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 New Girl In town

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Kaez Alexandrov
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PostSubject: Re: New Girl In town   Sat May 28, 2016 4:44 am

“Morgie, what do you want?”

Morgan chuckled as she began to pace around her office.
"Is that how you greet an old friend, puppy Ric?" She tried her sultriest tone on him.

“I’m kinda really busy right now, on a tight schedule and all."

Morgan turned on some incense and smirked.
“Oh yes I know all about your schedule, I just met her dark hair brown eyes fiery spirit; overprotective sister.” She gave a small giggle when Godric went quiet.

"Morgie what the hell did you do…"

"Me?" She asked all innocent, siting down once more in her chair, "well I just warned her about the big. bad. wolf." Morgan put careful emphasis over those last three words. "When were you going to tell me about her, my dearest sire?"

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Pens Hybrid

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PostSubject: Re: New Girl In town   Sat May 28, 2016 5:35 am

"Is that how you greet an old friend, puppy Ric Godric froze upon hearing this Morgan was the only person in the entire world who could ever make him. He felt Weird Uncomfortable vulnerable exposed nostalgic all these feelings and more. She continued to talk "well I just warned her about the big. bad. wolf." What did she mean by warn her he thought how did she even…scratch that of course she knew she always knows that’s the thing about Morgie you can’t keep anything from her. “When were you going to tell me about her, my dearest sire?"

“Why should I have told you when you obviously knew about her already” he tried to regain his composure after all I never could hide anything from you Morgieshmorg, remember that time in 1512 it was late we were by the lake you were…Morgie froze when he called her this she remembered what had happened dreamily she had not expected him to bounce back so soon. “So” Godric said “to what do I owe this pleasant surprise” ”well my puppy Ric it’s been a while since I last heard your voice and I wanted to see how you were doing”. Really I highly doubt that since you mentioned Regine what do you know about her he asked.

“Oh nothing really just that she has a temper, doesn’t believe in the supernatural, and has a very very overprotective sister that’s all. “Really is that all” Godric said obviously not believing her. “Well that’s all I feel like telling you right now if you play your cards right I may have more to say”.” Now let me ask you something does she know what you are”? You know she doesn’t now Godric said. Yes I know Morgan giggled do you plan on telling her soon Ric you can’t keep that a secret for very long you know. “Yes I know when I feel the time is right I’ll tell her its not just something you say so casually” Godric said. Is that the only reason you called or was there something else?…
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Kaez Alexandrov
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PostSubject: Re: New Girl In town   Sat May 28, 2016 6:19 am

"Why should I have told you when you obviously knew about her already?"

Morgan chuckled, and shook her head, she took her tarot deck and began to shuffle it.
"Just because I know things doesn't mean I don't want to hear it coming from your mouth, love," she smirked.

"Well, after all, I cold never hide anything from you, Morgirshmorg," Morgan blushed, "do you remember that time in 1512, it was late by the lake, you were..."

Her entire deck went flying all over the room as she was caught off guard by this memory, she remembered it very well; how his fingertips caressed every inch of her body as she showed him complete devotion... She was so deep into the memovy that her fingers absentmindedly traced around her cleavage, it wasn't until Godric spoke again that she snapped out of it.

"So, to what do I owe this pleasant surprise?"

"Well," Morgan tried to regain her composure, but her tone remained breathy, "my puppy Ric, it's been a while since I last heard your voice, and I wanted to see how you were doing."

"Really, I highly doubt that since you mentioned Régine, what do you want to know about her?"

The sound of Régine's name sent a pang of jealousy to her stomach.
"Oh nothing, really. Just that she has a temper, doesn't believe in the supernatural, and has a very very overprotective sister, that's all."

"Really is that all?"

"Hmm, well that's all I feel like telling you right now," she grinned, "if you play your cards right I may have more to say. Now let me ask you something, does she know what you are?"

"You know she doesn't know."

Morgan giggled, satisfied.
"Yes, I know, do you plan on telling her soon, Ric? You know you can't keep that a secret for very long, you know."

"Yes I know when I feel the time is right I'll tell her, it's not just something you say so casually. Is that the only reason you called or was there something else?"

Morgan bit her lip.
"When was the last time you killed a man for me, daddy?" She smirked, knowing how Godric felt about being called that; she was satisfied when Godric seemed speechless. "Miss Zaeri wrote quite the article about it, have you checked the morning paper?"

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Pens Hybrid

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PostSubject: Re: New Girl In town   Sat May 28, 2016 7:03 am

"When was the last time you killed a man for me, daddy?" Godric nearly dropped his suit after hearing this he hated when she called him that and she knew he hated it. “I’ve told you for over 500 years DO NOT EVER EVER CALL ME DADDY” Morgie giggled at how uncomfortable she could make him and repeated the question "When was the last time you killed a man for me, daddy?" He sighed “the reason I don't kill for you sweetheart is because you're perfectly capable of doing it yourself” she smiled as he accepted defeat I know I can do it myself I just love the way you do it more she said lustily.

“Why would you even ask me such a…oh crap” "Miss Zaeri wrote quite the article about it, have you checked the morning paper?" She wrote about it in the paper I completely forgot, “oh come now Ric don’t tell me you forgot”” I didn’t forget it just slipped my mind besides how the hell do you even know it was me”? “Because my love I know you and that corpse had you written all over it, he must have done something pretty bad to warrant such treatment. As a matter of fact he did he messed with someone I care about Oh and we both know what happens to those who hurt people you care about remember Spain 1515 that man with the stupid beard shoved me and refused to say sorry and you… yes yes I know what I did Godric interrupted he was a asshole anyway deserved what he got. Indeed he did Morgan said smiling because she knew he still cared for her.

“So what did this Mark person do”? “Well if you really must know he was very rude to Regine and I could not allow that to stand so I had to teach him lesson”, “And did he learn itMorgan asked, “as a matter of fact I don’t think he’ll forget it for a long as he lives” Morgie laughed at this she always loved his sense of humor. “Before I forget I must tell you "stay on your toes, a surprise is coming your way tomorrow..." what… what the hell does that mean why the hell must you always be so damn hello hello…. She had already hung up great Godric said to himself getting into Klaus’ car I get to worry about that now thank you Morgie always a pleasure to hear from you ”…
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Kaez Alexandrov
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PostSubject: Re: New Girl In town   Sat May 28, 2016 8:35 am

Morgan looked at the pictue of her and Godric she kept on her table, and sighed.
"Régine..." She tasted the name on her tongue and felt disgusted by it, "maybe the danger is me," she grinned and snapped her fingers, the tarot deck was now neatly organized on the table...

After spending hours at the salon and buying the perfect outfit for the dinner, the girls returned home, it was almost time for Godric to pick Régine up so she needed to hurry. She put on her new dress and had Katriane do her makeup, once it was 7 o'clock Godric was outside waiting in the car for her.

"Very punctual," Katriane said looking out the window, she turned to look at her sister and sighed, worried, "Régine, maybe I should go vith you..."

Régine kissed both her sister's cheeks and hugged her tight.
"I'm going alone, sissy, it's bad enough I 'ave to tell him you're going tomorrow.

"Fine," Katriane sighed and hugged her sister back, "be mindful of your phone, if I call you, answer."

"Oui, mama," Régine laughed and picked up her purse before walking out the door.

Godric got out of the car and opened the door for Régine.
"Bonsoir, mademoiselle."

Régine blushed and gave a small giggle.
"Bonsoir, monsieur Godric."

Katriane stood at the balcony.
"Keep 'er safe!"

Godric looked back at Katriane and nodded before turning and rolling his eyes when she couldn't see, he got into the car and drove off to Original Flavor. The car ride was mostly quiet, Régine was deep in thought about her fortune; what if there was danger around Godric? Why did he say he would protect her? She looked at him as he drove, could there be danger under all that handsome?

Suddenly she felt her heart flutter, and rolled her eyes thinking about Morgan.

"Is something bothering you?" Godric asked.

"No..." She lied, "I'm fine."

Godric knew she was lying, but he decided not to push it further, which Régine appreciated.

They reached the restaurant ans Godric opened the car door for her, he helped her out and gently guided her inside. The host greeted them and Godric obliged to Régine's request of sitting at a table rather than a booth, knowing very well why she wanted to sit out in the open, he pulled out her chair for her and pushed it in when she sat; all of this made Régine blush. He was a lot different than Mark had been...

"What would you like to eat?" Godric smiled at her.

Régine's eyebrows raised in surprised, thinking maybe Godric would want to order for her like Mark had. She looked at the menu, covering her face with it so Godric couldn't see her giddy little smile and cleared her throat before looking at him.
"I'll 'ave zhe bourbon based chicken and rice vith red beans."

She looked at him and thought he looked so handsome in his silver suit.
Control yourself, Régine... She thought, but he looked far too good for her to control herself; she got lost in his blue eyes, she was sure he'd think she was being weird...

Godric ordered what she had asked, and ordered a mojito without her saying a word.
Third time together and 'e already knows...

"So about tomorrow's dinner," Godric's voice made her snap out of her thoughts, "I have to let you know that it's a very fancy and classy event, my family takes dinner parties quite seriously, formal attire is required; I know it's weird but that's just how they are."

"It's not weird at all," Régine smiled, "I 'ad my fair share of formal dinners back in France; listen about tomorrow..."

"Yes?" Godric quipped, looking a bit nervous.

"Well... Katriane is going too," Régine looked down, "it's kind of not optional..."

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Pens Hybrid

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PostSubject: Re: New Girl In town   Sat May 28, 2016 11:32 am

Godric got home as quickly as he could and began to prepare for the dinner he brushed his teeth showered put on his suit checked himself out deemed himself magnificent and ran down the stairs to his car. His beautiful 2015 Jaguar XKR-S sat perfectly in the garage and as he unlocked it and climbed in he knew this evening would be perfect or so he thought said a voice that sounded frighteningly like Morgie’s.

