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 The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 05, 2016 1:07 am

Godric thinks for a moment then speaks “so what songs do you plan on preforming at the concert”? Katriane looked at Godric, trying her best to appear normal. "Vell, our last concert ve started vith 'My Sweet', and ve vere going to go zhrough our entire album until ve got to 'Save Me'; you know before ve 'ad to cancel... I assume ve are doing zhat zhis time as well, right sissy?" Regine took a sip from her wine and nodded. "Oui, also zhe song zhat Lucienne and Aimé vere meant to sing together vill go to me and Julien now." Aimé nodded. "Yes, zhat sounds right." Godric turns his head what’s that song about the one with you and Julien. "Well, Lucienne and Aimé 'ad written zhe song shortly after zheir engagement, so it's about eternal love." ahh I see Godric thinks for a moment, then asks “shouldn't Katriane and Sébastiene sing it that would make more sense”. Katriane responds My voice is too 'igh pitched, it vould ruin it. Godric nods “ahh understandable well what are your other songs about I know so little about your band”.

Régine smiled, liking the fact that Godric had taken interest in their project. "Ve sing about love, mostly; it is vhy ve were set in pairs, each of us 'ave our own love story. Of course Julien and I's are not real but zhe crowd goes crazy over it." Katriane noticed Godric's slight mood change. "Ve sing about other zhings too, though, like our lavish lifestyles, zhings people admire." Godric smiles “oh and what do you do with your lavish lifestyles is it all cookouts and press tours or do you do more exciting things”. Sébastiene chuckled. "We go out to clubs, VIP of course, travel zhe world in our private jets, go to zhe finest restaurants; ve enjoy our fame to zhe fullest.’Opefully we make zhe same impression here zhat we did in Europe." Godric tilts his head "you do boring rich people stuff, do you do anything exciting or adventurous or do you just sit in your posh jets and VIP rooms eating lobster and caviar" Katriane snapped her fork in her hand. "Vell I'm sorry ve can't all live zhe exciting life of a Mikaelson, monsieur Godric!" Godric smiles easy Kitty Kat I didn't mean to offend you, my apologies I just thought being in the position that you're in you'd do more with your time like climb mountains or explore other countries visit exotic places. Régine blinks, looking at her sister and chuckles. "Sébastiene and Katriane are not zhe outdoorsy kind, zhat's more my area." Oh that's reassuring Godric smiles what do you like to do in your free time luv.

Régine smiles. "Vell vhen I'm not writing I like to go out and walk around forests; I love feeling zhe earth vith my bare feet, it's relaxing. I do a lot of nature photography." Godric smiles “Now that sounds like fun when I was younger I spent all my time in the forests with my siblings there wasn't really much else to do back then it was quiet and relaxing”. Régine looked at Godric, a bit confused. "Not much else to do? Vith all zhe money your family 'as one vould zhink you vould go out and travel." Godric nodded and explained “We didn't come into money until much later in my life, as a child I explored the forests near my home when I got older is when I explored the world and all the beauty it had to offer. Aimé looks and smirks. "Nouveau riche? ’Ow is it that your family came into money?" Well stocks we're good at predicting when the stocks change buy low sell high all that good stuff I've never had much of an interest in it. Aimé raised his goblet and gave a nod. "Well played." Régine nods. "Vell played indeed, I'm glad your family vas able to move forward. But now I am curious, vhat is it zhat you do vith your wealth?" Me personally I invest in things that interest me or I travel Jamaica Mexico Costa Rica Switzerland Germany I've been all over the world it's fun I don't do the club scene or VIP rooms

“"'Ave you ever been to France?" Regine asked smiling. Godric thought for a moment hmm no actually not yet but I'd love to go see the Eiffel tower among other things” Godric said smiling. “Perhaps ve could all go zhere someday, I'd love to give you a tour." "No thanks," Morgan said after taking a swig of wine, "I've never been fond of France." Régine blinked. "Vhy?" Morgan shrugged. "History." Godric looks at Morgie tilting his head Ah yes Morgie has had a negative experience with the French people. But I'm sure I'll have better luck so I'd love to go to France with you. "I'd love to go," Alessandra smiled, "I've always wanted visit Paris." "You never want to come to England with me but you want to go to France?" Morgan raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, I've already been to England," Lessy gave a nervous chuckle. "Gotta broaden my horizons, you know?" Morgan takes another swing of wine, her annoyance slightly apparent in her face. Godric clears his throat So how did you all end up forming your band. Régine looked at Godric, glad the subject was changed. "My family is very musically inclined, our parents enrolled Katriane and I in one of zhe best music schools in Paris, vhich is vhere ve met Aimé, Sébastiene, and Lucienne. Ve all became very close and ve started talking about forming a band; I 'ad known Julien for many years, and 'e 'ad connections vith producers since 'e used to record, and it all mashed together perfectly." Godric nods that does sound perfect you said you knew Julien before the band how did you meet him. "'E vas an intern at my father's company, I used to go zhere every day after school and ve got close. Mostly vhy mama and papa don't approve much of him being in love vith me." She gave a small chuckle. Hmm an intern what did he do you said your father was in a trading company correct. "Oui," she smiles, "he vas in charge of papa's paperwork, reviewing documents, boring stuff papa didn't vant to deal vith." Godric leans back smiling boring stuff I've never been a fan of boring stuff I need constant entertainment. Régine giggled. "Julien is a 'ard vorker, 'e can deal vith boring quite vell." hmm that’s a good character trait finding an interest in the most boring of tasks. Régine nods. "Oui, I supoose it is; papa wanted Katriane and I to vork for 'im," chuckles, "Katriane and do not share Julien's trait, so ve're glad Belle Morte reached the fame it did." Godric chuckles what would you have done had you worked for your father.

"Ve vould 'ave helped him manage zhe company," Katriane answered, having calmed down, "vanted to polish us to take charge of zhe company in zhe event of 'im not being able to." hmm well I'm glad Belle Morte became such a huge success Godric turns to Regine otherwise we never would have met. Régine smiled. "Oui, I am--" "So Sinclair," Morgan interrupted, "what is it that you do?" "Oh," Sinclair blinked, not expecting the attention to be directed to him, "well I got the short end of the stick and ended up helping papa manage the company; I also model for various designers." "A model?" Morgan smiled, "that seems interesting, you know England is known for fashion events, have you ever modeled there?" "Oui," Sin smiled, "I've modeled all over Europe, and New York." "Very accomplished," Morgan smiled at Lessy, "good." Lessy blinked and looked at Godric, begging him to change the subject. So Sin what does managing a trading company entail is it as boring as I think it is or can you find anything interesting about it.

"It makes me want to rip my eyes out," Sin laughed, "but it keeps our family wealthy, so it must be done." Godric nods “I know all about doing stuff you don’t want to for the greater good”. Sin nodded in unspoken understanding. "Papa gave his all to build that company from the ground up, it's quite literally a family treasure. Tedious to maintain but a treasure nonetheless." Godric nods as well “That sounds like Elijah he works so hard on trying to repair the old parts of New Orleans so that it's more like it was the last time we were here he's also made quite a bit of progress with restoring the old buildings”. "'Ow long ago vere you 'ere?" Régine quipped. Godric smiles it feels like centuries, we've been gone a while I don't remember how long exactly. ""Vell I'm certainly glad you came back," she smiled, going back to the sentiment Morgan had interrupted, "otherwise ve probably vouldn't 'ave met." Morgan rolled her eyes as everyone else paid attention to Régine and Godric; Jean noticed though, chuckling to himself.

Meeting you is certainly high on the list of good things that have happened to me since I came back to town. Régine blushed deeply, smiling. "I feel zhe same way." Alessandra looked at them, smiling at the vibe of happiness coming from the both of them; but her smile faded when she saw Morgan looking away, looking emotionless. She cleared her throat. "How about we bring in the dessert?" She smiled at her mother. Morgan looked around the table and nodded. "Yes, it's about that time," she stood, "excuse us." Lessy and Morgan walked to the kitchen. Godric stared after them tilting his head hmmm he thought did I hurt her feelings again what am I saying of course I did damn They walked back into the dining room with two pies, and they placed them on the table; strawberry and cream, and key lime pie. Cressida went around taking away the used plates, while Morgan put new plates in their place not making eye contact with anyone. Lessy sliced up the pies so everyone could take what they wanted. "Zhese look vonderful," Régine smiled. "Mum made them," Lessy said taking a slice for herself. "I'm sure zhey taste as good as zhey look," Regine said serving herself a slice, she took a bite and nodded, "and I vas right; you're a brilliant chef, Morgan." Morgan sat back down and gave Régine the best smiles she could muster. "Thank you." Godric eyes Morgie then looks at the pie he thinks to himself I hate pie but still she went to all this trouble I should take a piece. Godric takes a piece and eats it trying not to make a face he turns to Morgie and smiles this is very good Morgie thank you.

Morgan looked at Godric, knowing very well he didn't like pie she found it amusing that he was eating it, this made her chuckle. "Well thank you, Ric, but Cressida is going to bring you your dessert in a moment." I hate pie I hate Pie I hate Pie he thought that's the last time I do something nice he pushed the pie away squinting at Morgie. Morgan looked down trying not to laugh as Cressida walked out with Godric's special dessert. "Here you are," Cressida said as she set it down, she patted his shoulder in unspoken gratitude for trying to be kind to Morgan, and sat back down on her seat. Godric looks at his dessert then eyes Morgie he takes a bite and its delicious he thinks again you know I don't like pie why would you make pie I bloody hate pie. I like cake brownies ice cream fuck pie He speaks this is better than the pie Morgie thank you. Morgan gives a nod and smiles. "You're welcome, Godric, I know you're not fond of pie." Lessy tried not to laugh. Godric gives his fakest smiles and continues eating his special not fucking pie dessert fuck pie. "I think the pie is excellent, Mrs. Alexandrov," Sin smiled, "you've outdone yourself." Morgan chuckled. "Mrs. Alexandrov? That's new, thank you Sinclair." Lessy chuckled and whispered to him. "Flattery will get you nowhere with her." haha what did you hope to gain by complementing her Godric whispered so only he could hear.

Sin scratched the back of his head, clearly embarrassed. "Acceptance I think..." he whispered back. hmm you won't get it by complements alone Morgie likes action you've might have gained a little favor by dying for Lessy either that or she thinks you're reckless either way He sighed. "Let's hope for my sake it isn’t the latter." Lessy looked at him and smirked. "Mum will warm up to you, don't worry."…
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 14, 2016 6:02 pm

Morgan looked at Sinclair and smirked, thinking it was adorable how hard he was trying to impress her. But Morgan wasn't easily impressed.
Show me you love my daughter, impress her to impress me... She thought, her gaze shifting over to Lessy. She looks happy so far, I hope she stays that way... It was a mother's greatest fear to see her daughter be heartbroken, and Lessy seemed to be warming up to the boy. Morgan feared that Lessy would hurt as much as she has over the centuries; she looked at Cressida and Aimé, suddenly sadness washed over her.

Though Cressida had been by her side ever since she was born and she knew that Cressida too deserved to know love and happiness, Morgan couldn't help but think that she was now alone. The two people who kept her life stitched together were now developing lives of their own. And there she was, stuck in a story that never seemed to change for her. Alone, heartbroken, and lost...

She could feel tears pooling up in her eyes, so she got up and cleared her throat.
"Cressida, dear, could you help me clear the table?"

Cressida looked away from Aimé's eyes and looked at Morgan, smiling.
"Of course, m'lady." She got up and they both began to clear the table.

Régine smiled at Morgan and handed her her empty place.
"Merci." Morgan smiled at her, but did not speak. Régine blinked and looked at Godric. "Do you zhink something is wrong vith 'er? She is not as talkative as she usually is."

"I'm sure she'll be fine," Godric replied and placed a gentle kiss atop her hand, "would you like to dance?" He figured it was best to distract Régine from Morgan's mood swings.

"Oui," Régine nodded, smiling.

Godric got up and pulled out her chair, took her hand and guided her to the other side of the room, and began to sway to Jean's soft music.
"You look absolutely beautiful, Genie."

Régine blushed as he twirled her softly, she put her hand on his shoulder.
"Merci, Godric," she smiled at him, looking into his vibrant blue eyes, "you look dashing, but zhen again you always do."

"Do you dance?" Sinclair asked Lessy as he observed his sister and Godric.

"No, I'm more of a performer than a dancer," Lessy smirked, "which reminds me..." She got up and walked over to Jean. "Sir, I have come to relieve you of your duties," she chuckled, "mum is bound to come out with a plate for you, I can take it from here."

Jean chuckled and got up, giving her the seat.
"I haven't seen you play since I taught you back in 2011, you better not disappoint."

"Me? Disappoint the great Jean Badeau?" She cracked her knuckles, "prepare to be blown away." She began to play.

Jean looked at her and smiled, sitting on the table. Just then Cressida brought him a tray of everything that was served earlier.
"Thank you, hun," he gave her a nod.

"My pleasure," Cressida patted his shoulder before going over to Aimé, "would you like to dance?"

Aimé looked at her, grinning.
"Zhat is not even a question zhat should be asked," he got up, took her hand and led her to the other side of the room to dance.

Sinclair looked at Alessandra played, smiling.
She just gets more and more amazing the more I get to know her... He walked over to the piano and stood there watching her play with expertise.

Katriane remained on the table, trembling slightly with Sébastiene comforting her, Morgan walked out and looked at them. She sighed and went over to Katriane.
"How about we get you out of here?" Katriane looked at Morgan and simply nodded, without saying another word Morgan led them upstairs to which was now Katriane's room. She looked around and spotted the armchair, she sat Katriane there and looked at her. "Would you be against me restraining you to this chair until everyone leaves?"

"Please, do it, I am so close to losing control I am afraid," Katriane's eyes watered, she looked at Sébastiene, "you von't leave me, right mon amour?"

Sébastiene shook his head.
"Never," he gave her a small smile.

Morgan looked at them and closed her eyes, bringing her energy to her hands, and with a snap of her fingers Katriane was now unable to move from the chair.
"I promise that once everyone leaves I'll feed you, alright?"

"Oui, merci..." Katriane took a deep breath.

"If you two need anything," Morgan now looked at Sébastiene, "come find me downstairs, if I'm not around then ask Alessandra."

"Vill do, thank you." Sébastiene said sitting on the bed next to the armchair.

Morgan looked at them for a moment, Sébastiene seemed to be once hundred percent committed to Katriane. Their love was everything that she wanted, but she couldn't have it, at least not with the man she loved. She walked out of the room and closed the door, she closed her eyes as she tried to compose herself.
"Don't cry," she whispered to herself, "queens don't cry..." She took a deep breath and wiped away a few tears that managed to escape her. She walked down the hall and down the stairs, she looked at everyone, arms crossed, from the entry way. She looked at Godric as he danced with Régine, his hand on her hip, a smile on his face.

She remembered when he danced with her like that, back in the 1600s, they would frequent fairs around Europe where they celebrated with dance and grog. They would dance for hours, until the drinks wouldn't allow them any more coherent moments. Then they would go back to the cabin and initiate a celebration of their own.

But now they no longer danced, and it seemed like there was nothing to celebrate. Godric was no longer hers, he now seemed to belong to someone else. She bit her lip, feeling her tears creep up again; she turned away to let them out.

She then felt a hand on her shoulder, she wiped her tears and turned around to see Jean smiling sympathetically at her.
"You look like you could use a dance with good company."

Morgan gave an embarrassed chuckle.
"I'm sorry, I didn't want anyone to see me like this... You must think I'm a fool."

Jean shook his head.
"We all have that someone we just can't shake," he gave her a small bow and extended his hand, "shall we, your highness?" Morgan looked at him and took his hand, a small smile on her face, Jean led her to a corner of the room where the others wouldn't hear their conversation due to the piano. "What's on your mind?"

"Many things..." Morgan took a deep breath, "I've mostly been stressed out because I've been trying so hard to make Godric happy..."

"What about your happiness, love?" Jean gave her a twirl, "does your happiness not matter?"

"How can I be happy if the meaning of my life for 500 years has been him?" Morgan tried not to cry, "I can't give up on him, Régine will die eventually and it will all be over."

"How are you so certain she will die? What makes you think he won't turn her?" Jean spoke softly.

"I had a vision earlier," Morgan whispered, "she will be murdered, her heart ripped out of her chest, neither Godric nor I were there to stop it from happening."

Jean blinked.
"And you aren't going to tell him?"

Morgan shook her head.
"Why would I? So he can make sure to be with her at all times? So Régine isn't murdered and I lose my chance?"

"Morgan, this isn't like you," Jean said pulling her close, making sure she could hear him, "do you really want her death on your hands? You help people, you don't destroy them."

Morgan didn't look at Jean.
"Desperate times call for desperate measures..."

"Look at me," he said to her, "who murders her?"

Morgan looked into his eyes...

"It's nice to see Morgan enjoying 'erself," Régine smiled looking at them, she looked at Godric, "she seemed rather down earlier."

"Yes, she did," Godric replied, not taking his eyes off Régine, "try not to worry too much about her, her mood swings have been a part of her ever since I met her. She cries when she's happy, cries when she's sad... Sometimes there's no telling why she's crying," he chuckled, "I learned to ignore it, you should too."

"Hm..." Régine thought for a moment and smiled, "vell, you know 'er better zhan I do so I'll take your vord for it."

"Good," Godric twirled her, "now, let's focus on us," he smiled.

Jean looked into Morgan's eyes and nodded.
"I won't tell Godric..."

Morgan smiled.
"Thank y--"

"I won't tell him," he interrupted her, "because I know that is your duty. Let him be happy with his choices, Morgan; focus on being happy yourself."

Morgan's smile fell slightly, she nodded.
"I promise you that I'll tell him when I feel the time is right."

"Good," Jean nodded, "now, how's about we go into your office for a private reading, take your mind off things?" He winked.

Morgan chuckled.
"A private reading, eh?" She shook her head, smiling, "you always had a knack for timing."

"I'm assuming that is a yes, then?" He smirked.

"Let's go," Morgan nodded, taking his hand and walking upstairs with him.

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 22, 2016 9:12 pm

Godric smiles widely looking a Genie enjoying their dance when he notices something out of the corner of his eye Jean and Morgie leaving together walking up the stairs no one else seems to notice. Thinks to himself "I wonder what those two are up to" Godric tries to ignore them and focuses on Regine how soft and warm she is how completely happy she make him he stares at her enjoying the view until she notices and blushes. Regine looks at him and asks “vhat is on your mind Godric”. He smiles “you and how beautiful you are” as he spins her around. Regine giggles and smiled. "Vell I do 'ave to do my best to impress.’ Godric starts moving with her to the piano's rhythm “well you certainly do impress I can't wait to hear you sing at the concert”. Regine looks around and whispers “I'm 'onestly nervous, but don't tell zhe others” Godric Tilts head what do you have to be nervous about you're perfect in every way plus you've done this type of thing before haven't you.

Regine Smiles and nods “Oui, but... it is zhe first concert since Lucienne's death, first concert vith me as zhe front man, our American debut... zhere is a lot on my shoulders to make sure everything goes perfectly.” Godric thinks for a moment then lifts her chin “you are going to do great and everyone is going to be blown away by your amazing singing voice okay the Americans will love everything you have to offer hmm”. She smiles, looking into your eyes, a light blush to her face “I 'ope you are right, of course it vill be better vith you zhere. Godric smiles “I'll be front row center cheering you on all night okay”. You better be *chuckles* Do you zhink zhe French fans vill like us vithout Lucienne? Godric replies “I do it'll be different and it'll take some time to get used to but they'll love you all the same.” Regine smiles *smiles* 'Ow do you always find a vay to make me feel better, Godric? Godric smirks I just point out the things about you that make me feel better. Regine looks into your Godric’s eyes, smiling as they dance, her eyes slowly trail down to his lips. She gets closer but stops, not sure if she's being too forward* Godric smiles and kisses her lips gently seeing how she'll react.

Regine blushes and kisses him back, she rests her forehead on his and giggles “I'm glad you vanted zhat too. Godric smiles “I've wanted that for a long time I just needed to make sure you did too” he kisses her again. Sinclair looked at them and crossed his arms, trying to look serious. "Oi, careful with my sister!" Regine kisses Godric back and looks at Sinclair. "Mind your business, Sin," she giggles. Godric chuckles “your brother just wants to make sure you're alright I understand where he's coming from” Godric looks at Sinclair “don't worry mate I'll take good care of her he says winking.” Sin chuckles. "Yeah you better, or you'll have to deal with me," he winks. Régine giggles, shaking her head. "Always so protective of me, zhough of course vith vhat 'appened in my past I understand vhy." Godric looks at her why...what happened in your past. She looks down and shakes her head, she gives you a small smile. "I zhink zhat is a story for another day." He looks at her concerned “are you sure you know you can tell me anything”.

It is not a 'appy story, if you really vant to know zhen I zhink ve should go somewhere more private. "Yes I really do" takes Regine's hand and walks up the stairs to his room where the suits Morgie has are stored So tell me what happened She sighed, sitting down on the bed. "Vell, back vhen I vas in France, Katriane and I 'ad gone out to a club. Zhere vas a man 'oo sat down next to us at zhe bar and 'e bought me a drink..." She closed her eyes, thinking back to the day, "'e put something in it, a drug, and before it vent through my system 'e convinced me to go outside so ve could talk. Zhen my body stopped responding, I collapsed and 'e dragged me to 'is car and started to undress me..." she sighed and looked into your eyes, "Katriane beat 'im up before 'e could do anything to me. Ever since zhen both Kat and Sin 'ave been very protective of me." Godric sat there listening intently to Regine's story when she finished he closed his eyes after a moment he opened them again and spoke "I'm sorry that happened no one should ever have to go through something like that he put his hand on top of hers but I give you my word that I will always be there to protect you. She smiled, taking hold of your hand and nodding. "I trust you vill." Godric looks around “so do you wanna go back and join the others or do you wanna do something else.

I zhink ve should join zhem before Sin gets zhe wrong idea she giggles  Godric smiles alright them lets go he follows Regine out the room and back down the stairs to rejoin the others who are still dancing Sinclair is eyeing Godric and Regine suspiciously
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 02, 2016 8:52 pm

Jean observed Morgan as she looked at herself in the mirror, he smirked and walked over to her, he hugged her from behind.
"Still upset?" He asked, placing a kiss on her shoulder.

