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 The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 17, 2017 10:24 pm

Godric lay back looking up at the ceiling in his bed with Regine’s head resting on his chest he ran his fingers through her hair and hummed softly smiling. Regine looked up at him and smiled “zhat is a lovely song” Godric looked down and her and kisses her forehead “thank you it’s a song from my childhood my mother would sing it to us while she sewed”. “You don’t talk about your parents much, I mean I know you mentioned at dinner that they died but zhat’s about it.” Godric thought for a moment and sat up holding Regine closely do you want to know what happened to my parent’s? Regine wanted to know due to not really knowing much about Godric’s life but she didn’t wan to force him to say anything. “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t vant to”. Godric chuckled “very few people know what I’m about to tell you” Regine nodded trying to contain her excitement. Godric closed his eyes and spoke “I killed them both of them” Regine’s widened but she sat quietly listening my father was a sadistic monster who chased me and my siblings across the world for 1000 years trying to kill me and Klaus.” My other on the other hand tried to kill us on more than one occasion and my brother Finn who you haven’t met yet helped her each time which is why he’s not here with the rest of us”.

Godric opened his eyes and looked at Regine who sat there looking puzzled trying to process all this information. He smiled “are you alright luv?” Regine nodded slowly “uh yes it’s just zhat is a lot of information to get all at once and it is not what I expected.” Godric chuckled “well I did say only about a handful of people know what actually happened.” “Do you have any questions Regine nodded yes vhy did your father vant to kill you all? “He didn’t want to kill us all just me and Klaus because my mother cheated on him with the chief of a nearby tribe who just so happened to be a werewolf which is why only Nik and I are hybrids.” Oh I see Regine cleared her throat and your mother why did she want to kill…all of you? “Oh my mother well she was a shrew first of all and to try and ease her guilt or whatever tried to kill all of us thus wiping vampires off the face of the earth.” Regine rested her hear on Godric’s chest again “vell you’re here and zhey are not zhat’s all zhat matters” she smiled to herself. Godric smiled and resumed running his fingers through her hair. Godric kissed Regine’s head and spoke “I need to go see Lessy see how she’s doing make sure everything’s alright.” Regine nodded looking up alright she got up as the covers dropped to the floor revealing their naked bodies Godric tilted his head and smirked “my my what a lovely view.” Regine blushed and smirked staring back “I vas just thinking the same thing.” They both got dressed and left the room.

They walked to the door when Kol sat up from the couch “well well where might the two of you be heading?” Godric sighed and rolled his eyes we’re going to mind our own business you might try it sometimes. Kol zoomed up in front of them “the sounds coming from your room made it everyone’s business I knew you liked screamers but the lungs on this one I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole quarter heard.” Regine blushed deeply and Godric cleared his throat trying not to laugh “well little brother I can’t help it if I know how to show my girl a good time not my fault you can’t make the ladies scream in pleasure poor Davina must not know what that’s like being quiet as a mouse.” Kol glared at him while Godric had a huge grin on his face Regine clinging to him hiding her smile. “Some of us know how to be modest Ric might want to try it.” “Yes Kol and those who have the right stuff like myself need to strut.” They walked out the front door into Godric’s car and drove to Morgie’s house. On the way there they passed the place where Regine had her car accident she shivered as they passed. “Umm my love I’ve been meaning to ask vhat…vhat happened to Julien’s body?” “I know you told me Morgan killed him but vhat happened after zhat?” Godric sighed deeply and spoke “I had arrived just after Morgan ripped his heart out, I was furious at what he had done to you so… I threw his body in a nearby quarry.” “I’m sorry I was so angry at what he did to you he killed my Genie and in my anger I snapped and threw him.”

Regine sat and thought for a moment “I vant to go and get ‘is body give ‘im a proper burial” Godric nodded “alright I’ll send some guys to go and find him” Regine smiled and hugged him “zhank you I know you didn’t like him very much…or at all but it means a lot to me” she kissed his cheek. Godric smiled anything for you luv. They pulled up in front of the house and rang the doorbell after a few moment Cressida answered and smiles Godric she steps forward and hugs him she pulls away and looks at Genie “hello again Regine how has your transitioning been going?” Regine smiled “it’s been going vell zhank you for your concern alzhough I could use a bit more training.” “Well I’m glad you’re doing well please come in.” Cressida leads them into the living room and they all sit down. “So Cree how is Lessy?” “She’s doing fine acting as if nothing happened, she has no recollection of her mother at all” Cressida frowns visibly very sad. “Don’t worry Cree it’s not permanent I promise to let her remember soon I know she’ll be pissed but… I’m prepared for that.” Godric turns his head as several daggers come flying at him he catches them and smirks Regine stand up straight mon dieu “speak of the devil hello Lessy” “dammit why can’t I ever hit you Lessy comes walking in from the other room taking her daggers back pouting” “Godric smiles wider don’t worry sweetheart maybe you’ll have a chance when you’re my age hahahaha.” Lessy squints” haha very funny OLD MAN.”

Godric scoffs offended “I am not old I’m only 28 right Cree” Cressida smirks “yes of course you have the spirit of a 28 year old.” Godric squints and lifts his shirt “do old men have abs like these” Regine stares at him dreamily “no zhey do not.” Lessy walks up and punches his abs “meh I’ve seen better.” “Pffft yeah I’m sure you have” and lowers his shirt. So little Lessy how do you feel?” Lessy raises her eyebrows “I feel fine why do you ask?” “Oh no reason I’ve just been thinking lately and I’ve decided to turn you. Lessy smiles excitedly Oh my god, really? When can we start training? Cressida frowns don't you think we should wait until a certain someone to return? Lessy looks at Cressida who? “Now I’m not gonna turn you right this second I’ve been thinking in about two weeks and yes we will be training more from now until then.” As for the certain someone I’m sure she’ll show up not long after. Lessy too wrapped up in the idea of becoming a vampire ignores what they’re saying. “Oooh this is gonna be so awesome I’m gonna be the best vampire ever and when I turn I’ll totally be able to kick your ass” hehehe. Godric smirked “well your turning will give you a boost instead if my age you might have a chance once you hit Cree’s”. Lessy sticks her tongue out at her uncle who in turns sticks his tongue out back. “So when are we gonna start training huh?” Godric closes his eyes “I just had an idea you can help me and train my working with Genie.”

Lessy tilts her head umm “no offence you or your lady but she’ll only get in the way.” Umm I agree Godric I’m a newborn and I don’t have much fighting experience. Nonsense with the two of you working together you might be able to land a punch on me Godric snorts. Lessy squints and throws another dagger which Godric catches between his fingers smirking coolly. “Alright uncle Ric I’ll work with the rookie and together we’re going to kick your ass isn’t that right” she looks over at Genie who nods confidently yes ve vill vin.” “Well I hope your both right because its high time somebody else got their ass kicked”…
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 01, 2017 12:44 am

Everything was quiet at the Compound, Nik and Nikki were in the kitchen drinking beer thinking back for the good old days they had spent together as Nikki prepared some lunch for them.

“Man we used to get bitches left and right,” Nikki grinned slicing up a heart from an unfortunate human, “we didn’t even need to compel them.”

“Well we’re just that good,” Nik grinned, completely unfazed by Nikki’s choice of food, he took a sip from his beer, “unfortunately now a days women require a bit more coaxing to get what you want.”

“Oh but that’s the fun part, mein Bruder,” Nikki chuckled, “it’s all in the hunt.”

“I suppose you’re right,” he smirked, “after all, look at Ric, struck out the first time with Régine, got bourbon thrown at him.”

They both laughed, but their laughter was interrupted by a knock at the door, Nik raised an eyebrow.
“Expecting anyone?”

Nikki shook her head.
“No, I don’t know anyone in this town.”

“Hm…” He got up, taking his beer with him. He opened the door and raised an eyebrow, the same man from before was back. “You again? I told you Nikki went to Timbuktu.”

“Yeah, well…” He cleared his throat, putting his hands in his pocket, “I hacked the airlines and there's no seats under her name to Timbuktu, my dude.”

Nik’s eyebrows raised in surprise.
“You hacked? Well it seems you’re not a total idiot after all.”

The man gave him a goofy smile.
“Ha, thanks…” he blinked, “wait what?”

“Nikki,” Nik called out, “you have a halfwit here to see you.” He smirked.

“A what?” Nikki cleaned her hands and walked over, she smirked, “oh hey, you’re that cute guy from last night.”

He stared at her in awe.
“Wow, you’re even more beautiful than I remembered.”

Nikki blinked, a faint blush to her cheeks, she chuckled.
“Well thanks.”

Nik smirked and kissed the side of her head.
“Have fun, don’t do anything I wouldn’t, and definitely don’t do anything I would,” he walked away.

He looked confused.
“That… that doesn’t leave us with a lot to do.”

Nikki tried her best not to laugh.
“So, what’s your name?”

“Oh, I’m Loki, Loki Everdeen,” Loki smiled at her, “what’s yours?”

Nikki smirked.
“Nikolayevna Werner.”

“Nikolai… Niko…” Loki cleared his throat, “that’s an awesome name.”

She laughed.
“You can call me Nikki.”

“Yeah,” he nodded, “I can remember that.”

“So what brings you over here, Mr. Everdeen?”

“I just couldn’t shake you out of my head, I needed to see you again,” Loki looked slightly embarrassed, “I wanted to take you out.”

“What, like, on a date?” Nikki raised an eyebrow.

“Uhm, yeah, if you’d do me the honor,” Loki scratched the back of his head.

Nikolayevna observed him for a moment and smiled, thinking this guy was cute and different from the guys who tried to hit on her recently.
“Lemme go change and we can go.”

“Oh, cool,” he flashed an adorably goofy smile.

Nikki took one last look at him before turning around and closing the door.

“You’re actually going out with him?” Nik smirked.

“He seems nice,” Nikki shrugged walking up the stairs, “and he handled you pretty well,” she chuckled and went into her room.

She quickly changed and walked back downstairs.

“Are you trying to give the man a heart attack?” Nik chuckled.

“Either that or a raging boner,” Nikki winked at him before walking out to the door. “Alright, I’m ready.”

Loki stared at her wide eyed.

“I know,” Nikki grinned, “shall we?”

“Uh, yeah,” Loki nodded quickly and offered his arm to her.

She laced her arm with his and walked over to his car, she looked around seeing a Lamborghini Veneno in front of her but no other car.
“So, where’s your ride?”

“You’re looking at it,” Loki opened the passenger door for her.

“… Did you steal it?”

“No, I bought it a few days ago,” Loki smiled.

Nikki stared at him for a moment before getting in the car, Loki closed the door for her and walked over to the driver’s side and god on. The car turned on with a deep rumble.

“I don’t wanna be nosy, but what exactly do you do to afford this?” Nikki looked around thinking it was slightly nicer than her car.

“I’m a hacker,” Loki began to drive, “best hacker in the business.”

“Well, I wouldn’t say that,” Nikki smirked, “the best hacker in the business works for me.”

“I really doubt that…” Loki chuckled, but his grin faded and looked a bit worried, “who is he?”

“He is a she, and that’s classified,” Nikki grinned.

He looked at her for a moment before putting his eyes back on the road.
“So a hacker works for you… what is it that you do that you need a hacker?”

“That’s classified as well.”

“So you either work for the government, or against it,” Loki deduced.

“I work for myself,” she chuckled, “just me and her.”

“So… you’re a thief?” Loki raised an eyebrow.

“In a way, yes, but I do more than that.”

“Should I be afraid of you?”


Loki’s grip on the steering wheel tightened and his jaw clenched.
“I’m not sure if I should be worried or aroused.”

“Both,” Nikki nodded, “both is good.”

He grinned and chuckled.
“Alright then,” he sped up, zigzagging past cars on the road.

Nikki looked at him and smirked.
This one should be fun.

“Did I hear you correctly?” Kiana walked down the stairs, her eyebrows furrowed staring Godric down, “you’re turning Lessy without Morgan?”

“Who the hell is Morgan?” Lessy grew exasperated.

“Bad enough you’ve made her forget but you’re also taking away her right to see her daughter turn?!” Kiana shoved her.

“Ky, stop,” Lessy tried to hold her back, but Kiana pulled away.

She shoved Godric.
“Do you ever stop being a complete asshole?!”

Godric’s jaw clenched.
“I really don’t have time for you today, Kiana.”

She shoved him again.
“Of course not, you onlye have time for yo—“

Godric lifted her by the throat and slammed her against the wall.
“Do that again and I’ll tear your arm from its socket.”

“Oh yeah?” With a strong wave of energy expelled from her body, she blew Godric off her and across the room.

“Alright, that’s it!” Godric ran to her but Cressida tackled him and pinned him to the floor.

“Godric, please control yourself,” Cree spoke calmly, “this is a stressful time for all of us.”

Godric growled.
“Yeah well keep your bitch on a tighter leash.”

“I’m sure Miss Rhamani will learn her place,” she looked at Kiana when she said this and stood up, giving Godric a hand to help him up.

“What has gotten into you?” Lessy asked her best friend.

“Nothing,” Kiana glared at Godric, “nothing at all.”

“Brilliant,” Cressida smiled, “well Alessandra, Kiana and I were about to head to the shop, have to cancel a bunch of tarot reading reservations…” She muttered the last one and took a breath. “Would you two like to come with us?”

“Non,” Régine shook her head, not wanting to be around Kiana, “I zhink Godric and I vill go out for some breakfast,” she looked at Godric, “vhat do you zhink, mon amour?”

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 31, 2017 5:39 pm

Godric looked at Regine and smiled warmly “breakfast sounds wonderful let’s go” he took her hand and began walking towards the door he stopped and looked at Lessy. “When I return we’ll have a sparring session just the three of us okay you can show Genie the proper form and how to move smoother”. Lessy smiled and nodded “don’t worry Uncle Ric I’ll whip her into shape and then you won’t know what hit you.” Godric chuckled “well now I’m looking forward to it”. Godric and Regine walked out of the house and to his car he drove them to a nice French café in the middle of the quarter. Regine giggled “any particular reason you chose to eat here?” Godric smiled “no not really I just love French cuisine but then again you know all about that since I had some of yours last night”. Regine blushed deeply and covered her mouth giggling “you are so bad.” Godric leaned over and kissed her deeply “and you give me reason to be good”. Regine smiled and kissed him back “I didn’t know I had such an influence on you.” Godric chuckled and helped her out of the car every single thing I’ve done since I met you has been because of you.

Regine smiled “does zhat include compelling me to ‘ave a drink with you?” Godric looked away. “Maaaaybe I couldn’t let someone as gorgeous as you slip through my fingers sooo I had to persuade you.” Regine smiled and took his arm “vell you vere pretty damn persuasive and I’m glad you did it.” They walked inside and a very over enthusiastic hostess sat them at a booth she smiled wide revealing very shiny multi colored braces she spoke with a very bad French accent “your server vill be right with you”. As the hostess walked away Regine let out a small laugh “do you think zhey’re forced to talk like zhat”? “Godric smirked “well for her sake I hope they pay her extra for the attempt, not everyone is as vernacularly inclined as we are.” Regine looked at the menu smiling “Vell I hope zheir chef is competent because zhe dishes look delicious.” Godric smiled “not as delicious as you luv.” Regine giggled “are you ever not charming?” Godric looked up and thought for a moment “umm no I just ooze charm can’t seem to shut it off.” Regine smirked zhen zhat makes me very lucky” Godric responded no sweetheart I’m the lucky one.

After about a minute or two their waitress appeared she had blonde hair blue eyes and a very large bust she carried a pen and notepad and had and also look very over enthusiastic she also spoke with a very thick and poor French accent “velcome to zhe Sage Cafe my name is Margret and I vill be your server this beautiful morning can I start you off vith something to drink?” It took all of Godric’s will power not to laugh at her horrible accent he cleared his throat I’ll have some orange juice thank you. Regine stared at her not knowing if she should be offended or pity the poor girl “I vould like some Ice te… vait do you serve pineapple juice?” Margret nodded and smiled” yes we do freshest around” Regine smiled widely “I vould like a large glass of pineapple juice then please.” Margret nodded and smiled coming right up she turned and walked back to the kitchen while she’s in the kitchen she lifts the color of her uniform and speaks into a tiny hidden microphone in foreign language “the tall blonde one you told me about is here…no Nikolayevna is not with him he’s with another women a French girl…yes yes of course I’ll follow them as you wish mein fuhrer” she readjusts the microphone and walks back onto the dining area. “Here is your juice now vhat can I get zhe lovely couple?” Regine looks up at her and smiles I’ll have zhe western omelet with home fries and toast Margret write it down and smiles she looks over and Godric and what about you handsome Godric smiles I’ll have the sausage omelet with home fries and a toasted bagel with jelly. Margret smiles and writes it down coming right up she takes the menus turns and walks back towards the kitchen.

About ten minutes later Margret arrives with the food here you are if you need anything else please to not hesitate to ask. Godric smiles at her thank you very much they begin eating their meal Regine looks up “zhis is amazing” she goes to take a sip of her pineapple juice and frowns “zhis however is not” Godric smirks “what’s the matter you don’t like it” Regine pouts “25 years of never being able to ‘ave something zhen finding out it’s not what you were expecting can be somevhat disappointing.” “Aww well let me make it up to you” Oh and how exactly vould you do zhat?” Godric smirks and gets up he slides into the booth beside her “well it would come in a series of small gestures the first being” he kisses her deeply her eyes widen then close as she kisses him back.  He slowly slides his hand up her thigh causing her to blush deeply and moan mon amour ve are in public Godric kisses her neck “exactly that makes everything more exhilarating” he slides his hand in between her skirt causing her to gasp when suddenly Margret comes back smiling widely again.

“How is everything here” Regine is frozen in fear praying she won’t notice Godric however is calm and cool “everything is wonderful thank you luv may we get the check please?” Margret smiles and nods “right away sir”. Godric looks back at Genie whose heart is beating rapidly “relax luv and enjoy your present” he slowly moves his hand pleasuring Regine under the table as she rests her head on his shoulder holding back her moans. Margret returns with the check and Godric uses his free hand to sign for it and leaves her a hefty tip she bows her head “zhank you very much monsieur” and skips away. Godric smiles and looks back at Regine who is out of breathe and incredibly red “so are you ready to go my lo… she kisses him deeply wrapping her tongue around his she pulls back and nods “oui I’m ready” they both slide out of the booth and make their way to Godric’s car. He drives to the compound and calls Lessy to meet them there “I think it’s time we trained a little more now that we have some free time”. Regine smiled and nodded “alright but I need to change first since you had your vay vith zhis outfit” Godric smiled “don’t act like you didn’t love it” Regine kissed his lips and ran upstairs to change. She came back down as Lessy pulled up in front she got out of the car wearing comfortable clothes with her hair tied in a ponytail. “Alright uncle Ric today’s the day I knock you on your ass” Godric smirked “if I had a dollar for every time you said that I’d be twice as rich as I already am.”

Lessy laughed sarcastically “ha ha very funny now prepare to eat those words” Regine walks over and stands next to Lessy “alright do you have a plan”? Lessy smirked “of course I do” she whispered in Régine’s ear a very intricate plan that she was sure would get the better of her uncle. Godric stood across from them head tilted and smiled humming to himself. “Would you look at the two of you so cute making a plan that’ll ultimately fail.” Lessy stared back at him squinting “look at you standing there being all old and decrepit.” Godric squinted and yelled back “pooper” Lessy laughed “real mature uncle Ric” Regine stared at them smiling thinking they looked so cute bickering. Lessy got into a fighting stance and Regine di the same alright are you ready Godric lowered himself and smiled I’m always ready alrightthen.

Lessy took out several knives and threw one at Godric charging at him with the other one Godric dodged the first one and ran at Lessy smiling Regine ran at Godric but sped past him shrieking eeeep he laughed and grabbed Lessy’s arms she struggled to break free myeeeeeh Godric smiled come on try harder Regine came running up from behind him having caught the knife Lessy threw and cut Godric’s cheek his eyes widened and he threw Lessy across the yard  he grabbed Regine’s arm and hit her wrist causing her to drop the knife he smiled wide “my dear sweet Genie that was brilliant.” Lessy looked up glaring “hey it was my idea.” Regine nodded in agreement “Oui it was although I didn’t expect it to work I thought you were faster than that.” Godric tilted his head “I suppose underestimated you a mistake I won’t make in the future” he kisses her deep smiling Lessy rolls her eyes “eww gross I thought this was a training session not make out reef. ” Godric pulled away and looked at Lessy smiling “well you’re more than welcome to keep going I can do both at the same time”. Lessy glared “oh you can can you she got up and charged at Godric who in turn let go of Regine and ran at Lessy grabbing herand squeezing her tightly kissing her all over. Lessy screamed in protest “noooooo heeeeeelp someone cough cough.” Godric looked down at her do you yield Lessy looked up at him and squinted never and began struggling to break free Godric resumed kissing “I’ll let you go if you give up” Lessy screamed I’ll never give up you pooper.

