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 The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]

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Pens Hybrid

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PostSubject: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Thu May 12, 2016 7:48 pm

Godric was sitting is his favorite booth at Rousseau's enjoying a 21 year old glass of bourbon. Right as he got got ready to leave the most enchanting girl he had ever laid his eyes on walked through the doors.

"Glass of Elijah Craig's 21 please" said the beautiful black haired girl. She sat at the bar as the bartender began pouring her a drink. "Leave the bottle" she said as the bartender Camille started to leave with it, "I'm here to celebrate" she smirked downing the golden liquid in one quick slug.

"Celebrating what" asked Camille taking an interest in the young vibrant girl.

"I just got my first official job as a New Orleans journalist" replied brunette taking another swig of bourbon.She was delighted to be able to spread the news of her recent conquest even if it was just to a random bartender.

"Oh a journalist we don't see too many of those down here" Camille said as she wiped down the counter.

"Yep my first day on the job went off without a hitch and I couldn't be happier".

"My name's Camille friends call me Cami."

"My name is Regine," said the brunette Regine Zaeri offering her new friend a drink.

"I really shouldn't," said Cami, "I'm technically on the job."

"Nonsense," replied Regine, "I can't drink this entire bottle on my own."

Suddenly Godric walked over he was listening to their conversation and couldn't help but join in.
"Good evening ladies" he said as he pulled up a seat next to Cami. "Excuse me miss but might I interest you in drink?" He asked taking in her full beauty with his electric blue eyes. "Cami glass of bourbon for me neat of course, and for the lovely lady get her whatever she'd like."

"Thanks but I'm all set here," Regine said eyeing Godric carefully.

"Oh come now luv let me buy you a drink, I'd love to get to know you". Godric said taking her hand in his, "please I promise I won't bite, you can even ask Cami we're the best of friends she can vouch for " He looked to Cami and she replied with a smirk.

"Godric Mikaelson is one of the most honest, genuine, and sincere person I have ever met," Cami said, though everyone could tell she was being sarcastic.

Regine smiled at this as she took her hand back from Godric.
"Thanks but I really have to be going, I've got big plans and they don't involve you," Regine said paying for her drinks and getting ready to leave.

"Are you sure I can't persuade you to join me in drink?" Godric said looking deep into her brown eyes compelling her to join him.

"Well maybe I have time for one quick drink."

"That's the spirit," said Godric beaming at his victory Cami noticing what he did shot him a look he knew all too we he ignored her as he usually does and turned his focus back to the girl next to him with the black hair and the brown eyes.

Such deep brown eyes he hadn't seen eyes that that since...

"So Godric what happened to that Blond you left with last night, you know the one who couldn't keep her hands off you?" Cami exclaimed interrupting his train of thought an bringing him back to reality.

"What?" He barked clearly in a daze, "what blonde are you talking about Camille?"

Just then Regine threw her drink in his face brandishing a look of disgust and stormed off out of the bar and into the night without another word. Godric dripping perfectly good bourbon slowly turned to Cami who was trying very hard to hold in her laughter.
"That wasn't funny!" Godric yelled mopping up the bourbon with a few napkins,  "you know I don't fancy blonds that's my brother but I'm sure you know all about that," he said with a smirk.

Cami turning beet red quickly turned around hiding her embarrassment exclaiming: "that is none of you business!"

"Oh and interrupting my conversation is your business?"

"It becomes my  business when you compel and innocent young tourist to have a drink with you!"

"Yeah Cammie, just a drink I wanted to get to know her like you got to know all your other drinking partners... This isn't like that there's something different about her she's not like the others."

"Mmhmm," said Cami dismissing his claims. "Now you can I get you anything else?"

"No, no, you've helped me enough tonight thanks..." Godric said as he got ready to leave. "I'm off to the compound if my brother comes in looking for me tell him I'll be there."

She nodded looking up from the glass she was cleaning to find that he was already gone.

"Damn I keep forgetting how fast he is," she mumbled to herself as she went back to cleaning the glass.
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Kaez Alexandrov
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Kaez Alexandrov

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Fri May 13, 2016 6:28 pm

"Gather 'round everybody." Michael Grunt, Régine's new boss, ordered everyone in the small office. "We have a new member in our team, Regina Isabella Zaeri."

"Régine Isabelle," she quipped, giving a small wave.

"Oh..." Michael said scratching something off his clipboard, "she'll be in charge of the local investigation column on the newspaper; everyone be sure to make her feel welcome." There were a few halfhearted claps from everyone else. "Alright, that was it, get back to work."

Mostly everyone went back to their cubicles, except for one blonde woman who seemed too invested in staring at Régine as she sucked on her lollipop.
"Well, well, well," she said, approaching her, "your parents must have been on their little high horse when they named you, hm?"

Régine took a step back and raised her eyebrow.
"Excuse me?"

"Régine, French name meaning Queen, Queen Isabelle..." The blonde scoffed, "you were named after the queen of France, Isabella of Hainault."

"I think it's a beautiful name," a young man approached them, "Sheila, stop trying to scare new employees."

Sheila rolled her eyes.
"Whatever," she said, going back to her cubicle.

"I apologize on her behalf," he shook Régine's hand, "Sheila is just salty because she got demoted to the parenting column."

"Vhat did she write before?" Régine looked towards Sheila.

"The local investigation column..." He gave a small chuckle. "My name is Kevin Smith, I write the advice column; and my advice to you is to just ignore Sheila and focus on doing a great job."

Régine smiled at Kevin and nodded.
"Vill do."

Kevin waved at her and she waved back, blushing slightly. She adjusted her briefcase strap onto her shoulder and began to look for her cubicle.
"34... 34... 34..." she muttered to herself as she went past different number plaques until she found it, next to the number it read Regina Isabella Zaeri, Local Investigation. She sighed and shook her head, not letting this little hiccup ruin her first day on the job.

She took out her papers and booted up the computer, and she began to write her first article:

The Moving Shadows of New Orleans

Hours later she printed her work and handed it over to the editor, whom after giving it a quick glance congratulated her on it. She grabbed her things and walked out the door, surprised at the fact that it was already night time; her shift seemed to have flown by.

Régine was in a very good mood as she strutted down the lively streets of New Orleans, somehow there always seemed to be more people around at night than during the day, it almost felt like the townsfolk never slept. She fixed the strap of her briefcase which kept slipping off her shoulder and noticed from the corner of her eye a pub with fancy neon signs. Smirking she went in, thinking she deserved a drink or two.

She sat down at the bar and smiled at the bartender.
"Glass of Elijah Craig's 21, please," she took the glass served by the bartender and gave a small wave, "leave ze bottle please, I'm 'ere to celebrate!"

"Celebrate what?" The bartender asked with curious enthusiasm.

"I just got my first official job as a New Orleans journalist," she took a swig of her bourbon, happy to be able to express her news to someone, even if it was just some bartender.

"Oh, a journalist, we don't see many of those down here," the bartender mused.

"Yeah, it vas my first day on the job and it vent off without a hitch, I couldn't be 'appier!" Régine raised her glass, leaving out the tiny details of her shift.

"My name's Camille, friends call me Cami."

"Nice meeting you, Cami," Régine took another swig, "my name's Régine, Régine Zaeri." She pushed her glass towards Camille and gave a nod.

"I really shouldn't," Camille gave a small chuckle. "I'm technically on the job."

"Oh, nonsense," Régine looked around to see if there was anybody else who seemed to work here, she then grinned at Camille, "I can't drink zhis entire bottle on my own, now, can I?"

Just then a strange man sat down next to Cami, Régine raised an eyebrow and  moved her arms from the bar back to her sides, no longer feeling relaxed.

"Excuse me miss, but might I interest you in a drink?"

"No, I--" Régine was interrupted by him.

"Cami, glass of bourbon for me, neat of course, and for the lovely lady get her whatver she'd like."

Régine's brow furrowed, not a fan of interruptions, she stood up fixing her dress.
"Zhanks, but I'm all set 'ere," she eyed him carefully, thinking back to the article she had handed in a couple of hours ago.

"Oh, come now, love, let me buy you a drink; I'd love to get to know you," he grabbed Régine's hand, making her feel very uneasy, "Please, I promise I won't bite, you can even ask Cami we're the best of friends, she can vouch for me."

Régine bit her lip and looked at Camille.

"Godric Mikaelson is one of the most honest, genuine, and sincere person I have ever met,"she said, Régine detected some sarcasm in her tone.

She cleared her throat and smiled, snatching her hand from him and picking up her briefcase.
"Zhanks, but I really 'ave to be going, I've got big plans and zhey don't really involve you," she reached into her coat pocket and took out her debit card, she handed it over to Camille.

"Are you sure I can't persuade you to join me in drink?" He looked into Régine's eyes and for a moment she felt frozen to the spot, she looked into his electric blue eyes and suddenly felt like her body failed her and her words had escaped her.

After a few seconds she managed to nod.
"Vell, maybe I 'ave time for one quick drink..."

"That's the spirit!"

What had just happened? There she was about to leave, and next thing she knew she was sitting with him at a table, she was about to speak when Camille beat her.
"So what happened to that blonde you left with last night? You know, the one who couldn't keep her hands off you?"

Régine quickly stood up at these words and threw the bourbon at him in a fit of rage, she picked up her briefcase and stormed out of the bar.
"'Oo does zhat idiot zhink 'e is?" She muttered as she stomped down the street, "it's men like 'im who give ozher men a bad name, zhe nerve of 'im!" She shoved her hands into her pockets a few blocks down, suddenly she stopped and smacked herself in the forehead. "I'm zhe idiot, I left my card..." She sighed and looked around, noticing she was the only one around.

She took a deep breath, pushing her nerves away, thinking back to all the supernatural stories of New Orleans, and began to make her way back to the bar.
"Can't believe I 'ave to go back and face 'im again, I swear if 'e comes back at me I von't 'esitate to punch him..." A sound made her stop short, she looked everywhere but saw no one. "H-hello?" She bit her lip, "no, don't say hello, keep going, zhis is how people get murdered..."

She reached the bar and sighed with relief seeing Godric wasn't inside, she went over to Camille whom, without saying a word, handed her her card.

"He really shook you, huh?" Camille chucked.

"'E seemed... pushy..." Régine put the card in her coat pocket.

"He can seem like that, but I guarantee you he's actually a sweetheart." She smiled.

"Yeah, vell, I'm zure any ozher woman vould be 'appy to 'ave 'im," Régine gave a small chuckle, "zhank you for keeping the card safe, I shall see you tomorrow, Camille."

"See ya, be careful out there," Cami smiled.

"Will do," Régine waved at Camille before heading off into the night to make her way home.


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Pens Hybrid

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Fri May 13, 2016 8:51 pm

It was a quiet night which was unusual for the quarter. Godric still smelling of bourbon was on his way home. He was still thinking about that girl he had met at the bar
“Regine,” he murmured to himself, “now there’s a girl who was full of spirit,” he thought as he smiled to himself.

Suddenly a gust of wind blew past his ear knocking him out of his daze.
“Whoever’s there I’m in no mood for your games” Godric said slightly annoyed. He continued walking slowly into the night when a small object hit him in the back of the head. “What the bloody hell,” he muttered rubbing his head he picked up a small wooden sphere as he inspected it he saw a small M engraved in it. The corner of his lips spread into a small smile as he continued his walk home.

A second sphere came whizzing at him but this time he caught it in the air and sent it back where it came from with blinding speed.
“Ow… bloody wanker,” cried a voice from behind a tree.

Godric dashed into the shadows and came out clutching a familiar person in a headlock.

"Oi I give I give lemme go!"

“First say you’re a git.”

“Never,” said the prankster still struggling to get free.

"Say it or… I’ll dislocate your shoulder."

“You wouldn’t dare."

"Oh is that so?" POP!

“AHH you bloody idiot, why did you do that?”

“Why? Well because you’re not a git, I would have shown mercy to a git.”

"You’re a bloody asshole is what you are!”

”Come now, Kol, there’s no need for name-calling,” said a sly voice coming from the shadows.  

“There is when your brother dislocates your shoulder!" Kol said, wincing as he popped his shoulder back into place.

“Well I was enjoying a leisurely stroll home on this quiet evening when it was interrupted by two gits,” Godric smirked putting his arm around his little brother.

“Well I thought we were all supposed to meet at Rousseau's, but I can smell from here that you’ve already thoroughly enjoyed yourself."

"Ha, ha, ha," Godric replied dryly, "this is not stench of a good time, this brother is the unfortunate smell of defeat."

Klaus walked over to his brother looking him up and down and burst into laughter.
“You stuck out didn’t you little brother."

"I didn’t “strike out”, your girlfriend cock-blocked me, this is her doing."

"Is that so?" Klaus said grinning from ear to ear.

