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 The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]

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Pens Hybrid

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Sat Jun 11, 2016 12:53 am

Morgan led Godric out of the house and told him about her plan to see which sireline he belonged to. She hit him upside the head knowing full well she was the only person who would be able to do that and although she caught him off guard she would not try for a second slap knowing that he would forgive that. “I don’t really see how finding out which sireline he’s from changes anything I still wanna kill him.” He thought about this as he watched Morgan walk back inside the house. Hmm his sireline I know he’s not a part of mine but now I’m curious well I’ll find out soon enough.

Godric walked back into the house to see Morgie talking quietly to Julien he listened closely and heard what they were saying "I know who you are," he whispered. Congratulations," Morgan slightly annoyed. Julien smirked. ""How does it feel to no longer have ruling over anything?" Morgan gave a small chuckle and patted his head, "Shut up," she replied walking to the other side of the room “Damn this bastard must really have a death wish talking to Morgie like that. Godric also noticed Cressida was not at Morgie’s side but was instead talking to one of Regine’s friends. Godric raised his eyebrows. Wow now there’s a first good for her she deserves happiness following Morgie around for as long as she has just hope the poor kid doesn’t mess up and get himself killed or worse.

Godric walked over to Julien and they started talking. “So it was you who convinced Regine to come to New Orleans”. Julien smiled at Godric yes I did she wanted a new purpose in life and I wanted to help her find it”. Godric glared at him wanting nothing more than to sink his fangs into this smug bastard’s neck and watch the life slowly drain out of him as he suffers hallucinations and die. “So I hear you’ve been going out with Regine” Julien said casually. “As a matter of fact I have been is that problem”. Godric replied innocently “No not at all its just I’ve never heard of you and I know Katriane would never approve of a vampire dating her sister” he said smiling smugly. “Well maybe she wouldn’t want some lowly vampire git dating her sister but I have a feeling she’ll make an exception for me replied Godric coolly. “Oh and why’s that what’s so special about you Godric”? Asked Julien, Well let’s just say I have friends in high places this is New Orleans after all. Yes I know what of it asked Julien.

“Well New Orleans is home to a flourishing vampire community and do you know who’s at the top of this community” Godric asked. Julien thought for a minute and replied “the original family the oldest and most powerful vampires in existence”. “Good good Godric said smiling and do you know the members of the Original family”? “Of course I do any vampire worth his fangs knows there’s Elijah Rebekah Kol Finn who are vampires.” Yes Godric said smiling slyly “but there are two even more powerful Originals who aren’t vampires.” “Yeah I know I was getting to that replied Julien there twins Klaus Mikaelson and his brother God…” Julien froze before finishing his sentence he turned and looked Godric in the eyes terrified. What is the second Original Hybrid’s name Godric asked eyes glowing so only Julien could see. Julien scared out of his mind tried to regain his composure and stuttered G-g-Godric Mikaelson. “Yes Godric Mikaelson the Original Hybrid and last I heard of him he was talking to a smug little toe rag who had better learn his place lest he suffers from an unfortunate wolf bite” Godric said calmly bearing his fangs causing Julien to jump back in surprise knocking over a pitcher of juice.

“Oi Julien are you alright have to be more careful mate don’t want any more unfortunate accidents” Godric said putting his hand on Julien’s shoulder while everyone looked at the broken pitcher. “Yeah I-I’m sorry I didn’t mean to my shirt got caught on the counter.” Morgan saw what happened and had to stifle her laughter at seeing how riled up Godric had made Julien, serves the little bastard right for thinking he was all that. “It’s all right mate just find a mop and we’ll get this all cleaned up Godric said walking over to Regine. “Where do you keep your cleaning supplies luv? “Oh zhe mop iz in zhe allway closet past the living room on zhe left”.Regine replied pointing to the closet “Thank you” Julien said as he left the room to go get it…
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Kaez Alexandrov
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Sat Jun 11, 2016 1:49 am

Morgan tried not to laugh, having overheard the entire conversation, Julien's reaction was simply priceless.

"Julien, tu vas bien?" Régine asked walking over to Julien, making sure he didn't have any glass on him.

"Oui, ça va bien," Julien reassured her, still shaken.

"Where do you keep your cleaning supplies, luv?" Godric smiled at Régine.

"Oh, zhe mop is in zhe 'allway closet, past zhe living room on zhe left," Régine gave a small smile and a nod.

"Thank you," Julen said, leaving the room to get it.

"Vhat did you say to 'im?" Régine asked Godric, thinking it odd of Julien to be so clumsy, and the way he acted was kind of weird.

"Me? Nothing," Godric smiled rubbing Régine's arm, "we were just getting to know each other."

Julien came back with the mop and bucket, and began to mop up the mess, having regained his composure; still he didn't look Godric in the eye.
An Original hybrid... He thought to himself, looks like I'll have to work harder than I thought for Régine... He finished cleaning up and put the mop and bucket away, he washed his hands and offered to help Régine to make more iced tea; making sure nobody was looking, he took one of the vials of vervain oil and put a few drops in it. I'm not making this easy for him...

Régne walked back into the kitchen before she could catch him in the act, she began to prepare the plates of Steak Haché and Katriane got off Sébastiene's lap to help her sister move the plates to the table.
"Lunch is ready," Régine smiled at everyone.

"Oh that smells divine, Régine," Morgan smiled, "what exactly is it?"

"Ground beef tenderloin," Régine said pointing out the ingredients, "topped vith mushroom, shallot and red wine sauce, and pommes frites and vegetables."

Cressida touched Morgan's shoulder and she nodded.
"You have really outdone yourself miss Régine," she nodded taking her seat at the table.

Julien came back with the pitcher of iced tea and began to serve everyone, Morgan eyed him and took her glass; she gave it a sniff and felt her nostrils burn.
"Excuse me, Régine, could I trouble you for some water?"

"Sure, I'll go--"

"No, darling, you slaved over a hot stove," Morgan winked, "I'll get it."
She walked to the kitchen and took three glasses and the water pitcher from the fridge, she walked back to the table and whispered into Godric's ear.
"Drink the water." She sat down and gave Julien a smug smile before pouring herself and Cressida the water.

Julien's face was one between anger and calmness, he tried his best to act normal.
"You know, we should rehearse after eating," he smiled at Régine.

Régine looked at Godric and blushed, thinking how embarassing it would be to perform in front of him, but she nodded and smiled.
"Zhat sounds fun, I'm a little rusty though, haven't sang in a while..."

Julien shook his head.
"You'll sound amazing as always," he reassured her, "you have the voice of an angel... You know we haven't told you about the agreement."

"Vhat agreement?" Régine raised an eyebrow.

"Vell," Sébastien began, "ve talked it over and we decided you vould be the lead singer now."

"You'd be taking over Lucienne's parts in our old songs," Aimé nodded.

"But... Vhy me?" Régine blinked, "vhy not Katriane?"

"Because," Katriane took some tea before continuing, "being zhe lead singer vould mean more press attention, and you know 'ow I 'ate interviews, you're much better at it zhan I am."

Régine blushed deep.
"I'm flattered," she smiled and looked at Godric, Morgan and Cressida, "vill you be staying vhile ve re'earse?"

Morgan looked at her watch and shook her head.
"No, I'm sorry, I have to meet clients at the shop in an hour..." She looked at Cressida, "but Cressida may stay."

"Are you sure, m'lady?" Cressida's eyes widened.

"Of course, have a little fun," Morgan winked, "and I'm sure you'll tell me all about it."

"Yes, Madame, thank you," Cressida smiled.

"And you, Godric?" Julien smirked, "will you be staying?"

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Sat Jun 11, 2016 2:23 am

“Drink the water” Morgan whispered into Godric’s ear he leaned forward as his nose began to burn. “This little bastard is bold putting vervain in the ice tea I won’t fall for that a second time.”  “We should rehearse after dinner” Julien said looking at Regine. "That’s right Regine is in some sort of band that’s the reason her friends came to the city in the first place" Godric remembered. "It would be nice to see Regine perform" Godric thought to himself. "I can’t stay I have to meet some clients at the office". Godric looked over as he saw Morgan look at her watch. Cressida was getting ready to leave when Morgan told her that she could stay.

Godric thought this odd considering Cressida was basically Morgan’s shadow and she rarely left her side. Cressida was hesitant but Morgan insisted and she obeyed. If Godric was gonna refrain from killing or even hurting Julien he would need someone to hold him back and keep him level, Cressida could help him. "And you, Godric?" Julien smirked, "will you be staying?" Godric looked up and stared coldly at Julien before smiling and responding "of course I’m staying I wouldn’t miss it for all the ice tea in the world." The food was delicious Godric hadn’t tasted food like this in a while.”Regine this steak is excellent you are an amazing cook” Godric said smiling, which caused Regine to blush “thank you Godric I try.” “Well you’ve succeeded” Godric replied glaring at Julien who stared back calmly but full of hate.

After everyone finished their food they got ready to go upstairs and Morgan got ready to leave. “Goodbye everyone I’ll see you all when we go on the tour, and as for you Cressida I’ll see you later have fun relax and enjoy yourself she leaned in close and whispered make sure to watch puppy Ric’s back I don’t trust that Julien bloke” “yes m’lady I will” responded Cressida and she hugged Morgan Goodbye. Morgan walked out the door as everybody else made their way upstairs to where the band would rehearse.
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Kaez Alexandrov
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Kaez Alexandrov

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Sat Jun 11, 2016 6:52 am

Régine said goodbye to Morgan and smiled, once you got to know her Morgan seemed like a wonderful person. She watched her leave and closed the door before turning to everyone.
"Alright, zhe re'earsal room is upstairs."

"Let's go then," Julien smiled, putting his hand to the small of her back, grinning at Godric, before leading her upstairs.

Cressida looked at Godric and sighed, patting his back.
"He's a prick," she nodded, knowing well Julien could still hear her, and she smiled at him before going upstairs along with Aimé.

They all walked upstairs and into the small rehearsal room.
"Which song should ve do first?" Katriane asked Régine.

"Never Forget You," Julien answered before Régine could speak, "I think it would be best seeing as you haven't sang in a while, we'll use it as a warm up."

Katriane nodded in agreement, thought she wanted to sing she knew her sister needed extra warm up time, so she walked over to the piano and sat down, Aimé went to the keyboard and Sébastiene picked up the guitar.

Cressida sat down next to Godric in the couch in the room and gave him a reassuring smile.