Regine watched them covering her mouth and giggling Godric looked over at her smiling “something funny mademoiselle.” She smiled and spoke “no monsieur I just never expected zhe big bad hybrid to act in such a way.” Lessy looked up “yeah it’s so undignified plus it’s unfair” she keeps struggling to break free Lets go of Lessy and runs over to Regine picking her up and hugging and kissing her causing her to scream and laugh vhat are you doing. Godric pulled back and looked at Genie “well I could tell you were jealous sooooo I will enact the same torture that I gave to Lessy to you.” He continues to kiss her ass over squeezing her tightly causing her to giggle. Lessy got up and smiled brushing herself off “remind me to never spar with you two unprofessionals again” she walks towards the compound and goes inside. Margret can be seen watching the compound from a distance thinking to herself hmmm….
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 10, 2018 1:26 pm

They stopped outside of a café a few miles from the Quarter, Loki got out first and like a gentleman he went over to Nikki’s side and opened the door for her, he held out his hand to guide her out through he knew she didn’t need any help.

She looked at him for a moment, not quite used to someone treating her so… human. She took his hand and got out of the car, he offered his arm to her and once again she laced hers with his and they made their way inside.

They were greeted by a cheery hostess.
“Hey Loki, table for two?”

“Yes ma’am,” Loki smiled.

“Right this way then,” she took two menus with her and led them over to a table by the window, “your waitress will be right with you.”

“Thank you,” he nodded and she walked away.

“A man who can afford fancy sports cars but goes to hole in the wall cafés,” Nikki chuckled, “that’s a first.”

Loki shrugged.
“I’m not one to flaunt my fortune, I didn’t get the car cause I wanted to show the world how rich I am or anything, I just thought it was pretty badass.”

She nodded.
“Do you come here often? The hostess knew you.”

“Yeah it’s my favorite spot to get some work done,” Loki smiled, “it’s never too crowded, and their radio station is nice.”

Nikki looked out the window to do some people watching.
“There’s still a lot of New Orleans I haven’t been able to see, I’ve only been here for a couple of weeks and most of it was spent looking for my family.”

“Oh yeah that’s why they threw the party, cause you found them,” Loki smiled, staring at her rather than the people who walked by, “I’m really happy Hayley invited me, the moment I saw you… man I felt like the earth vanish under my feet.”

She smirked.
“Is that so?” She made eye contact with a woman who was walking down the sidewalk with her partner, their gazes were held only for a second before Nikki shifted her attention back to Loki, “you’re a werewolf aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I am,” he nodded.

The bell on the door rang behind Nikki, making her feel a bit uneasy, the couple had entered the café.

“Have you killed anyone?” Nikki asked casually, as if it was a normal conversation.

“Uhm… yeah…” Loki scratched the back of his head looking down, “it’s not something I’m happy about.”

“And it doesn’t worry you that our kind have been at war since like forever?”

“No, not really,” Loki smirked, “I’m a good boy.”

Nikki laughed.
“It’s not really you I’m worried about,” she looked at the woman once more, whom was now sitting at a table nearby. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, porcelain skin; she also looked incredibly familiar to Nikki though she couldn’t pinpoint where she had seen her before.

The waitress walked up to them, smiling brightly.
“Hey Loki! How you doing?”

“I’m great,” Loki smiled back and gestured towards Nikki, “this is Nikki, my date.”

“Hey Nikki,” she gave a smile wave, “are you guys ready to order?”

Nikki noticed there was a shift in the woman’s expression, she looked at the waitress and smiled.
“I actually have to go to the ladies room,” she looked at Loki, “how bout you order for me since you’ve been here before? Surprise me.” She got up and calmly made her way to the bathroom.

She looked around the rustic style bathroom and found a small corner she could hide in, so she did. With controlled breathing she slowed her heart to the point it was almost undetected with vampire hearing, and she waited.

It didn’t take long for the woman to take the bait and she walked in the bathroom, Nikki peeked through a small opening and saw her quietly pressing on stall doors, trying to find her. It wasn’t until she was further along the row that Nikki stealthily got out of her hiding spot and blurred to her snapping her neck before she could turn around, the woman dropped to the ground.

Nikki took a moment to compose herself and dragged her over to one of the stalls, she propped her up on the toilet and started searching through her clothes. She found a smartphone and used the woman’s thumb to unlock it. She immediately went to check her messages, and the last one was sent to someone she had titled as “Kommandant”.

She tried to not let herself freak out and opened the message: “I think I’ve found her, I’m in Le Grain de Café.”

To which they replied: “I’ll be right there.”

With a deep breath Nikki opened the phone and tore out the GPS chip, she looked at the woman for a moment before tearing her heart out and walking out of the stall, she closed the door and washed her hands before heading back outside.

She looked at the woman’s date who seemed confused, he looked around with his brow furrow. Nikki walked over to him and looked into his eyes.
“Go back to where she found you, and forget everything that happened after that.”

Without hesitation he got up, and walked out the door.

Nikki walked over to Loki.
“Hey Loki, could you take me home?” She emphasized the word home in case anyone was listening.

“But I just ordered our food,” Loki blinked, but seeing the look in her eyes he knew it couldn’t wait. He took out his wallet, left a $100 bill on the table, and walked out with her.

Nikki didn’t wait on him to be a gentleman and open the door for her, there was no time.

He turned on the car and they sped off.

“Don’t take me home,” Nikki looked back to make sure they weren’t being followed.

“I thought you said—“

“They’ll think I’m going back to the compound,” Nikki took a deep breath, “have you ever let a vampire in your home?”

“Just Hayley,” Loki sped up. “Why?”

“Take me to your place, it’ll be safe there,” Nikki kept going through the woman’s phone.

“What happened?” Loki zigzagged his way past cars.

“Someone’s looking for me,” she scrolled through messages, “and they’re German which is not good.”

“That’s kind of racist, don’t you think?”

“Not when you’re German and a Nazi survivor.”

“Oh,” Loki took a deep breath, knowing he fucked up.

“This chick’s name was apparently Joanna, I can’t find any personal information on any of her contacts…”

“Did… did you kill her?”

“Yup,” Nikki answered coolly.

They reached Loki’s building.
“It’s the penthouse apartment,” he gave her the key, “you can go in.”

Without hesitation she got out of the car and ran up the stairs all the way to the apartment, she unlocked it and made her way inside. She looked around the warm toned luxury apartment and smirked, thinking Loki had great tastes. She twirled the key in her hand and spotted the kitchen, and deciding she needed to occupy her mind, she walked over to it and opened the fridge seeing what he had in stock.

Loki was surely hungry and had been looking forward to their meal at the café, so Nikki decided she was gonna make it up to him. She took out the ingredients she would need and started to cook a meal for him.

“Well that smells good,” Loki said as he walked through the door.

“Yeah I figured I owed you lunch,” Nikki smirked.

“Beautiful and you can cook,” Loki sat on a stool next to the island counter, smiling.

“Prepare for the most amazing meal you’ve ever had,” she winked at him.

“I don’t know, my mom’s cooking is pretty hard to beat,” Loki leaned on the counter.

Nikki laughed.
“I’m gonna give your mother a run for her money,” she took off her jacket and put her hair up, walked over to the stove to flip the meat.

Loki observed her for a moment and noticed the numbers in her arm.
“What’s that?” He asked curiously.

Nikki looked back at him and noticed what he was staring at.
“That’s my ID number, from the concentration camp.”

“You don’t look Jewish though,” he looked at her, “so why were you a prisoner?”

She bit the inside of her cheek.
“Are you ready for the cliché answer most people give whenever they’re asked why they did something?”


“Love,” she turned around to look at him, “I was in love with a Jewish girl, and I did everything I could to keep her safe from the Nazis; Dinah was and still is the love of my life.”

“What happened to her?” Loki sat up straight.

Her eyes watered slightly, she turned around to stir the pasta so he wouldn’t see her showing weakness.
“I think you’re asking too many questions.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable,” Loki scratched the back of his head.

“It’s fine, you just want to get to know me…” Nikki drained the pasta, “I just come with a lot of baggage is all.”

“Like having people looking for you to potentially kill you,” Loki nodded.

“You seem unfazed by that fact,” she began to mix the sauce.

“Well I’ve heard a lot of stories of your family from Hayley, I pretty much knew you’d be similar to them in that aspect,” Loki shrugged, “I still wanted to get to know you.”

“Oh, you don’t want to know me,” Nikki shook her head, “I should have said no to the date, I’ve dragged you into this mess, and you’re too young and too cute to die.”

“You act like I’m some defenseless human,” Loki gave a chuckle.

“I don’t know who’s looking for me,” Nikki served the plates and gave him his, “I don’t know if they’re human, witches, werewolves, vampires… At this point they’re a danger to me until I can get more info on them, and I’m a 96 year old vampire with German and American military expertise, and I was trained by the original vampires and hybrid in combat. If I’m in trouble, you’re in greater danger.”

Loki nodded and thought for a moment, cutting up his food.
“I’m not afraid, you know, I’ve probably gained a few enemies doing what I do too,” he took a bite and blinks, “oh shit, this is really good.”

Nikki chuckled.
“Better than your mom’s, right?”

“I mean, I’m not going to tell her that…” he chuckled, “you know, you should call your dad and the others,” he spoke about the Mikaelsons as if they were Nikki’s real biological family, which she appreciated greatly, “let them know what’s going on before they start worrying.”

“No,” Nikki shook her head, “they spent centuries on the run, they’ve finally established themselves here, and I’m not going to give them more reasons to run. I’ve been holding my own for 60 years, I can handle this on my own… Just gotta be vigilant, I have a lot of people who’d love to have my head on a tray.”

“You’ve never told me what exactly it is you do,” Loki took another bite.

“Well,” she eyed him, “seeing as I’m stuck with you,” she smirked, “I’m a professional assassin.”

“That is so hot,” Loki raised his eyebrows.

Nikki laughed.
“I’ll admit I wasn’t expecting that reaction.”

“It takes a lot to scare me off,” Loki smirked.

She grinned.
“Good, cause there’ll be more coming your way.”

“I’m ready for it,” he smiled, “you know, if you want I could help you uncover data from that phone.”

“Considering I don’t know who is looking for me or what they’re capable of, I think it’s a good idea to do it local instead of sending it to my contact…” She tilted her head, “but how do I know I can trust you?”

Loki shrugged.
“I’ve been friends with Hayley for years, she can vouch for me.”

“Well Elijah trusts Hayley, and if Hayley trusts you, I guess that’s good enough for me,” she handed him the phone.

He got up and walked over to his computer, plugged it in through the USB and started entering some codes into a program that started doing things Nikki couldn’t understand. After a few minutes there was a ding.

“What?!” Loki stared at his screen.

“What?” Nikki blinked.

“It said it couldn’t find anything…” Loki wrote another code and tried again.

“Best in the business, huh?” Nikki started texting Alia.

“No, I got this…” Loki looked at his computer with a gleam of hope in his eyes, but the same ding and error message appeared. “Damn, these people are good.”

“To beat Nazis you need to know Nazis, excuse me,” she took over his computer and sent all the data to a private server email address Alia had provided her with. “There, I’m sure she’ll find something.”

A few minutes later Nikki’s phone went off, Nikki unlocked it and checked it.

“What do we do now?” Loki looked at her.

“I’m calling Nik and letting him know I’m spending the night,” she began to dial.

“Wait, you’re staying here?!” Loki cleared his throat, having seemed too eager, “I mean not that I mind or anything.”

“Your place is the safest place for me right now, nobody knows who you are seeing as I only just met you, so I won’t be traced here,” Nikki put the phone to her ear. “Hey, Nik, just letting you know I won’t be going home tonight.”

His smirk was evident in his tone.
“Well well well, looks like we have another Rebekah.”

“If by that you mean a confident woman who doesn’t care what the opinion of her brothers are, then yes,” Nikki heard Rebekah in the background.

She chuckled.
“I love you guys, see you tomorrow,” she hung up and looked at him, “alright, you’re stuck with me. What’s there to do in this fancy apartment of yours?”

“Oh I have anything and everything,” he flashed a goofy smile at her that caused her to blush lightly.

“We’ll see if that’s true,” Nikki smirked and walked over to his living room.

They spent all afternoon talking, watching movies, playing videogames (the first person shooter games Nikki excelled at, which frustrated Loki cause he always claimed to be the best but kept losing to her), and getting to know each other better.

“Seriously?” Nikki tried not to laugh, “you tripped on a rail and pushed the old lady onto traffic and THAT’S how you triggered the curse?”

Loki mumbled.
“I told you I wasn’t proud of it…”

“Aww, princess, I’m sorry” Nikki chuckled and got up, she stretched and looked at him, “hey, you mind letting me borrow some clothes? I wanna shower.”

“Oh, yeah, no problem,” Loki got up and led her to his room here he laid out some options for her and handed her a clean towel.

“Thanks,” Nikki smiled at him and walked into the bathroom.

She stripped and got in, making the water go as hot as it could, she stood under it for a moment collecting her thoughts about her day. She was certain Neo Nazis would be behind this whole thing, and she dragged a poor innocent young man into it.
“I gotta keep him safe,” she whispered to herself, “there’s something about him that I just can’t let die…” She took a deep breath and began to bathe, she dried herself and started drying her hair with the towel as she walked out into the bedroom where Loki stared at her wide eyed.

“Oh God,” he turned around, “I’m sorry, I thought you took some of the clothes with you.”

Nikki chuckled thinking he was adorable.
“It’s okay, you can look.”

“No, that would be disrespectful,” Loki shook his head, “you’re an amazing woman who—“

Nikki turned him around and smiled.
“Seriously, it’s fine.”

Loki gulped and tried not to look down but he couldn’t restrain himself.
“Oh my god you’re perfect.”

She grinned.
“Thanks,” she tilted her head looking at him, noticing he was nervous, she took his hand and ran it down her chest, “there’s nothing to be afraid of.” She caressed his cheek.

He looked at her for a moment before leaning in and kissing her softly. Nikki wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him back and pulled him with her over to the bed. She kissed him deeply and undid his pants, and they both got to explore each other’s most intimate areas…

The next morning Nikki woke up, still nude, Loki’s arm around her as he snored lightly. She looked at him for a moment and couldn’t help but smile at how adorable he was even as he slept. But she knew very well this all had to come to an end; she wormed her way out of his grasp without waking him, and began to get dressed, with the plan to leave without him knowing.

But just as she was going to walk out the door he turned around and looked at her, speaking in a cute just-woke-up voice.
“Where are you going?”

Nikki looked at him.
“What do you mean? I’m leaving… isn’t this usually how one-night stands work?”

“Well who said this was a one night stand?” He sat up on the bed.

“It’s not?” Nikki raised an eyebrow.

“Of course not…” Loki tilted his head, “I want to get to know you better.”

Nikki blinked, not having a man tell her that in a long time and used to just leaving in the morning after a night of passion.
“Oh,” she smiled, “alright then, I do have to go home eventually to check up on the area though.”

“You can do that after breakfast,” he got up and kissed the side of her head before walking out to the kitchen.

She looked at him as he walked away, blushing, for the first time in years feeling butterflies in her stomach…

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 12, 2018 8:38 pm

Godric woke in his bed and sat up he looked to his left and saw Regine sleeping beside him peacefully he smiled slightly and kissed the side of her head he slowly got up without waking her and got dressed. He walked out of the room and down the stairs “I need a drink he mumbled to himself.” Klaus looked up from the couch and smirked “well look whose finally alone”. Godric turned towards his brother and squinted “what’s that supposed to mean?” Klaus got up and walked over “nothing really. Just that you’ve been attached to your precious babyvamp for so long I was starting to worry you were whipped” Godric growled “nobody has any control over me I’m Godric Mikaelson I do what I want when I want and no one can stop me.” Klaus clapped “nice monologue how many times you rehearse that?” As many times as the amount of women I’ve fucked Klaus counts on his fingers so including the redheaded stalker and the French woman that makes three? Godric takes out a knife and throws it at his brother who catches between his fingers and laughs. “Well little brother it seems you’re out of practice seems your girl is making you soft, strange they’re usually supposed to do the opposite.”

Godric glared at his brother “you know for someone who claims to be the older sibling you’re not that much mature than I am.” Nik smirks “I never claimed to be and in any case maturity doesn’t define age otherwise Elijah would be the oldest thing on the planet.” Godric chuckled “true true I don’t think he has an immature bone is his body, but according to the noises that come from his room Hayley loves the one he has.” Klaus glares and throws the knife back at Godric who catches it in his hand laughing “aww did I strike a nerve?” Klaus cleared his throat “no of course not, anyway since you’re finally free and I know you haven’t fed properly in some time care to join me for a walk? “ Godric smirked “the last time we went for a walk we drained a group of hippies” Klaus chuckled “yes I know good times.” Godric looked at the stairs leading back to his room “yeah sure it sounds like fun, she’ll be fine by herself for a bit”. Nik smiled as they both walked out the front door. Godric looked around so water you in the mood for”? Klaus tilts his head and looks around.

In the distance Margret can be seen watching them she speaks into her microphone “no mein fuhrer there is no sign of Nikolayevna only the tall blonde one from yesterday and someone else” …there is a pause and a thick German accent can be heard “can’t you do anything right first Joanna has gone silent and now zhis how hard is it to find one girl.” Margret cringes as the voice continues to yell “if you don’t report back with good news by the time this day is out zhe zhings I’ll do to you will make the doctors look tame.” Her eyes start to water as she shakes y-yes main fuhrer I will find her the voice hangs up.  Margret tries calling Joanna mumbling “come on Jo don’t do this to me pick uuuuup” there was no answer “Scheiße Was zum Teufel ist mit ihr passiert” she dialed another number and a male voice answered  “ja okay I’ll be right there” within a few minutes a pale skinned young man arrived on the rooftop next to Margret. She hugged him tightly “Hans thank god you’re alright have you heard from Joanna?” Hans shook his head no not since yesterday but the komandant said he received a text message saying that she thought she found Nikolayevna. Margret’s eyes watered do… do you think Nikolayevna killed her? Hans thought for a moment “it’s quite possible she’s had Nazi and US training and according to the reports is highly suspicious and paranoid.” Hans shook his head and spoke “of course not I’m sure she’s alright she’s probably deep under cover or something there’s nothing to worry about.” Margret dried her eyes and nodded you’re right you know Jo she’s probably luring Nikolayevna into a trap as we speak. Hans kisses her forehead that’s the spirit now who are the two that you’ve been tailing?

Margret turns her attention back to Klaus and Godric “I think they are affiliated with Nikolayevna the tall blonde one matches the description we were given I believe he’s referred to as Drauf.” Hans scoffs “Drauf what a childish nickname they don’t look so tough why Nikolayevna would go to them?” Suddenly Godric and Klaus disappear. Margret’s eyes widen “WHERE THE HELL DID THEY GO I’VE NEVER SEEN SOMEONE MOVE THAT FAST EXPECT FOR THE Komandant” before Hans could reply Godric and Klaus were on them. Godric wrapped his arm around Margret’s throat while Nik pinned Hans to a nearby wall Nik smiled eyes glowing “see I told you we were being followed. “Godric nodded you were right and look who it is the waitress from yesterday with the exceptional tits.” Godric stared at them you know it took all my will power not to stare at these while I was with Genie, what a fortuitous turn of events.” Margret struggled against him while Hans clawed at Klaus’ arm causing Klaus to bash Han’s head against the wall cracking it “now now we don’t want to make a mess do we” Godric loosened his grip and spoke softly not sweetheart I’ll only ask nicely one why are you and your bitch following us?