Godric drove over to Regine’s house and arrived there exactly at 7. He got out and opened the door for Regine who was as looking so stunningly beautiful he couldn’t think straight. "Bonsoir, mademoiselle." He managed to say smiling. "Bonsoir, monsieur Godric." She said back to him smiling as much as he was. He closed the door and began driving to Original Flavor once there he requested a table for obvious reasons and proceeded to ask Regine what she would like to eat all the while she kept staring at him dreamily which he thought was adorable as he tried not to blush. The waiter arrived and Godric ordered her the bourbon based chicken and rice vith red beans." Oh and a mojito please he had remembered how much she liked this drink. He noticed her smile as he ordered the food which caused him to smile in turn.

Good god this woman is amazing he thought to himself and he ordered the food he tried to control himself but her beauty was so overwhelming he decided to start talking to distract himself. "So about tomorrow's dinner, I have to let you know that it's a very fancy and classy event, my family takes their dinner parties quite seriously, formal attire is required; I know it might seem weird but that's just how they are." “It's not weird at all," Régine smiled, "I 'ad my fair share of formal dinners back in France; listen about tomorrow...Yes Godric answered his mood changing slightly he started to get worried what if she said she didn’t want to come what if something bad happened what if Morgie talked to her. Well... Katriane is going too," Régine looked down, "it's kind of not optional...”

Godric stared at her confused tilting his head to the right. “Katriane is going too” he repeated “Katriane your sister from the house” he said blankly Regine nodded and said “yes my sister vould that be a problem?” she gave a nervous chuckle. Godric clearing his throat no no no of course not I would love for her to join us she could hear in in voice that her request was weird. “I’m sure my siblings would be delighted to meet the both of you” he said taking a sip of water. “Why the hell is her crazy sister coming how am I gonna explain that he thought frantically. “No no relax this is gonna work you can make this work it’s a family dinner after all this way everybody gets to meet everybody” he reassured himself and was able to genuinely smile which in turn made Regine feel better their food arrived and they started to eat after a bit. Regine asked a question “So if I am to meet your sibling’s tomorrow night what are they like.

“Well first off I have quite a few of them there’s Elijah, Klaus Myself Kol and Rebekah.” “Elijah is the eldest he basically raised us he always makes sure we’re safe and together he’s very noble and very responsible he also always keeps his word. Then there’s Klaus don’t tell the others but he’s my favorite sibling Régine laughed ant this and promised not to tell. “We go everywhere and do everything together” we have a special bond and I would do anything for him. “Then there’s Kol Godric sighed he’s a bit of a git excuse me Regine asked but vhat is a git of Godric laughed well a git is like an incredibly annoying person who you can’t stand to be around he’s always bugging me and he always has something to say I love him an all but he’s a git". "And finally there’s Rebekah my little sister she's sweet and kind and fierce and once you’re her friend she’ll be loyal to you always and forever. Wow Regine said "there’s quite a lot of you" she said with a smile I hope they’ll all this reassured Regine and she was exited for tomorrow and only a little nervous…
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Kaez Alexandrov
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PostSubject: Re: New Girl In town   Sat May 28, 2016 10:55 pm

Régine's phone began to ring in the middle of dinner and she sighed.
"Excuse me," she smiled at Godric and answered, "oui?"

"'Ows it going?"

"It vas going great until somebody interrupted," Régine said playfully.

"Vell I just vanted to know 'ow my little sister vas doing."

"And I'm doing great," Régine gave a small giggle, "may I hang up now?"

Katriane sighed.
"Don't come home too late."
She hung up.

Régine rolled her eyes.
"Apparently now I 'ave a curfew," she chuckled.

"I'm quite fond of curfews," Godric smirked and left the money on the table, he took Régine's hand and guided her out of the restaurant; they got into his car and he began to drive, except he wasn't driving to her house, Régine looked at him and he chuckled, "I'm quite fond of breaking them."

Régine blushed and tried to hide her smirk.
"Quite zhe bad boy, are you?" Régine's phone rang again, but it was a text message.

-Miss Zaeri I text you to inform you that the finger print analysis brought no conclusive results; the video analysis couldn't give us any leads as the figure in the video moved far too fast, even for our computers. More details will be sent to you as we go along.

Her brow furrowed, finger print analysis inconclusive? That was odd.
"No clues yet as to who murdered Mark."

"Who?" Godric asked casually.

"Shame on you, Godric, not reading zhe paper," Régine chuckled, "I take offense to zhat."

"I'll make it a point to read more often," Godric smirked, "what do they say about who murdered him?"

"Fingerprints brought no results, and the security footage had glitched too bad for zhem to get a clear image of zhe murderer." Régine sighed, "poor bastard."

Godric tried his best to hide his grin.
"I'm sure they'll find some leads," though he knew they wouldn't.

"Vhere is it you're taking me?" Régine looked around.

"You'll see."

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Pens Hybrid

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PostSubject: Re: New Girl In town   Sun May 29, 2016 6:12 pm

Godric and Regine were having an amazing time when Régine’s phone stated to ring it was her sister checking in. “this girl has serious issues if she’s this attached to her sister he thought he didn’t say anything while Regine talked. Once she got off the phone and started laughing "Apparently now I 'ave a curfew," she told Godric who in turn smiled and whispered to her "I'm quite fond of curfews," he paid for dinner and they headed to his car. They started driving and Regine noticed that they were not going to her house Godric looked over to her smiling and said "I'm quite fond of breaking them." Régine blushed and tried to hide her smirk.
"Quite zhe bad boy, are you?" You have no idea” Godric replied smiling slightly”

Regine got a text she looked at her phone and her eyebrows furrowed hmm no clues as to who killed Mark she said quietly. Who Godric asked knowing full well who she was talking about. "Shame on you, Godric, not reading zhe paper," I don’t normally read it but if it’s something you wrote "I'll make it a point to read more often.” "Fingerprints brought no results, and the security footage had glitched too bad for zhem to get a clear image of zhe murderer." Régine sighed, "poor bastard." Godric smiled yes poor bastard indeed he said as he continued driving. "Vhere is it you're taking me?" Régine looked around. "You'll see Godric replied slyly.  I promise you’ll have a blast. They drove for a few more minutes until Godric pulled over near a group of jazz players. He got out went over to them and whispered something Regine couldn’t here. “I need you guys to play me and my date a few songs” said Godric “Oh sorry sir we don’t normally do request” one of the players said Godric slid him a hundred dollar bill and said “Oh is that so”? The trumpet player’s eyes grew wide and he said we’d love to play for you boss what you want hear?

Godric took Regine by the hand and led her to an open part of the side walk and they started dancing. He held he close to himself he could feel her heart beating he felt so at peace with her and this made him happy. She looked down at her into her beautiful brown eyes and kissed her on the forehead. This made her blush a deep red as she buried her face I his chest they continued to dance. After the song was over he asked “do you have any requests luv”? She thought for moment and then replied the Tango. Godric told the musicians and an upbeat tango number started ooh this is wonderful Regine said as they started to move around quickly are you having a good time Godric asked Oui I’m having a vounderful time Régine replied smiling and dancing after a few more hours of dancing Godric gave the musicians some more money and thanked them for helping him out and walked back to his car with Regine.

They drove for a little while until Regine said may I ask you a question. Godric looked over at her and said sure go ahead "Do you zhink your family will approve of me?" This surprised Godric he never thought that they wouldn’t accept her. He laughed at this and said “of course they will and even if they don’t which I highly doubt it wouldn’t change anything between us or how I feel about you.” Regine smiled at hearing this and that made her feel a lot better. “Alright do you have any more questions for me miss reporter”? Régine giggled and thought for a moment “yes I do”. "Vhat made you go talk to me at zhe pub?" Godric was taken off guard by this question he looked over to her and tilted his head to the side. Why you ask well for one thing you ordered an Elijah Craig that’s very important he joked, “come on be serious” Regine said Al right Godric replied I went to talk to you because you reminded me of someone that I knew a long time ago who meant a great deal to me Oh Régine said “and who was this person” she asked, names aren’t important the point is I talked to you because without even meeting or knowing you I already knew that you were a smart talented beautiful kind caring and most of all fierce woman and I wanted to be a part of your world that’s why I went to talk to you. Regine sat in silence and thought about this blushing uncontrollably at his response.

“Could someone really care that much about me” she thought to herself. She looked over at Godric who was now driving her home well past her curfew and smiled to herself because she knew that he meant every word. Godric pulled up outside of Regine house and he walked her to her door. “So I guess this is goodnight said I had an amazing time Godric said. “I had a wonderful time as well you are an excellent dancer “Regine said.  As Godric was about to leave He stopped and asked Regine if she wouldn’t mind going on a date with him next Saturday Regine smiled and agreed she’d be looking forward to it. "Good tell her sister I'm sorry for breaking your curfew you can say it was all my fault and not to blame you". "Okay see you tomorrow" Regine said. Right see ya tomorrow...
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Kaez Alexandrov
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PostSubject: Re: New Girl In town   Mon May 30, 2016 11:42 pm

" Tell your sister I'm sorry for breaking your curfew, you can say it was all my fault and not to blame you."

Régine giggled and nodded.
"D'accord," She smiled and bit her lip, looking into his bright blue eyes; her heart fluttered once more, she wanted to get closer to him, she felt the need to kiss his lips. But they didn't know each other that well, and she knew it wasn't the right thing to do. So she opened the door and smiled at him, "see you tomorrow."

"Right, see ya tomorrow."

Régine looked at him as he got in his car, making sure he made it safe, then walked inside and closed the door. She turned around to see her sister smiling at her, glass of wine in hand, laptop on her lap.

"Guess who valked zhrough the door at nearly 12am!" Katriane said so someone she was video chatting with.

"Let me guess," said a very familiar voice, "Queen Isabela."

They laughed.

Régine moved over to the computer to see who that voice belonged to and she grinned upon seeing three faces she hadn't seen since Paris.
"Aimé, Julien, Sébastien!" Régine took the computer from her sister's lap, she smiled at them. "Ça va, mon amis?"

"Ça va bien," Julien grinned, "you're looking gorgeous as always."

"Oh you," Régine rolled her eyes, "you only say that because you view me vith your coeur."

"The heart doesn't lie," Julien laughed.

"We vere talking to Katriane about a new project," Aimé smiled, "and we were wondering if you'd like to take part."

"Vhat project?"

"Well," Sébastiene smirked, "Katriane 'and 'er the newspaper."