"Yeah that’s right, I met this lovely girl and just as we were hitting it of your girl starts spouting nonsense about some blonde; when she knows good and well that I fancy brunettes."

Kol elbowed his brother in the gut and and said, "that sounds like something someone who struck out would say."

"For the last bloody time, I did not strike out!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." Kol said dismissing his brother, "please are we gonna go and get a drink or what?"

"Fine," Klaus said, "but let’s go to a different bar, maybe Ric will have better chances there."

"Ha, ha, ha; you’re both a couple of comedians." Godric said wryly as they all walked off into the night.  He still couldn’t forget about that girl with the beautiful brown eyes. "Hmm maybe I’ll-- no; I will see her again."
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Kaez Alexandrov
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Kaez Alexandrov

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Mon May 16, 2016 12:07 pm

Régine kept walking down the now quiet streets of New Orleans, it was odd how empty everything was. She looked at her watch.
"Oh, zhat explains it..." It was nearly 3am, she bit her lip. "'Ow long was I in that bar for..." She continued her walk for a few blocks, a she heard voices that made her instinctively hide in a dark alley way.

She looked around trying the find the source of the voice, her eyes widened when she witnessed the scene. There was Godric, fighting another man. Her heart raced and looked down the street, wondering if she could make it past them without them seeing her.
"Crap," She hid back in the alley, and rested against the wall, trying to think of what to do.

She looked back at them again and saw they were now engaged in conversation. Now's ze time, she thought and sneaked out of the alley and began to walk down the street. Then out of nowhere came a loud sound making her shriek, it was her phone. She quickly took her phone out of her pocket, not stopping to see if Godric and the rest had seen her. She swiped at her screen to answer the phone.
"Bonsoir?" She whimpered.

"Sissy!" Blared the voice from the small speaker, "'ow vas your first day on ze job?"

"It vas good," Régine began to run, "listen, Katriane, zis is not the vest time to talk about zis."

"Vhy? Vhat's wrong?"

"There is a man, and I zink 'e might be a rapist, or a murderer, I'm not sure," Régine gulped, "'e tried to pick me up at a bar, and I saw 'im fighting a man just now, and I zon't know if 'e's following me."

"Stay on ze line with me," Kariane's tone was serious now, "I zhould 'ave gone vith you to New Orleans, I knew it vould be dangerous."

"Sissy, now really isn't the best time for a lecture..." Régine nearly tripped on her high heels, "you 'ave my adress, oui?"


"If you 'ear me scream, be zure to call ze emergency numbers so zhey can transfer you 'ere, and you give zhem my address so the police can get zhere."

"Vill do."

Régine ran as fast as she could and didn't notice a deep crack on the sidewalk, her heel got stuck and she fell onto the pavement. Her briefcase flew open with every paper scattering, her phone fell a few feet away, shattering. Régine felt a sharp pain in her ankle, she tried to flex it but it only caused her more pain; she knew she was done for, Godric was sure to be around and she couldn't walk, worst of all she couldn't use her phone for help.

She tried not to cry as she hastily shoved her papers into her briefcase, and tried to stand but the pain was unbearable.
"Fuck," she whimpered, "zis vas not how I vanted to go..."

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Pens Hybrid

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Mon May 16, 2016 1:04 pm

As the three of them were walking and laughing Godric stopped short thinking that he heard something close by.
“Oi either of you blokes hear that, sounded like someone screamed out.”

“What I didn’t hear anything,” replied Kol, "must be imagining things."

“No no I know I heard someone," Godric insisted, "shhh, listen carefully.”

"If you 'ear me scream, be zure to call ze emergency numbers…"

“Yeah it sounds like somebody’s on the phone,” Klaus remarked.

"Hmm, you two stay here, I’ll check it out make sure no one’s following us," Godric said heading toward the noise.

“You two are paranoid, you know that?" Kol laughed, "who’d be stupid enough to follow us three originals out on the town? No one would dare tail us."

“Well just to be sure I’ll check meet you two at the nearest bar in five minutes.”

“Alright," said Kol, "but you owe us each a drink if you keep us waiting.”

"Fine," said Godric smirking, "but if I do find someone you owe me drinks for the next week, deal?"

"Alright then, deal," said Kol.

“Let’s get a move on," said Klaus obviously getting bored, "we’ll meet up at Rousseau’s”.

Godric walked off on his own toward the noise he heard and happened upon a dark alley.  
"Hello is anyone there?" Silence filled the air as he walked deeper into the alley, he could see a small figure collapsed in the ground; as he got closer he saw that it was the girl from the bar. "Oh fancy meeting you here what are you doing on the floor are you alright?”  

"Stay away from me!" Regine hissed, "I’m warning you!"

Godric cocked his eyebrow.
"I’m not gonna hurt you," he said walking closer. "I just wanna see if you’re…"
She screamed, which made Godric dash and put his hand over her mouth.
"Oi! I said I’m not gonna hurt you!" He looked into her brown eyes and said: "now please stop screaming."
She immediately relaxed and stopped yelling now he continued.
"I’m gonna move my hand, and you’re not gonna yell. Understood?"

Regine nodded.

"Alright then, now please tell me what happened."

Regine told Godric that she saw him fighting with a man in the park and that she got scared ran and broke her heel spraining her ankle.

“Damn you saw us that’s not good..”

"Vhat are you going to do vith me?" Regine asked.

"Hmm oh well I can’t let you go knowing what you’ve seen, guess I’ll just have to kill you," Godric sighed, "and I really did like you oh well..." Godric turned to Regine as his blue eyes turned black and gold and he bared his fangs.

Regine closed her eyes waiting for death as he leaned in and whispered "Psyke."
Regine opened her terror filled eyes confused as Godric started to laugh.

"I’d never kill you, I like you but I can’t let you leave with your memories sooo…" He looked into her eyes and said in a calm soothing voice:
"You didn’t see me after you left the bar; you were on your way home when a stray cat tripped you while coming out of a dumpster, do you understand?"

Regine nodded still in a daze.

"You tried avoiding it, but you slipped on the curb and broke your heel twisted your ankle."

"Ok," Regine said, "stray cat tripped me and I broke my heel."

"Good," Godric said, "now off you go." He patted Regine on her head. "When you wake up tomorrow you’ll feel as good as new."

"But my ankle still hurts," she said.

"Oh well, umm, I guess I could carry you to your front door but, you’re on your own from there."

"Thank you," said Regine as Godric picked her up and he sped off down the empty road.
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Thu May 19, 2016 8:02 pm

Régine closed her briefcase and looked back, it seemed like they hadn't noticed she fell. She threw her briefcase into an alley and she dragged herself in, taking hold of her phone. She winced as she dragged herself, feeling herself be cut by tiny shards of glass on her hands and legs.
"Vhy does zhis 'appen to me?" She breathed once she reached the back of the alley. She took the phone and tried to turn it on, but nothing happened, her phone was now destroyed.

"Hello, is anyone there?"

She gave a small gasp upon hearing that voice, she looked around and tried to drag herself behind some trash cans but the pain was too great. She saw him get closer and gulped, she was sure this meant the end for her.

"Oh, fancy meeting you here. What are you doing on the floor, are you alright?"

"Stay away from me!" Régine tried her best not to stutter out of fear, "I'm warning you!"

"I'm not gonna hurt you, I just want to see if you're..."

Régine screamed watching him get closer, he put his hand over her mouth and she felt paralized with fear now, unable to struggle against him.

"Oi! I said I'm not gonna hurt you! Now please, stop screaming. I'm gonna move my hand, and you're not gonna yell. Understood?"

Régine looked into his eyes and nodded, feeling oddly relaxed now.

"Alright then, now please tell me what happened."

She bit her lip and took a deep breath.
"I-I 'ad gone back to zhe pub because I left my card, and on my way back 'ome I saw you fighting anozher man... I panicked and ran, I tripped and, vell, 'ere I am..."

"Damn you saw us, that's not good..."

"Vhat?" Régine's heart began to beat faster, "vhy? Vhat are you going to do vith me?"

"Well I can't let you go knowing what you've seen, guess I'll just have to kill you. And  I really did like you, oh well..."

Her eyes widened and suddenly she felt like she had lost her voice upon seeing what Godric's face had transformed to, his eyes turned as black as night and his fangs were enough to make Régine want to faint. She closed her eyes, knowing she was doomed and simply waited for the pain to start.


Her eyes opened as she heard him laugh, his face was back to normal now. Angered she threw her phone at his face.
"Zhat is not funny!" She felt herself on the verge of tears. "Vhy vould you do zhat?!"

"I'd never kill you, I like you, but I can't let you leave with your memories so..."

"Are you going to cause me 'ead trauma?" Régine's brow furrowed, still angered.

He looked into her eyes, his voice was calming; and suddenly she had the same feeling she had when back at Rousseau's. He began to tell her what really happened to her, and she nodded without question. She tripped on a cat, trying to avoid it her heel got caught in the curb and she twisted her ankle.

"Okay," she said, "tripped on a cat, my 'eel broke, zhat's 'ow I twisted my ankle."

"Good, now off you go. When you wake up tomorrow you'll feel good as new."

She raised an eyebrow.
"But, my ankle still 'urts..."

"Oh, well. Uhm... I guess I could carry you to your front door, but you're on your own from there."

"Thank you," she gripped her briefcase as Godric picked her up and they were off.

Régine looked at him, surprised at his speed and strength; she thought back to how she reacted at the bar and bit her lip feeling regret. She threw a drink at his face and here he was helping her get home- thought she wondered how it was he found her.
"Listen, about vhat 'appened at Rousseau's; I'm sorry. I vas just angered at zhe thought ov you trying to take me 'ome and... Vell, let's just say I vas afraid ov being used." She looked into his blue eyes, noticing they softened up a bit. "I am new and--"

Her thoughts were interrupted by police cars blaring their sirens near by, she saw them head over to her street.
"Qu'est-ce que c'est?" She whispered and gasped when they reached the curb and saw the police cars in front of her house. "Mon Dieu, that's my 'ouse! Go, please." She urged Godric to go closer. "Excuse me, vhat is going on?" She asked one of the officers.

"What's your name, ma'am?" He asked, small notepad in hand.

"Régine Isabelle Zaeri." She raised an eyebrow.

"We got a call from your sister, Katriane Ameile Zaeri, saying that you were being followed by a strange man..." The cop eyed Godric and motioned for the other cops to come over. Two of them took Régine from Godric's hands and the other two held on to Godric. "And she heard you scream before the call dropped." He pointed at Godric with his pen. "Is this who was following you?"

"Vhat?" Régine's eyes widened, "non! 'E is zhe one 'oo 'elped me, I fell and broke my ankle," she lifted her leg so he could see her swollen ankle, "I vas not being followed, 'e found me and brought me 'ere." Her eyes looked pleading. "Please, 'e 'as done nozhing wrong, let 'im go."

"Very well, then," The cop nodded and the other two let Godric go. "Bring the lady into the house."

"Zhank you, Godric," she said attempting to smile before she was taken into the house.

"I recommend you leave," the cop said to Godric, "stay out of trouble."

"Zhere, please." Régine said pointed over to her desk chair, the only chair in the house with wheels for her to drag herself around with, and the cops sat her there.

"Are you sure you wouldn't want to go to the hospital, ma'am?" One of the cops asked.

"No, really..." She wanted to go, she just couldn't afford it. "I'll be fine."

The cop nodded and patted the other on the shoulder, they both headed out the door. She used her good leg to drag herself across the room to the door and locked it.
"Vhat vas Katriane thinking?" She sighed and looked at her hands and legs; she had bled but the wounds didn't seem too deep. She rolled over to the house phone and she dialed her sister's number. She nearly instantly picked up.


"Katriane vhat vent zhrough your 'ead? Calling zhe cops saying I vas being followed?"

Katriane stayed quiet for a moment.
"Sissy, zhat's vhat you told me to do."

"I did?"

"Oui, you zhon't remember?" Katriane sounded alarmed, "you said a man tried  to 'it on you at a bar, zhat he vas fighting a man, and zhat 'e was follwing you, you told me to call zhe police if I 'eard you scream; vhich I did and zhen the call dropped."

"I..." Régine thought for a moment, she didn't recall telling Katriane this, but how did Katriane know about Godric?

"Are you okay? Are you 'urt?"

"I'll be fine, just some scrapes, I did manage to twist my ankle though; I vould go to zhe 'ospital but I can't afford it." She bit her lip, "sissy vhen did I tell you about zhe man?"

"Oh dear, you really don't remember..." Katriane was panicked, "Zhat's it, I knew you going to the colonies vas a bad idea, I'm going to catch a flight zhere, zhe first one out."

"Sissy, n--"

"I'm not taking no for an answer, besides mama and papa vould be vorried sick if they knew you lost your memory!"

"I 'aven't!" Or did she? Régine wasn't sure anymore.