Marget’s eyes went black and she snarled back “hol deine ekelhaften Hände von mir bevor ich dir den Kopf abreiße” Godric smiled eyes glowing “ahh du bist deutsch es ist schon eine Weile her, seit ich mit dir zu tun habe.” Klaus smirked the last tiem we delt with Germans the ywere Nazi’s do you think these lovely individuals are Nazis?” Godric undid the top button on Margret’s collar and revealed the microphone well it sure looks like they are which means you’re not here for us you’re here for…suddenly Margret bit Godric’s hand causing him to let go of her. She ran at Klaus and punched at him but he turned and used Hans as a shield causing Margret to punch a hole though his chest. Godric and Klaus laughed you know for “Nazi agents you’re not very good” Klaus nodded I suppose with the death of that slimy mustached rat it seems the whole screening process has gone to shit.” Margret screamed and went to punch Klaus again but Godric stepped forward and restrained her again “alright not that this hasn’t been fun cause you know watching you punch holes into your boyfriend is hilarious but we had plans so since the easy way isn’t working let’s try this” Godric looked deep into her eyes and spoke who sent you and what do you want from us Margret spat in his face and cursed who the fuck do you think I am that I would betray my superior?

Godric sighed and wiped his face “well let’s see if your boyfriend is in the mood to share Godric grabbed Hans from Klaus and bit into his neck causing him to scream out in pain Margret dashed towards Godric screaming fangs bared but was subdued by Klaus” she thrashed wildly let me go you son of a bitch I’ll rip you to pieces AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. “Alright that’s enough of you” Klaus pulled his arm back but Godric stopped him Nik wait don’t kill her. Klaus looked up any why not?” Godric smirked cause I said so he dropped Hans to the ground who had already passed out and walked over to Margret who fought desperately to free herself and attack Godric who smiled cruelly at her “now that I have your attention you tell whoever sent you that they fucked up and should have done a much better job if they wanted to catch us by surprise theu should have sent more than whatever the hell you are oh and if you don’t want your friend to die I suggest you pick him up and hurry before the good mood I’m in expires” Margret sates at him eyes black tears streaming down her face she speaks softly her voice full of pure hate “I will make you suffer pain you’ve never experienced before until you beg for death” Godric smiled widely “aww isn’t that adorable she thinks she’s threatening.” Godric kisses her forehead and swiftly snaps her neck Klaus lets her drop to the ground.

Klaus smirked and looked down “well that’s one way to start the morning.” Godric nodded in agreement “yup haven’t experienced anything like this in a while.” Godric looked and Klaus and spoke seriously “where’s Nikki.” “She called last night said she was spending the night at some halfwits house I’m sure she’s fine you know how she is.” Godric nodded yeah I guess we should get back and tell the other. They both sped down the building and left the two bodies on the roof. Godric ran upstairs to his room to check on Regine and saw her holding his bloody clothes from the other night. His eyes widened “oh fuck I forgot about those.” Regine looked at him not sure how she felt and asked him quietly “vhat are zhese?” Godric cleared his throat and spoke “those are my clothes from the other night I was gonna burn the m but I was tired and forgot to.” Regine dropped them and walked over to him “vhy are zhey covered in blood.” Godric tilted his head unsure on how he should respond when he heard something coming from outside. Godric zoomed toward the window and looked out towards the street and saw and unfamiliar car pull up in front of the compound Klaus appeared in the doorway “looks like we have visitors.” Godric looked back at Genie and kissed her cheek “we’re gonna have to finish this later I promise I’ll answer any questions you have I love you” He sped out of the room and down the stairs to the outside yard he ripped the driver out of the seat and lifted him against the wall pinning him there with his fangs bared he roared “who are you and what the fuck do you want?”…
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 16, 2018 2:22 am

“Drauf!” Nikki quickly got out of the car and was now by Godric’s side, “relax, he’s with me.”

“Ah,” Klaus smirked, “it’s the halfwit.”

Loki trembled in fear.
“Y-yeah, I’m the halfwit.”

Godric put him down on his feet.
“Next time you should let us know when you’re bringing people, mein Störenfreid.”

“What’s got you so on edge?” Nikki raised an eyebrow.

“Well we’ve had some unexpected visitors,” Klaus approached her, “they seemed to be looking for you.”

Nikki tried her best to keep her cool.
“Well loads of people look for me,” she chuckled, “I’m quite famous you know.”

“Ah, and is that another one of your fans?” Klaus gestured towards a cab that parked out in front of the house.

They all turned to face the car, ready to attack if necessary. The back door opened, and out of it emerged a young blonde woman with brown eyes. She smiled at the sight of Nikki and ran towards her.
“Nikki!” She hugged her tight.

“Alia,” Nikki smiled hugging her back.

“It’s been so long,” Alia’s eyes watered.

“It has,” Nikki pulled away from the hug, “what happened? I was expecting you here yesterday.”

“I ran into some issues, had to avoid certain people…” Alia whispered, “I’ll explain later.”

Nikki looked around, feeling suddenly uneasy.
“How about we all go inside, I’ll make the formal introductions there.”

“Zhat vill ‘ave to wait,” Régine stepped outside and looked at Godric, “Katriane lost control, zhey’re at zhe ‘ouse.”

Godric pinched the bridge of his nose.
“Fine, we’ll head over,” he looked at Nikki, “I don’t want you leaving this house, not until we figure out what’s going on.”

Nikki smirked.
“Last time I checked, Elijah was my father.”

“I mean it,” Godric’s voice was stern.

Nikki’s smirk fell.
“Yeah, alright.”

He took Régine’s hand and they both sped off to her house.

“Well we just have all sorts of things happening, huh?” Nikki chuckled, “alright, you heard the man, inside.”

She walked in, Loki and Alia close behind her.

“Should have known Nikki would come with her own little surprises,” Klaus shook his head before following them in.

“Where’s Elijah?” Nikki looked around.

“He’s upstairs, I’ll go fetch him,” Klaus smirked, “behave.” He walked up the stairs.

Alia took Nikki’s arm and pulled her over, she spoke in German.
Who’s he?” She looked at Loki.

That’s Loki,” Nikki glanced at him before facing Alia again, “we went on a date yesterday, sweet guy, had to take cover at his place yesterday cause apparently people are looking for me.

Did you sleep with him?


Well?” Alia looked into her eyes, “did you?

Nikki sighed.
I did.

Alia bit the inside of her cheek.
I see…

Sweetheart, you knew there would never be anything like that between us…” Nikki stroked her cheek.

I know, I suppose I just hoped…

“Am I interrupting something?” Elijah asked from the stairs, smiling softly at his daughter.

“Of course not, mein Leben,” Nikki smiled brightly and went to hug him.

Elijah hugged her back, kissing her cheek.
“Who are our guests?”

Nikki walked over to Alia.
“This is Alia, she is-- was my personal assistant.”

These words clearly touched a sour note with Alia but she did her best to remain poised, she walked over to Elijah and shook his hand.
“Elijah, I’ve heard so many great things about you.”

He smiled at her and gave a nod.
“Nice to meet the woman who’s been keeping my daughter company,” he walked down the stairs over to Loki, “and you are?”

“Loki,” he stood straight, “Loki Everdeen.”

Elijah smirked.
“Ah yes, Hayley has told me all about you.”

“Good things I hope,” Loki gave a nervous but adorably goofy chuckle.

“Oh yes,” Elijah nodded shaking his hand firmly, “but you’ve seemed to have developed a liking to mein Kind, so all those good things I’ve heard mean nothing until you prove them to be true.”

“Oh, I, uh—“ Loki was clearly intimidated by him.

“Well,” Nikki smiled and walked over to Loki, putting an arm on his shoulder to calm him down, “he did help me escape yesterday if that makes a difference.”

“Escape?” Elijah looked at her.

“Yeah,” Nikki scratched the back of her head, “there’s a group of people looking for me, had a close encounter yesterday when we went out on our date. He took me to his house and kept me safe there.”

“Do you have any idea who it could be?”

“Only that they’re German,” Nikki shrugged, “but don’t worry, I’ve kept myself safe for a good seven decades, I can handle it.”

“That may be so…” Elijah held Nikki to him, “but regardless I’ll ask Marcel if he can have his men look around for any suspicious activity.”

“Is that really necessary?” Nikki sighed.

“You’re my daughter, of course it is.” Elijah stroked her cheek.

“What’s this I hear about people looking for you?” Rebekah walked down the stairs, she looked at Loki and smiled. “Oh, who’s this?”

“This is Loki,” Nikki smirked knowing just what was running through Bekah’s mind, “the reason I didn’t come home last night.”

“Pleasure,” Bekah’s smile faded only slightly.

“Hah, yeah, that’s what I gave Nikki last night,” Loki laughed but quickly put his hand to his mouth seeing Elijah, “I am so sorry.”

Klaus laughed.
“I like him.”

“Right,” Elijah squeezed his shoulder firmly, “I would appreciate it if you kept any business you have with my daughter discreet.”

“Y-yes, sir,” Loki nodded.

Nikki smirked, thinking Loki was adorable.

“It’s in bad taste to talk about a lady like that,” Alia crossed her arms.

“Oh, darling,” Nikki grinned, “we both know I’m no lady.”
She looked at her and tilted her head.
“I think it’s time I held my end of our bargain, hm?”

Alia sighed and nodded.

“We’ll be right back,” Nikki laced her arm with Alia’s, “try not to roughen Loki up too much.”

“Oh Nikki you know we can’t promise that,” Klaus smirked.

“I know,” Nikki grinned and walked up the stairs with Alia.

Loki gulped.

“Why don’t you have a seat, Mr. Everdeen?” Elijah gave him his signature smile, gesturing to the couch.

“Oh no, I’m fine…”

“I’m afraid that wasn’t a request,” Elijah stared at him, his expression unchanged.

“Right,” Loki quickly sat down.

Nikki took Alia into her room.

“You deserve better, you know,” Alia looked at Nikki, “someone who respects you more than that.”

“Chill, Alia,” Nikki shook her head, “I only met the guy the other night, it’s not like I’m dating him or anything.”

“But I can see it happening,” Alia frowned, “you deserve someone who’s respectful of you, someone who’s loved you for a long time.”

“Someone like you?” Nikki pulled out a dagger.

“Well, yes…” Alia observed as Nikki cut the palm of her hand and let her blood drop into a glass goblet, “but I’m sure there are other people who fit the description, people who never stopped loving you.”

“You’re acting strange,” Nikki handed her the goblet, “is there something bothering you?”

“I feel like I’ll never see you again,” Alia’s eyes watered.

“You’ll see me again,” Nikki stroked her hair, “but I want you to explore the world, take advantage of the gift of immortality and take back all those years I stole from you.”

“You didn’t steal anything from me,” Alia sniffled, “you saved my life… it was an honor working for you.”

“It was an honor to have you as my loyal assistant,” Nikki nodded.

Alia took one last look at Nikki before drinking the blood, Nikki kissed her forehead and held her close for a moment before swiftly snapping her neck.

She picked her up and gently lay her on her bed, she looked at Alia for a moment before heading downstairs and over to the cellar to grab a couple bags of blood. She stopped for a moment to check up on Loki and the rest of them.

“So what is it about Nikolayevna that has taken your interest?” Elijah tilted his head.

“Well I mean, have you seen her? She’s gorgeous,” Loki smiled, “but you know, there’s more to a woman than just her looks, that’s why I asked her out on a date and…” he looked down trying to hide his blushing cheeks, “she seems incredible, man, she’s so witty, and brave, and strong, and there’s so many things I like about her.”

Nikki smiled, he was really growing on her, more than any guy she had dated before had so early on. She took one last look at his handsome features before heading over to her room where Alia was just waking up.

“I didn’t think I’d wake up with such a neck ache,” Alia rubbed her neck.

Nikki smirked.
“You’ll feel better in a sec,” she opened a bag and gave it to her.

She took it and drank greedily from it.
“Oh god this tastes better than I thought it would.”

“It’s amazing isn’t it?” Nikki smiled, “and the Mikaelsons don’t just take any blood either, they have great tastes.” She walked over to one of her drawers and pulled out a small velvet box, “I’ve kept this for so many years, never thought I’d see the day when I’d actually be giving it to you.” She placed it on her hands.

Alia opened it, eyes watering, and saw a delicate silver ring housing a small lapis lazuli stone in it. She took it and put it on her ring finger.
“It’s beautiful.”

Nikki smiled.
“Now you have something to remember me by in your travels.”

She got up and hugged Nikki right, Nikki hugged her back.
“I’m going to miss you.”

Nikolayevna kissed the side of her head.
“I’ll miss you too mein blume, now go, remember your training, I’m only a phone call away if you need me.”

Alia looked into her beloved’s eyes, tears streaming from hers.
“Can I have one last kiss, please?

“Alia, you’re making this harder than it needs to be.”

“One last kiss, that’s all I’m asking.”

Nikki looked at her and cupped her cheek before kissing her lips softly.
“Ich liebe dich, meine blume.”

Alia sniffled.
“Ich liebe dich auch, mein kleiner Fuchs.”

Nikki opened the door for her and took her hand to guide her out, Alia looked at the other and tried to smile.
“It was nice meeting all of you.”
“Yeah,” Loki smiled at her, “it was nice meeting one of Nikki’s friends, I hope to see you again.”

Alia stared at Loki for a moment.
“Yeah, sure thing,” she walked out without saying a word.

Nikki observed her until she was out of eyesight and sighed, not wanting to cry. She knew it was better for Alia to explore her new freedom, not having to be on call every moment of the day unable to leave her apartment except for the times she visited. She loved her, but it was for the best.

“I don’t want us to leave on a bad note,” Dion spoke to his children, Katriane and Sin, “I tried calling Régine but she won’t answer, I don’t want it to be like that with the both of you,” he took a deep breath, “I realize it was harsh for me to speak to you the way I did at the party and I apologize… but you have to understand this comes as a huge shock for your mother and I.”

Isabela sniffled.
“Zhis is new territory, ve vant to be ‘ere for you, but—“

“You’re afraid,” Sin shrugged, “I get it.”

There was a honk outside.

“Right,” Dion cleared his throat, “that’s the taxi,” he picked up the luggage, “I hope the Mikaelsons can give you two the training you need.”

“I love you so much,” Isabela tried her best not to cry, “we’ll try to come back soon.”

Katriane stood up to hug her mother, but Isabela flinched. Kat took a step back and nodded.
“Ve love you too…”

Dion nodded at them and took Isabela’s hand, they both walked out without saying another word. Tears streamed down Katriane’s face as she walked to close the door.

“It’s going to be okay,” Sin hugged her tight.

“I know,” she hugged him back, “I know… I need a moment.”

Sin nodded.

Katriane took a cigar from the table and walked outside, she lit it up and sat at the patio table trying to block out the noises coming from the neighbor’s backyard who seemed to be having some sort of party. She took a drag from the cigar and looked up at the sky as she tried to contain her sobs, thoughts running through her brain at blinding speed.

She wondered now if there was even any reason to be alive, she wondered if she was meant to die that night but Julien simply interrupted that process.
“Maybe I vas meant to be back with my boy,” she said to herself, “maybe I should finish vhat Niklaus started.”

Her thoughts were interrupted by a scream and the sound of metal falling to the ground, she was alert now, her senses heightened. It didn’t take long for the scent of blood to reach her, immediately her eyes went black, and impulsively dashed to the neighbor’s yard.

The sounds of screams made Sin stand from the couch, he looked out the window and saw Katriane was no longer in the backyard.
“Oh fuck,” he ran out and hopped the neighbor’s fence to find 11 corpses on the ground and one more being drained by his sister in an uncontrollable thirst, “Katriane, stop!”

There was another shriek of horror that came from the back entrance to the house, before Sin could even turn his head to look Katriane went straight to the source.

“Please, don’t hurt me!” The little girl screamed in tears.

Kat looked at her for a moment, the beast and human within her conflicting with each other.
“Oh God,” Katriane’s eyes turned back to normal, she looked behind her and gasped, “oh my God what have I done?!”

Sin rushed over to her and took the child from her hands, he looked into her eyes.
“You saw nothing, you’re doing to wash the blood from your arms, and you’re going to go back to your room and you are going to play there, you never came downstairs, you never saw us, you never heard them scream. Now go.”

The girl nodded and headed upstairs.

“Come on,” Sin took Kat’s arm, “we need to get out of here.” He dragged her back to their home, and called Régine. It only took a couple of rings for her to answer.

“’Ello Sin,” Régine sounded slightly unnerved. “What’s up?”

“Katriane just lost control, she just killed 12 people,” Sin sighed, “I don’t know how to handle this on my own.”

“Don’t vorry, I’ll be on my way with Godric.”

“Thanks,” he hung up and gulped, the blood splattered on Kat was making him thirsty, he realized he hadn’t fed since the day before, “Régine is on her way here, are you okay?”

“I almost killed a child,” Katriane sobbed, “I killed her entire family.”

“Hey,” Sin kneeled in front of her, looking into her eyes, “it’s not your fault, okay? You couldn’t control yourself.”

“What’s going on?” Séb walked down the stairs, his eyes widened when he saw Kat’s state, “mon Deu, what happened?”

“Why don’t you look for yourself?” Sin pointed up the stairs, “I’m sure you’ll get a good view.”

Séb blinked and walked back up, after a few seconds he came back down looking pale.
“What are we going to do?”

“We?” Sin raised an eyebrow, “you’re not getting involved, just leave that to the rest of us.”

“I want to help.”

“Yeah well considering you’re the weakest one here I’d say you better not take your chances.”

“She is my wife!” Séb spoke sternly, “whatever I can do to help her I will, it’s my duty as her husband.”

Sin sighed.
“Fine, how about you text Aimé what happened so he can bring Cressida over.”

Séb took a deep breath and nodded, he walked back upstairs to explain to Aimé what just happened.

“We’ll be right zhere,” Aimé hung up.

Within minutes they were outside, Cree quickly made her way in.
“Katriane I am so sorry,” she hugged her, “I shouldn’t have let you stay here on your own, I should have looked after you like Morgan did.”

“I’m a monster,” Katriane sobbed hugging her back, “my father was right.”

“No,” Cree shook her head stroking her hair, “you’re not a monster, you’re just not used to your new life yet.”

“How long will I be like this?” Katriane looked into her eyes, “how long will I go around killing innocent people because I can’t control myself.”

Cressida looked into her eyes and sighed.
“I… I don’t know…”

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 21, 2018 1:32 am

Godric and Genie sped off towards the house they arrived and stopped out front when Godric smelled blood coming from nearby. He turned his head towards the neighboring house, “Wait there’s a lot of blood coming from over there.” Regine turned to the direction he was pointing and sniffed “yeah I smell it too,” her eyes turning black realizing she hasn’t fed since yesterday Godric noticed this and took her hand “it’s okay luv once this is over I’ll get you something for that ”. Regine closed her eyes and breathed deep she opened her eyes and they were normal she nodded and they walked up the stairs into the house. He saw Kat on the couch covered in blood and Cressida standing in front of her. Regine covered her mouth eyes watering seeing her sister covered in blood she cleared her throat and tried her best to act normal.

Godric rushed over to Kat and spoke “what happened I could smell the blood from outside”. Katriane tried to speak her voice breaking “i…I went outside to smoke a cigar and the neighbors were having a party” her eyes started to water “there was a scream and I could smell the blood I couldn’t help myself tears streamed down her face” Cressida sat beside her holding her close. Godric closed his eyes pinching the bridge of his nose “I should have seen this coming leaving a newborn a ripper unattended, fuck there’s too much shit going on when did my life get so complicated?” Sin looked up from the corner tapping his foot “well if you’re really asking I think it happened around the time you met Regine or it could have started when your psycho brother snapped Katriane’s neck or how about when that fucking asshole Julien killed my sister.” Regine stepped toward Sin and attempted to calm him down he pulled away I’m fine I’m fine just hungry Godric looked over and pulled out his phone he made a call and within minutes there was a knock at the door. He opened it and a nurse with a medical cooler walked in she set the cooler down and opened it revealing several dozen blood bags. Katriane darted at the cooler but Godric caught her. He sighed and looked at her “don’t you think you’ve had enough” she struggled to escape his grip as Sin walked over to him he spoke in a flat emotionless voice “Katriane Ameile Zaeri you almost slaughtered a child get a hold of yourself.” Katriane stopped struggling as she began to sob Godric held her to him as she wept “I AM A MONSTER just lock me away before I hurt anyone else”. Regine walked over and hugged Kat tightly “you are not a monster you are my sister and no one is locking you up anywhere do you hear me we are going to help you.” Katriane continued sobbing as she clung to Regine who let silent tears drip down her cheeks as she hugged her sister tightly. Godric looked at Sinclair he walked over “you said there was a child where is it.” Sin stared at the cooler on the table his eyes turning black Godric sighed and walked over he grabbed two bags and gave them to Sin who drained them instantly.