Régine blushed as she picked up the microphone, not having sung infront of Godric before, she felt nervous as to what he would think about her voice. She looked at Julien and he smiled at her.

"You've got this, mon belle," he reassured her.

Régine nodded and cleared her throat, Katriane began to play the piano.
"I used to be so happy, but without you here I feel so low," she began to sing, her voice quivering slightly due to nerves, "I watched you as you left but I can never seem to let you go, cause once upon a time you were my everything, it's clear to see that time hasn't changed a thing, it's buried deep inside me but I feel there's something you should know," her voice began to steady as she got deeper into the song, "I will never forget you, you'll always be by my side, from the day that I met you I knew that I would love you 'til the day I die..."

Cressida paid attention to the lyrics and she sighed, knowing exactly why Julien picked this song as the first; he knew it would get under Godric's skin. She looked at Godric who seemed to be calm, except for his white knuckles due to him clenching his fists; she put a gentle hand above his hand and nodded at him with a small smile, trying to keep him calm.

And then it was Julien's turn to sing.
"Funny how we both end up here but everything seems alright," he got closer to Régine and lifted her chin so they'd lock eyes, "I wonder what would happen if we went back and put up a fight, cause once upon a time you were my everything, it's clear to see that time hasn't changed a thing; so what in this would do you think could take you off my mind..."

It was Régine's turn once more, Julien wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close to him, no space left between them as she sang her bit, they both danced to the beat of the electric keyboard.

"Feeling it, loving it, everything that we do," Régine sang.

"And all along I knew I had something special with you," Julien followed.

"But sometimes you just gotta know that these things fall through."

"But I'm still tired and I can't hide my connection with you," Julien pressed his forehead to Régine's.

"Feeling it, loving it, everything that we do," they sang in unison, "and all along I knew I had something special with you, but sometimes you just gotta know that these things fall through, I can't hide my connection with you..."

They sang the last bit together and right at the end they locked lips for a few seconds as Katriane played the last few keys, Godric was about to get up but Cressida pulled him back down onto the couch. Just then Julien and Régine pulled away and laughed. Katriane, Aimé and Sébastiene clapped.

"Zhat vas great!" Katriane smiled.

"It was," Julien smirked at Godric.

"So," Régine smiled at Godric and Cressida, "vhat did you guys zhink?"

"Your voice is beautiful, miss Régine," Cressida smiled, "you are all very talented, real professionals."

"And what did you think, Godric?" Julien asked coolly.

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Sat Jun 11, 2016 11:50 am

Godric watched Regine sing she was mesmerizing beautiful voice but he found the lyrics a bit odd. Then Julien began to sing he got closer to Régine and lifted her chin so they'd lock eyes Godric stared at them trying his best not to show any emotion he wouldn’t give Julien the satisfaction. “Hmm if this bugger doesn’t watch himself I won’t be so kind when I kill him” he thought to himself. Cressida noticed what Julien was doing and saw how it was affecting Godric she put a her hand above his hand and nodded at him with a small smile, trying to keep him calm… It wasn’t working very well but it did help slightly.

Julien wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close to him, no space left between them as she sang her bit, they both danced to the beat of the electric keyboard. Godric imagined all the horrible things he would due to Julien. The bastard knew what he was doing he was trying to get a reaction out of Godric but he was too old and too emotionally stable for such childish tactics although he was slightly annoyed at how persistent Julien was.  Julien pressed his forehead to Régine's. As Godric tilted his head “that’s a bashed in skull, a cut throat, a broken spine let’s see what else he wants me to do to him. They sang the last bit together and right at the end they locked lips for a few seconds as Katriane played the last few keys, Godric was about to get up but Cressida pulled him back down onto the couch. How dare that little shit I’m gonna destroy him if it wasn’t for Cressida the room will be red with his blood. His eyes were glowing slightly and if it hadn’t been for Cressida there’s no telling what would have happened.

Cressida complimented Regine on her singing it really was beautiful then Julien had the audacity to speak to Godric. Your voice is beautiful, miss Régine," Cressida smiled, "you are all very talented, real professionals." "And what did you think, Godric?" Julien asked coolly. Godric turned looking at both Julien and Regine "Regine's part was beautiful absolutely perfect" Julien you were a bit flat though. Cressida smiled slightly while Julien just glared at him “excuse me” he replied. Yeah I noticed you sounded a bit off, might wanna work on that I'd be happy to recommend an excellent teacher he usually works with middle school kids but I'm sure you won't feel too intimidated. Godric smiled coolly as Julien glared back at him hatefully. Godric continued apart from that the song was beautiful I really liked it Regine your voice is amazing, the keyboard the piano the guitar everything else was flawless…
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Sat Jun 11, 2016 12:24 pm

Cressida was trying not to laugh at Godric's comment, but Régine didn't find it funny. Julien had sung flawlessly, it was her that had messed up during the beginning, her who messed up the song due to months of not practising. She bit her lip, trying to avoid confrontation between them, and thought of a song in which Julien didn't take much part in.
"'Ow about ve do 'My Sweet'?" Régine asked the group.

Julien raised an eyebrow at Régine.
"I only have like four lines of my own there, I wanted to do a few more duets."

"I know," Régine spoke carefully, "but ve need to let everyone warm up first."

"I agree," Katriene stuck her tongue out at Julien playfully.

"As you wish..." Julien moved over to the computer and looked up the track, they each grabbed a microphone and began to sing. "Dance... Rock... Roll, with you my sweet."

Aimé took a step forward and locked eyes with Cressida, causing her to blush.
"Did I tell you how I like it? I like everything about it, baby, what a blessing," He took Cressida's hand and began to twirl her around, "I've been dancing for a decade, fell in love with it the first day, baby. There's no guessing."

Julien and Régine began to dance, Julien grinding on her as he sang.
"The way you dance, the way you sing, collaboration, body and soul, girl it's all about the pure love we have inside."

"Dance... Rock... Roll... With you my sweet," they sang together, then Katriane and Sébastiene moved forward, dancing sensually as they sang.

"You make me wanna salsa, you make me wanna cha-cha," they looked into each other's eyes while singing, "slow down, get up and down. Move your waist, turn it around."

Régine then walked away from Julien and over to Godric, she began to dance around him, smiling at him as she sang.
"If I tell you that I'm feeling the same way, it's like I'm healing. Baby, you're a blessing," she grinded on him before walking away and winking at him as she continued to dance, never breaking eye contact, "the steps became like my heart beat, I feel alive working my feet. Baby, it's impressing," she went back to Julien and he twirled her around, "the way you dance, the way you sing, collaboration. Body and soul boy it's all about the love that we have inside."

They sang the chorus once more and Sébastiene looked at Katriane with a smirk, twirling her.
"You make me wanna salsa," he sang to her, "you make me wanna cha-cha, slow down, get up and down, move your waist, turn it around."

And they sang that same part together, once more grinding against each other. They all sang the chorus until the track ended.

Cressida was a blushing mess, unable to hide her smile; Aimé winked at her and she nearly lost her composure.
"That was..." She took a breath, "amazing."

Régine looked at Godric, hoping the little dance lightened up his mood.

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Sat Jun 11, 2016 2:40 pm

Godric watched as they started their new son this one was more rhythmic they paired off into groups. Aimé went over to Cressida and started dancing with her making her blush. Godric smiled seeing how happy she was. Cressida was always taking care of others its time she was able to enjoy herself. Julien began dancing with Regine grinding up against her. Godric watched them dance it oddly didn’t faze him as much as he thought it would.

Then Regine came over and started dancing around Godric. She really was beautiful and he couldn’t help but relax slightly. She continued singing as she walked away winking at him his mood visibly improving. Once the song was finished Godric and Cressida clapped this song was much better it felt livelier. Regine I must say that song was excellent your band is amazing. Regine smiled seeing Godric’s mood changing and after a few more songs they ended the rehearsal. As they all traveled back downstairs they heard a knock on the door Regine went to open it and she came back with Morgie who had just gotten back from work…
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Kaez Alexandrov
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Kaez Alexandrov

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Sat Jun 11, 2016 11:17 pm

Morgan felt drained, during all her sessions she kept sweating; she had a hard time concentrating on her clients. Once the last client left, she locked the door to her office and sat down on her desk, lights off, the only source of light was a lone candle glowing next to her crystal ball.
"What is it?" She whispered at the ball, "show me what my third eye is struggling to see..." She stared at it for a few minutes and just as she was about to give up the ball began to fog, a few moments later she could make out a figure.

The figure was a woman, she was curled up in the corner of a room crying. Morgan closed her eyes and tried to sync into the woman, focusing on her as hard as she could; she then began to feel thirsty, and her veins began to burn, Morgan tried to fight through the uncomfortableness. She began to hear whispers, as she focused more the whispers turned into sobs that were clear as day.
"When is 'e coming back?" She heard the woman sob, "this 'urts, 'e should 'ave let me die..."

Morgan gripped the arms of her chair, using all her strength to focus on the woman.
"Where are you?" She asked, the woman was startled upon hearing the voice, "I can help you, where are you?"

The woman began to look around, still afraid.
"Who are you?!"

"I can't keep the connection much longer," Morgan insisted, "where are you?"

"C-Cannes," the woman replied.

"Okay, I need you to close your eyes and focus, picture the outside of where you are, as vividly as you can..."

Morgan struggled to keep up as the woman pictured the house in her mind, transmitting it to her; Morgan's head began to hurt and she couldn't keep it much longer. With a shriek her body gave out and she fainted.

"Mama, wake up..." Morgan's eyes burned as she opened them, she looked up at her daughter whom looked at her with worried eyes, "do you need blood?" She whispered. Morgan took a deep breath and attempted to speak, but her throat felt like sand paper, the best she could do was nod. Alessandra rolled up her sleeve and offered it to her mother, and Morgan began to drink; the warm liquid soothing her throat and replenishing her body. Once she was strong enough she stopped and sat up straight. Alessandra then took a vial that was dangling from her neck and drank the contents, her wound healing. "What happened?"

Morgan rubbed the back of her head, trying to think back to what she was able to see of the residence.
"There is a woman in Cannes, France that needs my help... She was trying to show me where she was but... all I got were the numbers outside the house: 1715... and I think I know who she is."

Alessandra's eyes widened.
"When are you going?" She asked, knowing very well that there were no ifs with her mother.

Morgan looked around, still slightly disoriented.
"1715..." She said again, and looked at Alessandra, "I need to go as soon as possible, but we need to get Cressida," she got up but fell back onto her seat, feeling dizzy; the connection had taken a log out of her.