Morgan sighed and turned around to look at him.
"It's just that there's so much shit going on, I've been growing tired of it all..."

He took her hand and led her back to the bed, he cradled her on his lap, making sure she was comfortable.
"Tell me about the vision you had earlier."

Morgan thought back to when she was in the car with Godric and bit her lip.
"Someone from my past is coming back..." She closed her eyes, "there's this woman I met back in New York, she was a friend of Godric's, her name was Nikolayevna. She walked into my tent at a festival and just started reminding me everything I did wrong to him... I got angry, too angry, and I began to argue with her, it got to the point that she got so fed up that she shot me in the chest, missing my heart. I had a vision she came back. Godric thinks her to be dead..."

"You never told him she was alive?" Jean blinked, surprised.

Morgan shook her head.
"No, if he knew... he'd leave me to go find her, the last thing I need is another homicidal maniac around, specially one so keen on killing me."

"Are you going to tell him she's coming back?"

"No..." Morgan sighed, "perhaps after Régine is gone I will, I want to deal with one thing at a time."

"So you're really not going to tell him that Régine is going to ger her heart ripped out..." Jean sighed, Morgan remained quiet. "I can't tell you what to do, what I can tell you is that Régine makes him very happy, and if you want him to be happy you need to stop her death."

Morgan got up, clearly uncomfortable, and began to get dressed.
"I appreciate your input, Jean."

"But you're not going to consider it."

Morgan zipped her dress up.
"So far, no." She put her hair up and fixed her makeup before walking out of the room.

She walked down the stairs over to the dining room, her heart racing when she saw Godric and Régine weren't there, she was about to ask for them when she saw them walking down the stairs, she sniffed the air, nothing was out of the ordinary. Her body relaxed and she smiled, regaining her composure as a graceful host. Jean walked down the stairs, looking as if nothing had happened, he looked at Morgan and then at Godric and shook his head, wondering why Morgan was so hung up on a relationship that had died 400 years ago.

"Well, it's getting late," he said looking at his watch, "I have another event to perform at, thank you for the wonderful opportunity to play for you, Madame Alexandrov," he smiled at her and kissed her hand.

Morgan gave a nod and smiled softly.
"Thank you for taking time off your busy schedule, Mr. Badeau," she winked, "hopefully you can perform for us again."

"Just say the word and I'll be here," Jean winked and waved at everyone before walking out the door.

Morgan looked at the door for a moment, feeling her heart sink and sadness wash over her.

"I zhink I should go too," Régine said and gave a small yawn, "I need to check up on Julien, I'm sure 'e's lonely at zhe 'ouse."

Morgan looked at Godric and smirked at his reaction.
"Yes I'm sure he must be missing you all terribly, I think it's best for you to go to him."

Régine looked at Godric and smiled.
"You can come vith me if you vant."

Morgan's smirk fell.

"I'd love to," Godric looked relieved.

Morgan's brow furrowed, she looked away before anyone noticed.

Régine walked over to Morgan and kissed both her cheeks.
"Merci beaucoup, Morgan, for everything, I enjoyed myself very much."

Morgan tried her best at a smile.
"I'm glad everything was to your liking, hopefully we can do it again."

"I look forward to it!" Régine smiled and looked at Aimé. "You are coming vith us, oui?"

Aimé nodded.
"Oui," he looked at Cressida, "I'll see you tomorrow," he kissed her cheek.

Cressida smiled.
"See you tomorrow."

"Vhere is my sister?" Régine looked around.

"She went to take a nap," Morgan gave a nod, "I'll take her to your place if she wants when she wakes, Sébastiene is keeping her company."

"Ah," Régine nodded and looked at Sin, "are you coming vith us?"

"No, I wanna stay here and make sure Katriane is alright," Sin gave a small smile.

"Right," Régine smirked and looked at Alessandra before looking at Godric, "let's go zhen."

Godric nodded and put his hand on the small of Régine's back.
"Thank you for everything, Morgan," he smiled at her before walking out.

Morgan watched them leave.
Only a couple of weeks and it will all be over...

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 19, 2016 11:43 pm

Godric looked through his mirror and saw Aimé sitting in the back smiling quietly, he thought for a moment before speaking. “So Aimé what do you think about Cressida”. Aimé speaks up “She's a proper lady... so refreshing, nothing like the women back home.” Godric nods “I've known her for what seems like centuries and you won't find anyone I warn you treat her right or you'll regret it”. Aimé blinks “I have no intention of hurting her, Godric, she's... she's special”. Godric smiles “good that's a relief god knows what would have happened if you upset her”. Aimé tils his head is she aggressive? Godric laughs “no she's an Angel you'd have Morgie and Lessy to worry about Godric smiles widely if anything happened to upset Cressida they'd make whoever responsible very VERY sorry”. Aimé’s eyes widen “Well Morgan does seem a bit... off...” Godric looks back at him “what do you mean by a bit off”? Aimé replies “Like she silently looks around and pictures how she'd kill everyone in the room”

Godric laughs loudly “yeah I can see where you'd get that idea from but she's really quite harmless unless you cross her or anyone she cares about so you should have nothing to worry about”. *Régine smiles* I like 'er, she's been so nice to us. Godric smiles “yes Morgie is always nice to those that she likes and since I like you she'll be especially nice”. “Zhen I suppose I am quite lucky”. “Well I suppose but I feel like I'm the lucky one to have found someone so special”. *Régine blushes and smiles shyly* I can say zhe same. Godric reaches over and grabs Regine's hand. * Regine laces her fingers with yours. Aimé looks at the two of them and smiles. “So water we gonna do once we get to your place”? “Vell first ve need to check up on Julien and make sure 'e 'asnt destroyed zhe 'ouse, zhen ve can do vhatever you vant” *smiles* Godric smiles “whatever I want eh hmm so many possibilities”.

Regine giggles “Oui, zhere are many. *thinks for a moment* Only if you tell me more about you. *smiles* Godric thinks for a moment about a story that he could tell her none spring to mind at the moment but he'll think of something, "okay deal". Okay zhen, it's a date. Godric pulls up in front of Regine's house they get out and Regine unlocks the door they go inside.
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 25, 2016 5:41 pm

Régine raised an eyebrow upon seeing all the trash on the curb, she recognized it as everything that was broken in Katriane's room. She walked to the door and unlocked it, slowly going inside.
"Julien?" She called out.

Quickly Julien went down stairs smiling, that is until he saw Godric standing behind her, then his smile faded, he looked at Régine and nodded.
"I was wondering when you'd be home."

"What's with everything in the curb?" Régine hugged him.

He hugged her back, when he let go he looked into her eyes.
"I wanted to apologize for my behavior, I..." He looked at Godric for a moment then back at Régine, "I am sorry my anger got the best of me, I'm sorry I destroyed Katriane's room. While you were gone I decided to make it up to you," Juliene smiled at Régine.

"Let's see zhen," Régine smiled and followed Julien upstairs, he opened the door for her and she gasped walking in, "mon Dieu, Julien..." The walls were filled in, the room had a fresh coat of paint, all the furniture was new.

"Careful with the walls, they aren't dry yet..." Julien smiled looking at her.

"Zhis looks better zhan my room!" Régine chuckled, "I zhink Kat and I vill 'ave to switch."

Julien beemed seeing how happy Régine looked.
"So... am I forgiven?"

"Of course!" Régine hugged him tight, she kissed both his cheeks, Julien looked at Godric smugly, "you know I couldn't stay mad at you for long anyways."

Julien smirked.
"I know."

Régine looked at Godric.
"It looks great, doesn't it?"

The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 Ba3b88b72b81b7156cc7fcfa0fdd658c-d5tto6f
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 18, 2016 3:04 am

Godric tilts his head and looks at the room “yes it looks very nice” Godric looks at the furniture and the walls “how did you do this all by yourself with so little time?” Julien looks at Godric, giving his best forced smile. "I had a little help." “Oh help from who” Godric responds. Julien glares at him and says in a tight voice “people”. Godric nods “people I see you must have been very COMPELling to get them to help clean up the huge mess you made”. Julien attempts to smile “yes quite”. Regine watches the two of them slightly confused until Julien notices. “Now that you’re home I was wondering if we could go out ya know go see a movie”. Regine smiles oh “Julien I vould love to but I had already promised Godric that I would go out with him. Régine thought for a moment and gave a small gasp, she looked at Godric and smiled. "Vould you like to go out vith us?" She then looked at Julien. "If you dont mind, of course." Julien tried his best to keep his smile genuine, but it was painfully obvious that he was forcing it. "Sure, why not..." He gave a forced chuckle, "the more the merrier." Godric thought for a moment I hate sharing especially with that bitch ass but I’ll try for Regine he then smiles “sure that sounds like fun where would you like to go”?

Julien took a breath. "Well, I bought her and I tickets to see the new zombie movie that came out." Régine smiled. "Oh, I've vanted to see zhat one for ages!" She turned to Godric. "Ve should go before zhey sell out of tickets." Godric nods yeah lets go he takes her hands and walks out the door with her smirking at Julien. Julien glared at Godric as they walked out the door, his eyes turning black for a split second. "Control yourself," he muttered to himself, "don't fuck this up again..." Régine looked back at him, confused. "Did you say something?" Julien smiles at her. "Oh no, nothing, just thinking out loud." Godric smiles hearing Julien mumble to himself angrily this is gonna be more fun than I thought he leads Regine out to his car and opens the door for her he then walks around and sits in his seat starting the car. Julien looked at Godric as he open the door for Régine, annoyed that he wasn't able to considering it was supposed to be a date between Régine and himself. He sighs and gets in the back seat of the car and looks at Régine. "So Régine, how was your day?" Régine looks at him through the rear view mirror and smiles. "It vas great, ve vent out shopping for a bit, zhen ve vent to Morgan's 'ouse for dinner, it vas très délicieux, quite romantic too if I do say so." Julien tried to smile. "Sounds... great."

Godric smiled trying very hard not to laugh he looked through the mirror at Julien's pained expression which brought him monumental delight. He began to drive I did find the dinner quite amazing although I believe that was thanks to your presence. She smiled at Godric, a pink glow to her cheeks. "I zhink anything ve do together vould be amazing," she looked out the window, not wanting Godric to see her shy smirk. Julien could see her expression reflected in the glass, he felt a pang in his stomach and cleared his throat, and he looked at Godric. "Is it possible for you to stop the car for a moment?" Godric looked at him through the mirror yeah sure is something wrong Godric slows down and pulls over to the side of the road. Julien got out of the car and tried his best not to slam the door, he stood outside for a moment before moving from Régine's view and bolting away. Régine sighed and looked around, wondering where Julien went. She shook her head and looked at Godric. "He'll be back soon, he usually does this when he's upset..." A couple of minutes later Julien came back and got into the car. "Alright, I'm good." Régine looked back at him and raised an eyebrow. "You 'ave something in zhe corner of your mouth." Julien quickly wiped it away and nodded. "Thanks."

Godric tilts his head and thinks "really you have the self-control of a five year old, what poor bastard did you sink your teeth into. He then speaks did you sneak away for a little snack? Julien rolled his eyes. "I went for a walk, needed fresh air." Régine shook her head. "Well 'opefully you got enough of it, ve're going to be late if ve don't 'urry." Godric squints at Julien then shakes his head he starts the car again and drives off toward the theater so Julien see anything interesting on your venture for fresh air. Julien pretended to scroll through his phone. "I'm sorry, Godric, did you say something?" Godric smiled slightly amused yes just trying to make small talk I asked if you found anything or anyone interesting on your walk you wiped something from your mouth did you get a drink somewhere Julien smirked and shook his head. "No, Louisiana isn't exactly the most interesting of places." "Are you kidding?" Régine looked at him, "I love zhis place, zhe energy, zhe 'istory," she glanced at Godric, "zhe people." She smiled. Julien's smirk faded. "I personally believe the people running this town are doing a half assed effort." Godric's eyebrows raised really and why do you think that the town is lively and prosperous plus the people are happy there's nothing wrong.

"The people here live in their own little bubble," Julien began, "when you travel the world and you compare it to this... New Orleans is simply boring and repetitive." Well perhaps you haven't seen all the things this city has to offer I've traveled the world dozens of times and this is one of my favorite places. Julien chuckled. "Then perhaps you and this town are the same." Régine frowned. "Julien, behave." Well considering Regine loves this place so much maybe we are the same. Julien bit the inside of his cheek, annoyed with the fact that his quip backfired. "I suppose." Godric grinned as he pulled into the parking lot of the theater so Genie are you excited for the movie. She nodded. "Oui, I've vanted to see zhis one for a few veeks but vith everything zhat 'ad 'appened recently I vasnt able to." Julien got out and quickly went yo open the door for Régine before Godric was able to. He held out his hand to help her out. "I know, that's why I decided you needed a break from it all and deserved a treat." Régine smiled and took his hand, getting out of the car. "Always so zhoughtful, Julien." Julien smirked. "Of course, you're my girl." He winked at Godric and closed the door. Godric chuckled to himself And thought to himself I see you know how to play but I always win Godric walked around the corner to a huge line of people waiting to get inside he looked back at Regine who was frowning he tilted his head and walked to the front of the line he compelled the ticket guy to let them in before anyone else.
Julien looked at Godric, a bit of a scowl on his face. "So pretentious," he muttered and looked at Régine, "I'll go get the snacks," he smiled. Régine shook her head. "Don't get anything for me, I'm too full to eat anything." Julien chuckled. "Not even caramel popcorn?" Régine eyed him, smirking. "Okay, maybe caramel popcorn." Julien chuckled. "Knew it," he walked away to the stand. She chuckled and shook her head. "'E knows me too vell." Godric smiled I hope to get to know you as well as he does he takes her hand and leads her to the room where would you like to sit. Régine looked around for three empty seats and frowned. "Zhe zheatre is packed..." she spotted a row in which there were three seats, but someone sat in between them.”Ve could sit zhere, zhough Julien vouldnt like to be separated from us." I don't think he would mind that much it's only one seat away besides we're here to watch the movieRégine sighed. "You don't know 'im like I do," she looked around making sure there wasnt any other seats they could take and walked up to the row, carefully moving down the aisle and taking her seat. Godric tilted his head and followed behind her taking his seat I'm sure he'll understand there was nothing that could have been done.

"Julien is a wonderful person," she explained, "but 'e's always 'ad anger management issues, I've learned my way around zhem but being in a new place vith new people, it is a new challenge." Perhaps I could go talk to him try and calm him down Régine shook her head. "I don't vant to trouble you vith 'im." Nonsense it would be my pleasure Godric gets up and walks out to the lobby to find Julien. Julien noticed Godric walking his way as he stood in line, he ran his hand through his hair in frustration. "Just what I needed..." he mouthed pretending he hadn't seen him. Godric walks over to Julien trying to be friendly are you alright mate you seemed a bit upset "Well spotted," Julien said sarcastically and stepped forward as the line moved, he eyed Godric wondering why he was being friendly. "In case it escaped your notice, things haven't exactly been going my way." No I've noticed and to be honest I've quite enjoyed it but now you're ruining Genie's good time and I cannot allow that so I'm gonna need you to stop acting like a little bitch okay Julien looked at Godric, not entirely surprised he was being an asshole. "I honestly have no idea what she sees in you, she deserves better," he smirked, "but I'm sure she'll notice in time, then she'll come back to me." Godric laughs she was never yours to begin with and she obviously sees more in me then she ever saw in you, and I find it a bit annoying that she constantly has to make excuses for you because you throw a temper tantrum when you don't get your way quite frankly it's pathetic.

He tensed for a moment at Godric's words and tried his best to keep his composure though it was proving difficult. "Perhaps you should go back to her before we make a scene here." Before you make a scene with all your dramatics fix your attitude I don't need you ruining Gene's fun anymore than you already have. Godric turns around and walks back to the room he sees Regine sitting quietly and walks over to join her. She smiled, happy to see him back, she tucked her feet under the seat so he could move to his own. "'Ow did it go?" Well I spoke to him and he seemed to respond positively I don't think he'll be a problem anymore Godric smiled as he sat next to her. Her smile grew and she nodded. "Merci, you are amazing you know zhat?" Godric smiles not as amazing as you but I do have my moments he kissed his cheek, blushing slightly. "Zhank you." The lights dimmed and Régine looked around, her smile fading. "I vonder vhat's taking 'im so long." Hmm there was a long line at the concession stand but I did manage to get you this Godric pulls out a box of caramel corn and hands it to Regine it's good to have connections in the city he said smiling Régine took the box and giggled, shaking her head. "You're quite zhe socialite, aren't you?" Yes it has its advantages. Although I wasn't always Regine looked at Godric, curiosity in her eyes. "'Ow did you reach your status?" Well when we last lived here Elijah and Klaus were the social ones now that we're back Elijah insists that I give it a go most of it is boring but some of it is actually quite useful.

Régine held up the box, smirking. "So useful you get vip access to zhe popcorn," she laughed and gave a nod. "Zhank you for zhis," she smiled. Julien walked into the theatre and made his way to the row, he was about to hand her the snack but saw she already had a box. Régine smiled at him. "About time you got back." "Yeah," Julien bit his tongue and handed her a soda, "long line..." he sat down, annoyed to be sitting between two strangers while Godric had Régine to himself.” What an asshole..." he muttered, trying to stay put in his seat. Godric smiled then looked at Regine so what movie is this that you're so excited to see "Walkers," she said and took a sip of her soda, "cliché zombie apocalypse movie, vich I am a sucker for, anything 'orror/gore I'm into really, vhat caught my attention in zhe trailer zhough is zhat it vasnt an accidental outbreak, it vas intentional to control zhe population but it got out of control." wow that sounds really cool I can't remember the last time I've been to a movie...wait... no I don't think play count. "Oh I love zhe cinema," she smiled, "I vas actually zhinking of being a movie critic but investigative journalism is easier to get into and pays more." Godric chuckles I see but I'm sure you would have been a great critic I know I'd listen to you.

Régine blushed smiling. "Vell lucky for you, you get to listen to me any time, for free too." She chuckled. Julien's jaw tightened. Godric smirked yes I've been noticing how lucky I am lately….
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 30, 2016 2:47 am

Julien looked at Régine and Godric from the corner of his eye, he hadn't hated a man so much since Régine's ex boyfriend Jon Luc, he sat back in his seat and started to eat his popcorn. He began to think about everything him and Régine had gone through together, all the times he stuck his neck out for her...

For a moment he got lost in his thoughts, flashbacking to 2011.

They all sat at a bar in Paris: him, Régine, Katriane, Sebestiene, Aime, and Lucienne; they celebreated the end of another successful tour across Spain.

It had taken a lot of convincing to get Régine there, because Jon Luc didn't like Régine going out, and she feared him. Jon was a jealous man, and he always wanted Régine close to him, never leaving her out of his sight. She sat there looking nervous, unsure of her decision to go out.

Julien took her hand and stroked it softly with his thumb.
"What's wrong?" He whispered to her ear.

She sighed.
"Jon vill be angry vhen 'e sees I am not 'ome... I should probably go back before he's done vith 'is movie premiere..."

He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and kissed the side of her head.
"Mon précieux," he smiled at her, "you're with us, having fun, having a few drinks," he looked into her eyes, "are you not enjoying yourself?"

"Oui, I am..." Régine bit her lip, "I just don't vant any problems."

"And you won't have them," Julien stood and held out his hand, "come dance with me," he smiled, looking handsome.

Régine looked at him and smiled back, she gave a small nod and stood, taking his hand.
"Let's dance."

They both walked out to the dance floor and began to dance, Julien smiled at her at all times, feeling happy to be with her, and it was obvious she was happy to be with them too.

He pulled her close and they danced slow to the soft French music, he looked into her eyes.
"You are so beautiful, Régine, I could stare at you forever."

Régine blushed and shook her head.
"You a--" Her eyes widened when she saw two men approaching them, Jon's body guards.

"Mademoiselle Zaeri," one of them said, "Monsieur Luc is waiting for you at the limousine, he says it is urgent that you leave."

Julien's brow furrowed, he stood in front of Régine.
"She's not going anywhere."

Régine shook her head and looked at him.
"Please don't, Julien," she sighed, "I don't vant any drama, I'll just go..."

Katriane approached them.
"Vhat's going on?"

"Jon vants me back," Régine hugged her sister, "I'll see you all later."

Katriane frowned and hugged her back.
"Alright, text me vhen you get 'ome."

Régine nodded.
"I vill," she gave a soft smile and turned to hug Julien, "be on your best behavior, okay?"

Julien hugged her tight and kissed the top of her head.
"If you need me, I'm just a call away, alright?"

"D'accord," she kissed his cheek and walked out with the body guards.

Julien watched her leave, resisting all urge to go after them and making a scene, Régine wanted him to behave, and he would for her. He walked towards the door and caught a glimpse of Jon's furious expression before the limo sped off, Julien took a deep breath and tried to keep his composure.

"She'll be fine," Katriane tried to reassure him, "let's just try to 'ave fun for 'er..."

"Vell," Lucienne quipped, "if you asked me, she shouldn't 'ave left if 'er man didn't vant 'er to, now she's gone and ruined our night."

"Lucienne I swear," Julien sat down, "one of these days you're going to wish you didn't open your mouth."

"Alright, everyone just calm down," Aimé looked at them all, "ve all vorry about Régine," he looked at Lucienne, "ve vanted her here, she didn't ruin our night, she took a risk for us." He then looked at Julien, "and that is no vay to talk to a lady."

Julien smirked.
"I see no lady."

Lucienne rolled her eyes.
"Vhatever," she looked at Aimé, "I vant to dance."

Aimé nodded and stood.

They both walked over to the dance floor.

Katriane took a shot of her whiskey and shook her head.
"I'm proud of you," she smiled to Julien, "you didn't try to start a fight."

"Well after the fiasco last year I figured a fight would be bad for my publicity," Julien sat back, still looking upset, "I swear if that asshole does anything to her--"

"Zhen you can 'ave 'is 'ead," Katriane nodded, "none of us vould stop you."

"Good," Julien straightened his jacket, he looked at Aimé and Lucienne and for a moment felt a pang of jealousy, there he was with Régine and as per usual his time with her was spoiled. He looked back at Katriane and noticed her face while she looked at her phone. "Did he hurt her?"

Katriane's eyes watered and she nodded.