“More” he moaned dropping the empty bags to the floor, Godric looked him in the eyes “you can have more when you answer my question where is the child?” Sin nodded and spoke “I compelled her to forget that we were there and to go play in the house that’s where she is right now.” Godric grabbed two more bags he gave one to Sin who drank it fast then slowed once he regained control. Godric held the other bag in his hand “how many were there?” Sin looked up still drinking “what?” “How many people did she drain?” Sin closed his eyes and tried to remember the scene he counted silently then spoke. “She drank 12 people before I could stop her.” Regine’s eyes widened her mind racing how could her sister kill a dozen people so easily it made her question what she would do. Godric mumbled “fuck twelve people that’s not gonna go unnoticed” he took a deep breath and thought for a moment “you said they were having a barbecue.” Sin nodded finishing his bag still hungry “alright I have an idea” he threw Sin the other bag and walked over to Cree “I have clean up the mess watch her” he pointed at Katriane and whispered “if she tries to take a blood bag or if she goes for either human break her neck without hesitation do you understand?” Cressida nodded “as you wish”

Godric sighed and walked over to the cooler he took out 5 blood bags and brought them to Regine he kneeled beside her “you need to feed he held out one bag to her and her eyes turned black immediately she took the bag and drained it in an instances Katriane saw the blood and her eyes turned black but she closed them and used all her willpower to remain in control. Godric picked Regine up and carried her to the couch he handed her another bag which she drank greedily savoring every drop he looked over at Sin who drank his slowly then he looked at Aime and Seb you two come here. Both Seb and Aimé walked slowly over Aime spoke “what can we do” Godric handed them each a blood bag “once I leave you wait two minutes then give her this.” He turned to Seb “after she finishes that wait five minutes and give her this.” Aime looked at the blood bag and became nauseous Seb looked at it and grew pale but they both managed to nod. Godric handed Regine the last blood bag he had and kissed her forehead “pace yourself luv when they’re done you won’t get anymore”. Regine looked down at the nag them up at him and nodded “oui I understand she drank slower trying her hardest to maintain control. Godric kissed her one last time before getting up and walking towards the door “alright her thought to himself time to deal with the baby vamps mess.”

Godric walked outside and over to Regine’s neighbor’s house he hoped the fence and looked around his eyebrows raised in surprise “fucking shit she was not discreet at all” Body’s littered the ground is horrid positions. He looked up and saw a handwritten banner Happy 8th birthday Brayden. Godric closed his eyes “fuck it was the kids birthday way to go Kat” he quickly rounded up the bodies and took them inside the house. He spread them out and once he was done he began looking for the little girl. He opened the door and saw her sitting in the corner playing Mario on a DS he shook his head and sped over tapping her shoulder gently she jumped and turned around. She spoke in a small voice “Who… who are you” he bent down and spoke to her sweetheart I am so so sorry. Brayden looked scared why, who are you where’s my mommy and daddy  her eyes started watering MOMMY DADDY WHERE ARE—Godric covered her mouth with his hand and looked deep into her eyes “shhh sweetheart I’ll make it all better I promise now what do you remember”. Brayden tilted her head as she spoke dreamily ‘mommy told be to wait upstairs she said she had a big surprise for me today’s my birthday I think they’re having a party for me I saw grandma and grandpa’s car and my uncle Stevie he gives the bestest presents” she smiles sweetly.

Godric sighed deeply closing his eyes “Jesus Kat you ruined this poor girl’s life, alright kiddo what happened next” she squinted hard trying to remember her eyes widened “I heard screaming so I ran downstairs I went outside when… when her eyes stared to water as the memories came flooding back, a scary lady with black eyes she had uncle Stevie there was icky red stuff coming out of her mouth and his neck” tears ran down her cheek her voiced broke where’s my mommy and daddy I want my mommy please mister. She began sobbing and Godric held her to him as she wept “mommy mommy where are you?” Godric looked into her eyes and spoke your mommy and daddy love you very much but they had to go away for a while okay” the girl nodded drying her eyes you’re gonna go stay with one of your other relatives for a while and they’re gonna give you the bestest birthday you’ve ever had, Brayden smiled brightly yaaaay thank you mister she hugged Godric tightly and he hugged her back come on kiddo let’s go”.  He picked her up and carried her through the house where all the bodies laid a trail of gasoline leading to a tank of propane, Godric set a candle nearby and as it burned the flame got closer and closer to the puddle. Godric walked out the front door just as the flame reached the bottom and the fire spread to the bodies. He held Brayden to his chest making sure she didn’t see anything he brought her inside Regine’s house and upstairs to one of the rooms he compelled her to fall asleep and then walked down to join the others he plopped down on the couch and sighed deeply “fuck I need a drink.” Katriane sat in the corner watching Godric go upstairs and come back down is that the- ‘yes that’s the little girl you orphaned her name is Brayden and today’s her 8th fucking birthday party too bad a ripper crashed it.” Katriane felt her throat tighten and she began to sob. Cree walked over “Godric don’t be so heard on her… he looked at her eyes glowing “no Cree she needs to fucking hear this cause I’m tired of being nice THAT LITTLE GIRL IS NOW A FUCKIN ORPHAN BECAUSE YOU ATE HER FAMILY  you ate them and you would have eaten her if Sin didn’t stop you.” Katriane continues to sob I’m sorry I’m so so- don’t tell me your sorry tell her that is if she doesn’t scream at the sight of you Sin stepped forward hey she lost control you said it was normal”. Yeah and what I’m doing is also normal it’s called tough love because if this shit happens again on a larger fucking scale I don’t know what the fuck will happen so she needs to learn control NOW.

Godric took out his phone and made a call “Marcel I need you to help me train a ripper. Marcel chuckled “whoa a ripper haven’t dealt with one of those is a while.” Godric nodded “yeah and this one is an extreme case to be prepared for any sudden outbursts” he hung up and closed his eyes rubbing them. “Alright I need to get back to the compound do I can deal with the Nazi’s who want Nikki.” Godric stood up Genie are you coming with me…
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 09, 2018 8:36 am

"Nazis in New Orleans?" Cressida blinked, "why do they want Nikolayevna?"

"That's what we're trying to figure out," Godric walk towards the door.

"I'm sure Morgan would know what to do..." Cressida spoke to herself, but it was perfectly audible.

"Genie," Godric took a breath, not wanting to say something he might regret to Cree, "are you coming with me or not?"

"Oui..." Régine stood and hugged her sister tight, "I vill be back later, alright?"

Katriane hugged her back, tears streaming down her cheeks.
"Please do."

Saying goodbye to everyone Régine walked out with Godric and they began their walk back to the compound.

“I have failed you, Katriane,” Cressida looked deeply saddened, “Morgan left and I didn’t pick up where she left off, I should have been taking care of you this entire time.” She wiped Kat’s tears and looked at Aimé and Sébastiene, “I think it would be in everyone’s best interest if you all moved into the manor for a while, at least until Katriane can control herself.”

“I second that,” Sin nodded.

Cressida looked at Aimé and Sébastiene.
“Any objections?” They shook their heads. “It’s settled then,” Cree looked out the window at the smoke coming from the neighbor’s house, “let’s get going before the responders arrive.”

They walked out, got into Cressida’s car, and sped off to the Alexandrov Manor.

“You didn’t ‘ave to speak to ‘er like zhat, you know…”Régine stopped outside of the compound’s entrance.

“Excuse me?” Godric raised his eyebrows.

“I zhink you vere a bit ‘ard on Katriane,” she crossed her arms.

“You’re joking, right?” He ran his hand through his hair, “she left a girl ORPHANED, and you think I was hard on her?!”

“It’s not ‘er fault zhat she is vhat she is!” Genie’s tone rose, “if your brother vasn’t so snap ‘appy none of zhis vould ‘ave ‘appened!”

“He had his reasons,” Godric’s brow furrowed.

Régine looked at him for a moment.
“So you’re saying it vas perfectly okay for ‘im to kill Katriane?”

Godric sighed.

“Non,” Régine shook her head, “don’t…”she took a deep breath. “I need some space…” she walked into the manor and up the stairs to Godric’s room, she closed the door behind her and took a deep breath. Slowly she made her way over to the balcony and gazed down at the people that roamed the streets. One particular person caught her attention.

It was a man, and he was staring right at her; he was blond, green eyed, fair skin. He smirked at her, it made her uneasy. Why was this man staring so intently at her? Her phone began to ring, causing her to jump, she took the phone from her pocket and saw it was a number that wasn’t register in her contacts. Her gaze went back to where the man was, but he had vanished. Heart racing, she slid her finger across the screen to answer the call.

“Régine!” The voice was too familiar. “How are you doing, mon amour?”

“Jon Luc,” she took a deep breath and walked back into Godric’s room, she closed the door, “’ow did you get my number?”

“Oh, that’s not important,” he chuckled, “I was wondering if we could see each other? I’d like to take you out for dinner.”

“Non, desole, it is not a good time,” Régine closed her eyes to gather her thoughts, “who’s number is zhis?”

“A local was kind enough to lend me his phone, people here are so nice,” Jon’s smile could be heard in his tone.

“So you let someone just ‘ave my phone number?”

“I’ll delete it after I hang up, I promise,” Jon took a breath, “are you sure you can’t meet up with me? Not even for a little while?”

“Non… I ‘ave to go.”

“Well alright, I’ll be calling you then to see when you are available. Je te verrai plus tard,” he kissed her through the phone and with a chuckle he hung up.

Genie looked at her phone for a moment, and unable to shake her uneasy feeling she decided it was best she went downstairs and joined the others.

“So, Mr. Everdeen,” Elijah spoke after taking a sip of bourbon, “what is it you do for a living?”

“Yes,” Godric seemed completely relaxed now, “how do you expect to support our little Nikki?”

Régine made her way over to Godric and he wrapped his arm around her waist.

“That’s right,” Klaus smirked, “she has expensive tastes and God help if you can’t meet them.”

“Oh,” Loki took a sip of his beer, “I’m a hacker, I do hacks for mainly big corporations, there’s nothing I can’t hack into.” He smiled proudly and took another sip.

“A werewolf hacker, huh?” Klaus chuckled, “that sounds like a bad TV show.”

Godric shook his head.
“That actually sounds really fucking cool, it takes skill to be a hacker.”

Elijah nodded.
“Hm… And the hacking you do for these companies, what exactly is the purpose?”

Loki gestured towards Godric with his beer in appreciation before looking at Elijah.
“Well it all depends on the company’s needs, sometimes it’s secret files from competing businesses, or hacking into their bank accounts when they don’t receive payments. Sometimes it’s people who wanna fuck—I mean, mess with others for revenge… I don’t care much for their reasons as long as I’m getting paid.”

Klaus smirked.
“Alright, maybe I spoke too soon, that does sound like fun.”

Godric smiled.
“Can you imagine the looks on the people’s faces when they get hacked like ‘where did all my money go?!’”

Elijah took another sip.
“I see, have you hacked anything we might know of?”

Loki thought for a moment.
“Well there was this one account here in New Orleans, some guy named Lucien Castle had dared me to hack into an account under the Mikaelson name, he said it was one of the most protected accounts in New Orleans, impossible to hack,” Loki chuckled, “I showed him though, hacked into it in like three minutes. Their bank was huge, transferred like half a million dollars to Lucien’s account and took a quarter million for myself as a reward.”

Klaus’s eyes glowed, his veins popped.

Godric shook his head.
“And you were doing so well.”

Elijah’s face grew stern.
“Nikolayevna, would you be so kind as to tell Mr. Everdeen what our last name is?”

Nikki took a deep breath and looked at Loki.
“Sweetness,” she gestured to all of them, “they are the Mikaelsons.”

Loki’s eyes widened, he went pale and his jaw dropped, he looked at Klaus’s face.
“O-oh, oh fuck.”

Nikki nodded.

Klaus got up, but Godric took hold of him.

“Niklaus,” Elijah spoke, “please control yourself, perhaps Mr. Everdeen can make this right.”


“Nik, relax,” Godric spoke, “I have an idea.”

Klaus sat down, his eyes still glowing.
“It had better be good.”

“Loki,” Godric turned to him, “I want you to hack Kingmaker Land Development and transfer all their money to us, then I want you to infect them with a virus.”

Loki tried his best to not ruin his pants when Nik was going to go after him, he looked at Godric.
“Yeah, sure,” he quickly nodded, “I can- I can do that, all I need is a computer.”

Godric super sped up and brought back an untraceable laptop.

Loki took it and chuckled.
“Oh hey this is the computer I hacked.”

“Loki,” Nikki sighed, “you’re not helping yourself.”

He nodded.
“Right…” He began to type and click, and in a couple of minutes he was in, “transferring money, done… unloading virus, done… cutting and securing the Mikaelson connection, done.” He looked at Godric grinning, “that virus is gonna wreak all kinds of havoc.”

“Good man!” Godric smiled and clapped him on the shoulder, “oh by the way try to keep a low profile now, cause Lucien is gonna be gunning for you now,” he smirked, “he’s gonna be pissed.”

“Eh,” Loki shrugged, “I’ve pissed off a lot of people, part of the job.”

“Lucien wouldn’t be able to get to Loki,” Nikki shook her head, “I wouldn’t allow it.”

Godric smirked.
“Lucien is a cunt bitch and I’m going to kill him.”

Klaus scoffed.
“Get in line; my sire, my kill.”

Elijah sat back in his chair smiling.
“You have quite the talent for hacking, where did you learn how to do it?”

“Self taught,” Loki smiled proudly, “YouTube tutorials helped a bit.”

Nikki smirked and ruffled his hair.
“He’s a genius.”

“Oh no, I wouldn’t say that, I just have a well-developed talent,” he took her hand and placed a kiss upon it, “but thank you.”

Nikki looked at him for a moment, and smiled softly, a light blush to her cheeks.

Godric smiled at the sight of the two.
“So Loki, you’re a wolf. How did that happen, you don’t seem like the murder-y type.”

Loki’s good mood suddenly vanished.
“Oh, uhm, it’s not that great of a story, not really worth sharing,” he looked embarassed.

Nikki chuckled.
“I already laughed at you, you should be prepared to tell the tale.”

“Laughed,” Klaus smirked, “now I’m interested. Who’d you kill? Mom, dad, both?”

Godric rolled his eyes.
“I’m sure he’s not like us, don’t freak him out any more.”

Loki took a deep breath and squeezed Nikki’s hand.
“Well I was skateboarding over at the plaza at Lafayette, I was about to do a trick on these massive steps… I have the speed, I have the wind in my favor, I land and one of the wheels pop off making me trip… I accidentally pushed an old lady into oncoming traffic.”

Nik burst out laughing, Godric pinched the bridge of his nose to keep it together, Elijah looked at him in utter disbelief.

“Uhm…” Godric cleared his throat, “that’s unfortunate, I’m so sorry it happened that way.”

Loki looked down.
“Not my proudest moment…”

“Yeah,” Nikki smirked, “total oposite of it.”

“That’s not so bad, I’ve heard of worse,” Godric cleared his throat, “so how have you been handling your condition?”

Loki shrugged.
“I try to live my life as normal as possible, still not used to the whole toxic bite, I go out to the bayou every full moon so I won’t run into trouble.”

“Damn,” Godric blinked, “you’re, like, normal. Don’t you have any fun?”

Loki blinked.
“I have fun, lots of fun. I skate, I do parkour, sometimes I go sky—“

“I don’t think that’s what he means, love,” Nikki stopped him.

He blinked again.
“Well… what then?”

“Well I forget you don’t have control over it,” Godric tilted his head, “but still you have heightened senses and you can occasionally turn into a huge wolf, don’t you fuck around with people?”

“No,” Loki shook his head, “I never thought about it like that.”

Nikki smirked and spoke in German.
“Drauf, corrupting him is my job.”

He smirked and spoke back in the same language.
“Well you’re not doing a very good job, he’s practically a saint.”

“That’s part of his charm.”

Loki looked at them.
“Uh, what?”

“Nothing,” Nikki winked at him.

Régine observed them as they conversed, not sure if she would ever get used to the roller coaster of emotions that were the Mikaelsons…

The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 Ba3b88b72b81b7156cc7fcfa0fdd658c-d5tto6f
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 10, 2018 6:39 pm

Godric looked at Nikki and spoke “so the German couple that was watching you do you have any idea who they are or what they might want. Nikki shrugged and shook her head. "They don't ring a bell, they could be anyone from anywhere sent by any of the hundreds of people I've pissed off. It should come as no surprise to you that when you assassinate leaders, their followers seek revenge." Godric nodded and thought for a moment before speaking “well they’ll be back very soon I made sure of it the guy I bit won’t last very long so if they were underlings part of something bigger they better hope their boss agrees to show up so I can promptly rip his head off ”. Regine thought to herself “I’ve never seen Godric zhis way, he’s so violent I guess I never really thought about what zhat would look like on him.”

Elijah took another sip of bourbon “well if they do possess an army we must fortify our defenses we don’t want them blindsiding us”. Klaus nodded “I’ll message Marcel to send some of his guys to patrol the area they might have more people scouting around.” Godric closed his eyes and thought back to the restaurant with Regine “the women Margret I think her name was she was our waitress when Genie and I went to a breakfast, that means they’ve been at this for at least a couple of days and have compelled some of the locals.” Nikki looks up “that reminds me when Loki and I went out for lunch the other day the German chick who I killed in the bathroom was reporting back to someone a commandant I’m pretty sure they’re connected.” Godric’s eyes widened was the girl’s name Joanna?” Nikki nodded “yeah how did you know?” Klaus spoke “because before we jumped the pair on the room they were discussing their missing agent Joanna, Margret thought she was dead but her friend reassured her that she was just undercover…guess he was wrong.” Elijah looked at Nikki “Nikolayevna where did you dispose of the women’s body?” Nikki looked down and mumbled “I left it in the bathroom stall at the restaurant”.

Klaus laughed “bet that gave the night crew quite the shock.” Nikki smirks “well going to take a shit and finding a corpse is enough to ruin anyone’s night…and pants.” Godric shook his head and chuckled yes I imagine, did she have anything on her a phone a wallet something”? Nikki took out the phone she swiped from Joanna and handed it to Godric. ‘Well now that we’ve got ourselves a hacker, Loki you wanna take a crack at it?” Loki looked down “ugh I already did and… I couldn’t crack it.” Klaus looked at him and raised an eyebrow “the werewolf hacker who can break into anything beaten by a smart phone.” Loki took a sip of his beer and mumbled this is Nazi stuff unlike anything I’ve ever seen I did what I could takes another sip.” Nikki kisses his cheek “and you did great don’t beat yourself up not ever Alia could crack it.” Godric tilted his head and thought for a moment “alright first things first we need to get the body back and figure out if we can use it in anyway.” Where would they have taken it the morgue or the police station?” Regine took out her phone and checked her messages “it looks like the body was taken to a nearby hospital for an autopsy.” She covers her mouth “the police report says the victim’s neck was broken and her heart was ripped out.”

Nikki smiles “you can never be too careful mumsy remember that.” Witnesses who saw the woman said she had a date but he disappeared after she went into the bathroom and she never came out” Regine looked at Godric “do you zhink he might know anything?” Nikki shook her head “nah he was just a compelled human and I already told him to forget about meeting her or seeing me.” Elijah looked sternly “so we don’t have anything we can use at this moment, it looks like we’ll just have to do more reconnaissance and wait for the enemy to make their move.” Regine looks up suddenly remembering the creepy man watching her from below the balcony. Godric looks up and her and tilts his head “something wrong luv.” Vhen I vas upstairs zhere vas zhis man under your balcony staring up at me smiling it made me very uneasy zhen my phone rang I looked at it and when I looked back he had vanished.” Nikki walked over to her “what did the man look like” Regine closed her eyes and remembered looking down at him “he was blond, green eyed, and faired skinned he also had a creepy smile”, her face scrunched up remembering his smile.