"Easy there," Alessandra said helping Morgan up, "where is Cressida?"

"Régine's house," Morgan sighed, feeling like someone had stabbed her head, "come on, we have to go."

Alessandra helped Morgan onto the car and they drove off to Régine's house, as Morgan drove she looked at her daughter.
"Look up 'Belle Morte' on your phone, then look up the murdered band mate."

Alessandra nodded and did as told.
"Lucienne Loyer, murdered November 14th, 2014."

"Give me the phone," Morgan looked at the screen and felt a pang to her stomach, "she's the one..."

Once at the house Morgan knocked on the door and Régine answered with a smile, slightly tipsy.
"Oh, 'hoo's zhis?" She asked smiling at Alessandra.

"My daughter Alessandra," Morgan smiled, "adopted," she said as Régine raised an eyebrow.

"Ah, vell, very nice to meet you Alessandra," Régine smiled, "come on in."

"No," Morgan shook her head, "I only came for Cressida."

Cressida quickly got up from the couch and stood next to Morgan without saying a word, Morgan looked at Godric with urgency; and him knowing that look went over to her.
"I need you to come to my house when you are ready," she whispered so low it was hardly making a sound, "make sure you're not followed, it's urgent."

Godric sighed, there seemed to always be something urgent when it came to Morgan, but he nodded and walked back over to the sofa, acting natural.

"Does she really 'ave to go?" Aimé's smile fell.

"You'll see her again," Morgan winked and looked at Régine, "darling thank you for being such a graceful host, hopefully we can do this again soon."

"Of course, you are welcome 'ere any time," Régine nodded, and they kissed on both cheeks.

"Au revoir everyone!" Morgan waved before leaving with Cressida and Alessandra.

"Madame, is everything alright?" Cressida could tell something was bothering Morgan.

She waited until they were all inside the car before speaking.
"Julien has Lucienne trapped, and we're going to break her out," She pulled out of the driveway and drove back to the Manor.

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Mon Jun 13, 2016 12:19 am

Morgie walked into the house looking shaken up, she came to retrieve Cressida she whispered so low that only Godric could hear "I need you to come to my house when you are ready, make sure you're not followed, it's urgent." Godric sighed everything was urgent when it came to Morgie. As they left Godric began to think about what he was doing before he came here. He was on his way somewhere then he got a text…oh damn that bloody witch. “I need to go and find her before she moves again”. Godric got up brushed himself off and prepared to depart. “Goodbye Regine Katriane this was amazing we must it again” “Goodbye Godric Regine replied hugging him tightly I’m looking forward to our tour,” “Sébastiene Aimé it was a pleasure to meet you both” Godric looked at Julien and flashed his eyes at him. “And to you Julien I’m looking forward to our next meeting”. Julien put on a fake smile as he shook Godric’s hand, as am I mister original”.

As Godric waved goodbye he made his way out the door into his car and drove off toward Lake Charles to find the white haired witch. Godric drove for about 20 minutes as he planned how he would approach the situation. “This witch is clever very resourceful she had vervain and knew how to use it”. “She staked me but then left so she obviously doesn’t know who or what I am.” “She didn’t use any magic which is odd I’ll have to see about that, she’s crafty and passionate vengeful she’ll have hidden well but I have the element of surprise.” Godric arrived at the lake and got out looking around for any signs of the witch. He walked for several minutes until he saw a little cabin near the woods he smiled as he walked towards it. He could smell the faint aroma of vervain in the air, “this must be where they’re growing it” he thought out loud, “when I’m done with what I have to do I’ll burn the damn things.” He got closer to the cabin them as he tries to open the door to go inside he couldn’t he broke tried around back, the door was unlocked but he could not enter. “Damn either someone owns this house or there is a barrier spell around this place”.

Hello is anyone home? There was silence then a loud CRACK, Godric was knocked through the clearing and tumbled toward the lake. The white haired witch appeared in the doorway with her vervain gun and a knife. “Who the hell is out there I’m in no mood for visitors” Godric rubbed his head and sat up “I come in peace little witch relax.” He mouth dropped and her eyes grew wide. “But…But I- I killed you put a stake right through your heart how are here how are you alive.” Godric smiled getting to his feet “I reckon there’s a lot you don’t know about the vampires”. “I suppose introductions are in order my name is Godric Godric Mikaelson. And you are. “Why the hell would I give my name to you you damn vampire you killed my mother and you tried to kill me.” Godric tilted his head “if we’re being honest technically it was self-defense you shot me multiple times and ended up stabbing me through the heart.” Yeah about he staking you why are you not dead? “Easy little witch and answer for an answer you tell me your name I’ll tell you how I’m still breathing”

“Alright Stella My name is Stella Stella Crozier now tell me how are you still alive?” “Well Stella the reason I‘m still drawing breath is because I’m an Original do you know what that is?” Stella blinked and thought for a moment ‘my mother told me something about them how they’re the oldest most powerful vampires in all existence.” Godric smiled “well your mother was right I am an original as an original I cannot die”. Stella looked at him angrily so what are you doing here and how did you find me. Remember our deal little witch an answer for an answer and I have some questions. How did you know I took your mother? ‘Security camera also I found some of your blood on the counter” Godric closed his eyes, “damn security cameras are gonna be the death of…well not me but never mind.” Okay the reason I’m here is I’ve got a proposition for you little witch.” Stella looked at Godric confused a proposition for me why the hell would I make any sort of deal with the likes of you, you took everything from me.” “Yes I did but allow me to make it up to you I noticed you didn’t use any magic when you attacked me you’re relatively young and… you don’t have a mother so I’m guessing you’re still new to magic and now in need of a teacher.”” You’re right my magic isn’t that good I still need to learn but thanks to you I have no one.”

“And what could you ever teach me you’re a vampire”, Stella said crossing her arms. No I’m a hybrid actually and my mother Esther was an incredibly powerful witch, all her spells reside in her grimoire”. “If you come with me I can give you a new teacher and a new family to replace the one that you lost.” “THE ONE YOU TOOK FROM ME” Stella screamed.” Yes I killed your mother I killed her because she went against me she was stubborn unwilling to yield do not make that mistake, come with me and I can teach you to be the most powerful witch ever, but cross me and you’ll wish I had killed you when we met in that alley” Godric’s eyes were glowing menacingly. Stella looked down thinking why... Why would want me you could have any witch you wanted someone more powerful more experienced”. “You’re right I could, but I see something in you, you were able to take me down single handedly without magic that is no small feat you are determined resourceful strong.” Plus I feel bad for killing your mother I didn’t want to but she left me no choice and for that I am sorry.” Stella looked at Godric she thought for a moment and stepped outside the cabin alright I accept your offer but only because I wanna get stronger and I wanna meet this witch teacher.” Godric smiled “excellent I knew you’d agree her name is Davina I’m sure you two will become fast friends.” “By the way why couldn’t I enter the cabin?” Stella smiled “my mother taught me how to put up a boundary spell to keep out vampires and any other supernatural creatures. Hmm interesting Godric thought could come in handy.

‘Alright if you have anything I suggest you bring it with you I’ll find you a home close by fortified of course I’ll put it in your name you’ll be safe and nearby in case anything happens.” Stella looked concerned “and just what might happen.” “Well when you’re associated with a vampire especially an original you will develop a few enemies and I need to keep you safe.” I see well as I’m sure you’ve noticed I’m more than capable of protecting myself.” Yes I’ve noticed but with my help you’ll be eve safer now we really should go. Alright just give me a minute Stella went inside packed up all her things put them in Godric’s car and the two left the lakeside and the cabin…
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Wed Jun 15, 2016 12:04 pm

Régine looked at Godric as he got into his car with a goofy smile on her face, she didn't know if it was the alcohol in her system or if her feelings were genuine, but she felt like she liked Godric more and more as each day went by. He was a complete gentleman, and he was handsome too, and she could tell that he really cared about her.

Once he left she closed the door and went back to her friends, all of whom were sitting in the living room sipping wine and talking about their plans and remembering Lucienne and their past concerts together. This went on for a few hours and 4 bottles of wine. Aimé passed out drunk on the couch, to the amusement of the others who's speech had now slurred.

"I zhink ve're gonna go to bed too," Katriane grinned, clinging to Sébastiene.

Sébastiene got up and carried her in his arms, grinning.
"Oui, we're very tired," he winked before carrying Katriane up stairs to her room.

A few seconds later there was a loud thud that made Julien and Régine laugh, Sébastiene had dropped Katriane.
"I'm fine!" The heard Katriane shout, followed by quick footsteps and the slam of her door.

Régine shook her head as she laughed and looked at Aimé before looking at Julien.
"Vhat are ve going to do vith 'im?"

Julien chuckled.
"He seems comfortable, we can just leave him."

Régine yawned and nodded.
"I'm tired, I'll 'ead to my room." She got up and stumbled, nearly falling onto the glass coffee table if Julien hadn't grabbed her.

"I'll take you," he nodded, and picked her up, taking steady steps over to Régine's room, he closed the door behind them and lay her on the bed, and he laid down with her...

* * *

"Where is he!?" Morgan said pacing up and down her study, "the flight leaves in two hours!"

"Mom, relax," Alessandra said, peeking at her mother from behind her easel, "you know uncle Ric wouldn't stand you up."

"For Régine I'm sure he would..." Morgan sat down on her throne and sighed.

"You obviously don't know how much he cares about us then," Alessandra continued to paint, "he may have a new love interest but we're like family, and you know how he feels about family."

"I suppose you're right..." Morgan rubbed her head, feeling a headache coming on.

"Need blood, mama?" Alessandra looked at her once more.

"No, sweetheart," Morgan smiled at her daughter, "you've done enough for the day, I'll be fine, Cressida is out fetching more blood anyways."

"Okay," Alessandra smiled and took the canvas off the easel and showed her the painting, "what do you think?"

Morgan tried to keep a smile as she looked at the painting of Régine.
"Very nice, darling," she nodded, "but why Régine?"

"It's a gift for uncle Ric, do you think he'll like it?"

"He'll love it," Morgan nodded, and just then Cressida walked in with a tea cup full of blood, "thank you, Cressida."

"You're very welcome, m'lady," Cressida sat down on one of the chairs in the center of the room, "I saw Godric on his way here, I believe he had another woman in the car."

"Anybody you recognized?" Morgan raised an eyebrow and drank the blood in one smooth gulp, feeling much better.