Katriane plopped the newspaper on Régine's lap, she took it and began to read, she then raised an eyebrow.
"A music festival in New Orleans?"

"We want to put the group together!" Julien shouted excitedly.

Régine frowned and tossed the newspaper away.
"I don't know, after vhat 'appened to Lucienne..."

"It was tragic," Julien nodded, "but she would have wanted us to continue, you know this."

"Besides," Aimé cleared his throat, "it has been a few months already, and you know nobody suffered her death more than I did, but I think it's time to get back on our feet."

Régine scratched the back of her head and sighed.
"I'll think about it, okay? I'm not promising I'll say yes."

"That's all we ask," Sébastiene smiled.

"But for now," Katriane took the laptop, "I'm going to hang up on you losers, I need to talk to my sissy about her date."

"Date?" Julien raised an eyebrow and smirked, "I hope nobody is trying to steal my queen."

"It vas not a date, it vas an outing," Régine rolled her eyes, "but I do 'ave a date vith 'im soon; so someone might just take me from you."

"That just won't do," Julien shook his head, "I'll have to have a word with him, make sure he's good for you."

"Oui, oui, oui," Katriene gave a frustrated sigh, "au revoir!" She disconnected the call and closed her laptop, she placed it on the table and turned to her sister. "So, 'ow vas it?"

"It vas... dreamy," Régine gave a happy sigh, "'e is such a gentleman, an amazing dancer; he took me to a park, and zhere was a live band, and we danced zhe tango."

"Sounds intimate," Katriane giggled, "vhen is your next date?"

"Next Saturday," Régine bit her lip, "ve should go to bed, we 'ave zhat dinner tomorrow."

"Ah, oui," Katriane got up and downed the last of her wine, "can't wait to meet zhe inlaws!"

Régine rolled her eyes and chuckled.
"You best be on your best behavior."

"You know it."


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Pens Hybrid

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PostSubject: Re: New Girl In town   Tue May 31, 2016 1:33 am

Godric driving home started thinking about all the stuff he had to get done before the party tomorrow night. He had to make sure his siblings understood everything they needed to do he had to make the house presentable for humans he had to get rid of the damn witch in the basement the list was endless and he had less than 24 hours to get it done.

“First things first I need to get rid of the witch in the basement I hope Klaus and Kol got all the information they needed out of her”. “Such a damn shame would have let her live had she just been cooperative”. Klaus arrive outside the compound and made his way down to the basement. He turned on the light and found the witch ties to the ceiling with chains beaten, bloody and barely alive. “Well looks like my brothers did quite a number on you. She just hang there looking at him eyes full of hate. You know this could have all been avoided had you just told us what we wanted to know, you could be in your shop right now or at home warm and cozy in your bed but instead you’re about to die cold bloody and alone.

The witch struggled to look at him and was able to say “screw you and all your kind we’ve got something special in store for you that vervain was only the beginning we have something that will run you bastard out of town for good just you wait”. Godric just stared at her “before you die how about telling me your name maybe if you listen to me I’ll make your death quick you won’t even feel it”. She whispered it but he couldn’t hear so he got closer “what was that speak up you may have a few broken ribs possibly a collapsed lung not to mention all the blood you lost he said smiling sadistically. The witch raised her head one last time and whispered “Evana Crozier” before stabbing Godric in the shoulder with a hair pin he stumbled back as she laughed hysterically this was cut short when Godric pulled the pin out of his shoulder and thrust it through the side of her neck. She gasped out in pain and Godric ripped her heart from her chest her head dropped as she hung there lifeless. As his wound healed he walked out of the basement still holding her heart in his hand.

Back upstairs Godric saw his brothers sitting at the table drinking and he went to join them. He sat down in a chair and placed Evana’s heart in the middle of the table. “Well I hope you got something good from her cause I think she’s gonna be missing this”. Kol and Klaus started laughing as Elijah sighed. “Was that really necessary Godric snapping her neck would have been just as effective? “Well brother I was going to snap her neck that was until the bitch stabbed me with a rather sharp hair pin thing whatever so forgive me if I was a little rash in my execution”. I suppose it couldn’t be helped I’ll have someone dispose of the mess later now about the dinner with your girlfriend”. “She’s not my girlfriend we are friends and the only reason I’ve invited her is because of you.” “Very well about your friend what is she like”? Godric looked at klaus and Kol who were smiling like a couple of gits waiting for his response well he wouldn’t give them the satisfaction. She’s nice very beautiful intelligent and I’m quite fond of her, he was very careful not sound too emotional lest he provoke his annoying brothers.

“And what sort of food will we be serving for our guests”? Southern cuisine fish mainly tuna oh and umm her sister Katriane will be joining us as well. Elijah raised his eyebrow her sister he repeated Kol jumped up and exclaimed “oh so you’ve gone and had yourself a threesome good on ya mate”. Klaus howled with laughter unable to keep quiet any longer. Godric looked over and rolled his eyes “no Kol I did not have a threesome her sister is rather overprotective and she just wants to know that we’re not a bunch of crazed killers.” He stopped when he heard what he said and started to laugh huh crazed killers well we’re not entirely crazed “No we are not” Elijah replied smiling slightly at the killer remark although some of us can get carried away he looked at Kol who in turn smiled like an idiot. Right then do you all know what’s expected of you when I bring them over. They all nodded “I’m serious I need to make a good impression so you all have to be on your best behaviors especially you Kol”. ”Yeah yeah I’ll behave don’t worry”. I always worry when you’re involved brother old habit and all. Godric do not worry the dinner will go splendidly and I must say I’m looking forward to meeting… hat was her name again”?

“Regine her name is Regine and her sister’s name is Katriane, I’ll be picking them up tomorrow and bringing them here at around 8 so please have everything ready by then alright”. “Consider it done” said Elijah rising from his seat now I suggest we all turn it we have much to do tomorrow and I won’t have us looking like fools understand. “Yes brother we understand replied Klaus as he got up from his chair and jump up toward the balcony I’m gonna say goodnight to hope then turn in”. Alright Kol said as he too jumped onto the balcony and went to his room. Elijah I’m counting on you I need this dinner to be perfect nothing can wrong alright. I understand brother you have my word that nothing will go wrong. Hearing his brother say this made Godric feel an immense relief his brother was known to always keep his word no matter what and he has never let him down “Thank you brother goodnight” Elijah replied “Goodnight brother
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"You didn't listen when I told you he was dangerous," Morgan circled Régine. Régine lay on the floor in a pool of blood, struggling to breathe. Her body exposed in a dark alley of New Orleans. "You didn't believe me, you thought him to be a good man..." Morgan kneeled and moved her mouth to Régine's ear. "And now you're going to die."

Régine's eyes flashed open, she felt around for blood but there wasn't any. It was just another nightmare.
"Fucking salope..." She muttered as she got up, her heart still racing. She looked at her clock, it was the late afternoon. She opened the curtains in her room and looked over to the backyard, she saw Katriane swimming laps in the pool and sighed. She put on her robe and walked out to the back, crossing her arms. "Sissy, vhy did you not wake me?"

Katriane stopped at the edge of the pool and looked up at her sister.
"I figured I should let you sleep after your eventful night, it seems you needed it if you voke up now," she smirked.

"We 'ave three hours to get ready, I can already sense ve're going to be late..." Régine sighed.



"Sit down," Katriane patted the edge of the pool, Régine hiked up her robe and sat, her legs in the water, Katriane smiled at her, "I've never seen you so vorked up over a man, you must really like him."

Régine blushed and gave a small chuckle.
"I do like him," she bit her lip, "I like him a lot; I technically just met him and it already feels like we fit together."

"Awe, mon coeur," Katriane smiled brightly thinking her sister was absolutely adorable, "'e's taking you to meet his family, he must be really into you."

"I really hope so..." Régine blushed, "to think I threw my drink at him at the pub when we met," she laughed.

"Wait," Katriane's brow furrowed, "'e's zhe man from zhe bar?" Régine nodded, "Régine 'ave you gone mad?!"

"What? Why?" Régine looked at her sister wide eyed.

"You were calling him a rapist and a murderer while we spoke on zhe telephone!" Katriane got out of the pool, "you were afraid of 'im walking home, saying 'e was following you!"

Régine got up.
"Sissy vhat are you talking about?!"

"It's 'is fault you lost your memory!" Katriane shouted.

"Katriane, 'e vould never 'urt me, 'e is a gentleman," Régine tried to calm her sister down, "you saw how he is vith me, ve're meeting 'is family... Give 'im a chance."

She looked into Régine's eyes and sighed.
"Fine, I'll give 'im an honest chance..."

"Merci," Régine kissed Katriane on both cheeks. "Now come on, we have to get ready."

Katriane looked at Régine and bit her lip, remember what Madame Alexandrov had said about Godric: "you're both running with danger."

Putting her worries aside Katriane took hold of Régine's hand and led her inside.
"Zhere is something I've been meaning to give you but didn't get zhe oportunity until now." She took her to her room and handed her a small box. "Open it."

Régine took the box and carefully opened it, inside was a necklace with a heart pendant, and enclosed in the pendant were dainty flowers; Régine chuckled upon seeing the purple ones.

"I vasn't lying when I said I 'ad cleared the shop," Katriane giggled, "I 'ave a matching one, thought it could be like a sister thing."

Régine smiled and hugged her sister tight.
"I love it, thank you." She let go of Katriane, "alright let's get ready, rember zhe dress is formal."

"I know, I know!" Katriane laughed, "go, get ready."

They showered, did their hair and makeup and got dressed, Régine looked out the window in her room in the place where she and Godric sat and sighed as she put on her new necklace; what really happened after she left the pub? She vividly remembered the cat bolting out of the alley and her tripping because of it, but there was proof that she had called Katriane when she had no recolection of doing so. What if Godric really was following her? What if he did something to her that she didn't remember? She bit her lip and shook her head, she figured the truth would come back to her eventually. For now everything was going great, and she wasn't about to ruin things due to paranoia.

She put on her perfume and walked out with her purse.
"Katriane, are you ready?" She called out.

"Oui!" Katriane said hopping on one foot as she put on her heel.

Régine looked at the clock, it was eight, and just then she saw Godric pull up into the driveway.