"Poor sissy, I'll go pick zhe flight now, au revoir!"

The disconnect tone hummed in Régine's ear, she sighed and hung up the phone.
"Great, I'll never 'ear zhe end of zhis..."

She dragged herself over to the bathroom and drew herself a hot bath; carefully she undressed herself minding her injuries and proceeded to take out every tiny shard of glass from her body before going in the tub. She felt her body relax nearly instantly as she layed there, dropping in small pumps of lavender soap to calm herself. Her conversation with her sister still went through her mind.
"'Ow did she know about Godric..." Her brow furrowed, she wanted to see when she called Katriane, but her phone no longer worked, "did I really tell her? Did I bump my head on the curb when I fell?" She felt around her head, there was no pain. "Something's not right..."

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Thu May 19, 2016 11:50 pm

The two police let Godric go and he quietly looked to Regine making sure it was alright to leave. She nodded smiling weakly so he walked off into the darkness reflecting on what just happened. He chuckled quietly to himself
“Those bloody officers think they’re so tough, if they only knew what I could have done… Come to think of it what should I do? I compelled Régine but, these damn police saw me with her. Should I kill them all? Yeah, that’s fun, but then again..." He groaned, "I’d catch hell from Elijah, better compel them later when they split up.”

He checked his watch.
"Damn, nearly 5a.m. I should get home before I get into any more trouble."
Godric zipped back to the compound and stuck himself into his room. It was just how he left it warm quiet dark soothing.
"I suppose I should get some sleep before the others come to bother me."

He closed his eyes and when he opened them again it was already 11 oclock.
Well shit, he thought to himself, Elijah never lets me sleep in like this I wonder what he’s doing must be important.
As Godric got up he took a quick shower got dressed and headed downstairs. Hayley was in the kitchen making breakfast for Hope.
"Hello my littlest wolf," he said sitting down next to his niece. She immediately broke into a huge toothless grin and started clapping for him to pick her up, “how are we doing this morning, hmm?”

"We’re doing fine Godric," Hayley said as she poured some oatmeal into a bowl, "it’s you that’s got some explaining to do."

"Oh is that so?" Godric said raising his eyebrow and placing Hope back into her high chair. "And what pray tell do I have to explain?"

"Well," Hayley said looking straight at him, "your brother came in this morning complaining about how you ditched them last night," she said slightly smiling because it was unlike Godric to skip out on his siblings.

“Well yeah you see I had this, uh, thing. Yeah, that I, uh, had to to take care of..." he stuttered not knowing why. "Ehem, where are my brothers?" He asked looking around realizing how quiet it was.

"They went out to the quarter for breakfast, Kol said something about you owing them drinks later."

"Crap," Godric said remembering their bet, "now I have to buy those gits a round... Oh well last night was worth it. Thanks Hayley, gotta go."

"Mhmm," mumbled Hayley as she continued to feel the mushy oatmeal to her daughter.

Godric jumped down the stairs and out the door into the quarter where loud jazz music filled the air.
“I wonder where they went off to, there’s not a lot of breakfast places they like around here..."
Godric started walking around listening closely but it was no use the music was too loud so he headed into the nearest restaurant and look around for his brothers. After a minute he saw them all in a booth looking over the menu he walked over and sat down next to them.
“Oi who let me sleep in?" He asked as he poured himself some juice.

”Don’t look at me," said Kol, "I was gonna give you a rude awakening, but Elijah told us to let you sleep in."

"Oh really?" Said Godric, "and why is that?" He asked looking at his older brother.

"Because, Godric, I heard you creeping into your room this morning and I know how you get when you haven’t gotten enough sleep and I’m far too busy this morning to listen to your complaining."

"Oh, well aren’t you the considerate one, brother?"

Klaus smirked.
"This bloke owes Kol and I a drink for making up noises in back alleys."

"What noise did you hear Godric?" Asked Elijah.

"Oh, it was nothing just some drunk college girl partying," said Godric, he didn’t want the others to know about Regine yet too risky.

"Well I hope you didn’t do anything obscene with her," said Elijah calling over the waitress as he was ready to order.

"No, of course not. I escorted her home like an upstanding gentleman."

Kol laughed.
"First you strike out at the pub, then you help out some drunk bimbo; you’re on a rather sour streak aren’t you Ric?"

"Not so sour that I didn’t kick your sorry ass with one had now am I?" Godric replied Klaus started to laugh and even Elijah smiled slightly. "Oi it was dark and you distracted me by throwing… yes by throwing the same thing you threw at me, listen if you want a rematch I’d be happy to oblige."

"Alright," said Kol, "the church in 2 hours don’t be late."

"Oh I won’t be," said Godric.

After their breakfast Godric excused himself and went for a walk hoping to run into Regine. After walking for about 15 he saw Regine walk into a building  knowing she didn’t remember anything he would try and apologize for what happened at the bar and explain what Cami meant…
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Sun May 22, 2016 5:12 pm

The shadow figure got closer and closer, Régine cowered in fear as she tried to drag herself away from it, it got closer and closer to her. She wanted to scream but she couldn't; suddenly the light hit the figure's face and it was worst than she thought it was. This person had eyes as dark as night and fangs comparable to those of a basilisk; their face was twisted into a wide evil grin. He looked so familiar but so unrecognizable, just as Regine could piece it together he lunged himself at her.

"AHH!" She shrieked as she bolted up from her bed, sweating. She touched herself all over making sure she wasn't wounded. "Mon Dieu..." She muttered, laying her head back on the pillow. She looked at her bedside table clock and sighed, 11AM. "I guess five hours are better zhan none..."

Régine got off her bed and flexed her ankle, she was relieved that she felt no pain. She went on with her morning routine: showered, brushed her teeth, and she checked her email.

From: Katriane Ameile Zaeri
Subject: Flight Schedule!

She sighed having forgotten all about her sister coming; Régine always thought she was one too exagerating, being the over protective older sister. But really? Thinking she had lost her memory? Régine thought back to the conversation with her sister only a few hours ago, she wondered how on earth she knew about Godric. More importantly, why did she said she had said Godric was following her when Régine had no recollection of him after leaving the bar?

She clicked on the email, putting those thoughts aside for later.

-Bought a plane ticket that takes off at 3:00pm (8:00am your time) and arrives at 1:30am (6:30pm your time), I'll most likely be at your house at around 8:30! Until then, à bientôt!-

She looked around and remembered that her fridge was pretty empty; her stomach growled and she looked out the window at her car. Maybe it was time to go shop for groceries.

Régine got dressed, brushed her hair and did her make up; she grabbed her purse and walked out. She stopped for a moment before entering her car, she smirked as she heard the faint sound of jazz music in the air.

She drove off over to the French Quarter and was lucky enough to find a parking spot she didn't have to pay for, and headed over to the French Market. She bought enough food to get both herself and her sister through until her first pay check and put it all in the trunk of her car. She then proceeded to walk over to the nearest phone shop and was about to go in until she saw something at the corner of her eye that caught her attention: it was Godric.

Régine bit her lip, not knowing if she should just walk in and pretend she didn't see him, or confront him about what happened at the bar last night. She got an uneasy feeling, Godric was dark and mysterious. She looked at the shattered phone in her hand, really wishing she could see what the last call she made from it was to know if she had really forgotten last night.

She decided she wasn't ready to face him, at least not after the phone call with Katriane. So she went into the shop and wrote her name down on the list. She sat down waiting to be called but couldn't help but feel nervous. She began to shake her leg impatiently, wishing her name would be called already. She heard the bell on the door jingle and looked, Godric had come into the store.

"Régine Zaeri!" The employee called out and she bolted over to his register. "How may I help you today, ma'am?"

Régine took a deep breath and attempted to smile at him.
"Vell I 'ad an accident and well..." She took out her phone and lay it on the counter.

"Oh dear..." The employee said, inspecting it. "What's your phone number?"

"Uhm..." Régine looked at Godric from the corner of her eye. "Is it possible for me to write it down?"

"Yes, of course," he gave her a piece of paper and a pen, she wrote down her number on it. He began to put the number into the computer, "5...0...4..."

Régine looked at him in horror as he recited every number, she looked at Godric so tried to act busy looking at phone accesories and then back at the employee.

"Do you have insurance?" He asked with a smile.

"Y-yes," she bit her lip.

"Alright just give me a moment to call the insurance company to see what we can do."

Régine nodded.
"Yes, take all zhe time you need!" The longer he took, the more probable Godric would get tired of waiting and leave. But the phone call only lasted around five minutes.

"Well it looks like we're able to replace it for a new one for a small fee," he smiled and processed everything on the computer.

"Great," Régine smiled nervously, "'ow much?"

"175 dollars."

"Vell it's better than paying for the old one..." She said and nodded, taking out her card.

The employee nodded and looked for the new phone, he switched the sim cards and turned it on, it began to ring, receiving every notification she had missed during the night.
"Someone's certainly a social butterfly," the employee laughed before handing her the new phone. "Anything else I could help you with?"

Régine gulped noticing Godric was still in the store, she looked around nervously and pointed at the wall behind the employee.
"Phone covers," she gave him a nervous smile, "vouldn't vant zhis one shattering too, right?"

"Right you are," he smiled and moved aside so she could see the covers, "any one that catches your eye?"

"Zhat one over zhere vith zhe flowers." He took it and handed it to her, "is zhis a real flower?"

"Yes it is!" The employee smiled, "this is from our new line of covers The Smells of Louisiana, each case is made of resin and carefully shelters a real flower home grown."

"Vhat type of flower is zhis?"

"Vervain, some people say it helps ward off evil."

Regine chuckled.
"I don't zhink a flower could do zhat, but it is beautiful. How much for it?"

"50 dollars."

"Heh, no..." Regine scratched the back of her head, "'ow much for silicone covers?"

"Each of our silicone covers cost 20 dollars."

"I'll take zhe purple one..."

She bit her lip, no way she could spend more money in this store, she had run out of options to stall. She paid for everything and ran out of the store, hopefully he wouldn't catch up to her. She inspected her phone and saw all the messages from Katriane, all from 3am.

-Why did you hang up?
-Sissy, pick up!
-Do I call the emergency number?
-Did he get to you?!
-I called.
-Régine! Answer!
-Régine please text me back!
-Did the police find you?

Her brow furrowed, trying to remember when it was she called Katriane, trying to remember that one call...

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Sun May 22, 2016 8:28 pm

As Godric followed after her he noticed that she was walking into a phone shop he waited a few minutes before going in himself. He casually started looking at phone cases while Regine was busy getting help at the front desk.
“Alright” he thought to himself “how am I gonna do this, I need to explain what happened last night and get on her good side perhaps I could invite her for a bite to eat… I wonder what she likes”.
He kept looking over at her admiring her beauty although something felt odd she looked nervous this struck him as odd considering he compelled her to forget everything. He listened closely and overheard what she was discussing with the cashier.
"Vhat type of flower is zhis?"Asked Regine pointing to a case with a familiar looking plant, "Vervain, some people say it helps ward off evil." Said the store cashier holding out the case Godric looked at it and immediately a rage started to build inside him.
Where the bloody hell did this idiot get Vervain” he thought to himself trying to remain calm” it’s outlawed in the city we damn sure of that, him and I need to have a little chat”.
Godric watched as Regine paid for her phone and a simple purple case he was relived she didn’t buy the Vervain one. As she walked out of the store he quickly made his way over to the counter. “Excuse me” he said “but might I ask where you acquired that phone case from, it looks amazing”. Oh um I the owner said she made it herself got the parts local and made in in the back. And where did she get the flower from its beautiful and like to buy some. Oh umm see the boss said not to tell anyone it’s a secret. Is that so Godric said his mood clearly changing.
He grabbed the cashier from the back of his skull and slammed his head on the counter now you’re gonna tell me where your boss got the flower from or I’m gonna drain every ounce of blood from your body you understand. Yes yes I understand just please stop cried the cashier scared for his life. Good that wasn’t so hard now where did the flowers come from? They came from a corner shop on the other side of town the Jardin Gris. Oh the bloody Jardin Gris I should have known thanks for the info now I’m gonna need you to forget what just happened that bruise on your head happened when you went in the back room to get a new box of phone cases when one of them slipped and hit you understand. Yes I understand he nodded alright have a nice day. Thanks same to you.