Klaus shook his head “well that narrows it down to half the population of Germany”. Regine glared vell if you were zhere to snap his neck I’m sure he wouldn’t ‘ave gotten avay. Godric and Nikki looked at Regine then Klaus. Klaus smirked and spoke “well if I was there I would have done more than break his neck”. Nikki cleared her throating sensing the tension “Alright we’re all very threatening now mumsy, who called you?” Regine looked back at Nikki “vhat?” Nikki repeats her question who called you I don’t think it was a coincidence you saw some creepy guy then got a phone call. Regine shifted in place uncomfortably “zhe call vas from Jon Luc” Godric tilted his head remembering the annoying little shit that showed up after the concert. “Why was he calling you, and how did he get your number.” Regine shrugged I do not know how but he said he used a random persons phone, as to why he called me he vanted to take me out to dinner. Nikki thought “hmm that name sounds familiar are you talking about Jon Luc the actor.” Regine nodded “oui ve used to date unfortunately”. Nikki raised her eyebrows impressed “wow mumsy first a hot actor now Drauf you sure know how to pick em.” Regine blushed looking down vell Jon is not what most people think. Nikki frowned aww he’s got a small dick doesn’t he. Elijah cleared his throat Nikolayevna that is neither important appropriate nor relevant to our current situation.” Nikki nodded looking down right ehem sorry.

Godric closed his eyes pinching the bridge of his nose “alright I think that’s enough talking we’ve all got work to do. Klaus looked at Godric “what work do you have to do? Godric opened his eyes “I need to check in on Lessy and see how everything’s doing there I’m planning on turning her soon.” Genie are you ready to go? Regine nodded and they walked outside to his car and began driving to Morgie’s house Godric spoke softly “I wanted to apologize for how I reacted earlier, not for yelling at Kat that was necessary she needs to learn about the consequences of her bloodlust.” "I understand," she took a breath, "but it is 'ard seeing 'er like zhis, and even 'arder seeing her treated so 'arshly. Ve're not used to zhat kind of treatment." “That’s why she has self-control issues, I take it you were two were never told no growing up which is why it's so hard for her to be told no now.” “I'm just doing what's best for her and right now this is what's best she can't control herself and she killed twelve people that cannot happen again.” Régine nodded. "You're right, I just need to let you to vhat you 'ave to do from now on."

Godric pulled up in front of Morgan’s house and kissed Regine deeply I love you. Regine kisses Godric back I love you too. They smile at each other and get out of the car Godric walks up the path and knocks on the door, there’s no answer he knocks again and still nothing he slowly opens the door and sees Kiana and Lessy, Lessy had a cut on her abdomen Godric rushes forward what happened…

Margret carried Hans back to their base located across town on a block of rented apartments she kicks the door opened and screams “WE NEED A MEDIC NOW” a group of people run towards her and grab Hans who is moaning in German “holy fucking shit this hurts what that bastard did to me”. A young woman dressed in scrubs walks over and washed his wound she wipes away the water and it began to fester again turning the skin around it a sickly grey color. Margret watches in horror, “Rachel what’s happening to him why isn’t he healing?” Rachel looks at the orderly’s and nods they move forward restraining Hans as she runs her finger through his wound causing him to scream up and struggle against them. She removes her mask and stares at the bile on her finger. “just as I suspected werewolf venom, Hans will be dead within 24 hours” Margret screams and punches the wall “NOOOOO THAT’S NOT POSSIBLE” she rushes Rachel and pins her to the wall “you have to save him you just have to” the orderly’s move in to restrain her but Rachel holds up her hand stopping them. “Maggie you need to get ahold of yourself if Herr Major sees you acting like this you know what he’ll do.”

Margret Loosens her grip tears running down her cheek she begins to sob slowly. Rachel hugs her patting her back “there, there mein liebchen it’s not too late to save Han’s all we need is the blood of the original hybrid”. Margret looks up at Rachel and wipes her tears “but it was the original hybrid that did this to him. Rachel removes her gloves and washes her hands so this means nothing all we have to do is make him bleed.” She dries her hands and picks up a very large knife running her finger along the blade. Margret closes her eyes shaking her head “it won’t be that easy Rach he is the strongest creature I have ever seen even stronger than the commandant.” The people walking around suddenly stop upon hearing this and begin to whisper among themselves. Suddenly the front door opens and a smiling man walks in he has blonde hair, green eyes, fair skin and… a creepy smile. Everyone turns eyes wide and bow to him “ Willkommen zurück mein Commandant” The man walks ignores them all and walks over to Hans writhing in agony on the table “tsk tsk tsk  it vould appear somevone has suffered a nasty verevolf bite” he runs his finger along Han’s wound causing him to flinch. “My deepest apologies mein Commandant I have disgraced the order cough cough.” “shh shh it is alright Hans you stood no match against the fearsome Mikaelson’s you are quite lucky to be alive.” He helps Hans sit up “very lucky or very unlucky depending on whether or not you survive until nightfall” the commandant swiftly breaks Han’s neck causing Margret to shriek and cover her mouth, he turns arounf eyes black and looks at Rachel “Study his vound I vant to know everyzhing zhere is to know about it and start vorking on an anti-venom” Rachel nods and bows “yes Herr Major” she walks of having Han’s body wheeled behind her. The Major turns and looks at Margret he slowly walks over to her smiling creepily “mein liebchen so good to have you back safe and sound now tell me vhat have you learned about zhe Mikaelsons.
Margret trembles and attempts to speak W-well Hermm Commandant we know where they live and that they have very little defenses” unfortunately we do not yet know if Nikolayevna has made contact with them ye-“ he holds up his hand and she’s silenced “I have just returned from zhe Mikaelson’s home” Margret’s eyes widened “yes and do you know vhat I saw ozher zhan you and Hans getting your beurteilen’s handed to you, I saw Nikolayevna vith a filthy verevolf surrounded by zhe Mikaelson’s ” But zhe best part of my reconnaissance is I found a frenchvoman who holds the heart of zhe hybrid and I plan on breaking his heart…
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 15, 2018 6:25 pm

Lessy stood up, wincing, putting her hand to her deep cut which bled profusely.
“Nothing, nothing’s happened,” her eyes widened looking behind Godric.

Régine’s eyes had turned black, she stared at the blood that dripped from under Alessandra’s ribs, it was taking all her willpower to not attack.

“I would suggest you take your little leach outside,” Kiana spoke sternly looking at Godric.

“Vhat did you call me?” Régine stepped closer.

Kiana took a step towards her.
“Don’t try me princess I can easily take you,” she glared.

“What the hell is going on in here?” Godric stepped in front of Régine and looked at Lessy.

“Only what should happen,” Kiana crossed her arms.

“Kiana,” Lessy spoke weakly, having lost a lot of blood already.

“Godric, I can’t…” Régine’s voice quivered, “zhere is too much blood, I—“ She took a deep breath and without warning she lunged herself at Lessy, but with a flick of her wrist Kiana snapped her neck, and at the same time, knowing Godric would retaliate, she blasted him across the room and pinned him to a wall, unable to move and reach for his wooden marbles.

“I’m not here to baby anyone,” Kiana spat looking at Godric with hatred, “that was Morgan’s job, and seeing as she’s not here things are going to go a bit differently.”

Godric spoke calmly, his eyes black and gold.
“If you don't let me down now I'm going to rip your head off, and mail it to whatever shithole that bitch dug you out of.”

“Guys, please…” Lessy sat down, taking deep breaths.

Kiana took an amethyst from her pocket and linked Godric's hold to it, she sat it down on the table; she then levitated Régine onto the couch before approaching Alessandra.

“You didn’t have to snap her neck,” she spoke weakly, “uncle Ric would have stopped her.”

“Yeah well her complaining was annoying me,” Kiana put her hand on Lessy’s abdomen, “this is going to hurt.” She began moving her hand slowly, causing Lessy to grunt trying her best not to scream as more blood gushed from her, Kiana’s hand reached Lessy’s chest where her heart was, and removed her hand.

She reached over and gave Lessy a cup of blood which she drank greedily, her wound healed and color began to return to her face.

“Oh God…” Lessy took a deep breath, feeling the instant relief.

Casually Kiana walked over and squeezed the Amethyst taking her magic back from it, and Godric dropped to the floor. He super sped to her and pinned her to the wall, lifting her up by her throat.

“Do some shit like that again and I will fucking eat you,” he growled.

Kiana grinned wide.
“Do it then.”

Without giving it thought he bit deeply into her neck, making her whimper in pain.

“Uncle Ric, no!” Lessy shouted.

Drinking Kiana’s blood, and blocking the view from Alessandra he fondled her.
“Do you always have to be so hard headed?” He whispered into her ear.

“Would you have me any other way?” She whispered low so only he could hear.

He licked up her neck and bit again.
“I can think of a few.”

“Master Godric!” Cree gasped walking down the stairs.

With slight hesitation he dropped Kiana to the floor and walked away over to Régine whom was now waking.

Kiana put her hand to her wound, moaning softly in pain; Cressida quickly knelt down and bit into her wrist, feeding the young witch her blood healing her.

Cree looked at the blood-soaked Lessy.
“Are you alright, sweetheart?”

Lessy nodded quickly.
“I’m fine, though things could have gone a lot smoother.”

“Maybe Godric should stop bringing his pets before they’re housebroken,” Kiana got up and took a deep breath. “But yes, everything was successful.”

“What is going on?” Godric held Genie to him, “I walk in here and I see Lessy cut open.”

“We’re simply following protocol prior to her turning,” Cressida spoke.

“Protocol?” Godric raised an eyebrow.

“There are steps I’ve been instructed to take that have been written down for years,” Cree nodded, “seeing as there’s been so much change the past couple of days I think it’s only fair we stick to the only thing that is to remain unchanged.”

“Alright, then what was this step?”

Cressida took a deep breath.
“I’m afraid I cannot tell you.”

Godric squinted and walked over to Lessy, he looked into her eyes to compel her.
“What did they do to you?”

Lessy bit her lip.
“I think my answer will give it away… I can’t tell you.”

Godric tilted his head, still looking into her eyes.
“Kill Kiana.”

Alessandra remained there, unmoving.

Godric turned around to look at Kiana and Cressida.
“You put vervain in her?”

“Morgan wanted her safe from compulsion, even from you,” Cressida spoke carefully.

Godric gave a sarcastic chuckle.
“Of course the bitch would.”

“Still not sure who Morgan is,” Lessy took a deep breath, “but I thought it was a good idea…”

He turned to her.
“You don’t trust me?”

“No, it’s not you I don’t trust,” Lessy bit her lip, “Kol, mostly… your family is unpredictable, and I just… I want to be able to think for myself, you know?”

Godric took a deep breath and nodded.
“If that’s what you want,” he kissed the top of her head, “I guess I’m okay with it.”

Lessy hugged him tight.
“I love you, uncle Ric.”

He hugged her back.
“I love you too, my little Lessy.”

Régine rubbed her neck looking at them, she then placed her gaze upon Kiana whom approached her with a glass of blood.

“Here,” Kiana handed it to her, “before you try to make food of anyone in here.”

“Merci…” Régine drank, “zhank you for stopping me.”

Kiana shrugged.
“I rather die than let anyone hurt Lessy, she’s like a sister to me… I guess I’m sorry about calling you a leach.”

Régine smiled at her and nodded.
“Apology accepted.”

Kiana turned to look at Godric and smirked, remembering their pleasurable encounters in the past.

Nikki took a deep breath and stood up from the couch.
“I think it’s time you go home,” she looked at Loki.

“What?” Loki blinked, “why?”

“The family met you, you brought me home to safety,” Nikki gave him a pat on the arm, “now it’s time for you to go home and be safe,” she kissed his cheek and started to walk up the stairs, “it’s best we keep our distance now, until everything settles down, then someday we’ll be able to see each other again. She pulled on a chain on the ceiling and stairs descended, she walked up them and lifted them back up.

She grabbed her rifle and walked out the door to the roof, closing the door behind her she sat down and stared at the setting sun, thinking that letting Loki go would be the best option. It would keep him safe, and she wouldn’t have a guilty conscience if anything would to happen to him because of her.
“I won’t allow more people to get hurt because of me…” She said to herself and closed her eyes. Suddenly the door behind her opened smacking the back of her head. “What the fuck?” She stood and turned around and blinked seeing Loki. “I thought I told you to leave.”

“Yeah, well…”He took a deep breath, “I’ve learned a lot about you in just one night, more than I’ve learned of any woman I’ve ever been with before; you’re amazing and… I refuse to let your fear of hurting those you care about get in the way of you and me.”

“There is no you and me,” Nikki shook her head looking away.

“Don’t lie to me,” Loki went to her and lifted her chin, “don’t you dare do that, Nikolayevna,” Nikki blinked, surprised he pronounced it correctly. “You know as well as I do we clicked, you’re just afraid to accept it. But really I don’t care what happens to me, I’m in this with you, and I will protect you even if it costs me my life.”

Nikki’s eyes watered looking at him.
“You’re so stupid.”

“Call it whatever you want,” Loki kissed her softly, “all I know is I’ve fallen for you, hard.”

“What if I hurt you?” Nikki took a breath to keep her from crying, “what if I suddenly lose my shit and I kill you?”

“Then I’d die the happiest man in the world,” Loki smiled softly, “now, will you allow me to stay or not?”

She looked at him for a moment and nodded.
“I will.”

He kissed her deeply holding her close.
“I’ll make you happy, I’ll keep you safe. You have my word.”

Nikki nodded holding him to her.
“I’ll try to do the same…”

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 18, 2018 10:38 pm

Godric closed his eyes and took a deep breath before thinking he super sped out of the house and down the road. Cree Lessy Kiana and Regine exchanged looks “Vhere… vhere is he going?” Regine asked looking uneasy “Cressida sighed I do know but considering he left without saying anything it must be important.” Cressida felt uneasy but attempted a smile. Kiana rolled her eyes “he’s probably off on a rampage, he often does that whenever Morgan pisses him off.” Lessy sighs and walks over to the kitchen and makes herself a sandwich “well whatever it is he’ll be back Uncle Ric always comes back.”

Godric runs through the quarter eyes closed his mind racing “I am so sick of this shit even when she’s not here Morgie’s a thorn in my side I need a drink.” He keeps running until he arrives at Rousse’s he walks inside and takes a seat at the bar Cami turns around and smiles “well look what the cat dragged in I haven’t seen you in ages” she frown upon seeing the look on his face “what’s wrong?” Godric looks up at her and shrugs “I usually have an answer for everything but at the moment I’m at a loss I would however appreciate a drink.” Cami nods and puts a glass in front of him “what’ll you have” Godric smirks slightly I would like some Nectarian Cami’s eyes widen as she reaches for a dusty bottle under the bar in an archaic looking class with an M on the bottle. “Are you are you should be drinking this right now with the way you look I don’t think this situation falls into the guidelines you left me.”

Godric nodded “yes I’m sure there’s far too much shit going on in my life right now for me not to drink this.” Cami nodded “alright but if you go off the rails I’m calling Elijah and telling him about the bottle.” Godric chuckled and nodded “fair enough.” Cami lifted the glass and poured the reddish brown liquid into the cup which emitted a strong liquor like smell. Godric lifted his glass and moved it to his lips he drank slowly savoring every drop of the ancient and powerful liquor. He exhaled deeply and smiled “oh god I feel so much better.” He placed the cup down and Cami watched his cautiously. Only having seen him this way once before and it didn’t end well. Pour me another then put the bottle back where you found it Cami did as she was asked and once the bottle was back under the bar it was cloaked. She looked back up and tilted her head “you know I’d really like to know what that stuff tastes like.” Godric took a sip and looked up at her “well if you’re ever turned I’d gladly share a glass with you.” Cami smirked I’ll keep tht in mind if that ever happens. She turned around to get another glass.

Godric took another sip and smiled wide “I haven’t had this in months this was way overdo.” He suddenly felt lightheaded a common side effect of the mystical liquor. He didn’t even notice when a gorgeous young girl sat down next to him and ordered a violet brandy. “Cami responded sincerely I’m sorry miss but I’m not familiar with that drink.” The girl spoke “oh I’m not surprised it’s not a very common drink only a few people have tasted it isn’t that right mein Kreuzung. “ Godric blinked and turned his head only one person ever called hiom that and in his current state it’s taking all his brain power to remember. He stared at the incredibly beautiful women with electic blue hair and dark green eyes her face was hauntingly familiar he searched his memories for where he’d seen it before when suddenly it hit him, he whispered “Lorelei Wagner“. The blue haired woman smiled sweetly “Ach, du erinnerst dich an mich, ich fühle mich geschmeichelt“. Godric leaned in and smiled “Wie könnte ich jemanden so atemberaubend vergessen wie du? Although your hair is different than the last time I saw you“ Lorelei smiled „well you know me I like to keep things exciting.“ Godric smiled and kissed her cheek whispering in her ear “oh I remember quite vidily what you like“. This caused her to blush and look away “you always did have such a dirty mind“. Godric leanaed back and nodded “well it is one of my many quirks.“ Lori smirked and looked at the counter she could smell the aroma coming from his cup and her eyes widened “god god i don’t think I’ve ever smelled an liquor that strong before what is that.“ Godric looks at his cup and smirks he picks it up and holds it out to her she takes it and looks at it. “This is am incredibly old incredibly strong liquor I had made to get an original completely wasted.“

Lori looked at it damn all the free time in the world and you devote it to making liver killing alcohol I must say I’m impressed she downs the glass in one gulp. Godric’s eyes widen and Cami’s jaw drops from across the bar she screams Godric what did you do. Lori looks at her then back at Godric why is she suddenly the room in spinning and Lori is trying with all her might not to collapse. Godric steadies her and looks into her eyes “sweetheart this stuff was designed to get an original drunk you were only meant to take a sip not down the whole thing.“ She stares at him completely drunk off her ass and starts mumbling „holly shite dat waz sum goooood fukin booze“ she leans on Godric and laughs hysterically. “ah shit well you’re out of commission“ he lifts her up over his shoulder and takes her outside “Cami do me a favor don’t tell anyone I was here in fact forget you saw me today. Cami Shook her head and nodded if i had a dollar for everytime i heard that I wouldn’t need to be a bartender. Godric looks around let’s see I can;t take you back to the compound fuck Morgie’s house not Genie’s he stands her up and lightly slaps her face Lori where are you staying Lori giggles and babbles in German. He shakes his head and starts patting her pockets looking for a hotel card or something.

Lori blushes and takes his hands “mein Kreuzung if you wanted to cop a feel you only had to ask“ she places his hands on her butt and kisses up his neck. “Whoa whoa whoa hold on“ he tries to move his hands but can’t. Lori pouts “what is it don’t you like me“ her hands slide down his front. His eyes widen as he super speeds around her “of course I like you luv it’s just... I’m currently in a relationship and I don;t think my girlfriend would appreciate this.“ Lori speeds and wraps her arms around him “well why don’t we go and find her then we can all have some fun together.“ Godric stares at her “ holy fuck that sounds hot“ he leans in and shakes his head “no wait ahh I need to get you home.“ Lori smiles alright and once we get there we can make up for lost time she licks his ear and speed off catch me if you can mein Kreuzung. Godric stares in the direction that she ran and runs after her “I wonder how Genie would feel about a threesome.“

___________________________ ______________________________ _______________________

Kaiser is sitting at his desk while looking over several folders when Rachel walks in. “You sent for me Commandant” “ah yes Rachel how is Hans doing? Rachel looked down at her notebook then at Kaiser “well other than being in excruciating pain and suffering from fever visions he’s fine.” Kaiser smiled “wunderbar and have you made any progress finding a cure for his condition? Rachel shook her head no mein commandant not yet but we are working hard and i feel as though we may have a breakthrough with the next solution. Kaiser turns around „zhat is vonverful news once ve have zhe cure the Mikaelsons vill have nothing they can use against us.“

Rachel looks unconvinced remembering what Margret had said about their strength and all the stories she’s heard about the Mikaelson family. “Umm herr commandant zhe Mikaelson family is over one thousand years old how do you propose we defeat them?“ Kaiser smiles creepily. “Vhy ve pray on zheir weaknesses mein liebchen, Nikolayevna has ben consorting vith a filthy verevolf and zhe original hybrid is fucking a frenvoman all ve have to do is take zhem and zhey vill be vulnarable.“ Rachel nods „yes I see but zhe originals cannot be killed and the original hybrid is zhe strongest being alive what will stop zhem from seeking vengence.“ Kaiser chuckles “I’ve had our coven look into zhat matter and zhe have created a veapon powerful enough to put down even an original.“ Rachel’s eyes widen “powerful enough to kill an original zhat is incredible with zhis weapon we will be unstoppabble.