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PostSubject: Re: New Girl In town   Tue May 31, 2016 9:54 am

Godric woke up extra early to have plenty of time to prepare. Normally he didn’t care about parties Elijah usually took care of everything but this was different everything NEEDED to be perfect he spent two hours making sure the main area was ready then he told the chefs what to cook he made sure his family knew what to do he prepped them made sure their questions and answers were appropriate.

“Alright I think we’re ready for tonight the compound looks great my family is…passible Regine and Katriane will love it they won’t suspect a thing”. He looked at his watch it was 2 in the afternoon he still had some time before he had to go pick up the girls so he went to visit Hope. He knocked on the door to her nursery and heard a faint come in. He opened the door and say Hayley watching as hope played with a wooden knight figurine that Klaus had carved for Rebekah when they were children. ”Good afternoon Hayley how is everything”. “Everything is fine Godric, that dinner of yours is tonight isn’t it”? Yes it is and I just finished getting everything ready so I thought I might check in on my littlest wolf, may I he motioned to Hope Hayley nodded and Godric picked up his one and only niece. “Hello sweetheart are you excited about tonight he asked her, she smiled at him and started laughing Godric loved his niece and loved spending time with her in the world that he lived in she was the only thing that was good and pure and he would give anything to protect her. She’s getting bigger every day, yes she is replied Hayley must be her hybrid genes yeah must be. “So are you looking forward to tonight events he asked Hayley she thought for a moment and then asked “Godric I’ve known you for a while and besides Elijah you are the most level headed of your siblings why are you going to so trouble for this woman that you only just met”? I’ve never seen you show this much passion or emotion since you and your brothers fought for Hope”.

Godric was not prepared for a question like this especially not from Hayley he thought about it for a moment and then said “this woman her name id Regine, she reminds me that there is good in the world that there is happiness that even an Original can be happy” I haven’t had the best of luck when it comes to dating but Regine is different she’s proud caring and genuine she isn’t over obsessed and she cares about herself as much as she does me and I love that about her”. Hayley stared at Godric and then smiled well I hope everything works out for you then you deserve happiness. “Thank you Hayley I appreciate that”. He set hope down and then stepped outside there was still a few things he needed to take care of before the party.

He went to the tailor to get a new suit ordered some new flowers and the he went for a stroll through the quarter something he had not done in a while. It was then that he saw a suspicious looking woman watching him he had noticed her before but thought it was only coincidence he kept walking and she sensed that she was following him. He turned into a deserted alley way and stopped in front of a brick wall. He turned around to face his stalker and saw that it was a young white haired woman. “You bastard what have you done with my mother” she screamed. He looked at her as he tilted his head to the side “oooh so that was your mother that I killed my apologies had I known she had a daughter I would have brought you to watch her die Godric said his eyes changing and his fangs coming out. The young woman pulled out a gun and pointed it at Godric he started to laugh as he watched her start to shake. “tell you what I’m sorry about your mother I really am I wish her death could have been avoided but she was determined to die so I tell you what you get one free shot with that gun you land a clean shot and I’ll let you go no hard feeling but if you miss you’ll be with your mommy sooner than you think so have at it”.

The young woman still trembling fired three shots two missed but one hit Godric in the chest causing him to fall over in pain gasping for breath. Tho- those aren’t regular bullets he gasped wincing in pain that’s right the woman said stepping closer and shooting him in the leg there vervain darts made especially for your kind”. “Clever girl that means you know where their growing vervain” he said through gritted teeth “if you tell me I promise to kill you quickly come on be smarter than your mother”. The woman stared down at him ready to fire again when he got up with blinding speed and put one arm over her mouth and the other on her neck “now I’ll give you one last chance tell me where you got the bloody vervain”. The woman started crying but between her sobbing she was able to say go to hell you soulless bastard. Oh so unwise say hello to mommy for me as he dug his fangs into her neck.

She screamed out in pain but Godric’s grip loosened as he started choking on her blood vervain this little whelp ate the damn vervain. “That’s right you fucking bloodsucker and now you’re gonna die she pulled out an ordinary stake and Godric laughed that’s right kill me but it won’t bring back your mother”. The girl plunged the stake into his heart and he gasped out his eyes closed his skin turned gray and he died…At least for a couple hours. At around 7 he woke up gasping and pulled the stake out of his heart I like this girl she’s got spirit. But I’ve got something planed for- oh shit what time is it no no no I’m gonna be late he ran home showered changed got into his car and drove to pick up Regine and Katriane Godric pulled up in front of Regine's house and walked up to the from door he rang the bell and was greeted by Regine who looked stunning it her black dress and Katriane her hair looking as red as ever. "Wow you two look amazing are you ready to leave"? "Oui lets go" The drove to the compound but just before they walked in Godric stopped and turned around. "Before we go any further I need to warn you, my family can be a bit eccentric they're old fashioned but they mean well" Regine laughed "Oh please, Godric, zhey can't be vorse zhan Katriane."'EY. I take offense to zhat!" Katriane said only mildly offended this relaxed Godric a bit as he took in a huge breath he opened the doors to his waiting family...

As Godric opened the front doors he saw his family waiting there patiently to meet the guests of honor. He introduced them all one by one Regine Katriane it is my pleasure to introduce you to my family, this is my older brother Elijah. ”Pleasure to meet you lovely young ladies I’ve been looking forward to meeting the woman my brother speaks so fondly of”. “Next is my brother Klaus, by the way if you can’t tell we’re twins non identical of course I’m far more handsome”. Klaus greets them don’t listen to him ladies everyone knows I’m the more attractive one it’s nice to meet you both”. “This is my younger brother Kol he’s then git I was telling you about whatever you do try not to start a conversation with him if you can help it. “There’s Ric comical as ever, and I see he brought two lovely ladies always the generous host”. This is my little sister Rebekah I hope you three will become fast friends but be warned she has a of a temper.” Oh don’t listen to old Ric he always exaggerates I’m just very passionate is all... You two look familiar I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere before”. And finally Hayley and little Hope. Pleasure to meet you both I’ve heard wonderful things about you Regine. Hope smiled when she saw Regine and started laughing joyfully…
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Régine grabbed a bottle of wine and checked the seal to make sure Katriane hadn't opened it and added vervain to it, she then walked over to the door and smiled at him once she opened it.
"Wow, you two look amazing. Are you ready to leave?"

Katriane shot a smirk at Régine, causing Régine to go red in the face.
"Oui," she gave a small nod and handed him the wine, "it would be rude to come have dinner empty handed," she said upon seeing Godric's questioning gaze, "let's go."

The drive to Godric's house filled Régine with nerves, and now more than ever she was glad that Katriane wanted to tag along, she wasn't sure she could do this alone. She nervously fumbled with the strap of her purse, hoping she could make a good impression.

They pulled up to the house and both Régine and Katriane were taken back by it, reminding them of their old house in Troyes before they moved to Paris; once out of the car Katriane pulled Régine aside and whispered "I approve" into her ear, Régine rolled her eyes and whispered "of course you would," back at her before following Godric over to the entrance.
"Before we go any further," he began, "I need to warn you, my family can be a bit eccentric; they're old fashioned but they mean well."

Régine giggled and rubbed Godric's arm reasuringly.
"Oh please, Godric, zhey can't be vorse zhan Katriane."

"Ey!" Katriane laughed and gave Régine a playful shove, "I take offense to zhat!"

Godric opened the doors and his family stood there waiting for them, Régine's stomach felt like it shrunk at the sight of them, every single one of them looking perfect. Katriane gave Régine a little push to move forward and her feet felt like they were dragging her forward, she prayed she didn't trip over her high heels.

"Régine, Katriane, it is my pleasure to introduce you to my family, this is my older brother Elijah."

Elijah at them and bowed his head slightly.
"Pleasure to meet you lovely young ladies, I've been looking forward to meeting the woman my brother speaks so fondly of."

Régine blushed slightly and shot a glance at Godric before nodding at Elijah.
"The pleasure is all mine," she smiled.

"And mine," Katriane winked at Elijah, Régine gave her a small nudge so she'd behave.

"Next is my brother Klaus, by the way if you can't tell we're twins, non identical of course but I'm far more handsome."

"Don't listen to them ladies, everyone know I'm the more attractive one, it's nice to meet you both."

"Oui, Godric, I zhink 'e 'as you beat," Katriane said playfuly, Klaus smirked.

"Very nice to meet you, monsieour Klaus," Régine gave a small nod and smiled.

Godric rolled his eyes and continued with the introductions.
"This is my younger brother Kol, he's the git I was telling you about, whatever you do, do not try to start a conversation with him if you can help it."

"There's Ric, comical as ever, and I see he brought you two lovely ladies, always the generous host."

"I guess it's a good zhing I don't follow directions too vell," Katriane smirked at Kol, "I zhink you and I vill get along nicely."

Régine took a deep breath.
I told her to behave... She thought and smiled at Kol.
"It's a pleasure to meet you."

"This is my little sister Rebekah, I hope you three will become fast friends but be warned she has a temprer."

"Oh don't listen to old Ric he always exaggerates, I'm just very passionate is all..." Rebekah tilted her head to the side before taking a step closer, "you two look familiar, I feel like I've seen you somewhere before..." She smiled and nodded, "you're the singers from Belle Morte!"

Godric blinked.
"Singers from what?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Well, well, well, it seems I know more about your girlfriend than you do," Rebekah smirked at Godric.

"Vait, girlfriend?" Régine looked at Godric, blushing.

"Ve are indeed!" Katriane smiled at Rebekah, "I didn't know ve vere known in zhe colonies."

"So sorry to hear about Lucienne," Rebekah took a step back, "my condolences."

Régine looked at Rebekah and nodded with a smile smile.

"I like her," Katriane whispered to her sister.

Godric was still surprised, but he decided to push that aside for now.
"And finally Hayley and little Hope."

"Pleasure to meet you both, I've heard wonderful things about you, Régine." Hayle smiled at them, as did Hope upon setting her gaze on Régine and she began to giggle.

Régine smiled and gave Hope a little wave.
"She's beautiful," she chuckled at the adorableness, "it is a pleasure to meet you as vell, mademoiselle Hayley."