"I think I had seen her in the shop before, browsing," Cressida nodded, "Stella Crozier if I remember correctly."

"She must be the witch he was hunting, but why would he have her in the car?"

Just then the doorbell rang and they all made their way to the foyer, Cressida answered the door and smiled.
"Master Godric," she nodded.

"Who's this?" Alessandra looked at Stella, then at Godric.

"This is Stella," he answered.

"What is she doing here out of nowhere?" Alessandra blinked.

"Oh he wanted to train me cause I beat him in a fight and put a stake through his heart," Stella grinned.

Alessandra looked at Stella wide eyed, shocked.
"How on Earth did you do that?! I've been trying for years and you just come out of nowhere and gut him?! Ugh!" She took her dagger from her pocket and began to twirl it around in frustration, then suddenly she threw it at Godric, and he caught it before the blade could pierce his skin. "See?!"

"It's because you're predictable, sweetheart," Godric chuckled.

Alessandra took that as a personal offense.
"That's it uncle Rick, you and me, one on one. Now."

"Really, Lessy, I just got here, can't it wa--" Alessandra lunged herself at Godric, but he stepped to the side grabbing her arm, he placed the dagger on her arm and let her go.

"I'll get you," Alessandra said walking back towards her mother, grinning.

"Of course you will," Godric smirked.

"Alright, enough," Morgan said walking over to Stella, circling her like pray.

"Madame Alexandrov," Stella said calmly, "an honor it is to be graced by your presence."

Morgan raised an eyebrow.
"You're lucky I don't murder you right now," she growled, "lucky for you I have more important matters to attend to," she then looked at Godric, "I'm going to France, and I'm going to rescue Lucienne."

"Wait, what?" Godric asked wide eyed, "so he really did do it, huh?"

"Indeed he did," Morgan nodded, "we need to keep a close eye on him, hopefully Lucienne could give us answers on the whole thing, tell us more about that slimy git."

"So when are you going?"

"Flight takes off in an hour, Cressida and Alessandra are coming with me."

"You're taking Lessy to save a vampire?" Godric couldn't believe what he was hearing, "what if she tries to attack her?"

"I'm more than capable of taking care of myself," Alessandra said proudly.

"Also if he has any traps, Alessandra can get through them," Cressida chimed in.

"The three of us are more than capable of taking down a weak vampire."

"Fine," Godric rolled his eyes, "you know what to do if you run into trouble though."

"Don't worry, I have you on speed dial," Lessy nodded.

"Let's go then," Morgan picked up her bag and gave Godric a firm kiss on the cheek before winking at him and getting inside the car, Cressida nodded and followed Morgan.

Alessandra went over to hug Godric tight.
"Love ya, uncle Ric."

"Love you too, Lessy, be safe," he hugged her.

Just then she tried to stab him in the back, but he twirled her around and grabbed both her arms, trapping her.
"Dang it..." She rolled her eyes and looked at Stella, "you're gonna have to teach me."

Godric chuckled and ruffled her hair before letting her go.
"Go on, get going."

Lessy laughed and nodded, she waved at them and got into the car, they then drove off and made their way to the airport.

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Thu Jun 16, 2016 12:38 pm

Godric watched as the three of them climbed onto their car and headed to the airport he smiled and then turned to Stella who was looking rather said. He didn’t know why then he realized. “Hey don’t take it too personally Morgie would be angry at anyone who tried to kill me she very…territorial.” “Just give her a few days I’m sure she’ll get over it and then you two can have a proper talk.” Stella looked at him and nodded they started to walk towards Godric’s car when Stella suddenly stopped. Godric sensing something was wrong looked back “what’s wrong are you alright?” Stella stood there for a moment thinking then she spoke “why…why did you choose me?” “What do you mean?” Godric asked “Well there are dozens of other witches more powerful more experienced better than me I know I asked before but seeing Madame Alexandrov I don’t know why you’d want me.”

Godric looked at her feeling an odd sense of guilt. “I’ll tell you once again why I chose you but first how old are you” Stella blinked and replied I’m 17. Godric smiled and nodded and do you know what you were able to do at the age of 17 that people who have lived for centuries haven’t been able to do. She shook her head. “You killed me you killed and original no magic no special weapons just determination cleverness and a stake.” You did what thousands have failed to do and you did it for your mother.” People are able to do incredible things for those they love and you proved that.” “Now I don’t ever want to hear you question yourself again, with proper training and the right teacher you have the potential to become one of the powerful witches ever.” Stella smiled faintly and nodded. I have one more question…why-why did you kill my mother. Godric hesitated that’s a story for another day once you’ve become a better witch and focus your powers I’ll tell you think of it as motivation.” Now it’s time for us to go and meet your teacher.

Godric and Stella drove towards the woods and pulled up to a little shack. “Davina’s known to practice magic” here Godric said. “She’s not much older than you and I’m she’ll be able to relate to your situation when I first met her she was a powerful witch with no experience but through hard work and practice she learned to control her powers as I know you will.” Umm a fair warning she doesn’t really like the Mikaelson’s that much due to the fact that we…cause her distress occasionally but she and I are on good terms and I’m sure she’ll be happy to help you.” Godric knocked on the door and waited for Davina to answer there was no reply Godric knocked again but there was still silence. That’s odd she’s usually here why don’t you try opening the door. Stella looked at him confused but she grabbed the handle and pushed the door open. The shack was filled with an assortment of odd items typically used in advanced spells. “Davina are you here Godric called into the empty house… “I’ve not been allowed in so you’re gonna have to go in.” “What I can’t just barge into someone else’s house” Stella cried.

“Oh come on you’ve already done a bunch of stuff I bet you’ve never thought of doing besides pretty sure there’s nothing inside there that could hurt you.” Stella glared at Godric who in turn smiled. She then looked into the shack and walked through the front door. Hello is anybody here Stella said walking deeper inside. Suddenly a ring of dire surrounded her and a voice spoke who dares to enter my grounds. Stella cried out in fear and screamed I’m here with Godric Mikaelson please stop. Just then Davina came down the stairs looking annoyed Godric Mikaelson what the hell is he doing here. “Hello Davina” Godric called from the doorway “I’ve brought someone here to meet you.” Davina rolled her eyes and was about to lower the fire spell when Godric stopped her. No don’t lower it yet that can actually help with what I’ve come here for Stella still terrified remained still and tried not to touch the flames.

“What do you want Godric I’m busy.” ”Oh Davina I’m hurt haven’t seen you in so long and this is how you greet me.” Davina just stared at him I saw you last week when we went out for drinks with Kol and Klaus.” “Now I’ll ask again what do you want.” Very well enough pleasantries I’ve come to ask for a favor you see that girl in the ring of fire Davina looked over at and Stella and nodded. “I need you to train her she’s a young witch and doesn’t know much about magic I found her or rather she found me anyway she has potential and I think she could be great. Davina thought about this while staring at Godric hmm Godric Mikaelson helping poor little witches out of the goodness of his heart I don’t buy it what your angle?” I haven’t got an angle I just want to help a poor young witch out you know like Marcel did for you. Davina’s eyes widened at this remark. Whatever if she can pass my test I’ll consider training her. What her name. Her name is Stella Crozier Godric replied. Alright Stella if you can lower why fire boundary I’ll consider training you, Stella looked at them through the flames and yelled “but I don’t know how”. Davina shouted the counter spell Namia Exum Solvos. Just concentrate and repeat this spell if you do it right the flames will vanish. Stella concentrated and repeated the incantation Namia Exum Solvos after a few minutes of this. Nothing happened. Stella soon became distressed until Godric shouted “remember how you felt when we first met the anger the passion use that to channel your magic and try again.”

Stella took and deep breath and focused her thoughts and emotions. Namia Exum Solvos the flames vanished and she was able to walk over and join them. “Well done Davina said clapping her hands Stella was beaming as she stopped in from of them. “Thank you Godric that really helped”. “Godric smiled I knew you could do it you just needed the right motivation.” SO Davina she passed your test will you train her. Davina thought for a moment then nodded, “yes of course I’ll train her I just needed to see what I was dealing with. Godric nodded pleased I have to go now and find a place close by for you to stay at I’ll be back here in a few hours okay. They both nodded and waved as Godric got into his car and drove off. Davina turned to Stella and smiled alright let’s get started on your first lesson the pain spell…
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Thu Jun 16, 2016 1:37 pm

Régine woke up feeling slightly disoriented, her head aching, and feeling a bit nauseous.
"Zhis is vhy I don't get drunk..." She muttered, her head pressed to her forehead, she turned around in her bed and saw Julien next to her, his arm wrapped around her. Suddenly she felt a pang of shock in her stomach and gently shook him awake. "Julien, wake up s'il te plaît."

Julien opened his eyes slowly and smiled at Régine.
"Morning, ma belle," he said groggily and held her close.

Régine gently scratched his head as he held her.
"Did ve do anyzhing last night?"

He closed his eyes and rested his had on her chest, listening to her hearbeat.
"Belle, you know as much as I'd love to give myself to you, I wouldn't do that without you being sober."

Just then they heard someone throwing up in the next room.
"Mon Dieu..." They heard Aimé cry, and they laughed.

"Come on," Régine kissed the top of his head, "ve need to get up, I need to make breakfast for you lot."

"Do you?" Julien snuggled her, "I think they can make their own breakfast."

Régine rolled her eyes and with a laugh she pushed him off her.
"You know they're like children," she said getting up.

Julien smirked.
"Does that make us mom and dad?"

She smirked and pulled him off the bed.
"You're a child too," she stuck her tongue out playfully and went out to the kitchen to start making breakfast.

Julien watched her as she walked out of the room and chuckled.
"Always so difficult..."


After a 10 hour flight, Morgan, Cressida and Alessandra made it to Cannes, France. They rented a car and drove off.
"Alessandra, dear," Morgan said as she drove, "try finding 1715 on your GPS."

"On it," she said with a yawn, pulling out her phone and looking up the house, "take a left."

They eventually found the house after a two hour drive, and drove into the property.
"You'd think he'd have a nicer place with all the money he had," Morgan eyed the house and looked at Alessandra, "you know what to do."

Alessandra nodded and got out of the car, she looked around making sure there were no security cameras and she rang the doorbell. The butler answered the door and Alessandra could smell the vervain in his breath when he spoke.
"Oui?" He looked down at her, his expression blank.

"Parlez-vous anglais?" Alessandra smiled.