Without another word Julien ran out of the bar and sped off to Jon's mansion, having had been invited in previously he burst through the door and listened.

"Régine, open zhe door!" He heard Jon shout and bang on a door upstairs.

"Stay away!" He heard Régine sob, "I don't vant to look at you!"

Julien sped upstairs and grabbed him by the neck.
"What the fuck did you do to her?!" Jon swung at Julien's face, Julien slammed him against the wall, "answer me!"

Régine quickly opened the door and walked out hearing Julien.
"Julien, non!" She cried.

He looked at her, his eyes widened upon seeing her state; bruises all over her body, her lip bleeding, one eye was beginning to swell. He looked at him and growled.
"I'm gonna fucking rip you apart!" He threw him to the ground, and before Jon could get up he pinned him down and began to punch him repeatedly. "How dare you hit her?!"

"Stop!" Régine shrieked and threw herself at Julien, hugging him from behind as she sobbed, "Julien please stop, I beg you."

"Why should I?!" He shouted at her.

"You'll kill 'im," Régine cried, "and if you kill 'im you'll get locked up, and I can't 'ave you locked up, please," she pointed at Jon, "you got 'im enough, now please just stop, let's leave."

Julien took a deep breath and got off Jon, he helped Régine off the ground and held her to him.
"I should have never let you go to him," He whispered, "I should have stopped you, I--"

"Shh," she looked into his eyes and cupped his cheeks in her hands, "you did vhat I told you to do, do not blame yourself."

He stroked her face softly, he was about to bite his wrist to heal her when he saw red and blue lights flashing outside.
"The police is here..." He looked at her, then at Jon, then back at her, "go to them, I'll be down in a moment."

Régine nodded and walked downstairs.

Julien bit into his wrist and let the blood drip into Jon's mouth, healing him, he then punched him once before the police made their way upstairs. If Régine wouldn't let him kill him, Jon would just have to be tortured in prison...

He snapped out of his thoughts and was back at the movie theater, he looked at Régine as she spoke to Godric and leaned back in his seat staring at the popcorn he had gotten for her.
"Why is it that she always picks the assholes?" He thought to himself, "why can't she see that I am the right man for her?"
He looked at the man sitting between them and was about to compel him to move when the theater lights dimmed down and there was complete darkness, he rolled his eyes.
"Excuse me," he whispered.

"Hush," the man said, "movie's starting."

Julien raised an eyebrow.
"Who the fuck does he this he is?" He thought annoyed, and looked into his eyes once the room was bright enough. "Switch seats with me."

The man looked at him raising an eyebrow.
"No, I was here first and I'm not moving."

Julien blinked.
"Excuse me?"

"I said I'm not moving, now stop talking!" The man set his eyes on the screen.

It was then that Godric and Julien looked at each other, unsure of what to do Julien just sat back in his chair.
"I can't kill him, not in here..." He glanced at Godric, "and as much as I hate that fucker I'm sure he'll want to get answers from him too..." He decided to try to relax, the thought of a city full of humans on vervain suddenly taking over the space in his mind that jealousy had previously occupied.

Régine sat forward, fully invested in the story line.
"Vhat I love most about zombie movies," she said in a hushed tone to Godric, "is zhat zhe zhought doesn't seem too far fetched, does it? Vith all zhe advances in medicine and dna modification, it can all be easilly done," she looked at him and saw him deep in thought, "is something wrong?"

Godric looked at her.
"Oh," he cleared his throat, "no, nothing at all, luv," he smiled at her, "it doesn't seem far fetched at all, I've seen stranger things."

"Like vampires and verewolves and 'ybrids," she giggled, referencing the conversation they had had earlier.

Godric chuckled.

Régine chuckled and rested her head on his shoulder.
"It seems like now a day anything is possible, even 'ybrids," she smirked.

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 01, 2017 11:50 pm

Godric stared at the man sitting in between Regine and Julien. The man was focused on the screen so he didn’t notice anything. Julien stared at the man then at Godric. Godric thought to himself “is he on vervain, and if so where did he get it from”? Godric knew he couldn’t compel this Guy so he would have to come up with something else. I need to get him alone but I can’t raise any suspicion. Godric smiled having come up with the perfect diversion. He nudged the drink that was in Regine’s cup holder so that it fell over into the guys lap. He jumped up startled “my pants ah what the hell”. Regine looked over “oh goodness are you alright”? “No I’m not alright” he snapped “you spilled your damn drink all over me”. Godric glared at him “easy mate it was the cup holder” someone in the distance yelled down in front asshole the man shuffled past angrily and walked out of the theater. Regine whispered to Godric “zhat guy vas a real jerk”. Godric glared at the exit yes he was he looked to Regine and smiled you need a new drink I’ll get one for you. Godric gets up and exits the theater.

He looks around and sees the man walk into the bathroom. Perfect he walks over and heads inside after him. Oi I have some questions for you mate. The man turns arounds and glares at Godric “oh god what the hell do you want come to pour more soda on me”? Godric smirked then he dashed super-fast and pinned the guy to the wall by his throat. No I haven’t come to do that I came to ask you some questions and since you can’t be compelled it’ll be all the more painful. The man gasped as Godric pinned him he struggled to breathe what the hell are you? Godric responded what I am is not important what is important is where you got the vervain from. Wha…what the hell is vervain let me down I can’t breathe.” Godric throws him against the wall and he slides down with a thud. Godric walks over to him and kneels down before we continue this what the hell is your name. The man looks up fuck you freak I’m not telling you a damn thing”. Godric raises his eyebrows that would be very unwise Godric lifts him one again you are going to answer every question I ask or I’m going to break every bone you have am I understood. The man in silent then he nods reluctantly good Godric smiles now to repeat my previous question what the hell is your name.

I'm Mike, Mike Lawler. Godric lets him down “and why are you on vervain Mike”? Mike looks up terrified ver-what? Godric looks down at him annoyed “did you eat a strange plant”. Mike sits up not that I know of, all I've had is my girlfriend's cooking. Who’s your girlfriend Mike squints what’s it to ya? Give me a name Mike or I'll rip your liver out and make you eat it Mike looks at him bullshit, Godric’s eyes glow “do yo really want to test me”? Mike backs up nervously he closes his eyes and speaks “her name is Willow McNair. Godric’s eyes go back to normal “and where does Willow live”. Mike shakes his head no I won’t tell you, I don’t need you threatening her! Godric closes his eyes and sighs he then proceeds to shoves his hand inside Mike’s chest “where is she” Godric yells. Mike screams in agony 602 P-Piety Street! Godric smiles and removes his hand cool thanks he bites his wrist and feeds Mike some blood Mike trembling in the corner what are you going to do with me now. Godric thinks for a moment hmm none of your business he then proceeds to kick Mike in the side of the head knocking him out. Godric walks over to the sink and washes his hands he dries them and takes out his cell.

Hey “Nik what’s up Klaus answers the phone “what have you done now”? Godric smiles widely “what do you mean I only wanted to talk to my big brother” Klaus rolls his eyes “don’t bullshit me I know you did something I can feel it now what do you want”. Godric grins “well I have this guy on vervain at the movie theater and I was wondering if you could come pick him up and take him back to the compound. Klaus sighs annoyed I thought we got rid of all the damn vervain where the hell do these people keep getting it from. Godric tilts his head “well this bloke got it from his girlfriend I’m gonna pay her a visit later”. I see and why can’t you bring him back home yourself. Godric smirks “well the funny thing is I’m kind of on a date right now so I don’t have the time. Klaus laughs you can’t catch a break can you. Godric shakes his head apparently not but surprisingly enough I have been making some progress which is why I can’t go now so are you coming or not. Klaus chuckles and nods yeah I’ll be there soon text me the address. Thanks brother you’re the best Klaus smiles tell me something I don’t know.

Godric lifts Mike and puts him in the corner he leaves the bathroom and compels one of the workers who then places an out of order sign on the door. Godric grabs a big cup of ice tea and walks back into the theater and sits down next to Regine. “Here you go luv” Regine smiles and kisses his cheek Merci Godric she takes a sip and smiles wider mmm my favorite, which caused Julien to glare angrily “that smug asshole” he thought to himself. After the movie was over Godric drove them all back to Regine’s house…
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 30, 2017 11:36 pm

The theatre lights went back on and Régine looked to her side, slghtly puzzled.
"I vonder vhy zhat guy never came back..."

Julien stood and stretched, then shrugged nonchalantly.
"He probably got bored of the movie."

Régine shrugged as well.
"Oui, zhats probably it," she looked back at Godric and smiled before following Julien out of the row, "I must admit zhe movie lacked in action, it vas quite slow. It seemed like all zhe best parts vere used in zhe trailer just to make people come watch it."

"Like they did with that one other movie, what was it called?" Julien pretended to think, knowing very well the movie's name.

"Zhe Darkness Chronicles," Régine nodded, "snooze fest, zhat vas..." Julien chuckled taking Régine's hand as they walked down the steps, glancing at Godric with a smug grin on his face, but it vanished once Régine spoke to Godric once more.  "Vhat did you zhink of it?"

Godric tried his best not to smirk at Julien's displeasure.
"I think they were trying to build up the story, but failed. The effects were decent though."

Régine nodded in agreement.
"Oui, I vill admit zhe effects were good, but I--" Once out of the movie theater there was a crowd looking at a wall, Régine raised an eyebrow. "I vonder vhat 'appened zhere..." She started walking towards them.

"Régine, vien, I'm sure it's nothing," Julien said walking after her, feeling protective over her.

"I'm a journalist, Julien, I need to see vhat's going on," Régine reached the crowd, "excuse me, please, local investigator," she said as she pushed through. She gasped at the scene, there was a man laying on the floor, a wound on his side, and above him written in blood was DRAUF. "Oh my," she got closer to him. "Monsieur, vhat 'appened?!"

The man looked into her eyes and spoke in a language she didn't understand.
"Der Störenfried sucht ihren Drauf."

"He's been saying that since we found him," a woman spoke up, "none of us knows what he's saying.."

"Does anyone know 'hoo did zhis to 'im?" Régine looked at her.

The woman pointed at him.
"He did it to himself."

Julien noticed the man had a dagger in his hand and quickly rushed to Régine pulling her away from him.
"Il est probablement mentalement instable, on devrait le quitter. Allons-y."

Régine nodded and followed Julien away from the crowd, she looked at Godric who only seemed curious about the incident.
"Let's go," he said, appearing deep in thought as he walked back to the car.

The drive back home was quiet, Godric kept to himself though he stroked Régine's hand with his thumb. Régine checked her phone, receiving pictures from the incident from the police who had gotten there a few minutes after they left.
"Zhe paper vants me to write an article on zhe man for zhe morning paper," she sighed, "no sleep for me tonight."

"Shouldn't be too bad," Julien said from the back seat, "I could help keep you awake if you want," he smirked.

Régine rolls her eyes and shook her head.
"I can't be distracted, I'll be fine."

They reached the house and Julien quickly tried to get out of the car to open Régine's door, but his door wouldn't budge.
"Que se passe-t-il..." He muttered and went to the other door, that one wouldn't budge either.

Godric smirked slightly as he got out of the car, and calmly went to open Régine's door.

"Merci, Godric," Régine smiled and with his helping hand she got out of the car and began to walk towards the house.

Godric opened Julien's door and chuckled to himself as he followed Régine.

Julien looked at the door and noticed the child lock was on, he glared at Godric.

This caused Godric to grin as he walked inside.

Régine put her purse on the couch and sighed, taking off her coat.
"I zhink I'm going to take a shower before I start writing, excusez-moi," she gave Godric a small smile before heading to her room.

"So," Julien tried making conversation so his temper didn't get the best of him, "What do you think happened with that man? "The troublemaker is looking for her wolf" he said, wha--"

"It was a message," Godric smirked, "a message for me."

"Oh, I see," Julien rolled his eyes, "sorry I forgot the world revolved around you."

"And you'd do best to not forget again," Godric looked out the window to the yard, deep in thought once more.

"And what makes you think the message was for you?" Julien poured himself some wine.

"Drauf... a dear friend of mine called me Drauf," Godric sighed, "now stop asking questions."

"Because nobody else could possibly be called Drauf," Julien took a sip, "you're as conceited as you are ann--"

Godric rushed to him and gripped him by the neck.
"My patience is growing thin with you," his eyes glowed, "you better stop getting on my nerves."

Julien glared at him.
"Funny, I feel the same way," he shoved Godric off him, "I'm trying my best to be frie--"

"Well don't," Godric turned around, "I've already decided you're worthless and I don't like you, nothing will change that."

Julien sucked on his cheek in annoyance and nodded.
"Good to see where we both stand."

"Good indeed," Godric nodded before sitting on the couch, deep in thought once more.

Régine walked out of her room, already showered and dressed in her nightgown, she looked at Godric and Julien and blinked.
"Everything alright? You could cut zhe tension vith a knife..."

"Everything's peachy," Julien said, his tone dry, sipping on his second glass of wine.

Régine looked at him, not believing his words, and gave a slow nod.
"Right..." She looked at Godric. "Are you going to be staying the night?"

Godric smirked.
"If you'll have me."

Julien raised an eyebrow.
"Amour, there is no room for him."

"Of course zhere is, I'm sure Katriane vouldn't mind 'im staying in her room for zhe night," Régine smiled.

"Is she not coming home tonight?" Julien looked annoyed.

"Non, she is staying at Morgan's."

Julien took a deep breath and muttered I can't wait to kill that witch...

"Did you say something?" Régine said walking past him into the kitchen.

"No, nothing..." He shook his head and walked into the yard, needing to be alone for a moment.

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 31, 2017 11:46 pm

Godric smiled watching Julien leave then he turned to Regine “so what would you like to do now?” Regine smiled back at him “vell I need to write zhe article about the man at zhe cinema but after zhat we can do whatever”. Wonderful he said taking her hand “I just need to make a quick phone call and then I’ll join you” he kissed her cheek which caused her to blush well if zhere is anything you need ‘elp yourself I’ll be in zhe den she walks into the other room. Godric checks to make sure she’s out of earshot before taking out his phone and calling Klaus. “Nik did you find the body?” Klaus answered sounding very annoyed “yes I found the stupid body” muffled screams can be heard in the distance. “What I also found was a mob of stupid people and half a dozen police cars.” Godric chuckled “oh yeah I forgot to mention that, I think Nikki is alive”. Klaus is silent before he speaks again, “Ric, Niki is gone we searched for days after the avalanche and there was no trace of her.”

“Yeah I know but on the wall she left a message Der Störenfried sucht ihren Drauf Klaus thinks for a moment maybe it’s someone fucking with you the two of you have screwed over a lot of people maybe someone is using your memories of her to mess with your head and catch you off guard.” Godric thinks for a moment absorbing what his brother said when his thoughts were interrupted by more screaming “Oi what the hell is that in the background. Klaus chuckled “that would be our good friend Mike he hasn’t been very cooperative so Rebekah has been…helping” Godric started laughing “you left him alone with Rebekah” Klaus laughed even louder of course not I’m not crazy I left Elijah watching her”. Godric relaxed a bit “oh well that’s a relief what exactly is she doing to him” Ask her yourself Klaus put him on speaker phone to which the screaming could be heard clearer “hey Bekah, Klaus told me you were having a chat with Mike how’s that going the screams stopped for a second and Rebekah spoke well I’m currently draining the vervain put of his system so it shouldn’t be much longer until we have some answers Klaus can be heard in the background had you turned him upside down like I suggested the blood would leave his body quicker and it wouldn’t be taking so long Rebekah scoffed at him “I’m perfectly capable of inflicting pain thank you very much” and Godric could hear her cutting into Mike causing him to scream some more.

Elijah’s voice could now be heard Rebekah it would be a good idea to feed him some blood he is after all human and with the amount of blood he’s might die soon” Rebekah sighed and walked over feeding Mike some blood. Please please I’ll tell you anything just stop I can’t take anymore sobs emanating from him made Godric smile. “You know Mike had you just answered me at the movie theaters you wouldn’t be in this mess, oh and before I forget ask him more about his girlfriend Willow I’m going to pay her a visit when I’m done here. Mike screams you leave her out of this she’s done nothing to you. Ah ah ah Rebekah says cutting his throat just enough so that he won’t die it isn’t polite to yell Mike can be heard gurgling choking on his own blood. Godric chuckles well I can see you all are busy so I’ll just leave you to it see you in the morning. Bye Ric, Goodbye Godric, Don’t have too much fun brother Klaus said before hanging up.

Godric shook his head smiling and put his phone away he walked into the den to see Genie on the couch her hair up typing on her laptop he sits down next to her and smiles hello luv how’s the writing going”? Regine looks over and him and smiles “It’s going great I’m just about done” she finishes her last thought and sends it out to the editors. She closes her laptop and puts it aside. So how was your phone call? Oh it was good just calling Klaus letting them know where I’ll be. Regine smiles it sounds like Kat and me she’d flip if I didn’t check in every now and then. Yes well we do have overprotective siblings in common she smiled and nodded laying her head on his shoulder. I had a wonder time with you today. Godric looked down at her smirking yes I had fun with you too it’s been centuries since I had a day like this Regine looked up at him vhat vas that Godric cleared his throat I said it’s been a while since I’ve had a day like this it was really fun.

Regine smiled and stood up taking his hand let’s go outside I could use some fresh air. Godric smiled and followed her through the door out the back. They held hand while walking talking about everything that happened that day from the dinner to the bookstore to the movies. Julien saw them walking together and his eyes turned black with jealousy. Why is she livening him all the attention what does she see in that smug son of a bitch I’ll show him, Julien quickly storms inside before he throws another tantrum in front of Regine. Godric and Regine stopped and stared at the moon which just so happened to be full. Godric was deep in thought staring at the bright orb his eyes almost glowing slightly. Regine noticed his silence and looked up at him the way the moon hit him she could have sworn his eyes were glowing “is everyzhing alright she asked looking dazed. Godric looked down at her and smiled yes everything is perfect I was just admiring the view. Regine smiled “zhinking about zhe werewolves Godric tilted his head surprised causing Regine to laugh I’m only kidding she held him close although with the moon this full I vouldn’t be surprised if we did see one she said grinning. Godric looked at her and smiled well if we did I’d protect you from it she leaned against him I know you vould from all zhe wolves, vampires and hybrids…
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 07, 2017 11:00 pm

Julien paced up and down Régine's room, observing them through the window; he kept his hands gripped tightly behind his back to fight any urge of destroying the things around him out of anger.
"Okay, calm down..." he said to himself, "you don't want to make a fool out of yourself..."

"Well if we did, I'd protect you from it." Godric said smiling.

Régine leaned against him.
"I know you vould, from all zhe volves, vampires, and 'ybrids..."

Julien shook with rage.
"She doesn't need anyone to protect her," he growled, "she has me!" And without a thought he punched Régine's large mirror, shattering it into a million pieces, and punching a hole through the wall.

Régine heard the loud noise and quickly got up.
"Excusez-moi..." She ran inside, "Julien?!" She called out.

"Fuck..." He muttered under his breath, looking as his hand healed. "In your room!"

Régine walked in and gasped seeing the mess, she looked at Julien.
"Are you alright? What 'appened?"

Julien thought for a second.
"My foot got caught on the rug and I tripped onto the mirror, I'll replace it."

Régine walked towards him making sure he was okay.
"You've been awfully clumsy lately..." She shook her head, she caressed his cheek and smiled. "But you're alright, zhat's vhat matters."

Julien smiled and held her close, he looked into her eyes.
"It's been a long day," he said softly, "you must be tired."

Just then Régine yawned and nodded.
"A bit, yes." She smiled softly, "I think we should get ready to sleep, let me say goodnight to Godric," she walked out.

Julien rolled his eyes and sighed.
"I still don't know what she sees in him..." He walked out, got the broom and dust pan, and began to clean up the mess he made.

Régine walked out to the yard where Godric still sat, he looked deep in thought once more, Régine admired his features for a moment, thinking he looked too handsome to be human. She saw him smirk and snapped away from her thoughts.

"Everything alright?" He looked back at her, knowing well what happened inside.

"Oui," Régine smiled and stood next to him, "I am getting tired though," she gave a small yawn, "it has been a long day, I think it's time for me to sleep."

Godric glanced to the window in Régine's room and saw Julien grinning. He stood up and nodded, he took her hand and gave it a kiss.
"Of course," he tried to smile, "it is getting late."

Régine blushed, and still holding on to his hand they walked inside and up the stairs. A sound caught her attention, she walked over to Aimé's room and listened through the door, her eyes widened, she blushed and step away once she heard grunts and moans coming from within.
"Well..." She walked away, trying not to chuckle, "now we know what Aimé's been up to all zhis time..."

Godric grinned.
"Must be quite busy."

Régine giggled and led Godric to Katriane's room.
"You can sleep 'ere for zhe night," she smiled at him, looking into his eyes and getting lost in them. Godric placed a gentle hand to her cheek and looked into her eyes before leaning in to kiss her, allowing her to close the gap between them. She kissed him softly, her hand at the back of his neck. Régine pulled away blushing deep, smiling shyly. "Bonne nuit, Godric."

Godric smiled at her and stroked her cheek.
"Bonne nuit, Régine."

With one last look at his dreamy features, Régine walked down the stairs, unable to hide her smile.

The barriers were down and everyone was free to roam the manor once more, Morgan watched over everyone, making sure they were well fed and comfortable in their new states. She looked at Sinclair for a moment and noticed his sad expression, she sighed, knowing very well she wouldn't be able to live with herself if she didnt try to make him feel better regardless of this being Régine's brother. She walked over to him and tried her best at a gentle smile.
"What's wrong, Sinclair?" She sat next to him.

Sin looked at her and gave a half-hearted smile.
"I am just deep in thought..." He sighed, "I wanted to kill Régine tonight, and I would be lying if I said the same thought didn't cross my mind for Alessandra," he sat back, "this vampire thing... it's harder than I thought it would be."

Morgan nodded.
"I think you showed a lot of strength tonight, as did Kat..." though I had hoped that Kat would at least hurt Régine..., she smiled at Sin, "any other newborn vampire would have destroyed the two of them and attempted to kill the rest of us, I am impressed, anyone less observant would have thought you were your regular self."

Sinclair thought for a moment and looked at Morgan, his smile now genuine.
"You think so?"

"Of course," Morgan patted his shoulder, "I think you're on your way to becoming a great vampire."