"Well I'm sure the ladies are starving, so how about we head on over to the dining room?" Godric said and Elijah nodded.

"Right this way, ladies," he smiled and they all began to walk.

The doorbell rang and they all looked at it.
"I'll get it," Kol rolled his eyes.

"Don't take long," Elijah warned and motioned for everyone to continue over to the dining area.

Kol opened the door and smirked.

"Why the bloody hell can't I enter?!" Morgan asked angrilly.

Kol leaned against the door frame, arms crossed, his smirk growing.
"Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in," he chuckled, "or at least attempted to drag in," Kol looked at the woman behind Morgan and gave her a nod, "hey Cressida."

Cressida nodded back.
"Evening, sir Kol Mikaelson."

"I want answers," Morgan glared.

"We don't own the house, there is a new owner, you can't walk in."

Morgan took a step back, giving a frustrated sigh.
"Who is the new owner?"

"As much as I'd like to tell you and have you crash this dinner party, I am bound to secrecy," Kol chuckled.

Morgan rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.
"Kol, you've never been bound to anything."

"Sorry, can't." Kol said happily and slammed the door against her face, causing her to shriek so loud it sounded throughout the entire house. Kol walked into the dining room and took his seat, a satisfied look to his face.

"Who was that?" Godric questioned.

"A beggar," Kol straightened his suit, "nobody to worry about."

"Are people like this common in New Orleans?" Régine said, slightly shaken by the shriek.

"Oh no," Kol grinned, "just her."


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PostSubject: Re: New Girl In town   Wed Jun 01, 2016 11:07 am

As the group made their way to the dining area the doorbell rang Kol rolled his eyes and went said "I'll get it. The other followed Godric to the table and they all sat down. As they waited for the first course Godric broke the silence. “So Regine you and your sister were in a band that must have been rather fun what was it like?” Regine told Godric about their lives in a band how much fun it was how famous they were and how much she loved it. ”That sounds like quite the adventure, but didn’t Rebekah mention someone passing.” Regine hesitated then explained what happened to Lucienne. Godric sat there for a moment in deep thought.

“That sounds an awful lot like a vampire attack I wonder who would have wanted her dead” Godric thought to himself. Just then Kol rejoined them he had a huge grin on his face which unsettled Godric. "Who was that?" Godric asked. "A beggar," Kol straightened his suit, "nobody to worry about."

"Are people like this common in New Orleans?" Régine said, slightly shaken by the shriek.
"Oh no," Kol grinned, "just her." Godric thought it odd beggars usually approached you on the streets they never came to your house but he pushed this thought from his mind. Rebekah asked Regine and Katriane various questions about their band the type of music the locations the outfits. After a few minutes of this Klaus got bored and interrupted their conversation -"So how did you two meet?" Regine surprised by the sudden interruption told everyone about how she and Godric met, "Vell, Godric vas trying to hit on me at zhe pub," Regine giggled, "I threw my bourbon at 'im." Kol started laughing as Godric glared at him “It was you he struck out with hahaha what did he have to compel you to get you here”

Deafening silence filled the room everyone stared at Kol who only now realized what he said. “Oh ah I mean he must have had to be very compelling for you to give him a second chance” he corrected himself smiling sheepishly. It took all of Godric self-control not to break his brothers arm how could he be so careless and let that slip. Klaus stared at him in disbelief trying his hardest not to laugh, Elijah just closed his eyes and shook his head. Regine and Katriane were starled by the sudden silence as they looked at each other unsure of what to so.

“Y-yes your brother was a complete gentleman the next time I saw him and he more than made it up to me.” Godric relaxed slightly having heard this but he continued to glare at Kol until Katriane spoke to him. "And zhen 'e followed 'er, and she tripped from fear, vhat 'appened next apparently only Godric knows," Katriane looked at him, "so vhat did 'appen? Godric looked over at her in complete shock and confusion how the hell does she know about that. He quickly regained his composure and said “well after that I left the bar and met up with Klaus and Kol I didn’t see Regine until the next morning when I made my apology” Katriane eyed Godric intensely who in turn stared back innocently until they were interrupted with the first course after they finished the their soup the entrées were served but before anyone started eating they heard a loud noise approaching them from the other room…
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PostSubject: Re: New Girl In town   Wed Jun 01, 2016 12:19 pm

"So Régine, you and your sister were in a band, that must have been rather fun, what was it like?"

Régine looked at Katriane and noticed she was a bit uncomfortable, seeing as it was still a tough subject, Régine smiled at Godric and nodded.
"Oui, ve vere in a band called Belle Morte; it vas quite fun, ve were famous back in France, we toured all over zhe country. It vas truly zhe best part of our lives."

"That sounds like uite the adventure, but didn't Rebekah mention someone passing?"

Régine looked at him and took a deep breath, trying to keep the tears from forming.
"Our best friend Lucienne, she vas zhe lead singer; nobody knows who killed 'er, the person on zhe security footage moved too fast for..." her eyes widened, suddenly remembering the camera footage from Mark's apartment, "for zhe camera to catch zhem, zhey vere like a blur. Whoever did it vanted 'er to die slowly, she 'ad a gash on 'er neck and..." She took a deep breath, Katriane squeezed her hand, "she died due to blood loss in zhe 'ospital."

"What type of music did you play?" Rebekah smiled at them, trying to distract them from the memory.

"Ve played many genres, it vas mostly pop," Katriane smiled at Rebekah, "we also 'ad a lot of Spanish influence."

"What was the biggest location you played?"

Régine thought for a moment.
"Zhe National Auditorium of Music in Madrid, Spain."

Rebekah seemed very interested in their past.
"What were the outfits like?"

"Bright colors," Régine chuckled, "sometimes a bit too bright, lots of plaid too, we did zhe school uniform theme quite often, ve vanted to appeal to younger generations, like 'igh schoolers and college students."

"Ve also did--" Katriane looked at Klaus who, in her opinion, had just rudely interrupted her.

"So how did you two meet?"

Régine looked at Klaus for a moment, surprised by his interruption.
"Vell," she began, "Godric vas trying to hit on me at zhe pub," Régine giggled, "I threw my bourbon at 'im."

Kol began to laugh.
"It was you he struck out with!" He tried to stop his laughter, "what did he have to compel you to her here?" A deep silence blanketed the dining room as everyone stared at Kol, Régine and Katriane were confused as to why everyone was staring at him like he had done something wrong. "I mean, he must have been very compelling for you to give him a second change."

The silence was so awkward that Régine spoke just to break it.
"Y-yes, you brother vas a complete gentleman zhe next time I saw 'im and 'e more zhan made it up to me."

"And zhen 'e followed 'er, and she tripped from fear, vhat 'appened next apparently only Godric knows," Katriane looked at Godric, wanting answers from him, "so vhat did happen?" She smirked seeing him nervous.

"Well after that I left the bar and met up with Klaus and Kol, I didn't see Régine until the next morning when I made my apology."

Katriane eyed Godric, trying to see if he was lying from his body language, but the food arrived and the moment was interrupted by it. She supposed she'd have to let the accident slip seeing as she didn't know exactly what happened and it would be rude for her to continue pressing the matter any further.

There was a loud noise and Elijah looked at Kol.
"Go see what's doing on."

"Wait, why me?" Kol raised an eyebrow.

"Because I said so," Elijah smirked.

Kol sighed and got up, walking into the next room, he closed the door behind him upon seeing who it was. He raised an eyebrow.
"How did you get in?" He questioned.

Morgan smirked and patted his shoulder.
"I am bound to secrecy."

Kol chuckled and rolled his eyes.
"I admire your dedication for destruction."

"Well I had a great role model," She caressed his cheek.

He took her hand and shook his head.
"No touching the merchandise, sweetheart."

Morgan chuckled, yanking her hand from him, and walked through the door, Cressida tailing after her. Régine's eyes widened upon seeing her, this cause Morgan to grin.
"Oh, weren't expecting me here, were you?"

"None of us were," Kol chuckled on his way back to his chair.

Régine eyed Morgan and to much frustration she couldn't help but feel she looked beautiful and elegant, she wore a silver and red saree gown that made both Régine and Katriane feel under dressed.

"Madame Alexandrov," Elijah nodded, "what an absolute surprise."

Morgan smirked walking the the last available seat on the table.
"I would have arrived here sooner but it seems I got the time of the event wrong." She looked at Godric and mouthed "We'll talk later" to him, she looked at the girls and smiled. "So nice to see you again Régine, you as well Katriane."

"Oui," Régine tried to keep any acidity from her tone.

"Bonsoir, Madame Alexandrov," Katriane gave her a smile and squeezed her sister's hand under the table.

"So, what have I missed?" She looked at everyone.

"We were enjoying our dinner," Rebekah eyed Morgan, "Régine was telling us how she and Godric met."

"I bet it's quite the fascinating story," Morgan winked at Régine.

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Godric froze when he saw who walked into the room he could not believe what he was seeing. Morgan strolled into the room greeting everybody claiming that she had gotten the wrong time of the event. Nobody invited you here no one wanted you here nobody expected you to show up these were a few thoughts running through his head. Regine looked over at Godric and then to Morgan and asked “do you two know each other” “Unfortunately “replied Godric which caused Morgan to frown “oh come now puppy Ric don’t be like that remember all the good times we’ve had together she said this as she touched his shoulder causing him to jump up. Morgie- ehem Morgan would you mind joining me in the other room I need to have a word with you in private.

“Oh but Ric I just got here, may I please have a moment to greet everyone before we “discuss business” she said this with such lust that Godric couldn’t help but look away” Please I insist we have much to talk about and this is very important”. “Very well but only because I know how antsy you get when I make you wait” she said with a laugh which caused Godric’s eyes to glow slightly. ”Please everyone excuse us” Morgan said as she and Godric made their way to the other room Cressida following close behind. Godric shut the door behind him and turned around to Morgan who was standing there looking quite pleased at the reaction she was getting from him. His first words were “what the hell are you doing here”

“Oh Godric is that anyway to speak to me after all this time” she said getting closer causing him to take a step back. “I’ll ask again what are you doing here how did you even know about the dinner”. He laughed at his questions and his nervous tone. “I’m simply here to observe Regine and as to how I know about the party I’m psychic dear I make it my business to know what goes on with you”. He glared at her still not believing that she would crash the dinner. “How did you even get into the house?” This caused her to laugh “I simply went down to town hall and got the Abattoir classified as public domain for the next 24 hours”. And you went though all that trouble just to crash the dinner and spy on Regine he asked angrily.” Not only to observe I came to see you I missed by little puppy Ric it’s been ages since I last saw you” she said seductively as she put her arms around his neck.