Kaiser nods “yes but ve cannot kill zhem all for ve are part of on of zheir sirelines.“ Rachel nodded “ahh yes we will need to subdue zhe last one“. “Vhich is vhy I have sent our best operative to scout for more of zheir weaknesses, but she has not checked in for some time.“ He glares and looks at the reports on the table. “She has been gone for days I knew I should have sent her vith someone she alvays does zhis even now given what’s at stake vhere are you Lorelei...
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 12, 2018 11:26 pm

Cressida took a deep breath and walked into her room; she saw at the edge of her bed and stared at the void for a moment. For the first time in 525 years she was without Morgan, and she was honestly at a loss as to how to handle everything going on.

She stared at the phone on her night stand for a moment before picking it up and dialing the number to Buckingham Palace; it rang for a couple of seconds before being picked up by one of the phone operators.

“You have reached Buckingham Palace, how may I direct your call?” A young woman spoke.

“Amethyst Oxblood, Golden Star,” was all Cressida needed to say.

“Right away,” the woman replied.

The phone began to ring again, it rang for a while but Cressida wasn’t about to give up. Five minutes later the call was answered.

“Morgan!” Cressida smiled wide, “how have you been my darling?”

“I’ve been better…” Morgan’s voice was full of sadness, “I have at least healed from Lessy’s wound, Godric’s wound however still remains fresh.”

“I see…” Cressida bit her lip, “well if it’s any consolation, Alessandra now has the vervain permanently lodged inside of her, Godric didn’t take it too well.”

“No doubt he’ll try to get back at me for it,” Morgan gave a sarcastic chuckle, “Alessandra is my child, if he can’t respect that then I’m fine with him throwing his fit.”


“No!” Morgan’s tone rose, “I’m tired of Godric’s bullshit, I’m tired of him trying to control me and everything around me,” she began to cry, “all Godric thinks about is himself, and what he wants, controlling everything and everyone around me since the first day I met him! Alessandra is my daughter, and as her mother I can do whatever I please as long as it’s for her benefit, and this is for her benefit!”

“Goddess,” Cressida heard a small voice through the phone, “no cry!”

“Who is that?” Cree blinked.

“Her name is Iniko,” Morgan sniffled, “the islanders were going to kill her because of a vision she had… I had actually seen her in a vision a few weeks ago, I was meant to rescue her,” there was a soft chuckle, “to say we’ve grown on each other is an understatement, I’m bringing her back to New Orleans whenever I go back.”

“Any idea of when that might be?” Cree was hopeful.

“Not until Godric allows her to remember me…” She sighed, “Which I’m assuming will be when he turns her… how is she?”

“She’s great…” Cressida nodded, “I’ve been taking care of her; it’s everything else that seems to be spiraling out of control.”


“Katriane killed 12 people today, I forgot she was my responsibility, I have no idea how you do everything you do,” Cree chuckled, “525 years of taking care of you, but it’s you who manages everything in my life.”

Morgan gave a soft giggle.
“When you fall in love with a Mikaelson you learn to leave no strings loose.”


“What that?” Iniko spoke.

“This is a phone,” Morgan answered her, “if you put this to your ear you can hear my mom.”

There was some noise on the phone.
“Hello?” Iniko’s sweet small voice spoke.

“Hello Iniko,” Cressida smiled.

Iniko gasped.

“No, Iniko, she’s not trapped,” Morgan was heard in the distance chuckling, “she’s just somewhere else, you use that to talk to people who are not next to you.”

Cree laughed.
“Yes, I am safe Iniko.”

“Oh…” Iniko gave a sigh of relief, “where you?”

“New Orleans,” Cree smirked.

“Where that?”

“Louisiana, USA.”

“Where that?”

Cree blinked.
“Erm… On a land far from you.”

“How we go there?”

“Well you need to take a plane over here,” Cree chuckled.

“What that?”

“Alright, Iniko,” Morgan chuckled and took the phone from her, “I’ll teach you all those things in time. You alright there mum?”

Cree laughed.
“She sounds adorable, I can’t wait to meet her.”

“I can’t wait for everyone to meet her either,” Morgan sounded happier than before, “I have to go, I promised Lilibeth I would help her with the United Nations meeting coming up.”

“Alright love, please keep in touch.”

“I’ll try,” Morgan sighed, “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Morgan hung up, the tone in Cree’s ear breaking her heart.

She placed the phone down and laid back on her bed, staring up at the ceiling.
“Lessy’s turning can’t come soon enough…”

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 18, 2018 12:33 am

Godric sat in the chair by the door with his head in his hands as Lori pukes her brains into the toilet. He looks up at her “you know this is not how I pictured this day going, but it’s gone from crap to shit and now it’s puke“. Lori pulls away from the toilet looking like she’s been hit by a bus “oh I’m sorry if me puking up my stomach is such a setback this isn’t exactly how I wanted to spend my day you know“ She turns quickly eyes wide and blows chunks into the toilet. Godric shakes his head and mumbles “That’s the last time I share my booze with anyone” he sips champagne from a glass. He gets up and walks over to Lori “Are you almost done luv we need to talk. Lori sits back her head pounding feeling like she drank a gallon of vervain “fuck I feel like shit, I didn’t know it was possible for vampires to get hungover.” Godric smirked “it’s not but like I said this was specially crafted booze so the side effects to using it recklessly are steep.” Lori groans getting to her feet” well next time gimme a heads up will ya.” Godric lifted her up and carried her to her bed “well next time don’t one shot my drink.” Lori mimics him causing Godric to plop her on the bed oops you slipped he chuckled looking down at her  she moans looking up at him you’re a wanker for that she reaches out to him and as he grabs her she pulls him onto the bed and pins him on his back kissing him deeply.

Godric’s eyes widen as his hands instinctively move to her ass but he suddenly realizes her mouth tastes like a swamp in addition to not being Genie. He pulls away from her and sits up straight wait wait wait we can’t I told you I’m with someone.” Lori looks up at him “oh right between the running and puking I forgot, sorry she wipes her lips. He straightens his shirt and nods “yeah it’s alright I’m not gonna say I didn’t enjoy that but let’s just see if she’s on board before we go any further Godric Mikaelson is many things but he is not a cheater.” Lori smirks getting up and washing her face Ah mein Kreuzung such a gentleman, she dries her face and plops down on the couch “so what causes you to day drink?” Godric shakes his head reminded of all the shit he has to deal with “don’t worry about it luv it’s not your problem.” Lori looks over and him and shrugs “fine I’ll tell you my problems my annoying overprotective father keeps calling me I’ve been ignoring him/ too drunk to answer for a couple hours now and when I do finally call him he’s going to rip my head off and swallow it hole.” Godric looks at her then laughs “sweetheart that’s sounds like a ridiculously human problem doesn’t your father know you’re a vampire, and from one I can recall a very crafty and resourceful one at that.” She smiles “thank you at least someone recognizes my talents, speaking of talents I have a gig tonight at the masquerade nightclub and I’d love for you to attend.”

Godric thinks for a moment and nods “yeah sure it’ll be fun I’ll bring my Genie and you two can talk about how amazing I am.” Lori laughed and how modest too. Godric grins “I know right I’m basically the complete package.” Lori grins and mumbles “With-a-very-large-package”. Godric looks over head tilts “what was that” she closes her eyes giggling nuuuuthin. “Alright I’ve been away from my underlings for far too long I should be heading back to them he walks over to the door.” Lori speed over and hugs hum kissing his cheek don’t be late you know how much I hate that. Godric smirks yes I know and I promise I won’t be he kisses her cheek and leaves taking the elevator to the ground floor.

Lori smiles and walks over to her cellphone seeing 20 missed calls and over 50 texts she sighs and calls the number daaaad hey just got your calls how are you do… she’s interrupted by a tidal wave of yelling “vhere have you been do you have any idea how many times I’ve called why the hell haven’t you reported in.” Lori closes her eyes and spoke “Es tut mir leid, Vater, ich habe gerade ein wenig abgelenkt dieses Hotel ist unglaublich.” Kaiser took a deep breath and spoke “du solltest besser gute Nachrichten haben, weißt du, ich weiß es nicht zu schätzen, dass ich gewartet habe.” Lori looked down “I have a lead on where mother might be and I know how to get her alone, I’ll report in tomorrow afternoon after I meet with a contact tonight.” Kaiser closes his eyes rubbing his temple “you have until noon tomorrow after zhat ve regroup and move on vith my plan am I understood.” She nods and mumbles “yes mein commandant.” She hangs up and sighs deeply taking out a locket and opening it slowly she looks at a picture of a gorgeous young women who looks startlingly similar to her she whispers where are you mom?...

Godric slowly walks back to Morgan’s house dreading having to deal with the mess he left back there he turns back to the hotel thinks to himself “damn I wish I could stay there but unfortunately for me I get to deal with the drama that is my life.” he arrives within a few minutes and knocks on the door Kiana opens it and frowns she pushes it wide and turns walking back to the couch Godric stares at her ass thinking “with all the annoying pouring out of her at least she’s got a great ass.” Kiana smirks knowing Godric is checking her out. She yells out “Lessy the tyrant is here.” Godric smirks “tyrant I like that it has a certain ring to it.” Kiana rolls her eyes “yeah so does a fire alarm it lets people know to run away before they die.” Godric tilts his head “so what you’re saying is your breath is a fire alarm, I mean I know it’s hot and the fumes are toxic I just wanna here it from you to get the record straight.” She glares at him and plops on the couch mumbling something. Suddenly two knives come flying at him he dodges the first and grabs the second Lessy jumps down the stairs and Regine zooms in from the kitchen Godric grabs Régine and steps out of the way causing Lessy to drop on top of her with a thud.

Godric smiles widely “my my now isn’t this a sight I must say the two of you are getting better nice to see you know the value of teamwork”. Lessy and Genie groan “I can’t believe you let me fall on top of her what kinda boyfriend are you” she gets up cracking her back Godric gets on one knee helping Regine up. “I’m sorry mon amour but it was for practice you need to learn how to take the pain but I promise I’ll always be there to make you feel better” he kisses her all over. Regine smiles and kisses him back “oui I understand and it did not hurt as much as I zhought I guess I must be getting stronger.” Lessy gags “eww gross” Godric lifts Regine up and sits down with her on his lap “I’ve been giving it some thought and… I’m gonna turn you within the next 36 hours I’m not gonna tell you exactly when so you’ll need to be ready for anything understood.’ Lessy’s eyes widened “are you serious 36 hours oh my god I’m gonna be a vampire holy crap, after all these years I can’t believe it.” Godric smirks watching his niece run around in joy he closes his eyes remembering her as a mischievous child always making a mess and coloring all over everything and training with him to be a badass. He gets up and puts Regine in his seat he walks over to Lessy who smiles wide at him, he bites his wrist and holds it out to her “here drink this now you know how real it is.” Lessy stops and stares at the crimson liquid dripping from her uncles arm her heart beating faster than it ever has before she leans forward and drinks from it slowly savoring every drop every last bit of her humanity. She wipes her lips and steps back tears in her eyes Godric smiles down at her so my little Lessy how do you feel. She wipes her tears and sighs deeply “I feel good great fantastic she smiles wide. Godric grins and hugs her tightly whispering in her ear “I love you Alessandra Clarisse Alexandrov since the very first moment I held you I’ve loved you, and I’m so sorry for what I did, I know you’re gonna hate me but please, please try and forgive me Lessy blinks confused and pulls away Uncle Ric what are you talking abou…SNAP her body goes limp as Godric breaks her neck cradling her lifeless body in his arms waiting for her to wake up and waiting for her to hate him…
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 20, 2018 11:49 pm

Morgan hung the phone up and remained sitting for a moment, the young girl of about 19 years old sitting on her lap, as Morgan stroked her hair in silence.

Iniko was small, and somewhat frail in appearance. She barely reached five feet in stature, her skin was fair, her eyes a deep shade of blue gray, her hair as white as winter. All of these were characteristics of her tribe in the island of Virtus Dei Est.

“Iniko love Goddess,” Iniko spoke softly, feeling at peace in Morgan’s arms.

“I love you too, sweetheart,” Morgan smiled and kissed her forehead.

Every single islander, Morgan loved as a child of her own, having taken care of them for five centuries. She and the Mikaelsons were Gods to them.

Morgan looked down at her and couldn’t help but think back of the moment she found her.

Iniko had had a dream in which she left with the Goddess Morgan, and the elders took that as a sign that she had to be sacrificed. She was tied to a pole in the middle of the town square, and she was to be burned in ceremony. Iniko screamed in fear and begged them to let her go, once she set her eyes on Morgan she sobbed and called for her. Morgan didn’t hesitate, she killed every single one of the elders and set Iniko free.

She was so defenseless, the way she looked at Morgan was like a child begging for their mother.

Morgan gasped, escaping her thoughts, being distracted by an overwhelming pain to her neck. She tried to breathe, but it was painful, tears of blood trailed down her cheeks.
“Alessandra,” she was barely able to speak.

She knew what this meant, she had linked herself to her daughter so that she’d know if anything life threatening had happened to her. The pain in the neck could only mean once thing, Godric had turned her.

“Goddess?” Iniko looked frightened.

“It’s okay,” Morgan whispered to her, “don’t worry about it…” A few minutes later the pain subsided, she could finally breathe again. “Well Iniko, looks like you’ll be able to find out what a plane is very soon.”

All of Iniko’s worry vanished, and was replaced by wonder evident in her sparkling eyes.
“When we go?”

Morgan wiped he blood from her face, smiling brightly.
“We go tonight.”

Kiana and Régine looked at each other, then at Godric.

“You know, a bit more time to prepare would have been amazing,” Kiana crossed her arms, “also it would have been nice if you waited for Cressida.”

“Waited for me for what?” Cressida walked down the stairs and saw Alessandra’s limp body. She gasped covering her mouth, she looked at Godric wide eyed. “You didn’t.”

“I did,” Godric nodded.

“21 years waiting for this moment, and I missed it,” Cressida’s eyes watered.

“Right now we have more pressing matters, Cree,” Kiana was now serious, “the house is now unprotected, we need to fix that.”

“Right…”Cressida nodded, “let’s go do that, but before that…” She went into Morgan’s office and brought out a silver necklace with a lapis lazuli stone pendant, she looked at Kiana, “Morgan would have loved to do this, but we can’t wait for her.”

Kiana nodded and walked over to Cree, she took the necklace and walked out to the backyard, she began to speak the spell to activate the stone.

Sin, whom was sitting with Aime, Seb and Katriane by the pool, noticed this and quickly stood. He sped over to her and waited until she was done to speak.
“Does that mean what I think it means?”

Kiana nodded.
“Yup… You should stay with her, I don’t know how she’ll react when she… remembers.”

“Right…” Sin took a deep breath before walking inside, followed by her.

Lessy had begun to groan, Cressida was next to her waiting with a warm bag of blood; Sin sped to her and held her hand. Slowly, Alessandra opened her eyes, Sin kissed her hand.
“How do you feel?”

“Like shit,” she sat up.

“Here,” Cressida handed her the bag of blood.

Without hesitating Lessy took the bag, and began to drink, pacing herself as she was trained to do. Her eyes turned black as she drank, she stopped drinking for a moment to look around; feeling as though she was reborn.
“Oh my God,” her eyes watered slightly, a bloodstained smile gracing her face, “everything looks amazing…” She looked at Godric whom was standing a few feet away, quickly she stood up and hugged him tight, “all these years I’ve waited for this moment, I didn’t realize it would be this incredible, thank you uncle Ric!”

Godric smiled softly and hugged her back.
“You’re going to be the most badass vampire ever.”

Lessy chuckled.
“Oh I already am,” she flipped her hair jokingly.

He smirked.
“Yes you are.”

Kiana walked over to Lessy and handed her the necklace.
“Here, I don’t want you dying… again.”

Lessy smiled and put the necklace on.
“Thanks,” she chuckled and hugged her best friend tight.

“Ow, mortal here,” Kiana groaned.

“Oh, sorry,” Lessy laughed.

Kiana rubbed her arm shaking her head, smiling. She turned over to Cree.
“Okay, we have to go now and get things taken care of.”

“Right,” Cree nodded, “let’s go.”

Kiana looked at Sin before talking out the door.

“We’ll be right back,” Cree hugged Lessy and kissed the top of her head, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Lessy smiled.

Cree looked at her for a moment before following Kiana.

“You know, you really made me underestimate how amazing I’d feel,” she smirked at Godric and kept sipping on her blood bag.

“I didn’t think it would be possible for you to look even more beautiful than you already were,” Sin smiled, gazing lovingly at her, “it’s like you were born to be a vampire.”

Lessy walked over to him and caressed his cheek, before kissing him. She pulled away and grinned.
“Think you’ll be able to keep up now?”

Sin chuckled.
“I could try.”

Lessy was about to open her mouth to hit him with some wit, but she stopped. Her smile faded looking into her beloved’s eyes, her own watering.

He blinked.
“Are you okay?”

Slowly she turned around, tears streaming down her cheeks, she looked at her uncle.
“How could you?”

Godric looked at her in the eyes, expressionless.
“I did what I had to do because your mother needed to learn a lesson this isn't the first time she's wronged me and apparently I was too lenient the last time she tried to take something I cared about so I took something she cared about.”

“How was that fair to me?!” Lessy shoved him, “I’ve wanted this for as long as I can remember, I wanted this to be a special moment with her, and you took that from me!” She shoved him again, sobbing, “you took the most important moment of my entire life and ruined it by being petty and selfish!”

“What about her?” Slight hurt showed on Godric’s face, “what about what she did? Was that not petty and selfish?”

“She loves you,” Lessy glared at him, “she wants you for herself, she wants you in her life, she tried to get rid of Régine because she loves you. Was she wrong? Yes. Did she deserve such punishment, especially after sparing her life? No!” She stepped back, “I… I can’t look at you, you need to leave. Now.”

Godric looked at her for a moment, knowing this moment would come.
“I’m sorry I hurt you,” was all he said before taking Régine’s hand and walking out.

Lessy pulled her phone out and quickly dialed the palace, after giving away the code words she was connected.

Morgan picked up instantly.

“Mum!” Lessy sobbed, “I’m so sorry! I’m sorry I hurt you! I don’t know how I’ll ever live with myself.”

“It’s okay,” Morgan’s tone was happy, but her voice shook, “it’s okay sweetheart, you weren’t yourself.”

“I miss you,” Lessy fell on her knees, her body trembling with each sob, “when are you coming back?”

“Tonight,” Morgan replied, “I just need to tie some loose strings here, and I’ll be back early morning.”

“I ca—“ Lessy’s sentence was interrupted as she was violently forced out of the house, she landed on her feet, Sin landed in a bush.

“What the hell was that?” Sin looked at her startled.

“The house, it must be under Kiana’s name, we need to wait for her to invite us in…” Lessy took a deep breath.

“Everything is in order, then?” Morgan asked.

“Yeah, just need you to come back home,” Lessy nodded and sniffled.

“Okay sweetheart, I’m going to have to leave you so I can get everything done as quickly as possible so I can return to you.”

“I love you mum.”

“I love you more.”

Lessy tapped the phone and hung up, she looked at Sin.
“Did you know?”

Sin jumped out of the bush and walked over to her.
“I did.”

“Why didn’t you try to make me remember?” Lessy looked at him, pain evident in her eyes.

“I… I couldn’t defy Godric,” Sin looked down at her and held her to him, kissing the top of her head, “I wanted to, but I was afraid of what he would do to me if I did.”

Lessy nodded.
“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive him.”

“You will,” Sin stroked her hair, “because that’s what family does… family always forgives.”

“I suppose…” Lessy buried her face in his chest, “but I can live forever now, and forever is a long time… I won’t forgive him that quick.”

“I understand,” Sin pulled away and kissed her lips softly.

She kissed him back, and wrapped her arms around his neck, realizing that in her arms was now the only man in her life to not fail her…

The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 Ba3b88b72b81b7156cc7fcfa0fdd658c-d5tto6f
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 24, 2018 5:11 pm

Godric walks down the street angrily Regine following behind him he mumbles to himself “I’m getting really tired of having to deal with all this shit lately.” “First it was bitch ass then the blonde bimbo and now it’s a combination of vampire German’s and the ghost of Morgie past I mean can I catch a fucking break please.” Regine watches as he continues his rant not sure what to say but wanting to comfort him. "Things that cause people to stumble are bound to come, even if you're immortal," she stopped him for a moment, taking hold of his hands, she looked into his eyes, "but you don't have to go zhrough zhose zhings alone," she smiled softly caressing his cheek, "you 'ave me, you 'ave your family. Nikki is back into your life, sure she brought trouble vith 'er, but is 'aving 'er back not enough reason to rejoice? Zhere are problems ahead, but none of us vill let you face zhem alone." Godric looks into her eyes her words calming him he smiles and wraps his arms around her “I love you so much” he kisses her forehead. She smiles and holds him close listening to his heartbeat slow down.