He looked at her for a moment, eyebrow raised.
"Non, Je ne parle pas l'anglais."

Alessandra blinked, trying to think back to all her years of French classes in high school.
"Nous sommes perdus , pourrions-nous entrer et utiliser votre téléphone?" She said in her best pronunciation, asking if they could go inside and use their phone because they were lost.

"Non," he said and slammed the door, Alessandra began to rang the door so much that he was forced to open the door once more, "j'ai dit non!" He exclaimed angrily.

"Il est juste un appel téléphonique, et nous serons de vos cheveux!" Alessandra pleaded.

"J'ain. Dit. Non." He paused after each word, and when he was about to slam the door again Alessandra had put her foot in the way.

"You could have made this easy," Alessandra said and kicked the door open, making him fall to the ground, she pinned him down and snapped his neck, she went back outside and signaled for Morgan and Cressida to come in.

Morgan walked in and stared at the body wide eyed and shocked.
"Alessandra!" She exclaimed angrily.

"What? He wouldn't let us in!" She crossed her arms.

"You've been spending too much time with Godric..." Morgan muttered. "Alright, if you were a psychopath where would you hide your victim?"

"The basement," Cressida nodded, "specially if she doesn't have a daylight ring."

"To the basement then," Morgan looked around to what seemed to be the door, and once she found it she looked at Alessandra. "Get back in the car, I don't want her attacking you."

"Aww, man..." Alessandra whined, "I always miss the good stuff."

"You killed a man, I think you've had enough," Morgan looked at her with stern eyes.

"Fine," Lessy rolled her eyes and walked back into the car.

Cressida and Morgan looked at each other, Cressida gave her a reassuring nod and they walked down.
"Lucienne?" Morgan called out and turned on the light, she saw her in the corner of the basement, desiccated to the point of not being able to move; she looked barely recognizable. She moved closer and could tell Lucienne recognized her. "We're here to get you out," she spoke softly and took out a large bottle of wine which she had filled with blood, and helped Lucienne drink.

She drank greedily, her body bouncing back to it's original state in a few minutes, her beautiful features returning to her.
"More," she grunted, "please." Cressida walked over to her and handed her the other bottle filled with blood, and she drank that one in a matter of minutes, Lucienne then looked at Morgan, "you're the one who spoke to me."

Morgan smiled at her.
"How are you feeling?"

"Better, so much better," Lucienne's eyes watered. "'Ow did you manage to come in?"

"Long story..." Morgan thought back to Alessandra, and helped Lucienne up, "come on, we're taking you with us."

"Where?" Lucienne looked frightened.

"The United States, unless of course you rather stay here with nobody to help you." Lucienne smiled at Morgan and nodded, "I have one condition though."

"Anything," Lucienne said eagerly.

"My daughter, my human daughter, is in the car; you hurt her and I won't hesitate to end you," Morgan smiled sweetly, making sure she got her point across.

"Of course," Lucienne nodded.

"Alright then, let's go," Morgan and Cressida helped Lucienne up the stairs and they were off to the airport and on their way back to Louisiana.

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Thu Jun 16, 2016 5:49 pm

Godric feeling pretty pleased with himself drove off to the French Quarter to put one of the vacant apartments near the compound in Stella’s name. “That girl is going to be an incredible witch I can tell.” But first I should stop by the compound and tell everyone about that bloody tour of the city. Godric drove home and parked his car. He got out and walked inside. “Oi is anybody here?” “Yes Godric I am here and might I ask why you are yelling we just put Hope down for nap. My apologies brother but I have something important I need to ask you all. Very well let us move to the other room Niklaus, Kol, Rebekah, your brother has something he needs to ask us.

Once everyone was present Godric told them about Morgie’s idea for them to tour the city with Regine and her band. Rebekah liked the idea due to the fact that she’s get to meet the entire band in person. Elijah thought it would be an excellent change for Hope to safely explore the city. Hang on brother Godric said you want to bring Hope along with us don’t you think it would a bit out of place for a child plus she’s still young I don’t think she’ll absorbs much of what’ll happens,” “Nonsense you’re never too young to appreciate a tour besides this is her home she’s gonna grow up here she should know her way around.” Alight Godric shrugged but everybody has to come Hayley and Kol too and there’s also one other thing. There’s this lowly little toe rag named Julien Blasco. Godric explained the situation involving Julien when he was finished Klaus asked “Why can’t you just kill the wanker and be done with it?” As I already said Morgie told me I’m not to hurt or kill him. Rebekah then added “so none of us can kill him either.” “I’m pretty sure none of us can kill him either she was being annoyingly cryptic again.” Godric responded.

“Very well we will watch this Julien Blasco but if he presents any sort of danger I will not hesitate to end him myself regardless of any cryptic warnings replied Elijah. “Fair enough if he does anything stupid any one of you can kill him if I don’t get there first” said Elijah. Oh well then I really hope he does something stupid Kol said give me a chance to try out something I’ve been working on.” Godric rolled his eyes now for the tour part where should we go do not worry Godric I will make the necessary arrangements to ensure that good times will be had by all.” Thank you Elijah I knew you would have fun with this now if you’ll excuse me I have to and buy an apartment… Godric left his siblings to go about their business while he drove to city hall where he had connections he was able to get an apartment close by and put in in Stella’s name. No vampire would be allowed inside so it’s the perfect place for her now I should go and see how her training’s coming along…
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Thu Jun 16, 2016 6:53 pm

Belle Morte were hard at work rehearsing for their show, but they took a five minute break when Régine's phone rang; it was her mother.
"Bonjour, mama," Régine said with a smile, having not heard from her mother in a few days.

"Bonjour, ma enfant," her mother said happily, "'ow is everything?"

"Eveything is great," Régine replied, "to vhat do I owe zhis call from your busy schedule?"

"Vell, we signed zhe band up for zhe music festival, and your father and I will be landing at zhe airport tomorrow vith your father and Sinclair."

Régine blinked and bit her lip.
"Mama, I don't 'ave room for you three..."

"Zhat's fine," her mother chuckled, "ve'll rent a 'ouse near yours," Régine could hear her mother typing on her computer, "in fact, zhere is a 'ouse right on your street."

"Oh," Régine didn't know how she felt about having her parents living so close.

"I'll see you tomorrow, mon amour, say 'ello to Katriane and the rest of them for me." And she hung up, only to call a minute later.

"Oui, mama?"

"Tell Julien someone broke into 'is 'ouse, zhey killed Pierre."

Régine blinked shocked.
"I-I vill..." She hung up and told Julien the news.

His brow furrowed and he made a few phone calls, making sure anything that might give him away was safely hidden still, and most importantly that Lucienne hadn't gotten away.


The flight back to Louisiana was filled with silence, mostly because Lucienne couldn't stand the loud engine sound and was concentrating on not going crazy. Alessandra looked at her, and Lucienne looked back, they smiled at each other.
"How are you feeling?" Alessandra asked.

"Like my 'ead will explode," Lucienne gave a small chuckle, "but other zhan zhat I feel great."

"How long had you been in the basement for?"

"A couple of days," Lucienne sighed, "'e 'ad drained me of blood so I vouldn't escape and 'urt people, I can see vhy, thirst is a powerful zhing..."

Morgan looked at Lucienne and sat down in front of her.
"Why did he kill you?"

Lucienne bit her lip as she thought back to that night.
"Vell, you know 'ow temperamental ve vampires are; 'e and I 'ad been arguing for days on tour, ve 'ad creative differences you see... 'E said zhe band vould be better vithout me, and I got angry so I slapped 'im... 'E couldn't control 'imself, 'e took zhe knife 'e was using for 'is fruit and stabbed me in a fit of rage," her eyes watered, "zhe moment 'e realized vhat 'e 'ad done 'e panicked, 'e wiped the knife to 'ide zhe evidence, and 'e called zhe paramedics, 'e 'eld me close, applying pressure to my neck, 'e kept apologizing over and over, 'e begged me to forgive 'im..."

Alessandra's eyes watered as Lucienne began to cry, she sat next to her and hugged her tight, Lucienne tried to compose herself so she could continue.

"'E fed me some of 'is blood before zhe paramedics got zhere, zhe wound vas too deep for it to repair, I 'ad lost too much blood, I died on the way to zhe 'ospital..." she took a deep breath, "vhen I voke up 'e vas zhere in zhe hospital, dressed up as a doctor, and 'e vas wheeling me out in zhe stretcher and took me to 'is 'ouse so I could drink from 'is blood supply, 'e apologized once more for 'urting me, and I forgave 'im, I knew 'e didn't mean to," she sniffled, "I understood 'is feelings, 'e felt more than anyone should, and 'e let anger get the best of 'im, I kept egging 'im on..."

Morgan was shocked.
"You mean he didn't really mean to kill you?"

"Oh non," Lucienne shook her head, "Julien is a nice man, 'e can be cocky and 'e can be quick to anger, but over all 'e never means anyone 'arm; 'e is kind, and protective. 'E 'as 'is faults like anyone else does, but overall 'e is one of the best people I 'ave ever met."

Morgan looked at Cressida, whom simply shrugged not knowing what to say.
So there's more to Julien than meets the eye... Morgan looked out the window and saw the golden lining of the sun in the horizon, meaning it was morning in France now, still night time in Louisiana. But why is it so hard to believe?

The remaining hours of the flight were silent, and once Morgan had phone signal she texted Godric.
-We have Lucienne, we'll be landing in an hour.

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Fri Jun 17, 2016 1:33 pm

As Godric was driving home his phone started to vibrate he got a text from Morgie-We have Lucienne, we'll be landing in an hour. Hmm I better head to her house I have some questions for this Lucienne. Godric drove to Morgie’s and parked outside he walked up to the door he rang the. After a few seconds Godric heard light footsteps coming towards him Lessy opened the door smiling. “Uncle Ric” she exclaimed smiling “Hello Lessy” Godric responded smiling” your mother has informed me that you have a guest.” “Yes we do a baby vamp we rescued from a basement in France” said Lessy. “And guess what I killed this snooty French butler who was very rude, I always thought that was stereotype rude French people”. “Godric smiled you of all people should know stereotypes are based off of truth.”

“What did your mother think about you killing the butler?” Lessy pouted “she didn’t approve plus she sent me to the car like I was some sort of child.” “Technically you are a child you’re her child and she will do whatever she feels is necessary to keep you safe.” “I know but I could have handled myself” Lessy said as they walked to the living room which was dark not a ray of sunlight anywhere. ”I know you could have handled yourself I taught you after all but your mother doesn’t know what you’re capable of she still sees you as that little girl who used to run around screaming nonsense.” Anyway I’ll have a talk with her later okay” Lessy nodded as they walked sat on the couch and waited.