Godric paused for a moment before removing her arms and walking to the other side of the room. “Do you have any idea the amount of work and planning I put into this evening none of it accounting for you”. Morgan noticed how long he let her arms stay around his neck before replying I’m sorry I ruined your little plans but know that I’m here the evening will be much much more entertaining right Cressida indeed Madame Alexandrov you brighten up the lives of any and all you meet. Thank you Morgie said smiling and turning back to Godric. “Now if you don’t mind I’ll be returning to dinner, if we stay away any longer your precious Regine might think we’re up to no good”. “What are we having by the way it smells like fish but I know how much you hate fish…which means you must really like this girl to have it prepared for her” Morgie laughed at seeing how annoyed he was as he followed her back to the dining room where everyone was waiting…
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Before walking out, Cressida put her hand to Godric's shoulder, he looked at her and nodded.
"You may speak."

"Thank you, sir," she gave a small bow of her head to show respect, "I can understand how her highness may seem headstrong in her ways, but she really means well."

"She's called Morgan, Cressida," Godric looked at Morgan through the crack of the door, "she no longer has any sort of ruling, not even above you."

Cressida gave him a small smile.
"It's the way I like it, master Godric," she patted his shoulder before leaving the room and standing behind Morgan, whom had already taken her seat.

"Terribly sorry, we all know how puppy Ric is when he's insistent, can't shake him off you," Morgan smiled and looked at Régine, whom was trying her best not to glare at her. "So tell me, miss Zaeri, how old are you?"

Régine tried her best to keep her polite composure and gave her a smile.
"I'm twenty-five."

Morgan laughed as Godric took his seat.
"Oh Ric, do you really think you should be dating someone so young? It's kind of gross."

"Whatever do you mean, Morgan? I'm only 28," Godric said through his fake smile.

She chuckled.
"Oh yes, that's right," she smirked, "I don't know why I keep thinking you're older; my apologies, it just seems you've been 28 forever."

"How old are you, Morgan?" Régine said with a serious face.

Morgan looked at Régine and smiled at her.
"Sometimes it feels like I'm five-hundred and twenty-five," she chuckled.

Régine got annoyed, thinking it was rude for Morgan to evade her question when she had asked her the same.
"Don't be silly, you don't look a day over forty."

Kol nearly choked on his drink with laughter, Morgan glared at him.
"I'm twenty-five, if you must know, though I don't see why my age is relevant."

"I don't see 'ow mine is either," Régine raised an eyebrow.

Morgan chuckled, Cressida put her hand on her shoulder.
"Yes, dear?"

"M'lady, I think it would be best for us to retreat," Cressida spoke softly.

"Very well, then," Morgan smiled and got up, "it was a pleasure seeing you all once more." On her way out of the dining room she ran her nails softly across Godric's neck, "I'll call you later." She winked at Régine before walking out.

Régine looked at her plate, suddenly not feeling hungry anymore, Katriane bit her lip looking at her sister and stroked her hand.
"I'm feeling a bit tired," Katriane broke the silence, "perhaps it is time for us to go home, monsieur Godric?"

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Godric looked over to Katriane frozen he couldn’t have this dinner be ruined but he didn’t know what to say until he was saved by Rebekah. “Well after all that excitement I think it’s time for dessert right Elijah” “yes of course Elijah signaled for dessert to be brought in and asked his guest what they would prefer.” Regine still not feeling 100% sat there so Katriane ordered her favorite dessert. “Dessert sounds like a wonderful idea Regine loves key lime pie, and I will have chocolate mousse”. Regine smiled a bit seeing that her sister was trying to make the dinner work but she couldn’t stop thinking about Morgan and Godric. Just then her train of thought was broken once again by Rebekah.

“So Godric how did you apologize to Regine knowing you it must have been some grand act”. “Yes it was” Godric responded trying to steer the conversation to a more favorable topic. “I was walking through the quarter trying to clear my head when I noticed Regine standing in front of one of the shops.” I thought to myself now would be the perfect opportunity to apologize and explain my true intentions. “So I walked up to her and invited her to lunch she chose sushi. As Godric retold the story of how he apologized to her Regine couldn’t help but smile so much had happened since she first met Godric and her opinion of him changed greatly. After telling some more stories Hayley offered suggested that they have a few drinks "we got sangrias, sans pineapples, Godric told us you were allergic”. Hold on how did you know I vas allergic to pineapples I don’t recall mentioning to you.

“Oh um I noticed whenever we’ve gone out that you were never fond of pineapples” You would always order something without them and I never saw any at your house.” She saw how he would come to think that and saw no reason to question it however Katriane thought it was odd to make the perfect assumption that she was allergic to pineapples but for her sister’s sake let the matter rest. After a few drinks everybody relaxed and Godric could see that despite their uninvited guest the evening went better than expected. It was starting to get late so he thought it best to take Regine and Katriane home. “Well ladies this has been a wonderful evening but all good things must come to an end are you ready to leave?” “Oui monsieur Godric ve are ready to leave”. Regine and Katriane said goodbye to everyone and Godric drove them home brining a close to the evening…
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Once Godric left, Régine gave a frustrated sigh and sat down on her computer.
"Who does she think she is?!" She tried her best not to shout, "so rude! Talking to me like I'm nothing!"

Katriane observed her from the kitchen as she made some hot tea for the both of them, she sighed and shook her head.
"I don't know, sissy, it seemed like she vas trying to make you jealous and angry, you shouldn't let 'er get to you."

"She walked in like she was some sort of queen, clearly she vasn't invited, I could see it in their faces..." Régine's brow furrowed and turned to her computer, "she had her own servant, she must be someone of 'igh status..."

She opened the web browser and typed in Morgan Alexandrov on the search engine, a few results popped up.

-Madame Alexandrov saves Pope John by giving him warning of terrorist attack, terrorists in custody.
-Video of Madame Alexandrov goes viral after prophecy she foretold comes true five years later.
-Madame Alexandrov, Louisiana's Finest Fortune Teller.
-Biography: Morgan Claire Alexandrov.

Régine bit her bottom lip as she kept scrolling through the search results, seeing that Morgan had done quite a few contributions to the world for the greater good, it seemed she wasn't an absolute terrible person. She scrolled back up and clicked on the biography link.

-Morgan Claire Alexandrov, better known as Madame Alexandrov, is a famous fortune teller currently residing in Louisiana; not much is known about where she's from or when she was born, she said she doesn't want to give out information about herself because she "wants them to focus on the world rather than the one trying to serve it". She claims she was brought to this world as a humble servant of humanity and uses her power to prevent tragedy from striking wherever she can.

Régine's brow furrowed, it seemed like two completely different people. Katriane put Régine's cup of tea on the desk and stroked her hair, trying to calm her down.
"Don't let 'er get under your skin, sissy, it's vhat she vants," Régine sighed and nodded, closing the web browser and drinking her tea, "you should get some rest, I 'ave a surprise for you tomorrow."

"I think I've 'ad enough surprises to last me a century..." Régine sighed.

"Oh, trust moi, you'll love zhis surprise," Katriane grinned.

Régine raised an eyebrow.
"Vhat 'ave you got up your sleeve?"

"You'll see," Katriane winked drinking the last of her tea, "but for now, bonne nuit." She kissed her sister's forehead before going upstairs and getting ready for bed.

Régine drank her tea and sighed wonder what she's up to...


"She's perfect," Morgan said pacing up and down her living room, she looked at Cressida, "annoyingly perfect... She's got so much spirit..." She rolled her eyes, "I don't see what Godric sees in her."

"I don't see it either, Madame Alexandrov," Cressida lied to make Morgan feel better, "but it is clear he fancies her very much."

"That much is obvious, he took her to meet the family," Morgan rolled her eyes, "he was so angry to see me there, it's like he wished I didn't exist."

"I doubt that's the case, m'lady," Cressida shook her head, "it is clear master Godric still has some feelings for you, otherwise he would have killed you on the spot."

"You're right," Morgan plopped herself on the couch, "Alessandra!"

A woman walked into the living room and smiled at her.
"Yes, mother?"

"Be a dear and prepare me some bourbon and blood, I've got a nasty headache."

"Right away," Alessandra walked out of the room.

"So you think I took it too far?" Morgan looked at Cressida.

She took a moment to think how she would answer.
"I think it was not the best idea to crash his dinner party, we were not invited after all."

Morgan rolled her eyes.
"I don't need an invitation so see my puppy."

"I think," Cressida took a deep breath, "that in order to be in good standings with master Godric, you should apologize to miss Zaeri."

"Have you gone mad?" Morgan raised an eyebrow, "me stoop so low as to apologize to a commoner?"

"As the saying goes, keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer," Cressida gave her a small smile.

Morgan looked into Cressida's eyes and nodded.
"If that would make Ric happy, then that is what I shall do..." Alessandra came back with a cup of the bourbon/blood mixture and handed it to Morgan, she took a sip and her face scrunched up in disgust. "This blood tastes old," she looked at Alessandra and smiled, "be a dear, would you?"

"Of course, mama," Alessandra rolled up her sleeve, offering it to her mother.

"Care to join me, Cressida?" Morgan smiled.

"I'd be delighted to," Cressida smiled and took the other arm, they both began to feed off Alessandra's blood.

A few seconds they stopped, Morgan caressed Alessandra's cheek and smiled.
"Go rest, dear, you're looking rather pale; I'll go heal you in a few."

"Yes, mother," Alessandra nodded and retreated to her room.

Morgan licked her lips and turned to Cressida.
"I shall go apologize tomorrow to Régine, her address should be in the appointment notebook at the shop."

"Very well, m'lady, I think that is the wisest thing to do given the situation," Cressida nodded, "for now we shall rest, goodnight."

Morgan nodded and smiled.