Godric satisfied with his answers walked out of the shop and looked around for Regine he spotted her a block away and walked over to her. “Hello again luv fancy seeing you here” Regine stood there frozen terrified of seeing him again so close. “Listen I’m sorry about last night can I make it up to you maybe buy you some lunch you must be hungry.” Regine thought about it for a moment she indeed hadn’t eaten anything and couldn’t afford to spend any more money so she agreed.
“Fine” she said “I’d be delighted to have lunch with you” Excellent Godric exclaimed what would you like to eat? Regine thought for a moment” I’d really love some sushi do you know of any good places. Godric thought for a moment I know the perfect place They walked for about 10 minutes until they came across a building with a huge sign that said ”Sushi Bites” from what I’ve heard they have the best sushi in town. “Oh said Regine it looks quite nice” As they headed inside they were greeted by a guy doing a horrible Japanese impression good afternoon sir and Madame would you care for a booth or table Booth they both said at once ohh excellent choice please follow me.
The place was empty seeing as how it was just after noon. Your server will be with you shortly. “So about what happened at the bar” Godric said breaking the silence. “I’d really like to apologize if I said anything that offended you or if I came on too strong that was not my intention” Regine looked at him and her eyes softened but before she could say anything the server showed up what can I start ya’ll of with you want something to drink” . They both looked at the server as Godric said “after you” Regine said I’ll have a Mojito and some spicy tuna with eel sauce with an order of shrimp tempura” Oh excellent choice the waitress said and for you sir” umm I’ll have general Tso’s chicken and pork fried rice with a shot of bourbon and a glass of coke please. “”oh very good very good I’ll be right back with your food”
“So as I was saying I’m not the kind of guy who just takes women home I really thought you were very beautiful and I wanted to get to know you” Regine blushed looking at the table “I’m sorry I threw my bourbon at you” “Ah don’t worry about it water under the bridge I’m just happy I was able to make last night up to you”
Their food came and as they ate they Godric thought about the shop and the flowers “after this I should pay them a visit and see about that damn vervain” They finished eating and as they got up to leave Godric said” I had a lot of fun I’d love to do this again sometime if you’re not too busy” Régine nodded and said I’d like that too. Godric paid for the meal and as they walked out the door ready to part ways he turned to Regine and said” bon achat belle jusqu'à la prochaine fois”. He then turned around and walked down the street on his way to shop that sold a very dangerous flower.
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Mon May 23, 2016 7:08 pm

-Did he get to you?

Régine kept looking at this message, brow furrowed, trying to concentrate on last night.
"Come on, Régine, you're an investigative journalist. If you can't figure it out, 'oo can?"

"Hello again, luv. Fancy seeing you here."

It took every ounce of Régine's willpower not to shriek, instead she turned around and remained frozen to the spot.

"Listen, I'm sorry about last night, can I make it up to you? Maybe buy you some lunch, you must be hungry."

And as if on queue, Régine's stomach grumbled; she hadn't eaten anything since she woke up and with all the money she blew from her budget on her new phone and case she couldn't afford to spend any more money on dining considering she still needed to buy things for the house. She bit her lip; it was the middle of the day, she was sure Godric couldn't possibly pull anything shady off, so she decided she'd go.
"Fine," she tried to give him her best smile, "I'd be delighted to have lunch with you."

"Excellent!" Régine couldn't help but chuckle, he looked so eager. "What would you like to eat?"

She thought for a moment, thinking of what she hadn't eaten in a while.
"I'd really love some sushi," she smiled, sushi was too expensive for her to afford since she moved to the States, "do you know of any good places?"

"I know the perfect place."

Off they went to a restaurant called 'Sushi Bites', to which she chuckled at the name thinking they could have been a bit more creative. She ordered her favorites, spicy tuna with eel sauce and shrimp tempura. Godric apologized for the way he came off, which made Régine breathe easier, she apologized for chucking the bourbon at him and he accepted her apology. All in all it was a very good lunch.

"Au revoir, belle. Jusqu'à la prochaine fois.

Régine couldn't help but smile at this, and she nodded.
"À bientôt, Godric."

She watched him as he walked down the street and sighed, he didn't seem like such a bad guy after all; but still, a lot of mystery surrounded him, and one lunch wasn't going to shake the feeling from last night.

Suddenly her phone rang, and it was a number not registered on her phone. She raised an eyebrow at the area code, it was someone from Louisiana.
"Hello?" She asked, puzzled.

"Hey, Régine?"

"Yes, 'oo is zhis?"

"It's Mark, from the phone shop."

"Uhm... Okay?"

"Sorry if it seems odd but I kept the paper you wrote your number in, I couldn't let such a beautiful woman escape me."

"It seems very odd," Régine chuckled, "and very unprofessional, I may just need to give your boss a call." She joked.

"Well, if I lose my job for calling you I would say it would be worth it."

Régine rolled her eyes at the cheesiness, and giggled.
"To vhat do I owe this call?"

"Well, after you left I tended to another customer; I went to the back to get their phone and clumsy old me had boxes fall and the of them hit me in the head -I have quite an impressive bruise," he laughed, "anyways, when I looked it was the same phone that you picked out and I figured it had to be a sign. Do you believe in signs, Miss Zaeri?"

"I do."

"Well I clocked out, and you stayed on my mind so I decided to call and ask if you'd like to go out on a date.

"A date?" Régine's eyebrows raised in surprise. "Uhm... sure? Vhat time?"

"I was thinking maybe 6?"

She looked at her watch, it was 4:40.
"Uhm, yeah, I can do 6. Vhere vould you like to meet?"

"How about Antoine's?"

Régine looked around and spotted the big fancy restaurant.
"Wow, fancy."

"Very." Mark chuckled. "See you there at 6 then."

"See you," Regine kept looking at the restaurant and sighed. "I'm going to need to go 'ome and change..."

She ran to her car and sped to her house, took a shower and changed into the best dress she had. She looked at the clock and gasped.
"Merde, I'm late!" She ran as best as she could in her heels and drove over to Antoine's. She got out and calmly walked over to the front of the restaurant where Mark waited for her dressed up in suit and tie.

"You look radiant, Régine." He smiled and gave her his arm so she would lace it with his.

Régine smiled and laced her arm with his.
"You look quite dashing yourself."

As they made their way inside Regine got an uncomfortable feeling, like she was being watched.

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Mon May 23, 2016 10:29 pm

As Godric walked down the street he heard a phone ring he slowed his pace and started listening intently Regine was on the phone with someone it sounded like they were making plans. "Yes, 'oo is zhis?" "It's Mark, from the phone shop."
She was talking to that toe rag from the cellphone store "A date?" "Uhm... sure? Vhat time?" Godric slowly turned around trying to stay calm he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “She’s going on a date with that idiot”. If only he’d killed him back at the store when
he had the chance then none of this would be happening.
“That’s it I try to be nice and spare that sorry excuse for a bastard and this is what happens, after I’m finished dealing with whoever sold the Vervain I’m gonna pay a visit to this Mark”. Hmm it was nearly five which meant he only had about an hour until the date which meant he had plenty of time to do what he needed to. With blinding speed he ran to the other side of town where the voodoo store was located. He looked at the quaint little shop with the neon sign in the window that read Jardin Gris voodoo shop Charms, brews, dolls oils, candles he opened the door and stepped inside.
Ugh he thought to himself “just as creepy as ever” he walked over to the counter and rang the bell. He thought to himself it must be under new management since that nasty little incident with Katie and Thierry. As he rang the bell a second time a white haired middle aged woman came out from behind the curtain of beads. Good afternoon weary travelers how may I… oh it’s one of your kind what does and original want from little ol’ me?
“I want to know where you got that Vervain from” Godric said still angry from what he heard earlier I’m in no mood for your witchy antics so if you tell me now I promise to make your death as quick and painless as I can. The old witch smirked “a vampire coming into my store making demands and threatening me, for you information I don’t have any Vervain and if I did I sure as hell would tell you ya soulless bloodsucking bastard.” “First off I’m not a vampire I’m a hybrid the original hybrid secondly I had planned on being nice but I’ve received some rather nasty news so my mood’s a bit off and thirdly the production and sale of Vervain has been outlawed in New Orleans my family made sure of that and I took immense pleasure in burning any that I found”. Now I’ll give you one more chance to tell me where you got the bloody Vervain from or I promise you you’ll regret the day you were born. The witch raised her hands and said “honey you picked the wrong shop” Alright said Godric rolling up his sleeves I’ll guess we’re gonna have to do this the hard way. He darted toward the witch who in turn uttered phasmatos incendia a ring of fire erupted around Godric trapping him in the middle of the of shop she then proceeded to throw him across the room by shouting Phasmatos superous em animi...
Godric struggled to his feet rage building inside him he picked up a nearby branch off one of the shelves and threw it toward the witch it missed her by inches but it distracted her long enough for Godric to get close to her and knock her out. The fire stopped the shop settled and Godric slumped to the floor sighing deeply, “that went better than I thought I’ll just take her back to the compound and we can have a nice long chat”. “But before that it’d probably be best if I had a look around.” He got up brushed the dirt and ash off his shirt and started looking around it was after fifteen minutes of searching that he decided to give up and he went to pick up the unconscious witch he noticed that he necklace was glowing. “ohh what do we have here” he tried touching removing the necklace but as he touched it his hands started to burned “ow damn witches and their blasted hex’s” he found a pair of gloves nearby and carefully removed the necklace. As he held it in his hands he felt uneasy he knew she had Vervain but this wasn’t the source. “Don’t worry one we get back home I’ll find out what you’re hiding “After straitening up a bit so as not to arouse suspicion Godric opened the door with the unconscious witch in his arms and sped off down the street leaving the quiet empty shop in his wake.
As Godric arrived at the compound he was greeted by his siblings as they each looked and him quizzically. “So brother” Kol asked “what have you got there” this Godric said is a rather nasty witch who has taken it upon herself to sell Vervain to the local shops. Vervain Rebekah said questioningly there hasn’t been a drop of Vervain in the city for months”. “Yeah that’s what I until I visited a cell phone shop and one of the cases had Vervain in it”.
“Well where the bloody hell did it come from” Klaus asked taking a step closer so as to better inspect the witch. “She wasn’t exactly cooperative” Godric replied revealing his singed bloody clothing put up a decent fight but I was able to knock her on her ass. “Well done Godric but how exactly did you know she was in possession of Vervain” Elijah asked coming down the stairs. “Well the clerk who was working at the phone shop told he his boss got it from her shop and when I knocked her out I noticed this necklace” he said pulling out the necklace and showing it to them all. It might be better if we questioned her further Elijah said taking the witch from Godric I’ll do it seeing as how you were nice enough to bring her here, “Alright I’ve somewhere to go anyway”. “And just where do you have to go after brining home an unconscious bloody witch”? Rebekah asked. hmm well I suppose you could say I’ve got a date Godric replied smiling slightly now I’ve gotta go before I’m late. So after a quick shower and a change of clothes Godric was off to Antoine's to see what this Mark bloke had to offer.
It was almost six and Godric arrived just in time to see Regine pull up in her car looking as beautiful as ever. I pissed him off to know that she wasn’t here to meet with him but he would soon fix that. “Time to see what this bastard’s got up his sleeve”. As Godric entered the restaurant he chose the perfect table to watch them from he listened closely so as to clearly make out what they were saying…
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Tue May 24, 2016 12:51 am

"Welcome to Antoine's," the host smiled at Régine and Mark, "how many?"

"Two, please," Mark gave a small nod.

"Table of booth?"

"Table." Régine said.
"Booth." Mark answered at the same time.

Régine and Mark looked at each other, he chuckled and rubbed her arm before looking at the host.
"We would like a booth."

"Follow me please," the host smiled.

Régine's brow furrowed. Ve vould like a booth? She thought, 've' sounds the zhe two of us, I vanted a table! She bit her lip upon feeling his hand on her lower back, leading her towards the booth. She sat down and he sat down on the same side, Regine chuckled nervously.

"Here are your menus, your waiter will be right with you." The host smiled and returned to her place.

"Uhm, Mark?" Regine smiled sweetly.

"Oui, mademoiselle?" He gave her a cheesy smile.

"I vas vondering if maybe I could sit on zhat side? I vouldn't vant to inconvenience you vhile you eat in case I need to go to zhe lady's room."

Mark chuckled and shook his head.
"Oh it's no inconvenience, just let me know when you'd like to go and I'll move."

Régine's smile fell slightly, feeling trapped between the wall and her date. She opened up her menu and began to look at the salad section when Mark took it away from her.
"Don't worry about what to order," he smiled, "I know all the best dishes here and I know just what to order for you."

"Excuse me?" Régine raised her eyebrow, "I can order for myself."

Mark nodded.
"It's true, but a gentleman should always order for his date."

She sighed, thinking maybe it was just a cultural clash. After all, this was not France, and these people were not French; they all had their own customs.
"Alright, but I must warn you zhat I am allergic to pineapples."

"Noted," Mark smiled, "no pineapples."

"Hello," the waiter approached them, "my name is Edwin and I shall be your waiter for this evening. Are you ready to order?"

"Yes, for me I'll have the Filet de Gulf Poisson aux Ecrevisses Cardinal," Mark smiled, "and for the lady it shall be Cotelettes d'agneau grillées."