Morgie Cressida and a young blonde woman came walking into the room. “So This is Lucienne I presume?” Godric said staring at the blonde woman who looked lost and afraid…
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Sun Jun 19, 2016 3:50 pm

"Oui..." Lucienne said as she approached Godric, she examined his features and thought he looked vaguely familiar, but she decided to push that to the back of her mind for now, "I am Lucienne Loyer."

"Lucienne," Morgan smiled, "this is Godric Mikaelson, the Original I told you about."

Lucienne outstreched her hand to shake his and gave a shy smile.
"It's a pleasure to meet you, monsieur."

"I'll leave you two to get acquainted," Morgan looked to the private services room, "Des, it's time!"

Out of the room came a slender woman with cotton candy pink hair, she smiled at Godric and stood next to Morgan.

"Who's this?" Godric asked raising an eyebrow.

"Desdemona Chirnoaga, sir," she gave a small bow.

"My newest apprentice," Morgan smiled and looked at Des, "alright, sun is high enough we can make the daylight amulet now."

"Yes, Madame," Desdemona nodded and they both walked outside to the garden, leaving Godric, Alessandra and Lucienne in the dark living room.

Lucienne sat down on one of the couches and looked at Godric.
"Tell me, monsieur, 'ow are my friends?"

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Sun Jun 19, 2016 10:57 pm

“It’s a pleasure to meet you as well Lucienne Morgan has told me what happened and I must say it’s nice to see you alive and well. “Now regarding your friends, they are doing very well they’re all at Regine’s house.” “They have no idea what really happened to you or that you’re even alive”. Godric told Lucienne about what’s happened since she’s been gone and how her friends have mourned her. “Your friends miss you terribly but since Julien is still with them I feel that it would be best to hold off on your reunion until I can come up with a plan. “Oh okay umm… vhat vill I do until then?” Lucienne asked. “”
“Well until then I will teach you how to be a vampire how to control your new abilities. “Your strength, speed and your hunger that’s very important you can still live a semi normal life and once we get you a daylight ring it’ll be like nothing happened.” “Except I was dead for 2 months came back as a vampire and now need to live off the blood of humans Lucienne said blankly.” “Yes an unfortunate side effect of your unfortunate condition is that you will need to occasionally drink some human blood but I’ll teach you how and you won’t need to kill anyone if you don’t want to.” Lucienne nodded looking at the ground “what’s it like” she whispered. “What’s what like Godric asked”? “What’s it like drinking blood killing people what is that like”?

Godric tilted his head and thought for a moment. “Well first off drinking blood human blood is one of the most amazing and exhilarating things ever.” Secondly I enjoy killing its fun but if you don’t want to do it you don’t have to it’s entirely up to you.” “But I need to warn you once you start drinking you won’t be able to stop it’ll be the hardest thing you’ll ever do in your life but you need to ground yourself remind yourself why you need to stop because if you don’t stop the person you’re feeding on will die and it’ll be your fault.” Lucienne looked into Godric’s eyes and nodded “being a vampire isn’t exactly what I thought it would be”. Godric smiled it isn’t all sparkling in the sun and rainbows this is real life where you will burn in the sun until you are nothing but a charred corpse that’s why you’ll need a daylight ring and I believe Morgie is making one for you as we speak.” Whatever yo udo never ever take it off during the day or at all if you can help it without that ring you’ll suffer a horrible death and that would be awful.”

“But don’t worry about that it rarely ever happens, I’m sure you’ll be fine Godric said with a smile now let’s get started shall we.” But before we begin I need to ask, how do you feel about being a vampire.” Well at first I was scared I didn’t know what had happened and my emotions were all out of whack but after a while I accepted it and embraced my new life. I see Godric thought about this. And the one who turned you Julien how do you feel about him are you angry at him do you want revenge do you hate him?” No no I mean at first I was scared and sad that he killed me but after experiencing vampire emotions I understand that it was my fault e killed me and I’m thankful that he gave me a second chance at life.” Hmm I understand Godric said frowning “all right I’ll call Morgie I and we can get started.”
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Thu Jun 23, 2016 10:41 pm

Morgan and Desdemona walked back in, Morgan looking satisfied with Desdemona's work. She walked over to Lucienne and put the ring on her finger.
"I trust Godric has told you not to take the ring off," she smiled.

"Oui, Madame, 'e warned me of zhe... repercussions..." Lucienne gave a nervous smile and admired her ring, "thank you so much."

"Don't thank me yet," Morgan said as she walked to one of the windows, "we have to test it," and before Lucienne could protest Morgan opened the curtains on each window one by one until the living room was flooded with sunlight.
Lucienne stood in the corner, the only place where the sunlight couldn't reach her, Morgan chuckled and slowly approached her, extending her hand.
"I won't let you burst into flames," she smiled, "trust me."

Lucienne gulped and with a trembling hand she took Morgan's and slowly walked out into the light, a wide smile spreading across her face, she hugged Morgan tight.
"Merci, Madame Alexandrov!" She kissed both of Morgan's cheeks and then walked towards the windows, feeling the warmth of the sun. "I 'ad not seen the light of day since my death," she teared up a bit, "I missed it's warmth, I missed the life it brings..." She opened the patio window and looked at the birds flying and chirping, "I missed everything..."

Morgan looked from the other side of the room, arms crossed, head tilt; taking in Lucienne's moment.

"You alright there?" Godric whispered, standing next to her.

"Yeah," Morgan took a deep breath, still observing Lucienne, "she's so... pure, it's like... like she still has all of her humanity."

Godric shook his head.
"Maybe just in this moment, you know first hand how much one tries to cling to humanity it escapes our grasps, like smoke. Plus she's a newborn, give her time."

Morgan nodded and cleared her throat, flashbacks of her human life making her eyes tear up, she looked at Desdemona and nodded.
"That's it for today, Des, I shall see you next week?"

"Of course," Desdemona nodded, "until next week," she bowed and walked out of the house.

"What's up with yu training witches?" Godric raised an eyebrow.

"I decided to train witches to help vampires and other supernatural being, we have too many witches trying to kill us, we could use a few on our side..." She looked away from Lucienne and over to Godric, eyebrows furrowed, "something awaits you tomorrow."

"Oh God, what?" Godric said, slightly annoyed, "and don't you dare say 'you'll see'."

"I sense it has to do with Régine, something that will make thing a lot more interesting for you two..."

Godric raised an eyebrow.
"Interesting good, or interesting bad?"

Morgan tried to hold back a grin.
"You'll see."

"Every. Damn. Time."

Morgan laughed.
"Sorry, that's all I've got, if it's any consolation it's nothing dangerous, at least I don't feel like it is." She turned her attention back to Lucienne, who sat on the grass, taking in the sun and meditating, "I hope she doesn't change..."

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Sat Jun 25, 2016 11:19 pm

Godric thought to himself “Damn Morgie always so bloody cryptic why can’t she just tell me what she means?” As he looked over at Lucienne who was bathing in the sunlight she looked so happy and at peace. “They all change he said “it’s an unfortunate inevitability no one can stay pure forever especially when they’ve been turned.” Morgie frowned she knew what being a vampire was like yet she still hoped Lucienne could retain her humanity she seemed capable but then again so did most who were first turned. “Don’t worry I’ll make sure she stays out of trouble I’ll show her how to coexist and with any luck she’ll be able to stay the way she is.”

“Alright I should get going I’ll be back tomorrow to start Lucienne’s training” Lucienne still enjoying the warmth of the sun seemed so human. Godric got ready to leave he hugged Lessy said goodbye to Morgie walked out the door into his car and drove off. “I should see how Stella’s doing I’ll go to Davina’s cabin and pick her up now’s a great chance to bring her to her new apartment” Godric drove to until he was outside the cabin he could see faint glowing from inside. He walked up to the door and knocked there was no answer “Davina it’s me I came to see how Stella’s progressed.” Godric heard footsteps and the door opened a smiling Davina stood there Stella in the background.

“Hello Godric to what do owe this visit?” Godric tilted his head “I came to see Stella I wanted to know how her magic was coming along. Well she’s coming along quite nicely, very determined it’s only been a day and she’s showing great promise. Godric smiled “I knew she would I sensed her power and I knew it would be great.” What is she working on now Godric asked I’m teaching her the how to perform a locator spell they come in handy and it was one of the first spells I ever learned” Davina replied. “Ahh good that’s perfect” Godric thought to himself we might be needing that soon he then looked back at Davina…”thanks again for doing this Davina smiled no problem this girl is incredible for her age and especially fir having very little training prior to what I’ve shown her.” By the way Godric how did you find this girl”, Hmm Godric replied “How did you end up meeting Stella what drew two together?”

Godric thought for a moment he didn’t want to tell Davina that he murdered Stella’s mother now wasn’t really the best time and it wouldn’t sit well with Davina. Well he said rubbing his neck “I found her or rather she found me in a back alley in the French quarter. She knew that I was a vampire but not a hybrid or an original for that matter and yet she was able to take me down without any magic all on her own that was reason enough for me to seek her out and make a deal. Davina nodded as she thought about his response. “So where is she staying she Davina asked after a few moments, “that’s the reason I’m here” Godric responded “I came to take her to an apartment that I got for her in the French quarter near the compound” Davina raised an eyebrow you got her an apartment a day after meeting her? No of course not I got her an apartment a few hours after meeting her Godric replied smiling. “I need her close and I need to make sure she’s safe can’t have anything bad happening to her.” “Of course Davina replied in that case let me get her for you she’s earned a nice rest we’ll meet back here again sometime tomorrow to continue her training.”

“Stella you have a visitor” Davina called as she walked into the living room after a few seconds Stella appeared looking different more sure of herself more confident. She smiled when she saw Godric she told him all the amazing things Davina taught her and how good of a teacher she was. “I’m glad you’re having a good time but it’s time to go home and rest” Godric said once Stella had finished. She looked confused but I don’t have a… “Remember I told you that I would procure an apartment for you its ready and waiting I’m here to take you to it.” Stella’s eyes widened an apartment just for me?” “Yes an apartment just for you right in the middle of the quarter for you to do with as you please.” Stella lit up at the idea of having her own apartment. “I’ve never lived on my own before” she said as they walked to Godric car waving goodbye to Davina. “Is it a nice place?” she asked “I think it’s a pretty good place especially for someone so young”. They drove to Stella’s apartment and as Godric parked the car and Stella got out she looked up in awe. “Wait until you see the inside” Godric said grinning.