“Aww isn’t zhis a pretty picture” a thick German voice came out of nowhere Godric quickly turned around and blocked Genie he spoke angrily “whoever’s there this is your only warning fuck off or I’ll scoop your eyeballs out so you can watch me eat you.” The voice laughed “hahahaha such a childish threat from one so old tell me Mr. Mikaelson how many times have you used that line?” Godric’s eyes glowed as he stared at the blonde haired witch “enough times to know that it actually works and no amount of screaming will save you.” She chuckled again and stepped forward “allow me to introduce myself I am Sophia Schmidt and I have been given express orders form mein commandant to pay you back for vhat you did to Hans.” Godric tilted his head and whispered to Regine “whatever you do stay behind me this will be over quickly” Regine nodded and slowly let go of his hand. He turned back to face Sophia and took a step forward “so is the little toerag I bit still lingering on or did you lot put him out of his misery?”  Sophia smiled sinisterly “our medics have stabilized him and zhey are working on a cure as ve speak you are nothing ve can’t handle Mr. Mikaelson,” Godric smirked and sped over to Sophia lifting her by her throat “is that so.” Sophia smirked and spoke calmly trying not to gag “tell me Mr. Mikaelson what is your greatest fear?” as she spoke a thick red gas escapes from her mouth and Godric inhales it. The gas fills his lungs immediately causing him to gasp and drop her, he clutches his throat as his vision goes fuzzy he’s unable to breathe. Regine gasps eyes wide and runs over to him. He holds his hand up “no cough don’t, stay back cough cough”…suddenly a hauntingly familiar voice pierces his brain. “Look at how pathetic you are boy being bested by a woman” Godric’s eyes widen as his heart is caught is his throat “no it’s not possible I killed you.” The man laughed cruelly “you kill me as if a bastard such as yourself could ever best me at anything” he kicks Godric in the face causing him to roll across the street as blood pours from his mouth.

Régine watches in horror as Godric is tossed around by seemingly nothing she turns toward Sophia and darts after her “release him now” she roars fists balled but Sophia holds up her hand and Regine freezes in place Sophia turns her head slowly smiling sickly “now now Miss Zaeri ve don’t vant to miss the show now do ve?” Godric looks up at Mikael and glares eyes gold and black “how many times do I have to put you down old man” he throws a punch but Mikael dodges it easily. He lifts Godric up and punches him in the face several times, “weak disgraceful abomination do you honestly think you have any power here” he throws Godric against a wall cracking it behind him. Godric struggles to stand up and Mikael zoom over and shoves his fist through Godric’s chest causing Regine to scream out “Godric there’s no one here you must fight her” blood to drips from Godric face. Unable to hear Regine he grabs onto Mikael’s hand and attempts to push him off but Mikael raises his other hand and slams it against Godric’s throat “now I’m going to do what I should have done centuries ago”

Mikael reveals a white oak stake and pulls it back before he can bring it down Godric uses every ounce of strength he has and kick out Mikael his grip on Godric’s neck loosens and Godric is able to lunge forward and bite his neck. Godric chokes on the blood and cries out vervain ack ack Mikael stands over him glaring down angrily “you truly are the most pathetic thing I have ever seen once I’ve finished you off I’ll deal with that French bitch you’ve been parading around with.” Hearing Mikael threaten Regine sends Godric over the edge his bones begin to break as his body shifts into that of a giant black wolf he howls in anger and lunges at Mikael. “Ahh the beast reveals himself come and face me” Mikael seemingly runs off towards the French quarter Godric following him the bloodlust in his eyes.

Sophia looks over at Regine and smiles “it appears ve must take zhis show on the road” she walks off into the direction of Godric and Mikael with Regine being forced on behind her. Godric manages to catch up to Mikael as he is surrounded by a group of humans Mikael turns around blood dripping from his chin he points at Godric “there is the great abomination that has plagued the world for centuries bring him to his knees.” The mob of humans rush and surround Godric and begin attacking him. He retaliates by slaughtering them all drenching everything with blood. Sophia and Regine arrive moments later and Regine covers her mouth in shock at the brutality before her, corpses litter the ground as she sees Godric ripping the throats out of several tourists he looks up and snarls. Sophia marvels at the carnage and turns to look at Regine. “I’ve been told I’m not allowed to kill you buuut zhey didn’t say I had to keep you alive” she releases Regine from the spell and she drops to the ground. Sophia whistles and Godric shakes his head blinking he stares at Regine but sees only Mikael, Godric howls “I’m going to slaughter you, you piece of shit” he lunges at Regine as she screams. Elijah speeds over and lifts her up as Godric pounces he turns around and Klaus punches him in the face. Sophia’s eyes widen “damn zhis is unexpected and quite unfortunate she looks around and sees she’s outnumbered as Rebekah arrives “who the bloody hell are you and what have you done to my brother”. It seems my fun has come to an end oh vell until next time Mr. Mikaelson ta ta she drops a bomb and disappears in a ball of light.

Klaus continues fighting against and enraged Godric “come now brother you usually have far more control than this what has that witch done to you?”  Régine cries out in Elijah’s arm “he thinks he’s fighting a man someone named Mikael.” Everyone stops and looks at her shocked Elijah sets her down and unbuttons his jacket wrapping it around her he rolls up his sleeves and walks over to join Klaus. “Brother I apologize for what is about to happen but I’m sure you’ll thank me once you wake up.” Godric snarls and lunges at them Rebekah jumps at him tackling him from the side Elijah moves around him and restrains his arms and legs as Klaus runs straight at him upper cutting him so hard his neck snaps. Godric drops to the ground with a thud and slowly shifts back into his human form. Elijah stands up and dusts himself off he walks over to Regine and takes her hand helping her up he removes his jacket from around her shoulders and covers Godric with it. “It appears our adversaries are more formidable than originally thought we must regroup back at the compound and plan a counter attack at once. He looks down at Regine “hopefully you can fill us in on what exactly happened here Miss Zaeri.” Regine nodded and looked down at Godric tears in her eyes…
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 Empty
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“I can’t believe they wouldn’t let me go,” Nikki muttered, throwing darts at a dart board. She was on her 7th dart, each dart she threw hit the exact middle causing them to pile up towards her, “Drauf could be in trouble and I feel like a helpless idiot.”

“Well, I mean, with all the things that have been going on lately I actually agree with you staying here,” Loki observed her, he tilted his head, “what do those Germans want with you anyway?”

Nikki shrugged throwing the dart.
“Could be anything really, every Nazi I knew from back in the day is dead now,” her voice gave a hint of uncertainty, “they could be neo-Nazis who heard about me and want to recruit me, could be people who I’ve pissed off in the past—the assassin business doesn’t come without its burdens you know. I just don’t know how they could have traced me here, I’ve always been careful.”

“What about Alia?”

She blinked and looked at Loki.
“What about her?”

He shrugged and stood pacing around.
“She was the only one who knew where you were at all times, right?”

Nikki thought for a moment.

“So what if she gave away your location?”

She shook her head.
“No, Alia would never do that.”

“I don’t know,” Loki looked out the window, “she had a motive.”

“And what would that be, detective Everdeen?” Nikki crossed her arms.

“She was in love with you, and she knew you wouldn’t pick her over the Mikaelsons…” Loki turned around and shrugged once more, “maybe she gave away your location because she was angry.”

“That is beyond petty,” Nikki shook her head, “I know Alia, she’s not like that… At least I don’t think she is.”

“Well they found out you were here somehow.”

The conversation was interrupted by the sound of the front doors opening, Nikki dashed down the stairs and saw the Mikaelsons carrying an unconscious Godric in and laying him down on the couch.

Her eyes widened.
“What happened?”

Régine took a deep breath.
“Zhere vas a witch, she did something to Godric and it made him zhink ‘e vas fighting someone named Mikael.”

Nikki’s eyebrows raised in surprise.

“Who’s Mikael?” Loki said going down the stairs.

“The most foul being who ever walked the earth, that’s who,” Nikki looked at Godric, “you think he’ll be okay when he wakes up?”

“Only time will tell,” Elijah straightened his suit, “until then we have to keep a close watch, should we have to restrain him further,” he looked at his daughter, “we need to strategize, I will not have a war breaking out in our home and have innocent civilians be harmed.”

“Right,” Nikki nodded, “first thing’s first, you need to let me go out there and fight for myself.”

“No,” Elijah shook his head.

“Elijah,” Rebekah looked at him, “Nikki should be allowed to go out, if anyone knows her enemies it’s her, she’s lived without us for decades. I’m sure she’s more than capable to fend for herself.”

Nikki grinned and gave her a nod in gratitude.

Elijah thought for a moment and looked at Nikki once more.
“Rebekah has a point,” he walked to Nikki and placed his hands on her arms, “but I am not willing to lose you again, so you have to take extra precautions to ensure you’re safe.”

“Of course,” she nodded, “I’ll be safe.”

“Good, now…” He looked at Godric, whom was waking, “let’s deal with him.”

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Godric mumbled groggily “I fucking hate having my neck broken” he sits up and looks around what happened. Nik looked over at him “you got mind fucked by a German witch and went on a rampage, pretty pathetic if you ask me.” Godric rolled his eyes “well then remind me not to ask you next time”, he looked down “where the bloody hell are my clothes.” Klaus smirked well—“not you, Bekah luv where are my clothes.” Rebekah walked over with new clothes and dropped them on his lap “you shredded the ones you were wearing when you turned into a giant wolf and ate a bunch of people”. Godric got dressed and stood up stretching oh, well haven’t done that in a while how was it”, Rebekah smirked “very bloody which would normally be a good thing except there were a lot of people and since this is our home and we rely on tourism that might bode unwell for us.” Godric sighs shaking his head “well it won’t be that bad we’ll just make something up an animal attack or ooh a crazy satanic cult Nik and I killed a group of people the other day we could pin it on them.” Klaus’ eyes widened and he looked over at Elijah who stared at Godric “you did what a few days ago.” Godric blinked and looked away “umm nothing” he walks over to the counter and pours himself a drink. Nikki smirked smooth Drauf real smooth. Godric takes a shot and looks at Nikki “I didn’t know the Germans had witches although I shouldn’t be surprised they are some of the craftiest people on the planet.” Nikki shrugged if by crafty you mean cockroaches then yeah they’re hella crafty”.

Elijah walked over to Nikki ‘regardless of their craft they have a witch in their ranks capable of incapacitating an original, if you insist on going out there are certain precautions that must be taken.” Nikki nodded “yes mein leben I’ll make sure to be extra careful when I hunt the bastards down.” Godric takes another shot and speeds over to Nikki “I call dibs on the cunt witch if anyone’s gonna kill that bitch it’s gonna be me I don’t take kindly to people invading my mind.” Nikki shrugged be my guest just save some for me Godric nods no problem. Elijah smirks shaking his head they must have spies surveying the compound our priority is to track one down and interrogate them for information. Klaus walks over smiling you mispronounced the word torture brother, Elijah looked over “I assumed torture was implied which is why I did not see a need to say it”. “Ah wonderful just so long as we’re all on the same page” Klaus smirks. Nikki chuckled “alright I’m gonna go hunt for some Nazis whose coming with me” Loki raised his hand Nikki smiled and shook her head “no sweetie this is too dangerous and you’re much better off here”. Loki stood up “but I wanna help and there’s not much I can do here without my gear besides I’m a werewolf too and I know how to fight.”

Godric looked over smiling “is that so” he zooms over to Loki causing him to stumble backwards. Godric looks into his eyes “do you think you could defend yourself against a vampire who would rip your heart out without a second thought” Loki mumbles something Godric continues “do you think you could kill one drive a stake through their heart.” Loki looks Godric dead in the eye “If it meant protecting Nikki I’d do anything”. Nikki blushes slightly and Godric smiles “alright since you’re so confident you can come with.” He turns around and walks over to Genie who’d been sitting quietly in the corner processing everything that was going on. He kneels in front of her and looks her in the eyes “sweetheart I am so sorry for what you had to see and I promise I’ll make it up to you.” I have a friend in town she’s DJing at a local club tonight and I told her we’d stop by, how does that sound to you. ”Regine thought quietly for a moment before smiling “zhat sounds vonderful I can’t wait it has been a vhile since I’ve been to zhe club and I’d love to go with”. “Alright he kisses her cheek and whispers I love you so much she smiles and kisses him back I love you too mon amour. Godric turns around and walks over to Nikki and Loki alright looks like you two are gonna join us later hope you like clubbing Mr. Everdeen. Loki nods yeah I’ve been to a couple I just hope the music’s good. Godric nodded oh it’ll be to die for he smirked and headed towards the door alright lets go kill some Nazi’s…
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Nikki grinned.
“Oh this is gonna be fun,” she sped upstairs to look for her guns. Once in her room she stopped for a moment and turned to look at a small box where she kept different DNA samples of people she wanted to keep tabs on. She stared at it for a moment, Loki’s voice ringing in her head.

“She was in love with you, and she knew you wouldn’t pick her over the Mikaelsons. Maybe she gave away your location because she was angry.”

With a deep breath she walked over to the box and pulled out a vial containing Alia’s golden hair.
“You better not have done me dirty, meine blume…” She put it in her pocket before going to her gun storage and pulling out her special wooden bullet guns.

She walked down the stairs and looked at them all.

They walked towards the front door, and upon opening it they saw Stella with her fist in the air ready to knock.

“Ah,” Nikki grinned wide, “just the thing I needed.”

Stella blinked.
“Can someone please explain why there are vampires all over the city, and multiple people dead?”

Godric sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.
“It’s complicated.”

Nikki wrapped her arm around Stella’s shoulder.
“Come here, child.”

“Nikki, what are you doing?” Godric raised an eyebrow.

Nikki led Stella to the couch, she tore a map of New Orleans which was hanging on the wall and laid it flat on the table, she took out the vial and handed it to Stella.
“I need you to work your magic.”

Stella raised her eyebrows in surprise, she looked at Godric whom nodded in approval before sitting up straight and scattering the hairs across the map. She began to mutter the incantation and slowly each strand began to move over to the same spot.

“They’re in Holly Grove,” Stella looked at the map, “about 14 minutes from here.”

Nikki smiled and patted the top of her head.
“You’re the best,” she looked at Godric, “shall we?”

“Will someone please explain what’s going on?” Stella stood, “the witches are all gathering together to defend the town, and I am confused.”

“Let them,” Nikki shrugged, “we can use all the help we can get against the Nazis.”

“I’m sorry, did you say Nazis?”

“Long story, luv,” Godric walked towards the door, “I’ll explain when we get back.”

“So you’re leaving me alone again?” She crossed her arms.

“This is too dangerous for you.”

“I’m a witch, I can fend for myself!”

“You’re staying here,” Godric looked at her, “end of discussion.” He walked out.

Stella rolled her eyes and dropped onto the couch, arms crossed.

Nikki looked at her and smirked shaking her head, she then followed Godric.

“Who’s hair was that?” Loki tried to keep up.

“Alia’s,” Nikki replied, “you got me thinking, and I’m glad you did. She wasn’t supposed to stay in New Orleans.”

Loki tried catching his breath.
“So you think she’s actually working for the Nazis?”

“Yup,” Nikki picked him off his feet and they began to run, in a matter of minutes they were there, “keep your eyes peeled, there might be spies around.”

Godric stopped for a moment.
“I hear someone…” He looked around and looked at a small blue abandoned looking house, “over there.”

Nikki listened in to the German voices.

“This is degrading,” one of them said, “respectable soldiers in a nasty place like this, you better have some good information.”

“It’s the only place we could all enter,” she heard Alia speak, “plus nobody would suspect a place like this.”

“Just hurry up and give us what we need, before the kommandant starts questioning where we are.”

There was silence.
“Blood?” The first soldier sounded surprised.

“Nikolayevna would have me carry this everywhere in case of emergency back when I was human,” Alia explained, “I figured it would be useful for a locator spell.”

Nikki’s eyes widened, without hesitation she kicked the door down and shot Alia in the heart with a wooden bullet. She looked at the two soldiers who seemed to be in a bit of shock.

Not missing a beat, Godric sped over too quick for the soldier and rammed his fist through his chest and tore his heart out. The other soldier was about to bolt but Nikki shot him in the head, making him fall to the ground with a loud thud.
“We need to take that one into questioning,” she put the gun away and started looking through the files on the table, looking for any names she might recognize, trying to keep herself from crying, “they’re being good at keeping their identities hidden, they are using code names… Just wish I knew who their ‘kommandant’ was…”

Godric noticed Nikki’s eyes watering.

“Maybe they have something in their pockets,” she began digging through one of the soldier’s uniforms, tears pooling up.


She kept digging, desperately, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Nikki,” he took her by the shoulders and looked into her eyes, “it’s okay, you can let it out.”

She looked into Godric’s eyes for a moment before letting out a sob, she held him tight burying her face on his chest.
“She betrayed me, Drauf,” she sobbed, “the one person I thought was my friend, and she betrayed me.”

Godric held onto her, stroking her hair.
“I know…” He spoke softly, “but it’s going to be okay, you have us, and we’ll keep you safe.” Godric looked at Loki, who seemed to be in deep sadness, and motioned for him to pick everything that would be useful up.

Loki nodded and picked up all the files and put them into bags that belonged to the soldiers, he strapped them both on his shoulders.

“Look at me, meine Störenfried.”

Nikki looked up at him, trying to control her tears.

“I know it hurts, but we need to carry on. Alright?” He kissed her forehead, “we need to kill all those fuckers that want to mess with you; now let’s head back to the compound and see what we can find.”

She nodded and sniffled.
“Yes, mein Drauf.” She wiped her tears.

Godric smiled softly.
“That’s my girl.”

Nikki looked around for a moment and saw a gas tank hooked up to a stove.
“Okay, that is strangely poetic.”

Godric smirked picking up the other soldier.
“Be my guest,” he walked out.

Loki blinked confused.

Nikki smirked and finished picking through Alia and the soldiers clothing, putting things in Alia’s purse and strapping it on her shoulder, she kisses Loki’s cheek and held his hand, walking out of the house with him. Once at a safe distance, she shot the gas tank and the small house was soon consumed in flames.

They all sped off back to the compound to see what they could find in everything they got.

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2018 9:43 pm

Godric looked through all the files they recovered from the soldiers “damn looks like they’ve been looking for you for a while” a list of the places where Nikki has been can be seen among their belongings. Nik finishes tying up the unconscious soldier while Elijah walks over with several small and very sharp knives. Loki stares wide eyed “I’m guessing you guys do this stuff a lot.” Godric smirked “only to the people who piss us off” Loki nods “note to self never piss off an original.” Nik turns to look at him “but nothing we could do would compare to what would happen if you pissed of Nikki.” Loki looked at Nikki who in turned winked. He cleared his throat “I’d sooner die than upset her.” Godric tilts his head “god you’re sappy how exactly did you win her over again?” Nikki chucked and kissed Loki softly “well other than being hung I happen to like sappy or at least the way he does it.” Loki smiles goofily. Rebekah gags “alright now that we’ve gotten all the mushiness out of the way can we deal with stupid bugger who is staining a 200 year old carpet.” Godric looks past his sister to the german soldier “jeez Nik at least wait for the bastard to wake up before we start the interrogation.” Klaus turns to look at him “I haven’t cut him…yet all I did was tie him up not my fault he’s a pansy ass.”

