."

Régine smiled.
"Precisely," she nodded, "ve've been doing zhis for years, a new venue should not make a difference."

"We're pros," Sébastiene nodded, "nothing to worry about," he squeezed Katriane's hand.

Alessandra smiled.
"I'm really looking forward to it, I looked you guys up on the internet and I must say I became a fan."

Régine smiled brightly at Lessy.
"Our first American fan, brilliant," she looked at Morgan, "vill you be going, Morgan?"

Morgan took a sip of the wine and smiled.
"Of course, I'm not one to skip out on a good party."

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