Edwin wrote this down on his pad.
"And to drink?"

"I'll 'ave an iced tea, si'l vous pait." Régine smiled.

"Nonsense, this is a dinner," Mark patted her knee and left his hand there, making Régine feel uncomfortable, "we'll both have the sangria."

"Sangria 'as pineapple," Régine rolled her eyes and looked at the waiter, "iced--."

"White wine," Mark interrupted, "she'll have the white wine."

Edwin smirked and wrote that down.
"I'll be right back with your food, and the iced tea." He left to the kitchen.

"Is zhis a southern zhing?" Régine quipped.

"What is?" Mark raised an eyebrow.

"Not letting women speak."

Mark chuckled.
"No, not really."


"Then what?"

Régine rolled her eyes.
"Never mind." She looked at his hand on her lap which seemed to be slowly moving further up.

"So tell me, Régine, where are you from?" Mark smiled, positioning himself to face her.

"Vell, I am from Troyes, France; but I moved to Paris vhen my fazher was promoted to COO of a trading company."

"COO? Your family must be pretty wealthy," Mark got closer, his hand inched higher. "Why did you move from that comfortable life."

"My entire family is very overprotective," she put her hand on his hand to stop him, "I vanted to get away, I 'ad dreamed of living in zhe States and figured New Orleans vould be a familiar place."

"I'm so glad you decided to come here," Mark breathed in her ear, forcing his hand higher up her thigh, "so glad I got this chance to be with you."

"Excuse me!" Régine shouted and pushed him off her, knocking him to the floor. "Vhat kind of lady do you zhink I am?!"

"Régine, hush, this is a very fancy place we can't be yelling." Mark said through gritted teeth.

"I don't care vhere ve are! I vill not stand a pushy man such as yourself!" Régine got out of the booth and stormed out of the restaurant.

"Régine!" Mark ran after her.

Régine nearly made it to her car before Mark gripped her wrist.
"Where do you think you're going, our date isn't over."

"I'm going home," Régine tried to keep her voice from shaking.

"No you're not," he pulled her to him and gripped her hair, "you are going to march back there with me and we're going to eat that very expensive dinner I just ordered for us."

"Let go of me!" Regine tried to push him off.

"No!" He shouted and looked into her fear filled eyes, he smirked at this and forcefully planted a kiss on her lips.

Régine tried to push him off but he was too strong, her heart raced when she kissed him and quickly did the first thing to come to mind. She kneed him in the crotch, causing him to let her go. She pushed him to the ground and began to kick him.
"I. Am. A. Lady!" She shouted with every kick, she then proceeded to spit on him before getting into her car and speeding off home.

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Tue May 24, 2016 2:33 am

Godric after watching everything that just happened followed the two of them outside careful to keep his distance so as not to be seen. As he watched Mark kiss Regine it took everything in him not to rip the bastards heart out in front of everyone. After Regine kneed him in the crotch and drove away Godric made his move.

“Hey mate I couldn’t help but notice what just happened, women am I right” “No kidding” Replied Mark I spent all this time and effort into planning a wonderful evening and that stuck up prude had to go and ruin it all. That remark only proved to make Godric angrier. “Listen mate I know of this excellent bar not too far from here wanna go get a drink and forget about her” “Yeah sure that sounds like a great idea” Mark said taking out his cellphone to check the time. Godric noticed that it was one of the Vervain covered cases and acted quickly to get rid of it. “Hey man that’s a sweet case where did you get it?” “Oh this old thing” Mark replied I got it from my crappy job damn thing costs 50 bucks God knows why
“Sheesh 50 bucks that’s outrageous hey mind if I take a look” Godric said eyeing the case carefully. “Sure man just be careful my boss doesn’t know I took it limited edition and all” Godric snatched the phone it of Marks hand and immediately felt a deep painful stinging like reaching into a bucket of acid He quickly threw the phone as hard as he could and it shattered on a nearby tree case and all. Hey ma what the fu… Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way Godric said his eyes shifting to black and gold I’m gonna need you to you to shut the hell up and show me to your car. Mark terrified of what he was seeing slowly lead Godric to his car. Oh my god really mate a fucking prius and just when I thought you couldn’t’ be a bigger asshoele. “Alright now I want you to drive me to where ever the hell it is you live and on the way there I want you to imagine all the horrible unspeakable stuff I’m gonna do to you one we get there you understand you miserable toe rag” Mark nodded completely engulfed in fear not knowing why he was obeying this monsters commands. They drove in silence until they reached his apartment they walked up to the front door when Godric had to stop. ”Here’s where things get interesting Mark, I’m gonna need you to invite me in but do it really nicely like we’re old friends and you really want me to come in for drinks” “alright won’t you please come in” Mark said trembling and trying not to cry “Mark old buddy I’d be delighted to come into your home” As Godric crossed through the door way his face broke into a huge grin. “Alright Mark I want you to go into your kitchen and bring me the biggest dullest knife you have” Mark went into the kitchen and brought back a huge silver and black butcher knife.
“Perfect now I want you to sit in that chair take the knife and stab yourself repeatedly in the leg not too deep now wouldn’t want you to bleed out just yet, and if the pain become too unbearable well you can always just switch legs” Godric said laughing to himself Ready set go Mark began stabbing himself repeatedly in the leg screaming out it pain each and every time Godric looked into Marks eyes “I don’t remember telling you you could scream now did I, Mark looked back into Godric’s eyes and nodded he continued to stab himself screaming internally crying all the while “Now that’s more like it don’t forget to switch legs now”. After about 15 minutes Mark looked ready to pass out from loss of blood okay Mark you can stop Mark pulled the knife out slowly and Godric watched as the blood dripped from the blade. “Ooh that look like a nasty cut if not taken care of it could get infected Godric said as he poured hot water over the wound, there now it’s all nice and clean” Mark had blacked out from the pain and when he woke up he saw that his legs were healed and he was lying on his recliner. Godric walked in from the bedroom now Mark you didn’t think I’d let you off that easily did you? I could let ou bleed out just yet sooo I have you a bit of my blood healed you up pretty damn good didn’t it. Mark sat there sobbing pitifully awaiting the next punishment.

“I have a question for you Mark do you know why I’m doing this?” Mark shook his head still sobbing. Okay let’s play a game I’ll give you three chances to guess why I’m torturing you get it right and I’ll let you go answer wrong and believe me you’ll be begging for death. Mark nodded quickly alright what’s your first guess. I offended you at some point during my life. Wrong Godric said hitting Mark with a wooden stool, what’s your second guess Mark was on the floor now writhing in pain “come on Mark clock’s ticking” he managed to squeal you’re a sick fucking bastard and you’re doing this for shits and giggles very very good guess but not the answer I’m looking for Godric chimed as he hit Mark twice with the wooden stool causing it to crack. Mark’s vision was dizzy now he knew he couldn’t take much more of this. “Now Mark buddy here’d your last chance to get out alive Tell ya what I’ll give you a hint it was something that happened recently at the restaurant” Suddenly Mark knew what he did he yelled at the top of his lungs WAS IT BECAUSE I LET THAT FRENCH BITCH DISRESPECT ME LIKE THAT AND GET AWAY WITH IT Mark yelled with the last bit of his strength. Godric picked Mark up gave him some blood and stood him up proudly. No Mark it wasn’t because you let that French “Bitch” disrespect you Godric said breaking the stool over mark’s head.
It’s because you’re an arrogant selfish little pervert of a shit and you just disrespected a woman that I cared a great deal about Godric said through gritted teeth and for that I WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER. Mark screamed out in horror as Godric’s fangs came out and ripped a chunk out if his neck. He was only bare able to notice that Godric began to rip of his hands and punched him so hard in the face that both is jaw and several teeth broke. When I’m finished with you you son of a bitch no amount of blood or magic will be able to bring you back Godric yelled as he impaled the still screaming Mark with the splintered remains of the stool. After about another half hour Godric stopped beating the now dead Mark and thought to himself “damn I feel better still I shouldn’t have held back just because he was a human oh well” Better rip out his heart just in case he decides to try something. “It’s getting pretty late I should make my way home I’ll be sure to talk to Regine in the morning to make sure she’s okay” ”I’ll ask her out on a proper date and make sure she feels safe” As Godric was about to leave he turned around one last time to admire his work he muttered under his breath “Adieu vous sac arrogante de merde
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Tue May 24, 2016 5:35 pm

"I can't believe zhe men in zhis city, zhey are far vorse zhan zhe men in Paris..." Régine muttered as she drove, red with anger. She looked at the clock on the dash and felt relieved, it wasn't eight yet; her sister wouldn't be home for another hour. She drove home as fast as she could, wanting to get as far away as possible from the French Quarter for the night, who knew if Mark was following her? "Moral of zhe story, never go on a date vith a stranger..."

She parked in front of her home and sighed, New Orleans was proving to be quite the adventure. She walked into her home and quickly went over to the bathroom, and undressed and filled the tub with hot water, she got in and tried to relax, but the only thing that came to mind was that one terrible night she had in Paris...

It all happened one night when Régine and Katriane had gone out to watch one of the local bands play at a small pub; both of them sat at a bar smoking cigars and having their drinks, Katriane with her daiquiri and Régine with her mojito.

They laughed and shared together, often whispering to each other over the loud music, then Régine felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see a handsome man smiling at her. She smiled back at him and noticed he also had a mojito. She took her glass and raised it, clinking it with his, and they both stipped from theirs.

"Voudriez-vous aller à l'extérieur?" He whispered in her ear, asking her if she'd like to go outside.

Régine giggled, slightly drunk from her previous drinks, and told her sister where she'd be. Katriane looked at the man and raised an eyebrow.
"Êtes-vous sûr que vous voulez aller avec lui?" She asked Régine, asking her if she was sure she wanted to leave with him.

"Bien sûr, nous allons seulement à la terrasse," Régine reassured her of where she would be, in the terrace.

Katriane nodded and Régine got up, she motioned for the man to follow her outside. They chatted for a while, he made her laugh with his charm, made her blush like mad through it all; but after a few minutes she had begun to feel weak and her knees gave out, falling into his arms. She could see him, but she couldn't move; he carried her out from the terrace and over to his car where he proceeded to forcefully kiss her.

Just as he started to undress her he was pulled out of his car.
"PAS. MA. SOEUR. CONNARD!" It was Katriane who pulled him out, and proceeded to beat him out with one of the pool cues from the bar, breaking it on him.

The cops arrived, and Régine was sent to the hospital. He had put drugs in her drink when she wasn't looking...

She cried as she remembered all this, the scariest night of her life up until today. The doorbell rang and she snapped back to reality, she wiped her tears and got out of the tub. She put on her bathrobe and went to the door.

"Sissy!" Katriane shouted happily, hugging her sister tight. "Oh 'ow I 'ave missed you!"

"I've only been gone for zhree weeks," Régine giggled, hugging her sister back. "Vhat is zhat?" She pointed to all the bags Katriane had brought with her.

"I stopped by a nice little voodoo shop on my way 'ere!" Katriane was excited. "I bought so many zhings, you'll love zhem!"

"I doubt it," Régine rolled her eyes, "sounds like you wasted your money to me."

"Oh hush," Katriane laughed and handed her sister a potted plant. "'Ere, I bought this for you, a 'ouse warming party!"

"Vhat is zhis supposed to be?" Régine raised an eyebrow looking at the tiny purple flowers.

"Some plant called vervain," Katriane began to move the bags inside, "it's supposed to vard off evil."

Régine rolled her eyes.
"You really believe zhat?"

"Of course!" Katriane laughed, she stood in the middle of the living room and frowned. "Oh sissy, zhis is not good."


"Zhere is a lot of bad energy, in zhis 'ouse!" Katriane searched one of the bags and took out a smudge stick.

"Sure feels like it..." Régine thought back to her luck the past two days.

"Not to vorry! I bought many sticks to cleanse your 'ome!"

"Let me guess, it's made of vervain?" Regine raised her eyebrow.

"You got it! Zhe locals swear by it!" Katriane turned it on and began to smudge every corner of the livingroom.

"I'm starving," Régine said as she moved to the kitchen, "you do you, I'll cook. Vhat do you vant to eat?"

"Can you make alfredo pasta?"

"Oui," Régine said opening the cupboard.

"Good!" Katriane handed Régine a small spice jar. "Use zhis."

Régine rolled her eyes.
"Really? Ground vervain?"

"Can never be too careful!"

"Exactly how many vervain related stuff did you buy?"

"Vell, zhe store owner said I vas in danger and zhat I should buy everything they 'ad to offer." Katriane went to turn on another stick.

"Zhat's 'ow they hussle you!" Régine groaned, but she knew if she didnt use the vervain in the food her sister would throw a fit, so she obliged.

They sat and ate dinner, talking about how things were back in Paris; then Régine got a text message.