Sin nodded, looking happier now.
"Thank you, Madame Alexandrov, for everything you've done for my sister and I, and Lucienne."

Morgan stood up.
"It's my pleasure, I like helping."

"Madame," Sin sat up straight, "you and Godric... You have a past, don't you?"

Morgan tensed slightly.
"Nothing worth remembering," she gave him a small smile before walking away to the kitchen, she sighed leaning against the counter. She blinked and looked around. "Where is Cressida..." She left the kitchen and walked up the stairs and heard sounds, and the closer she got to Cressida's room the louder the sounds got, she was a few feet away from the room when she realized what the sounds were. Morgan's eyes widened and she slowly and quietly stepped away, and walked down the stairs. She sighed once she was sure Cressida couldn't hear her, though she knew she would be too distracted. "Cressida..." Morgan's face was one of disgust, and happiness, making her look confused.

"Are you alright, madame?" Katriane looked at her, concerned.

Morgan looked at her, caught slightly off guard.
"Oh, yes," she smiled at Katriane. "What about you, feeling alright after the dinner?"

"Oui," Katriane nodded, "did my sister suspect anything?"

Morgan shook her head.
"Everything went perfect," she gave a reassuring nod, "nothing for you to worry about," she looked around, "where is Sébastiene?"

"'E fell asleep," Katriane looked down, a bit embarrassed, "'e looked so defenseless, I vas getting the urge to feed off 'im, zhat's vhy I came downstairs."

Morgan smiled and hugged her.
"Good job," she pulled away, "if you behave I might take you hunting to relieve that urge, but you must keep up the progress."

Katriane smiled and nodded.
"Merci, Madame."

"No problem," she reached in her pocket and took out a small vial with blood, she handed it to Katriane. "That's the last bit of blood you're allowed until morning. Have you seen Lucienne?"

"She's out by zhe pool," Katriane looked out the french door windows, "she said she needed to be alone."

"Strange, she's been alone all night..." Morgan looked out to the patio and smiled at Katriane, "drink that and try to get some rest, it's been a stressful time for you."

"Oui, merci," Katriane nodded, "bonne nuit." She walked up the stairs.

Morgan was about to go out to the pool, but remembered she had given Lucienne a journal to write in, making sure Lucienne was distracted enough she went up the stairs and over to Lucienne's room, she spotted the journal and opened it, skimming through what she had written. She raised her eyebrows in surprise and smiled, she put the journal down and walked down the stairs, and off to the patio and to the pool where Lucienne was swimming laps.
"How are you doing, Lucienne?"

Luci stopped by the edge of the pool and looked up at Morgan.
"I'm doing good, trying to relief my tensions..."

Morgan kneeled down in front of her.
"I'm sure it must have been tough to be locked in a room knowing there's people to feed off of."

Lucienne nodded.
"Oui, but it was mostly zhe fact zhat I couldn't see Régine, I've been aching to see 'er."

Morgan nodded.
"You guys were close, hm?"

"Katriane, Régine, and I, ve vere like sisters," Lucienne sighed, "I 'ope I am able to see 'er soon."

"Oh you will," Morgan smiled, "I'll tell you what, Belle Morte now has a gig at the music festival next week," Morgan could see Lucienne's eyes had turned black for a second at the mention of this, "I'll take you with us to see them, maybe disguise you so you can talk to her up close."

Lucienne smiled.
"I like that idea."

Morgan stood.
"Then it's settled," she nodded with a smile, "well I've got things to do, if you need me I'll be in my office." She turned to leave, smirking on her way inside the manor. She walked into her office and picked up a journal and sat at her desk. January 26th, 2015 she began to write, relaxing as the pen glided on the paper, for the first time all day being able to pour out her thoughts and emotions, but she was interrupted by a vision.

Régine blushing, Godric grinning, both of them nude, a kiss, a moan; Morgan shrieked with anger as she snapped out of her vision, breaking her pen, spilling ink all over. Alessandra ran in, looking like she had been abruptly woken up from deep sleep.

"Wha' happened?" She looked at her mother, heart racing, dagger out.

Morgan looked at her daughter through watered eyes, she shook her head trying to calm herself.
"Nothing," she gulped and took a deep breath, "go back to bed..."

Régine woke up wrapped in Julien's arms, having woken from a strange dream in which she heard someone scream, she looked at the clock, it was 3am. She sighed, sweating slightly from Julien's body warmth, slowly she began to get out of the bed making sure not to wake him, once free from his grasp she looked at him for a moment and shook her head smiling. She walked out of the room, closing the door behind her ever so carefully, and walked over to the kitchen for a glass of water.

She opened the fridge and picked up the jug, she looked at it for a moment observing the faint swirls of vervain oil in it.
"Vervain..." She rolled her eyes, "out of all the superstitious zhings to believe in..." She poured the water onto the glass and drank it slowly, cooling off. Once she decided she had drank enough she put away the jug and placed the glass in the sink, knowing Julien was a light sleeper she decided to leave to leave it there and wash it later.

She stood in the kitchen for a moment, feeling wide awake now, everything was silent except for some mumbling coming from upstairs, Godric was awake. She looked at the door to her room, not wanting to go back to bed. Régine decided to go up the stairs to check up on Godric in case he needed anything. Quietly she walked towards Katriane's room and could hear him speak.

"No, don't kill him yet..." Régine blinked and knocked on the door. "Come in."

Régine opened the door and peeked inside.
"Sorry to interrupt," she gave a soft smile, "I heard you were awake and..." Her words were cut off when she noticed he wasn't wearing a shirt or pants, she scanned his body feeling her face getting hot. "Oh, Je suis désolé!" She closed the door.

Godric chuckled and opened the door.
"No need to be sorry," he leaned against the door frame, "you were saying?"

Régine looked at him, a bit shy.
"I wanted to know if you needed anything, a snack, water... company?"

He smiled.
"Company sounds good," he stepped away from the door to let her in.

Régine took another look at him before walking inside, she looked around still not used to the new look of the room.
"So 'oo don't you vant dead yet?" She asked curiously, wondering what that was about.

"Oh, no one," Godric lay back down on the bed, "Klaus and I play a video game together, there's a boss level that I want to do with him so I told him not to kill him yet."

"Ah," Régine smiled, amused, she looked at him on the bed and debated if she should lay down with him. Godric looked at her, and as if he read her mind he extended his hand to her, she blushed and smiled, and took his hand, getting on the bed with him. She lay next to him and looked into his eyes.

Godric stroked her cheek gently, giving her a smile that made him look dreamy.
"Tu es si belle, Régine."

She blushed deep, as she looked at him, knowing she was falling hard for him. She leaned in and kissed him softly, her body pressed against his. He held her close as he kissed her back, deepening the kiss. Régine wrapped her arms around his neck, and he shifted himself so he was now on top of her. She could feel his bulge pressed against her as they kissed passionately. Her hands wandered down his body until they reached his boxers, she waited for a sign of hesitation but sensed none, so she slowly slipped them down and reached for his member and began to stroke it. Godric let out a low moan, pressing his forehead against hers. Régine looked down and raised her eyebrows in surprise, Mon Dieu... she thought, it's so big...

Godric looked at her expression and grinned, he kissed her again as he slipped her underwear off, and slowly he inserted himself into her, a soft moan escaping her feeling herself being stretched...

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 11, 2017 3:08 am

Godric woke the next morning the next morning in a soft bed in an unfamiliar room he sat up quickly confused and looked around he relaxed when he saw a sleeping Regine lying next to him. He smiled looking at her so beautiful and peaceful. He remembered what had happened last night and grinned he got up and noticed that they were still nude he put some pants on and covered Regine in a blanket before leaving the room. He walked to the bathroom and washed up before going back to Kat’s room when he opens the door he sees Regine sitting up on the bed smiling “Bonjour Godric” she says as she crossed over to the door and kissed him. Godric smiles and kissed her back “good morning luv how did you sleep”. “Mmm I slept vonderfully”, she said hugging him she looked up at him smiling. Godric looked down at her admiring her beauty. “so water we going to do today”? he asked Regine thought for a moment “vell I had planned on making breakfast zhen after that ve could go to Morgan’s ‘ouse” Hmm sounds like a good plan Godric responded “I hope things are going well over there” Godric thought to himself.

So Regine said smiling up at Godric vhat vould you like for breakfast. Godric thinks for a moment “well I’d like an omelette some croissants and perhaps French toast” and I could make some mimosas. Regine smiles “that sounds vonderful I’ll get started right away” she kisses him on the cheek one more time before heading towards the kitchen. Godric grins and stares at her ass as she walks out. “Alright now that she’s busy” Godric takes out his phone and calls his brother Klaus answers groggily “do you have any idea what time it is” Godric blinks “honestly I have no idea I just woke up next to a beautiful naked French woman so I had no time to process the time of day”. Klaus chuckled and sat “up so you finally shagged her good for you, now what’s your plan”? Godric was caught off guard by this question “I have no idea I was playing this by ear and hadn’t thought that far ahead? Klaus nodded well just make sure you don’t make another Alexandrov one crazy stalker witch is all we need.

Godric chuckled and nodded this won’t end like that believe me. Klaus rolled his eyes what did you call me do early not to brag about your sex life I hope. Godric laughed no no if I did it would be in person I want to know if you’ve gotten any more info out of our little friend. Klaus laid back in bed and closed his eyes “well after Rebekah had her fun and he stopped screaming and begging we realized he had no more information to offer do we offed him”.  Damn it Nik you killed him without telling me Klaus shrugged I’m telling you now be happy we waited as long as we did with the bastard whining as much as he did. Godric shook his head di it occur to you that we could have used him as leverage against his girlfriend. Klaus nodded the thought did cross my mind but then I thought it would be more fun to do it told fashioned way. Godric sighed you mean the difficult way. Klaus shrugged same difference anyway he’s dead now and we got what we needed so get over it. Fine whatever I’m gonna go to Morgie’s house then after that I’ll swing by the house I have a plan a fun plan as you would put it I’ll fill you in later. Klaus grinned upon hearing this new alright brother I’ll see you later. Yeah Godric said I’ll see you later as he hung up the and sighed laying on the bed I caught the bastard and they went and killed him without me how selfish he smirked to himself and got up oh well I’ll deal with that later,” he said walking shirtless out of the room.

Godric walks down the stairs and into the kitchen where Regine is at the stove making breakfast she looks over at him and blushes seeing him shirtless admiring his physique. Godric smiles upon seeing her hello luv you miss me he said as he walked over. She nodded “of course but now zhat you’re ‘ere ve can ‘ave breakfast”. Well I need to make the drinks first in a few moment Godric produced fresh vervain free mimosas from oranges he found and an unopened bottle of champagne. Regine smiled and took her glass taking a sip “oh my these are delicious where did you learn to do zhat”? Godric smiled I picked it up during one of my travels. “vell whoever taught you knew vhat zhey were doing this is amazing.” Godric smiled until he heard footsteps approaching Julien came down the stairs smiling at Regine. Good morning he said as he walked over and kissed her cheek he turned and saw Godric sitting there with a drink and no shirt and his smile fell hello Godric he said through his teeth. Godric lifted his glass hello Julien sleep well? Julien turned and looked at Regine ignoring Godric I did as a matter of fact and I must say you look well rested as well. Godric smiled smugly well that’s odd considering we didn’t do much sleeping last night. Regine blushed at Godric’s words turning to hide her embarrassment. While Julien looked at Godric, eyes black clenching his fists knowing very well what Godric meant. Before he lost control in front of Régine he decided to walk out the front door in search of something to take his frustrations out on. Godric smiled as he watched Julien leave trying his best not to laugh he looked at Regine smiling to shall we enjoy out omelletes’?  She nodded and they began eating.

Once they finished Godric got up and stretched that was delicious you’re an excellent chef Regine smiled thank you. Well now that we’ve had breakfast are you ready to go to Morgie’s” Regine smiled Oui just let me get dressed. In about twenty minutes Regine came down the stairs all dressed up and ready to leave alright let’s go Godric said headed towards the door. Regine chuckled um Godric don’t you think you should put on a shirt Godric looked down and laughed oh yeah I guess unless you’d prefer me like this. Regine walked over and kissed him yes I do prefer you like this but I fear it might be a bit too distracting once ve go outside. Godric grins you may have a point alright Godric goes upstairs and puts on his shirt he comes back downstairs alright let’s go. They both walk out the door to Godric’s car and drive to Morgie’s house…
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 11, 2017 11:48 pm

"You're holding it wrong," Alessandra looked at Sin, "your stance is wrong as well," she walked over to him and adjusted his feet, and switched the bow to his other hand. "Your dominant eye is your right eye, so you have to use right hand to shoot, try now."

Sin smirked as he held up the bow, he aimed at the target and let the arrow fly, hitting the outer ring.
"Hey I actually hit something this time," he grinned, looking back at Alessandra.

"It's a start," she smiled, "no--," a sound interrupted her, she looked around and spotted Godric's car. She smiled brightly and waved at him before noticing he had a passenger, Régine. "Bollocks..." She turned to Sin, "distract them out here until I come back outside."

"I--" Lessy ran inside, leaving Sinclair alone, "great..." he said to himself, "good thing I had a good breakfast," he watched Godric park in the driveway.

Alessandra ran inside.
"Mom!" She looked around.

"Lessy," Cressida said, peeking from the kitchen, "you know your mother's meditating at this time, what is it?"

"Uncle Ric is here and he brought his plus one," she looked out the window, then back at Cressida, "eWay eednay otay ealday ithway ucienneLay."

Cressida looked at Alessandra for a moment, until what she had said registered in her mind.
"Oh, yes, of course, try not to be too rough when snapping her majesty out of it."

Lessy sighed.
"Right..." She walked over to the east wing and entered Morgan's meditation room. Morgan was in the center of the room, surrounded by candles and incense, levitating, emitting low hums from deep within. Lessy looked at her for a moment, not wanting to interrupt her mother's peace. "Well here goes," she said to herself and took a deep breath before screaming, "MOM!"

Morgan slammed hard to the ground, a strong gust of wind came from under her, blowing out all of the candles and knocking Alessandra back with force. Morgan looked around frantically, wondering what interrupted her meditation. She spotted Alessandra and scowled.
"Alessandra Clarisse Alexandrov!" She growled, "you know better than to snap me so abruptly from my meditations!" She rubbed her temples and took a deep breath, "I was so close to figuring it out..."

Alessandra looked confused.
"Figure what out?"

"A young girl entered my dreams last night, I was trying to figure out who she was, I..." Her brow furrowed, "I think she's in danger, she looked so familiar..."

"Well..." Lessy stood and walked over to her mother to lift her from the ground, "we can worry about strangers later, we have local matters to attend to, like the fact that uncle Ric is here, with Régine."

Morgan bit the inside of her cheek.
"Of course, they have intercourse and they come to rub it in my face..." She sighed, "thank you, Lessy, but next time use the bell to wake me, I've got a splitting headache now."

She walked out of the room and onto the foyer, where Lucienne stood looking out the window at Régine.
"Lucienne," Morgan approached her, "you know you can't be seen."

Lucienne gave a nod, but did not budge.
"Look at 'er," she teared up, "perfect, alive... zhe new lead singer of Belle Morte, just like 'e wanted..." She looked at Morgan, eyes black, "'ow is it fair zhat I am forced to 'ide while she gets to live 'er life as if nothing 'appened?"

"It isn't, but it is the way it has to be, we can't change the past," Morgan sighed, "come on, we need to get you up--"

"Upstairs?" Lucienne scoffed, "so you can lock me up with your magic like I'm some kind of dog?! No thanks, I'm more than capable of controlling myself."

"I'm afraid you don't have a say," Morgan looked at her sternly, "now walk before I make you walk."

"You do not own me!" Lucienne shouted angrily.

Morgan ran to her, taking hold of Lucienne by the neck and slamming her against the wall, cracking it.
"Listen," she looked into Lucienne's eyes, hers black, "that man out there and his family have been going through great lengths to keep our existence a secret, I am not going to let you ruin their hard work because of some petty grudge you can't seem to let go of. Now, you can fight with me all you want but I want to remind you of a few things. One, you're still practically a newborn vampire, I am 504 years older than you. Two, being as old as I am, I outmatch you in every possible way. Three, I'm a witch, even if I was your age I would still have the upper hand. And four..." she dug her nails into Lucienne's neck, "let's not forget that after what you did to Desdemona, you are alive because I will it, and at any moment should I feel like it I could end you and put you out of the misery you so desperately want to think you're in. Now," she let go of Lucienne, "are you walking, or am I going to have to teach you a lesson for being so ungrateful to the woman who saved you?"

Lucienne looked at her, trying to hold back tears.
"I'll go..." She whispered before making her way upstairs.

Morgan sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose in frustration.
"I hate when my meditations are interrupted..." She followed Lucienne.

Alessandra watched Morgan walk away and made her way outside where Sin distracted Régine by teaching her archery basics.
"Uncle Ric!" She went over to hug him, "what a surprise! When you get here?"

Godric smirked, knowing very well Alessandra had seen him before pulling up.
"Oh just a few minutes ago," he hugged her back, "thought it would have been a good idea to see everyone."

Lessy whispered to him in Aramaic.
"You should have let us know first, we had an issue with Luci."

He nodded.
"I heard."

"I did it!" Régine exclaimed, having shot an arrow in the center of the target.

Sinclair took the bow away, slightly miffed.
"Beginner's luck."

"Or maybe she's just a better shot than you," Lessy smirked.

"Alessandra," Régine smiled and kissed her on both cheeks. "'ow are you?"

"Great," Lessy nodded, "come inside, Cressida's making brunch."

Sin tried once more to hit the target in the center, but failed once more.
"Okay, let's go..." Looking defeated he walked inside, followed by Lessy patting his back.

Régine giggled and smiled at Godric, lacing her arm with his and kising his cheek, they walked inside just in time to see Morgan walking down the stairs.
"Bonjour Morgan," she smiled.

Morgan looked at her, arm laced with Godric, and tried her best to force a smile.
"Morning Régine, Godric..." How dare she call me Morgan? So improper...

Régine blinked.
"Are you alright, you don't look so good."

She stood up straight and nodded.
"Fantastic," she cleared her throat, "excuse me." Morgan walked into the kitchen.

Régine watched her leave and looked at Sin.
"Where are Katriane and Sébastiene?"

Sinclair blinked.
"I..." He thought for a moment, "you know, I'm not sure."

Just then Sébastiene came inside from the patio, looking nervous. He saw Régine and waved, then looked at Godric with urgency.
"Monsieur Godric, may I have a word with you, alone?"

Godric looked puzzled for a moment.
"Yeah, sure," he looked at Régine and smiled, "I'll be right back." He walked out to the patio with Séb. "What is it?"

"Katriane, she... she's made a mess..." Séb started walking back to the rose maze, and made his way to the center where Katriane sat on the ground crying, covered in blood, next two the corpses of two gardeners.

Katriane looked up at Godric and sobbed.
"Je suis désolé, Je ne pouvais pas me contrôler!"

Godric sighed, an helped her up.
"Hey," he looked at her, "it's okay, you're a newborn, it's normal."

"I vanted to stop," she cried, "but I could not, I--"

"Listen to me," Godric interrupted her, "this won't be the last time you'll lose control, thirst is a powerful thing, even Morgan has slip ups every now and then."

"She does?" Katriane looked at him with hopeful eyes.

"Of course, she ones killed thousands in one sitting," Godric gave her smile, "so see? We all lose control sometimes, and that's okay, so long as you don't make a habit out of it." He turned to look at Sébastiene, "go back to the house, distract everyone so they don't see us walk in."

"Right," Séb gave Katriane one last look, before running back into the house.

"Now," Godric looked at Katriane, "when we go inside we'll run up to the west wing, get you cleaned up, and we'll go on with our day as if nothing ever happened."

"But I ki--"

"Nothing," he repeated, "ever happened. Understood?"

Katriane looked at the corpses and sniffled, then gave a nod.
"Nothing ever happened."

"Good Kat," Godric smiled, "let's go."

They both made their way to the house, Godric looked through the glass doors and saw everyone walking into Alessandra's art studio. They went upstairs to get Katriane cleaned up before heading over to join everyone.

"It is beautiful, Alessandra," Régine smiled looking at the portrait of herself that Alessandra had done, she stroked her features on the canvas, "you got everything right, and it is so life like, you are incredibly talented."

Alessndra smiled.
"I'm glad you like it."

Godric looked at the painting and smiled, he patted Lessy's head.
"It's beautiful, but as realistic as it is, it doesn't hold a candle to the real thing."

Régine blushed and smiled.
"Merci, Godric."

Alessandra rolled her eyes, smiling at the cheesiness.
"I had made it for you, uncle Ric," she looked at Régine, "but I can make another if you'd like."

She smiled.
"Zhat vould be nice," she looked at Alessandra, "'ow did you do zhis without a picture of me?"

"I have photographic memory," Lessy gave a nod.

"C'est fascinant," she looked at Katriane, "sissy, had--" she blinked, "are you alright? You look like you're going to be sick."

Katriane nodded.
"Je vais bien," she avoided eye contact.

Régine walked over to her sister to get a better look at her.
"You don't look fine to--"

Cressida walked in and placed her hands on Katriane's shoulders, she looked at everyone.
"Brunch is ready," she smiled and looked at Kat, "Katriane, Madame Alexandrov wants to have a word with you."

"Right..." Katriane gave a small smile, "pardon." She walked away, followed by Séb.

Régine watched Katriane walk away and sighed, she looked at Godric.
"Did she look okay to you?"

Godric shrugged.
"Looked fine to me," he took her hand and they walked over to the dining table where brunch was laid out. He pulled out her chair and pushed it in when she sat down, he sat down next to her and smiled.

"Good work, Cree," Lessy said sitting down, "everything look great."

Cressida chuckled.
"You say that about everything I make, sweetie."

"What can I say, you're a food artist," Lessy smiled at her.

Having eaten breakfast not long ago, Régine only put a couple of things on her plate, she was about to pour juice in her glass when her phone chimed. She took it out of her pocket and unlocked it to see the message.
"Mon Dieu..." her hand went to her chest, "zhere was a massacre in a bar near my 'ouse," her heart raced. "Excuse me, I need to call Julien to make sure 'e's okay."

Alessandra watched er get up the table and walk out of the room before she looked at Godric.
"You don't think..."