"Régine," Katriane shook her sister, "Régine wake up."

"What?" Régine yawned, sitting up on the bed.

Katriane smiled and ruffled her hair.
"Your surprise is here."

"Huh?" Régine raised an eyebrow.

"Come, sleepy head." Katriane laughed and helped her sister up, she led her out of the room and over to the living room, covering her eyes. "Are you ready?" She asked excitedly.

"Ready as I'll ever be," Régine gave a sleepy giggle, just then Katriane removed her hand from Régine's eyes.

"Surprise!" Katriane, Aimé, Julien and Sébastiene shouted at the same time, Régine's eyes waters.

"Mon Dieu, you guys flew all the way 'ere!" She said running to hug the boys, "oh I've missed you guys so much!" A group hug formed and didn't break for quite a few minutes, once it did Régine looked at them, huge smile on her face. "Vhat are you all doing here?"

"We knew you'd say yes to our offer," Julien smiled, "and decided we should fly out so we could have enough time to practice."

"Well zhat and..." Sébastiene walked over to Katriane and planted a firm kiss on her lips, "I missed mon coeur."

Katriane giggled and kissed him back.
"I've missed you too, mon amour."

Aimé gave a small smile at the scene, Régine rubbed his arm trying to console him; it was clear he wasn't over Lucienne's death.
"I needed to get away from France," he said and hugged Régine tightly, "Lucienne would have vanted all of us together again."

Régine nodded hugging him back and kissed his cheek.
"Oui, she vould 'ave."

Julien took Régine out of the embrace and held her close to him, he looked into her eyes and smiled.
"You missed me."

Régine looked at him and her brow furrowed, he wasn't asking her if she missed him.
"I missed all of you," she smiled and ruffled his hair.

Julien gave a small chuckle and twirled Régine around.
"You're looking beautiful as ever."

She smiled and blushed.
"Always zhe charmer, hm?"

"I try," he grinned.

They all sat down, drinking some mimosas that Katriane had prepared, catching up to old times...


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As Godric drove home from dropping the girls off he looked backed on all that happened today from waking up to the dinner to Morgan’s arrival to…that girl who attacked me. “I had almost forgotten about her she was very resourceful to take down an original I need to find her and learn what I can.” “Maybe Morgie could use a locator spell to help me find her. I hate to ask but it’s the best chance I have to find her quickly.” I'll visit her in the morning.

when Godric woke the next morning Godric drove to Morgie’s house and parked out front. He walked over to the door and rang the bell. Cressida opened the door and was surprised to see Godric standing there. “Good evening Cressida how are you? “I am doing quite well master Godric thank you how are you doing?” I’m doing quite well thank you I sense this is a new home may I please come in? Cressida nodded and called for Alessandra to invite him in. “Thank you lovely ladies now where might I find Morgan”. “She’s in the study follow me and I’ll take you to her.”

”This is a pretty nice place the psychic business must pay a pretty penny”. “Madame Alexandrov helps all who are in need of her services and through their gratefulness we benefit” replied Alessandra. Yes of course I’m well aware of how it works. Alessandra led Godric into the study where Morgan sat deep in thought unaware of their presence Madam… shh Godric said placing his hand over her mouth I want to try something. Alessandra stood by the door while Godric silently moved closer to Morgan. He noticed that she was deep in thought and couldn’t help but smile he watched her tilting his head from side to side and whispered in her ear “are you remembering what we did back in 1520 Morgieshmorgs” Her eyes shot open as she gasped in shock. Godric what are you… how the hell did you get in my house. Ahh doesn’t feel so good when someone shows up unexpected and uninvited. Morgan blushed and asked again how did you get in to my house puppy Ric. Godric rolled his eyes one of your followers let me in the one standing next to the door. Alessandra bowed saying that lady Cressida instructed me to invite him in.

“She did, did she well she’s lucky I’m in such a good mood”. “And as for you she said turning back to Godric and smiling to what do I owe this pleasant surprise hmm”. “Well the thing is Morgie I need your help finding a certain someone” Godric said taking a seat. “Oh really you need my help and why should I do anything for you?” well sweetheart if you help me find this person I’ll be so grateful that I’ll forgive you for crashing my party and breaking into my home. She looked at him smiling slightly and laughed I don’t need an invitation to come and see you Ric and can do that whenever I want”. No you can’t but if you help me with this I’ll…I’ll owe you one he said closing his eyes and sighing deeply.

“Really is that so the great Godric Mikaelson owing me a favor how could I possibly turn that down?” “What do you think Cressida should I help him”. “Yes mistress I think you should master Godric is in need and him being in our debt could be quite advantageous.” “Then it’s settled now Ric what is you need from me?” “There was this young woman who attacked me in an alley she was able to stake me no small feat I want to find her, I have some of her blood do you think you can manage a locator spell with that.” “A human girl got the better of my puppy Ric.” “Stop calling me that, she was no human she was clever enough to weaken me with vervain and she thought she killed me so she didn’t know I was an original.” “Hmm very strange alright give me a moment and I shall tell you I... I feel her in Lake Charles.” “Lake Charles hmmm there might be a cabin out there she's hiding in” Godric thought. “Search near the water she’s definitely hiding out near there, Morgan said opening her eyes.

“Alright thanks I’ll let you know if I find her”. “You had better now if you don’t mind I need to be getting back to-to your visions yes goodbye Morgie, goodbye Cassandra, goodbye Lessy Godric said as he patted his niece on the head, “Goodbye Uncle Ric” Alessandra said smiling Godric walked out the door and into his car driving off to find the witch that bested him…

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Morgan smirked watching Godric leave, she looked at Cressida.
"See, he needs me."

"We all need you, madame," Cressida smiled and gave a small bow, "could I be of any service?"

Morgan thought for a moment.
"I need to go to Régine's," she said carefully, "I feel now is the time to go, come with me."

"Yes, m'lady."

"Alessandra!" Morgan called out.

"Yes, mother?" Alessandra smiled.

"I'm going out, I give you permission to go where ever you fancy, try not to spend more than $100, be back home by the late afternoon," Morgan smiled, "also, wear the vervain, once you are home, remove it."

Alessandra smiled brightly and nodded.
"Yes, Madame, thank you." She left the room.

Morgan got up and walked with Cressida to the car, they went off to the shop and once there they got the address for Régine's house. She then headed there, and once outside she felt slightly nervous.
"Do you think she'll let us in?" Morgan asked Cressida.

"If not she could be compelled to, can she not?" Cressida eyed the house.

Morgan shook her head.
"I sold them vervain, Katriane wiped out my entire inventory."

Cressida raised an eyebrow.
"Why would you do that?"

"Something told me they needed it..." Morgan and Cressida walked out of the car and over to the balcony, Cressida gave Morgan a reassuring nod before she rang the doorbell.

"Coming!" They heard someone say, Régine opened the door, shocked. "Vhat are you doing 'ere?" She glared.

Morgan smiled.
"I sensed we got off on the wrong foot, I wanted to formally apologize... May we come in?"

Régine looked at them both as she thought. She knows Godric, so maybe it vould 'elp to 'ave 'er in my side...
"Oui, you may come in."

"Thank you," Morgan smiled as she walked inside, she raised her eyebrows in surprise, seeing three young men sitting on the couch. "Oh you have guests, sorry to intrude."

"It's alright," Régine walked over to them, "zhey are my friends from France, Aimé, Julien, and Sébastiene."

"It's a pleasure to meet you all," Morgan looked into each one's eyes as they greeted her, it was then her smile fell slightly, noticing something... "Régine may we speak in private? I promise it wont take long."

"Yeah..." Régine smiled at her friends, "we'll be right outside," she said before opening the sliding door to the patio, Morgan and Cressida walked out with her.

Morgan took out her phone and texted Godric.
-Puppy Ric, there is a vampire in Régine's house.
She put her phone away inside her purse and sat down at the table with Régine.
"Cressida, you may sit."

"Thank you, m'lady," Cressida gave a small nod and sat next to Morgan.

"Alright, zhen, let's 'ear it," Régine sat down.

Morgan smirked.
"Godric and I, we used to have something; granted it feels like that was centuries ago," she gave a small giggle, "and even though he and I are not together, I still feel very protective over him; I suppose last night I was just testing to see if you were worthy and I took it too far. For that I apologize."

Régine looked into Morgan's eyes and could see the apology was sincere, she nodded.
"I accept your apology, and your honesty."

Morgan smiled.
"Thank you, Régine," she took a breath and bit her lip before continuing, "it seems you are good for him, he has been through a lot, I would appreciate it if you looked after him."

"Of course," Régine smiled back, "'e 'as proven himself to be a good man, those are rare to find; I can see why you'd vant to protect him."

"Rare to find indeed..." Morgan mused for a while, "I think it would be in everyone's best interest if you and I started over, no spite, no grudge, try to be friends."

Régine nodded and smiled.
"I vould like that," she got up and motioned for them to follow, "vould you like some tea?"

"I'd love some," Morgan smiled, "come, Cressida."

They walked back inside the house, Morgan and Cressida sat down on the couch while Régine prepared them some tea.
"Vould you like vervain in it?"

Morgan shook her head.
"No thank you, I don't like the taste."

"Really?" Julien looked at Morgan, "I can't get enough of the stuff," he winked at her and sipped from his tea, Morgan could see his eyes change slightly.

Bloody bugger drinks vervain... Puppy Ric won't like that...


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Godric left Morgie’s house and headed for the lake to find the bloody witch who had the skill to stake him. He got halfway there when his phone rang he had gotten a text from Morgie -Puppy Ric, there is a vampire in Régine's house. Surely he must have read that wrong he pulled over and looked at his phone there is a vampire in Régine's house. He looked at the words on the screen and took a moment to process this information. A vampire in Regine’s house how the hell is that possible he thought. The witch will have to wait he needed to get to Regine’s house at once. As he turned the car he looked at his phone Morgie sent him the text that means she was at Regine’s house which means she was invited in so many things happening at once he needed to get there. He looked around to make sure the coast was clear and shoved his foot on the gas breaking at least 5 laws in the process arriving at Regine’s house in a matter of minutes.