-Murder in Baton Rouge, you're needed there for the morning paper.
Here's the address...

Régine sighed and wiped the corners of her mouth.
"I just got a message from work, I'm needed at a crime scene."

"Oh, can I come?" Katriane felt curious.

"Non, it vouldn't be professional." Régine went to her room to get dressed, "I'll be back soon."

"Alright, I'll just keep cleaning up zhe negative vibes in 'ere." Katriane kissed her sister's forehead, "be careful."

Régine gave her sister a small smile.
"I vill be."

She got into her car and turned on her GPS to guide her over the the address. Once there she put on her journalist badge and went into the appartment complex with her briefcase. On her way up the stairs she felt her phone vibrate, she took it and checked her new text message:

-Hey, I couldn't help but overhear your number when we were in the phone shop, I hope you don't mind hat I texted you to see how you were doing.

Régine sighed, guessing that was Godric and texted him back:
-I'm fine, can't text right now. At a murder scene.

She put her phone in her pocket and walked into the apartment, she showed her badge and gasped upon seeing the body. She looked at his face and covered her mouth.
"Mon Dieu, Mark..."

"You knew this man?" One of the cops asked.

"'E sold me my phone today, at zhe shop in zhe French Quarter..." Régine wanted to feel sorry for him, but part of her felt relieved that she wouldn't have to deal with him again.

"Seems like you already have a lead, then." The cop patted her back.

"Is zhere any security footage?" Régine got closer to the corpse.

"We called the landlord, he'll be here soon with the tape," the cop sighed, "poor bastard must have done something pretty fucked up to be murdered like this, eh?"

"I'll say..."

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Tue May 24, 2016 8:03 pm

After about 10 minutes of walking home from Mark’s apartment Godric thought back to the phone shop where he overheard Regine’s number he decided to text her to see how she was doing after the incident with Mark. -Hey, I couldn't help but overhear your number when we were in the phone shop, I hope you don't mind that I texted you to see how you were doing.

Godric kept walking for another minute when his phone went off it was a text from Regine I'm fine, can't text right now. At a murder scene. “A murder scene” he thought to himself “what would she be doing at a… oh shit” he turned around and ran back to the apartment just in time to see a squad of police cars out front.” Damn it damn it all I knew I shouldn’t have let that idiot scream so loudly now the bloody cops are here” Godric watched from the shadows as Regine showed one of the officers a journalist badge. He thought to himself she’s a journalist damn “plus she knows Mark I’d better get out of here quick before I’m seen”. He sped off towards his house and made it back to the compound.

As he tried to sneak in quietly Rebekah yelled from the balcony “Oi you there what are you doing creeping about” She jumped down from the balcony and walked and walked over to where Godric was standing “”Oh Ric it’s only you what’re doing sneaking about someone might think you’re up to…” She stopped talking as she saw that her brother was covered in blood. “oh somebodies been having fun tonight I see it isn’t often I see you coming home covered in blood. Shh Godric whispered I didn’t plan for this to happen it was a spur of the moment kind of thing now if you’ll excuse me I need to be …Need to what Elijah said as he calmly walked down the stairs. “Oh damn I was so close” Godric whispered to himself hey Elijah how are you doing on this …”why are you covered in blood Godric” Elijah asked holding out a napkin so his brother could wipe the blood from his mouth. ”It’s not like you to to overindulge I trust you have a good reason as to why you felt it necessary to kill someone

“Well brother I meant a rather nasty foul mouthed prick who thought it was alright to take advantage of this nice innocent young lady so naturally I had to teach him a lesson.” “And how has he learned his lesson seeing as how you’re covered on most of him. Oh well I might have gotten a bit carried away in the end but I assure you he learned not to disrespect woman anymore.” Godric said smiling slightly “And I assume this wasn’t just some random woman you saw she obviously meant something to you if you behaved in such a manner. Rebekah squealed “Godric’s got himself a girlfriend” “I haven’t got a girlfriend” Godric said looking at the ground “it’s just this woman I fancy we went out once but that was it. The bloke I was just with tried taking advantage of her and I couldn’t allow that”. “What’s this I hear about Ric fancying some strumpet” Klaus bellowed entering the room. “Damn mate who pissed you” off Kol said looking his brother up and sown examining his blood stained cloths. “Some dead guy rotting in an… Oh crap the apartment the police the news Regine so much happened he completely forgot. “We were just busy interrogating that pesky witch and she had a lot to say about the Vervain supply amazing how cooperative people are when they don’t wanna lose and more fingers. Kol said smiling blood staining the edges of his sleeves.

“So Ric you finally found someone who can stand the sight of your ugly mug.” Don’t worry Kol I’m sure we can find someone brain dead enough to tolerate your unending chatter” Godric retorted smiling ever so slightly. Enough Elijah said we need to get back to the matter at hand Godric killed someone for this woman this is obviously very serious we must meet her and see what all the fuss is about. “Elijah no please” Godric said put his voice was muffled when Klaus came up from behind him and put his hand over his mouth “Really Elijah we must meet this girl she clearly means a great deal to Ric it’s only right that we get to know, her isn’t that right Kol” “oh yes of course” Kol agreed smiling sinisterly.

Rebekah wants to meet her too don’t you Bekah “Yes of course I do I need to see the little strumpet that’s got my brother all in a tizzy” “then its settle we’ll invite her over to dinner and introduce ourselves properly”. NOOOOOOO Godric screamed though his voice was muffled “either you invite brother or I will” Klaus said, “Fine” Godric said clearly beaten “we’ll schedule a dinner for three days from now it’ll give me some time to…prepare”. “Alright then Elijah said three days and we’ll meet her” “by the way what’s her name” Rebekah asked. “Her name well her name is Regine”…
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Wed May 25, 2016 4:55 pm

"Ah," the  chief officer said, "the man of the hour!"

"Sorry I'm late," said a man bringing in his laptop, Régine assumed this was the landlord, "I was in the middle of watching my favorite series when you called, had to see if Ana and Martin kissed you know."

The officer rolled his eyes.
"Come on quickly we haven't much time, every second counts."

The landlord booted up his computer, as he did he looked at Mark and his brow furrowed.
"Pitty, he was always on time with the rent..."

"Do you know of anything he might have done to end up like this?" The chief asked.

The landlord thought for a moment as he put the disk in the drive and closed it.
"Well he was very stubborn, never liked to take no for an answer; it was great for the business down at the phone shop, he sold the most there..." He looked at his PC, "ah, here we go, every single footage of the week."

Régine wrote everything the landlord had said and looked at the screen, they sped through the entire week, and every day Mark had gone home alone until a few hours ago.

"There they are," the chief had pressed the pause button, "bloody man's wearing one of them stupid hats..."

Régine looked at them, the other man wore clothes that Régine found familiar, but she brushed it off not being able to make the connection to anyone she had seen.
"Keep playing," Régine ordered.

The chief raised his eyebrow at her.
"I call the shots here, lady..." He cleared his throat before playing the tape.

Régine raised an eyebrow.
"It looks like Mark invited him in, like they're friends..."

"It definitely looks that way," the landlord agreed.

They sped through the rest of the tape.
"Woah, go back!" Régine's eyes were wide, "I zhink I saw something, take it back 30 seconds..."

They all looked attentively, all they could see was a black blur coming from the door and going down the stairs.
"Any way to slow it down?" The chief asked.

"Sure thing," the landlord put it down to the slowest setting, the blur couldn't be made out.

"Odd..." Régine wrote it down, "it's sort of like zhe camera glitched, isn't it?"

"Sure looks like it, no human being could possibly move that fast..." The chief cleared his throat and stood up, "I want this tape, I'm taking it back to headquarters for further analysis."

"Chief," a blonde woman said, holding up a piece of transparent film, "we've got finger prints."

The chief smirked.
"At least we have that lead."

The forensics team began to take pictures of the crime scene and later bagged the body to take it to the hospital for further investigation, Régine was escorted out of the building.

Just then she felt her phone vibrate.

-Hey, it's Godric. Hope I'm not interrupting anything, I was just wondering if we could meet up somewhere and talk, it's rather important.

Régine looked at her watch, it wasn't midnight yet and she didn't need to be at work for a couple of days as the investigation went down; she was to send her work via email. She got in her car and texted him back.

-Sure thing, meet me outside of Rousseau's, we can talk at home. After the night I've had the least I wanna do is be out in the streets...

She turned on the car and began her drive over to the French Quarter.

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Wed May 25, 2016 7:04 pm

Godric needed to figure out what he would do about his family wanting to meet Regine. He had 3 days to prepare and he neede4d so convince her to meet them. “This is crazy” he thought to himself “we barely know each other what would she think if I asked her to meet my family this is going to be difficult”. Godric took out his phone and texted Regine.-

Hey, it's Godric. Hope I'm not interrupting anything, I was just wondering if we could meet up somewhere and talk, it's rather important. He kept walking and a minute later he got a response -Sure thing, meet me outside of Rousseau's, we can talk at home. After the night I've had the least I wanna do is be out in the streets... Perfect we’ll meet outside Rousseau’s I’ll just explain the situation to her and… wait did she say at home”? He checked his phone again and saw that it indeed said at home.” Does she intend to invite me into her home he thought to himself”? “I hope she does otherwise this is going to be a very short talk.” As he made his way to Rousseau’s he kept going over what he would tell her. “Umm Regine I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind…no no that’s no good, Regine my family has noticed…no that’s not gonna work, alright Regine I wanted to ask…would you like to go out to dinner with me tomorrow night? Yeah that’s good I’ll wait a little longer before I mention my siblings oh damn I hope this worls out.

In about 5 minutes he was standing outside of the bar waiting for Regine. She pulled up in front of him greeted him and told him to get in the car. He was a taken back a bit because he thought they might talk outside the bar for a bit he wasn’t exactly ready to go straight to her house but he got in anyway. They drove for a minute before Godric broke the silence. “Listen luv would you like to accompany me tomorrow night for dinner”? “So that we cacn get to know each other better I don’t normally do this but I fancy you quite a bit.” “Oui I vould love to out vith you tomorrow night vhat time?” “I was thinking around 7 there’s this new restaurant called Original Flavor from what I’ve heard the food there is amazing” Ohh it sounds vonderful I can’t wait.

After a little more driving they finally reached Régine’s house it was quiet and quiet nice although Godric felt uneasy as if there was a strange smell in the air…
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Wed May 25, 2016 9:15 pm

Régine slowed down upon seeing Godric outside of Rousseau's, she smiled at him once she stopped and rolled the window down.
"Bonsoir, Godric," she gave him a small nod, "come on, get in." She unlocked the door for him, she looked at him for a moment, thinking back to how her perception of him had changed in two days; after her encounter with Mark she decided Godric wasn't such a bad guy after all.

Godric Mikaelson is one of the most honest, genuine, and sincere person I have ever met... She remembered Camille said this at the bar. Régine figured she should give him an honest chance.

She brushed her hair from her face and began to drive home, the ride was mostly quiet until he broke the silence.

"Listen luv, would you like to accompany me tomorrow night for dinner? So that we can get to know each other better, I don't normally do this but I fancy you quite a bit."

Régine blushed slightly, thinking Godric seemed kind of nervous to ask her which she found adorable.
"Oui," she smiled at him, "I vould love to go out vith you tomorrow night, vhat time?"

"I was thinking around 7, there's this new restaurant called Original Flavor; from what I've heard the food there is amazing."

Régine nodded.
"I'm always up to new zhings, it sound vonderful. I can't wait." After a few minutes they reached the house. "Uhm, before we go in, I must warn you... My sister flew in from Paris today, and well... She can come off a bit strong. She means well, just... be patient vith 'er..." She saw the confused look in his face and gave a small chuckle, "you'll see vhat I mean."

She locked the car and opened the door, she walked in.
"Sissy, I'd like you to meet a friend of mine, Godric"

"'Hoo?" Katriane got up from the couch, raising an eyebrow.

Régine looked back and raised her eyebrow as well upon seeing Godric standing in the balcony.
"Vell, aren't you going to come in?" She chuckled.

"Is this you inviting me in?" Godric smirked, "wouldn't be a gentleman if I just barged in."

She raised her eyebrows in surprise and chuckled.
"Yes silly, this is me inviting you in. Come in!" Her smile fell slightly though, thinking of the way Mark had invited the mysterious person inside; but she pushed it out of her mind.

Katriane circled Godric once he came in, she then looked into his eyes crossing her arms.
"Godric, huh?" She was about to smack him on the head with a vervain branch but Régine took it from her before she could.

"Sissy, I vill not have you wacking my guest vith your voodoo nonsense," Régine tossed the branch aside.

"It is not nonsense!" Katriane turned to her sister, "I spend all this time trying to clear bad energy and you bring 'im inside, 'e 'as bad energy all over 'im."