Godric gave a sigh of annoyance.
"Most likely." I'll need to have a chat with him later.

There was silence in the room, Sinclair raised an eyebrow.

"Not it," Alessandra said quickly, not wanting to take part in anything Julien related.

"Not it?" Sinclair looked confused.

"Nothing for you to worry about," Godric said, "now shut up so I can listen."

"Julien, are you alright?" Régine asked, worried.

"I'm great," Julien's tone was cheery, "why? What happened?"

"Zhere vas a massacre near zhe 'ouse, I vanted to make sure nothing 'appened to you."

"Oh wow," Julien tried his best at a worried tone, "no, I'm fine, I had gone to the market at the square for a moment getting some things for the house."

"Thank God," she smiled, "be safe out there, try not to go to zhe neighborhood if you can avoid it."

"Oh no problem, I'll just go to you, where are you?"

"Oh," Régine looked around, "I'm at Morgan's 'ouse."

"Where exactly is that?"

"Je ne se, it's a part of zhe city I'm not familiar vith, secluded."

Julien gave a frustrated sigh.
"Fine, I'll just stay around the square until you get home."

"D'accord, I'll see you later, be safe."

"Always," he hung up.

Godric smirked, damn right you aren't coming here.

Régine walked back to the table and sat down, smiling.
"Julien is safe, 'e vas at zhe market when it 'appened."

"Oh, how convenient," Lessy smiled at her.

Morgan, Katriane, and Séb walked into the dining room and sat down.

"Oh," Régine smiled at Morgan, "you look refreshed."

Morgan chuckled and nodded.
"Sorry you had to see me like that before, hadn't had my coffee."

"I know what you mean," Régine giggled, "sometimes I cannot function vithout it." Katriane sat down next to Sin, looking more relaxed, Séb sat next to her. "Vill you be coming 'ome today?" She asked her sister.

"I don't zhink so..." Katriane said serving herself some food.

Régine tilted her head.
"Certainly you don't think Morgan's house is a 'otel."

"Oh don't worry about it," Morgan shook her head, "I enjoy having guests," she smiled.

"But... Julien redecorated your room," Régine smiled, wanting her sister to be home, "I barely get to see you, we need to rehearse," she continued to list reasons for Kat to return.

Katriane looked at Godric with pleading eyes, unsure what to say, knowing she wasn't ready to be alone in a house with her sister yet.

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 15, 2017 2:28 am

Godric looked over at Katriane and saw the look in her eyes she did not want to be left alone with her sister and risk hurting her she needed to be trained. He thought for a moment and nodded “Kat you can go home today but if you don’t mind I’d like to take you somewhere first”. Katriane stared at Godric shocked and confused there was no way she could go home now after killing two gardeners she had no control and she’d never forgive herself if she hurt Regine. “Monsieur Godric I—“Godric silenced her with a stern look and she nodded I vould be delighted to accompany you it should be fun. Regine stared at her sister then at Godric confused “vhy vould Godric need to take Katriane anywhere?” she was just about to question them when Morgan had caught on to Godric’s plan “Regine I just remembered I have something upstairs that would look absolutely stunning on you, would you mind joining me upstairs for a moment please?” Regine was caught off guard by Morgan’s sudden outburst “oh uhhh of course ” she got up and followed Morgie out of the dining room and upstairs while Cressida followed as usual. After they were out of earshot Godric stood up at looked at Katriane “alright let’s go”. Katriane stood up uneasily vhere are ve going she asked a bit nervous Godric “smiled oh you’ll see it’s a surprise”. Katriane didn’t like the sound of that but followed Godric Seb stood up “wait I’m coming with you” Godric looked over slightly annoyed “no you’re not and I don’t have time to argue”. Seb looked at Godric gathering all his courage and said firmly Kat is my girlfriend and I will do everything within my power to help her. Godric nodded and smiled of course after you. Seb smiled and looked at Kat reassuringly and just as he passed Godric he was hit hard on the back of the head and fell onto the couch. Godric smirked “there now that he’s out of the way we can proceed without any interruptions”. Katriane had to cover her mouth to stop herself from screaming “you didn’t ‘ave to hit him so hard”. Godric tilts his head probably not but he was annoying me and we don’t have time Genie will be back any minute. Katriane looked at Seb’s unconscious body walked over and kissed his forehead alright let’s go.

Lessy stood up whoa whoa whoa how the hell are we going to explain this and where she’s gone? Godric chuckled and kisses her forehead you’re my niece you’ll think of something and with that he and Kat sped out of the house off to their secret mission. Katriane followed Godric deep into the bayou unsure of where they were going or what they would do once they got there. Godric lead the way humming to himself an odd tune that Katriane found intriguing. Katriane listened to him for a moment, before humming it low herself; she then began to sing a melody in French that matched Godric's sound. Godric stopped humming and turned to look at her “water you doing?” She looked at him, blushing slightly. "I'm sorry, I tend to do zhat vhen I 'ear something catchy or beautiful.” Godric thought for a moment hmm interesting although you might feel differently in a few moments. Katriane grew nervous at this remark wondering what he had planned when suddenly he stopped in a clearing near some pushes and trees he turned to her and spoke.

“Do you know how to fight”? Katriane was confused by this question “is that vhy you brought me all zhe way out her to ask me zhat?” Godric smirked and asked again Katrine do you know how to fight. She hesitated but after a few minutes nodded “oui I do” Godric raised his eyebrows mildly surprised “is that so who taught you how to fight?” Vell, while ve vere on tour we 'ad to take self-defense classes, in case fans got psycho. Hmm I see what did they teach you during those self-defense lessons. Martial arts mostly Kat responded. Out of the humans who was the best Katt thought for a moment zhe 'umans left now?No out of you Regine and Lucie who was the worst Kat looked down blushing between zhe three of us I vas zhe vorst. Godric laughed really what were you lacking in. Kat looke up slightly what does any of this ‘ave to do with vhy vere here? Godric tilted his head once you answer all my questions I’ll tell you okay. Kat nodded and responded I could never manage to flip someone. Godric nodded so you could punch kick and block. Kat nodded oui. Godric smiles widely alright show me what you’ve learned Katriane’s eye twitches vhy? Godric smiles wider because I really wanna see Katriane crosses her arms Vell... I'm not in zhe mood to fight Godric raises eyebrows when it's time for a real fight I doubt you'll be in the mood then. But zhis is not a real fight Godric steps towards her It is now and throws punch Katriane screams and dodges it Godric grins good at least we know you can dodge now hit me Katriane flustered stepping back responds I-I don't vant to Godric assuming a fighting stance advances towards her eyes glowing I didn't ask what you wanted now HIT ME!!!  Katriane slowly approaches him and throws a weak punch Godric smirks ans dodges it easily Oh come now you're a vampire throw a real punch he says as he punches her side Katriane grunts in pain and falls to the floor merde... Godric tilts his head and stares at her Oh this might sound a cliché but I barely touched you Lessy fights better than you.

Katriane slowly stands up clutching her side Lessy vas raised by vampires, she's used to it. Godric nods I suppose you're right but you are a vampire now so you better get used to it. Kat yells out I've only been a vampire for a day! Godric responds Hmm still you should know how to fight pins her to a tree she screams out Oi! and knees Godric in the stomach knocking him back. Godric laughs better but don't stop there throws into the bushes. Kat gets up and takes a deep breath, she looks at Godric and tackles him to the ground. He smiles and grabs her by the throat lifting her off the ground the fear clearly visible in her eyes he then throws her back into the bushes laughing loudly.  Kat stands up and crosses her arms zhis is not fair Godric stands up straight what’s not fair

Katriane points at him you are an old man vith centuries of fighting experience I on zhe other hand am a young maiden who had lived a comfortable life until your brother killed me. Godric shook his head Excuses excuses... come on I'll hold back a little more. Katriane crossed her arms once more non, I vill not fight you any longer Godric starts to mock her You zhink your opponent will stop because you don't vant to fight anymore Katriane glares at him stop mocking my accent. Godric resumes his stance beat me and I might stop. Katrine glares at him some more but then she takes a deep breath trying to remember what she learned in those self-defense classes. She assumed a basic fighting stance and faced Godric. Godric smiled back and waited well come at me young maiden. Katriane charged at him but instead of attacking his front side stepped him and aimed for his ribs. Godric caught her hand which she used to climb on top of him and shifted his weight so that he would fall. Godric sensed what she was trying to do and fell in a way that would put her on the bottom. He pinned her to the ground and smiled.

Katriane struggled to break free let me go let me go she yelled squirming under his grip her eyes turning black she had lost all control like Godric planned. Ahh is the little pop star angry does she need a hug? Katriane bared her fangs and attempted to bite Godric he loosened his grip and let her sink her teeth into his flesh. The taste of fresh blood sent her into a frenzy she drank feeling the liquid feel her with life. Godric leaned in and whispered in her ear “now if I was your boyfriend Seb he’d already be dead Katriane slowed her drinking, and if I was your baby sister Regine well you just slaughtered her drained her dry of every last drop of blood. Katriane pulled away from Godric tears filling her eyes non I vould never oh you would never why don’t you tell that to the two gardeners you killed. Tears started dripping down Katriane’s face tell it to their families they’re wives and children tell them how YOU COULDN’T CONTROL YOURSELF.  Katriane stopped struggling and laid there sobbing Godric let her go and held her in his arms remember this feeling this pain this sadness the next time you think you’re going to lose control remember you don’t want to lose the ones you love.

Katriane hugged Godric sobbing into his chest when she was finished she wiped her tears and nodded. I won’t forget I promise, good Godric said as they both stood up. Now are you ready to go home? Kat wipes the dirt from her clothes and nods smiling Oui I am but you’ll be there right just in case? Godric smiled and nodded of course I will but hopefully you won’t need me. Katriane took Godric’s hand as they both walked out of the bayou back to Godric’s car…
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"But, uncle Ri--" Godric was out the door before Lessy could finish, she sighed and looked down at the unconcious Seb on the couch, "bloody bugger..." She looked up the stairs to make sure no one was coming down yet and walked over to Seb, she took his arm and dragged him out of the couch, accidentally banging his head on the floor. "Whoops."

Sinclair chuckled seeing Alessandra struggle and stood up, walking over to her.
"As much as I would love to see you beat Seb up, let me give you a hand," he gripped his other arm and forgetting his new strength he pulled hard, flinging Sébastiene across the room, he ran and caught him before he slammed against an expensive looking vase. "Sorry," he gave a nervous chuckle.

Lessy gave a sigh of relief.
"That vase is from the 1700s, mum would have had you to hang," she laughed and walked towards the front door. "Come on, let's put him out here, I doubt anyone will come outside to look for him."

Sin tilted his head.
"We're just going to leave him out in the open?" He walked outside.

"No, silly," Lessy rolled her eyes and led him to a row of thick bushes in front of the house, "we're putting him in there."

"Looks comfortable," Sin commented sarcastically, and placed Sébastiene in there, hiding him from view.

"Well it's the best we can do for now, I'm gonna text uncle Ric and let him know he's in there," she took out her phone and started typing her message, "I'm going to tell him he's going to be hosting lunch later, and that he took Katriane and Sébastiene with him to pick out things that would please Régine."

Sin thought for a moment.
"You think my sister would buy that?"

"A handsome man has gone out with her sister to surprise her with a nice lunch," Lessy sent the message, "if she doesn't buy it she is ungrateful," she patted Sin's shoulder before walking back into the house.

He blinked and watched Lessy go inside, he shook his head smirking thinking she was absolutely adorable, Sin followed her back and closed the door just in time to see Morgan, Cressida, and Régine walk down the stairs.

Régine smiled.
"Vhere is Katriane, I must show 'er zhis beautiful necklace."

Lessy looked at the necklace Régine was sporting and her eyes widened, recognizing it as one from Queen Clarisse's, Morgan's biological mother, collection.
"I, uh," she tried to regain her composure, "she went out with Séb and uncle Ric, they're off to the grocer's to buy things for today's lunch. He wanted to know what you liked to eat so he needed their help."

Morgan rolled her eyes when no one could see, she then smiled.
"Lunch here, brilliant."

"If it is too much trouble ve could 'ave it at my 'ouse," Régine smiled.

"Nonsense!" Morgan tried her best to sound enthusiastic, "we are all here, it wouldn't make sense to drive all the way to your house, plus there was that massacre that happened near your neighborhood, I think it's best we all just stay here."

Régine nodded.
"Oui, you are right."

"Of course I am," Morgan stroked her own ego.

"M'lady, is it alright if I invite Aimé?" Cressida asked shyly.

Morgan had a sudden flashback to the sounds Cressida was making last night and closed her eyes tight trying to force them out of her head.
"Of course," she opened her eyes and smiled at her mother, "the more the merrier."

Cressida smiled and went upstairs to call him.

Régine watched her go up and smiled.
"Zhey make a cute couple, don't zhey?"

"Adorable," Morgan nodded.

"Mum, could I have a word with you?" Lessy requested.

"Of course," Morgan looked at Régine and Sinclair, "excuse us."

They both walked into Morgan's office and shut the door.
"Why did you--"

"I was going to give it up for auction," Morgan sat down at her desk, "I wasn't about to let Régine have something of mine, I thought one of Clarisse's necklaces would suffice."

"Mum do you remember how much that necklace is worth?"

"$1,828,224," Morgan nodded and shrugged, "she can wear it to her concert, it's not like she'll live much longer after that."

Lessy blinked.
"Wait, what?"

"Her death is close, I can see it, I saw her have her heart ripped clean out of her chest," Morgan replied casually.

"And... you're not doing to do anything about it?" Alessandra raised an eyebrow.

"My dear," she smiled, "you know me."

"Right," Lessy relaxed, "it's just the way you said it it sounded like you were just going let her die."

"I don't know when it will happen," Morgan shrugged, "rest assured that if I am around to prevent it I will."

Alessandra nodded.
"Okay then... So if she lives you're just going to let her walk off with a nearly two million dollar diamond necklace?"

Morgan chuckled and stood.
"I have necklaces worth up to fifty million, I can do without that little trinket," and with that she walked out of the room.

Lessy looked at her mother, slightly concerned, but she decided to shrug it off knowing very well Morgan worked in ways she would never be able to comprehend. Morgan saved people, she didn't let people die if she could help it, and Alessandra was sure she wouldn't let Régine die...

A few minutes later the doorbell rang, Lessy went to open it.
"Hey Aimé," she smiled, but her smile faded when she saw Julien behind him.

"Bonjour," Aimé smiles and walked inside, over to Cressida where he kissed both of her cheeks, making her blush and giggle.

Lessy turned around quickly and walked over to Morgan, Morgan's jaw tightened.

"Julien!" Régine went out to hug him tight, "I'm glad you could come."

Julien smiled.
"As am I," he hugged her back.

"Uncle Ric is gonna be pissed," Lessy whispered.

"He's not the only one," Morgan whispered back, raising an eyebrow at him.

"Come in," Régine smiled, taking his hand and walking inside, but he yanked his hand away, she turned around to him, "vhat's wrong?"

"Well," Julien had a nervous chuckle, "it would be rude to come in uninvited, ma chère."

Morgan grinned.
"Well it would be rude to not allow one of Régine's friends to come inside, by all means come in."

Julien bit the inside of his cheek and smirked.
"Thank you, Madame Alexandrov," he spoke her name with slight acidity, "but from what I can see you have a very nice back yard, and it is such a beautiful day out; would be a shame to waste it."

Régine smiled.
"I zhink zhat's a lovely idea," she looked at Morgan, perhaps we could 'ave our lunch outside?"

Morgan stared at Julien for a moment, unsure as to what kind of reasons to give for an outdoor lunch wouldn't be possible, but she had no valid excuse.
"Of course," she smiled sweetly at Régine, "outside it is."

"Excellent," Julien chuckled, "you know this house is a real work of artistic architecture, I think I'll take a look around, meet you all the patio." He walked out.

Régine turned to Morgan.
"Merci, Morgan," she kissed both her cheeks before walking out to meet Julien.

Morgan took a deep breath and looked at Cressida, whom without a word being needed walked out to the patio with Aimé to sit with Régine and Julien. Morgan pulled out her phone and texted Godric.

-Julien showed up, he made it so all of us have to go out to the patio for lunch; he doesn't have invitation.

Godric replied quickly.
-We'll be right there.

Morgan put her phone in her pocket and walked over to the kitchen to make drinks.

Sinclair was confused by the sudden silence, he looked at Alessandra.
"Okay, what is the deal with Julien, why is everyone so tense around him?"

Lessy sighed.
"Julien is not the nice person he's let you all to believe, he tried to kill mom, and desperately wants to end uncle Ric even though it is impossible, he murdered Lucienne as well."

Sin's eyes widened.
"You're joking."

"Not in the slightest," Lessy shook her head.

"How are we just letting him go around like that then?!" Sin's hear raced.

"Relax," Lessy put a hand to his shoulder, "he won't do anything to Régine, he's obsessed with her, plus mum already foretold his death, we just have to wait patiently so Régine doesn't suspect anything."

"Merde..." Sin shook his head, "I mean I knew the guy had issues but to stoop low enough to murder?"

Lessy grinned.
"You're the only vampire here who hasn't murdered anyone, love," she shrugged, "it is inevitable, hell even I've murdered someone."

Sin blinked surprised.

"Julien's butler, he wouldn't give mum and Cressida invitation so I had to off him," Lessy shrugged, "murder is something you simply cannot avoid doing when you are surrounded by the supernatural," she tilted her head looking at him, "you didn't think it through before asking uncle Ric to turn you, did you?"

"I..." Sin sighed, "no, I didn't..."

"Do you regret it?" Lessy looked into his eyes.

"Would you feel disappointed if I said I do?" Sin answered.

Lessy chuckled and shook her head.
"I'd think you foolish if you didn't," she smiled, "don't worry, you'll get used to it all."

"I sure hope so..."

Lessy laced her arm with his.
"Come on, let's go outside, Cressida is the only one out there who can get Julien under control and she might need my help."

They both walked out.

Morgan added the finishing touches for her Champagne Punch Bellini, and served them in glasses in a tray. She took it and walked out to the patio where everyone sat conversing and set the tray in the middle of the table.
"Here we are," she smiled to the best of her ability, "Champagne Punch Bellini, enjoy."

Julien took a glass and sniffed it before taking a sip, he looked pleasantly surprised.
"This is very good, Alexandrov," his smile almost seemed genuine, "not as good as the ones at Candelaria, but good nonetheless."

"Thank you, Julien," Morgan said through gritted teeth, "Godric should be back soon."

"Great," Régine smiled.

"Great..." Julien rolled his eyes when no one could see, upon doing this something caught his eyes. Up on one of the windows, he spotted Lucienne looking down at them. The champagne glass shattered in his hand.

"Julien!" Régine protested, champagne spilled on her, and one of the shards made a small cut on her thigh, "Qu'est ce qui ne vas pas chez toi?!"

Julien cleared his throat.
"Je suis désolé, mon amour," he wiped the drink off her with his handkerchief.

Sin's eyes had turned black, he quickly looked away.
"Alessandra, help me."

Lessy quickly stood.
"Excuse us, I'm going to lead Sin to the loo," she smiled casually at him, "follow me."

Sinclair gulped and followed.

Julien quickly looked at Morgan, he smiled.
"Would you be as kind as to lead me to the bathroom as well, I'd like to clean this up before it stains."

Alessandra tensed slightly, waiting for her mother's response.

Morgan was about to speak when she saw Godric, Katriane, and a disoriented Sébasiene walk through the front door.
"Excuse me," she walked inside and over to Godric, "he's seen Lucienne, and I'm running out of ideas as to why he cannot come inside."

Godric took a deep breath.
"Just once," he closed his eyes, "just once I'd like to have a normal day."

"Well that ship sailed a thousand years ago, love," she looked at him, "so what are we going to do?"

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 25, 2017 9:08 pm

Godric checked his phone he got a text from Morgie-Julien showed up, he made it so all of us have to go out to the patio for lunch; he doesn't have invitation. Godric glared at his phone slightly annoyed “when will that annoying git just give up”, he rolled his eyes and replied quickly, -We'll be right there. Katriane noticed this “is something wrong” Godric looked up at her and smirked oh no everything’s peachy I just out that we’re hosting a lunch or rather I am. Katriane looked shocked “and how di chat ‘appen” Godric chuckled “Lessy’s getting payback for me leaving her to clean up Seb”. Katriane giggles “well you brought zhat on yourself”. Godric sighs yes I suppose so come on I apparently have a lot to do now. Godric and Katriane get into the car and drive back to town they stop at one of the supermarket’s to pick up something Regine would love.

After they picked out everything they went back to Morgie’s house. They walked down the pathway but stopped suddenly when they saw something moving in the bushes Seb turned around moaning rubbing the back of his head. “Oh what the hell, where am I why does my head hurt” he mumbled as he stood up and looked around. Katriane ran over to him and hugged him oooh you poor thing as she kissed his cheek. He hugged her back still disoriented and he tried to focus and remember what happened he stared at Godric squinting you knocked me out. Godric smirked I did you got a problem with that” he said wyes glowing slightly. Seb looked and the floor and grumbled no. Godric nodded I thought not, now we should really join everyone something tells me they could use reinforcements. The three of them went through the gate to the backyard where everyone was gathered.

When Morgie saw Godric she quickly got up and walked over to him "he's seen Lucienne, and I'm running out of ideas as to why he cannot come inside. Godric took a deep breath. "Just once," he closed his eyes, "just once I'd like to have a normal day." "Well that ship sailed a thousand years ago, love," she looked at him, "so what are we going to do?" Godric thought for a second alright I’ll deal with him. Morgan looked at him “remember you can’t kill him” yes ye you’re bloody vision I know but that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun he grinned sinisterly. Now let’s go have some fun Godric patted her head and walked in front of everybody back to the table. He smiled when he saw Regine hello luv I missed you. Regine got up and hugged Godric kissing him oui I did Alessandra told me that you planned a lunch for me zhat is so sweet Godric  smiled looking over at Lessy yes although it was supposed to be a surprise Lessy. Lessy smirked and stuck her tongue out well uncle Ric you kinda just left me here and I couldn’t come up with a better excuse fast enough. Godric smirked well it doesn’t matter we’re all having fun. Godric looked at Julien and his expression changed.