They walked up the stairs and Godric handed Stella the keys she opened the door to the most amazing place she had ever seen. She walked in and looked over everything while Godric stood at the doorway smiling as he watched her. She looked back at him in the doorway confused. Aren’t you going to come in she asked. I can’t he replied I haven’t been invited in, you own the place and no vampire can enter unless you say so. She thought about this no vampires I own this place. She cleared her throat “Godric Mikaelson I hereby give you permission to enter”. Godric smiled “are you sure once you invite a vampire in they can come and go as they please” She nodded smiling I’m sure I wouldn’t have this place if it wasn’t for you.” Well that is true but you wouldn’t have a need for this place if it wasn’t for me” she nodded but remained excited all the while. Godric stepped through the doorway and joined her in the living room they toured the house examining all the rooms every inch of the house until the sun went down. “I bought you some things we’ll go shopping some more tomorrow but for now you have the essentials” she smiled thanks again. He looked at her and smiled “it’s the least I could do you deserve all of it”. Well I should get going settle in make yourself at home and I’ll see in the morning. Stella smiled “okay Godric see you tomorrow…
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Sun Jun 26, 2016 9:57 pm

Régine took her phone out and texted Godric.
-The rest of my family is arriving today, we're having a cookout and it would be nice for you to join us. Feel free to bring your siblings and even Morgan and her family. It starts at 8pm, hope to see you here.

She put her phone down on her vanity and began to do her hair and makeup, there was a knock on the door.
"Come in," she said and smiled at Julien when he walked in.

"Katriane went to buy the food, Aimé and Sébastiene are cleaning up and I finished the decorations out in the patio," he said and walked over to her, helping her with her hair.

Régine looked in the mirror as Julien formed delicate curls, she smirked and raised an eyebrow.
"Vhen did you learn to do zhat?"

Julien chuckled.
"Saw the stylist doing this to you so many times while on tour that I have it memorized," he looked at her in the mirror and smiled, "are you excited to have your family here?"

Régine thought for a moment and gave a small nod.
"Oui, but you know 'ow zhey can be..."

"Trust me, I know..." He smirked and sat down on the bed observing Régine as she put on her makeup, he sighed and twiddled his thumbs.

"Are you alright?" Régine turned around, noticing Julien wasn't being his usual self.

"Yeah, I'm just a bit shaken up by the whole break in..." Julien's brow furrowed, trying to think hard of who would want to break in, and where Lucienne could have gone.

"I'm sorry about Pierre," Régine got up and hugged him, stroking his hair, "I know 'e 'ad always been zhere for you, but we're 'ere for you now."

Julien hugged Régine tight, resting his head on her chest to listen to her heartbeat, he nodded and sighed again.
"I had my people check the house out, searching for anything that they might have taken," searching for Lucienne... He loked up at Régine and she smiled at him, then out of impulse he reached for the back of her beck and kissed her lips, it wasn't until Régine tapped his shoulder that he let go of her. She blushed deep and sat down on her vanity, not saying a word, and began to do her make up again. "Régine, I'm so sorry..."

"It's fine..." She didn't look at him, "just... let me finish my makeup by myself."

Julien frowned and nodded, and walked out of the room; feeling both accomplished and guilty.

Régine looked at herself in the mirror and wiped her lips, she sighed and shook her head.
"I just wish 'e understood I don't like 'im zhat way..." After a few minutes Régine was done with her makeup and walked out of her room, she looked at Julien whom was helping Katriane put the groceries away. "Are you still coming vith me?"

Julien looked at her and gave her a small smile.
"You still want me to?"

"Sure, I need a copilot," Régine playfully punched his arm.

Julien nodded and stroked her cheek.
"Let's go then."

They walked out of the house and into the car, and drove off to the airport. The drive was quiet, mostly, until Julien broke the silence.
"So... That Godric guy, you like him?"

Régine blushed and nodded.
"I do."


"Vell..." She brushed a strand of her hair behind her ear, "'e 'as a certain charm about 'im, and 'e seems so strong and protective, sure of 'imself, such a gentleman..."

"I have all of those qualities, do I not?" Julien raised an eyebrow, "what does he have that I don't?"

"Nothing..." Régine bit her lip.

"What is it?" Julien crossed his arms.

"Really, Julien," Régine gave a small laugh, "it's nothing."

"When why would you give him the time of day and push me away?" Julien's voice rose slightly.

"He's just different..."

"But you just said that there is nothing he has that I don't!" Julien was growing impatient. "It's so frustrating, I've been trying to get you for years and suddenly a few days later this man waltz in and takes what's mine?! What is it?!" He was yelling now.

"Vous perdez votre merde trop vite!" Régine shouted over his screaming.

"Quelle?" Julien's eyes widened.

"You lose your shit too fast and I can't be vith a man like zhat," Régine gripped her steering wheel, "and on top of zhat you're like a brother to me, I don't see you romantically, in any way, you know this I 'ave told you before."

Julien took a deep breath and nodded.
"I'm sorry, I just can't give up on you..."

"Vell zhen you best 'ave fun watching for zhe sidelines, because I am interested in Godric, and 'e is interested in me, so..." Régine tried to not let her eyes water, "please don't ruin vhat ve 'ave, Julien, you're my best friend... I understand you're going through some zhings right now but you need to get your mind straight..."

Julien nodded but spoke no more as they reached the pick up area of the airport, they saw Régine's parents and her brother from afar waving at them, Régine's mood instantly lifting. She smiled and parked the car in front of them, got out to give them all a big hug.

"Oh 'ow I've missed you!" Isabela hugged her daughter tight and kissed her cheek repeatedly. "Mon bébé!"

"My princess," Dion smiled and kissed Régine's forehead, "'ow are you?"

"I'm great," Régine smiled and hugged her brother.

Sinclair hugged her back, looking into the car.
"I see Julien came too," he looked at his sister and smiled, "he giving you any problems."

"Only a few," Régine chuckled. "Come on everyone is waiting!"

Julien got out and greeted them.
"Isabela, Dion, Sin!" He smiled, "how was your flight?" He asked as he put the suitcases in the trunk.

"Could 'ave been better," Isabela rolled her eyes, "food was terrible, but zhe drinks were nice."

Dion patted his shoulder.
"Haven't seen you in a while, boy, hope you've been taking good care of my little girl."

"Of course." Julien nodded.

"Hopefully not too much, eh?" Sinclair smirked before getting in the front passenger seat.

Julien tried his best not to scowl as he finished putting the luggage in the trunk and sitting in the back with Régine's parents, and they were off on their way back home.

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Thu Jun 30, 2016 10:34 pm

Godric’s phone started vibrating when he pulled it out he saw that it was a message from Regine he smiled as he read it “The rest of my family is arriving today, we're having a cookout and it would be nice for you to join us. Feel free to bring your siblings and even Morgan and her family. It starts at 8pm, hope to see you here”. He tilted his head “a cookout with my family” then he started to laugh “if only that were possible”. He got out of bed got dressed and headed out into the main part of the house where he saw Klaus and Kol sitting at the table. “Oi look whose awake its sleeping beauty come down to grace us with his presence “said Kol smiling as Godric walked down the stairs. “You should follow my example and sleep in as well lord knows you could use some beauty sleep” Godric replied taking a seat “There aren’t enough hours in the day” Klaus remarked slyly as shared a laugh while Kol glared at them.

“Oh stuff it both of you everyone knows I’m the best looking of us” Kol said smiling “And by everyone do you mean all those you’ve compelled to think so” said Elijah as he walked through the main door “because if so I must say that’s a very tainted source”. Both Godric and Klaus howled with laughed as Kol sat back in his chair and glared angrily at the lot of them. Well now that we’ve gotten our daily dose of insulting Kol out of the way I have a favor to ask of you all. “My Godric you have been asking for quite a lot recently does this also have to do with Miss Zaeri” Elijah asked as he sat down with his brothers. “Why yes Elijah it does have to do with Regine as a matter of fact she’s invited me to a cookout to meet her parents who have just arrived and she would like me to invite you lot along with Morgie.” “A cookout with your girlfriend and her family that sounds really boring” said Klaus as he poured a dark red liquid into his glass why does she want us to be there anyway. “Oh I don’t know it could be that you lot insisted on meeting her only after the two of us had just met and now she’s trying to return the favor.” Hmm I suppose it’s only fair that we join her when exactly is this cookout Elijah asked “It’s tonight at 8 she texted me this morning. “Very well we’ll all be there I’ll inform Rebekah and Hayley”. “Good thank you Elijah I’ll be back later I need to go take care of some things before we leave.”

Godric left the compound and drove to Stella’s apartment he got out went up the stairs and knocked on the doors. He waited a few minutes and heard Stella call out “who is it” “It’s Godric I have a surprise for you”. Stella opened the door and saw Godric standing there. “Good morning Stella” Godric said “Good morning to you” Stella replied what’s this about a surprise? “Well I’ve been invited to a cookout later this evening and I thought it’d be good for you to join me you can socialize and make some knew friends.” Stella thought about this for a moment Godric was invited her to a party tonight this was odd but also sweet. “Well I don’t know I’ll have to think about it she replied. “Well while you’re thinking I felt I should tell you Morgie will be there this could be your chance to get on her good side.” Stella’s eyes widened and she agreed to go to the cookout. “Well alright I guess it couldn’t hurt” “Great I’ll send someone later in to pick you up and bring you to meet us. By the way who’s hosting this cookout” she asked. A friend of mine Regine Zaeri. Stella nodded and said goodbye to Godric. He sighed now it was time to go invite Lessy and…Morgie….
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Tue Jul 05, 2016 10:21 pm

The phone began to ring and Morgan smirked as she put up her hair, she looked at Alessandra and she showed her the screen.
"I told you he'd call."

"You know everything, mother," Lessy shook her head, doing her makeup.

"Good evening, my puppy Ric," she tried her best to keep from sounding cocky, "to what do I owe this call?"

"You already know why I'm calling you," Morgan knew Godric was rolling his eyes, which made her chuckle.

"It doesn't hurt to hear you say it,” Morgan grinned.

Godric sighed and Morgan tried not to laugh.
“I have called you to ask you if you, Lessy, and Cressida would like to come with me to Régine’s cookout, the rest of her family has arrived and she said I could invite you.”