Régine crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow at her sister.
"No cleansing guests, it's rude."

"Fine," Katriane shrugged and went back to the couch to smoke her cigar. "Nice to meet you, monsieur Godric."

"That's better," Régine smiled and looked at Godric. "Are you 'unrgy? I made pasta, the vervain makes it taste veird, but it's a good veird..."

"I thought it vas very tasty," Katriane quipped, "you should 'ave some! Régine is a great cook."

Régine giggled.
"Though if you don't like vervain I could make you something quick."

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Wed May 25, 2016 11:53 pm

“No thank you I’m fine I’ve already eaten” “By the way I’m rather quiet allergic to Vervain I have a nasty reaction if it ever touches me I try to steer clear of the stuff, sorry if that inconveniences you in any way.” “Where the bloody hell did she get a branch of Vervain” Godric thought to himself stunned that she was just gonna hit him over the head with it. “Damn Regine’s got some good reflexes to stop her the way she did either that or she does stuff like this all the time”

“Umm Regine may I ask where exactly did you get that Vervain I haven’t seen any in a while and I’m curious to know where it’s growing”. “Oh vell my sister said she bought it from a voodoo shop before she got here. “Oh a voodoo shop did she happen to mention which one? There are quite a bit of them in the quarter you know.” “Umm no she didn’t mention but I’m sure if you asked she’d tell you. “Are you sure she did just try to hit me with a Vervain branch he said chuckling.” “Oh don’t mind that that’s just her way of saying hello” she smiled apologetically. “I’d hate to see how she says goodbye he thought to himself.” E

“Excuse me Katriane if I may bother you for a moment” Godric asked being extra nice and even more careful. I was just wondering where you get that branch of Vervain that I saw earlier I’ve never seen them in a branch before.” Katriane still smoking on her cigar looked over to Godric and smiled "I got it from a nice little shoppe called Madame Laveau's, but if you're looking for vervain you'll 'ave to look elsewhere; I cleared zheir stock," Katriane smiled proudly. “Oh you cleared out their stock you have been busy no matter thank you very much though.”

Godric thought to himself “that’s two shops selling Vervain this isn’t good once I find out who’s behind this I’ll… um Godric Regine interrupted his train of thought vould you like something to drink I have some iced tea I could get for you” “oh yeah iced tea sounds great I’d love some. “Great” she said smiling handing him a glass. As he took a sip his throat started to burn as if he was drinking battery acid he started coughing uncontrollably and he couldn’t think straight and all his energy left him. Regine concerned walked over “are you alright Godric you don’t sound very well.” Godric trying to maintain his composure but couldn’t, tried to form words he shook his head and gasped “bathroom please.” Regine pointed to the restroom and he walked over still coughing uncontrollably leaving the sisters confused and alarmed. Once he was inside the bathroom Godric started puking uncontrollably and tried to wash his mouth out with water after a few minutes he started feeling better and was able to focus on what had just happened. Oh that tea it tasted just-like- Vervain.

“Who the bloody hell puts vervain in juice” he thought to as he straightened himself up “First she tries to hit me with a branch then she spikes my drink… wait I should have been able to smell it unless of course I let my guard down around Regine that’s why my senses are all out of whack I can’t allow that to happen no matter how much I like her.” “I need to find out who’s behind this vervain crap and put an end to them before it gets too out of hand.” He finished fixing himself up sighed deeply washed his face and proceeded to walk back into the living room…
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Thu May 26, 2016 12:23 pm

Régine's eyes widened when Godric began to cough.
"Mon Dieu, Godric, are you alright?!" She began to smack his back, thinking perhaps he had swallowed wrong.

"Bathroom, please."

Régine led him to the bathroom and when he closed the door she turned to her sister, her face red in anger.
"Katriane! Vhat did you do to zhe thé?!"

"I-I 'ad sprinkled vervain oil in it!" Katriane ran over to the door listening to Godric, "do you need to go to zhe 'ospital?!"

"No!" Godric croaked, "I'll be... fine..."

"Sissy, quickly," Régine rushed her, "go look for zhe allergy medicine," she turned to the door, "Godric do you need an allergy medication?!"

"I'm alright!" Godric's voice seemed stable.

"Alright, just let me know if you need anything..." Régine bit her lip and walked over to Katriane, "no more! No more vervain vithout my consent!"

"I'm only trying to look out for us!" Katriane looked to be on the verge of tears.

"Vell your looking out for us nearly killed a man!"

They heard the bathroom door creak open and they observed silently, making sure Godric looked okay before speaking.

"I'm sorry," Katriane sighed, "I swear to not have pre-made vervain anyzhing in zhe 'ouse..."

Régine sighed and hugged her sister before guiding Godric out to the patio and sighing.
"I apologize for Katriane," she reached out to touch Godric's face, looking into his eyes to make sure he was really okay. She backed away and sat down on one of the chairs in the patio set, "we've both been through a lot, and she's desperate for anyzhing that could keep us safe." Régine gave a small chuckle, "of course nozhing can truly keep us safe, right?"

She looked up at the stars and the moon, and turned her attention back to Godric, she smiled at him.
"So what was the important thing you wanted to talk about?"

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Thu May 26, 2016 2:06 pm

Godric took Régine by the hand and looked into her beautiful brown eyes. Speaking very softly he explained that his siblings wanted to meet her. “Listen luv after our little sushi date my family got suspicious so they asked me about you”. Really Regine thought taken aback by his families’ interest in her. “Vell” Regine asked smiling vhat did you tell them about me” “Vell I told them how beautiful and smart you are and how much I fancy you” She blushed at this seeing how sincere he was “They know how rare it is for me to go out on dates and they were thrilled at the idea of me meeting someone sooo…”

“So vhat” Regine asked curiously. “So they want to meet you” he said nervously waiting for a response. I tried explaining that we only just met and that it would be awkward for me to invite you to meet them so soon but they wouldn’t take no for an answer and insisted rather strongly that I ask you, I know this is a bit forward an I’ll completely understand if you don’t want to go I just thought I’d ask. Regine thought for a moment quietly while Godric watched her she had never been asked such a question before and she didn’t know how to respond just yet. “Tell you vhat I’ll give you an answer tomorrow night during dinner it’ll give me some more time to think it over and we’ll get to know each other better.

Godric sighed in relief. “Thanks for considering this I know it’s out of the blue and it means a lot to me”. “My family…well they’re very old fashioned very eccentric I haven’t really brought home many girls for them to meet and now that they know you exist they really really want to meet you.  Regine nodded and said she understood she knows how important family is and she can relate to how annoyingly overprotective they can be. Godric laughed at this thinking back to what Regine said about keeping them safe.

“I could keep you safe he said quietly.” hmm Regine responded not fully hearing him. I said I could keep you safe, you mentioned that your sister is always looking out for you to keep you safe. Regine nodded. “Well I could keep you safe, you’re different from anyone else I’ve ever met and though I don’t look it I can put up one hell of a fight and I’d do anything to keep you safe I give you my word. Regine thought about this blushing and smiling. They sat there for a while quietly thinking before Godric broke the silence. “While we’re here I feel I should ask where are you from I know you have a French accent but where exactly.” Regine smiled I vas born in Troyes, I moved to Paris at age 18 when my father was promoted to COO of a trading company called Soleil et Lune Commerce you might have eard of them they trade a lot with Kingmaker Land Development Inc.

Godric heard the name and his eyes widened he had heard the name before but never as a trading company. Kingmaker also sounded familiar but Godric couldn’t remember from where so he pushed it from his mind and focused on her story. She continued to talk about her life and he was fascinated asking the occasional question. Then it soon became his turn to share.  Well he said there’s not much to tell I was born and raised in Northern Virginia I have rather large family four brothers and two sisters. He traveled a lot before finally settling in New Orleans and this is by far our favorite place in the world. Regine noticed through all his stories that Godric never once mentioned his parents she thought that odd but decided best bot to question it…yet. They kept talking all night telling stories laughing smiling having a wonderful time as Katriane watched from the house.

After several more hours of talking Godric stared to notice that the sun was beginning to rise he checked his watched and raised his eyebrows. “Wow we’ve been talking all night its nearly 6 in the morning.” Regine turned around and noticed that the sun was rising too. They both got up as Godric prepared to leave the hugged each other and Regine kissed Godric on both of his cheeks Godric surprised at this began to blush as Regine explained it was a French custom although she was blushing as well. “So I’ll see you tonight when I pick you up for dinner alright” Godric said walking back into the house. “Yes 7 o’clock I’ll give you your answer over dinner” Regine replied. Great I’m looking forward to it, Godric waved goodbye to Katriane and in turn she waved back as he made his way down the stairs out of the house and into the quiet morning streets…
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Fri May 27, 2016 2:32 pm

Régine smiled at Godric, this was going a lot better than it had back at the bar. For the second time she could see his kind and sincere side and didn't seem pushy at all; she really liked this side of him.

She felt it odd though that after only formally meeting twice his family would want to meet her, she didn't know Godric that well yet, but it seemed his family was just over protective like Katriane was of her so she understood; she just didn't know if she was ready yet.
"Tell you vhat, I'll give you an answer tomorrow night during dinner, it'll give me more time to think it over and we'll get to know each other better." She thought this was a good idea, it would allow her to think about it and talk it over with Katriane.

"I could keep you safe."

Régine was so caught up in her thoughts that she thought she heard him wrong.

"Well I could keep you safe, you're different from anyone else I've ever met and though I don't look it I can put up one hell of a fight, and I'd do anything to keep you safe I give you my word."

Régine smiled at blushed at this, she gave a small giggle and flexed her muscles.
"I can put up a fight too, you know," she laughed and gave Godric a playful punch in the arm, "but I appreciate your willingness to protect me." She smiled at him and they fell silent, that is until Godric began to make conversation.

She told him a bit about her life and he told her his life story, and they spoke and spoke until the sun began to rise.
"Wow we're been talking all night, it's nearly 6 in the morning."

Régine turned around and saw the golden sliver rising up from the horizon, they got up and hugged each other, Régine kissed both his cheeks and upon seeing him blush she blushed too, slightly embarrassed.
"I'm sorry, I keep forgetting I'm in America," she gave a small giggled, "it is a French custom to kiss on both cheeks..."

"So I'll see you tonight when I pick you up for dinner, alright?" Godric said walking back into the house.

"Oui, 7 o'clock, I'll give you your answer during dinner." Régine smiled and looked at Katriane who was playing a very familiar tune on the guitar.

"It's so magical, how simple it can be for this love, for this sweetest love..." She sang, but stopped when she saw Régine's face indicating her to stop, she laughed.

"Great, I'm looking forward to it."

"Au revoir, monsieur Godric!" Katriane waved. Régine closed the door and couldn't help but grin. "Oh I've seen zhat face before," she giggled, "come on, tell your big sissy vhat vent on."

Régine rolled her eyes and sat on her computer, preparing the entry for the journal about the murder, she only had a few minutes left to email it.
"Nozhing." She said as she typed.

"You vere grinning," Katriane took a sip from the drink she had on the table, "and clearly the song bothered you."

"You know vhy it bothered me, had nothing to do with Godric..." Régine got serious.

"You spent hours out at zhe arrière-cour," Katriane rolled her eyes, "and I 'eard 'e is picking you up."

"Oui," Régine smirked, not taking her eyes off her work, "'e is picking me up and ve're going out for dinner."

"Oh, can I come?" Katriane smiled excitedly.

"I'm pretty sure 'e vants us to be alone," Régine blushed.

"So it is a date?"

Her eyes widened.
"I vouldn't call it a date, just an outing..."

"Régine, are you blind?" Katriane laughed before handing her sister a cigar, which she took, and Katriane lit for her. "The man obviously fancies you, and don't tell me you don't find him a bit attractive."

Régine inhaled the smoke and exhaled it after a few seconds.
"Are you kidding me?" She laughed, "'e looks like a god, but I don't know him well enough to fancy him." Katriane nodded. "'Is family vants to meet me."

"Oh?" Katriane raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, I thought it vas weird too..." Régine clicked on the send button on the email and looked at her sister, "guess we both have over protective families in common," she laughed.

"Vell as your overprotective sister you know I can't let you go by yourself."

Régine laughed.
"Good, because I vas nervous about going by myself..."

"They'll zhink you're a doll, you'll see," Katriane winked before getting up and stretching, "I'm going to bed, you should too, vouldn't vant to look like a vampire during your date."

Régine rolled her eyes.
"Some vampires look handsome, I'll let you know."

"Zhe Cullens are not proper vampires!" Katriane shouted from the hallway, causing Régine to chuckle.

She looked out the window as the sun went up and smirked, she was starting to like Godric.
She finished her cigar and got ready for bed, her last thought was of Godric as she went to sleep.