Julien mate you seem to have soiled your clothing. Julien glared to the side then turned and put on a fake smile “oh no my glass broke and I got punch all over me I was actually on my way to the restroom before you interrupted us. Oh my apologies mate but no worries I’ll take you. Julien wouldn’t go anywhere with Godric as far as he was concerned he was safest next to Regine. Julien looked at Regine and smiled, not falling into Godric's little trap. "Régine, ma belle, how about I help you get cleaned up?" Godric sensed what Julien was trying to do and looked at Lessy for assistance "there's no need for that I''ll just go inside and bring out the first aid kit for her". Katriane saw that Godric needed to get Julien away from her sister and attempted to help oui I need to get something from upstairs Seb vould you mind coming with me Seb clueless to what was going on just nodded yeah sure I'll go. Julien looked at Katriane for a moment, and smiled. "Good, perhaps you could lead me to the bathroom, Katriane?"
Katriane put on a fake smile of course come on. Godric smiled impressed with Katriane's level of deception alright now that our little tour group is complete let's go. Godric walked to the back door oh that's right it's locked we gotta go around front Julien raised an eyebrow, hadn't Morgan just come out from there? But he shrugged it off, it didn't matter where he got in from as long as he'd be invited in. "Alright," he gave his best smile, "lead the way."Godric smirked and started walking around the house to the front yard with Kat Seb Sin and Lessy following him Leaving Regine in the back with Morgie Cressida and Aime.

When Godric was sure they were far away enough he turned and smiled at Julien you dun fucked up Godric ran at Julien lifted him by the throat and threw him across the lawn Julien looked at Godric, his eyes black, his hands balled into fists with anger. He stood up. "What the hell is your problem?!" Godric smiled wide you you're my problem and I'm going to deal with you right now Katriane remembering the fight between Godric and Klaus made sure to grab Seb and get as far away as they could Lessy sighed realizing she hadn't brought any chips and wondered if she had time to go back and get some Sin stood behind her curious wondering what the hell had just happened Julien scowled. "I've done nothing to you," he rushed to Godric and shoved him, "you on the other hand have made my life increasingly difficult!" Godric laughed being shoved oh my god are we on the playground did I just steal your animal crackers hahaha Godric zooms at Julien punching him in the gut I had planned on having fun but fuck you I'm gonna make this hurt Godric grabs his face and throws in into a nearby tree. Julien got up disoriented and charged Godric grabbing his arm he flips him onto the ground and attempts to stomp his face in. Godric grabs Julien's foot and shoves him back laughing he gets up now that's better Godric charges towards him lifts him off the ground and punches his face several times before kneeing him in the stomach and throwing him into the bushes he turns back smiling sadistically tilting his head

Julien gasped for breath as he lay in the bushes. "All I wanted was to be with Régine," he rushed over and grabbing his leg he slammed him against the ground repeatedly. "AND YOU JUST HAD TO GO AND RUIN THAT FOR ME DIDN'T YOU?!" Godric starts laughing hysterically as Julien pounds him into the ground he grabs Julien's fist his eyes turning black and gold listen you sorry little shit Genie is mine he breaks Julien's arm causing him to howl but Godric put his hand over his mouth so as not to draw attention you are nothing understand nothing Regine cares nothing for you and is embarrassed whenever she has to make excuses for you or clean up after you've thrown a tantrum like a fucking child Godric starts choking him while lifting Julien into the air losing himself in his bloodlust and if it wasn't for Morgie's damn vision I'd end you right now Godric shoves his hand into Julien's chest grabbing his heart.

Cressida walked round to the front, smiling. "Madame sent me over to see what was taking so--" she blinked seeing Godric and Julien, and noticing Godric was about to pull on Julien's heart she ran over to them and broke his wrist before throwing Julien to the other side of the yard. She looked at Godric, positioning herself ready to fight if need be. "Master Godric," her tone was soft but stern, "please, control yourself." Julien ran over back to Godric but before he could reach him, Cressida grabbed him by the neck and forced him to fall to his knees, her fingers inside his neck and were wrapped around his spine, he desperately clawed at her hands but she wouldn't budge. Godric blinked a sudden slight pain in his wrist he looked down to see Cressida who had Julien subdued he relaxed upon seeing her expression and placed his other hand on her head I’m alright Cree thank you he kneeled down and snapped Julien’s neck with his good hand while the other one healed. He stared and Julien’s unconscious body and glared you have immeasurably good luck and now you owe your life to Cressida.

Katriane watched the scene, uncomfortable and conflicted, considering Julien still was one of her best friends, but she knew that Julien's actions as of late warranted the beating. She let go of Seb, whom didn't want to gaze in Godric's direction lest he accidentally follow the same fate in a more permanent state. Alessandra sighed. "Man, that was anticlimactic," she took out her dagger and stabbed Julien in the chest. "Alessandra!" Cressida crossed her arms in disapproval, letting Julien's body drop. "What? I wanted in!" Sin couldn't help but smirk. "Mind if I have a go?" "Sinclair, non," Katriane walked over to him. "Zhem 'urting 'im is one zhing, I vill not 'ave my little brother 'urting 'im as vell." Sin sighed. "Fine." Godric looked over at them smiling then he kicked Julien’s body into the bushes grinning. Lessy looked over chuckling Katriane stared still unsure ‘e is going to be very angry vhen ‘e wakes up Godric smiled well if he has anything to say to me I’d be happy to beat his ass again. Cressida shook her head smiling as I said earlier Madame has sent me to see what is taking so long we should all hurry to the back and Lessy weren’t you supposed to fetch the first aid Kit for Miss Zaeri? Oh yeah Lessy runs inside and up the stairs to the bathroom and comes back with the first aid kit smiling.

Godric smirked alright now that everything’s taken care of let’s go back. Every nodded in agreement and headed back down the path to the backyard leaving Julien in the bushes unconscious slowly bleeding out…
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 28, 2017 8:50 pm

Mogan smiled seeing them all walk back out to the patio, she stood up.
"Excuse me for a moment, there's something I need to take care of," she walked inside.

Régine looked at them all smiling, but later raised an eyebrow.
"Vhere is Julien?"

"He had to run off for a moment," Godric smirked, "he should be back in a few minutes."

Régine felt the need to question Godric, but decided not to. After all, whatever Julien decided to do was none of her business, and she wasn't going to be responsible for him.
"Alright zhen," she smiled and her phone beeped, she looked at it and saw it was a video from the police.

-"Surveillance video shows a blur going around the pub as the patrons drop to the floor, one woman is seen walking in and stopping the attacker, the attacker seems to break her arm and run."

"Hm..." Régine read the message, and integued tapped on the video to play, she squint looking closer and sighed, "neither zhe attacker or zhe woman are clearly visible..."

Alessandra snuck a peek as she tended to Régine's injury, she raised an eyebrow and looked at Godric.

Morgan walked up the stairs and quickly made her way to Lucienne's room, she opened the door and sighed observing as Lucienne looked out the window.
"I don't get what part of not being seen you don't comprehend."

Lucienne dropped the blinds and looked at Morgan.
"I thought I 'ad 'eard Julien's voice, I vanted to see for myself zhat 'e vas 'ere."

"Yeah well he saw you and now you're in danger," Morgan stepped away from the door, "come on, you're moving to a room on the other side so Régine can't see you."

"Do I really 'ave to?" Lucienne complained, "Régine is so into 'er own little vorld zhat she von't notice me up 'ere!"

"I'm not taking any chances," Morgan shook her head, opening the door to the room in front, "I promise you will be free soon, just not yet."

Lucienne sighed and nodded.
"Fine..." she made her way to the other room and looked out the window, "when do you think I'll be able to go out?"

"When Julien is no longer a threat, and Régine is ready to know about what we are," Morgan closed the door and placed a barrier.

Lucienne smirked.
"Julien vas never really a zhreat..." She kept looking out the window, at all the trees and grass surrounding the manor, she sighed. "All my live I spent it chasing skyscrapers and luxurious cities, I never truly appreciated nature..." As she spoke to herself she noticed something was moving in the bushes below, she grinned upon seeing Julien rise up and laughed seeing him bleed.

Julien heard laughter and looked up, he scowled seeing Lucienne giving her both middle fingers and laughing at him.
"Putain de merde," he growled, Julien looked down to his chest where he felt intense pain, and noticed he was bleeding. "I'm gonna get that little bitch," he looked towards the backyard, "but first..." He climbed up the side of the house over to the window where Lucienne was, "open the window."

Lucienne chuckled and opened it.
"Oui monsieur?"

"How the fuck did you get here?" His brow furrowed.

"Morgan flew all zhe way to France to save me," she grinned.

"So she's the one who killed Pierre..."

"It vas actually Alessandra," Luci giggled, "I assume she is zhe one 'oo stabbed you as vell."

"Yes, that swine has had it out for me since day one," he glared at Lucienne, "I should have killed you when I had the chance."

"But you didn't," Lucienne's tone was of sarcastic empathy, "because you're such a good friend, and you couldn't live with yourself if you killed me."

"I swear to God if you do anything I swear I'll--"

"You'll vhat?" Lucienne grinned, "kill me? You couldn't even do it the first time, vhat makes you zhink you could now? Besides," she took a step back, motioning towards everything around here, "I'm in 'ere, you're out zhere, you can't touch me."

Julien smirked.
"You'll have to come out eventually, sweetheart, you and I both know you don't do well within four walls, and besides..." He chuckled, "Cressisa and Aimé are a thing now, I'm sure you'll be wanting to take care of that, so perhaps I don't have to get to you after all."

"Cressida and Aimé?" Lucienne looked at him shocked, "non, 'e can't be, 'e loves me!"

"Well," Julien laughed, "I compelled him to move on, and might I say he's moving on beautifully."

"No!" Lucienne banged against the barrier, "no, no, no, no!"

Julien jumped off the wall, chuckling to himself as he walked away leaving Lucienne to scream by herself. He looked down to his shirt once more.
"I'll need to take care of this... Or maybe..." He looked towards the yard, "maybe Régine will take care of it for me," he walked back in that direction, giving Lucienne the finger as he walked past the side of the house.

"Vhat on earth is zhat screaming?" Régine raised an eyebrow.

Morgan gave a wave of her hand and suddenly the screaming stopped.
"What screaming, dear?"

"Zhat--" Régine blinked, no longer hearing anything, "I... never mind," she shook her head and looked back upon hearing footsteps, her eyes widened as she saw Julien walk in looking pained, with his hand to his chest bleeding. "Mon Dieu!" She rushed to him, "Julien vhat 'appened to you?!"

"I," he fell to his knees, "I was going to go back to the house to get something I had forgotten, and suddenly I was jumped by two men, fortunately I could fight one of them off before they pierced my heart with their knife," he grunted in pain."

"Ve need to get you to zhe 'ospital!" Régine teared up, she looked back at Katriane, "sissy, 'elp me get 'im in zhe car!"

Katriane stood up, but Morgan made her sit and stood instead, knowing very well Julien couldn't be taken to a hospital.
"Régine, if I may, Cressida is a nurse, perhaps she could take care of him instead of taking off to the hospital."

Cressida looked slightly uncomfortable but nodded.
"I'd be more than happy to help."

Julien glared at Morgan.

"Please," Régine looked at Cressida, "'e's going to bleed out if ve don't 'elp 'im, 'elp me to bring him inside."

Morgan's heart skipped a beat, she looked at Godric unsure what to say.

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 Empty
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Godric looked up at Julien extremely annoyed but tried to keep his composure. Then Cressida spoke up “I can treat him here we have a first aid kit it will be no trouble at all.” Julien looked over and glared at Cressida he thought to himself “this bitch is going to ruin my plans.” "Put him here," Cressida started to clear the table, Morgan and Alessandra quickly helped her. "'Ere?" Régine looked shocked. "Should ve not take 'im inside?" "No time," Cressida grabbed her suture kit from the first aid kit, "he might bleed out." Godric smiles with relief he walks over and picks Julien up and flops him down hard onto the table "oops sorry about that mate blood made you all slippery" Godric smirks down at him. Julien growled in a mix of pain and anger. "I'm going to destroy you," he spoke through his teeth, low enough for only Godric to hear. Godric flashed his eyes at Julien and whispered far better men than you have tried and I killed them all you have less than no chance against me. Godric then stood up and watched as Cressida worked at cleaning and dressing his wounds.

Julien then looked at Cressida and whispered “don’t think I’ve forgotten about you servant wench I’ll make sure to come after you your fake queen and that smug bitch with knife”. Cressida smiled sweetly down at him and dug her needle into Julien’s leg seeing as how you’ve been stabbed and beaten by a human twice already I’d tone down the tough talk before I have to teach you some manners and I promise I won’t be as kind as master Godric. Julien tries to look tuff but he knew deep down that Cressida scared him. Regine walks over to Julien and examines his wounds “I zhink we should get you ‘ome so you can rest”. Julien struggles to sit up yeah I think that would be best” he shoots a smug grin to Godric. Regine walked over and hugged Godric causing Julien to flare at him Regine looked up I’m sorry but I need to take Julien home to rest. Godric smiles I understand I’ll take you all home now he kisses her forehead she smiles at him and hugs him again. Godric walks over to Morgie and whispers to her I’ll take them all home then pass by the compound I have some other stuff I need to take care of I’ll call you later with an update ok. Morgan nodded alright just be careful and don’t do anything stupid Godric grinned come on Morgie you know me better than that. Morgie smiled slightly as he watched Godric and the other walk out of the backyard and drive off towards Regine’s house.

Godric pulled up to Regine’s house and they all got out of the car Aime and Sin helped Julien get inside while Seb and Kat followed behind them Regine stood by the car with Godric. Godric smiled looking at Regine well I had an amazing time with you. Régine smiled at Godric and gave a nod, blushing slightly she put a strand of her hair behind her ear. "I did too, I just wish our time didn't have to end like zhis," she sighed, "zhank you, for everything." Godric admired how beautiful she looked it was my pleasure I only wish it could have lasted longer. Régine took his hand, smiling. "Vhen vill I see you again?" Tomorrow I'd like to take you out again if you'd like, show you more of the city. She smiled and nodded. "I vould love zhat," she looked into his eyes and without helping herself she placed a soft kiss upon his lips. Godric felt Regine's lips upon his own and without thinking help her closer and deepened the kiss. Régine wrapped her arms around his neck, holding him close as they kissed; but it was interrupted by screams of pain coming from inside the house. Slowly she parted her lips from his and spoke onto them still holding him close. "I'll see you tomorrow." He smiles looking into her eyes until tomorrow luv Godric watched as she walked to the door and went inside his smile faded as he got back into his car and made his way home.

Godric arrived at the compound in a few minutes and upon walking inside he saw something very surprising everything was clean and there was no sign of anyone being kidnapped tortured and eventually killed. Oi where the bloody hell is everybody? Rebekah was the first to come out of her room for god’s sake Ric must you yell every time you come home? Godric smiled “of course I do Bekah how else would you know that I’m here”. Rebekah rolled her eyes I can hear you from outside one of the perks of vampire hearing. Hayley came out of one of the rooms with a crying Hope looking very angry I just put Hope down for a nap and your damn yelling woke her up. Godric smiled slightly and took Hope from Hayley rocking her in his arms shh shh shh my littlest wolf uncle Ric didn’t mean to wake you I’m sorry I was just a bit excited is all. Hope slowly began to calm down and looked up at Godric she smiled and reached toward his face he held out his finger and she grabbed it laughing playfully. Godric turned to Hayley smiling see problem solved. Hayley stared at him no problem not solved because now she’s wide awake and once you’re gone she’ll be cranky.

Godric looks at Hope no you won’t you’ll be a good girl and do what your mommy says right Hope tilted her head staring at Godric which caused him to chuckle he handed Hope back to Hayley and turned to Rebekah. So dear sister before we begin where might Nik be? He went out with Camille a bit ago no idea when he’ll be coming back. Godric shook his head sighing of course oh well I don’t need him yet he clears his throat and where might our house guest be I noticed you cleaned everything up nicely which is quite surprising. Rebekah smirked The only thing surprising about it was how much the bastard screamed when he was bleeding out even after I cut his tongue out he wouldn’t stop wailing. Really Bekah was that necessary Rebekah nodded of course it was I got some very useful info out of him after we bled the vervain rom his system. Oh and what might that be Godric asked well for starters his girlfriend is a witch named willow she feeds, well fed him food with vervain in it to protect him from all the vampires running around. Fat lot of luck that did him Godric chuckled clearly, he say anything else before you gut him? Yeah he told us that she grows some kind of strange plants in the house we were thinking they were vervain.

Godric sighs after all the trouble we went through to rid the city of vervain people still find a way to smuggle it in this isn’t the first witch who’s had some. Bekah nods so are we gonna pay the bitch a visit. Of course soon as Klaus gets back we’ll head over to her house. Rebekah rolls her eyes why do we have to wait for him we’re more than a match for some random witch. I’m well aware but Klaus is the one who picked up her boyfriend for me so it would be rude not to include him. Rebekah crosses her arms fine but who knows when he’ll be back and as if on cue Klaus walks through the front door with Cami. Godric turns and smiles hello brother how nice of you to join us di you enjoy your date. Klaus smirked I could ask you the same thing brother gone all night tsk tsk tsk I hope you didn’t do anything naughty. Oh look at the pot calling the kettle black Godric responded smirking he turned to Cami good afternoon Camille how’s my brother been treating you Cami smiles coolly he’s been the perfect gentleman if you must know.  Are you sure you’re talking about the right brother? Rebekah laughs and Klaus shoots him a look.

Alright Now that you’re here we can finally pay that witch a visit. Godric nods yeah let’s go. Cami looks at Klaus concerned and what which h might you be paying a visit to? Klaus looked at her and smiled nothing for you to worry about luv. Oh Nik by the way where did you put her boyfriend’s body? Godric said smiling Klaus sighed deeply he’s in the cellar tied to a chair with his head in his lap. Godric chuckled how theatrical of you, Klaus grinned well I did pick him up at the movies. Godric laughed yes you did now let’s go and pay his girlfriend a visit. Rebekah was the first one out of the door now where does the witch live again? Godric closes his eyes and thinks for a moment well according to her dearly departed boyfriend she lives at 602 Piety Street. Alright Rebekah said but I’m driving Klaus and Godric exchanged looks but decided it wasn’t worth arguing over and got into the back of Rebekah’s car and she sped off towards the house of Willow McNair.

Rebekah drove to 602 Piety Street and parked the car a few houses away the y all got out and walked over examining the property it was a nice house two story with what looked like a large backyard with a lot of plants in them none of which seemed to be vervain. Alright Godric spoke so how should we do this? She obviously doesn’t like or trust vampires so how do we get in. Klaus grinned and walked ahead just follow my lead. Rebekah sighed oh crap this won’t be pleasant but followed behind her brother. Klaus walked up to the door and rang the bell. There was no answer he waited a bit before ringing it again. A light female voice could be heard from the other side just a minute. After a moment or two footsteps could be heard approaching the door who is it? Excuse me miss sorry to bother you but there’s been a terrible accident down the road my brother’s been hurt he’s bleeding really badly could we please use your phone. There was silence I’m sorry but I don’t open my door to strangers there have been a lot of disappearances lately and one can’t be too careful. Klaus glared but kept up the act please miss there’s blood everywhere Klaus suddenly shoves his hand into Godric’s chest causing him to gasp out ahh you stupid fucker he collapsed next to his brother Rebekah runs over and cradles him in her arms I told you this wouldn’t be pretty she fakes a looks of horror and sadness blood spilling out of him all we need is a phone.

Willow walks over to the window and pulls aside the blinds she sees Godric covered with blood and her guard drops Klaus continues please miss there isn’t much time. What kind of an accident did you say you had? Klaus becoming impatient says loudly there was a man on in the middle of the road just lying in the street my brother got out to help him and he attacked us he had…he had sharp teeth and a face like a demon I know it sounds crazy but please you have to believe me my brothers dying please help Willow left the blinds and went to the door she slowly unlocked it and opened it she took one step out the door onto the porch alright hurry all of you come in and get him inside--- before anybody could move Godric lunged at her and knocked her unconscious he then turned to his brother that fucking hurt you idiot Klaus smiled yeah well it worked didn’t it and besides we’ve been invited in. Godric glares at Klaus while Rebekah gets up and walks over to the unconscious Willow well now that she’s taken care of let’s take a look inside shall we she steps over Willow and into her house…
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 14, 2017 5:52 pm

After helping Julien into Régine's room, Sin and Aimé walked out closing the door behind them. Sinclair was about to leave when he heard a ringing sound, Julien was making a call. He stopped and stood next to the door, listening in to the conversation.

"She's here, in New Orleans," Julien tried to be hushed, "a fortune telling bitch flew to France to 'rescue her', and I can't get into the house, everyone is protecting her like some kind of jewel. I need you to get me someone who can get to her before she tries anything- no I don't care who it is-- really? Can you get me her number?" There was a silence, "thanks, I'll keep you updated."

Sin's fists clenched, he looked into Aimé's eyes.
"Go upstairs and go into a deep sleep for a while."

Aimé yawned.
"I'm gonna go nap," he patted Sin's shoulder, "if anyone needs me you know where to find me," he walked up the stairs.

Sin watched him, eyebrows raised, surprised that actually worked. A moment later Sinclair opened the door to Régine's room, eyes black.
"You just can't let people live their lives, can you?"

Julien looked at Sin and blinked.
"You're a va--" before he could finish Sinclair punched through his chest and pinned him against the wall, Julien yelped out in pain. "What are you doing?!"

Sin clawed Julien's jaw.
"You tried to kill Lucienne, and now that you see she's still alive and well you want to finish her off?!"

"She's not as innocent as she seems!" Julien snapped Sin's wrist and threw him to the other side of the room.

"Come off it!" Sin ran back and kicked him breaking his ribs, Julien took hold of his foot and slammed him to the ground.

"Let me explain!" Julien clutched his chest, not wanting to fight Régine's brother, "yes I did try to kill her but--"

"But what?!" Sinclair growled as he stood.

"I had a good reason!"

"Oh," Sinclair gave a sarcastic chuckle, "can't wait to hear this," he went to Julien and grabbed him by the back of the neck, digging his fingers in so Julien couldn't run, "tell me, Julien, what was your good reason to kill a woman who did you no harm?"

Julien grunted in pain, he took a deep breath.
"I killed her because if I didn't she was going to kill Régine."

"Oh yeah," Sinclair rolled his eyes, "brilliant bullshit," he slammed Julien's face against the wall, "try again."