He knocked on the door and heard Regine approach and open it. “Godric what are you doing here she said surprised. Well I was in the neighborhood and thought I might stop by and say hello that is until I noticed a familiar looking car out front. Oh yes Morgan dropped by to apologize she’s inside with her attendant. Godric’s eyebrows raised Morgie came to apologize to you… oh god what have I walked in to Morgie apologizing, some random vampire what’s next. May I come in please I have something I need to discuss with her. Regine thought this odd seeing as how they spoke only last night and their discussion was private. Of course please come in. Godric walked into Regine’s house and saw Morgie and Cressida on one side of the room and three guys sitting on the couch.  Oh you have company I hope I’m not interrupting anything. Oh no no these are just some of my friends visiting from Paris this is Sébastien Aimé and Julien.

Godric shook Sébastien and Aimé hands but when he went to shake Julien’s hands he could sense something different about him. This was the vampire that Morgan texted him about. He could sense that Julien was sizing him up he knew Godric was a vampire he just didn’t know that he was an Original or how old he was for that matter. Hello my name is Godric pleasure to make your acquaintance. My name is Julien same to you.” I don’t trust this bastard he thought to himself look at that smug grin he doesn’t know who I am that I could end him in an instance without even blinking.” Godric walked over and sat next to Morgie and Cressida “thanks for texting me he whispered”…”no problem puppy Ric I wanted you to see this for yourself, and I really wanted to see your reaction might I say your handling this better than I expected.” “That’s just because there are people around and this git seems to be friends with Regine I’ll watch him for a bit and make my decision on what to do with him, later he obviously has no idea who or what I am I aim to use that to my advantage. Ooh I love seeing you so devious Ric it’s been awhile since I’ve seen you like this soo…emotional if you think I’m emotional now just wait and see.

“Vould you like some tea Godric I know you’re allergic to vervain but I could prepare something for you.” “Allergic I’ve never heard of anyone being allergic to vervain” Julien said smirking from behind his cup. “Yes well I must be the first can’t stand the stuff Godric replied “makes my skin crawl, you seem to love it though. “Yeah it tastes great and I hear from Katriane that it wards of evil.” I certainly hope so wouldn’t want anything bad happening to that pretty little face now would we Godric replied coldly tilting his head. No we wouldn’t replied Julien taking another sip from his cup…
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Katriane walked into the room just in time to see Godric and Julien's little encounter, she raised an eyebrow at them but decided to brush it off, boys will be boys after all, and these boys were after Régine's heart.
"Monsieur Godric, Madame Alexandrov," she nodded at Cressida, "vhat a lovely surprise..." Katriane sat down on Sébastiene's lap and he wrapped his armd around her waist. "Vhat brings you 'ere, Madame?"

Morgan smiled at Katriane.
"I came to apologize to your sister for my behavior last night, we agreed to start over, tabula rasa," Katriane blinked and Morgan could tell she was confused, "a blank slate."

"Oh," Katriane chuckled, "zhat is vonderful!"

"Is this your first time in New Orleans?" Morgan asked the boys.

"Oui," Aimé smiled.

"I 'ad been in Louisiana before," Sébastien nodded, "but it was many years ago, didn't explore much of it."

Morgan looked at Julien, he smirked.
"I have been here many times before, in fact I'm the one who convinced Régine to move here."

"Indeed," Régine said coming back with tea for Godric, Morgan and Cressida, "apple mint tea, hope you enjoy it."

"Thank you," Morgan nodded and looked at Julien once more. "You don't seem to have an accent, were you born and raised in France?"

"I was," he nodded, his smirk falling slightly, "but one travels so much that the accent simply brushes off."

"I see," Morgan took a sip of her tea, "well I have a marvelous idea, how about," she looked at Godric, "how about we take your siblings and Régine's friends, and we tour around? That way they can meet Régine's friends and who knows, they might hit it off."

"Zhat actually sounds wonderful," Régine nodded, "plus it would allow more time to get to know zhem."

"It could be our first date in zhis city!" Katriane smooched Sébastien's lips.

Sébastien blushed slightly and nodded.
"I'd love zhat."

"How about--" Morgan looked at Aimé, who seemed to be staring at Cressida, she raised an eyebrow and looked at Cressida who seemed to be blushing, Morgan chuckled. "I assume you will be going."

Aimé shifted his attention to Morgan and nodded.
"It vould be fun," he smiled nervously.

"And you?" Morgan looked at Julien.

Julien got up, wrapped his arm around Régine's waist and kissed her cheek.
"Where Régine goes, I go."

Régine gave Julien a playful shove and ruffled his hair.
"Can it be arrainged, Godric?" She smiled at him.

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PostSubject: Re: New Girl In town   Fri Jun 10, 2016 9:34 pm

“Hello Katriane always a pleasure to see you” Godric said smiling as he watched her walk across the room and sit on Sebastien’s lap. “Hmm I didn’t know she was in a relationship, she struck me as the clingy annoying older sister who meddles in the affairs of others he thought to himself perhaps I misjudged he thought to himself.” Morgie started talking about a tour of the city and that he should invite his siblings. Godric stared at her his eyebrows raised “really a tour of the city with my siblings and Regine’s friends she must really love torturing me” he thought to himself.

“I don’t want to go a bloody tour especially with him”. Godric thought as he glared at Julien. “I especially don’t wanna go with my family we just got through the dinner with only minimal damage now she wants to go on an all day excursion". “Sure I’d have to ask my siblings and make some arrangements but a tour of the city sounds amazing.” Godric continued to glare as Julien wrapped his arms around Regine and kissed her cheek. His eyes glowed slightly "this smug prick is trying to make me jealous." Regine pushed him away and ruffled his hair. "That’s right you git your just a kid brother to her nothing more." If he keeps this up there might be an unfortunate accident on our little tour."

“A bloody tour damn Morgie always inconveniencing me does whatever she wants and yet finds reasons to complain all the bloody time.” "The city is beautiful there are a lot of attractions but also a lot of tourist traps so it’ll be good if you’re led by someone who knows the area Morgan said. “ We’ll go to all the best spots everyone will chat get to know each other better it’ll be great. Yes it will be fun Julien said sipping from his cup, "it’ll be nice to see how much the city’s changed I haven’t been here in so long." Godric looked down at his cup of tea frowning “I hate tea why the hell did I take this, better drink it though wouldn’t want to be rude." Godric drank the apple mint tea and tried not to gag.” God tea is awful I almost wish it had vervain so I could spit it out all over Julien’s smug face”. “Hmm apple mint can people be allergic to that nah nah too risky might hit Regine.”

"I'll have to somehow convince everyone to go on a bloody tour, Elijah might like it and he’ll convince Klaus to go Hayley will want to and she’ll bring Hope, Rebekah can bond with the girls and ask them about more band stuff and Kol, well he’ll come along just to bug me and complain. "Hmm this might actually work out.”  “Morgie what day would be best for this little tour?” Umm she thought for a moment the weekend would be best that’s when all the attractions and spots are at their peak we should go then." “Alright I’ll talk to my siblings and see what they think.” Everyone smiled excitedly, Godric thought to himself "maybe this won’t be so bad it could be enjoyable, it’d probably be more enjoyable if that bloody wanker Julien would just disappear oh well I’ll deal with him another time"…
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Morgan noticed that Godric didn't fancy the idea of the tour and sighed, peeking into his mind.
"Godric, may I speak to you outside for a moment?"

"Why?" Godric raised an eyebrow, suspicious.

She rolled her eyes and got him off the sofa.
"Please excuse us everyone," she smiled as she dragged him to the back yard, Cressida trailing behind them. Once outside she closed the door and looked at Godric. "You're really thick, ain't ya?" She slapped him upside the head.

"Hey!" Godric growled.

"If your sibblings come," she spoke slowly, making sure Godric didn't miss a single word, "we can see which sireline he belongs to." Morgan looked to the window and noticed Julien was looking at them, she shivered, "he gives me a bad vibe, Puppy Ric, someting is up with him..."

Godric slowly turned to look at the window, but he was no longer staring.
"What kind of bad vibe?"

"I think..." Morgan tried to concentrate hard, but nothing concrete came to her, "he's killed someone."

Godric chuckled.
"Morgan we've all killed people, I think you need to be a bit more descriptive."

Morgan gave a frustrated sigh.
"I think he's the one who killed Lucienne."


"Have you not been paying attention to your bloody girlfriend?!" Morgan rolled her eyes, "Lucienne, the other band member, the one who died from a gash in her neck."

"Can't you just peek into his brain like you so anoyingly do to me so often?" Godric raised an eyebrow.

Morgan shook her head.
"Not with vervain in his system..."

"But you've been psychic since before turning, why would vervain make a difference?"

"When you turned me, my powers amplified, but they gained a weakness to vervain; just as we can't compel humans with vervain, I can't peek into anyone's mind..." Morgan bit her lip, "I aggreed to be friends with Régine, I could keep her safe when you're not there."

"And why would you do that?" Godric crossed his arms, raising an eyebrow.

"Because she makes you happy," and with that Morgan and Cressida walked back inside.

"My, my, quite the chat outside, hm?" Julien smirked as he helped Régine in the kitchen to make some lunch for all of them.

"Just planning where we're going on the tour, make sure Régine's guests have a grand time," Morgan tried to keep a calm and friendly composure.

"Can't wait," he winked.

Morgan looked at Aimé, who seemed to blush under his stare and grinned before turning to Cressida.
"You can go talk to him if you want," she whispered to her.

Cressida blushed and shook her head.
"My place is besides you, m'lady..."

"And I say that you can go talk to him," Morgan smiled, "if I cannot love, I rather you have a chance instead."

Cressida gave a small nod and walked over to the sofa, starting small talk with Aimé.

"Ah, young love," Julien smirked standing next to Morgan, "how do you think he would react to her being a vampire?" He whispered.

"About the same way you'll react of you don't step away from me," Morgan whispered back, Julien to a step to the other side, Morgan smirked.

"I know who you are," he whispered.

"Congratulations," Morgan rolled her eyes.

Julien smirked.
"How does it feel to no longer have ruling over anything?"

Morgan gave a small chuckle and patted his head.
"Shut up," she said, suddenly serious, and walked to the other side of the room.

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New Girl In town
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