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Fri May 27, 2016 5:17 pm

Godric extremely happy with how things have gone so far walked home and thought about the evening to come. Jazz music filled the air as it always did as he thought about all that happened the past two days. Meeting Regine at the bar getting to know her on the patio everything for the most part was going great. It wasn’t until he got outside of the compound did he realize what he was gonna have to do. He would have to bring Regine to meet his family. His crazy embarrassing 1000 year old vampire family. It was enough to make anybody go insane but Godric had devised a plan so that the evening would go off without a hitch.

As Godric walked through the front door he saw his siblings sitting down at the table enjoying a nice breakfast this was the perfect opportunity to explain how the evening would go. As he got closer to the table Elijah without looking up from his plate asked,” where have you been all night?” “Oh um I was at my friend’s house you know the one you wanted me to invite over for dinner, I was just telling her about it”. All night Rebekah asked taking a sip from a dark red liquid. Yes all night we had a lot to discuss as I said before we only just met and I was getting to know her better.” “Ooh getting to know her Ric” Klaus said elbowing he brother “you know what that means”. No Nik it wasn’t like that we stayed up all night”…all night Kol interrupted geez brother took you that long to disappoint her. Oh I’m sorry we all can’t last 2 minutes some of us l rather enjoy it Godric quipped back. Kol got up but Elijah gave him a stern look so he sat back down eyeing his brother angrily.

I was telling her about the dinner in two days you know the one you forced on us I needed to prepare her for you guys. “What do you mean prepare her” Hayley said feeding hope eggs. “What do you mean what do I mean you’ve met them you know what they’re like.” Oh good point preparations are in order she said smiling. “Excuse me but what exactly did you tell her I won’t have her coming in here thinking we’re freaks” Rebekah said “I haven’t told her anything  yet, we’re going out tonight and I was planning on telling her then”. I won’t have her show up unprepared I have to warn her about you. “And what exactly is there to warn her about Elijah said.” “Well there’s the fact that you wanted to meet her so soon, the fact that we’ve only gone out once and the fact that we’re all a bunch of 1000 year old blood drinking vampires. “I take offense to that about half of us are hybrids” said Klaus grabbing a piece of toast.

“Well either way there are certain things that we need to discuss as well” Really Haley said such as what”. Well for starters there are questions you can’t ask, plus we’re not officially dating yet, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCIMSTANCE MENTION THAT I KILLED A GUY or that you even know about the murder”, no pineapples she’s allergic, and she has an overprotective sister who’s visiting from Paris”. “Is that all” Klaus asked. “No that’s not all that just off the top of my head I’ll think of some more stuff later and let you all know”. “Oh and Kol’s not allowed to talk like at all”. “What the bloody hell do ya mean I can’t talk you git I’ll say whatever I damn well please.” “Ummm no you won’t I really like this girl and I won’t have you ruin it with any of your bloody antics. “Godric be reasonable” Elijah said Kol should be allowed to speak it’s only fair. “Fine but he’s only allowed to say 10 word per minute and nothing inappropriate.” “Fine” said Kol “I don’t see what the big deal is she’s just some random bird you met on the street”. No she is no “some random bird” I met I really like her and I want this to work out and if you guys are meeting her this has to go perfectly. “Alright Godric” Elijah said “we will all be on our best when your girlfriend comes to visit I’ll make sure of it. Oh and as I’ve mentioned before we’re not officially dating yet so she’s not my girlfriend no body call her that I don’t want her feeling uncomfortable.

Okay everyone said won’t. Good Godric sighed I’m tired I’m gonna take a nap and when I wake I wanna hear what that with I brought home said about the Vervain. Oh yeah almost forgot about her Klaus said should probably bring her some food maybe water What do you mean you forgot… you know never mind I’ll deal with it later and with that Godric jumped up to the balcony into his room and his last thought was of Regine as he went to sleep…
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Sat May 28, 2016 12:36 am

"Sissy, wakie wakie!" Katriane walked into Régine's room and shook her, "I brought you some thé."

Régine opened her eyes and looked around, she sat up and took the warm tea.
"Vhat time is it?"

"Onze heures," Katriane opened the curtains to allow the morning sun in, "come on, drink your thé, I have plans for us today before your dinner."

Régine took a sip of the tea and chuckled.
"Thé de verveine?"

"Oui," Katriane smirked, "I vas looking online, it is also supposed to fight anxiety and depression."

"Now zhat I can believe," Régine smiled, "merci."

"No problem, now 'urry, I'm going to get dressed," Katriane smiled back and left the room.

Régine gave a small chuckle as she looked at her tea cup, she had missed Katriane in her short time here. She got up from the bed and looked out the window into the patio where she and Godric had been spending all night talking.
"'Hoo vould 'ave thought I'd be going to dinner vith Godric?" She smirked before sipping the rest of her tea. She carried on with her morning routine and soon her and Katriane were out the door and into the car, off to the French Quarter. "Vhere is it we're going, exactly?"

"Madame Laveau's," Katriane said sheepishly.

Régine raised her eyebrow.
"And vhy are ve going zhere, exactly?"

"I made an appointment to have our fortunes told," Katriane gave a nervous chuckle.


"I know, I know, you don't believe in it," Katriane sighed, "but I do, and I vant to see what our future holds."

Régine rolled her eyes and parked outside of Madame Laveau's, she looked at her sister with stern eyes.
"Listen, ve are doing zhis, and I'll try to keep an open mind, but I don't guarantee I'll believe anyzhing."

"It's all I ask," Katriane smiled.

They walked inside and the clerk greeted them.
"Welcome to Madame Laveau's Voodoo House, how may we help you today?"

"Ve 'ave a reservation for a reading vith Morgan Alexandrov," Katriane replied.

The clerk looked at the schedule.
"Régine and Katriane?"

"Oui," Katriane smiled.

"Right this way," the clerk lead us to one of the rooms in the back and knocked, "Madame Alexandrov, your 12 o'clock appointment is here."

"Bring them in."

The clerk opened the door and inside of the room was a woman with bright red hair and indigo eyes, she eyed them and took a deep breath.
"Please, sit down."Régine looked at Katriane and sat down in the seats in front of Madame Morgan's table, Morgan kept looking at Régine, which made her a bit unconfortable. "You've met someone."

Régine's brow furrowed.
"I 'ave."

Morgan's mouth curled into a smirk.
"Very hand some man," she looked into Régine's mind, "he has blue eyes, and a grin that makes your heart flutter."

"My 'eart does not flutter," Régine said defensively.

Morgan chuckled.
"Of course it doesn't," she winked and looked at them both, "you're both running with danger."

"Oh not zhis again," Régine rolled her eyes, "vhy is it zhat you fortune tellers always go with zhe cliché danger?"

"I don't need you to believe me, miss Zaeri," Morgan lay back on her chair observing her, "it's up to you to heed my warning, you don't have to believe a single word I say; but it would be wise to take me seriously; Godric is danger."

Régine's brow furrowed.
"'Ow did you know his name?"

"How indeed," Morgan chuckled, "do you still doubt me?"

Régine looked into Morgan's eyes.

"Hard to crack, ain't she?" Morgan smirked at Katriane.

"Sissy, maybe you should listen to her," Katriane looked worried.

"If it's any consolation," Morgan looked at Régine, "he isn't the one who is a danger to you, rather someone around him."

"Godric can keep me safe," Régine stood up, "he said so himself."

"Do you want him to keep you safe or do you want to be safe?"

Régine looked into Morgan's eyes, then at Katriane.
"Did you mention his name when you made zhe appointment?"

Katriane thought for a moment.
"I zhink I might 'ave."

Régine looked at Morgan once more.
"I will not let you bad mouth a good man just so you can make your filthy money," she walked to the door and looked at her sister, "we're leaving."

"Don't worry I'll give you a refund," Morgan laughed.

Katriane stood up and sighed.
"Merci, Madame Morgan."

They both left the office and Régine demanded the refund from the clerk, once outside Régine turned to Katriane.
"First rule of psychics, you never give more information zhan you 'ave to!"

"I'm sorry! I was just so nervous about you going out with him, I wanted to see what she 'ad to say about 'im!" Katriane sighed, "look, I am sorry; let me make it up to you."

"'Ow do you plan on doing zhat?" Régine raised an eyebrow.

Katriane looked around.
"There's a nail salon over there, let's go, my treat!"

"Fine," Régine smirked, "but only because I really need it."

"Sweet!" Katriane said and laced her arm with her sister's and headed to the salon.

Morgan looked at the door and chuckled before taking her phone out, she looked up Godric's number and texted him.
-You really have this human twisted around your finger, eh?

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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   Sat May 28, 2016 2:46 am

“Oi wake up, wake you ya bloody Git” Klaus was looking down at his sleeping brother waiting patiently for him to get up. “We’ve gotta get a move on I’ve got something planned for us”. “Ughh what are you talking about why are you waking me up it’s the middle of the night”. Klaus looked at his brother blankly it’s 12:30 in the afternoon mate”. “Exactly we’re hybrids nocturnal creatures of the night we sleep during the day”. “We haven’t done that for a long time mate now get your ass out of bed we’ve got to go. Klaus said pulling the covers off his brother and opening the blind.” Ahh the sun my immortal enemy I’m burning noooo”. “Shut up you bloody wanker and get dressed you know we don’t burn anymore not since Mystic Falls”. “Yeah I know it was a joke lighten up” Godric said as he got dressed and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth.

“Where the bloody hell are you taking me anyway I’ve got a date later remember, and I still need to pick up my suit from the tailors”. “We’ll be done with plenty of time to spare don’t worry besides you’ll love it”, Klaus replied shoving his brother out the door. Wait I haven’t had breakfast yet Godric said running down the stairs, we’ll get some on the way now let’s go besides its lunchtime. “Ahhh alright but wherever we’re going it better be good” it will be I promise” Klaus replied. They got into Klaus’ SUV and drove for about an hour until they were well outside the city. Godric thought this route was familiar. “Are you taking me to the bloody bayou Godric asked looking at his brother? “Yeah we haven’t been out here in a while and there’s something I wanna show you”.

“Well I wish you would have told me I would have dressed for it.” You look fine his brother said rolling his eyes. Yeah I know I look fine I always look fine but these are very nice cloths and I don’t want them covered in mud and swamp water. “Yeah I know that why I didn’t tell you I thought I’d be funny” Klaus said laughing. “Ha ha ha you’re a regular bloody comedian” Godric said dryly taking off his jacket and fixing his jeans. “What is it you want to show me” Godric asked. You’ll see his brother replied driving faster now that they were well into the bayou.

After another 15 minutes they pulled up to a little wooden cabin deep into the bayou. Klaus turned the car off and stepped outside with Godric following close behind. “This is why you dragged me all the way out here to show mw some crappy old cabin in the middle of nowhere”. “Hey this isn’t just some crappy cabin” said a voice coming out of the fog. This happens to be my home”. A man stepped out of the fog and greeted Klaus. Hello the name’s Colin and I take it you must me Godric you brother told me you’d be coming. “Oh he did did he well he didn’t tell me a damn thing I was rudely awakened and dragged out here”.
Come now brother don’t be rude Colin is a very special person one might even day he’s family. What! What the hell do you mean family? Relax brother allow me to explain, Colin here is a descendent of our pack one of the last remaining heirs besides us or course. Part of our pack? I thought Mikael wiped them all out 1000 years ago. “Yeah well it looks like that bastard missed some” Colin said coldly my family has been living peacefully for the past 1000 years until they were all slaughtered a few months ago the only reason I survived is cause I was away at school. About a month after that your brother found me said he’s help said family sticks together. He said that yeah sounds like something he’d say so what’s your story have you triggered the curse yet.

The three of them talked for several hours until Godric looked at his watch and realized he still had to pick up his suit to and get Regine for their date. Listen this was great and all but I really need to be going remember brother. “Ah yes Colin I’ll meet you again next week until then stay safe”. They got back into Klaus’ car and began their drive back to the city. “Man I better not be late picking up Regine” Godric said impatiently looking at his watch. “Relax brother you won’t be don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy our little meeting”. “Yeah I gotta say it was ice meeting him and hearing about our werewolf ancestors”. I’ll come with you next week when you meet him again but right now I need to get my suit. They were finally back in the French quarter and just as Godric got his suit he turned around to leave when his phone started to ring he answered it and an eerily familiar voice said “You really have this human twisted around your finger, eh”?

“Morgie” what do you want” Godric said “I’m kinda really busy right now, on a tight schedule and all. “Oh yes I know all about your schedule I just met her dark hair brown eyes fiery spirit overprotective sister”. Godric froze hearing all this "Morgan" Godric said this time very serious "what the hell did you do"…
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PostSubject: Re: The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]   

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The Moving Shadows of New Orleans :: The Originals RP [Closed for Kaez Alexandrov]
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