"I'm telling the truth," Julien kicked back, knocking Sin over to the bed. He turned around to look at him. "Let me explain."

Sinclair glared at him.
"You have five minutes to convince me or I'll kill you myself."

Julien sat down and looked down at his sutures, sighing seeing them all ripped.
"The one thing that servant did right and you went and ruined it."

"I grow impatient," Sin glared.

"Alright, alright..." Julien rolled his eyes and began to tell him how it all went down.

It was back in November, after the concert in Paris during the La Beauté est Éternelle tour, Lucienne had been growing jealous of all the recognition Régine was getting over the new songs; you know Lucy loved being in the spotlight, it was also no secret that Lucienne didn't like Régine as much anymore, and after not being able to come up with anything new she felt like she was fading into the background and losing her place as frontwoman of the group.

Her and I, we had been arguing for months, every time she tried to badmouth Régine I would step up to defend her and that only made her resent Régine more, she knew the only person who didn't favor Régine was Aimé, and that was only because they were engaged.

Régine was doing an interview after the concert, it was the fifth time Lucienne was left without any sort of PR during the tour, she was growing restless with anger.
"I don't understand," she paced in the room, "vhat is so great about 'er?"

"She's gorgeous, she's talented, she'--"

"I vasn't really asking!" She snapped.

I rolled my eyes.

"I'm zhe one 'oo is supposed to be out zhere, not 'er!" She glared at the door.

"Well I've always said Régine should be the face of Belle Morte," I smirked, lifting my gaze from my book onto her.

"I'm sick and tired of 'er," Lucienne scowled, "and I'm sick and tired of you!"

"Pretty sure we all feel the same way about you," I stood, "we're all getting pretty tired of your bratty attitude."

"Vhat?!" Lucienne looked at me wide eyed, "I am Belle Morte! Me! 'Ow dare you say you're getting tired of me? You vould all be nothing without me!"

"Pretty sure we could do just fine without you," I crossed my arms, "Régine is better with PR anyway."

"Oh yeah?" She walked over to the platter table and took a knife, "we'll see how much better you do without Régine then!"

She was about to walk out the door but I pinned her down.
"What the hell do you think you're going to do?!"

"I'm going to kill 'er!" Lucienne screamed and stabbed my face, before I knew what I was doing I took the knife from my face and stabbed her neck...

Julien sighed.
"I didn't mean to kill her, it was instinct, but if I had to do it all over again I would just to keep Régine safe."

Without warning Sin ran to Julien and ran his hand through his chest, making him scream out loudly in pain.
"Don't think for a second I believe that bullshit," his tone was low and full of anger, "Lucienne would never dream of hurting Régine," he squeezed his heart, "you better watch yourself, Blasco, if I see you even lifting a finger to hurt anyone I love I won't hesitate to end you." He let go and walked out the door to clean himself up.

Régine walked into the house and looked around.
"Vhere is Julien, I 'eard 'im scream."

Katriane, having heard everything, was speechless, unsure if she should believe Julien's words or feel the same way as Sinclair.
"'E's in your room," she looked deep in thought.

Régine was about to question Katriane, thinking she was acting odd lately, but decided right now Julien was priority. She walked over to her room and gasped seeing Julien bleeding out.
"Vhat 'appened?!"

Julien took a painful breath and looked at Régine.
"I fell off the bed, but..." he winced, "I'm fine."

"Zhat's it," Régine shook her head, "I am taking you to zhe 'ospital!"

"No," Julien tried to stand, but he was healing slower an the pain was taking a toll on him, "you know I don't like hospitals."

"I don't care," Régine helped him up, "if not for me zhen go for Belle Morte, we 'aven't much time before zhe festival and if you don't get better ve vont be able to perform."

Julien looked into her begging eyes and sighed, nodding.
"Fine, let's go..."

With Régine's help they both walked to the car and sped off to the nearest hospital.

Katriane stood and walked over to Sinclair who had just walked out of the bathroom.
"Do you zhink 'e vas lying?"

Sin shrugged.
"I don't know, you know I've never really liked him, and he's proven himself to be a master manipulator..." he looked out the window, "but the look in his eyes pleaded me to believe him... One thing's for sure is that he killed Lucienne and we should be on our toes around him."

She nodded.

"What were you thinking?!" Morgan looked at Alessandra, clearly angered by her actions, "you know very well that dagger of yours is hexed to make vampires take longer to heal! You really thought he wouldn't use his injury to his advantage?!"

"I'm sorry!" Lessy looked guilty in her seat, arms crossed, "I just can't stand him!"

"None of us do!" Morgan took a deep breath, "need I remind you he wants to kill me? I'm the last person who doesn't wish to hurt him but what you did was irresponsible!"

"Uncle Ric didn't mind!"

Morgan pinched the bridge of her nose.
"Godric isn't a very good example, dear, he's the master of inappropriate."

"I think he's an awesome example," Alessandra sank in her seat.

"Lessy, I--" she blinked and looked at her, "we're not done with this conversation," she stormed out of the office just in time to stop Lucienne from going down the stairs. "Don't you dare."

Lucienne blinked, trying to look innocent.
"Vhat do you mean?"

"I'm not letting you hurt Cressida," Morgan looked into Lucienne's eyes, "I don't give a fuck if you kill Régine, but Cressida is innocent in all of this, it's not her fault."

"How did you--"

"I know every move you make before you make it," Morgan got closer, "I promise you you'll have you chance to rip Régine's heart out, but if you dare as much as touch Cressida that opportunity will vanish along with your life, understood?"

Lucienne frowned.

"I'm trying very hard here to protect you, Lucienne," she put a finger to her chin and lifted her gaze, "I'm on your side, I swear to you, but you need to play the game my way if you want your revenge, trust me I want Régine dead just as much as you do."

"Vhen vill you let me near 'er?" Lucienne's eyes watered, "you keep locking me up vhenever she is near, vhen vill you allow me to kill 'er?!"

"Be patient," Morgan hugged her, "good things come to those who wait..."

"I'm tired of waiting," Lucienne cried, "she ruin my life, I want to take hers."

"Only a few more days," Morgan pulled away, "a few more days and you'll be free."

"Do you swear?" Lucienne sniffled.

Morgan smiled at her.
"I give you my word."

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 29, 2017 9:58 pm

Godric picks willow up and carries her into the house he places her in a nearby chair and takes out the special handcuffs that prevent witches from preforming magic he places them on her while Rebekah and Klaus look around. They see pictures of her and Mike on the shelves and as they investigate further a locked room upstairs. Ric you might wanna take a look at this Rebekah yells from upstairs Godric turns to Nik watch her then runs up the stairs to find Rebekah. She points to the locked room and smirks wonder what she has locked up Rebekah kicks in the door and her eyes widen Godric whispers fuck. The entire room in full of vervain the very scent of it burning Godric’s nostrils. Where the fuck… how the hell has she been growing this undetected and so much of it Rebekah shrugs I don’t know but we’re burning her house down Rebekah walks to the bathroom to get a lighter Godric walks over yes but not right now I need to question her first after that we’ll light the place up with her inside. Rebekah smiles a lovely thought well hurry up then we haven’t got all day.

Klaus yells from downstairs oi she’s waking up Godric and Rebekah zoom downstairs and watch as Willow stirs away ughh my head I feel like I got hit by a truck she looks at her hands and sits up alert what the hell is this she looks up and sees the intruders in her house and goes to scream Godric rushes forward and covers her mouth rolling his eyes he looks back why is it they always scream do they think someone will hear and come to their rescue Rebekah shrugs they probably see it in the movies and think that’s  how it’s supposed to be. Godric looks back at willow head tilted is that true she mumbles through his hand her words inaudible. Godric nods right Bekah you were right. Willow continues to mumble at which point Godric removes his hand she starts chanting  Phasmatos Pyrox Morsinus Illum Godric Rebekah and Klaus smiled at her confusion took hold of her re recited a different spell Vamisa la visia. Rebekah chuckled try again luv they say third times the charm she holds up her hands fear in her eyes and yells Phasmatos Incendia Klaus looks around smirking not even an ember those lovely cuffs you’ve got on prevent any magic in case you were wondering.

Willow looked down at the cuffs once more and tried to remove them they wouldn’t budge. Godric leaned forward if they were really that easy to take off I wouldn’t have bothered putting them on now Miss Willow McNair we’ve got a couple of questions for you. She looked at Godric with a mixture of fear and anger who the hell are you people and how do you know who I am? Klaus chuckled we’ve got your bloke Mike to thank for that after a couple hours of bleeding out he proved to be quite the informant. All the color drained form Willows face and she croaked Mike you have Mike what have you monsters done to him I swear if you’ve hurt him I’ll make you all pay. Godric chuckled and grabbed her by the throat flashing his eyes at her you’re not in any position to be making threats. Willow choked on her breath as her eyes widened you’re one of those abominations a hybrid. Godric dropped her into the chair sighing no luv I’m not a hybrid I’m the hybrid the original hybrid and like I said before I have a few questions for you. Willow glared at them tears in her eyes you’re out of your fucking mind if you think I’ll tell you anything.

Klaus smirks that’s exactly what Mike said before the screaming then he sang like a songbird. Willow lunged at him but he simple moved out of the way and she crashed onto the couch. You heartless monsters Mike never did anything to you he’s never hurt a fly how dare you lay a hand on him I’ll kill you I’ll kill you all. Godric tilted his head watching Willow thrash on the couch he lifted her up as she stared angrily at him are you finished he asked staring at her. She continued to glare silently. Klaus walked over rolling up his sleeves well if you don’t wish to cooperate we could do to you what we did to Mike, Godric thought of we could do what we were gonna do to you to Mike. Rebekah and Klaus looked at him funny knowing full well Mike was dead Willow’s eyes filled with fear no I’ll talk just leave Mike alone Godric smiled there’s a good girl as he pat her head now first question.

Why is there a room full of Vervain upstairs? Willow looked down I was growing it to protect the locals from the vampires that’s why I was sneaking it to Mike. Klaus sat on the couch fat lot of luck that did him Willow glared at him. Godric snapped his fingers alright on to my next question who else knows about your vervain operation Willow looks away I…I can’t tell you that I can’t put anyone else in harm’s way Godric rolled his eyes Bekah you wanna call the house and tell them Mike needs to persuade his girlfriend. Willow sobbed please I can’t tell you don’t hurt Mike pleeeease. Godric looked over you’re gonna have to give me something luv this is your fault we’ve spent a lot of time eradicating vervain from the city and now we find a stockpile of it in your house someone’s gotta answer for that. Willow sobs I told you it was me just me. Rebekah steps forward and lifts her head  bull this stuff is in circulation now being sold at the bloody phone shop as a case it being given to the damn tourists the ones the vampires are supposed to be feeding off of so if you thought you were doing good sweetheart you were sadly mistaken.

Willow shakes her head I only wanted to protect my people I didn’t mean for all this. Klaus leans to the side this is why it’s important to think ahead make a plan this all came undone because your boyfriend wouldn’t switch seats at the cinema. Godric looks back at Willow speaking of the cinema there was an incident there that I also need info about. Willow looks up I don’t know anything about the movies alright. Godric smirked alright but I’m gonna ask a few questions just to be sure now there was this guy there and he wrote a message on the wall in his own blood now from the looks of it he was hexed and since you seem so keen on fucking with the vampires maybe you would know does anybody have it out for me an old witch someone powerful. Willow sits there quietly Godric lifts her why the throat I asked you a question is there anyone in town that wants to fuck with Godric Mikaelson. Klaus speaks up come one Ric there are dozens upon dozens of people that wanna fuck with you you have to be more specific. Godric smiles and drops Willow back onto the couch. She coughs tears in her eyes.

There was a message left in blood on the walls when translated it reads The troublemaker is looking for her wolf do you know of any witch that would have that written on the wall Willow shakes her head no of course not. Godric tilts her head think very very carefully before you answer again Der Störenfried sucht ihren Drauf." I told you I have no idea who would leave that message for you I swear I turn to Rebekah and Klaus what do you think is she telling the truth. Klaus tilts his head sure seems like it Rebekah squints well if she knows what’s good for her she better be alright that’s all oh one more thing Godric smirks Nik go get the thing from the car Klaus chuckles yeah sure he gets up and heads to the car. Oh Ric don’t be so mean Willow looks at Godric engulfed in fear but I gave you everything you wanted I told you everything. Godric nods that’s right you did and now I’m gonna give you something you want. Klaus returns with a plastic bag something round and heavy in it he places it on Willow’s lap there you go a little present from Mike Willow’s hear drops as she slowly opens the bag and see’s Mike’s head looking up at her bloody bruised and beaten she screams loudly before fainting. Klaus and Godric laugh loudly as Rebekah shakes her head can we go now please the fumes are messing with my head.

Godric nods yeah let’s go don’t forget to torch the place Rebekah waves yeah yeah I know she walks over to the kitchen and turns on the stove letting the house fill with gas. Godric runs upstairs for a second then comes back down slipping something into his pocket alright we can go now they all exit one by one and Rebekah lights a newspaper on fire and throws it towards the house as they drive away. Godric’s phone rings it’s a text from Regine Bonsoir Godric, just writing to let you know that I'm taking Julien to the hospital, his injury got worse and I'm not sure how long we'll be there for. Godric texts back I’ll join you as soon as I can and drives back to the compound. Who was that Rebekah asked smiling your girlfriend? Godric smirked rolling his eyes yes as matter of fact it was and now I have to go deal with a slimey little toerag messing with my plans….
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 07, 2017 9:00 pm

"Your tea," Cressida approached Morgan and placed a cup of hot tea on her desk, "are you alright sweetheart? You seem a bit off."

Morgan looked up, snapping away from her thoughts.
"I'm just trying to figure out how to fix this mess we're all in, specially with Julien."

Cressida nodded.
"You know, dear, you don't have to fix everything," she smiled softly, "Régine, and all that comes with her, should be Godric's responsibility."

"I know," Morgan looked at the spoon and it began to stir the tea on its own, "but you know me, I always want what's best for my puppy Ric."

"Right, well..." Cressida began to walk towards the door, "if you ever feel like it's too much for you, feel free to drop it all." She closed the door behind her.

With a deep breath Morgan slumped back onto her throne, observing as the spoon created a delicate whirlpool inside her tea cup. She felt, for a moment, a sense of peace; that is until her body tensed, and her breathing stopped, her eyes staring at nothing in particular, at least not in the physical world.

She looked around her, she was in a hospital, she tried to find any indication of when she was, she saw a newspaper with the date January 29th, 2015, she looked at a man's watch 5:30pm, she looked around to figure out why she was there and saw Julien being taken in to the operating room, his stitches had ripped. She tried to see more but she was pulled back to reality, staring at the now still spoon.

She looked at the clock on her desk, it was 5:00pm.
"Alessandra!" She called out.

Almost instantly Lessy was at the door.
"Yes, mum?"

"I need you to drive me to the hospital, and then leave."

Lessy raised an eyebrow.
"Uhm, okay... sure, I'll be in the car," slightly confused she made her way out of the house.

Morgan stood, took a few bottles filled with ingredients and put them in her bag before she walked out and joined Alessandra in the car.

"So what is it you're going to do at the hospital?" Lessy buckled her seat belt.

"We're going to remedy your little mistake."

Lessy took a deep breath and backed out of the driveway, and sped to the hospital.

Julien was dragged into the operating room, he looked at each of the staff in the eyes as they approached him, and repeated the same command.
"Leave this room, and don't come back until I say so." One by one the staff left the room, until he was all alone on the operation bed, he listened to make sure nobody was within earshot and took out his phone, he dialed the number given to him.

After three rings a sultry voice answered the phone.
"Pinky's Porno Palace.... what's your pleasure?"

Julien blinked.

There was a moment of silence.
"Who's this?"

"Is this Nikki?" Julien raised an eyebrow.

"I'm the one asking the questions here, who are you?"


"Julien what?"

"Are you--"

"Ask me if I'm Nikki again and you'll regret it," there was obvious sarcastic kindness in her tone.

He growled.
"Julien Blasco."

"Julien Blasco... Singer, eh? That's a new one. What do you want?"

"Did you just google m--"

"Listen," her tone was serious, "I wanna help you, but I ain't gonna help you if you keep being so nosy. When you come to me you play under my rules, understood?"

Julien sat up.
"How dare--"

"Okay, you're kinda boring me and if we're being honest you're annoying me as well, now..." There was scribbling in the background, "I've traced your call to New Orleans, you're in luck because I just happen to be in town; meet me at the Longue Vue House tomorrow at 8am to discuss what it is you want, if you're being followed I will know, been doing this for the better part of 90 years, wh--"

"90 years?"

"Interrupt me again Blasco and I swear to you when I find you it won't be pretty," she cleared her throat, "as I was saying before being rudely interrupted, when I get there you better be there, if I don't see you there at exactly 8:00am I will leave. Understood?"

"Yes," he thought for a moment, "how will I know who you are?"

"Oh, you'll know." She hung up.

Julien looked at his phone, and angrily called back.

"We are sorry. You have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service. If you feel you have reached this recording in error, please check the number and try your call again."

"What the fuck?" Julien looked at his phone and rolled his eyes, falling back onto the bed. "Alright, you lot can come back in now!" And the staff entered the room once more, followed by Morgan barging in, Julien's eyes widened seeing her. "What are you doing here?" His eyes were black.

"Calm down," Morgan set up the bottles on the table, "I'm here to help you."

"Help me?" Julien raised an eyebrow, "that's rich, you help me?"

"I feel we got off on the wrong foot, dear Julien," Morgan began to pour the ingredients into a bowl, "I'll take responsibility for that, I wasn't exactly welcoming."

"That is an understatement," Julien tried to look at the ingredients, "why do you want to help me now? Not long ago we wanted to kill each other."

"I've given it thought," she began to stir, "I think we're best as allies than enemies, after all we do have a common goal, do we not?"

"What would that goal be?" He raised an eyebrow.

"To separate Régine and Godric, and have them all to ourselves, of course." Morgan smirked at him.

He looked at her.
"Okay, I'm listening."

"I've had visions lately, visions that work in our favor," Morgan walked over to him with the bowl, "I saw you, with Régine, nobody else around you, and you cradled her, you both looked into her eyes, and you kissed her, she didn't pull back... it was quite special."

Julien smirked.
"I like the sound of that."

"I want to help you get Régine back, but for you to get her back you need to heal first, so..." She took the paste into her hand, "this is going to burn like a bitch, try not to hurt me while I apply it."

He sniffed it.
"What is-- AAH!" It took all of his power to not rip Morgan's head off as she shoved her hand into his chest, applying the salve.

Morgan filled his chest from the bottom to the top of his wound, and gave a nod to the doctor whom walked over to Julien and began to stitch it up.
"Now, this won't instantly heal you, but you should be all healed by the weekend, just in time for your concert."

Julien took deep breaths as the pain began to dissipate.
"So how exactly are you going to help me get Régine?"

"It'll take time," Morgan observed as the needle went through his skin, "I need you to trust me, I want Godric more than you want Régine, I can guarantee you that. What I need you to do is to keep insisting with her, keep trying to woo her, but when Godric is around just be a gentleman, don't let him know what you're doing or else he'll try to kill you; in time Régine will fall for you, and drift away from Godric, that's when I'll take care of him. We'll all be happy."

"Alright..." Julien nodded, "we can be allies... sorry about trying to kill you."

"Well as long as you don't fuck around with my family again we'll be fine," Morgan smiled and began to clean up her mess. "Anyways, I destroyed your medical record, and the staff is instructed to forget about what happened here, try not to piss anyone off while you're healing." And with that she walked away.

Julien watched her leave, feeling like a heavy weight was lifted off his shoulders.
"Régine will be in my arms once more..." He smiled.

Time seemed to drag in the waiting room, Régine sat there mindlessly watching television. She knew Julien seemed to be well, despite the hole in his chest, but she couldn't help but worry about him. She wanted to know if he was okay and was growing impatient. She was about to ask what was taking so long, but a smoky voice stopped her tracks.

"Hello gorgeous."

She turned around and smiled, seeing Godric standing there, looking handsome as ever. She walked to him and kissed his lips, he held her close and deepened the kiss; Régine's heart raced as she wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him back with the same feeling.

"Excuse me," a nurse tapped on Godric's shoulder, "if you guys wanna suck face I suggest a different venue."

It took every ounce of Godric's willpower to not lash out at her.
"Of course, my apologies..."

Régine blushed and chuckle, the nurse looked at her.
"Are you Régine Zaeri?"

"Oui, I am." Régine blinked. "Is Julien alright?"

"He's in the recovery room, you may go in an see him."

"Magnifique, zhank you," she took Godric's hand and began to walk.

"Nuh-uh," the nurse put her hand to Godric's chest, stopping him, "only one of you gets to go in."

Godric took a deep breath.
"Régine, you go ahead."

She kissed his lips.
"I von't be long," she smiled at him before walking away.

"Yeah, neither will I..." He looked into the nurse's eyes, "come with me."

And without question she followed.

Régine walked down the hall and into the recovery room where she saw Julien on the bed, she rushed to him.
"'ow are you feeling?"

"Je me sens bien, even better now that you're here," he took her hand and kissed it.

"So happy to see that," Godric walked in, his eyes glowed for a moment as a warning to Julien, "your luck hasn't been he best lately, has it?"

"No," Julien scowled, "it has not..."

Godric wrapped his arm around Régine's waist, smirking.

"Do you know vhen you'll be able to leave?" Régine rested her head on Godric's shoulder.

"He can leave now," a doctor approached them, "as long as he doesn't overexert himself he should be fine, I'll get him a wheelchair."

"No, that's alright," Julien got up, grunting slightly, "I can walk."

The doctor looked at him impressed.
"Most people would be crying trying to sit up," he chuckled and scribbled on his pad, "here's a prescription for some painkillers, take them whenever you feel discomfort."

Julien nodded taking the paper.

Régine took it from Julien.
"Ve'll go get zhese now," she looked at Godric, "vill you be going to my 'ouse?"

"If you want me to," he kissed her lips softly, knowing it would irritate Julien.

Julien's jaw tightened.

"Of course I vant you to," Régine smiled, "everyone is zhere now, you can go now and I'll meet you zhere."

"Sounds like a plan," Godric smirked at her, he shot Julien a look before walking out.