The soldier stirs slightly “Oh Gott, was ist passiert?” Godric zoomed over picking up a knife I’ll tell you what happened you Nazi fuck you messed with the wrong family and now you’re gonna answer some questions. “Geh und fick dich in die Hälfte der Rasse” Godric looks up at Klaus now that didn’t sound very friendly did it. Klaus shakes his head smiling no it did not. Godric nods I thought so now how exactly should I respond to that. Klaus grins wider oh I think you know exactly how Godric nods and burries the knife deep into the soldiers causing him to howl in pain. You know for a bunch of vampire Nazi’s I thought you’d be tougher than this I gotta say I’m disappointed. The soldier looks up and snarls “Das ist nichts als ein Kratzer, den ich niemals kommandant verraten werde” Loki looks over “umm not to be rude but there aren’t any subtitles and I didn’t take German in high school what’s he saying? Godric slowly twists the knife we’re in America now fuckbucket speak English. The soldier looks up at Loki eyes black and spits at him “Geh zur Hölle dreckiger Hund lebe Deutschland.” Alright I can see being nice isn’t working Godric gets up and reaches for a sharper knife with a seraded edge. Rebekah yells watch the rug watch the rug Godric grabs the guys tongue and cuts it out of his head causing him to gurgle and blood to pour from his mouth. Rebekah rolls her eyes watching the blood drip onto the carpet “why do I even bother, this is why we can’t have nice things.” “for god’s sake Bekah I’ll buy you a new rug” “oh really can you buy me a gift from George Washington” “Godric tilts his head no, but I can steal one” Bekah thinks for a moment and shrugs “fine but it better be nice and I swear to god if there’s one drop of blood on it.” “Yes yes I know I’ll never hear the end of it.”

Elijah walks over to Godric and takes the knife from him. “Hey I was playing with that.” Elijah shakes his head smiling “exactly my point we need answers from this spy and in order for him to talk he needs a tongue.” Godric mumbles “I‘ve made plenty of people talk without a tongue." Elijah kneels down and looks into the spies eyes what is your name. The man glared up at him “You cannot compel me blood traitor I von’t answer any of your questions I vould rather die.” Godric rolls his eyes “great they’re on vervain what was the point of burning it all when any two bit bitch can get their hands on the stuff.” Klaus picks up a knife no worries all we have to do is bleed it out of him Klaus cuts along his chest causing the spy to groan in pain. Elijah looks at him you know this can go a lot easier if you just cooperate. Now I’ll ask nicely one more time what is your name? Loki looks up from a laptop that he got from the safe house his name’s Heinrich and that other guy’s name was Gunter. Heinrich struggles to free himself silence you filthy dog Godric punches him in the face breaking his nose. He walks over to Loki “what else you find on there?” Loki looks through the files “there’s not much on here just the names of a few soldiers Heinrich, Gunter, Margret Hans the list goes on.” He keeps looking “oh man they have a lot of stuff on Nikki most of its encrypted I can break through but it’ll take some time and I’ll need my computer.” Nikki closes her eyes and breathes deeply did Alia give them anything important? Loki types away hold on gimme a sec he pulls up some files “lloks like she gave them the location of the compound and the names of all the Michaelson’s”. Tears stream down Nikki’s cheeks that damn traitor I trusted her and she…she Godric walks over and hugs her “it’s okay we’re okay she’s dead now nothing but ash and I’ll make sure whoever she’s helped ends up that way too.”

Nikki nods wiping her tears. Loki moves some folders around hey… i- I think I can send their leader messages from this thing. Elijah zooms over “is that so?” Loki nods “yeah well maybe not him directly but wherever their base is I can send messages to that computer.” Heinrich curses in German “filthy mongrel zhat vill never work zhey will see right through your pathetic guise you do not possess the superior Aaryn bloodline” Klaus rolls his eyes and zooms over picking up a knife he stabs Heinrich through the throat “I’m getting really sick of your superior race bullshit if anyone’s superior it’s us.” Rebekah looks up from the couch you know I vaguely remember you saying something like that to Hitler back in bar. Loki looks up awestruck woooooah you guys met Hitler. Klaus rolls his eyes and Godric mumbles “unfortunately yeah we met him a few years before he invaded Poland.” Rebekah shudders “he was a slimy little toe rag back then too wouldn’t stop trying to get with me so Nik dealt with him.” Loki looked at Klaus “what did you do to him?” Klaus sighed “I compelled the gross little shit my family and I are God's why would we ever waste our time on someone so tiny and insignificant come back if you ever achieve anything great.

Nikki turns and stares at him “so all the suffering I endured, it's your fault” Nik shook his head “oh come on you don't think I drove him to that” Godric shrugged “well he was fucked in the head he probably thought what he was doing was great” Nikki groans what the fuck, Nik! Klaus closes his eyes “well I didn't know he'd resort to mass genocide as something great” Godric shrugged in any case we do make killing look very fun”. Nikki smirked bet he had a small dick too Godric nods most likely tried to compensate for something. Heinrich choked out a cry Klaus walks over and removes the knife “say again” “YOU IMPUDENT CUR THE GENETALLIA OF HITLER WAS MASSIVE YOU’VE NO RIGHT TO MOCK IT.” Everyone stares at him “you talk as if you know from experience isn’t being gay against the Nazi code.” Heinrich continues yelling it was taught to us that Hitler was the greatest and noblest among all Germans. Nikki walked over “so they taught you in Nazi boot camp that Hitler had the biggest shlong there was and that didn’t strike you as gay in the slightest”? Heinrich responded proudly “certainly not.” Nikki blinked and snapped his neck “Jesus I didn’t think it possible but the fuckers got even worse.” Godric shook his head “welp now we have to wait for his dumbass to wake up again but in the meantime Nikki we have to get ready for tonight and now is a good time to do it. “Nik, Elijah I would appreciate it if you would finish bleeding this fucker for me but please don’t kill him without me I wanna be here when it happens.” Nikki nods “yeah me too I’ve actually been planning how I wanna do it.” Elijah nods “alright Nikolayevna we’ll save him for you” Klaus grins” but we’ll be having our own fun while we wait.” Godric turns to Nikki “I need to get Genie, you take Loki back to his house and get whatever you need meet back here in like an hour okay.” Nikki nods “right be back soon”…
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeWed May 30, 2018 6:57 pm

Nikki walked up the stairs, her smile fading with every step until she made it to her room clutching her chest. She closed the door behind her and sunk to the ground, moving back and forth.
“They can’t hurt you,” she spoke to herself, “they’re all dead, these are not the people you feared…”

“See what happens when you don’t listen?” Nikki heard a woman speak.

She lifted her gaze to see the source of the familiar voice, her eyebrows raised upon seeing who it was.
“Dinah,” she spoke in a shaky whisper.

“You try to ignore me, when I know what is best for you,” Dinah didn’t look at Nikki, “when will you learn that nobody will look out for you like I do? When will you learn that no one will love you like I do?”

“I-I’m sorry, mein Liebling, I—“

“SILENCE!” Dinah screamed her voice slightly distorted, it was now that she looked at Nikki. Her eyes were not normal eyes, they were fire. “You can’t trust anyone,” she rushed to Nikki and grabbed her by the throat, her hands felt like they burned her skin. “Nobody loves you, everyone wants you dead,” Dinah cried blood. “You need to kill everyone before they kill you, do you understand me? Everyone deserves to die, specially Loki.”

“L-Loki?” Nikki tried to release herself from Dinah’s grip, “he’s not a threat.”

“HE IS THE BIGGEST THREAT!” Dinah dug her nails into Nikki’s neck, “he’s tricking you into thinking he loves you, but he doesn’t. He wants you to let your guard down so he can kill you, and hand you over to the Nazis just like you did to me!.”

“No,” Nikki sobbed, “you’re lying, you’re not real!”

Dinah cackled.
“Oh, I’m real alright; it’s everything else that’s an illusion, I am all you have, I am all you will EVER HAVE.” Her voice was no longer Dinah’s, it was deep and demonic, “KILL EVERYONE, TRUST NO ONE.” She began to repeat over and over, screaming it into Nikki’s ears.

“No!” Nikki shrieked, “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come…” she began to scream out.

“What are you doing?” Dinah looked at her, petrified.

“…your will be done, on earth as in heaven. Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us…”

“Stop that!” Dinah’s voice grew fainter, her body slowly disappearing.

“… save us from the time of trial and deliver us from evil. For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours now and forever…” Nikki sobbed and started once more from the start, until there was no trace of Dinah left.

She curled up on the floor and began to sob.

The door opened slowly.
“It hurts me to see you like this, mein Kind,” Elijah spoke softly, lifting her up and cradling her in his arms, “it’s worse than it was 60 years ago…”

“I saw her,” Nikki sniffled, “I saw her, but it wasn’t really her…”

“Who did you see?” Elijah set her down on the bed.

“Dinah,” Nikki tried to calm down, “I hadn’t seen her since I drained her. She was beautiful mein Leben… But she was so hateful.”

“She wasn’t real,” Elijah kissed the side of her head, “you have nothing to be afraid of.”

“That’s what I said…” She sat up wiping her tears, “but then she said everything around me was an illusion…”

“Who will you trust?” Elijah took her hand, “a woman you know for a fact is dead, or your father who cannot die?”

Nikki looked at him and nodded.
“You of course.”

He smiled.
“That’s my girl,” he stood from the bed, “now come on, get ready to go; I think partying is just what you need to distract your mind,” he kissed her forehead before walking out of the room.

Nikki stood up and looked at herself in the mirror, she rubbed the back of her neck and sighed looking at her state. She wiped away all of her make up and took a deep breath before putting her hair in a bun and reaching for her blonde wig. She put it on and began to work on her face, once more changing the shape of her nose and making her lips look bigger. She put on her blue contacts, and gave herself a few freckles, now looking mostly unrecognizable. She got dressed in a short cocktail dress, put on some sheer black tights, some boots and her leather jacket. She looked in the mirror making sure everything was perfect and she grabbed her purse before walking down the stairs.

She smiled looking at Loki.
“So, what do you think?”

He raised his eyebrows, for a moment not having realized it was Nikolayevna standing before him.
“You look beautiful,” he put his hands on her waist, “but I like the original Nikki better.” He smiled and kissed her softly.

Nikki closed her eyes, kissing him back.
He doesn’t want to kill me… He loves me…

“You are a disgrace to Deutschland!” The Nazi spat, “how dare you give yourself to such filthy beasts!”

“That beast,” Nik spoke, “is half of me,” he impaled him through his stomach, the soldier let out a bloodcurdling scream, “so you better watch how you speak about my niece’s boyfriend.”

Nikki smirked.
“Remember to leave some of the fun for me, uncle Nik,” she chuckled before taking Loki’s hand and going over to the car. They sped off to Loki’s apartment and soon returned to meet up with Godric…

Alessandra looked out from the window in her room facing the backyard, observing as the sun began to set. Everything was so much more beautiful and intense now, she could see different colors in the faint rays of the sun, she felt its warmth coming off through the glass, and her ears picked up on every sound around the house, even the faintest of footsteps drummed in her ears. So far being a vampire was just as amazing as she thought it would be, the burning in her throat aside.

“Hey,” Kiana walked in, standing a few feet away from her best friend, “how are you holding up?”

Tears ran down Lessy’s cheeks, though her expression remained neutral. She didn’t sob, her body did not tremble, tears were the only signs of sadness.
“Twenty-one years, everyone waited,” her voice did not shake, “all my life prepping me for this, what I considered to be the ultimate goal. It’s finally here and… I feel so empty.” She continued to observe the sun, until the last drop of gold vanished from the sky, she then turned around to reveal her black eyes, “I feel so much and so little at the same time.”

Kiana took a step back.
“Do you need me to leave?”

“No,” Lessy shook her head, “I can handle it, I won’t hurt you.”

Cautiously Kiana stepped closer to Lessy and wiped away her tears.
“It was all rushed,” she nodded, “the people you love weren’t there, and there was no special celebration. But both Cressida and I knew that this would be the only way for you to remember Morgan.”

“I feel used,” Lessy closed her eyes, “like a pawn in Godric’s plan for revenge.”

“Does it really surprise you?” Kiana sat down on Lessy’s bed, “he stops at nothing to achieve what he wants, it doesn’t matter what or who he uses.”

“But I’m his Lessy,” it was then that a sob escaped her, “his little Lessy, his pride and joy, how could he use me?”

Kiana stood up and hugged Lessy tight, allowing her to sob on her shoulder.
“Your mom knew,” she spoke softly, “she knew what he was capable of, she tried to protect you but it was too late,” she pulled away and looked into Lessy’s eyes, “but now your mind is safe, and you know who and how he is, he won’t use you again.”

Lessy sniffled and nodded.
“You’re right,” she wiped her tears, “it won’t happen again.”

Kiana smiled softly.
“Alright, now come on there’s a little surprise waiting downstairs for you.”

Alessandra took a deep breath composing herself and nodded.
“Let’s go then.”

Taking her hand, Kiana led Lessy downstairs, and what Lessy saw made her eyes water.

“Surprise!” Everyone stood behind the long dining table, under a banner that read Welcome to Forever. Cree, Sin, Katriane, Seb, Aimé, and even Jean smiled at her. On the table were all of Lessy’s favorite foods and drinks, along with a few goblets of blood for the immortals.

Cree went over to her granddaughter and hugged her tight.
“I know it’s not much, but I promise we’ll have a proper party when Morgan arrives.”

“It’s perfect,” Lessy hugged her back, “thank you.”

Cressida smiled and guided her to the table, she took her goblet and raised it up.
“Tonight we are gathered here to celebrate the new life of Alessandra Clarisse Alexandrov, the finest vampire the world has ever seen,” she smiled proudly, “welcome to forever, my little one.”

Everyone raised their glasses and drank from them, before sitting and enjoying the mean while Jean played beautiful melodies on the piano.

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 7 I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2019 3:05 pm

Godric drives to Regine’s house and stops outside he looks over at her neighbor’s house which is burnt down and destroyed police take surrounding the front yard. Godric sighs and walks along the path up to her front door he knocks and waits for her to answer. Regine zooms over to the front door and looks through the peephole she sees Godric and smirks “who iiiis eet” Godric Chuckles “I’ve got a rather large package for a miss Zaeri is there anybody here by that name.” Regine smirks and responds “vell zhere is a Katriane Zaeri but she’s no here at zhe moment is it alright if I sign for it?” “Of course ma’am but as a warning whoever signs for this package must accept full responsibility for it can you do that?” Regine nods oh yes sir I’m fairly sure I can handle it she opens the door and Godric wraps his arms around her “hello luv I’ve missed you.” Regine smiles and kisses him back “I’ve missed you too mon amour.” Godric steps back and admires her outfit “damn sweetheart you look amazing I don’t think I’ll be able to keep my eyes off you.” Genie smiles and closes the door behind her “I do not see anything wrong vith zhat” she walks over to a mirror and adds a few finishing touches she turns and smiles zhere I am ready. Godric stares at her smiling “you are the most gorgeous women I’ve ever laid eyes on.” Regine smiles and blushes “oui I know and you are not so bad yourself.” Godric chuckles and takes out his phone texting Nikki the address of the club and texting Lori that he’s on his way right now. He wraps his arm around Regine’s shoulder and walks with her to the car opening the door for her and helping her in.

He walks around the front and gets into his seat, he notices Regine staring at the house silently looking slightly sad. “I feel so badly for zhese people it is not their fault zhat Katriane is zhe way she is and yet zhey had to pay for it with zheir lives.” Godric takes her hand and looks into her eyes “this sort of thing happens a lot when you’re involved in the supernatural world.” “It happens even more so when a Mikaelson is involved now that I think of it after a while you’ll just get used to how it goes and the death won’t bother you.” She looked down, measuring the words that were about to leave her lips. "I'm not sure if I could ever get used to so much death." Godric kissed her lips “I’ll help you as much as I can we are literally death incarnate and there is no getting around that it’s in your nature now. Regine nods contemplating her eternity of death as Godric drives off to the club. They arrive about fifteen minutes later and Nikki and Loki are waiting outside Godric waves to them and walks over. “Well lookie don’t you two look the part” he smirks. Nikki grins “you know me Drauf I can’t pass up the opportunity to kill it during a covert operation. Loki chuckles thinking Nikki is the greatest thing to ever happen to him “its been a while since my last clubbing I can’t remember it very well due to the body shots.”

Godric’s eyes widen and Nikki laughs “we def need to do some body shots she rubs on his abs and looks over at Godric didn’t you say you had a friend preforming here?” Godric nodsa ns takes out his phone she says to walk in and look up. The four of the m walk in and Lori is on a huge platform 10 feet in the air dropping some sick beats after a few minutes she spots Godric and waves he smiles up at her and waves back. Lori dj’s for a little while longer before putting things on auto piolet and jumping down she runs over and hugs Godric “hey Ric you finally made it.” Godric smiles and hugs her back you know I’d never miss one of your shows I just had to go and get a few people who appreciate fine art. Nikki stares at Lori’s ass as she hugs Godric thinking “damn not bad”. Lori pulls away as Godric introduce everyone “Lori this is Loki Nikki and my girlfriend Genie.” She shakes Loki’s and Nikki’s hand “pleasure to meet the both of you” Loki shakes her hand “nice to meet you too your songs were sick its really awesome.” Nikki smiles yeah your music is great it must take a lot of practice to be able to blend so well. Lori nods yup a lot of practice and a lot of skill. She turns and smiles at Regine its very nice to meet you she shakes Regine’s hand. Regine smiles “oui it is very mice to meet you as well I alvays enjoy meeting Godric’s friends zhey are alvays full of surprises.” Lori chuckles well that just means Ric picks the best of the best for his company. Some drunk guy stumbles past Nikki spilling his gross fruity drink all over her very expensive coat. He slurs oh sorry man I’m a bit fucked up snorts. She rolls her eyes and takes off her coat whatever no sweat I’ll get it dry cleaned she makes a mental note of the guys face so she can go kill and eat him later.

Suddenly a young blonde woman dancing a few feet away notices Nikki take off her coat she looks at her arm and gasps as Nikki’s number is visible for a few seconds. She runs to the bathroom and takes out her phone speaking in German code red code red I have spotted Nikolayevna Werner at the Masquerade Nightclub all available units converge we cannot lose her several people respond  affirmative ve are on our way do not let her leave. The woman walks back out and scans the room for Nikki who is over at the bar drinking with Loki and laughing at his jokes. She walks over to the bouncer and compels him she hands something to him and whispers” vhen my associates arrive you will….. do you understand?” The man nods “yes ma’am I understand” he goes back to watching the door she compels several other partygoers before going to stand a a safe distance observing Nikki and Loki smirking to herself if all goes as plan I’ll be promoted hehehe. Godric Regine and Lori talks and laugh discussing music and Lori’s beautifully colored hair when they make their way over to the bar Loki is starting to get tipsy after his second bottle of Jagermeister Nikki is laughing just staring at him admiring his goofy charm she looks over as Godric and the other arrive. “I haven’t had this much fun in decades thanks Drauf this is just what I needed.” Loki “wha decades pffft that’s crazy you’re hot you don’t look a day over…oh yeah goofy chuckle as he takes another shot. Godric laughs no come on I wanna hear the rest of that sentence how old does Nikki look? Nikki snorts old enough to drink any lightweight here under the table downs three more shots of vodka like its water.

Godric smiles oh is that so he chugs a bottle of bourbon and burps loudly causing Regine to giggle having never seen Godric so relaxed. The bartender pours everyone a shot claiming its on the house as everyone takes the shot Godric Nikki Regine and Lori gag and drop to the ground choking and grabbing their throats Nikki curses struggling to breathe what the caough fuck cough Godric’s eys glow as he screams in anger ver-vain he manages to gasp when suddenly half several of the people around them start breaking bottles and angrily rush them screaming. Godric is the first to respond she he lifts two chairs and throws them at the group knocking several down. Nikki breaks a bottle and darts forward slashing wildly Loki stares in shock trying to process what’s going on as Lori grabs the bartender. Who the fuck are you why did you give us vervain? The bartender attempts to throw a drink in Lori’s face but she dodges and breaks her neck. More people join in the fight as the blonde German woman makes her way over to Nikki. Godric focuses on protecting Regine who is still gagging due to not being used to the effects of vervain. About seven people arrive as the fight rages on they see the blonde German woman fighting against Nikki and instantly dart over to her. Loki notices and screams “HEY HEY GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HER YOU BASTARDS” he runs over but is tackled by some guy they proceed to fight but look over powers him and knocks him out. He screams Godric Nikki’s in trouble. Godric looks up to see Nikki surrounded as the group closes in on her he rushes over and rips the spines out of two of them roaring angrily they stare at him shocked which gives Nikki enough time to rip out one of their hearts the other tackle her as the bouncer makes his way over and injects her wit pure vervain knocking her out. Loki screams and charges at one of them with a broken chair he instantly gets smacked in the face in is knocked against the bar he struggles to his feet and cough out you’re not taking her he throws a bottle of liquor which h shatters against one of the group and burns his skin Loki rams a stake through his heart killing him instantly. I rush over and knock the bouncers head off as the remaining three rush ou the back of the kitchen into a black car with tinted windows carrying Nikki’s unconscious body with them.
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]
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