“Oh, how sweet of her to think of us,” Morgan said as she applied her perfume, “we’ll be there in 10.”

“And Morgie...”

“Yes, darling?” She said in her most flirty voice possible.

“Please don’t be a pain in the ass,” Godric smirked.

“Oh, you know I can’t make any promises,” Morgan chuckled and blew him a kiss before hanging up.

“Ew, mom, gross...” Alessandra tried not to laugh as she put on her earrings.

“You know your uncle and I love each other very much,” Morgan smirked as she walked over to Lessy to fix her curls.

“Boggles my mind why you’re not together,” Alessandra could see her mother’s smirk fall in the mirror’s reflection.

“Sometimes things simply are not meant to be,” Morgan tried to not become teary eyed, “and this, however perfect it was, is not meant to be.”

“Fair enough,” Lessy turned around and hugged her mother tight, “you’ll find someone, mama, I know you will.”

Morgan hugged her back, looking at herself in the mirror.
“Time will tell, little one.” She kissed Lessy’s cheek and smiled at her, “now go put on your shoes, we’re going to be late.”

“Alright, alright,” Lessy smirked, “always so punctual...” she walked out to her room to finish getting dressed.

Morgan sighed as she looked at herself, fixing the final details on her dress, she looked into her indigo eyes and placed her hands on her hips.
“But I still have hope for perfection...” She bit her lip and walked over to Cressida’s room. “Cressida, dear, are you ready?”

Cressida placed a pin on her hair and looked at Morgan with a smile, but noticing the sorrow on Morgan’s face she stood and hugged her tight.
“Are you alright, your highness?”

Morgan hugged her back and remained quiet for a few seconds before nodding.
“Just... remembering the past is all...”

“Morgan,” Cressida looked into Morgan’s eyes, this was the first time in ages that Cressida used her name, “you more than anybody else knows that there is always someone for someone, there is someone for you, I know you feel it, I felt it...” She kissed Morgan’s forehead, “while the past was nice, the future is bright, and you will prevail.”

Morgan looked into Cressida’s brown eyes, and for the first time in centuries she felt like a child. Vulnerable and small, she nodded and have her a small smile.
“Thank you for always being here for me, Cressida.”

“No need to thank me, it’s what I live for,” Cressida smiled.

“Alright, I’m ready!” Alessandra said walking over to them.

“Let’s go then,” Morgan smiled and they walked over to the living room where Lucienne sat reading one of Morgan’s vision journals. “Are you sure you’ll be alright here on your own?”

Lucienne looked at Morgan and nodded with a smile.
“Oui, you all ‘ave fun, I’m sure miss Desdemona can keep me occupied until your return.”

“No doubt about it,” Desdemona said walking out of the kitchen and giving Lucienne some blood, “easy-peasy.”

“Do you remember the spells?” Morgan asked.

“Yup,” Des tapped her head, “all up here in my noggin.”

Morgan smiled.
“Good, if there is any problem, just call me.”

“Will do,” Desdemona gave a nod and a two finger salute.

Morgan looked at them for a few seconds and nodded.
“See you both later then,” then she, Lessy, and Cressida got into the car and sped off to Régine’s house; looking forward to an interesting night.

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Tue Jul 12, 2016 6:37 pm

Godric hung up the phone rolling his eyes and sighing deeply ” Morgie can be no damn annoying sometimes but I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her”. Godric looked and his watch tilting his head and decided he better start getting ready. He showered got one of his favorite suits and walked downstairs to meet with his siblings.

As he walks down the stairs he sees Elijah and Klaus are already standing there waiting for the other to finish. As Godric walked over to them he couldn’t help but wonder what will happen once they got to Regine’s house. Klaus looked over at his brother and clapped him on the back “well look at mister dapper all decked out in his fancy suit.” Shut up Klaus I dress like this all the time.” Replied Godric. “No you don’t he replied smiling you only dress like this for special occasions not for some crappy last minutes cookout with humans.” Is it a crime to be this good looking everybody knows I’m the more attractive one brother no need to be jealous. “Godric said innocently. Klaus started laughing whatever helps you sleep at night brother.

Elijah rolled his eyes watching his brothers bicker but deep down he found it quiet amusing. Hurry up Kol I can understand Hayley and Rebekah but you have no excuse for taking this long. Kol struts out of his room and walks down the stairs “perfection tales time Elijah this master piece doesn’t just happen there are certain thing needed to be done” and unfortunately or rather fortunately you have an eternity to keep trying until you get it right”. Godric and Klaus roared with laughter and Kol glared at them “oi you two gits shut it”. Then Rebekah and Hayley walked downstairs looking amazing Hayley had Hope in her arms and she was smiling. “Well Godric we’re all here now let’s hurry up to your girlfriend’s house:” She’s not my girlfriend Rebekah. “Oh Honestly Ric after all you two have done together she might as well be. Godric rolled his eyes dismissing his sister “Fine whatever let’s go” Godric said. Klaus’ car was the only one big enough for all of them to fit in comfortably so they piled in to his SUV and Godric gave him directions on how to get to Regine’s house. Klaus parked out front and they all walked over to the front door Godric knocked on it three times and waited. After a few seconds he heard Regine yell coming as she opened the door.
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Wed Jul 27, 2016 1:29 am

Régine opened the door with a huge smile on her face, and looked at Godric and his sibblings; she thought it a bit odd that they would come all dressed up in fancy clothes to a backyard cookout, in fact she now felt under dressed in her simple purple sundress. She greeted them each with a kiss on each cheek.
"Bonsoir, welcome to my home, come on in," she said happily, clearly having already had a few drinks.

She then saw Morgan pull up at the driveway and waved at her.

Morgan waved back and rolled her eyes as she unbuckled her seatbelt, she could feel Lessy's gaze on her.

"Be nice, mother," Lessy tried to hide her smirk, "we don't want to mess this up for uncle Ric."

Morgan blinked and chuckled.
"You know I'm a perfect lady, dear, nothing to worry about."


The three of them got out of the car, Cressida and Morgan dressed up in their fancy (royal-like) saree dresses and Alessandra dressed in a baggy shirt and shorts. Régine looked at them and giggled, they seemed so out of place.
"Welcome, come right in." She smiled at them.

"Thank you, Régine," Morgan smiled and kissed both her cheeks before walking inside.

Régine then guided the group over to her parents and her brother and smiled.
"Mama, papa; these are zhe wonderful people I've told you all about," she took Godric's hand and gently pulled him forward, "zhis is Godric, Godric these are my parents Isabela and Dion."

Isabella smiled and kissed both of Godric's cheeks.
"Enchanté," She winked and looked at Régine, "bien fait, ma chérie."

"Mama, sil te plait..." Régine muttered, causing Isabela to laugh.

Dion stepped forward and shook Godric's hand.
"I've heard many good things about you, and some not so good things; hopefully you take this opportunity to prove the naysayers wrong."

"Papa..." Régine rolled her eyes and motioned to her brother, "and zhis is Sinclair, my brother."

Sinclair was a bit busy taking a look at Alessandra, it wasn't until Régine poked on his shoulder that he turned his attention to Godric.
"Oh, bonsoir," he looked at Godric from head to toes and shook his hand, "I agree with father, may you prove the naysayers wrong."

Régine sighed and proceeded to introduce the rest of them, then she got to Alessandra.
"Zhis is Morgan's daughter," everyone looked at the both of them, puzzled, "adopted daughter," the looks on their faces changed to understanding.

Sinclair took her hand and kissed it.
"Enchanté, mademoiselle."

Alessandra yanked her hand away from him and gave a small nod.
"Pleasure," she looked at the rest of Régine's family and smiled. "Pleasure to meet you all, excuse me." She then walked out to the backyard.

"Arrêtez ça," Régine whispered to Sin, he rolled his eyes and went out to the backyard as well.

Morgan looked at Sinclair, and smirked, thinking it was cute how he tried, knowing that her daughter wouldn't fall for him so easily.

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Thu Jul 28, 2016 6:57 pm

Godric smiled when he saw Regine opened the door she always looked so beautiful especially while wearing her purple sundress. He sighed with relief when she invited all of them inside, and he could tell by the tone of her voice that she had already had a few drinks. They all walked through the door and were greeted by the rest of Regine’s family. Regine took Godric’s hand and introduced him to her parents. Godric thought to himself “hmm Regine looks a bit like her mother he smiled to himself at least I know what I can expect in a few years.” Isabella smiled and kissed both if his cheeks” Enchanté” she said and Godric caught her winking as he heard her whisper loudly "bien fait, ma chérie.” He smiled at this “apparently she knows a fine SOB when she sees one”. Godric then went on to shake Regine’s father’s hand he had to restrain himself so as not to accidently crush it.

"I've heard many good things about you, and some not so good things; hopefully you take this opportunity to prove the naysayers wrong.” Godric tilted his head and thought “what not so good things could he have possibly heard about me”? “I hope I can exceed your expectations sir and dismiss any doubts.” Next was Regine’s brother Sinclair Godric noticed that he was staring hard at Lessy and couldn’t help but smile “oh boy if only you knew better if I pitied you enough I might warn you not to kick that hornets’ nest but I know watching you do it will be far more entertaining” Sinclair took her hand and kissed it. "Enchanté, mademoiselle." Alessandra yanked her hand away from him and gave a small nod. "Pleasure," she looked at the rest of Régine's family and smiled. "Pleasure to meet you all, excuse me." She then walked out to the backyard. As Regine introduced Sinclair, Kol who was being uncharacteristically quiet had to open his mouth although what he said next was hilarious so Godric didn’t mind much.

“What kind of poof name is Sinclair sounds like a crappy pastry or a character from a children’s show alright children here comes Sinclair the éclair let’s all give him a big hand.” Godric couldn’t help but chuckle slightly but quickly regained his composure Elijah stepped forward come now brother that’s no way to greet someone for the first time.” Yes brother Klaus said smiling he’s probably heard that joke all the time from everyone he’s ever met”. Rebekah stepped forward “come now Nik leave the poor lad alone I think he’s cute enough to have a ridiculous name.” Godric thought to himself “I don’t know how I feel he’s Régine’s brother but this is too damn funny.” Hayley introduced herself and Hope it seemed like she wouldn’t insult him…at least it seemed that way “don’t worry honey yours is not the most ridiculous name we’ve ever heard it’s up there but only top 10” to which Hope laughed and clapped her hands.
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]
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