"Come on," Régine wrapped her arm around Julien to support him, "let's go get you all drugged up."

"Speaking like a true artist," Julien chuckled, Régine giggled.

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 08, 2017 12:52 am

Godric walked down the hall with the nurse following behind him obediently he walked past several rooms and once he found and empty one he opened in and instructed the nurse to go inside. He then closed and locked it drawing the blinds he turned to the nurse who stared back terrified. “Oh my gosh like water you gonna do to me” Godric tilted his head mildly amused “I haven’t decided yet I have a few ideas but I can’t settle on one”. I’m totally sorry I interrupted you and your lady” tears ran down her cheeks please don’t hurt me. Godric smiled my aren’t you just the cutest thing he sped toward her and placed his hand on her cheek wiping away her tear. Alright since you asked so nicely I give you my word I will not hurt you. Relief washed over the nurse who gave a shaky smile Godric’s eyes turned black and gold as a scream escaped her he placed his hand over her mouth I promise you won’t feel a thing she screamed against his hand and struggled to get free as he wrapped his other arm around her waist and stuck his fangs into her neck he slowly drained her and as she slowly stopped struggling her arms fell to her sides and her eyes slowly closed the life being drained out of her.

Godric pulled away and wiped the blood from his chin as he smiled well that was a fun little detour he looked at the nurses id hmm Kelly appropriate given her very bitchy voice he dropped her to the ground with a thud now to get back to Genie he started to walk towards the door when a nagging voice sounding a lot like Elijah’s kept whispering hide the body hide the body. Godric rolled his eyes and dragged Kelly by the wrist he lifted her up and dropped her into a nearby clothes hamper rubbed his hands together there that should do he said smirking and left the room closing the door behind him. Godric found Regine and Julien and after a short conversation agreed to meet them back at her place he kissed her once last time much to Julien’s annoyance and walked to his car he drove to Regine’s place and parked in from the got out and rang the door bell there was no response. He waited and rang again still no response this was odd considering Kat Seb Sin and Aime were all there he twisted the knob and pushed the door open why wasn’t anybody answering the doo—oh shit

Kat was in a frenzy eyes black fangs bared kicking and screaming. Sin was doing everything in his power to keep her from ripping Aime apart and poor Seb was standing in from of him looking ever so brave trying to protect him. Godric couldn’t help but chuckle at the whole scene. My my my can’t leave you children alone for a second Kat kept flailing wildly as Sin noticed Godric he yelled out help please she’s out of control. Godric tilted his head oh it seems to me you have everything taken care of Sin glared I’m serious I can’t hold her much longer Godric nodded you’re my sire start acting like it and take control of the situation. Sin glared at angrily at Godric those words hurting his pride and using all of his newfound strength threw Kat to the other side of the living room he then ran to her and pinned her to the ground. Godric smiled slightly impressed. Sin stared into his sister’s eyes and pleaded with her Katriane vous contrôle s'il vous plait Kat stared at him eyes back struggling fiercely and yelled angrily J'ai tellement faim Je le veux, j'ai besoin de lui. Aime whipsered terrified into Seb’s ear Qu'est-ce qui se passe à Katriane? Seb looked back slightly and mumbled Elle aurait pu être transformée en vampire. Katriane hit Sin in the crotch and shoved him off of her and darted towards her Godric intercepted and grabbed her by the throat pinning her to the wall.

Kat struggled for breath clawing at Godric’s hand. He tilted hi head as she screamed at him annoying him slightly he roared back at her asserting his dominance and he dropped her to the floor she curled up in a ball terrified completely forgetting her blood lust. Sin groaned in the corner rocking back and forth cupping his groin Godric looked over at him then at the terrified Seb and Aime his eyes still glowing he then looked back at the cowering Katriane and sighed we’ve got a lot of work to do he walked over and picked Sin up throwing him onto the couch he snapped his fingers at Kat at Kat and she ran to the sofa and sat next to her brother now apologize. Kat looked over at the still healing Sin tears in her eyes Je suis tellement désolé I didn’t mean to hurt you it’s just zhe hunger it vas too much for me she hugged Sin I’m sorry. Seb still wincing from the pain wrapped one arm around her its okay I understand just know that will never happen again I might not be able to have kids but I still need these. Kat chuckled slightly wiping her face.  Godric stared at them good now that that’s taken car of let’s get down to business Genie will be here soon and you need to clean up the mess you’ve made he looked around the house and his gaze rested on Seb and Aime specifically Aime he sighed deeply.

Great another one knows now he said sarcastically he shook his head I’m tired of explaining and its too much effort to compel you cause you’ll learn about it again soooo someone explain it to him and do it quickly because as I said Regine is coming with bitch ass and she doesn’t need the added stress. Sin looked over and Godric angrily Aime could  have been hurt or worse and you just stood there laughing. Godric turned to look at him yeah and instead of doing something productive you just stood there crying for help like a little bitch. Sin stared at him angrily and sped over eyes black you wanna say that again Katriane looked over at her little brother fear in her eyes as she watched him challenge Godric she whimpered Sin don’t think about chat you’re doing. Godric smiled looking at Sin go on then come at me lets see if you’ve improved since the last time I killed you. Sin punched out at Godric but he side stepped it easily of come on now eclair you’ll have to do better than that. Sin charged at him having never felt this way his new vampiric emotions taking control he punched wildly at Godric who easily blocked them. Ya know Lessy punches harder than you if you want even the slightest shot at her you’ll have to do better than that.  Arrête de te parler stupide et me battez-moi Godric smiled fangs bared well if you insid he grabbed Sin’s arm twiste dit around and punched him square in the gut Sin doubled over in pain having the wind knocked out of him Kat cover her mouth and Aime and Seb watched the scene terrified helpless Godric leaned down and whispered into Sin’s ear you are part of my sire line understand I will not accept any weakness now perhaps I’m party to blame for not training you but I’ll fix that soon enough do you understand. Sin couldn't think straight but managed to nod while trying to catch his breath. Godric smiled.

Good now that we’re all on the same page let’s get this place cleaned up asap he turned to stare at Kat and as for you my dear remember our little chat in the bayou and try not to lose control again or I’ll have to deal with it myself his eyes were glowing and you don’t want that now do you. Katriane nodded then shook her head good he clapped his hands and threw her a bad of blood drain that and explain to Aime the situation I assume he won’t be difficult if he knows what’s good for him Godric stared at Aime smiling with his fangs bared Aime was on the verge of passing out but managed to nod vigorously. Godric smiled perfect I haven’t killed nearly enough people today and you do not want to get on my bad side now everybody places I hear a car coming. Everybody rushed to clean up the mess before Regine made it to the door. Regine pulled up behind Godric’s car with Julien in the backseat she smiled seeing he was already there she hopped out and went around to help Julien out and they both walked down the path towards the door.
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 08, 2017 5:21 pm

The phone rang, Régine looked at the screen and saw it was her mother calling.
"Bonjour, mama," she smiled, "'aven't 'eard from you in vhat seems like forever."

"Oui," Isabela chuckled, "your papa and I 'ave been taking our time and touring zhe city, after all zhe concert is in two days and ve leave zhe day after, and ve vanted to get it all out of zhe way before ve 'ad to get too busy. But anyways, mon bébé, 'ow are you?"

"I'm good," Régine stopped at the stoplight, "I can't say zhe same for all of us though."

"Vhat 'apened?" Isabela's tone was of deep concern.

"Julien got stabbed in zhe chest, I am just getting out of zhe 'ospital vith 'im."

"Oh no!" Isabela gasped, "vill 'e be able to perform?!"

Julien rolled his eyes.
"I'm fine, Mrs. Zaeri, thank you for asking."

"Oh good," her tone was relaxed now, "good to know, you will be able to perform yes?"

He sighed.
"Yes, Mrs. Zaeri."

"Magnifique," Isabela was happy now, "so Régine, I vas zhinking, perhaps ve could all go out for dinner tonight?"

"I don't know, mama, Julien needs to rest."

"Vell 'e doesn't 'ave to go..."


"Vhat I meant is if 'e can't go 'e should stay and take it easy!"

"You know vhat, mama? 'Ow about I call you back vhen I get 'ome so ve can all decide vhat to do?"

"Alright, tell Julien to take it easy, zhe concert is soon. J'taime, mon fleur petite."

"J'taime, mama." Régine hung up and sighed, "she never changes."

"I've come to accept that fact," Julien chuckled.

She looked at the red light as sighed.
"Zhis one takes forever, doesn't it?"

"I don't mind," he took Régine's hand, "the longer we take to get back home the more quality time I get to spend with you," he kissed it.

"Oui, vell..." She put her hand back on the steering wheel, "you need to be at 'ome, in bed," she looked out the window and raised an eyebrow, there in broad daylight was a woman spraying graffiti onto one of the New Orlean's monuments. "Look."

Julien looked as well and his eyes widened in surprise, that was the same woman who stopped him from killing everyone at the bar.
"What's she writing?"

Régine tried to get a better look.
"Drauf," she gasped, "zhat's zhe same zhing zhe man at zhe movies wrote in 'is blood!" She went to unbuckle her seatbelt but when she looked the woman was gone, she looked around looking for her, wondering where she could have gone to so quickly, her thoughts were interrupted by the angry honks of cars behind her. She blinked and put her seat belt back on, and took a picture of the graffiti before driving away, while the light was yellow, leaving behind the swarm of angry drivers.

After getting the painkillers for Julien, they headed back home, Régine smiled seeing Godric's car in the driveway, while Julien rolled his eyes at the sight of it. Régine pulled over behind it and helped Julien out, and with her support they walked to the door.

Great, not only do I have to deal with the insufferable hybrid, I also have to deal with Sin and Katriane being vampires as well... Julien thought as Régine opened the door.

Katriane looked at him, and he could tell she didn't trust him anymore, most likely due to Sinclair's meddling.
"'Ow are you feeling, Julien?" She asked him, serious expression on her face.

"Better," Julien nodded, "the hospital numbed me up, it's almost as if it never happened."

"Oh, good," Katriane looked at Sin.

Régine looked at them.
"Vhy are you all acting so strange?"

"Strange?" Sébastiene shrugged, "who's acting strange?"

Régine looked at Aimé on the couch, who looked quite concerned.
"Aimé, are you alright?"

Aimé looked up and nodded.
"Just... having a bit of a thought is all, about the concert and stuff..."

"Right..." Régine smiled at Godric, "excuse me..." She went to her room with Julien to put him to bed.

Sin looked at Godric.
"Now that everything's calmed down, I need to speak to you in private," he noticed Godric's questioning gaze, "it's important."

"Alright then," Godric looked at the rest of them, "try not to kill each oher while we're gone," he then walked out of the front door, Sin following closely behind, once outside he began to tell him everything Julien had said about why he killed Lucienne.

"I'm going to go upstairs, before I lose my shit again..." Katriane looked at Aimé, "I really am sorry."

He shook his head.
"Don't worry about it..." He was clearly still a bit traumatized.

She tried to give him a comforting smile but failed, she sighed and walked up the stairs.

"'ow are you so calm about this?" Aimé looked at Séb, puzzled.

"I got all zhe trauma out of zhe way when I stayed with Madame Alexandrov..." Séb patted his back, "by the way since you and Cressida seem to be a thing, it's best for you to know that the Alexandrovs are actually royalty."

Aimé blinked.
"You're kidding."

"Not in the slightest..." Séb stood, "let's go outside, I'll fill you in on what I know."

Aimé nodded, and they both headed to the yard.

Régine walked out of the room and looked around, noticing everyone had left. She went to the kitchen to get some water for Julien and saw from out the window that Godric and Sinclair were talking on the front porch. She smiled, glad Godric was doing his best to socialize with her siblings.

"Sissy!" Régine heard Katriane from upstairs. "Can you come 'ere for a moment?"

"I'll be right zhere," she shouted back. She filled the cup and took two of the pain relievers before heading to her room. "'ere, drink these, I'll be back in a bit to check up on you."

Julien took hold of her arm.
"Do you really have to go? Stay with me for a moment."

Régine kissed his forehead.
"Katriane needs me, and I 'ave a guest 'ere, I can't just stay 'ere vith you. But I promise I'll be back."

Julien sighed and nodded.
"Come back to me soon."

Régine smiled.
"I vill, now rest," she turned off the light and walked out the door, up the stairs and over to Katriane's room. "Vhat is it Katriane?"

Katriane pointed to her bed.
"Julien 'ad redecorated my room vhile I vas gone, I came back today, but it seems someone 'as slept in my new bed before me."

"Oh..." Régine blushed and scratched the back of her head, "oui, someone did sleep in your bed.."

Katriane raised an eyebrow.
"Qui?" Régine smiled shyly, Katriane's eyes widened and she gasped loudly, "sissy!"

"Vhaat?" Régine was blushing scarlet.

"Monsieur Godric slept over?" Katriane smiled.

"Oui..." Régine smiled back.

"And did you...?"


"Mon Dieu!" Katriane giggled excitedly, "vhen did zhis 'appen?"

"Yesterday," Régine replied.

There was a silence as Katriane observed her sister.
"'Ow vas it?"

Régine fell back onto the bed smiling, and gave a happy sigh.
"It vas... incredible."

"Vell..." Katriane sat down next to her sister, "zhat is not zhe first time you zhought a man was incredible, you zhought Jon vas incredible in bed too."

Godric and Sinclair walked back inside the house, they were surprised to see no one was in the living room, but they could hear Régine and Katriane talking upstairs.

"Oh sissy," Régine giggled, "I vas so naïve, Jon vas nothing compare to Godric," she gave a dreamy sigh, "sex vith 'im, it vas just so..."

Katriane raised her eyebrows.
"Zhat good?"

"Zhe best I've ever 'ad."

Sinclair looked at Godric, shocked.

Katriane smiled wide.
"Mon sissy finally got vith Godric." She paused for a moment. "So, 'ow vas 'is...?"

Régine blinked and blushed.
"'Is vhat?"

"You know," Katriane pressed, "la pine..."

"It vas..." Régine gestured with her hands.

Katriane gasped.
"Zhat is 'uge!"

Sin scowled, disgusted by what he was hearing.
"I'm, uh... Gonna go outside."

Godric chuckled, looking proud.
"Yeah, you do that."

Sin covered his ears as he walked out to the yard to meet with Séb and Aimé.

"Did it 'urt?" Katriane kept asking questions.

"Un peu, but it felt tres magnifique!"

Katriane smiled.
"So aside from 'is zizi, vhat made it zhe best sex you've ever 'ad?"

Régine thought for a moment.
"Zhere is something about 'im, 'e pays so much attention to detail, knows zhe right places to touch, kiss..." She bit her lip smiling, "like 'e is not satisfied until I am satisfied."

"Really?" Katriane raised her eyebrows.

"Oui," Régine nodded, "'e is just unreal."

"I'm happy for you, sissy," Katriane hugged her sister, "I vas vondering vhen it vould 'appen, zhe sexual tension between you two vas palpable."

"Vas it really?" Régine was surprised.

"Oui, very," she chuckled, "vell sissy, let's go downstairs, ve shouldn't keep Monsieur Godric vaiting."

Régine nodded.
"Let's go." They both walked down the stairs and Régine went to check up on Julien, he was fast asleep. She smiled before closing the door and walking over to Godric, she got on her toes and kissed him sweetly. "Sorry about making you vait, zhere is a lot going on."

"Oh that's okay," Godric grinned holding her close, "family first after all."

"Speaking of," Régine looked at Katriane, who seemed to be inspecting Godric. "Sissy?"

Katriane blinked.

"Mama vants to know if ve vant to go out for dinner tonight," she looked at Godric, "you're invited to come vith."

Katriane looked nervous.
"You know mama and papa," she tried to think of something, "you know zhey vill 'ave zhe press zhere."

Régine sighed.
"Right, zhey 'ave to make everything a PR stunt..." She looked back to the door to her room, "zhe media vill be vondering vhere Julien is."

"Exactly," Katriane nodded, "so I zhink it's best ve 'ave a quiet dinner 'ere, oui?"

Régine thought for a moment.
"I'll call mama and tell 'er ve'll 'ave an intimate dinner at 'ome..." She looked at Godric, "please excuse me" she kissed him again and took out her phone to call Isabela.

Katriane looked at Godric.
"Monsieur, I don't know if I'll be able to make it zhrough zhe concert vithout an accident..."

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov] - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 08, 2017 9:02 pm

Godric smiled you’ll be fine I’ll train you some more before then and if anything happens I’ll be there to intervene so it won’t escalate. Katriane didn’t look convinced so Godric thought for a moment alright I’ve got a little something that might help she looked up at him hopeful. I want you to think of Seb use him as your anchor the next time you feel like taking a bite out of someone picture him summon control from him alright. Katriane nodded looking a little more sure of herself ok I’ll try she managed a faint smile and went off to find Regine. Godric smirked looking after her and remembered what he had promised Sin he checked his watch and he still had a few hours until dinner.

Godric smiled and went outside he found Sin sitting on the chairs with Seb and Aimé they were both trying to catch him up on all that’s happened he nodded still slightly in shock he looked up when he saw Godric and his eyes widened Godric smiled down at them hello may I borrow Sin for a moment. Aime nodded vigorously sure and Seb looked at Sin who nodded then got up and followed Godric to the other end of the yard. Listen Godric began when you tried to stop Kat from killing your buddy it was pitiful to watch. Sin glared at Godric but let him continue now I said I was gonna train you but before I do I need to know can you fight like at all Sin looked down well no I’ve always lived a good life so there was never any need for me to learn how to fight. Godric shook his head really you absolutely no fighting experience. Sin looked up getting slightly annoyed I’m a vampire now I’m sure I could hold y own against his sentence was cut shot as Godric shoved his fist through Sin’s torso he leaned in and whispered always be on your guard he slowly removed his hand and Sin fell to the ground gasping for breath Godric knelled down yup I’ve a lot of work to do Sin looked up anger in his eyes as his wound slowly healed and tried to take a swing at Godric to which Godric brushed it aside easily commenting pathetic I’ve seen children who can punch harder than you.

Seb and Aime noticed what was going on and watched nervously from their seats unsure of what to do or if they could do anything at all Aime whispered umm is this normal behavior? Seb whispered back I’ve learned very not to go against monsieur Mikaelson he doesn’t respond well to resistance. They continued to watch terrified. Godric circled Sin who struggled to his feet you are the Sire of Godric Mikaelson and I will not tolerate any weak sires now copy my stance and try with everything you’ve got to hit me. Seb ran over unable to keep quiet any longer and spoke umm monsieur Mikaelson, Godric turned call me Godric Seb blinked and cleared his throat umm Godric do you think it’s a good idea to be doing this in the backyard with Regine so close by? Godric tilted his head and thought for a moment we’ll work on close combat for now then we’ll work with a bigger space thanks for your concern mate Godric’s eyes glowed you can go sit back down now. Seb nodded and headed back toward his seat with Aime. He turned back to Sin and smiled now as you were assume your stance and come at me.

Sin took a deep breath mimicked Godric’s stance and advanced towards him carefully. Godric smirked entering a relaxed position watching as Sin looked for any opening then without warning he kicked out at Godric to which he dodged easily. Come on mate you’ll have to do better than that string your attacks together. Seb moved in closer and threw several long powerful punches Godric sidestepped them and hit Sin in the side causing him to wince. Godric closed his eyes don’t punch so wide you leave yourself open for an easy attack you’re a vampire now use your new speed and reflexes and come at me with all you’ve got. Sin regained his composure and steadied himself he tried relaxing and focusing on his newly developed senses he moved super fast behind  Godric and attempted to punch him as Godric turned to block it Sin bent down and made for an uppercut Godric caught his hand Sin expecting this went for a kick and managed to throw Godric off balance. Godric smiled looking at Sin very very good you learn quickly my boy. Sin smiled smugly that I do but just remember Godric said never stop until the enemy is down Godric moved so quickly that by the time Sin was in his grasp it was already too late Godric lifted him and threw him against the tree shaking the entire thing. Sin slumped to the ground dazed and tried to get up Godric walked over and helped him that was very good perhaps next time I’ll hold back a little less. Aime whispered to Seb that’s what he calls holding back I could barely keep up.

Sin took Godric’s hand and stood shakily now head inside and get cleaned up can’t have your sister seeing that hole in your chest. Also thanks to your other sister I’m running low on emergency blood so who wants to volunteer Godric points to Aime you Cressida’s  little thing Godric sped over and bought Aime to Sin why don’t you offer your long time pal a drink. Sin stared at the trembling Aime and shook his head nah I’m good Godric tilted hos head you mu st have misunderstood that wasn’t a request you will drink. Aime still trembling nodded it’s okay Sin I trust you. Sin stared at Aime having never fed from a human in the short time he’s been a vampire his eyes turned black the veins around his eyes became visible and he bared his fangs he took Aime’s wrist and bit it slowly drinking the blood causing Aime to wince Godric watched and instructed Sin pay very close attention to his heartbeat once it starts to slow you pull away understand wait too long and he dies. Sin keeps drinking focused on what seemed like an endless supply of blood so unlike that of a blood bag or water bottle but a voice in his head told him to stop so with surprisingly little effort he pulled away blood dripping from his mouth and stood there grinning.

Godric smiled with a mixture of pride and surprised very very good for your first time feeding your sister could learn a thing or two from you. Now go ahead and heal your friend Aime was incredibly pale and looked like he was on the verge of passing out. Sin looked at Godric how do I do that Godric pointed to Sin’s wrist easy just give him some of your blood. Aime backed away almost falling down wait I don’t want to become a vampire. Godric chuckled that’s not how it works mate to be a vampire you need to die with vampire blood in your system come back then drink human blood you’ll be fine as long as you don’t die anytime soon. Aime nodded oh okay then, Sin bit his wrist and fed some of his blood to Aime who instantly looked better the color returned to his face and the bite marks on his wrist healed instantly wow so that’s what vampire blood tasted like. Godric nodded yup now that everybody is taken care of we should head back inside Seb Sin and Aime all nodded in agreement and headed inside followed by Godric.

Sin ran upstairs to go and get cleaned up and as he closed the door Regine came downstairs with Kat Oh Godric I forgot to show you something she took her phone out and scrolled through the pictures until she found the graffiti one look it says Drauf just like man at the cinema Godric’s eyes widened slightly as he stared at the picture wow he said isn’t that a coincidence what do you think it means luv?....
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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]
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